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"joe montferrand" Discussed on WJNT 1180 AM

"In las vegas over the shooting spree time line mgm which owns the mandalay bay hotel an on board with police earlier this week officials said they believe steven paddock shot a security guard through the door of his hotel room six minutes before he started shooting at the crowd below lay yesterday enemgy gm spokeswoman questioned vanu timelines saying they believe quote what is currently being expressed may not be accurate it goes on to say that many facts are still unverified initially that's fox's tanya j powers initially police had said that the security guard paddock shot that was interrupting the shooting spree at the time there are one hundred ninety two million kids around the world who were underweight malnourished but a new study shows there even more who are over way too many of them obese so largest of its kind study out finds that obesity in children in teams is ten times higher now than it was in the mid 70s researchers believing if this continues there will be more obese an underweight children around the world in five years fox's lilian rule the report from british scientists in the world health organization also says junk foods are often the she were option than healthy ones that may be a reason a little boy in utah may have nightmares over this threeyearold boy spent the night in child welfare custody after he was left behind by its family in a corn maize it happened in the salt lake city utah suburb of west jordan sergeant joe montferrand says the boy was cold and scared when he was found by someone else looks like multiple families living in the same dwelling with lots of children in in the in the home uh just a fact that the overlooked at one of them was or the mustang when the came home calmness staffers called on a bull worn by couldn't find the boy's mother she shut up at the police station later with several other children it's not clear yet whether any charges will be filed lee sylla sarah fox news a disappointment for.

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