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Predicting the 2020 Oscars | The Big Picture

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Predicting the 2020 Oscars | The Big Picture

"Hey Kelly and welcome to the ringer podcast network. Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City chiefs are Super Bowl champions so for coverage of the game and everything that happened in Miami. Check out the ringer. NFL Show for their game. Recap and on the site you can read any fits on Andy Reid. Roger Sherman Patrick Mahomes and Robert Mays on Kyle Shanahan Super Bowl. deja-vu on the ringers YouTube channel. Make sure to check out. Slow News Day with Kevin. Clark live from Miami with a bunch of special guests like miles teller and Glen Powell. You can watch and subscribe at YouTube dot com slash the ringer. I'm Shawn Fantasy. This is the big picture. A conversation show about the Academy Awards. The time has come to predict the Ninety First Academy Awards. Amanda how are you feeling about this. I feel terrible as always I just. It's being wrong in public. It's my number one least least favorite thing. It's even worse than being wrong in private. We will closely tally. All of your failures on Oscar night. Because I'll be tweeting at you directly every time you get a choice wrong and then we'll also be rehashing. Those wrong choices here on the big picture live immediately. After the telecast which. I'm really excited about on Sunday night but before that we do you have to We have to pay it to the prediction. Gods and we're GonNa go through all twenty four categories here. Yes we are now. I'd like to preface that by saying as I worm my way through the back nine of illness. My voice may go at any moment here. In which case you're GONNA have to really carry the load cliff booth style okay. I was going to say that. That's just a good summation of Oscar season and at some point to talk myself out and officer does flailing filing in the dark possibly in silence. We're we're we're just trying to get to the finish line. I am hopeful that this will not be an immensely boring. podcast about predicting the Oscars because the Oscars may be boring. I will say this is by far far the easiest year in the history of my life predicting these awards okay. You know what. It's nice that you have confidence does not this and in life. Yes it is now that means okay. That means I couldn't logically see making any other choice that doesn't mean I feel that I am right okay about I guess I feel feel the same way. There were more categories that I could kind of fill in but I there are still so many to get wrong. It's just an opportunity to get things wrong. I can't had over emphasized how much I hate that. Feeling when you would finish an exam in ninth grade at the end of it when you and your classmates your little amend etes would would gather route and chat at the at the cafeteria table would you say. Would you be the person who would say. Oh my God I failed so bad. I didn't know anything. I failed. No okay okay no because I find that obnoxious and also because I had to have like my personal confidence that I was still going to defeat all of them. Were you sitting alone like a sociopath at the cafeteria table. No okay. I had some friends but I don't know we just talked about cross country or something. Well that sounds riveting okay. Let's go back to the Academy Awards. which which is the reason for this podcast? We're GONNA start at the beginning and at the place that we sort of blasphemed earlier on the show which is with shorts. I thought we were respectful. I I want people to go back. And listen and hear what we were saying which is not that they should be cut from the show and not that shorts aren't deserving but it is a different French exercise and I just think the it was interesting to try to get into the mind of what these winners would be because I think you're evaluating on different terms because it's a different type of film so let's just make a separate thing for the shorts and let everybody have their moment philosophically I agree. It's one of the few things about the sort of workaday nature of the Oscars that you and I ultimately agree on. There are three different categories for the shorts. There is best documentary short subject. Best Live Action Short film and Best Animated. We'll start with best documentary short subject. A very few people have seen these movies. I've seen some of them. I'm not going to pretend like I've seen all fifteen. Nominees Germany's shorts category. I just haven't I haven't had the time and I'm a bad person. I have had her but I have seen some of them I've seen some of them as well feel solid about. My choices will run through the the nominees for this first category in the absence by using John and Gary Byung Cam learning to skateboard in a war zone by Carol dicing her life overtakes me by Christine Samuelson. And John. Hatice Saint Louis Superman by Sri Mantra and sign ECON and walk run cha-cha by Lord. I think the overwhelming favorite favored in categories learning to skateboard in a war zone. As my pick that is awesome attack we can move on directly from there. Okay well I just don't think we should really make an attempt to talk about the quality control of these categories stories because we're just not the experts if you expertise are actually a ton of great pieces. I was reading some stuff on wire this week. About which of these shorts are serving which are not. There's a lot of great writing about the shorts. We respect the filmmakers acres. who made the shorts? It's not Medi Best Live Action Short Film Brotherhood by Mariam. Jabbour Nafta football club by the neighbors burs wooden window by Marshall Curry Saria by Bryan Buckley or sister by Delfin Gerard. I'm going with the neighbors Wendo. I want with Brotherhood. Okay that is the that's the oddsmakers favorite Brotherhood is. Yes yes so do you. Is there a reason why you you may may change. Because the neighbor's window is is the oddsmakers like upset favorite. What is that called? When it's the there's a favorite and then the underdog I guess so spoiler well in a group of five I was wondering anyway? It's number two and I think it's been in the conversation it's and it is accessible and and I just really do feel like especially people who are voting on these are sometimes just clicking through and being like oh I guess like this one I like to football club too and I feel like that has a chance I wouldn't wouldn't rule that out yet We'll have to wait and see. The oddsmakers are usually right in the shorts categories but it can't be guaranteed because these are highly unpredictable predictable because unlike a lot of the other words. We'll talk about here. There are not a lot of guild awards that predict these words. This is really the only three categories in which we have no no data to present ahead of what you know sort of what is leading the race. What is leading the charge? So we're flying blind quite a bit. which part of the reason why we're not gonNA spend too much time analyzing final category Gorriak shorts animated short To Sarah by Doria Kusturica hair. Love Matthew. Cherry Kit Bowl by Rosanna Sullivan memorable memorable by Bruno. Colette sister by CK Song Hair. Love is far and away. The favourite yes in this category. Matthew Cherry is very active twitter user. A lot of people know oh him used to work for Jordan Peele and monkey productions is a very short. I will be surprised this one out of all three. I would be the most surprised if it didn't win. I also picked love and it made me cry and under four minutes very effective I two can respond to animated films. Wow Yeah Erica. An incredible transition to our next category best animated animated feature the nominees are how to train your dragon the hidden world. I lost my body clause missing link and toy story for what did you go with. This was a last minute change and I. I don't know whether I should admit this. And the podcast bobby. Cut this if I'm breaking a Balazs but I haven't been advising a close best friend of mine on possible bets possible upsets and close friend. Yeah no it's it's a friend. The you know a friend who listens to the podcast and identified this category. I did go toy story for because I'm trying not to over. Think things but it does seem like it seems like there could be several no spoilers. Actually there's a lot of arrows pointing at clause right now. Yeah clause just won a BAFTA clause one Annie Award Clauses clearly admired tired. Mommy animating filmmaking community I don't WanNa Toy Story. Movies went to movies. Come out. That was kind of my reasoning toy story. Three was nominated for best picture which feels like a thousand years ago but this is truly one of the most storied movie franchises ever. This sounds like a silly thing to say about a toy story movie but it is a fact there have and four films are hugely successful. The characters are beloved ingrained in popular culture. And I genuinely think toy story. Four is very very very good animated film and might might mark the end of a certain period of Pixar because not just the machinations that have happened over the years with Disney but obviously all of the sort of incredibly fraught stuff. That's happened with John. LASSETER over the years in the development stage for these movies. It's just if you look at the Pixar movies that are coming There are a lot of new properties and there are a lot of new voices that are getting to make those movies toy story. Four is old school tried and true early. Two Thousand Steve Jobs Era Pixar. That's where it comes from and and I think they're going to recognize that we could be wrong. We're GONNA find out we're both going to a story for best documentary feature the nominees. Are American factory. The Cave you've the edge of democracy foursome and honey land. What did you choose? I chose American factory as that. I'm not feeling confident. I'm not either but I wanted to die on this hill because I love this film. We gave this film best picture we really did Alternate Oscars about that this morning and I was so happy. What a lovely little title space? That was where we just got to talk about the things we liked terrifically. Well made movie. I think All of the movies in this category are are well-made. I shouldn't be surprised by how overwhelmingly serious every film is in this category every year and how issues oriented a lot of these films are it's been interesting to see. I thought when the nominations were announced honeywood play spoiler spoiler the fact that it has representation in this category and also in the next category. We're GONNA talk about. It's just unusual. That's never happened before. And so that shows a lot of support for that movie. I thought that would play spoiler over the last couple of months. Foam seems to be gaining steam for some just one at the Baptist over the weekend. We'll have to wait and see my my choices also American factory. This is part of what I mean here about saying. This was an easy choice to make because it seems like a logical choice. It's an American story. Also International Scott Got Barack Obama's thumbprint on it which I think is key weirdly meaningful. You know we. We never talked about Kobe. Bryant's passing on the show and I don't think there's a ton of reason to but obviously. Kobe was an Oscar winner. And you know some people love his film but it was a lot easier to understand his film in the purposes of his film that won best animated short. I think it's called your basketball because this was connected to Kobe. Bryant and I think people will actually look at American factory and think of Barack Obama and correlate in the same way like that is how this business works in many ways. So I'm going American factory if you told me Any of these films were GonNa win. I genuinely would not be suppressed. Don't don't bet on this category advice this category also just the nominations itself were a bit of surprise is because Apollo eleven which had been so dominant at so many awards coming up to the nominations is not included. One Nation was also in the mix and is not included so it could go a lot of different ways and I guess my strategy throughout is has been to play it safe to go with the most obvious choice and that's important because it's been like a pretty obvious yes award season thus far but we could easily be wrong. The Oscars always has a couple of surprises as it always does now. I would prefer if those surprises happened in some of the later categories and then some of the earlier categories for the sake of national entry but in all likelihood this year they're going to come in categories like this let's go to best international feature a category will not have any surprises whatsoever. The five nominees are Corpus. Christi Honey Land Les Miserables Painting Glory Parasite Yes parasite will win this award. Award parasite is a winner. This is the not the last time. We'll talk about parasite on this podcast. We can continue to go forward great visual effects. This is the category that I like to call. Sean doesn't know anything I think I get this wrong every year. That's because you always pick marvel movies and they've never WANNA love moral. Yeah congratulations not not Without some questioning questions some of their choices and frankly their visual effects are sometimes not. I've never good but I tend be the dominant visual effects films of their time So it's funny. When they never win there are some people who think out of these five nominees that the moral movie is GonNa win? Let's read those nominees. AVENGERS offers end game. The Irishman nineteen seventeen. The Lion King Star Wars the rise of skywalker did not use the marvel movie. It will not surprise you learn that I I did not either. I chose nineteen seventeen. Okay what did you choose. I I got a little frisky. I want the Lion King Okay and that is because the lion king one at the visual affects society awards. It's very reasonable reason to do so. I know the other reasoning which is that. This award often goes hand-in-hand with best picture so I always bid sometimes sometimes it goes hand in hand with editing. It's usually related to one of those categories in some form or fashion. Because because there's a sense that there is an inter connectivity between how movies cut and how it's animated right I just think that there's going to be so much below the line support for nineteen seventeen. That's going to overwhelm and a lot of categories. Even if it doesn't it necessarily makes sense We're GONNA have to wait to find out makeup and hair. This is the first year they've expanded the nominee pool to five films. Let's read those nominees. Germany's they are bombshell. Joker Judy malefic mistress of evil. Nineteen seventeen. Can you believe how much time we spend on Melendez and mistress of evil. Yes I I thought that was interesting. It's good to check in from time to time. Not One but two people at the Sundance Film Festival spoke to us about how we had long discussions about malefic mistress of evil on a podcast. That's we we contain multitudes. We truly do I hope that they're continued to be very strange. allegories about our broken. The American society coming from Disney in the future I tend to think that this is also very lock Econo- category I chose bombshell as did I 'cause hero who is of the mastermind behind the makeup effects darkest hour and transformed Charlie Saharan into Megan Kelly along with myriad of other actors including John John Lithgow how transforming in Roger Ailes as doing stunning work but more importantly than the quality of the work. He's doing he is a brand name now. She has a recognisability that even he didn't have before necessarily darkest hour. And it's just a lot easier to vote for people like that. There's a reason that John Williams has fifty two Oscar nominations for best original score. Because he's John fucking Williams people know that name they see it and they wanNA check it. Sure he's also the greatest movie scorer of of I art. I don't know our generation. He's not really of our generation. No eighty six years old. Well he's one of the greats he is one of the greats. Kazuhiro is also one of the greats. I mean there's no questioning the fact that he is at at the top of the list of people who do this kind of work it's not always kind of transformative makeup and hairstyling. That wins awards words like this. Sometimes it's more period piece driven or It can be much smaller films at times this one though I think because it is so flashy and because particularly leash our leases transformation is so profound and almost unnerving that I think this is GonNa win. I think also that performance is nominated for a best actress Oscar and that the the makeup and the transformation is inseparable from that performance. I mean she does get the voice in the walk down pat but it it is uncanny. I completely agree. We're both going bombshell word agreement on a lot here. Do you think it's GonNa Continue. Yes I do. That doesn't make for very good podcasting. Best Costume design. Here are the five nominees. The Irishman Sandy Powell. Christopher Peterson Joe. Joe Rabbit macy. Rubio Joker Mark Bridges Number Mark Bridges when he won for Phantom Threat yes and he had to read the Jetski because they were giving away. The jet ski to someone. What a Lord he was awesome? Yeah he's Great. He's great at his job Little Women Jacqueline durant Iran once upon a time in Hollywood in Phillips would you choose. I want with little women today because it is both. It's the type of it's very costume e costuming but there is also in the same way that Greta Gerwig both honors and reinvents the period piece. Those costumes are are integral to the to the film. But they're doing something interesting. It's not just like oh I found a hoop skirt. In fact Gregory has been really outspoken. About how she hates hoop skirts and Bonnets and was trying to not do the actual traditional costuming. Anyway I think there's a lot of invention and also people do a lot of affection for this film. I agree I think you. You are certainly more qualified to identify. What's different and impressive about some of the costuming in this movie than someone like me? Jacqueline interesting figures soon nominated seven times. She's one before I think she wants. Ronna Karenina which is one of our Joe Wright's adaptation of the novel but Sandy Powell is also here who is one of the most decorated Costume designers in recent history marked bridges. Of course just won a couple of years ago are in a lot of people are really admiring of our in Phillips's work on once upon a time I if I had to choose a spoiler I think I would choose. Rem Phillips and if there is a secret once upon a time hive in the making. And if you start to look at some of these anonymous of voter your dial is that were getting in Hollywood reporter and variety and elsewhere lot of lot of old people who are weirdly have become Quentin Tarantino stands out there the world who don't want for language films to be nominated in their big categories and who don't like a war movie as much as they thought they would. Maybe we start to see a little something rattling if if like if if she wins here could indicate something unique happening. Sure I think that's possible. Also we know there's probably not the strongest support for little women inside the academy the end I believe the women did not win the most recent costuming and Gilmore did not so this is another category. There's a little bit of a coin flip Likewise if you see Joker Jo-jo get some love here similarly. Maybe those films are catching more awards. Little later in the telecasts. This'll be an interesting one to watch. Let's go to production design the nominees. The Irishman Bob Bob Shaw and Regina griefs Joe Rabbit Robinson and norris up Cova nineteen seventeen. Dennis Gassner at least dollars once upon a time in Hollywood Barbara Ling being an Ansi. Hey in Paraguay Lee Hudson and show will woo haag arm and show he would he got. This is a tricky one. I am going once upon a time. Even though I think that parasite it had just has a real chance. And if parasite ones this I think maybe some of our hopes for parasite Later in the evening might come through that. That sounds Nice in theory on both counts. I think nineteen seventeen. We'll be okay. My vote is for Dennis Gassner who I think is a as essential chills telling stories Roger Deakins and I think there are a lot of people who work on the craft side of these films. Who would agree based on the very intricate nature of the like maze puzzle? That the whole movie is and the Gassner is really responsible for a lot of that construction What those sets look like? And how and what pathways the camera would have to shoot inside of them. That's all these things. Things are really stitched together in the making of the movie that being said I could be wrong. Think that's true. I mean you also have to the thing that people say about once upon a time in Hollywood. I think this was a a major theme of the Rewatch ables that you guys did was they just meet. La Look like old La and that is both very visible and integral to That movie and easy to understand and and if there is that old person interest in once upon a time it's possible there's a there's a frequently only unspoken and sometimes spoken subtexts to all my picks which is like I just think once upon a time should win most of these categories and if not once upon a time parasite and they go. They'd kind on a trade back and forth and occasionally even the Irishman which does not seem to be winning anything based on what we've chosen so far which is fascinating let's continue. We have to sound categories. I don't think it would be useful for either of us to try to explain the difference between them Cami. I takes the same minor. Allow your hand waving but the the the nominees nerd or not all this shot. Okay go ahead. So what we'll do we'll do. It quickly sounded incomes. I Ford versus for Don Silvester Joker Allen Robert Murray nineteen seventeen Oliver Tarn and Rachel Tate. Once upon time in Hollywood Wylie Highly Stateman Star Wars the rise of skywalker. Matthew Wood and David Accord nineteen seventeen is your pick. Yes said his mind as well. I don't mean to diminish the work of any any of the names that you just read or these excellent films I just do really feel like this is where the nineteen seventeen train is rolling in. I agree also widely statement is a hell of a name absolutely absolutely i. That sounds like maybe my son's firstborn name. Okay sound mixing nineteen seventeen Mark Taylor. Stuart Wilson Ad Astra Gary Reid. Strom Tom Tom Johnson and Mark Alano Ford versus Ferrari. Paul Massey. David Giacomo Jia Marco and Stephen a Moro Joker Dean Zupanje. Todd maitland and Tom Hommos in each and once upon a time in Hollywood Michael Winkler Christian Pete Winkler Mark Lonzo Marc Llano nominated here for both Ad Astra and once upon a time in Hollywood so he it could be run in two out of five pretty good odds. Unfortunately he'll be losing to nineteen seventy. Exactly which is sad for him who both agree about that. Tough Be Marco Lonzo. Good luck next here. Let's go to the last Couple of categories before we take a break across that way point. Okay okay onto original score. I really really don't feel confident in this one at all even though there is a heavy leader in the clubhouse this is where the surprise can happen. It's plausible. I'm GonNa read the nominees. Okay Joker Hilter Canada to your little women. Alexander does plot marriage story. Randy Newman. Nineteen seventeen his cousin. Thomas Newman Star Wars the Scott Walker the aforementioned aforementioned John Williams. You're going with joker. I am going with joker. That is the clear favourite. But I I know exactly what you're saying I can almost like picture US watching the Oscars and then suddenly but it's like it's not randy. Newman you know it's honestly Alexander to Supply for eight a women and then we're just like what and you can i. I can hear all the beats and I can see the face that you look at me. You make to me when this happens. So you're not wrong. I think in the last five years Alexander plot has has elevated himself to the class of Thomas. Newton Howard Hans Zimmer you know Randy Newman the as the most sort of recognized admired composers of their generation and he's already won before and I think that this work is better than the films that he's won four in little women. It's really one of my absolute favorite scores. The really powers the movie and a lot of ways. And it's frankly damn fun to listen to and if for some reason Kademi decided you know what he should win again. I would not be surprised by something like that. I also wouldn't be surprised. By either of the Newman's it'll be sad for Thomas Newman. If he doesn't win I think this is fifteen over fifteen. That's tough not what you want. New Randy Newman. His cousins never won in this category but nominated nominated times John Williams. All right I know but why should be John Williams then could be could be a danger of some of some sort. Okay it'd be like Emperor Pal Patine eighteen and we back from the Dell. Now I have to say I really enjoyed the work of John Williams and the rise of skywalker. It's the only thing I liked. He and also that low guy who yells Babu free. Yeah he's Yes we're welcoming with joker and I think that's correct okay. Original Song Amandus Fair category. Just delete the category. This is a tire fire of nominees. I know we don't need it. There are some good songs is going to perform five of these. And I really I know. I know she'll just do the bond preview It's it's been speculated that she will be performing the in Memoriam Tribute I. I read someone and said that she would be singing the Beatles yesterday during the in Memoriam tribute. Oh okay which I'm not a fan of yesterday but It's okay excuse me it's fine I. Why are you doing this to me? Like I'm stupid stupid. Why do you feel that way you or even a Paul purse and the Beatles is one of the things that you and I share and agree on and yesterday is excellent and like why do you have have to be this over thinking like you know antagonised person are you doing? I'm upset with you and now we have to talk about the freaking original song on nominees. it's just it's Lesser Beatles as my take on on yesterday original sensors take up. I'm very sorry to both of you. Guys but facts are facts. It's nothing against the Beatles. Paul or the great American songbook. I was going to try to help you through your lingering illness and and bring the energy and pick up on the announcing when in your voice goes out and now I'm reconsidering you weren't GonNa do that so don't pretend to the audience like you were some white night all right. Any opportunity to put me under. The bus is being taken original final song. I can't let you throw yourself away toy story. Four I'm GonNa love me again from rocket men. I'm standing with you from breakthrough song. I've never heard into the unknown from frozen into an stand up from Harriet. I want without John. I did as well. I'm GonNa love me again and John and Bernie Taupin and I love Elton. John I'm I'm looking forward to him. Having an Oscar is this the three hundred and sixty eighth best. Elton John and Bernie Taupin Song. Yes I don't remember it so it's not memorable. I've heard it once. Can we just into the unknown. Just gets worse with age and now that I've been listening to it but just my memory of it. I like it okay I moving on. Let's let's just keep going. I think it's not bad. I think it might be the best song of this bunch I I can't let yourself away but I like the other song from toy story four. Okay the one that. WHO's the country singer who sings it? Chris can you help me out here bobby. Any idea I was alone some cowboy. What's that song called Cowboy and the hell goes Chris Stapleton Stapleton very talented singer Songwriter? Who Sings Randy Newman's lyrics for? I was lonesome cowboy but I can't let you throw yourself away which is sort of the forty anthem. Okay for he is the Discarded four who is transformed into a toy in the choice reform which is a very normal movie. Enormous stuff Is nominated here instead. which is a shame? Should I open every show with ours alone. Some cowboy would work. It's really testing the vocal chords here. I yeah playing with fire. We're welcome with I'M GONNA I'm GonNa love me again. This category sucks and they need to completely rebrand. And that's probably something we should have addressed in the last podcast cast. Nevertheless we're going forward. Best film editing intriguing category This is this is the real walks out there. I think this one. Yeah so so. The nominees are four versus Ferrari. Michael mccusker Andrew Buckland the Irishman. Thelma schoon marker Joe Joe Rabbit Tom. Eagles joker jeff growth and parasite Jinmen. Would you go with. I went with parasite I won't with Ford Versus Ferrari but I think you made a good choice. I base it on the fact the parasite did win at the Eddie Awards. It's a and as the Joe as did sure but I'm ignoring that in order to make my argument demand and I do also think I mean man that movie. Just there isn't a wasted second there isn't I think it's it's hard to know of. This is a degree of difficulty category or not sometimes it's recognition. It is and sometimes it's about a kind of smoothness in the film parasite. The site is a freshly mopped floor. You know it is. It is clean for versus Ferrari is really noisy all over the place and messy but it's also it's pretty sleek in its unto itself for versus for. I feels like more of a fee to me but I could be wrong about that I that I I'm this. I am not on an expert at all in fact I think if you want to learn more about this I would encourage you to go back. Listen to them so that we do with Barry in Lebron's last year who headed a black clansman whose spike Lee's editor and helped us understand. I think one editor really does in the room and how they shape a movie four versus Roy feels it kind of movie that had so much raw material to work with to put it together parasite as I've talked about a lot. This week is meticulously designed and organized. And so the way that it's cut its sort of pre cut not quite in the same where the nine hundred seventeen is what you know what I'm saying. Yeah I do but I do also think that that Kinda understates the way that it is fit together because it does turn on a dime and like seconds matter in that. Yes unlike the Irishman which I mean it's in days matter and you know it's almost like literally one of the most editors in movie history and she has gotten a lot of mud slung in her direction during this Oscar season shamefully. But I don't I think that there's any chance that she has a chance here. Joker Joe Joe again. Who knows like this is the same sort of category? Where if a film like that wins? All bets are off I think in all the categories If if Jeff Growth Wins for best editing here for joker we might be headed down a weird path. I actually like when that happens. Joker stuff aside when you get a surprise like that and you're like Oh does this Komo tip the scales in one direction or another Ford. It'll be such a more fun Sunday night for all of us. I think if something like this started to happen similar thing here this is not a not a category. You want to place place bets on I would say agree cinematography. This'll be the last four. We take a break. Perhaps them the easiest to predict yes. I think this is the biggest favorite of the night. The nominees minis are the Irishman Rodrigo. Prieto Joker Lawrence Scher the lighthouse yard blackie nine hundred seventeen Roger Deakins and what time in Hollywood Robert. Richardson shout out. My brother and the dark skies APP. Roger Deakins yes it is. Roger de Kency will win his Second Academy Award Richly deserved. And then we'll probably just keep talking nineteen seventeen for the rest of the night but maybe not maybe maybe this is the last awarded gets I sure. Yeah okay a very strong piece before we go to a break. Please stick around. We'll be right back. After from our sponsor the big picture is brought to you by masterclass masterclass their class. 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I think we're feeling fine. I think we're matched on all but two categories so far which is dead an interesting sign although that also means we've been talking about these racist together for a long long period of time so if you're looking for various you're not likely to find it. We're heading now into the the big categories the big eight. You're talking about the big eight. I am the first the big eight is original screenplay. Now Change My vote three times in in six hours on this one. I've changed it twice. Okay the nominees in this category are knives knives out by Ryan Johnson mayor story by Noah Baumbach nineteen seventeen by Sam Mendes and Christie Wilson Cairns once upon a time in Hollywood by Quentin Tarantino and parasite by June. The whole engine. One would you choose I. Oh I still have the the highlight on this particular. Pick like come back and revisit this and think about it all right here we go. I'm going with parasite. Okay I had parasites for quite a long time and I have changed it back to one. Simon holiday had once upon a time in Hollywood. And I changed it back to parasite we've been talking a lot. What about predictive results? And what guild awards mean and where things are going. This category in particular has been completely disrupted this year because Tarantino's not a member of the WGN. No don't we don't know the result there Bongino engine one Han won this award for the Wg a just a few days ago. The the support for parasites seems very strong right now and this is also a best picture indicator this category the winner of this category frequently is paired with a best picture winner. Nineteen seventeen is. It's almost certain it's not going to win. Even though it's the prohibitive favorite by a wide margin to win best picture once upon a time in Hollywood seems to have been blown off the map for best picture yes but this group group of voters loves Tarantino. He's won twice already. I think he's made the joke that if he wins a third time he wants the award to be renamed. The Clintons yes Clinton never never never shy on on on boastful comments knives out has no chance despite being absolutely fantastic. The respect Ryan Johnson I- I still in my heart of hearts WANNA see marriage store. Get some love and I I think. This is Noah backs chance to get recognized for the sort of thing and it doesn't just doesn't seem it's going to happen so it's pairs time. Yeah what pushed a parasite my ultimate theory that this award is used to reward things things that don't get best picture or the big price and I am aware that I've picked parasite for several other categories including international feature. But I do feel that. There is a really a strong parasite push and very strong bonk affection. And I think that it's this group of voters this who are the likeliest to go in that direction that feels and sounds right and I have no idea because foreign films are not frequently if they're particularly rarely nominated in this category and so we don't have a lot of historical evidence to measure it against obviously parasite is highly highly relatable to anybody who watches it but it is a distinctly South Korean story and again if you read some of those nasty anonymous voter diaries. There's some some bad takeaways in there about people who watch foreign films. Can we talk about this for sure you can. You can do as you please. Oh thank you. I didn't actually know that I could on this. PODCAST I refuse to give those too much of my time. I think that's a real. I think they're great content and shout out to everyone who gets them and there is something like gross. I put fun reading them but number one. You're not going to put your name on it like I'm I'm not giving you the time today. Like go home. Cowards and number two I do feel like they are always raise their representative of the extremes as opposed to the norms of the academy. So I'm has really. What are we basing that on? I I don't no. I was waiting on all of the people based on patterns of people who are willing to speak and being comments actions and be and you know I just need theory that that sounds right. There's no way for us to prove that my expectation is is the most of the people in the academy are like sixty three years old Haven't done something super meaningful in about ten ten years but are quite certain. What great filmmaking isn't frankly they know more about it than I do? Because they've made films and they have been in the trenches in many cases not in all cases but in many cases and they are convinced of their own way of thinking about the world as as the generational divides grow and grow and grow That does dictate a lot of how these awards turnout. I just don't I don't think that there's nothing to take from those things and I do agree that there is great content. I don't think there's a lot to take from them. Like I wouldn't make my picks based on what I read. Anonymous strangers say in a trade publication but they could be lightly indicative of the way. The wind is blowing in certain categories. So I do read them. I read them every year. Because I'm a nerd. I say I don't read them. I think mostly I want to say is put your name on it like fire you. I'm Dan we have split here. Will this be the last time we have a split. Probably okay okay. Let's keep going adapted screenplay the Irishman Stevens Alien Joe Joe Rabbit. Td Joker Todd Phillips and Scott Silver Little Women. Greta Gerwig the two pope's Anthony McCartan well the moment of truth. I'm going with Joe Rabbit. My this is the smart money. I'm not happy about it and that that has less to do with with Gioja Rabbit which it's not about that it's about little women. Greta Gerwig will you wear era. Gopro win this award is announced during no I well okay just for the content. No but it. Can you wear Gopro Gopro. That's on your face. I thought it was always like looking outward flip that jam around. You know won't be doing that. We'll also if you're if you've decided to run into the canyons of Hollywood and and screaming that also would be good content. I think if you had a I think I've threatened like fifteen times for fifteen different outcomes that I'll just run to the Dobie theater and bang on the doors for this one though. I don't know it's they don't deserve my protests for this 'cause they aren't taking it seriously enough what deserves your protest is fascinating in sub conversation. Maybe we can explore later. Let's go to supporting actor shall we. Yes one of the only good things left on the board. I'm so nervous about it now. I I mean I know what I picked and I know what I think's going to happen but if it doesn't happen I mean that's a real gopro situation. The nominees are Tom. Hanks for beautiful in the neighborhood Anthony Hopkins for the two popes Al Pacino. So for the Irishman Joe Patchy for the Irishman and Brad Pitt. For once upon a time in Hollywood I picked Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt will win. Ah Honestly think that someone should make me wear like football pads or something in case. This doesn't happen or maybe just protect the television amand. Maybe you and bobby will be watching on Sunday. And you need to tell us beforehand whether we need to be wearing pads or whether you'll be wearing pets socially who who can say. I do think that we should put some sort of guardrail on the TV understood. Okay I will also take a lot of Aleve. Before the telecast just in case cool to protect my body hey it's going to be Brad Pitt. What are we talking about here? He's won every single award. He's crushed every single speech. His performance in the movie rules should have won five Oscars by now. The guys great did a whole podcast about earlier this year. One of my favorite podcasts. We've done I could talk about movies all day long. I grew all of this. And it's the academy and this is the time to pack back. Do you think he should have won for twelve monkeys. He should one for fight club. That's the thing he should have won for. moneyball both are true. Let's go to supporting actress. The nominees for supporting actress or Kathy Bates for Richard Jewel. Do you remember Richard Jewel. I do okay. Laura dern for marriage story Scarlett Johansson for Joe Rabbit Florence Pugh for Little Women Margot Robbie for bombshell Laura Dern will win this award why we worked so hard to make this a decent podcasts. We got to the finish. Line our our just arguing about yesterday and like how much padding that everyone should wear while watching the Oscars. Well that's all we've got at this point now. We're just going to sit here and talk about who I think. Actually one of the unfortunate effects of the flattening of the Oscars is we come to take cool stuff for granted. Laura dern and Brad Pitt winning supporting acting in a Ah Oscars is a cool thing and for once upon a time in Hollywood and marriage story to movies. We'd love yes it's A. It's a pretty great cool thing and we've completely taken it for granted because we've talked it out And we've seen these people give a lot of speeches and there's nothing novel about it whatsoever. Yeah I wonder if there are teenagers out there like you and I were teenagers. Once upon a time. Watching the telecast and kind of getting excited about somebody that we think is cool winning an award if there is a little bit of like. I actually really liked Laura dern and I think this is neat and they don't feel overexposed but if you're looking in it the results of the Gotham awards and the results of the independent spirit awards and the results of the critics choice awards and using the same people up at time after time saying the same variations on a theme like is everyone has over exposed to this stuff as we are. I guess is my question. No and let me also say for the record I like Laura dern and I think this is neat the problem is not with Laura dern winning this Oscar. It's that we know what's going to happen. which is boring because you invest too much time in this and also because also so we make a podcast about it and because it would be really nice if award season could be a way of celebrating a lot of different movies before we got to these conclusions? And I think it's just it hasn't been a bummer that Laura dern has won every single award but it's been a bummer that no one one else has won any awards that's that's ultimately that's the smartest way to put it the way you described it. There's no there's no drama We don't have any expectation of anything else happening and that's actually bad version of it and it doesn't undermine the win historically no one's GonNa even remember. I don't think anybody's remember like Oh lord and wanted to walk that sucked. Roll the Oscar prognosticators gators. That's bullshit nobody cares about that but it doesn't. It does kind of remove some of the intrigue around the the telecast and it's important for the TV show as you've put it to be good entertaining and surprising to people to give them something that they were not expecting to see. Yeah that is the essence of drama uh-huh and just kind of feels like they're gonNA fail. You sounded like you were just doing intro for the shooting. Joe Rapid Bradley Cooper what is the essence of drama. I should lose my voice every week week. Best actress what's going on in this category man. I Dunno okay. Here are the nominees. Cynthia Rio Harriet Scarlett Johansson Marriage Story Social Road and little women. I'm in Charlie's therein bombshell Renee Zellweger. Judy Renee Zellweger as well. We'll see come to surprise. No one you know. Listening to our house was Morrison. Our our boss. Bill Simmons Talk About the Oscars bill show and Bill said the same thing that we've been saying for the last few months. which is I like a straight up? Just don't get this like ads. Don't get it She's already one and while this movie is good there and she's good. I'm going to the movies even movies. Okay and she's good in the film. There are thousands thousands of great film performances onscreen every year. Why this is the one that we all decided? Someone deserve a second Oscar for I. I will never understand it. I think this is this actually more so then the anxiety that we're talking about. During the no drama this actually is literally the problem with the Oscars the consensus building. That happens early on around something. That is fine that most most people haven't seen that is like Kinda meaningless will be forgotten very soon and will actually not mark the history of film past. It'll just be an industry award and that's it and also that we know that the entire time that is happening and we're still going along with it you know. There is there a lot of comparisons to be made to the wife last year which we identified fight and made a joke of pretty early on season because no one had seen it. Everyone was like Glenn Close is GonNa Win for the wife and ultimately she did not and that was a big surprise. There isn't a spoiler are here and this category and so even that self consciousness of why are we doing. This is scan is not going to pay off anything. She's just GonNa win. I agree now. I trade eighty emails with a handful of equally psychotic Oscar. History friends and both of my Oscar. History friends have both said for whatever reason I think if there is a really really wacky surprise coming in the major categories. This is actually the place where you're going to see it. Yes because it feels so chuck you know the chalk has been completely like melted melted into the ground. It's been it's been laid out so clearly for so long I don't I don't know I think that would be the kind of fizzy pop. Op that we need in telecast. There's literally no evidence that this is the case. It's just a feel thing that they're saying like something just doesn't seem right. The way that this calcified so early it just seems off Chur but there hasn't been a break in it at least last year which is a very similar situation. Except Glenn Close. God bless her had not won an Oscar. You you and bring you had Coleman in comedy at the Golden Globes and yes so there there were indications there is. There's nothing here you're right there. Uh I don't think that Cynthia revolts. Carl Hansen ruining or Charlene. Darren have won anything at any of the other award shows. So we'll just have to wait and see best actor one of the most competitive categories that we've seen in recent years there probably were fifteen people who are up for this this category. But there's probably only one person who ever ever had a chance to win it. The nominees are Antonio Banderas for painting. Glory Leonardo Dicaprio for once upon a time in Hollywood Adam driver for marriage story Joaquin Phoenix for joker and Jonathan price for the two popes. I have my friend Joaquin Phoenix. I also have Joaquin Phoenix so everything we just said about Zoeggeler but for prison who hasn't won named Joaquin. I think applies applies here. He's won everything. Yes there's no. One has stood in his path with a once upon a time. I thought Adam driver was going to go toe with him in a very exciting Oscar Mason. That is simply not the case. Yeah I don't know what they do about this. I don't know how they resolve the inevitability factor. We've talked about it a few times. In the past few months I do think it is arguably the single biggest issue that the Oscars Oscar faces in his long-term future in fact that everything just feels settled and particularly in the acting categories because a lot of people may not have seen all movies but they know who some of the people nominated are and they will tune in Leonardo DiCaprio. They noted that name they know who Kylo Ren says if they don't know who Adam driver is and for. They're not even to be a reason for people to invest in the really famous people who are nominated for Oscars is madness. I agree and I think a lot of Oscar history a lot of its Oscars kind of pop. Cultural History is built on sally fields. You really like me. Speech or Murtha Toe may a shockingly winning from my cousin vinny those are the kinds of moments that the show needs and because of the large number of award shows that happened ahead of time and the ink intense coverage of those award shows that used to be disorder ignored like nobody gave a damn what happened at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival five years ago. Go certainly the people that cover this stuff closely do but that industry has gotten bigger and bigger and our ability to find that information has gotten easier and easier and so because of that the the information loop has gotten tighter and tighter and more obvious and the consensus building has happened more quickly. And it's it's frustrating. I mean I I said on the once upon the time watchable that I think once upon time is Leo's best performance. Like I think it's his funniest his weirdest most vulnerable. I think he's kind of doing the most then then. He hasn't in years even more than the revenue in a completely different kind of way and like we never even had one conversation. I now it's a sham. I think it's the second best performance after the quail eighteen and woefully credible. I have said many times but it is certainly the most memorable Leo performance to me the most I instantly. Oh it's leaner caprio kind of reaching the heights of himself while also being a standalone performance. I think there's an interesting division between the first half of his career. The kind of Romeo and Juliet. Titanic Leo and what he means to generation of people there and then the second half which is you know in the middle. He had the catch me if you can the aviators. And he's sort of building up his credibility as a serious actor the last ten years or so. He's been having a lot more fun. Django unchained Wolf of Wall Street. This movie the revenue looked really hard to make enough fun but it was a kind of an adventure. He's taking on a different kind of tacked in the film film roles that he's taken on. I love that about him. But we just don't care because he won already Antonio Samaras will he ever be nominated again. He ran on magnificent campaign. He seems like a wonderful guy Great and everything. He's and even if he's playing total ham like he wasn't doolittle and but he's he's he's pretty he's a little. He was pretty good. He's trying his best. Always gotta see him. You're always glad to see him. And he's very painting. Glory in a very different kind of performance didn't matter Jonathan within price. Same thing I mean. He's great and everything that he's in the two popes okay. It's pretty good It never had a chance here. Yeah he seemed I'm like he could have been interchangeable with any number of different people. Eddie Murphy Robert Deniro. Adam Sandler could've swapped in a whole bunch of different people into this category. It's been walking in the hallway. You don't mind no I. Everything apply that I said about the predictability and wanting to see other people honored and kind of bring audiences in still applies. I I will say and really everyone knows how I feel about this movie but this is a memorable performance. I at least understand why this performance formats is in the conversation and I sort of understand why the Renee Zellweger Judy Garland is in the conversation. But it's just 'cause she's doing Judy Garland impersonation and the Oscars like I think it was Roger Sherman on the hottest take who said it best. which is we should just have a best impersonating someone category at the Oscars but Joaquin at at least it? That was unique. It was unique. I think he's given a good performance here. I think it's in the top eighteen of performances. He's he's given which is classically Oscars But we knew we knew months ago Oscar. Id Actors flipped for his work and it was. It was over in in November. Let's go the best director okay. Two categories left. Martin Scorsese for the Irishman. Todd Phillips Joker Sam Mendes Nineteen Seventeen Quentin Tarantino onciming. Once upon time in Hollywood Bongino parasite which do I met with Sam. Ns as that. I do you think running scared or you think we're being pragmatists both. Is it possible to be scared pragmatist. Okay then then here we are. I think you gotta try to do. What's that's right you got to try to do what's right? I mean it's just all of the signs are there. He wanted to Golden Globes. He wanted the. Dj's everyone loves this movie Eh. I think you're right I I I don't even really have a case. There's been nothing to indicate that he's not GonNa win. I think that's I don't WanNa get too psychotic about it because as we've said like nineteen seventeen is a is a successful film and a lot of ways but I think this is a nightmare this is just such a travesty like him winning two best director Oscars over Mardi getting getting his second over Quentin Tarantino getting his first over bond getting his first over Greta knowing being nominated. It's a fucking nightmare. It's just it's so stupid and I don't I want to turn this into like a mini heart but it it kind of infuriates me. And I'm obviously obsessed with this category and obsessed with filmmakers. I think about it all the time and him winning again after after winning for American beauty which now everybody wishes they take back. is so stupid and it's not that he's not talented or not an impressive person or hasn't brought meaningful stuff to the screen. I like a a lot of his movies. Just why does this person getting second. Best Director Oscar. It's so dumb. I agree with everything that you said this category. I love three of the directors in this category but the way they handled handled this year is just a mess top to bottom and I forgot to do the archival but maybe maybe someone can do this. Maybe Bobbi can do this. If you go back to our Oscars Scher's irresponsible Oscars prediction podcast from October sink. We were talking about the wonder of this category. And you said is an offhand joke. Wait wait until February Wednesday as for nineteen seventeen and we hadn't even seen nineteen seventeen. None of it had happened October. Twenty ninth reckless Oscar Oscar predictions. Let's go to best director okay similarly. I bit fraught here I need to. I need to see nineteen seventeen before I can answer this. So I'll do. I'll give you my runners up with that in mind. I Have Mendis on the outside looking in. It's completely possible that changes amid they start Jones movie which I think they're you can start showing it to us at the end of November so eight in his late it is late. I think those first screenings are like November twenty third. So I've got Sam Mendez. Pedro federal motive are Mario Heller. Fernando Morales Luang. James Mangold outside looking in okay my five picks are Martin. Scorsese got eight. numbs yeah you want for the departed. No abound zero nominations for best director on June hose. Zero nominations for best director Greta Gerwig one previous nomination and Quentin Tarantino. The two previous nominations five for five. Okay so I I really I put on back in at the last moment and I hadn't Sam Mendis in for a long time and then I the movie and haven't seen any other thoughts about eighteen seventeen and again I know I keep saying. They're releasing it really labor. They're releasing a really late. There's so much recently bias that goes into this stuff. I just saw the Irishman so I'm like she keno is GonNa win even though Brad Pitt is unbelievable in once upon time in Hollywood so I picked Clinton win. Okay I think I agree with that. Okay I I don't I have no feel if you told me that. Like Mendis and L. Motive are an Fernando. Morales are gone in this category. I'd buy it. It's very possible now. I think it feels like the kind of thing that filmmakers are awarded for what Quinn did. Once part time in Hollywood I think it is that sort of wistfulness that you were describing earlier is a feeling that I think people want to get across and that's the sort of thing that like somebody like Guillermo. Del Toro one four with the shape of water and had a kind of nostalgic summation of his project. Yeah and I think that's what wants Montage Industriel as well. Yeah I think even when once upon a time came out we were talking about. How take this is the type of movie that a director wins for which is to say? It's a a comment on a career rather than the pinnacle of the career And people were rarely went for their actual masterpiece now. I kinda think what's on time in Hollywood is a masterpiece but we don't need to get into Tarantino rankings. Right now because I don't need to the person on the Internet I was making fun of like twenty minutes ago. What Tarantino movie do you think he should have won for pulp fiction? I don't know I think there's a good case for inglorious best. Inglorious bastards is my my favorite. Yeah but you know and again what is this award mean is it. The best pure is for that lack athletic Sam Andy. Style directing directing breakthrough crystallization of this person has a vision and and finally did it. They made their great movie. Is it for a career. It's usually more of of alleged move achievement award then like the one great movie. Yes I think that's right and that's ultimately why I picked Clinton you could tell me any of these people when I could I would buy. Hi Scorsese win in a heartbeat. I think it's completely possible Because it's it is a guy still working with with power with juice Warren. I never forget I hate myself. Yeah and I have a keen sense of these things because I hate myself and I'm consistently fascinated by things that do not reward me like the fucking Oscars yeah. I don't know why I'm so bent out of shape about this but there did seem to be something Awfully inevitable and part and part of it to the film's credit and the marketing of the film is early on people were saying. In in June a friend at launch said to me clear the decks nineteen seventeen. It will win everything. It is that kind of movie and that person has watched the Oscars for years is a voter knows how all this the stuff works. That person was completely right and I was trying to say it in enough ended. Way To kind of make jokes seem clever. I knew what I was hanging. I feel fucking bad about it. Yeah it's a damn shame uh-huh is this guy sure doesn't matter not really everyone who's married. Kate Winslett I do. Also he was in a New Yorker Kerr profile there is a New Yorker profile by John. Laura I believe and he said some pretty dismissive things about sky fall his own movie and living on. That's what I thought sucks. Let's let's go to best picture. This is the big award any familiar with best picture. I've heard it been talking about quite a bit on on the pod. This week we made. I thought of fairly sincere in feverish pitch for one of the films to win. I'd be delighted with four or five of these films winning as an eye. Let's run down the nominees one last time before Sunday night nominated for best picture our Ford versus Ferrari the Irishman Joe. Joe Rabbit Joker little women marriage story nineteen seventeen once upon a time in Hollywood and parasite I chose for verse for verse for our inches really did not deserve what it got. Ought to be the butt of the jokes. It's going to play so beautifully in all the home theaters of the Marvin Schwarz's around the world. You know all the rich guys were like I need a thirty five millimeter prints Brenna Ford v Ferrari but the print will say lemond sixty six the English title which is what the movie should have been called. Yeah don't you agree. No I think you know we talked about this. You know that I believe in like movie title. Seo Ford Verse Ferrari. I've heard of those things and it worked. A lot of people. People did go to see this movie. Is that what the movies even about. It's not about that at all or you know this you read headlines You're just trying to get people to click is Enzo Ferrari the villain of the movie. It does it matter. People know what Ferrari is people don't know what lament is I don't. It's Lemond French lady and I can't stand the people who are just trying to speak to my audience. Okay in your audience of who I know. I really don't know at this point. If you aren't francophiles no I. I really enjoy France you know. I hope they work. Everything veered into dangerous territory. Let's veer back to best picture. I I'd like. I'd be cool with the Irishman winning it'd be absolutely elated. Little Women One. I don't know what I would do. We would also need like protective gear in that situation but in a positive way because we just you start running into each other aimlessly I guess punching each other guys is way more like Mosh Shing concert than I was expecting prepped for my chemical romance and October. You never know what you're going to get bring your boxing gloves I'm going to be like a like a a young I don't know what's a reference Chuck Lil who am I in the in the in the Octagon of Oscar content. Why are you asking me to name? People who fight in the octagon okay. We don't have to ask ask you that anymore. It'd be awfully sweet of marriage story one it would. It would be sick of once upon a time in Hollywood one. Okay I WOULD BE I. I would be thrilled. It'd be pretty fired up. I just can't hide it. I just think it was great. I watched like seven times now. I'm just the enormous fan. I'm not I'm not ashamed of it I don't I don't really care. If Joker wins I do not Joe Rabbit twin which is not that. I don't like Taika Waititi I do like Tyco. Itt Am. I think he's very talented. This movie gives me shape water vibes. which is like this is a really great artist? Who made something that I just didn't get at all and I hate the idea of rewarding him for this instead of something else that he's GonNa make? It's GonNa be way better or was way better before I would take Iraq Narok over Joe Rabbit a hundred times out of one hundred personally and I find that to be another tricky part of Oscar history. I I really don't know what I would do in that situation. It'd be weird. It's not out of the realm of possibility and I think as far as betting goes. I said this is someone last night. I think that this is weirdly. One of the only wildcard. That's that I could recommend if you've got a little stray cash and you're like you know what I'd want to take a shot in the dark postal money on Joe Joe. I think the odds are ten one right now who knows who it moonlight one like that. There was no one thought that was going to happen. It could happen. Something could come out and make that happen now. Parasite is a little different. Yep parasite in nineteen seventeen or the two films. I think were choosing from Um what went through your mind. Is You're figuring out where to go being a what. What did I say like a scared pragmatist? First and foremost you know I had an interesting in conversation. I guess it was. It will be choose Tuesday night this Tuesday night with my Oscar history nerd friends. who were you're talking about kind of some of their research and talking about their vibe and we're like I think Peres that can do think Peres that can do it? Here's what I think and I said to them what I'll say to you. I was like I've done this before and I won't be fooled again. I remember when we both switched our think it was two thousand seventeen picks from shape of water to get out at the last minute. Like there's just something in the water and I can really feel it in. Its people are open minded in the water. A Weird Fishman created by CARAMEL chocolate. Absolutely and that didn't happen and I honestly think if you would pick the time of the week before the Oscars when decided to do that. It was like Tuesday night Wednesday and just trying to open our hearts to something bigger and I I know better and so I'm going with nineteen seventeen as a my and this is the moment when our souls does decide we spent. I did the same thing last year. I'm fairly certain I was felt strongly. The Green Book was GonNa Win and then I just chose roller. Like a complete schmuck. I'll never forget watching the Oscars with you and Green Book Win One and we. We looked at each other. Like oh no and then you just like angrily really snapped your computer stocked out of the room to the podcast studio without. It was really good. It's just a you know there. My bad boyfriend. There my withholding father there my selfish friend. They don't really ever give you precisely what you want. And that's not its this job they being the Oscars. Yeah Yeah There are other things I have that relationship too but I'm not sure we should talk about that right now. Okay Yeah I think it's making eighteen seventeen. I actually don't think it's complicated. And I don't think parasite is GonNa win now. This puts us in a wonderful position because we either get to be right which you and I both love Bernstein narcissist or is that why we like being right. We have an insane narcissist but I wouldn't have connected the two impulses anyway continue. You're welcome to think whatever reason you want I think it's because you're an insane. Ask or were wrong and we're happy. Yeah unless Joe Rather Windy it in which case This is all just been a strange farce share and then all the people who for months have been like. Why don't you guys like Joe? It's really awesome. They get to feel good and be right and have a nice night and we've spent four months exploring something that we don't understand at all. Yeah that's not a happy outcome not not an ideal ending. What if there's a right in vote for vendors endgame inevitable? I was just wondering to go back to Joe Raby. Do you think my friend Archie Gates will be there. Hayne waved me on that one did well. I was just thinking about. WHAT IF ARCHIE GATES GETS TO BE ON STAGE CARE? I don't care about archie gates aged. Rudy's Eighth Leon. Jo Jo ravitch memorable okay I I don't I am not excited. Had A lot of people have been asking is are you excited about the Oscars. Maybe we've already answered the question on this podcast this week but now it's this is the last one well. Let me let me shock you a little bit by saying I am excited always excited. I don't know what the telecast is GonNa hold. This is probably the least information we've had about. The telecasts will hold ever we know about billy is is performing a song. We know who the presenters are going to be because they circulate that information and boy the present sure seem to be an effort to make up for the fact that a whole lot of white people people are nominated for only awards. That's been fascinating to look at the incredible diversity of the presenters which feels like such a awkward makeup for the fact that the the body doesn't vote for all the right people all the time and that's pretty much. There's no host don't know what the length will be. Don't know the order of the awards. These are new producers who've never produced the show before the ZANU Academy President. I don't know anything. Maybe it will be the beginning. The Dawn of a new age of Oscar greatness and will feel really good about our decision to spend all this time on your optimism shines through in such prising moments. That's so nice thank you. I like watching the Oscars okay. That's where I am. That's tepid okay. We both like watching the Oscars will be watching the Oscars on Sunday night following along closely with every award making note of got. What right and wrong? You ready ready for Sunday. We'll see you on Sunday night. Live right after the Oscars please tune in immediately. After the telecast will be coming to you live on twitter and on Youtube where you can watch us us talk about everything that has just happened. Of course the podcast will be on live immediately after that the cu then this episode was brought to you by Regal Unlimited with an annual regal regal unlimited movies subscription. 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