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"joe patent" Discussed on Huddle Up with Gus

"I know that's about it. I mean listen of the four sports that i covered through all those years in five different cities the the the the most the most friendly athletes that i dealt with of those four major sports. I would say were hockey players because they just. They're such blue collar. Guys it come to work. They do their job. they go home. Very few people actually recognize who they are less. Their name is the budweiser drinkers. Greg is really nice. Dudes down to earth that kind of thing after that i would say probably football players. Because they're just a bunch of big guys are having fun and and i enjoy those relationships then i would say basketball players who seem to be pretty intelligent and what they were doing in this thing and the worst players i ever had to deal with where baseball players hands down. Doubt they were at my roommate. College was drafted by the texas rangers. Your great friend but But i have known these baseball players since high school. And they were of real quick group of they didn't like the media back then I'm not sure a lot of athletes liked the meeting back then. 'cause they always thought we were trying to get them in some fashion advice to tell the guys listen. I'm here for fun. Stories new pretty pictures. I'm not here to create controversy and make you look bad. I would rather have fun with it. But the baseball players seemed to delight in a you know throwing towels interviews. What we were doing stuff. They just having said that. The to nicest professional athletes i've ever met were baseball. Players still leak. Road just passed away. One of the nicest manual ever meet. Dan murphy who played for the atlanta braves was nice nice but at any rate those were my rankings sport. So is your question began with what what better team plane is to be on. Ours was pretty sweet man. We me jump in. I i was gonna say gusted you know these nba played. Planes are reconfigured for india team. So you have basically about fifty seats. They're all luxury seats. Of course the the fourteen that they have a front for the players Most of those say upfront. Yeah app that's where we're players sexy. Have the coaches where they have your tables and whatnot and we have basically what amounts the first class seats. We have good spacing in between but the point. I'm getting at. Is you have far fewer people that the attendance have to deal with so you talk about the food that you know as opposed to serving maybe a couple of a hundred least. You know with the players. The coaching staff of the trainers and equipment. People the press. It's gotta be well over hundred people for nba play gang nfl flights. So now you're talking about you know a larger group that you have to get around and serve so with. Let me when. I was when i was a rookie. They put the rookies. You weren't allowed to have a space in between your seats. I remember one game we flew. I can't remember what game we flew to. I sat between trey. Johnson and joe patent. Oh my god play. That was like our flight. I'm like this. I gotta get out of this. I'll catch like those dudes are three hundred pounds easy talking. Yeah point is correct. So we you get on the plane i mean most people did never never even heard this kind of stuff but set first of all you pull up dollar airport in that the skin out of there to you. Have your own private parking area and you walk to the plane. Which is maybe a hundred yards from your car so that and before nine eleven there was no security whatsoever. You gave him your.

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