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"joe kersey" Discussed on Drunk Unks Podcast

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"joe kersey" Discussed on Drunk Unks Podcast

"Everybody out. Now as you're this nasty being. I went through when i stopped. Long guy was the last thing i truly had to deal with my films ryan soft. I'm woman. I always thought like a heavy carry that experience that heads i take care of myself. I don't need no man on anything asking if it comes down to it. I'm not you know as far as being relationship also carrying the weight of me does it. I never. I never really truly felt like had relaxed. Look in the spill. That to but online is i had to do with that for myself. You adult on this level in that. S what they choose new responsibility finances. You can really let mainstream roman each level in love with mine. When i say that's just not me my face knocking my face. I look at because i noticed. Shit here i should have been walked away from so now i look at it with mountains. Assuming you understand every imb relationships. What i they a most of the time because we did not five. It's not that bad personality person but us never not knowing how to handle our feelings. He moves wordy and everything else week. That and i don't wanna sound like a preacher got a whole lot. I'm here we we. We need to realize you gotta make sure you're strong in every aspect when it comes to have family being fam- gonna said being being the type of woman i am even though i don't need a man i supposed to have ever saying even is that you're supposed to complete the fashion. Have that attitude. I don't eat one because my husband had worked for years. Plus that's that's that's more deep rooted in. You'll even know right that. Come from your mother graham russell. Maybe all of them having all of his nicknames. I'm not house. Everybody came to the ownership governor plumbing. Twenty one. I'm trying to play over. you know. We got realized it does it. Comes from joe kersey. Treat our men russia's. Before i seen win and i seen him do nursing. What makes me think that. I'm lacking any of that here. Okay so we're somebody say that. Are you seeing that as society meeting with to everything because our nature is to find. No this is a man woman to find so sovan whereas remain are you seeing. That's because much right now. Invited myself right now but eventually. I think that everybody's fine so we'll see. That's what i'm seeing now. I'm wanted like trying to find my my person is. I'm trying to feel my duration. My grandma but are aren't you walk. After my son are shocked me really waiting. And how these things running around. How to really treating us i had them. I took nine. People know versus is no rental. I drink so can't say to me at all i did. I pay five thousand dollars. Referee bill per month is the issue is still raise. My three hits you say certain things to me. Not that i'm nose in the air just that i know i didn't on that queen handle off so you can't you say stop you can talk you want. But i'm not the but not every time subsidiary word as i was devastated meant they every woman or any britain down know that right so we all that group where we realize that shit man or hurt was when mega sitting. Sig you built your vouchers. So i go. Johnny flight three months of herself right myself right back but i do. Even though i was finding myself i still wipe needed. Didn't brace me the other civilization that because this'll men we need down the victim of a woman's house emitted one you don't realize the pizza chain remarried one. No no. that'll be energy. The heather balance us balance. Yeah me right now. we're weirdos in because word now this is is that if these are papers don't but tradition says again and our look from in to my to my records in my kids school. You still. i work with your so. I didn't cook nor anti. But what i realize today is star wars. And there's no reason why slash talk to sit team and everything a marketing team. Or whatever. But i can massey stagnant twenty twenty minutes in the kitchen to wait another twenty eight. That's not feel by out online. Is if the week the women we our kids will be eaten. This or burger where this chick-fil-a they really wanted to take us out. They can really take us out. We better start being i you. The celtics not commanded. I'll blend a bachelor's double talk about somebody looks gene. If you wanna talk susan. Never once mentioned stopped the best stops or eaten by mount war and everything. I never pass the fruits often. Let's talk less poison. Especially what works best. You okay so to speak out now you would you say this you know also which i'm learning and finding out the bow line to our church most so so you know why but it's no now this is this is when you go into us like this.

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