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"joe louis i. primo carnera" Discussed on PodcastDetroit.com

"Right on the barley. I definitely picked up deeply on the end terrorists talking about how it is bit sweet across the French fronting the ballot licensed me. She's a little bit pepper. That's what I love about. Bourbon guys guys and Gals. Is that Bourbon? Everyone's palate is so different. Everybody gets a different flavor. Known as one of my most favorite things about drinking bourbon in itself is is that very everything is so minute just your talent is so different and you have to really try things to really figure it out so thank you everyone. You know for for Sherry but Charles all right. Let's let's go back because Charles. We talked about the book in general and like thirty plus championships and the the the championship celebration The book that you wrote Detroit City champions Well how does Joe Joe Louis? Enter into the story when he enters your book. How does House Joe introduced into your book is always Joe? Joe Always starts off in the beginning. I mean he's always. I mean he's always y'all y'all you always leads off. I mean that's that's really I mean. I think that's the best spot I mean really almost kinda chronologically to Just because like the nineteen thirty five season when you know when we think of the thirty five is like all these championships. That's for like a lot of times like every the conversation begins but the reality is that is that this the real. The Real Story Begins Nineteen thirty four Because like I thirty four. Detroit was a completely different like sports atmosphere than it ended up becoming really shows you like from nineteen thirty four to really the end. Nineteen thirty six when the whole thing ends on like how much different Detroit was. Just on account of this one single year Bree prior to nineteen thirty five in nineteen thirty four. Joe Louis like didn't exist. I mean he existed but nobody knew who he was he was he was. He was still an amateur at that time. On prior prior to nineteen thirty four the Tigers had finished in fifth place of five consecutive years. They were dreadful team. Their attendance attendance was had not been as bad as since one thousand nine hundred seven. They were I mean they had. No money are too nobody. Nobody wanted to go watch tigers in the Great Depression. The team was terrible The red the red wings had changed their names thr- three times in five years. The lions didn't exist prior to one thousand nine hundred eighty four. The only moved to Detroit on account of the Detroit Tigers when they came out of nowhere nights and thirty four. I mean like I say that's in really like to start with Joe Louis because you know here's this guy that nobody knows who he is. I mean that's where he is. The stories is just this one man living in Detroit you know he's you know he's an amateur off and he's he's coming he's coming up through the ranks to the amateurs really strong but now he's not ranked by ring magazine. He's black fighter by fires back than it. No chance I mean you John. A very interesting wait. There just wanted to dive onto that stab at Mormon. At that moment tyne white man considered given a title fight since Jack Johnson. Exactly What Jeff? Murder Years why was given the opportunity to fight in. Joe Louis Through. Who will a lot of very complicated stuff? Some of it's not that great story was able to rise up and you get that opportunity and boy. Did he take advantage? Well actually. That's a great. It's actually a great story to tell the the the the mechanics of how we got the opportunity. I think it's a fascinating story and I can. I can shed some light on it if you got interested in it league yet. So so anyways as you mentioned as you mentioned in your the The Jack Johnson. What Jack Johnson? Jack Johnson was the first black heavyweight champion. So but what in Jack Johnson be more akin to like a modern day? Nfl Wide Receiver than than it was Encino. Where every time you WANNA fight? He was like really bombastic about it. You know he's rubbed in people's faces you just you know there's debate about whether you know she should have done nattery but at the same time it's like you know some people say well he you know he's he's an American. He can do whatever he wants to do. But and that's fine but there's no doubt about the you know the effective in having done so was that it is sort of created this mentality in the media that like no black man will ever have a chance to do that again like he's this door is shut for for black boxers forever so and so when Joe Louis came along. He was incredible. I mean he was incredibly. Everybody like recognize his ability right off. The Bat they recognize ready was so they've all these people sponsoring managers that were put all kinds of money and doing all sorts of stuff to train amount of boxing and all that but they knew that him getting a chance at the heavyweight championship was like an incredible on shot. I mean it was incredible long shop on them but at the same time there was there was a hugh boxing at that time was in was on life support. There was gambling was rife. There really was no massive Draw like Max. Bayer was somewhat of a draw but on an but he was you know he was because he was a total entertainer. Max Baer you greats do but But he's still. There was no like Super Super Draw. Like Console. Instantly idea was in even more specifically. There was a war going on for Madison Square Gardens. Which was at the epicenter of boxing in this country for the first half of the century in so on and so anyways so so there's a guy looking on from the the guy that was looking on from the outside in looking at Madison Square Gardens wanting to to use a boxing promoter named Mike Jacobs and so he looked situations like he was trying to basically. He was trying to break into big time. Boxing in Madison Square Gardens was how he wanted to get in but he needed somebody a a superstar order to you. Know to have the biggest and best fights in. That's why he saw Joe Louis. This guy's Great. He say he might be black but he's also destroys people. Every single time he gets an array like just leaves. It's like a bloodbath. And he's like that's what that's what fans like. The watch are just y'all a blood bath. You know that say so anyways so fully so. He came up with an idea of how to make this happen in the idea was is that the Madison Square Gardens with headed had the benefit for for years. They had the benefit of free advertising. By the hearst. Newspapers in the idea was that every time there was a boxing. Match or whatever event message were gardens than the hearst newspapers all the reporters would give him all kinds of height. Like this about the be. The biggest FI is about to be the biggest hockey game. Whatever like it all just free height. In an exchange the Madison Square Gardens would give a caught of their gate. Receipts took to William Randolph. Hearst wife Millicent in Cochet charity called the Milk Fund for babies and so that kind of that gate would go to the go to the hearst fun for babies but has a great depression. Song can the that that amount of money that was come from the gardens got less and less and less and less and so Mike Jacobs was smart enough to recognize that and go to them? Reporters themselves say we're going to if you turn your attention towards me and give me that same height and fighters promote that. I will give you a massive cut of all gates that we do and I might even find a way to chip in a couple of coins for you the reporter as well you see and saw that was the idea. And so. That's how diverted that that attention from From from the Mattis from the people that were currently running Madison Square Gardens which actually literally denied. Joe Louis A chance that they denied they even set. Set some racist stuff to him over the phone. Saying you'll you'll never fight here in. So that's what may Joe Lewis want to add slough signed with Mike Jacobs and say that you know and so must make Mike Jacobs came up with the concept of saying what we're GONNA do. Joe Is used my new height machine to build you up We're GONNA send you out to the West like Pittsburgh and California and every time you went to fight there. Were the newspaper. Reporters in New York are GonNa like hype up the fight saying there's this invincible warrior out West. Detroit and he's making his way east like eventually he's GonNa get to troy or get to New York and then this kind of you know he's just going to change everything that was the idea is sold. That's what it was Joe Louis. Did this basically hype tour. So read the five fights and after every fight there was just crazy newspaper coverage talking about how. This is incredible. Boxer's been discovered and all this is so by the time Joe Louis came to New York for his first fight on and it was against promote Carneiro. It was actually a Yankee stadium instead of Madison Square Garden. When Joel was got there they all the porters net much excitement for Joe Lewis arrived in New York for the first time that carried him off the train like whether there was like a mob of people in a carried him off the train. How many people do that take our wonder there? There is actually a photo. There's a photo accident at my my my second book. Then those Jo- getting carried off the train you know it's just and then like his his is training camps in a training camp in Pompton lakes in there was like I mean it was like an entire city of people gathered there for like nothing was two weeks That they were just there every single day. It was like a small city gathered at the training camp and they were just. It was just Joe Louis Mania in that what he fought Primo Carnera. Who was the they call them? The man mountain from Italia on six monster was that the giant giant. He's six six. Though at the biggest man you ever see it biggest in some ways in some ways it was really a prelude to the smoke because Prima basically one of Moose ladies guys it was all wrapped up in the whole larger fascist Nazi were. Yeah they definitely. They definitely hyped up. Because at that moment Mussalini was was attacking Was attacking Ethiopia like as a colonial power does is so they hyped. It Up is a is a Italy versus Ethiopia type situation. You know the media dead. It was like a nationalistic type of situation but Zomba Primo was Primo. It's like you know the Watson that Primo fight is lost in a loss in the stuff that Joe did but Primo Carnera and then like even the newspapers there even after the fight there like Joe like just destroyed Primo. But if you watch the fight I'm telling you the fight with Joe Louis I. Primo Carnera is one of the best flights you will ever see. Joe Love Primo. Carnera does not stop swinging the entire fight. It's a nonstop barrage approaches in Joe. It's like you're watching. It's looks like a little kid. Fighting a full grown man in this full grown man in the full grown man does not stop swinging no matter how many times Joe Hits them and knocks him down. He does not stop swinging the entire fight. Like I dare anybody to watch that fight in say. That was a walk over. I mean it was a walker for Joel like wash dismantling but but I mean you have to be gathered as right there you have to be you have to be an absolute I mean he's Joe. Louis Dance Toe to toe with this monster and it's just it's just like Dodge Dodge dot co ponts. You tweet just crazy. How can you not love? Joe Louis on are easing Dad's from San and then so but the say the sad thing is that like you know the rate at this moment. Max. Baiter loses his fight to To James Braddock loses the title. So now Joe Louis Indus. Incredible Year in Joel can't even win the title this year. You know that's what was really sad about the whole thing. Like sort of the hidden the hidden loss behind the Be You know the movie. Cinderella man was talking about like you know it prevented Joel from getting the belt for For another two years it was only and then when he got his chance of the belt he had to give up ten percent of his next ten fights earnings just to get a chance to bell. That's a that's a whole different story though isn't it? I mean you know we get stock. We'VE WE SECOND INTO THAT ISSUE. We're going to be with. Today's I look at the size of Primo. He's huge he's while we're doing it to an unbelievable so man..

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