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"joe meet sam michio" Discussed on Science... sort of

Science... sort of

03:39 min | 1 year ago

"joe meet sam michio" Discussed on Science... sort of

"Look on the stage ten screen it just assim joined. Have you admitted him yeah. I tried to Adam. I hear you Sam I Feliu that was me all me man Sammy now. I can't hear you actually did put on clothes because he put on your side sort of shirt night. Did that's pretty where you actually not wearing a shirt or did you just chain shirts. I was not wearing shirt. Apparently there's a giant pink button that I needed to hit to actually like push your addition to the feed to the lifespan. Thanks how's it go man. All Joe Meet Sam Sam Michio. Hi Sam Nice to meet you. Hello Sam introduce yourself to people listening because you're part of the show now okay one line into sam hi Sam Listener. I am a patron well Sam Joe was just about the read a question n- from a person wrote in and I think it's question you can actually answer as well and it's something that I think other co hosts on the show talked about before so it's really cool to have to New People on to talk about this particular question so joe. Take it away all right so I have an email from Richard M so Richard Rights Paleo Pals. I need some assistance and advice. I'm about to start transitioning out of the United States Navy and now actually have to figure out what I want to do. When I grow up I joined thing the <hes> use the Fox News? I was in to decide what I wanted to go to college for but I'm still mostly at a loss. I've been a fan of science sort of stints before the navy and I've always loved sciences of all kinds therein lies my problem. I think I wanted to enter a science field but they are all too interesting to decide on anyone. I don't think I've taken a science class. I didn't enjoy whether it was cold hard method chemistry or the excitement of pleading and studying bacteria in microbiology. I've also done a fair bit of research into space related sciences sciences and always leave with more questions a greater thirst for knowledge than I came in with ultimately I probably just need to make a decision and get into a program and run with it and see if I like it to make this easier. I was hoping you could explain what made you choose the disciplines that you did and how you selected what school to attend I appreciate any in all feedback and I apologize. If I missed an episode where you've already gone through your superhero origin stories. Thanks pals respectfully Richard. M Tinker Yeah. Is that what some say because they don't have a lot of time because our submarine. I think a lot of people just say the are never seen it before my life other than virtual reality really yeah. That's what it needs. I think this is our first sub mariner our email. I mean maybe just pretty cool well. At least the first identified sub Mariner. Maybe secrets emailing us for a long time right right so Richard. That's a great question. Thanks for your service in the navy. I've never I've been in the summer. I don't think I am scuba diver. You can go into submarine in Baltimore but you don't get to like dive well. No I WANNA be in a situation where I have to run from the back of a submarine to the Front of the submarine to get his die faster star. That's the thing right I mean. You're probably not gonNA affected more than the whole crew. Does it yeah I'm pretty sure that was the thing at least in olden days I mean I'm pretty sure the planes can react that pretty easily these days and the the ballast i. I'm pretty sure that this was the thing submariners having to run back and forth around the boat because it's not a ship when it's a submarine I know that yeah it doesn't carry other boats unless it does because some submarines do carry other than the movie still considered didn't even makes sense submarine submarines are definitely referred to as boats..

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