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"joe neces" Discussed on The Kevin Sheehan Show

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"joe neces" Discussed on The Kevin Sheehan Show

"And Carol and Uh Rick and kill the guy who had the hair of women doc doc and and And so I like. I like fat in the sense that You got an I. It was the conclusion of the story. Now the story is still going on. That's part of it. Is that this like we don't know I mean. Do we know Erin has jeff flow been indicted on anything at this point. Not that I know of okay. What wh- What we do know that. Carroll's second husband poor done who is still missing as far as I know And there was no sort of. And maybe they'll never have a a definitive conclusion to that even though everybody's convinced after watching that that she very likely was involved and maybe fed him to one of the Tigers I jeff was. Jeff was a bad dude man he was. He definitely participated in the plot to kill Carol and set Joe Up. I mean it Joe was td. I asked Aaron yesterday. Who Your number one seed? Wacko on the show US And I guess we both sort of ended up landing on Joe. I I don't get Joe neces- so you didn't right you thought it was I thought it might be Jeffer- even Carol I. Carol was a little more of a Wacko than Joe yet. Not as not as outlandishly Wacko I mean Rick Kirkum the the the the the reality show director. I loved his character. I mean we say characters. This was this was not fiction. The story like he was really an interesting dude. Obviously Joe is interesting. Dr Ansell we really got very little of documental in the final few episodes we we saw in the fine print at the end of the show. That he's he's zoo was rated but was it shut down. Was He shut down? I don't believe so now down. And he has come out and said the reason it was rated was for a couple of things unrelated to anything that came up in the so You know everyone's looking for cover now. At this point there was a story. I read Quoting everybody like Carol You know he was adamant about the House. He was MIS portrayed. He was portrayed poorly in this show and her evidence that she didn't kill.

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