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"joe markowski joe" Discussed on Tha Boxing Voice

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"joe markowski joe" Discussed on Tha Boxing Voice

"I know what I'm saying. He's saying that after he wilder than Then it might be in the night the mandatory for two thousand days. So he's going on the other hand cut he takes. Dylan is a good fighter and deserves a shot at a world title Auto Discovery Danny Seo. Aj's Shit House Oh aj if you really want to help me spine aren't Dow will be magnificent. I really would like you to come. Oh he said that she you know without thinking healing really gonNA come here no fuck him up. You know it's just like your fury so crazy you know. One day he's saying Dylan White is also Shit House then one day. He's backing that. He's two thousand days waiting. So with fury man. You just don't know what you're GONNA get. And he's like a coin flip on any side I think he gets his opinion. And when it's time to talk shit and he can't talk shit but when it's time to give them some guy's credit I mean that's what he does look like. I WANNA see the minds in the fight. They Jay Fighting Awhile fighting on saying he seemed like that he has one put out in one for the Maybe looking at at a career in professional wrestling knows. And he's been talking about emanate out all those things so maybe he's not Too Long for boxing anymore. You mean fury yes. I don't know man. I think he's so young. Let's walk down his road. If he somehow finished his top-ranked deal with these three fights. I guess there is no need to continue to fight. You've beat the top you were you know one of the three headed monsters and you beat them but if he beats those also two guys guys like dillion would have gotten more attractive in the box and division. The job was the Dubai's they would be moving up. You know the herbs and Adam Kaufman hockey they would be more popular like would it be the right decision to ride off into the sunset after these three fights. It's absolutely you can always come back and We have come back all the time. Let those guys up. They they they would ever in the if if you very. I mean it's kind of a smart thing to do you know what I'm saying. Allow those guys to beat each other. You know you make noise when you come back just like just like McGregor or or anybody else or retiring and comes back People love to see a good comeback story. You don't say definitely man I would hate hate for him to retire after beating. deontay Anthony Josh. Lewin dealing away only to come back and then we need to give them tune-ups ups and wonder whether or not he's physically at his peak because of the activity or the time away we should be having johm across about five minutes minutes. I do have to tell all my skype is it. Looks like blogs down. So you know we're going. We're going to be going to that bat line to bring in a Joe Joe so I do employ to go. Listen to the show on Youtube during the interview time so that you're not on hold silently unto Blog to get back together because every now and again like yesterday it was down for the beginning and then I don't know I guess because they they sold the two spirit or they're just not doing maintenance no no real clues here but Once again we will be having Joe. Markowski from Disowned disowned the MVP. He like you said. We have a seat at the table when discussing Anthony. Josh and there's a lot of Anthony Joshua News and and disown news to discuss we got De'andre Luquillo fight coming up. We got Pharma fight coming up so plenty to talk to Joe about right but if you have something specific one axiom. You already know what to do head on over the Patriots Dot com forward slash box voice. Sign up for as little as three bucks works by me and Mike a cup of coffee. You'll be able to ask these guys your specific question get Outta line. Maybe it won't get acts but thus far we've never not accident he wants question Even the crazy ones so yeah we should be having him in Matara minutes in unless you you know black dog gets it together taken over that skype Joe Yeah I like Tom. Unlike the plan of theory I like the fact that he's he's mentioned in the top guys But Man I don't know it if you look at pass out or Z.. Is He is. He competent enough that he able to knock out again his interview instead. The reason is to sit down on his punches. It's no secret we look at. What a knockout? It is no secret so a lot of a lot of things to to see how it plays out. I I WANNA I wanNA know what what wait. I don't come in at against wild. How how much emphasis is he putting away on down on his punches too? So that'd be a very intriguing story. Well he's always been the heavy a man and always comes in heavier so you know but remember in their fight against water or against whoever was his dad got mad because he came in a little bit too light I had I been there was a headline like my son should be eighteen stones. Nineteen Tony Shaw. Coming in like around two hundred five twenty so he can add up to seventy five to eighty. I remember. I think he came in like. I'm a google lash now because I remember coming in to sixty eight for for for Zora and looking unlike hot mess bro. Like real sloppy. Yeah no I'm serious. They both were overweight. I think for the first. He doesn't look good or aw he didn't do better. I mean that was a younger version of fury. Obviously but like you know I can refer back to that fight as like. Oh look at this performance you know he was to sixty four Zora on a second fight was the first fighter I fight fight to fifty five so he bloomed up for the second fibro And for Joey able to seventy four and he we did get a stoppage That was the only time he was that high for Schwartz to sixty three to sixty three for Schwartz empha- Hammer to sixty and look as father might be right. When he's heavy he got the stoppage on Schwartz? He got the stop at Jon Hamm. AM At two sixty. He got the stoppage Zora to sixty. He got the stoppage on April at two seventy. I mean he's still got to stop a John Cunningham joining him at two fifty. You Dion Kevin Johnson. I Dunno I deserve Zoro. Fai definitely a decision and he was to fifty five. Maybe a goes up in weight. He he he gets to the detto to fifty to sixty. I mean I think the interview. He was sitting down so I couldn't really get a gauge of how big yours Sam but if he's trying to get a knockout I mean come in a little bit more area and that's what he's popzette last night. So we'll we'll see plays out but Em sounds good saying you making a headline so young guy. Three vice loving theory knows how to make but oh man. A lot of things could happen man by lightning said what about Anthony Joshua Imagine what about a deal white reimagined on Saturday. y'All could have the best I out of all three guys in white we'll know so Theory is is a good promoter. Motor North Sanford. Sylvan is signed a way to stay in the news from our appeared on screen. That's that's what he'll do near me to the fucking cans. And if he can't do that I'm going to get A. I'm going to eat him up there this this time it's going to be different. He's going to sleep in two rounds now two rounds come on man come on baby. Come on we ain't fair and had like you go knock out. deontay wilder two rounds are we found. Good night good. Get headline good quote on. Oh okay all right. Ladies and gentlemen we are live with. Ev P of Zone Joe Markowski Joe. Good Morning Happy New Year and thank you first and foremost for taking out the time to come on the program and just talk a little boxing with us. It's definitely fight season at a dissol man The the end of two thousand nineteen was a strong one for you guys Just want to know what's Across keys outlook for twenty twenty could be back had a couple of weeks away but could be back in New York and and and getting back into the thing of things We ended the year really strong Three or four months of of what we felt was the strongest. Boxing scheduled ever put together started Definitely something we wish to replicate in twenty twenty. It's definitely to do this now that we're back in the New Year We're working on some pretty exciting stuff for this spring period will announce suits the definitely. The intention is to to run that fight season twice again this year so in the spring into the summer and then again in this sort of four wintertime at the end of the year so It was a huge success for off. Not Seuss deftly to replicate that a couple of times this year perfect. Let's get right into the nitty gritty It looks like Eddie hearn has sent went over seven Andy Rees to phase dillion white owned zone and and I wanted to know for you for zone. Who Do you feel? Phil brings in more subscribers because we had a debate here on the show not too long ago that I feel Andy Ruis might be side even coming off a loss because of all the Anthony. Josh Soi cachet the fact that he's Mexican American there about thirty six point something million of them in America. What's more intriguing to you? dillion white or Andy Ruis. Would you prefer to have on zone. I think you can look at the number of writing. And what number of ways right. Depending on which market you sit in Talking purely about the technical skill set for my speculative subscription generation respective very controversial to say that on on Juries Juniors a is a is a big attractions the US foxing audiences idiom white in that fight because all the reasons you right out You would have seen US announced that Louise Aj in Saudi was the biggest. Most streamed event on desired groped me in two thousand nineteen which is significant significant proportion of that came in the US so The narrative about fight was huge. But it definitely helped helped oversee. The release is Mexican American. He's faced in the US. I've got a large following on the back of his success. So Yeah it's it's It it from August bank grain breeze genius a bigger attraction in that fight to the US audience. So why is it my apologies. Good Morning Mister. macron's Mike Rossier. How's it going? Hey I'm doing pretty good now. Says Andy Reid either day side. Why is any city I offer for a UK fight only know? Sam says he's with the zone wouldn't make more sense to have Andy White over over in America. Says Andy probably would bring more soups. That's the question you can always get over these various considerations out of this that my perspective Lexi reservedly one perspective Video boy has a relationship that in the UK. I would scar their ovation. So that On disregarding my opinion on my my perspective from the from design USA position Yeah the the other perspectives Eddie holds and under the various protagonists whole is not questions May Disagree or Hover Count Out Thompson position so I'm saying her late this afternoon. I can always ask him to get in touch with you guys about that but M- my opinion. It's one of many that sort sort of more in our relationship. That is always a the debate. About what the design businees. What his scar relationship in the UK needs what is fighting wants It's blended conversation that we have to. Let's make all cases in almost. So what network has a primary I guess primary Preference on the fight is dissolved. Or is it a skylight which comes stars like do. I make sure that the as long as the the best buy or make sure this guy gets the best but I think it easy sit here and say all. Just get the the one that can beat my chest and say that. But we're we go to mature relationship with both not with Scott and.

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