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S1E11 - This Ain't No Episode!

Steeven Orr Else

29:45 min | 10 months ago

S1E11 - This Ain't No Episode!

"Meanwhile in a super secret bunker and a super secret location okay people gather around gather around if I could just have attention. Please please quiet down for a moment so that we could begin. I apologize for that. I don't like guns. To tell the truth they scare me. They smell of mental and oil. And I think that's pretty gross. That's why I decided to use this recording of a gunshot that I have saved to my phone rather than using a real gun and I'm not afraid to play it again. If you all decide to get out of hand do we understand each other good? Let's begin I want to thank you for joining me here today. Most of you know me. My name is Brag but for the purposes of this operation. You can call me the dealer of death. No no not the dealer of death that sounded better in my head. How about how about guts blender the cruel? No how about vendor. No one likes death vendor. Who try this went on for size? Doomsayer the rude not feeling that won her. No you're right you're right. It's not very good. Well let me take a moment. I didn't have anything else written down. Wait I've got it. Take this one for a ride Gore Don clerk slayer. I'm sorry. Did you say Gordon. Clerks layer no not Gordon Gore Dawn. How do you spell G. O. R. D. O. N. Gordon Well? That's males Gordon. What's your name? Minion Warren Sir. Tell me Warren. Have you ever danced with the devil in the Pale Moonlight? I'm sorry it's a very simple question Warren. Have you ever danced with the devil in the Pale Moonlight? No I'd advise you to keep it that way in that land from that Old Batman movie. Excuse me have you ever danced with the devil in the Pale Moonlight. The joker set it in the Batman. Movie the One with Michael Keaton from nineteen eighty nine remember. I love that movie. Well yes it was a fine film. Princeton the soundtrack that's right. I can't believe I forgot that. Yes well regardless it would be in your favor not to forget it less. You find the rhythm absolutely what it was a threat Warren. A threat do not recognize a threat. When you hear one well you would think so right well. How about this Warren a gun? You recognize it. This strike a chord on your recollection Harpsichord. That's a picture of a gun. Yes IT IS WARREN. A picture of a gun on my phone. Shall I play the recording for you once again? I don't understand I can set the volume to Max. Warren is zapped. What you'd like. It's a phone. How could it be? This is a very special phone lauren. One of my own design where I set to Max and play the recording of the gun. Firing your ears would ring for days. Is That what you want Warren ringing ears? I guess not no. I thought now as I said you can call me. Gore dawn clerks layer our target today as a comic bookstore downtown. Franks and beans. I stopped in their last week to try and sell the book I had created with my own. Two hands big cat and the clerk. Charles Bland was more than a little rude to me in fact he was downright snarky. And so I have hired you all to assist me as I enact my revenge tonight. After the store closes we showed break in under the cover of darkness and destroy all of their comics. Then as we leave I show place my calling card upon the counter. The card will say you call down the thunder. Well now you haven't so says Gordana clerk slayer any questions. Yes Warren where and believe family out for you here. But if the card says Gordana clerk slayer people reading it are going to think. It's Gordon Not Gourd on based on the way it's spelled plus you call down the thunder that from tombstone just thought that out another great movie. That's for sure but can't you come up with? I mean Dang. My ears are ringing in any other questions. No good. That's lunch. People from a secret location deep within hills of eastern Kansas. One man armed only with the microphone is voice at an unnatural gift for hyperbole. Brings you the most important podcast in all of human history. It's time to escape from the mundane. Ladies and gentlemen. This is Steven or else. Hello and welcome to another episode of Steven or else I'm your host. My name is Stephen and I I have to announce that this is not going to be like your regular episodes. There's this thing in life that likes to get in your way you ever heard the saying life is what happens when you're making other plans that I think the purpose of life sometimes people are always asking. Philosophers are always out there saying what is the meaning of life. Why are we here? Well life was invented to get near way. That's what life was created for. You have decided you're GonNa do certain things with your life but then life in general says you know what that's not. That's not what I want you to do. So I'm going to get in your way for a bit and to bring that to to me. I wanted to make this podcast twice a month. I wanted to write sketches. I wanted to write reviews for comic books. I wanted to research news stories. I wanted to research amazing informational facts. And I wanted to record. And Edit all edited it I wanted to record edit all that stuff together and create episodes and put them out there on the inner webs and for a while there that was Goin'. Pretty Good Dad. The plan was moving ahead and everything was going great and then life stepped in and said. Nope not today mister. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA make it so we're gonNA put a little. We're GONNA put a little wall in your path. We're GONNA dig a trench right alongside that road not alongside. That wouldn't that wouldn't do anything. Let's let's dig the trench instead right through the center of the road so that you have nowhere else to go and then you have to stop and you have to build a bridge to get over this trench. That's full of water and snakes and guerrillas in bed bugs. That's what life has done to me. Basically life at this life has thrown a bunch of obstacles in my way that has made it very difficult for me to actually sit down and write anything I can record. I can record till the cows come home but unless I have something written and by that I mean sketches. Because that's a big part of. This show is writing the sketches and look of researching the news stories. And you know I put together anywhere from ten to fifteen pages worth show notes for these episodes and I just haven't had time to do it so what I have had time to do? Was write the sketch that you heard. Earlier that is a continuation of the storyline started in episode tin with Franks and beans but as far writing. Anything else for this episode. I was not able to do so however what I have been able to do because I have been able to record and edit I have time for that because that is done outside of well let me. Let me clarify so. I'm doing another podcast. It's called just another fan boy. You're not aware of it. There is a new podcast out there. Doing it's called just another fan boy and it releases Monday through Friday every single day of the week and so you might be asking yourself how is it that you have time to record at daily podcast? But you don't have time to do Stephen or else because they're two completely different separate entities. Just another fan boy is me just sitting in my car for fifteen twenty minutes at a time talking about stuff. Comic Books Television shows movies. Whatever and it's all pretty much off the top of my head. I don't do any preparation for just another fan boy at all at the most. I may right down the the credits of who wrote a book who drew the book who colored the book that kind of thing. I may right down the year that the movie or the book or the comic or the television show came out. I may write down some actors names but that's about it and so I just hit record and I talk and then it takes so it takes me about fifteen to twenty minutes to record the episode. Maybe another fifteen to twenty minutes to edit the episode and then that's it that's less than an hour every day. That's my lunch okay. That's my lunch now. Part of that is done away from a computer so the time I'm spending to record I'm not in front of a computer anyways. I couldn't be using that time to write. Maybe the time that I'm using to edit. I could use the time to write. I'm not I'm not going to sit here and make excuses about not getting an episode out. I can apologize but a big part of Stephen or else is not. It's all about writing having the creative 'cause you can have I can. I can have twenty minutes open up and I can say all right. I got twenty minutes opened up here. Let's sit down and write but if it if it's if nothing's there the nothing's there you know what I'm saying. So that's why you're not getting a typical episode this time around because I did not have enough. There's so much happening in my life right now that I did not have time to write and I am sorry but what I'm GonNa do for you here. I gave you the sketch there at the beginning. I'm letting you know that if if you WANNA listen to other stuff that I'm doing you can go to just another fan boy. It's just another fan. Boy Dot Com. You can find it where wherever you're getting this podcast you can find just another fan boy there as well. Heck if you just go and find everything else then you just subscribe to that feed and then anytime. I put out an episode. Whether it's Stephen or else just another fan boy or event or else or whatever else may enter into my brain and I might decide to do. You're going to get it right there on that feed. But here's what I'm GONNA do. I'm GonNa let me just go ahead and insert an episode of just another fan boy here for you. So you've got something to listen to and then maybe it'll maybe it'll get you want to come over and start listening to that every day because I still. I'm still going to do Stephen or else. But I've come to realize that I. I can't really schedule that to a certain extent. I have a history of having writer's block and then this these periods of time rhyme very prolific. Where I will just sit down and just start writing the crap out of stuff for six months and then I might have a month or two or I. Just don't write anything and that's going to affect Stephen or else I'm afraid but hey let's let's let's I'll tell you what let's just go from here. I'm not going to do an ultra. We're just going to go from here straight into an episode of just another fan boy and then I'll see you when I see Ya. Thanks the following. Podcast is going to contain spoilers along with me just a regular guy talking about all the things I love such comics movies television music and books so yeah preceded your owners. Hello and welcome to another episode of just another fan boy on your old Stephen and today I'm talking about Spiderman but not just any spiderman comic. This is a new comic just came out on Wednesday issue number one. It was written by J.J. Abrams with his son. Henry Abrams the art was by Saara. Pick Kelly with Elizabeth di Meco listed as inking assistant. Dave Stewart was on colors and the letters were done by. Vc's Joe Karam Manga. Now I'm GonNa tell you right off the bat that I am going to spoil the crap out of this book. It just came out on Wednesday. Today's Friday so you've only had a couple of days if you haven't read it then if you don't want to be spoiled stop listening. Shut off this episode. Go listen to something else. I'm there's a lot of other stuff out there I've never I don't want I don't want you leaving but I also don't want you to be upset because I've spoiled the issue for you because I'm Gonna I'm GonNa Spoil it now. The first big thing I have about this book because I really did enjoy it but the first big thing I found really quite odd from the beginning is that it's just called Spiderman. Now there have been a number of different spiderman titles just called Spiderman so I don't know if that means that eventually at some point they're going to consider this part of the Spiderman title. Of course they did todd McFarlane Spiderman and then I think Marvel Knights. Maybe they came back with the Spiderman title. I feel like Terry Dodson was involved. I just found that out. I found it odd that they're releasing this miniseries and they're just calling it spiderman. It's not like Spiderman something else you know spider-man with the subtitle but the issue itself was titled Bloodlines. This is not an in Canon Story. I'm not I'm assuming I'm guessing because some crazy stuff happens in this issue and it set most of it is set twelve years into the future so I am just going to just get out on that diving board and take the big plunge and say this is a what if type of story this is somewhere this is happening somewhere else in the quote. Unquote spider verse. Now I know you knew. I don't normally buy new comics. There's one new comic I buy every month that it comes out and will continue to buy it as long as keeps rocking and that's grumble that Mike Norton is on and Rafer Roberts but I keep I kept hearing stuff about this book leading up to Wednesday and I kinda thought to myself all right. I'll tell you what Wednesday. I'll look on comics allergy. If the book is available and it's not like eight bucks then I'll go ahead and pick it up and see. What all the hubbub about and so I did and I really enjoyed it and I'm going to get the other five issues but let me just talk you through the issue here. Let me just tell you what's going on so we open up? There's been some kind of great big scary freaking battle Mary. Jane is walking around amongst the snow and the destruction. There's a lot of other people out survivors. It almost looks like it it. It looks as if a bomb has dropped on New York. And she's she's walking around in the snow and she's looking for Peter and here comes Peter and he's in you know he's he's as Spiderman is costumes all ripped up and shredded. And he's not looking good at all and as we get a clearer. Look at him. You can see that. His right arm is practically gone. It's just it's there. He's got a hand he's got fingers but they're just practically stripped to the bone and Mary. Jane is you know she's like come on. We gotta go. We gotTA GET OUTTA here. You can't be doing this anymore. The rules are different. Now you know that so we know right away that there's something going on and if you didn't know that the book ultimately the book is about Peter and Mary Jane's Son Day. They've been talking about that online she go into it knowing that they have a kid. Had you not known that that line might have been? Oh what's going on is the is Su. Are superheroes not allowed to be fighting crime anymore? But no it's it's You've got a child at home now. You responsibilities are different. The rules are different. You can't be putting your life on the line like this anymore. And the big bad shows up with all his little cronies and all has has little cronies look like across looks they they look like Zine. Afo This zine they look like the Zeno morphs from aliens with crossed with robots. As if you know if you put if you made them into cyborgs. That's what these creatures would look like and they're led by Baya dude that look somewhat similar. But he's he's huge and you find out later his name is they call him cadaverous and he's asking for Spider. Man's help it's really. It's it's confusing at first. Because one of the other bits of information that they did release before this issue came out. Is THAT THE VILLAINS? Name was cadaverous and they would show the the artwork for cadaverous and So he he's standing there with all his little cyborg alien minion things and he's asking in a very weird halting way like he can't quite talk right maybe he just doesn't understand the English language. Maybe there's 'cause he's got he looks like he's got He he's A. He's quite a bit robotic as well but he's asking Spiderman for help 'em Peter's telling Mary Jane. He's like run run. You have to run. You GOTTA GO. And then he starts fighting all these little alien creature dudes but then it happens. I assumed up until this point because I knew something crazy was gonNA happen. I knew that the story was about Ben Parker. Mary Jane and Peterson and I knew that it was set in the future. So I assume at this point Peter is GonNa die but Peter doesn't die. Mary Jane Dies. Cadaverous has these big claw fingers and he stabs her through the back and throws her off of the bridge. They're on like the one of the Big New York bridges and so we go from there to to Mary. Jane's Funeral Peters there. He's now missing his right arm from the elbow down. And he's holding the hand of his little boy. Ben Parker who's about four or five and as you're at the funeral you can hear there can hear a radio broadcast or a TV broadcast and it's talking about the events over the last couple of days in the big battle and how spider man saved everyone as he normally does. That's what Spiderman does. He saved everyone but he couldn't save his wife. We shoe forward twelve years into the future. Ben Parker is going to school. He would be about sixteen or seventeen at this point. He's getting into his locker. And there's this bully picking on Picking some kid and Ben Intercedes he steps and he's like rolling leave him alone and then the big bully guy is you know getting in Parker's face and then we there's this great moment because then they take a suddenly into this classroom and the teachers up at the front and he's giving a lesson and suddenly the bully just comes flying through the door. The door is just I mean Peter must have thrown him just not Peter. Ben must have just thrown him through. The door was closed so the doors being knocked off its hinges and this kid is flying in. So then Ben is in the principal's office and Ben's like I was just trying to help he was picking on a kid and the principal tells him Well we don't need your kind of help so again. There's a little confusion and it only kinda doubles by the time we get to the end of the book because a normal teenage kid isn't going to be able to throw another teenage kid whose practically twice his size through a closed door unless he's got superpowers. The people around him are going to wonder why he is able to do that. But the principal seems like. He's not he doesn't seem to be questioning and when he uses the line. We don't need your kind of help so I'm now going under the assumption that everybody knows that Ben Parker has superpowers. And if I'm going to go under that assumption. Maybe the next assumption that I'm going to have is that everybody knows at this point that Peter Parker is spider man. And that's why Ben Parker has superpowers. They don't really they don't clarify this at all. It's very kind of confusing. I'm hoping by the end of the series. This this comes to light because the way the issue ends has me even more confused so Peter. Comes to the school to pick up his son. Peter now looks like The moment I saw Peter Parker with disheveled hair a beard. He's in a suit and tie. He's he's got a messenger. Bag around is around his torso. My first thought was Jim from the office. Because if you seen that dude now John Krasinski. I can't remember what his last name is if you've seen him in for example the Jack Ryan. Show where he played Jack Ryan. He's got a beard and of course Jim from the office at least for the first number of seasons had very disheveled hair. So that's my first thought. Was John Krasinski. Or whatever his name is he he could play Peter if they win. They'd win. They do this movie he could play Peter so he comes to pick up Peter and they have an argument in the car. You learn that Peter is he either doesn't live with his son or he's just gone all the time. Ben Lives with aunt. May I was surprised? That twelve years later aunt may is still alive but BEN LIVES WITH AUNT. May and it sounds like aunt may raised been and so. They're arguing in the car because he's telling Ben that he can't be doing stuff like this and ben is is arguing back with them. And and here's here's where a little more confusion comes in because Ben is just basically telling him you know. I'm just trying to stand up for people. I'm just trying to do the right thing. You would know anything about that. You're a coward and everything and so I thought well. Maybe he doesn't know that. Peter is Spider. Man They all. They all seem to know that Ben has superpowers but nobody seems to question it but Ben if he if he knows at this point that Peter Parker is by the his dad was spiderman. Then we have to assume at this that that he has stopped being spiderman. Which would make sense Mary? Jane dies he stops being Spiderman and he doesn't want Ben to go out there risking his life because he doesn't want anything to happen to Ben and Ben Thinks he's a coward because he stopped being Spiderman. That's what I'm assuming. My assumptions with that are wrong. We'll find out about that later. So then goes home. He he goes to open the front door and his hand is stuck to the DOORKNOB and he's very confused. Why is my wife? My hands stuck to the DOORKNOB so right away. Now I'm thinking well no. He doesn't know then that Peter Parker is spider man and he tries to open the door. The door comes off. The hinges and aunt may comes home and Ben's sitting in bed reading a book or something that may sits down and she says hey. I like the new door and he goes well. I kind of broke the old door and she says you want to explain it. And he's like no not really she's very understanding and then he has a nightmare about his mom covered in blood and when he wakes up startled. He's on the ceiling. Aunt may comes in and sees them on the ceiling. She of course she's not at all alarmed by this in any fashion so she knows that Peter was spider man and she seems to be expecting that this was going to happen the Ben so she takes them up into the attic and tells him just go through the boxes. Just look through the boxes. And so he's up there and he's looking at photos of of his parents You know holding him as a baby and whatnot and then he finds spider man's costume and it's still in shreds and he's just like Whoa Spiderman and that's that's something like that and that's how the issue ends so again. I'm confused because I feel like everybody seems to understand that. Ben Parker is at least superstrong. Either that or it's just it's just not that big a deal when a teenager throws another teenager who's twice his size through a door that seems either. Either they know that that Ben has superpowers or what been did is is just an everyday occurrence. That part. Got Me confused. Ben Did Not know. His Dad was spiderman apparently so his argument about calling his dad basically a coward and telling him that he never he never stands up for you know would know what it's like to stand up for somebody and all that that's just from his experience growing up with his dad who has stopped being spiderman and has stopped risking life and stop sticking his neck out there because of what happened to his wife. I love that I completely loved that. And I understand that. I'm just a little confused about where the superpowers come in. And how that relate how people understand that he's I don't know I just so beyond nat which I hope. They explained by the end of the series. The six issues beyond that I loved it. Sara Pasquali de artists just. It's just amazing. I Love the art. The book is just. They couldn't have chosen a better artist. Frankly and then you you you match that up with Dave Stewart's colors. This was a really good book. This was an amazing book. I'm really glad that I decided to take the plunge and try this book out. I'm really glad that I'm going to get five more of these issues because from what. I understand where it's going to get crazier and crazier and I can't wait to take that ride. I'm looking I'm really looking forward to it. I really contemplated at one point. I thought well I told myself if you're going to get the first book and you like it then you're going to want to get the other five books and if you're GONNA pay granted through Comic Sala g since I am a member of unlimited. I get fifteen percent off but still we're looking at like. I think it was a five four ninety nine something like that. You're looking at paying only five dollars for all for each issue. That's what I'm talking. I'm saying to myself you know if you waited for the trade you're GONNA pay less and you'll probably be able to to get it through HOOPLA anyway but I didn't for some. I just didn't feel like waiting on this one I want. I want to be able to read a current comic every now and then I don't want to have to wait and this seemed like the perfect one because it's only six issues. It's not it's not in Canon. I don't have to worry about any kind of backstory. I've thought about jumping in on some of these events when they start up but I don't know what's going on the universe leading up to the events I always feel like I'm just GonNa be lost. I don't want to spend my money on that so I thought this was the perfect book to just jump in on and I'm glad I did it and I'm looking forward to rest of them I that's it that's my. That's my episode. I'll leave you with with with that with whatever with whatever I'm saying anyway till next time I'm Steven and I'm just another fan boy. Be Nice to each other. Just another fan boy is a presentation of the Stephen Else. Podcast questions and comments can be directed to feedback at Stephen Dot Com. You can support the show for as little as a dollar a month. That PATRIOT DOT com slash. Stephen are or and get instant access to the my other podcast. Podcast a weekly show about whatever crawls its way into my tiny little mind just moments before. I tap record. You can find me on the World Wide Web Stephen Dot com or find me on twitter and Instagram by searching for at Stephen or else I also encourage you to subscribe to the show. Leave us a five star review and share this episode with a friend. Just another fan. Boy is a proud member of the comics podcast network. You can find that over comics. Podcasts DOT COM. All links will be in the show by that I died.

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