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"joe rapid bradley cooper" Discussed on The Big Picture

"Should have won five Oscars by now. The guys great did a whole podcast about earlier this year. One of my favorite podcasts. We've done I could talk about movies all day long. I grew all of this. And it's the academy and this is the time to pack back. Do you think he should have won for twelve monkeys. He should one for fight club. That's the thing he should have won for. moneyball both are true. Let's go to supporting actress. The nominees for supporting actress or Kathy Bates for Richard Jewel. Do you remember Richard Jewel. I do okay. Laura dern for marriage story Scarlett Johansson for Joe Rabbit Florence Pugh for Little Women Margot Robbie for bombshell Laura Dern will win this award why we worked so hard to make this a decent podcasts. We got to the finish. Line our our just arguing about yesterday and like how much padding that everyone should wear while watching the Oscars. Well that's all we've got at this point now. We're just going to sit here and talk about who I think. Actually one of the unfortunate effects of the flattening of the Oscars is we come to take cool stuff for granted. Laura dern and Brad Pitt winning supporting acting in a Ah Oscars is a cool thing and for once upon a time in Hollywood and marriage story to movies. We'd love yes it's A. It's a pretty great cool thing and we've completely taken it for granted because we've talked it out And we've seen these people give a lot of speeches and there's nothing novel about it whatsoever. Yeah I wonder if there are teenagers out there like you and I were teenagers. Once upon a time. Watching the telecast and kind of getting excited about somebody that we think is cool winning an award if there is a little bit of like. I actually really liked Laura dern and I think this is neat and they don't feel overexposed but if you're looking in it the results of the Gotham awards and the results of the independent spirit awards and the results of the critics choice awards and using the same people up at time after time saying the same variations on a theme like is everyone has over exposed to this stuff as we are. I guess is my question. No and let me also say for the record I like Laura dern and I think this is neat the problem is not with Laura dern winning this Oscar. It's that we know what's going to happen. which is boring because you invest too much time in this and also because also so we make a podcast about it and because it would be really nice if award season could be a way of celebrating a lot of different movies before we got to these conclusions? And I think it's just it hasn't been a bummer that Laura dern has won every single award but it's been a bummer that no one one else has won any awards that's that's ultimately that's the smartest way to put it the way you described it. There's no there's no drama We don't have any expectation of anything else happening and that's actually bad version of it and it doesn't undermine the win historically no one's GonNa even remember. I don't think anybody's remember like Oh lord and wanted to walk that sucked. Roll the Oscar prognosticators gators. That's bullshit nobody cares about that but it doesn't. It does kind of remove some of the intrigue around the the telecast and it's important for the TV show as you've put it to be good entertaining and surprising to people to give them something that they were not expecting to see. Yeah that is the essence of drama uh-huh and just kind of feels like they're gonNA fail. You sounded like you were just doing intro for the shooting. Joe Rapid Bradley Cooper what is the essence of drama. I should lose my voice every week week. Best actress what's going on in this category man. I Dunno okay. Here are the nominees. Cynthia Rio Harriet Scarlett Johansson Marriage Story Social Road and little women. I'm in Charlie's therein bombshell Renee Zellweger. Judy Renee Zellweger as well. We'll see come to surprise. No one you know. Listening to our house was Morrison. Our our boss. Bill Simmons Talk About the Oscars bill show and Bill said the same thing that we've been saying for the last few months. which is I like a straight up? Just don't get this like ads. Don't get it She's already one and while this movie is good there and she's good. I'm going to the movies even movies. Okay and she's good in the film. There are thousands thousands of great film performances onscreen every year. Why this is the one that we all decided? Someone deserve a second Oscar for I. I will never understand it. I think this is this actually more so then the anxiety that we're talking about. During the no drama this actually is literally the problem with the Oscars the consensus building. That happens early on around something. That is fine that most most people haven't seen that is like Kinda meaningless will be forgotten very soon and will actually not mark the history of film past. It'll just be an industry award and that's it and also that we know that the entire time that is happening and we're still going along with it you know. There is there a lot of comparisons to be made to the wife last year which we identified fight and made a joke of pretty early on season because no one had seen it. Everyone was like Glenn Close is GonNa Win for the wife and ultimately she did not and that was a big surprise. There isn't a spoiler are here and this category and so even that self consciousness of why are we doing. This is scan is not going to pay off anything. She's just GonNa win. I agree now. I trade eighty emails with a handful of equally psychotic Oscar. History friends and both of my Oscar. History friends have both said for whatever reason I think if there is a really really wacky surprise coming in the major categories. This is actually the place where you're going to see it. Yes because it feels so chuck you know the chalk has been completely like melted melted into the ground. It's been it's been laid out so clearly for so long I don't I don't know I think that would be the kind of fizzy pop. Op that we need in telecast. There's literally no evidence that this is the case. It's just a feel thing that they're saying like something just doesn't seem right. The way that this calcified so early it just seems off Chur but there hasn't been a break in it at least last year which is a very similar situation. Except Glenn Close. God bless her had not won an Oscar. You you and bring you had Coleman in comedy at the Golden Globes and yes so there there were indications there is. There's nothing here you're right there. Uh I don't think that Cynthia revolts. Carl Hansen ruining or Charlene. Darren have won anything at any of the other award shows. So we'll just have to wait and see best actor one of the most competitive categories that we've seen in recent years there probably were fifteen people who are up for this this category. But there's probably only one person who ever ever had a chance to win it. The nominees are Antonio Banderas for painting. Glory Leonardo Dicaprio for once upon a time in Hollywood Adam driver for marriage story Joaquin Phoenix for joker and Jonathan price for the two popes. I have my friend Joaquin Phoenix. I also have Joaquin Phoenix so everything we just said about Zoeggeler but for prison who hasn't won named Joaquin. I think applies applies here. He's won everything. Yes there's no. One has stood in his path with a once upon a time. I thought Adam driver was going to go toe with him in a very exciting Oscar Mason. That is simply not the case. Yeah I don't know what they do about this. I don't know how they resolve the inevitability factor. We've talked about it a few times. In the past few months I do think it is arguably the single biggest issue that the Oscars Oscar faces in his long-term future in fact that everything just feels settled and particularly in the acting categories because a lot of people may not have seen all movies but they know who some of the people nominated are and they will tune in Leonardo DiCaprio. They noted that name they know who Kylo Ren says if they don't know who Adam driver is and for. They're not even to be a reason for people to invest in the really famous people who are nominated for Oscars is madness. I agree and I think a lot of Oscar history a lot of its Oscars kind of pop. Cultural History is built on sally fields. You really like me. Speech or Murtha Toe may a shockingly winning from my cousin vinny those are the kinds of moments that the show needs and because of the large number of award shows that happened ahead of time and the ink intense coverage of those award shows that used to be disorder ignored like nobody gave a damn what happened at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival five years ago. Go certainly the people that cover this stuff closely do but that industry has gotten bigger and bigger and our ability to find that information has gotten easier and easier and so because of that the the information loop has gotten tighter and tighter and more obvious and the consensus building has happened more quickly. And it's it's frustrating. I mean I I said on the once upon the time watchable that I think once upon time is Leo's best performance. Like I think it's his funniest his weirdest most vulnerable. I think he's kind of doing the most then then. He hasn't in years even more than the revenue in a completely different kind of way and like we never even had one conversation. I now it's a sham. I think it's the second best performance after the quail eighteen and woefully credible. I have said many times but it is certainly the most memorable Leo performance to me the most I instantly. Oh it's leaner caprio kind of reaching the heights of himself while also being a standalone performance. I think there's an interesting division between the first half of his career. The kind of Romeo and Juliet. Titanic Leo and what he means to generation of people there and then the second half which is you know in the middle. He had the catch me if you can the aviators. And he's sort of building up his credibility as a serious actor the last ten years or so. He's been having a lot more fun. Django unchained Wolf of Wall Street. This movie the revenue looked really hard to make enough fun but it was a kind of an adventure. He's taking on a different kind of tacked in the film film roles that he's taken on. I love that about him. But we just don't care because he won already Antonio Samaras will he ever be nominated again. He ran on magnificent campaign. He seems like a wonderful guy Great and everything. He's and even if he's playing total ham like he wasn't doolittle and but he's he's he's pretty he's a little. He was pretty good. He's trying his best. Always gotta see him. You're always glad to see him. And he's very painting. Glory in a very different kind of performance didn't matter Jonathan within price. Same thing I mean. He's great and everything that he's in the two popes okay. It's pretty good It never had a chance here. Yeah he seemed I'm like he could have been interchangeable with any number of different people. Eddie Murphy Robert Deniro. Adam Sandler could've swapped in a whole bunch of different people into this category. It's been walking in the hallway. You don't mind no I. Everything apply that I said about the predictability and wanting to see other people honored and kind of bring audiences in still applies. I I will say and really everyone knows how I feel about this movie but this is a memorable performance. I at least understand why this performance formats is in the conversation and I sort of understand why the Renee Zellweger Judy Garland is in the conversation. But it's just 'cause she's doing Judy Garland impersonation and the Oscars like I think it was Roger Sherman on the hottest take who said it best. which is we should just have a best impersonating someone category at the Oscars but Joaquin at at least it? That was unique. It was unique. I think he's given a good performance here. I think it's in the top eighteen of performances. He's he's given which is classically Oscars But we knew we knew months ago Oscar. Id Actors flipped for his work and it was. It was over in in November. Let's go the best director okay. Two categories left. Martin Scorsese for.

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