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"joe rabbits" Discussed on The Rewatchables

"That is supposed to happen. That's a bad idea is being made. Currently i believe in canada for disney. Plays the premise. Oh well as a disney employ. It sounds like a great idea. What is what is the premise of the remake. I don't think that there's anything. I don't think they're trying to reinvent the wheel. I think i think you guys. Chris no no i mean i we. I think we know a couple of the people who are. On the periphery of. I don't know who's playing the kid. It's archie gates who was most recently and joe rabbit. Okay i think rob delaney plays mr mcalister or the father figure. I can't remember someone. Also notable plays mrs mikhail. Strikes can't remember the actress. But i think it's just like a. That seems like kathryn hahn written all over it. I don't know how it could be. It just seems like a puree made like a remiss..

disney kathryn hahn mrs mikhail archie gates rob delaney joe rabbit mr mcalister canada Chris
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"joe rabbits" Discussed on The Big Picture

"After seeing this Google dapa return on. vk. Three cents on Wikipedia us like okay good. Luck you. Your text if you start telling me stuff like that overtaxed. If you WanNa facetime while you read MC blood some reason into that. Anyway Yeah I. I'm not even criticizing it. I think it's awesome that she's making a movie like this. I think those movies need more great filmmakers they need more filmmakers that are not waco is there's tons of great stuff about. I'm pretty good at being able to visualize what's coming down the pike in the world and movies. I've got enough experience with this one I'm like I don't know what the fuck they're going to do. I have no idea what to expect from her when it comes to like this and I guess that's ultimately exciting and I'm happy about it You know I was reading Gregory Elwood's kind of Oscars, analysis of the festival season so far in the playlist and he pointed out that we've really only seen two movies and you and I specifically of seen both of these movies that I think are probably likely to qualify the way that the Joe Rabbits and jokers, and once upon a time and parasites did last year, and that's this movie nomad land and minority, which we talked about a bit after Sundance and does not have a release date that's eight, hundred, four movie. Also. Film not made by a white. Guy And I, I can't wait for that movie to come because I can't wait to talk about it again. See it again and talk to other people in the world about it because I was so moved by that one too. At but that's it, and these are two really small films. There about very small experiences really about money and poverty and representation to some extent and the immigrant experience to some extent and the the kind of. transient nature of American Life. You know that's really what both of those movies share is how you have to move to get what you want to stay safe and I wonder if we're GONNA have a slate of best picture nominees this year that are more representative of what's on right. Now of the way, the people are struggling of the ongoing conversations we've been having nationally of this political moment given the we have an election just around the corner here. I think there's a chance that we see seven or eight films that feel very of this time as opposed to. Four versus Ferrari only, I, liked a lot but that is essentially an exercise in engineering and kind of nostalgic emotionalism that doesn't necessarily have all that much to do with the president other than being metaphor for moviemaking. So do you think your that we're going to have that from the academy? I think it's entirely possible. Implausible if only because like this time capital T. Capital T. D.'s encapsulates everything at this point like there there are just so many fronts. On which we reckoning with what it means here in America to be an American. nomad land is certainly about and Monari is also very much about and at what it means to be humans what it means to live on this planet what it means to how we relate to institutions, how we relate to each other. It's just kind of we're all. At home on our zooms, talking about it all of the time and so I think. I I think good art almost always reflects its moment or a larger moment in some way, but there is a lot to reflect. Right, now I there always has been, but we're we're reflecting it all at once. How about that? I agree with you. We'll have to wait and see what else we got a chance to see before we continue Listrik award from our sponsor. Today's episode of the big picture is brought to you. By Heineken, Heineken would like to remind you that it's time for seasonal beers. Again, that's right. If you thought a cold crisp summer, Heineken was something just wait until you taste Heineken fall lineup. Is it a new product now? Just the same great tasting lager that's perfect for any season he personally I'd like to have a socially distance careful safe pandemic, friendly beer on my porch with some friends like Amanda would you like to come over and have a Heineken? Maybe this weekend I would love to actually we don't have any plans right now. Well maybe we can make some live on this show during this conversation Heineken. Original Logger is made with pure malt and our famous yeast, which makes Heineken and all season all the time kind of beer. So pick up a package delivered whatever your style drink responsibly. Okay we're back and we're talking about the big race. Momma. Look at me now. I'm a star. I gotta say I'm Kinda shocked I feel like we already have a category that's rounding into shape because while everything in the Oscar world seems totally unsettled I. Don't know when a lot of these movies are gonNA come out that we've been discussing. Best. Actress has three serious contenders in three films that we've already talked about here. Do you feel like I'm getting ahead of myself by suggesting that? No because the actor and actress categories always start with the festivals and it's people saying, yes hello I would like an Oscar and so now I will give you my extended campaign about how I was wrong to work with Woody Allen that Kate winslet just in case you were wondering and. And I, I will give all the interviews I will accept your tribute awards. I am willing to campaign and these roles get identified like these. These people get identified pretty quickly especially. Actresses. Because candidly, there aren't as many movies made with these big star making female performances to they're usually a bit easier to pick out now that actually may be different this year and it might just be that we've seen the first three I and there there are more to come. But no, this is this is typically how we talk about these conversations and even last year it was like I think Renee Zellweger had been like I will be winning the award for best actress at telluride. That felt like the coronation for six years and that, and that was it and then you and I spent an entire season being like, would we like to just have a conversation about some other things? So maybe you and I could just have a conversation about other things. Yeah. We mentioned Vanessa Kirby, she won best actress at. At the Venice Film Festival. Fearing another film that I don't think either of US got a chance to see because it was playing Venice but I'm interested to see. Mona fast volts the world to come and got great marks for that film to. Occur. Kirby we probably talked about a couple times in the show absolute fucking icon star mission impossible fall out in the crown two of our favorite things. Just a star and just like absolute instant presence just put a camera honor and let her cook. Yeah, she's luminous I think pieces of women in particular I think shows her doing something new to at least that I haven't seen from her before in terms of the rawness the mcgarity of the story the the intimate nature really of that movie and she's already getting obviously a lot of acclaim and it. Does have a little bit of the feel of that Renee Zellweger that you're talking about she doesn't have the same kind of track record and she's not a previous winner like Renee Zellweger was but. I. Know. Sometimes in these things, there's like A. D inevitability appears more quickly than you might imagine and. At, least early in the conversation around this category, they're just appear to be some inevitability at least around her being nominated, and now she has netflix's behind her which you know they're good at this. They know how to get people recognized for their work. So I expect to see her you mentioned Kate winslet very curious to see how amanite rolls out supposed to open in theaters in. November and it's gotten some very, very strong reviews and some not. So strong reviews some fairly visible mainstream critics. Kind of. Felt distanced by the distance. So whether or not she competes we'll see I mean she's obviously. Not. Only one of the great actors of our time, but also one of the most recognized actors of our time she's been nominated a lot. So can't ever count her out. And then for instance, mcdormand and Frances mcdormand is is an interesting case because. Only one woman in the history of the Oscars. Has Ever won three best actress statuettes.

Heineken Oscar Renee Zellweger Kate winslet Vanessa Kirby Google Frances mcdormand Venice Film Festival American Life US Guy Gregory Elwood representative America netflix Ferrari Listrik Amanda Joe Rabbits Monari
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"joe rabbits" Discussed on Who? Weekly

"From a WHO to them scale? Where do you go Joe Joe Blow Joe Joe Trader Joe's Joe Joe. Cookies. And Joe Joe Rabbit Fall. I might have just done it for you, but love to hear your take. Thanks French. Got So we have to rank the Joe Joe's. I think you were right Joe, Joe Rabbits. The new was number four four. Is that the ranger rabbits last Georgia Rabbit I'm sorry you. Okay. But like WHO's in the list of Joe Joe Again Boho go Joe Trader Joe's and Joe Rapid. This is not a fair. I'm a niche cookie, a youtube star, and of Eleni icon. weirdly the millennial icon is to me is going to be last like barely above trader Joe's. But trade deals love trader Joe's and they love traderjoes. So what are you gonNA put Josie Wa then Joe Joe Rabbit I'm just saying loved trader Joe's as much as they like Joe the millennial icon. That's true. Go from one to four. I'm probably just going to agree with you to make this easy. Number one is number. One is Josie Wa number two is. Joe Joe Rabbit number three is Joe Joe. Millennials love her and number four is trader Joe's I. You know what? Honestly? That's already wrong. And then this one, this freak me out this call I'm I'm still lost after this call. Halen being Bobby some calling just because I wanted to provide some information that I, thought was interesting So about the to go joe, you kind of talked about how they went on different paths and how Joe Joe the. Singer of too little too late kind of looks at Joko See Wah in a different light and Mike how? Stop would have been. Different Path but I think it's interesting because a Joe Joe the leave presidencies get out there actually was offered role of Hannah Montana I'm pretty sure Disney channel made that show with her in mind and Joko. Turned it down and she didn't want to be down because she didn't want to go down that path and I really think that she did go down that path she would've been super. Joe Go see Africa and Yeah I. think that's really interesting. Anyway. By, well, you know when the execs came to her and offered her Montana you know what she said she's good out. Thank. You you know. You know the other funny thing caller called and told us that the original Hannah Montana was supposed to be Alexis. Texas. I more hand Montana before Hannah Montana, they were considering other names and one was Alexis Texas and then our friends Stephen said Emerald Nevada and that like. To Hell. Nevada is so funny. There are no other good ones, and then also it says in that article that they were GonNa, call her either Zoe your Khloe and what rhymes with that what rhymes with Zoe Khloe. She wouldn't have had a state name. Then, what's the concept? I don't know I don't know. Idaho that's all I could think of unless it's a city Zoe Idaho is actually pretty good. Zoe Idaho is pretty good by guest the question the question that the call the thing that the caller is positing I totally understand, but I will say Look at Miley Cyrus she's actually broken out of the Hannah Montana think pretty effectively I would say miley Cyrus Y-yeah so like that like. Like. Joe Joe go joe would have ended up kind of like more like Boho, maybe in terms of like fame and attention because Miley got a lot of fame and attention from that. But. Miley was able to like go beyond that teen image like though it was probably traumatic and it took a lot but like she did breakthrough and she's now totally. Kind of her own entity although you know there's also an argument that forget somebody made that maybe Hannah Montana been a successful without without Miley Cyrus as its lead maybe go JOE would've been. Whatever but like different Disney shows have different modicum of success in different Disney stars have different variables of success like Hannah's big one mile is a big one. And it's arguable that maybe Hannah Montana was only successful as it was because Miley Cyrus even though she herself was famous billy Ray Cyrus was sort of a draw there like it was like, oh, she's nepotism like she's coming she's from a country family even though ray I wasn't even a tremendous them. He was sort of a one hit one not even your non even like she kind of did but I'm thinking about like Demi Levato and I'm thinking about like other Disney stars that did do break good breakout but then there are some Disney stars they didn't hey. But I do think that Joe Joe go Joe looks at Bo Joe and says Oh God you know like in a way. That's why the interview was. So she sees. If you. If you could sit through it that interviews interesting because you see Joe Looking at Bo seen sliding doors you know like what we? Could have done or what she would have done ten years later in her career she was slightly younger. You know when what a career like hers looks like. Now, I was trying to think of city with a long e-. Since like you have to give a state long you voice Khloe Boise. Doesn't doesn't rhyme. It's not it's not the it's not the exact rhyme. Zoe Boise. It's harder than you think to do the name running with the state. Think I mean send us some of them but like it's hard when someone came up with Hannah Montana they probably like left work for the day they were like, Oh, my God it's Up On. What's the opposite of I am laws like play I am lost backwards and that's how that person felt..

Joe Joe Trader Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Rabbit Joe Hannah Montana Joe Go Joe Looking Joe Rabbits Joe Rapid Bo Joe Miley Cyrus Disney Montana Josie Wa Zoe Boise Zoe Idaho Joko See Wah billy Ray Cyrus Zoe Khloe Khloe Boise
Get Ready for The Umbrella Academy Season 2

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Get Ready for The Umbrella Academy Season 2

"Hello everyone and welcome. It is the Gui recap. It's recap of all the things that are going to of happened for the week of July Twenty, seven, twenty twenty before it happens. My name is Bruce and let's start with the Gui pick of the week. The umbrella academy season two comes out this week on net. If, you're unfamiliar with the show. seven children are born on the same day. Their mothers got pregnant They all possess some amazing ability. Some rich man buys the children and makes them a superhero team. Now they're all grown up and the end of the world has happened. Okay. Season One was great season to hopefully will follow along with that tradition four TV pages on Monday nothing Tuesday cw has the premiere of tell me. A story and vice has the premiere of how to rob a bank for Wednesday. Fox has the finale of ultimate tag. and C W has the finale of bulletproof Thursday nothing Friday. The same Saturday BBC America Has Earth Light. That's A. A premier and HBO has the Premiere of Joe Joe. Rabbit for Sunday CW, has the premiere of Fridge wars and taskmaster for movies coming out this week, unhinged still on the books to come out this week. I'm not sure if it's been pushed back or not it's a Russell Crowe movie where he has a roads rated incident and things. Go Downhill from there. For DVD's, you have end of sentence for on Line Services Net flicks has last chance you season five, the speed Huber's and like I, said the umbrella academy season two

Twenty Twenty Russell Crowe Bruce Joe Joe Line Services Net HBO Huber FOX BBC
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"joe rabbits" Discussed on Relevant Podcast

"Right with with the wars? Brodie L. I've seen them like the star. Wars landed Disney. But I mean that's it. This is maybe this is sliced bread. Maybe this is right Dan. Derek. Then we'll see how you feel about this so it is official TYCO. Whitey is headed to a galaxy. Far Far Away he is GonNa go right. Indirect a brand New Star Wars movie for Disney. He's gave me the first person of color to direct the Star Wars movie and he'll be writing a script with a Christie Wilson Cairns She was nominated for an Oscar for her work on nineteen seventeen. I think some probably most people are familiar with. He got his start with offbeat comedies. Like what we do in the shadows and then he moved to the big leagues. It'd Thor Ragnarok and got nominated for Multiple Oscars for writing directing and appearing in Joe Joe Rabbit he got to road tests star wars jobs. He directed the season. One Finale of the man laureate and then there are some rumors that he was going to get something like this and now on May the fourth those were confirmed that he is working on his own star wars movie that apparently is going to be completely independent of anything. That's happened in the Star Wars Universe before I noticed place into. Is it a new Canon or is it a standalone rogue one? It'll be like it'll be a standalone but it won't have any connection to the previous movies is just going to basically take place within that same universe but won't be one by any SKYWALKER darth vader or anything like that is listening. I I like I really like him. This filmmaker I think he joe rabbit and and Thor Ragnarok were brilliant. I can't speak to the man delorean because I've opened the Disney plus APP a couple times and every time. I'm like there is nothing for me here except for America's funniest home videos which put a bunch of old ones on old school. Tom.

Joe Joe Rabbit Disney Whitey joe rabbit Derek Brodie L. Christie Wilson Cairns Oscars TYCO Dan America official Tom Oscar
Taika Waititi to Direct New ‘Star Wars’ Film

KIRO Nights

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Taika Waititi to Direct New ‘Star Wars’ Film

"A new Star Wars feature film and it is going to be co written and directed by one Mr Taika Waititi take it is he he just won the academy award for Best Adapted Screenplay for Joe Joe rabbit which he also directed and co starred in and he is probably most well known for directing Thor Ragnarok which of the Marvel cinematic universe is probably I mean it's it's potentially my favorite it's definitely the funniest yeah absolutely the funniest again absolutely that in some ways the most fun it did it took itself I always I always admired the the Hellboy films for this it took itself appropriately seriously right you know I like I like what movies do that particularly in the mall

Mr Taika Waititi Joe Joe Rabbit Thor Ragnarok
"The Peanut Butter Falcon" Cinematographer: Nigel Bluck.

Monday Morning Critic Podcast

10:35 min | 1 year ago

"The Peanut Butter Falcon" Cinematographer: Nigel Bluck.

"Welcome cinematographer Nigel Block. Nigel how are you today? Thank you very much so great to have you on. Nigel and I have to say New Zealand has been putting itself on the map a lot lately. Tyco RTD. With Joe Joe Rabbit phenomenal movie Tons of others you. A lot of success in New Zealand is true. We look. I mean you can send them. I mean headed his heyday in the civilian nineties. Expose with what we what was going to the cinema of unease great movies banking then and hasn't been a lot since then but it's still a very select kind of universe down there and and united something people talk about law in strive to be So yeah among crowds in your community and I think title what Katie said the same thing at the Oscars. I have to say though. Your Dad loves since cinema. Your Dad loves film. As you're growing up clearly has a love of all things. You know acting films cinema. That had the rub off on you. Talk about his love of the cinema in movies and how that might have impacted your love of movies and got to where you got you to where you are. Today he was a he mental Talks about a lot which I see but you know you eat a lot of film. Generals around discussion was the thing. We'd always father was very interesting. She against you as a Sanath Tinder. Coaching and a lot of discussion with him and exposure to things. That will come. Unusual film. Specially like a two lane blacktop. Very early on the picture and it still remains to be one of my favorite movies on but yeah I remember funnily the early days of cinema discovered with day so I have to ask you just as we hear terms all the time. Those of us on the outside not familiar with the industry. Is there a difference between a DP director of photography and the cinematographer the same thing or are they different in any way? There's more is a more European called fries. Photography dirctor photography's squealing. Hollywood comb Tune and you have this really interesting beginning where you're enrolled in school. You're old in film school and you know you reach a point mentally in your life where you say you know what I can kind of and I think this is how it unfolded where chief my goals without having to get a degree from school without having to get this degree so you ended up leaving. Just talk a little bit about a clarity Klein from the school though pretty much like you gotta listen. You WanNa be a cinema Taga. We can't teach you a cinematography specific stream. It was much more of a A Meta film school. That was more about Criticism and you know it was associated with hoping to find out school so they simply didn't have the tools to teach me technique. I needed to learn so it was an agreement between both of us and they are answered. The time was like listen. You need to discard join the industry which which is was then served me the only way forward to become listen in New Zealand at the time. Nigel was that a tough. Call for you to say you know what I could do this without degree. I don't need school to get where I WANNA be. No it wasn't. It was frustrated a little bit with the school at the time. And I've been there for a couple years and it seemed like exciting to go during the real world and I wouldn't have load magazines so it was. It was time the time it was fine and I have no regrets looking back. You know. It's I'm not dissing foam. Schools folk schools are incredibly places. In fact I went to the Australian After that film school because it was specific to cinematography but I think the schools are the ticket you get out of it agree or whatever. It doesn't really mean much. It's the experience of a narrative thinking film living breathing film being rounded making mistakes. That's welcome schools. And I have to believe Nigel. Things like the report you had with your father and his love of cinema and how that kind of transcended to you I have to believe that also had an impact on where you are today. It was always fung love of movies rather than a love whole photography. More importantly announce a combination of two and. I don't know if he's still with us or not. Niger but did your dad grow to see how successful you became your accomplishments. Everything you've achieved in life. Yeah Almond data. Solar added love a actually went back in time this year. For Christmas there was a screening of peanut butter Falcon at the little village that we live in a house in New Zealand. So early lovely time to bring it back and share. The local people in impact audience and everyone was very excited. So yeah it's it's it's it's it's lovely to Ivan they're on. I'm proud to Sharm suffering growth. Get to make stuff. Your Dad's love a film aside. Nigel the fact that you know. His son has become so successful and achieved so much. I mean that has to add so much to his already standing love for movies and cinema etc humour is yet years he loves and I'm very proud to be able to share. My sister's also direct a by left sharing that with him so clearly in your life. You've you've made tons of sacrifices commitments. You know dealing with hardships really kind of putting yourself out there whether it's dropping out of film school or sacrifices being away from family for long periods of time that I'll certainly has to add up. Nigel is there a way to handle deal with manage those sacrifices so it doesn't really weigh on people in the long run? Weigh on you when loved ones in your life too. I think are more privileged than a sacrifice whenever I have the privileged to work on something that I'm passionate about. That is that is amazing. I'm the sacrifices don't so much that the difficulty with the lifestyle to be honest this is making choices and putting yourself in a place where you can afford to make choices. And sometimes that's easy sometimes. It's not as easy especially now. I have a family. It's it's tougher. Detained things down but that is the for me. Is the secret to to to to being a full stock and can believe in work is that you have your -tunities to do the things we want to inhibit. You have saved US off. Open away that you had the opportunity to turn things you don't want to do down because Biz nothing worse than doing things you don't you don't passionate about. I've always had the privilege of doing this passionate place it's never been like. Oh I'm GONNA work now. You're so it's it's Anita feels like I'm GonNa Work of a day. It's it's just it's what I wanted to choice maiden and I think that's a healthy thing which making films is not high is not easy and needs to be able to wake up every morning inside Anyone do this Les Han Solo to do the best job possible. And that's why even went around to expes so this whole there is literally. I really love your comments on passion. Nigel because I see that all the time in the podcasting world or people trying to be something. They're not. Is there a movie or an actor that did it for you? We talked about Your Dad's passion. Was there that type of movie actor for you. It's a law of movies in a lot of people but the standout from as well as tune. Blacktop been tablets Correctly Y on. It was something about seeing that movie that time when I was about thirteen It was it was. It was a simple phone. It was elegant foam. The story was very simple. Skase but enough and those meditation to it just didn't feel like a regular American film. It felt like an Italian film. Which should sort of course MONTIEL's making this Spaghetti Westerns? And this is at that time and yet there's something about the simplicity clarity the study of and the the space in that avoid been really attracted to. I'm I'm very attracted to these stalls. Foams are and nets. That's really what I want to make thumbs with spice in time that have a major elements Humanity people on. And that's that's one of those. You Know Nigel as I look at. Your filmography Lord of the Rings True Detective. Two different seasons The unbelievably awesome The peanut butter Falcon. But when is the moment that comes for Nigel where you were you realize you know what I've made it at? Maybe after completing a certain. Was there a certain project you completed where you know the realization comes to you know what? I'm pretty good at this. I I could do this for a living. I mean the first film. I shot which was very young. I did Stick Mamie plays was at once the most difficult thing most hiring for the done but it was the most rewarding in wonderful in that was just feeling that existed in every day and challenged Wasn't right feeling and Amid repeated since I think that's just the first Things new every tax for hangers new in its unconquerable Today the more who make the issue of easier gets my vote. But that's some garment profoundly me and I kinda missed exhaustion. Sometimes when it comes back after a tough day will solve metallocenes. What then I I do. Welcome and embrace

Nigel Block New Zealand Tyco Rtd Joe Joe Rabbit Katie WAS Niger Sharm Director Taga Klein Hollywood Ivan Anita Expes Montiel
"joe  rabbits" Discussed on The CultCast - Cult of Mac

The CultCast - Cult of Mac

09:19 min | 1 year ago

"joe rabbits" Discussed on The CultCast - Cult of Mac

"Although the my version is V playgrounds features. All the same lessons. You'll find on the ipod vision. Their differences apple added sidebar untouched support for the micro s APP. Ooh touch going to get into that. That's a game changer. Right there and the micro vision allows you to use the lowercase or Navigate Code suggestions. The new macbook seamlessly with Franken's for IPAD. Thanks cloud you can start one playground on your Mac and then opened up late on your ipod. Cool right decided hold our way. This is the best part requires zero. Coding knowledge they go. That's where I like. Someone like me could even do. Yeah Wow and You know help you learn the basics. This is how you need to do it. And it's such a path. It's messing the programming languages for the most popular APPs on iphone and IPAD. Yeah you know you know you could be an An OP mogul by next week. This could be this could be my ticket out of this guy. Get Out of this podcasting but accurate. Finally my way out. Well let me ask you because I know you're really into swift Leandra like when you were playing around with with playgrounds. What was your like the best part lake? We're like well this. This is clearly what people need to be using where I became completely befuddled. Thirty seconds of looking at it. I don't I don't even know what a right you know what this yesterday. And it was a lot of fun and if you have been wanting to learn how to code. I actually would like to learn more about swift. I do wonder if it's going to be something that is popular in the future. I've seen languages come and go in the past were company will back something like even Dobie. Adobe has backed specific languages like Flash Adobe Air was one that is one that comes to mind and and then they just don't get adopted and so you waste all your time learning this language that no one actually ever will use ever again. Apple's a massive company one of the biggest so swift has that working for it. But I kinda wonder is swift going to be something that's worth investing in. I just did not convinced people such swift like crazy aren't they? I mean from what I saw something yesterday. Someone was talking about it saying that. You know I mean if you're going to be developing apps it's going to be using and You know apple's not going to go anywhere and the absolute it's just going to get bigger and bigger isn't it? I think that is the by far the most successful software platform On the planet. Right you know it This is the code. They use an island. People like this with playgrounds like this. You know zero coating I think you can you. Can you can create complete apps that without touching any code at all right. It's all use the libraries and a lot of his visual. I I think the point is to learn how to Code. So eventually you'll be touching the code. I would imagine but it is interesting to me just because I would love to learn how to create an APP. I mean that is a really useful skill set to be able to create like right APPS and released APPs. I've got this really killer APP that I've had my mind forever. I only want to talk about it. Because one of those things like I'm GONNA mention it. And then people are going to copy it because it's going to be clear moneymaker and it has like this built in Built-in In-app purchase mechanism odd. Just tell you as always trusted you. Guys aren't GonNa try thought up so what I'd say about this mothers. No I didn't. It's called rip off and there's just like a bunch of pictures of different kinds of gusts of winds and then you press it makes that corresponding fart. Sound right. Think how much fun you're going to have when you're showing this to your friends or like you're in class and like the teachers up there and she's writing something real boring and then like like you just launch off one of these like these fart. Sounds good around. She's GonNa be like who did that and everyone's going to laugh. And then you can have like a monthly subscription where we're always saying what is this like eighty dollars a month. No no no. The APP is free. But then there's the part of the week right so there's the part of the week which is discounted rights normally. They're going to be like I don't know I'm thinking like eight dollars per fart. Because they take a lot of effort to record and you have to have sound. Engineer and special microphones and stuff and and then every week we do you knew. Every week we do we. We could do like celebrity versions right. It's like you get like the Shit Kilo pack right so we go to his house and we record him and like in the shower after he eats like a Burrito and stuff and then we sell you that whole pack down. I can't wait to get this. Actually the more I talked about it the more I think this is GonNa make me millions going to be like That guy who runs oracle just off this one APP so yeah so a visual element. You could do cheek of the week. Chica. The week get out your jumpsuit. Lewis you're too good this this is going to be great and we gotta make a list of like celebrities like maybe apple slavery is like we definitely gotta get was on. There is going to be. That's going to be some Some really powerful flagellations record after he does one of his Segway Polo matches or something. They have gone too far. I'm just getting started this. I'm taking notes as we do this anyway. So it'd be great to be able to program that myself so I definitely want to play around with with programs are swift players K. We haven't even left. Let's do this. Let's do this last story so if you're frustrated with your apple keyboard we'll wrap up at the story. You're not alone and apple just got called out in a big way. Joe Joe Rabbits screenwriter. Which is a movie. I've never heard of have you guys heard of Joe Rabbit but I've heard of it. Yeah you everyone else. Think Joe Joe Rabbits. It's supposed to be great. Didn't mean Iran. Eventually sure when it comes to that. When it comes apple up TV PLUS GIOJA RABBITS SCREENWRITER. Vents are about the horrendous. Mac Book Keyboards. This has just gone mainstream. This is that's why I love this story because we talked about how bad the keyboards are but people who don't follow technology. They just have no idea. They don't even know what iphone version were on. You know people ask me all the time. Like wh- version of the IPHONE. Should I get? And they don't even know what's out there they just don't follow it. Actors love some to have some political message to impart to viewers at award shorts. Boy Do they ever we all just love hearing them comforting? Well that's why that's why I watched the second here. Their political opinions at last night's Oscars TYCO TT winner of the Academy Award for best adapted screenplay screenplay for Gioja Rabbit voiced his own passionate plea this time for apple to change. Its Gall Darn Mac book keyboards. He said quote apple needs to fix those keyboards. They are impossible to write on and they've gotten worse and makes me want to go back to PC. What because keyboards the bounce. Back for your fingers is way better and those apple. Keyboards are horrendous. Doesn't that just make you feel good inside loose I teach you? Don't know exactly how he feels all man. I absolutely I would go as far as saying that. The New Keyboard on the twenty nineteen sixteen inch math. Appro that one feature if you use the keyboard allot maybe worth upgrading. Just for that one feature. It's a night and day. Difference I still the tribunal is new ones. You GotTa get into the Apple Store and take a few clicks on the keyboard but you better take your band aids with you and actually put them on before you go because it's a nice experience. It's a real nice experience like you. Just get your fingers on there. And it's like. Oh yeah you're taping up and down and those keys they got just threat amount of give and at push you know like you don't feel like you're just typing on a glass surface. It just feels feels the way of keyboards. Should and I think you're the type of guy that would would appreciate something like that since you're on the keys all day long that'll joking. Stevie wonder of Apple Journalism Journalism Keyboards. Yeah Yeah.

Apple Joe Joe Rabbits Mac Segway Polo Adobe Franken Leandra Joe Rabbit Dobie Engineer Iran Gioja Rabbit
"joe  rabbits" Discussed on Comedy Bang Bang

Comedy Bang Bang

09:08 min | 1 year ago

"joe rabbits" Discussed on Comedy Bang Bang

"That as you know. Oh it's just like an old Jewish guy wants his money thing that's thing to say right so no answer from Scott. I have no opinion on what's cool to say what's not not cool to say I. It's going to constantly change people listening to this in ten years. We'll be like they shouldn't have talked about any of this. I'm assuming who are you rooting for Joe Rabbits Scott. Hi the girl. The girl hiding in the wall you were the hiding in the wall one. Yeah those were beautiful shoes. Whoever got to whoever tipped shoes off somebody came purloined them? Yeah someone really scored on those shoes. I really so you don't know what happens in the season. You just think it's a wonderful wonderful wonderful season. No no it. Picks up where left off halt has been demoted and. He's having a lot of trouble adjusting to his his new position in the police. Force and wait. Can you say what his new position. Yes I think. He's like a uniformed officer. Oh Yeah went from from captain to demoted all the way down all the way to. That's below you guys guys because you guys donor. Imagine like they're dynamic is completely turned on its head. That's I I mean I. I have not seen that on the show correct because that dynamic has been has stayed the of course throughout six seasons at this point and now for the seventh. You're saying it's turned on its head. Correct wow I would I want to say that it stinks but it's it's actually pretty good. I've watched it was there. But you WANNA say the. WHO's that who the hell? It's been me all along long lamp over there. Nick Kroll the entire time. Ed Krol from MMA. Let's go through your filmography. You got the basketball one others and the two guys. It's such such a pleasure to be back. If feels so good to be bad. You crawl from big mouth taking a little time away from the big mouth writer's writer's room. Am I correct in that assumption. You are deep. You're very correct. Correct News even that correctness. What I was enjoying was Being like how many episodes of Brooklyn nine have you watched got have I watched I. I would say approximately sixty nine of of of ninety of of a current ninety nine. No it's probably at a hundred and forty some around up there. Yeah I I would say the majority. It's yeah the preponderance I would say. Scott texts me and says I saw the episode when this happened and I go. He's really watching. You really is. I believe I. I once texted you shipping you and amy and you said what is that and I explained the concept of shipping to you. Yeah appreciate it all the way every definition from from ups and then I moderated a panel and so I watched that so nick. Yeah unfortunately unfortunately more than big mouth I would say that's fair. Big Mouth Your what two seasons in that have aired or three Three airs there'd there'd three have aired and we're we're deep into. Where would you say balls? Deep deep we are we are way ahead of what is has aired aired already really. Yeah Yeah Yeah. What are you working on writing season five right now? Holy yes so it takes a long time to actually have the this show come out. Yeah why is that Anna like are you drawing everything to draw everything myself. That's why I'm such perfectionist. I understand that I insist on drawing all myself myself. I cannot draw Brooklyn nine nine. Big Mouth Crossover episode. Where like those? I see there's these cop characters on on big mouth all the time committer drawn exactly like me and it's so funny they're a cop characters. We've was a little bit. They're they're cap- characters on big mouth that that do. And when someone pointed out look like Scott and Paul Tomkins in reality they are modeled there modeled after crews and they're yeah they're yeah yeah exactly Dennis Farina and David Caruso and they somehow now exactly like us and people are constantly like. Why are you doing the voices? I guess. WHO's doing the voices mullany? And Neil Casey. Oh man those guys get fucking everything so but I'm saying there are some cop characters are sold. What if there's a little crossing that'd be fun? You know what I mean Farina Caruso I know and get them. Oh Rina's gone to that. His police station up in the sky and Russo. He's also said at the very appreciative. Respectful of you to talk about another way. I didn't now don't. TV COPS stick together. Yes what about real cops. How do you feel about? The show is great. They're bringing that back doc aren't they. Yeah probably they're bringing it all back Malays in it. He's everything he they're bringing back Reno. Yeah they're bringing back they bring back everything the rematch. NYPD blue collar while they tried to shot a pilot today. Yeah with Francis grandson character but yeah everything will come back. I'm sure at some point comedy. Bang Bang get the call and I'll rise the occasion just like Rambo. We need you back. I'm not that guy anymore. The first one beautiful with a real political message the second four next for just killing his killers murdering have you met Stallone Never Have you met stallone. I haven't I do I do him on the show. Yeah I what I would good. You know what I really want to do is I want to do you remember the rocky versus Rambo script that I wrote in Harris whittles roads and cool up and Paul Rust Neil Campbell in my cassidy. We watch all three Rambo movies one day and then we beat out Iraqi versus Rambo Script in fifteen minutes and then we all split up and wrote twenty pages of peace. I remember this And the script is really funny. I would love to do a reading of or man reading well I would love to do it either. I do I love to get stallone and you sure do and there's a video of stallone. Do you want them to do at the update desk. Yes of course if we get the update desk the stallone There's a video on him. I follow me on Instagram. And there's a video of him on instagram. Where he's like he's got Pacino coming into to his house? He's like a great but Pacino's like is not ready to be on camera and he's like dealing with the hair is today they walk into the kitchen. It's Guy Fieri I've seen and it's like two titans just love. It thinks that always. I think he's fine with it to titans pitching heads doncaster. Yeah I've been read nor seen any interviews with Pacino like getting into his head space process like what does he. What does he like all day? Big Yeah Jeans Jeans. I saw him now at a few awards. Things this this run. He has a thin scarf that is constantly lopsided. Sided right that he's trying to fix. What is the purpose of the scarf? Is it to most scarves. Aco To cover the neck. It's not it's too thin. It's just like it's unclear clear. It's he's he's made. He's been rocking for a long time. Since maybe Frankie Jining like with him with depth there becomes a thing with certain actors who are like the more things I where the more. He's peacocking Marcis Peacock. Yes by the way I like that. It's peacock this streaming service is like unreal the never ending. Yeah you're going to go out there hard for peacock. Always you repin peacock this fall companyman is I saw those. Hulu commercials virgils save for Peacock. I'll do whatever it takes. Yeah yeah got to sell them. TIKKI TIKKI them shows. Yeah but what. So so. He's wearing the scarf. And then Pacino and I felt like watching Deniro and him. I don't know if you guys watching this stuff. They've been on the run for all this stuff feel like Deniro just as sort of like leading Pacino. Talk himself out. I think he can barely talk at this point Deniro. Yeah really I think he i. I don't I don't want I don't want to speculate on what's going on with him but I think he's just like I think he's been they've been head to head for so long. I think it's a cycle. I'm GonNa let Pacino GonNa let the genes run with. It sounds better if you could see the face. Cows me because it's good to narrow face yeah but anyway a Pacino. He looks great. And here's what's weird.

Pacino Joe Rabbits Scott stallone Farina Caruso Deniro Nick Kroll Ed Krol basketball Marcis Peacock Brooklyn Neil Casey Guy Fieri Peacock NYPD titans Reno officer writer amy
Oscars 2020 Preview

Popcorn with Peter Travers

13:37 min | 1 year ago

Oscars 2020 Preview

"HI everybody. It's Peter Travers. Here here with this special edition of Popcorn which we're calling the Oscar popcorn because this weekend on February ninth exactly everybody will be watching. Being the Oscar telecast on ABC and probably having their own little ballot. Like I have here trying to figure out who's going to win this damn thing and if the person I don't like winds pushed I put my money on. That's what really happens. That's what people ask me on the street. So I'm GonNa take you through these main categories and and we'll see what will win what should win and we can argue. You can find me somewhere and we can argue about it. But I'm going to start with with best supporting actress. Because that's how the Academy Awards those that's always the first award that we say Kathy Bates in Richard Jewel. Laura dern in marriage in story Scarlett Johansson in Joe Rabbit Florence Pew in Little Women and Margot Robbie in bombshell so look. There's it's a lot of good people here and I have to say right at the outset. That Scarlett Johansson is one of those rare actors that has a nomination as best actress. Chris and best supporting actress marriage story for Best Actress in here supporting which usually gets you to win one and that usually that it's usually that one but it's it's not going to happen you know I'm sitting here saying did I read wrong. What happened to Jennifer Lopez and hustlers? Hasn't she been in this game since the release Lisa Hustler she has and yet the academy you bad people have decided that J.. Lo just wasn't Oscar material while you're wrong but look we we have to deal with rats here and I'm going to say that the person who will win in this category is also the person who should win. And that is Laura Burn and Laura dern in marriage story plays a divorce lawyer and she's a tough one and let's think of all the Hollywood people that are voting for this award and how every single one of them I'll wager. A BET has their own divorce lawyer and has been through this process. Maybe more than once. Maybe two we're three times to do it. And they find Laura Dern Dunn's in this movie something spectacular it's also one of the few awards. I think that marriage story story is going to win. But Laura Dern has never won an Oscar. This will be her first time. Everyone loves her. We all love and big little lies and I think this is her time on so let her have it all right. I'm moving onto best supporting actor. Tom Hanks in a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Anthony Hopkins in the two popes Al Al Pacino in the Irishman Joe Pesci in the Irishman and Brad Pitt in once upon a time in Hollywood. Look you're talking to a big Irishman fan here so if it was me saying come up for the gold it would be Joe. Patchy I know Joe Pesci doesn't do any publicity. He basically sticks fix to himself. He's probably tough guy in real life as the gangster that he plays in the Irishman but that performance is amazing and won won his first Oscar for another score says he movie goodfellas where he was the most scary gangster. You can see here. He's kind of quiet dawn. So if I'm I'm giving them it would be Joe Patchy but the academy is giving this award and no one. No one can win. This except Brad Pitt. These other people here Tom Hanks Anthony Hopkins Al Pacino and Peci all have won Oscars so they already have the gold. Do you realize his full career. Brad Brad Pitt has never won an academy award game over people. This is it Brad. You're going to get in once upon a time in Hollywood playing a stuntman. It man playing somebody who's been around the business. I think it's irresistible for Hollywood to say I'm going to reject one of my own. Plus he was great in the movie. You seem to hear my voice that I have a little bit of a problem. Yeah I do. Because that's not a supporting performance at all that his part is the equal who of his Co Star Leonardo DiCaprio's WHO's nominated for best actor. So why is he in that category. I think they want to win. And Brad you might as well prepare repair your speech right now okay. I am now moving onto best actress. Cynthia Haribo in Harriet Scarlett Johansson in marriage story. Sir Sharon in little women. Charlie's Sharon in bombshell and Renee Zellweger in Judy. What Best S. actress award so far from the Golden Globes to the critics choice awards has it Renee Zellweger one? She's won all of them. So is there any possibility ability here for something else. I mean. Look what Charlie. Stern did in bombshell. She not only plays Megan Kelly. The makeup geniuses have made her look exactly exactly like her and Charlie's has talked exactly like are they love bio pics there so she should be really strong. Social Ronin is like twenty five years old. She's he's on her fourth Oscar nomination. This is incredible and Scarlett Johansson. Like I said nominated for best. Supporting actress and Best Actress. Cynthia revolt is playing Harry Tubman and she also wrote the song from the movie which is nominated. That happened to somebody last year. Didn't it yes it was lady. Eating Gaga Lady Gaga was nominated for writing that wonderful song from stars born and his best actress. But what did you win. She won best song and that was it so I have to say that again. I would give this award person late to search for Ronin just because I think to be that young and to be that consistently brilliant is amazing and her performance in little women. Is that good. But it's Rene as I talk about. How Hollywood would love bio-pics this is? Judy Garland that she's playing judy. This is one of their own. Did they ever give. Judy Garland her own Oscar Competitive Competitive Acting Oscar. Never and I think for that reason not only will renee Zellweger win best actress but she will win for Oscar. Judy Garland on never had. It's their way of saying Judy. We love you. We were so stupid not to give it to you. And we're going to give it to Rene in honor of you. This is how Hollywood works. It's really crazy. But if you're betting on this you have to bet crazy. Aright best actor Antonio Banderas in pain and gory. Leonardo di Caprio in once upon a time in Hollywood Adam driver in marriage story what came Phoenix and joker and Jonathan Pryce in the two popes. I look at this category and before I get into. Who Will Win and who should win? I've I've got to say academy what you have against Comedians. And what do you have against Eddie Murphy. That he's not nominated for Dole. Might as my name what you have against Adam Sandler who proved his dramatic chops in uncut gems. Like nobody can believe and yet they have it they only like to give Oscars to actors serious actors who played comic roles. Ause they hate anybody who's making a living as a comic to actually win this war so this year's been going along I've had this feeling that this was Adam drivers to lose that performance in marriage story is one of the best things he's ever done or that I've seen this year and yet there's this other guy and who's that other guy he's Joaquin Phoenix plane joker. Sometimes there's that kind of performance sometimes. There's there's one that just so dominates the screen. That is such an act of immersion of from an actor in a raw. Yeah Joaquin was scary. He was sometimes funny. He was always touching even though he's playing somebody who's totally out of his mind and a lot of this movie his in his mind. What Cain has been nominated several times before and never one Joaquin? This is yours. I can't believe any set of circumstances. Stances if you WANNA bet the whole house on something and somebody to win it's going to be Joaquin Phoenix as best actor for joker game over all right. We're ready now to move on. I'm going to best director now. This is one of the most exciting categories because these people will these particular men and save and because Hollywood as wont of decided that even though there were more women directing movies than ever before four last year. They couldn't find any to nominate which is of course absurd because Greta Gerwig directed little women which is nominated as best picture and they. I thought no I'm just GONNA do five men like we always do what happened. You people sort of learned a couple of years ago when you nominated Greta. GERWIG quick for Ladybird didn't give it to her. But you nominated her. The KADEMI is ninety two years old. Now how many women has given an academy award for directing one. And that's Kathryn Bigelow for hurt locker. Ninety two years one award hang your head in shame name anyway not knocking any of these men that did get nominated. But there's one in there that I would sacrifice for Greta Gerwig but you you try to guess who that is anyway. Here they are. Martin Scorsese the Irishman Todd Phillips. For Joker Sam Mendes for nine thousand nine hundred Seventeen Quentin Tarantino eighteen. O for once upon a time in Hollywood and Bung June hope for parasite every one of these guys you can make a case for. Martin Scorsese Z.. To me is a master the grandmaster who only has one Oscar for directing and then the Irishman is doing some of his best work. Ever Quentin Tarantino. Not No with once upon a time in Hollywood is also a peak form and yet I'm saying this category is going to between two other the directors one of them being the South Korean Vong June Hall for parasite a Foreign Language Film. That seems to have got everybody excited about what's possible and then Sam Mendes for nine hundred seventeen a world war one movie that is constructed to look like it was done in in one continuous. Take how do you resist that. You don't even though I think they would really like to give their best director award worked. Bon John. How it's going to be for Sam Mendes for creating a war movie like no war movie we've ever seen before so sam I think think it's yours but if you're getting out there and you WanNa go to Bung Jun Ho? You know you might do it because there's always a surprise in these contests we can't go. Oh by what the odds are we have to go by sometimes the academy saying I have an instinct for this. I have a feeling this is the right way to go all right last category. Are we ready best picture of the year Ford versus Ferrari the Irishman Joe. Joe Rabbit Joker her little women marriage story nineteen seventeen once upon a time in Hollywood and parasite here is is the one you know every year I do this. It's between one or two movies this year. I can't reduce anything to to the Irishman my estimation a classic one for the ages. Martin Scorsese. Ed Is Best Robert De Niro Pacino. Joe Patchy making a mob movie about old-age age about the end of a mobster. This is the punishment that they get for the lives they live. There's nobody in their lives there alone. It's a tragedy Quentin went and Tarintino. Once upon a time in Hollywood is writing about Hollywood in the sixties and about a time that he thought was the last creative burst of Hollywood Hollywood and doing that. Nineteen seventeen again the World War One movie shot to make it look like. It's one continue steak and parasite a movie about a Korean Rian family in which they exploited the people they work for and then are exploited by the people working for them it is a classic. These are four incredible classics. So what am I gonNA do. What am I going to tell you? What's out there that you have to say? This is the winner and I'm going to go with with all excuses. No excuses in fact to my love for the Irishman. But I think this is the year of Quentin Tarantino. I I think once upon a time in Hollywood being a love letter to Hollywood and being voted on by people who live and work in Hollywood Quentin Tarantino despite right brilliant work with pulp fiction inglorious bastards reservoir dogs Django unchained has never won a Best Picture Oscar or a best director Oscar. Never it's never happened. What better time than now? When he saying Hollywood I love you? I think it's time Hollywood to say to Quentin Tarantino. I love you back back. So you've got it watch the show and afterwards we'll have a discussion.

Hollywood Oscar Brad Brad Pitt Scarlett Johansson Quentin Tarantino Laura Dern Academy Awards Joe Pesci Director Renee Zellweger Joe Patchy Charlie Martin Scorsese Judy Garland Leonardo Dicaprio Tom Hanks Joaquin Phoenix Irishman Peter Travers
BGN Predicts the 2020 Oscars

Black Girl Nerds

04:05 min | 1 year ago

BGN Predicts the 2020 Oscars

"Welcome to this episode of the Black Girl Nerds podcast. My name is Jamie and I'm your host. The Oscars are coming up. You guys coming up very soon and we're going to do something a little different in the past pass when we have done Oscar shows. We've done a breakdown of the Academy Awards this year. We're doing a predictions Shows so we're going to run this episode before Sunday night ceremony. And I'm excited to do this prediction show with myself. And I've got an Jelica and Ryan here are wonderful podcasters to give some predictions on Oscar night this Sunday Sunday ladies still all right yeah. Let's go ahead and break this down. So we'll we'll just start from the top right so Oscars twenty twenty best picture. We've got the nominees as Ford versus. Ferrari the Irishman Joe. Joe Rabbit Joker little women marriage story nineteen seventeen once upon a time in Hollywood and parasite now Before we discussed what we predict. I WanNa say what I believe will be the pick but I also want to add the film that I would not to win. Yeah so if you have a film that you want to win you can select that and then the one that you think will in fact when so for me the film that will win best picture are is going to be nineteen seventeen That is a film that has already won best picture by way of the Golden Globes. It won in best picture for the critics choice and it is the favourite right now amongst the Hollywood industry community so nineteen seventeen is the bet amongst everybody for best picture. I really do want parasite to win. I saw parasite I loved it. It is one of the greatest films of twenty nineteen. If you have not seen parasite for are those relisting please go see it. It is just brilliant I just love the metaphor of a socio economic onomic class and welfare and how they use those metaphors into suspense and psychological adjective thriller in this film. And it's just so brilliantly done and I'm not really one for like foreign films. I'm not really that kind kind of you know movie Fan. But parasite blew me away and it is by far one of the best films again of of Twenty nine thousand nine so I hope that people will and myself will be surprised. And that parasite will walk away with best picture but I think probably the likelihood of nineteen seventeen will be the one that will walk away with best picture which I got right. Yep I mean well I mean that's basically how nineteen seventeen. I saw that you know Golden Globes a lot of buzz about that one but yeah I think parasite will be a good look look for the Oscars. There probably won't do it but I think like seeing like the interviews with the cast and stuff like that. I think we'll be something different for them that I'm always pushing for Oscars but yeah. I'm pretty sure they probably going to nine hundred seventy. I agree with my two thousand eighteen at but I want joker to win best picture like how wins Wasco I Want I want joker to win. Best win has not released a superhero. One has a comic won the best picture ever

Golden Globes Jamie Oscar Academy Awards Joe Rabbit Irishman Joe Hollywood Ferrari Ford Jelica Ryan
"joe  rabbits" Discussed on Five(ish) Fangirls Podcast

Five(ish) Fangirls Podcast

03:11 min | 1 year ago

"joe rabbits" Discussed on Five(ish) Fangirls Podcast

"Aw missing link visual effects. Nineteen seventeen vendors. Endgame the Irishman the Lion King or star wars the rice skywalker outwit both Within game so yeah yes. Yeah I feel like in game I mean yeah there it is. I mean. This isn't a return the king sort of situation but I kinda. NFL like endgame will get Get something just because it's the the capstone on the whole marvel the whole. MCA You experiment. Experiment and how well it did. I'm like they end. The visual effects were amazing. Especially that April it just her house full. This movie was was like a big old visual mess. Yes looks it looks it looks amazing and it it just like it got they got so many characters in there so many so many everything. So yeah I kinda feel like game is GonNa. It's gotTa get something mine is Yeah come come on Academy at least at least acknowledged acknowledged that much. Yeah yes all right film editing. Ford Rituals Ferrari the Irishman in Georgia. Rabbit joker or parasites. I think this could go any number number of ways so another one I feel like at least one of these somewhat Yeah Is kind of annoyed. One thousand nine hundred nineteen didn't get put in here because obviously there is some editing that goes into whatever it is but I don't know I'm like I I say four. Four versus Ferrari has won best editing. A couple of times. It's not one a whole lot. Go just in general But the few awards has won have been editing so But so is the Irishman. It's the jokers not really one technical. It's mostly acting so Abbott parasite has also won everything so so okay. I'm bringing out the dice for this one here His I picked the Irishman Chauncey Chauncey So well I rolled my d-6 twice. I ended up with a three twice. The third one on the list is Joe Joe Rabbits so sure. Yeah.

Chauncey Chauncey Joe Joe Rabbits Ferrari NFL Abbott Georgia
Oscar Nominations 2020: The Complete List


01:08 min | 1 year ago

Oscar Nominations 2020: The Complete List

"The twenty twenty Oscar nominations are out this year it's all about Todd Phillips is joker which leads the pack with eleven nods including Best Actor for walking Phoenix in fact the sing real movie is on track to match the records of Titanic the lord of the rings the return of the king and Ben Hur by winning eleven total awards as expected from Mars also include Martin Scorsese Irishman Sam Mendes's World War one epic nineteen seventeen and Quentin Tarantino star studded once upon a time in Hollywood are right behind joker with ten nods each side became the first ever south Korean film to be nominated for Best Picture getting six nods along with Joe Joe rabbit little women and a marriage story of course there are a lot of snobs first and foremost women were totally snubbed in the best direct the category for the second year in a row despite great movies like little women and the farewell coming out last year Jennifer Lopez in get a nod for best supporting actress in hustlers even after scoring Screen Actors Guild critics choice and golden globe nominees and Adam Sandler was almost unrecognizable in this type of role on jams and fans are rooting for him to get his first Oscar nomination thanks to the road but he's not on the list

Phoenix Sam Mendes Hollywood Jennifer Lopez Adam Sandler Oscar Todd Phillips Ben Hur Martin Scorsese Quentin Tarantino Joe Joe Screen Actors Guild
Florence Pugh on Little Women, Oscar Nomination & Meryl Streep - Jimmy Kimmel Live


01:22 min | 1 year ago

Florence Pugh on Little Women, Oscar Nomination & Meryl Streep - Jimmy Kimmel Live

"Top five films of the year. I can't believe that I'm so in line with the academy but my top five were all nominated for best picture parasite the Irishman Mary Story Little Women. And once upon a time in Hollywood and I am grateful that little women at least wasn't completely overlook getting six nominations that one for director Jour- obviously is one the bugs me and I also think it was surely one of the best edited films of the year but happy about Florence pugh and some of the other nominations at got yeah definitely Florence. Pew is someone. I voted for best adapted. Screenplay was a no brainer so I'm glad to see that they honored little women there as well and there were things that I was happy about also I mean it. It isn't all gloom and doom for me five of films that made my top ten of twenty nineteen were recognized in major categories so best picture nominations for parasite the the Irishman and Joe. Joe Rabbit. Those were all my top. Ten best actor nod for Antonio Banderas in pain and glory. I mean it seems like you shouldn't have to say this but I was worried just because it's a Spanish language performance It might be overlooked or relegated to the sidelines. So I'm glad that didn't happen. And best original screenplay nomination for for my number nine film of the year. Ryen Johnson's knives out. We talked about the intricacy and the cleverness yet also the entertainment factor actor all coming together in that screenplay so it had to get that

Jour Florence Pugh Ryen Johnson Antonio Banderas Joe Rabbit Mary Story Florence PEW Hollywood Director
The Oscar noms are out

Celeb News Ride Home

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The Oscar noms are out

"All right. Let's just dive into the nominees for the Oscars. Isa Ray and John Show announced them at the early hour of five eighteen. Am this morning. And now I'm going to read them to you right now. Oh okay the best picture. Nominees are Ford versus Ferrari the Irishman Joe. Joe Rabbit Joker little women marriage story in nineteen seventeen once upon a time in Hollywood and parasite for parasite this is actually a history making nomination. This is the the first ever. KOREAN BAST picture nominee. Okay here's the directing. Nominations Scorsese is nominated for the Irishman Todd Phillips Phillips's nominated for Joker Sam Mendez is nominated for directing nineteen seventeen Tarantino nominated for once upon a time in Hollywood and Vong June. How is needed for parasite just in case? You didn't catch it. Those are all male directors. No female directors got nominated this year. Okay here's the nominations for actress in a leading role Cynthia Areva has nominated for Harriet Scarlett. Johansson nominated for marriage story. See your shirt. Ronin women is nominated for little women. She's actually the youngest four time Oscar nominee in history. Now she's only twenty five. She's gotten four nominations. Pretty Cool also nominated donated. Is Charlie's thrown for bombshell and Renee Zellweger for Judy. Who is my personal favorite? I mean everyone in this category I I think is fantastic but judy is for some reason. My favorite movie of this Oscar season I just. I don't know somethings like broken in my brain because as I feel like I'm the only one that thinks judy is the best movie of all time but I fully acknowledged that my taste in movies is you know not normal anyway now for actor in a leading role we've got Antonio Banderas for Pain and Glory Leo DiCaprio Aka. LDC is nominated for once. It's part time in Hollywood. Adam drivers nominated for marriage story. Walking Phoenix is nominated for Joker and Jonathan. Pryce is nominated for the two popes oops. I'm sorry we're going to get to the snaps later but I have to say I can't believe Adam Sandler didn't get the best actor in a leading role nomination like come on uncut gems tmz is so good The two popes guy beat out. Adam Sandler Tam okay now for best actress in a supporting role we've got Kathy Bates dates for her part. In Richard Jewel. People are actually talking about how her nomination is one of the surprises of this year's nominees. Laura DERN got nominated from marriage story Scarlett Johansson has her second nomination for this supporting role in Joe. Joe Rabbit. Florence PUGH got nominated for a little women and Margot Robbie got an obligation for bombshell. Of course we all know. I'm a big flow pugh Stan. I mean hope she wins this category so bad. I'm at the point if my like Phantom of Florence Pew that have started following like Florence. PUGH twitter stanton accounts. I can't wait to see her. And Zach braff on the red carpet. Please please take Zach Braff to the Oscars come on Florence. Please all right now for best actor in a supporting role. We've got Brad Pitt for once upon a time in Hollywood al Al Pacino for the Irishman. Joe Patchy for the Irishman. Tom Hanks for a beautiful day in the neighborhood and Anthony Hopkins for the two popes. So I'm I'm not gonna read the rest of the categories You can look them up online if you want but the big winner for the nominations at least is the joker which has walked walked with eleven nominations. Next place is the Irishman which has ten nominations nineteen seventeen also got ten nominations. So did once upon a time. I'm in Hollywood denominations and behind that Gioja rabbit got six total nominations. Little women got six total. Nominations seem with marriage story in parasite recite which also both got six

Scarlett Johansson Hollywood Ford Joe Rabbit Judy Zach Braff Florence Florence Pugh Adam Sandler Adam Sandler Tam Florence Pew Joe Patchy JOE Joker Tom Hanks Isa Ray Todd Phillips Phillips Oscar Laura Dern Richard Jewel
Our Top 10 Films of 2019


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Our Top 10 Films of 2019

"Last week on the show we focused on our out liar pixies or movies that were unique to our individual top ten list this week. It's what we're calling the consensus picks though as you'll hear in a moment a little bit of a misnomer because these things can never just line up perfectly. We do want to quickly recap the the movies we talked about last week on the show Tasha. You're the big winner with five movies as outliers. You were the only one who loved these movies that much which is to say. Some of US didn't appreciate these films but we didn't appreciate him quite as much as you did. Those titles were I did not realize I was winning but I will take this win They were wild rose the drama about the Scottish woman who wants to be a country and western singer. I lost my body. The French animated drama about a severed hand. Making its way through Paris Chris. The Documentary Hail Satan about the rise of the political group the Satanic Temple. Honey boy the style of movie where he plays his own father and tells his own. The story and the nightingale a harrowing rape revenge drama from Jennifer Kent Director of the Obama Duke tied for second place. Michael and Josh Michael Will Start with you. Four titles else that were outlined four titles ashes pure swathes Uson case great gangster film one child nation a terrific documentary About a filmmaker who goes back to her home village in China to explore the consequences of the government's one child policy that affected everybody in her family and her village waves the drama Rahmah from trae Edwards Scholtz his third feature and a great streak of threes on NFL. Nobody saw nobody knows present. Perfect from school of the the art institute graduate and it's a wonderful Colli picture of about a youtube stars in China and just come into the lives we learn about through all this phone footage Josh. You're foreign. I had Clerides highlife. Joanna Hogg's the Souvenir Takeaway. TD's Joe Joe. Rabbit and Pedro Element over Spain and glory so my top ten list. Apparently very boring and predictable. I only had three outliers. Safdie brothers Uncut Gems starring. Adam Sandler. Her was my number nine choice. Alex Perry's her smell starring Elizabeth Moss one of the best performances by an actress. This year I think was my number seven choice and I had James. Gray's Astra Astra starring Brad Pitt at number six.

United States Josh Michael China Rabbit Joanna Hogg Joe Joe Alex Perry Satanic Temple Adam Sandler Elizabeth Moss Paris Chris Trae Edwards Brad Pitt Uson Barack Obama Youtube Rape Gray James Jennifer Kent
"joe  rabbits" Discussed on 77WABC Radio

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"joe rabbits" Discussed on 77WABC Radio

"The technology in this place right can see and hear you when you're even forty feet away in the next room I know it really is amazing actually ten cannons had long string so so drew yeah we're nearing the end of the year which means it's time for dumb editorials from newspapers explaining the Christmas is actually a social justice warrior holiday my favorite of the year has been so far there's an article on if you signed your time by Jennifer Finney Boylan who is the trans gender writer for The New York Times about how Rudolph the red nosed reindeer is actually a gay icon I have used on this one yet somehow I missed that I don't know what he could have got my I could have gone over that limit every every single year we see a bevy of stories about people on the left hijacking Christmas and then using it to promote social messages there is this church that apparently put up like they gain intimacy every year people do this routine I'm not a Christian you are what you make of this well of course it's I mean it Christianity is infuses everything that we are in everything that we believe whether you're not with your Christian or not so many of our ideas about right and wrong so many of our ideas what a human being is come to us from Christianity and of course from Judaism Jesus being a Jew and because of the the west so much they have to basically destroy this core idea this court believe it's a court vision really of what people are and why they should be free and why they should be non bigoted in love one another and these things they want to offer themselves because they know that somehow they're part of all of us and if they can do that they can have the world but they can't because it makes any sense for the lie all the time and tell you all will Jesus was a Palestinian which is one of my favorites and work you know he was he was whatever they wanted to be a social justice warrior and he was none of those things okay so it let's get on to a lighter topic here even later than the the minds of the people who talk about Christmas as well let's talk about two movies said since the year and and that means there been to actually put the good movies that came out in the end of the year it's not out yet but I actually saw a screening of nineteen seventeen last night with my wife and it is it's first rate it it's the best World War one movie I've ever seen it's really fantastic that's exciting I look at World War one yes Sam Mendes who directed it he he made about his his grandfather apparently who tell him stories from World War one and is very respectful I it's almost classic filmmaking the whole thing is done with one tracking shot for nearly the entire movie there's one a go it cuts to black one time in the entire film the rest of the film is one giant tracking shot just following these guys moving through landscape it's pretty amazing yeah you've seen some of the year in movies which ones are you liking well I like I just so Richard Jewell which I really like for that purpose the performances are all believable Sam Rockwell who also true great performances that Joe Joe rabbit this year ease really got to the great performances a living awhile plays the reporter Kathy scrubs and she is I've known her I've no I didn't know Kathy Strug scores but I know reporters just like our girls who use their sexuality yet stories girls were actually while the couldn't turn your back on him because you never knew what they were going to do and she just captures a person perfectly what I love about this movie it's about a true story of a guy who is virtually destroyed an innocent man was virtually destroyed by the FBI and the press working together and all the critics are going to it and saying this is a pro trump movie because from Clint Eastwood is a there's a pro trouble and I think well it doesn't mention trump so what makes you think it's a prodrome will be just because it's about a guy getting destroyed by the end of ninety he would put that in your mind yeah it was actually a really clever piece of of love story telling about the way the press destroys people in the FBI gets out of control it's pretty good stuff children drew you mention judge a rabbit it it's been getting you know the sort of glowing reviews it sort of feels like life is beautiful in the sense that yeah I it's it's seemingly uncontroversial then it's going to become controversial red for Oscar season what exactly is that movie because I was sort of interested in seeing a what do you make of it it's it's a it's a it's one of the new breed of Holocaust movies that doesn't really have a feel for how deep the Holocaust is how important how impossible it is to turn it into a Hollywood film I always blame I shouldn't blame Steven Spielberg's Schindler's list for this he was only doing what he does but when it was you sentimental lies what is in fact one of the blackest maybe the blackest historical event in human history what's the sentiment was once you turn into a Hollywood movie it just loses its true meaning and yet in that genre in that genre it's very funny it's very cute his heart is in the basically in the right place and and it has the fortunes from second Rockwell it's crazy game **** without an actual heart who actually because all who just loves the uniforms of the craziness of it all that is absolutely hilarious of the rock will just takes the movie walks away with it and it really is it really is funny stuff and it is always a good hearted movie but yeah if you actually care about human history and human evil is not going to reach those debts are all night and reclaimed host of the inner clinching give him a listen over daily when it comes also why should subscribe of twenty five percent off deal for our subscriptions right now drew thanks for you time always good coming up we'll be joined by biblical scholar and talk show host Dennis Prager he's got a brand new book and he's doing a five volume series on the Bible I would ask him about the hijacking of the Bible if god remember the party which party would god be a member of it will also ask about the latest round.

"joe  rabbits" Discussed on SWITCHCast: the week's film reviews, news and interviews

SWITCHCast: the week's film reviews, news and interviews

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"joe rabbits" Discussed on SWITCHCast: the week's film reviews, news and interviews

"Let's get straight into it with Joe Joe Rabbit the latest film from Tyco. It just checked out this World War Two satire. So does this comedy go off with a bang. Bang young as hard. You're influenced by the wrong things the right things and what's worse you're unable to tell the difference between the two for ten year old wannabe Nazi judger. It's his dream to serve his era so much. So that Adolf Hitler just happens to be his best friend his imaginary best friend but when JOE DISCOVERS ELSA a seventeen year old Jew living in his wall while outside the German armies losing and the end of the war is inevitable. Everything Jojoy thought he knew is now a skew. Black is white up his DAN and Jews. A beautiful without horns and mind control powers.

Joe Joe Rabbit Adolf Hitler Tyco Jojoy
Screen Actors Guild Reveals Award Nominees

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Screen Actors Guild Reveals Award Nominees

"Welcome to the frame Steven Cuevas filling in for John Horn our broadcast was preempted today for special coverage of the presidential impeachment proceedings. But we bring you this special podcast addition to talk about the screen actors Guild Award nominations which were announced today and what better person to call on John Horn. WHO's on assignment assignment in New York? Hey John Hey Steven how are you. Okay so let's start with the nominees for outstanding performance by a male actor in a leading role. What do we got so the nominees? He's were Christian. Bale from Ford versus Ferrari Leonardo di Caprio for once upon a time in Hollywood Adam driver from marriage story Joaquin Phoenix from joker car. And then probably the surprise in the category is turned Edgerton. Who Played Elton John and rocket man? If you start looking at who isn't in I think. Probably the most was notable exclusion as Robert Deniro for his lead role in the Irishman. He is getting a lifetime. Achievement Award Screen Actors Guild Award. So maybe that was part of the math but Jonathan Pryce was not nominated from two popes. Adam Sandler was not nominated from uncut gems and also left out of the competition was Antonio Banderas for pain and glory. Yeah it was a little surprised to see Bandera slept out you and I talked about that film and I think we agree that it was kind of career. Defining performance Let's move on to the lead actress. Category Who have their we have Cynthia Areso from? Harriet Scarlett Johansson from marriage story. The neon go from us. Charlie's therein Erin from bombshell and Renee Zellweger from Judy not a lot of surprises there. There were two women of color. The surprise I guess was that that search or Ronin was not nominated for little women some people thought Aquafina might have gotten in from the farewell. In fact little women did really badly today in the screen actors Guild L. Dominations and how about supporting role in the mail categories some pretty juicy performances. There are some really good pegues. Jamie Fox was nominated for Justice mercy. Tom Hanks Sup- Played Fred. Rogers and a Beautiful Day in the neighborhood. A couple of actors from the Irishman Al Pacino. And Joe Patchy and then Brad Pitt from once upon a time in Hollywood I said earlier. Jonathan Pryce was not nominated for playing Pope Francis in the two popes. Anthony Hopkins was not nominated for playing Pope Benedict in the two popes as well and this is also one of those weird categories in terms of. WHO's supporting and WHO's lead? It's one of those things where the studios can kind of say to the screen actors guild and the academy and other words as we think. This person is a lead this person's supporting I mean. They're two popes are mostly onscreen for the the same time. And you have Brad Pitt. Who is up for supporting actor? Leonardo DiCaprio for lead actor and once upon a time in Hollywood. I think he put a stop. Watch on it Leo. Joe Might have like twenty seconds or screen time. I don't know it feels like that's kind of tricky. Math and Tom Hanks's probably star of a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Even though he shares there's Screen time with another character again. The studios got to decide of the actors. Don't vote somebody in that category than they don't get nominated yes. Some people might be especially puzzled by the Tom. Hanks category for him winding up in the supporting actor. Can you explain that a little bit like why why that is well. I think if you look at that that film you can say that even though. It's a movie about Fred Rogers. It's really about the journalist whose life is transformed by meeting with Fred Rogers and something similar happened. In the supporting actress. Category according to Variety Kathy Bates is in this film by Clint Eastwood. Call Richard Jewel rule and she's been getting some awards attention in the supporting actress. Category but according to Variety Warner brothers mistakenly submitted fitted her as a lead actress for the screen actors Guild Awards and she didn't get nominated and she didn't get nominated for supporting actress because they had submitted committed error in probably the wrong category. Well who else do we have in the category of supporting actress. Another pretty strong category. Laura dern from marriage stories Scarlett Johansson another nomination for Joe Joe Rabbit this time and then to actors from bombshell Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie and finally Jennifer Lopez from Hustler's right. We have so we have Scarlett Johansson nominated for both lead and supporting actress rare A little bit but you know pretty. Good Year for Scarlett Johansson. I don't think you can fault any of those performances. I think they were both really strong. And you know she's playing opposite. Visit Adam driver. Who was nominated for marriage story? Joe Joe Rabbit as we're GONNA say in just a second got a little bit more attention as well so both nominations. I'd say we're served in both. Were in really good films. Let's finish up with the outstanding performance by a cast in a motion picture. Is it true that this winter is often a predictor for the Academy Award Best Picture winner in historically. Yes that has been true but if you look at the last two best picture winner shape of water and green book they weren't even even nominated for the Sag Ensemble Award so yes. It is a good thing to be nominated for in terms of Academy Awards because it's important to note the actress. Branch ranch is the biggest branch in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. So what the actors do in the screen actors. Guild awards is often a good harbinger of what the Oscar Asker voters might do. So the nominees for on Samba were bombshell. Which I think is a little bit of a surprise? Good news for that film. The Irishman Joe Joe Rabbit once upon a time time in Hollywood and the real surprise in this category was parasite which is a Korean film. It's only the second foreign language film in Sag History. The other one one was life is beautiful to get a nomination for the ensemble award. I think it's really important for parasite. I think it's interesting. THAT MARRIAGE BRIDGE STORY WASN'T NOMINATED FOR ENSEMBLE. Neither was little women and so all the power seemed to be going to parasite right now and I would have to say say once upon a time in Hollywood and the Irishman well there you have it this year's screen actors Guild Award nominations in the film category. John you may resume get your New York theatre going. Thank you Steve. And I'll go do it right now

Joe Joe Rabbit Hollywood Harriet Scarlett Johansson Guild Award Fred Rogers Tom Hanks Jonathan Pryce Leonardo Di Caprio Elton John Adam Sandler New York Brad Pitt Academy Of Motion Picture Arts John Horn Guild L. Dominations Steven Cuevas Joe Patchy Robert Deniro Edgerton Joaquin Phoenix
"joe  rabbits" Discussed on AP News

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"joe rabbits" Discussed on AP News

"This site is only the second foreign language film to be nominated for the top SAG award at the cast award aside from life is beautiful in 1997 the Irishman scored a nomination in that category as well as individual nominations for Al Pacino and Joe Pesci once upon a time in Hollywood got accounts performance nomination plus once for Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt the other cast nominees are for Joe Joe rabbit and bomb shell Scarlett Johannson got to individual nominations among the TV nominees are the crown game of thrones the handmaid's tale berry and flea bag the SAG awards are January 19 in Los Angeles I Margie's our letter

Al Pacino Joe Pesci Hollywood Leonardo DiCaprio Brad Pitt Joe Joe rabbit Scarlett Johannson SAG Los Angeles
'Parasite,' 'Bombshell' get a boost in SAG nominations

AP News Radio

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'Parasite,' 'Bombshell' get a boost in SAG nominations

"This site is only the second foreign language film to be nominated for the top SAG award at the cast award aside from life is beautiful in nineteen ninety seven the Irishman scored a nomination in that category as well as individual nominations for Al Pacino and Joe Pesci once upon a time in Hollywood got accounts performance nomination plus once for Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt the other cast nominees are for Joe Joe rabbit and bomb shell Scarlett Johannson got to individual nominations among the TV nominees are the crown game of thrones the handmaid's tale berry and flea bag the SAG awards are January nineteenth in Los Angeles I Margie's our letter

Al Pacino Joe Pesci Hollywood Leonardo Dicaprio Brad Pitt Joe Joe Rabbit Scarlett Johannson SAG Los Angeles
"joe  rabbits" Discussed on The Big Picture

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"joe rabbits" Discussed on The Big Picture

"Okay okay I'm GonNa love me again from rocket man into the unknown frozen to spirit the lion king stand up Harriet. So you've you've got Elton John Beyond say do we know whether it's a denial Zell. WHO's nominated for into the unknown or is that panic at the disco? It's Edina okay. Well I it's I I don't know what kind of world we're living in this point. Beautiful Ghost is I believe the Taylor Swift Song and stand up is this. NDA Ribaud Song. I believe at the extract correct. Where where's Jessie Buckley? I Dunno I finally caught up with rose. Oh what'd you think. She's delightful grant. It's an and that song is really lovely. It's Great Yeah Eh. Shame on the HP. That'll be the time we say that on this podcast best original score Alexander does plot little women helder older gwenda Tear Joker Randy Newman marriage story. That's my dad. Thomas Newman nineteen seventeen. Daniel Pemberton motherless Brooklyn. Let me tell you the first thing thing I did after these nominations were announced. I put on the scored motherless Brooklyn and I was like Oh okay this is real good. Yeah this is a weird domination. It's a bit of a random nomination. I wonder if there was a lot of lobbying for this nomination. But it's a great score. That's kind of captures mid-century New York jets just just pleased to see it couple. Things pretty aggressively snubbed. Here okay Michael J. Kino's Gioja Rabbits Gordon keen on one of the most beloved and honored composers working in Hollywood right now. Michael Michael abels US score. I think is really one of the more interesting and acclaimed of the year. No John Williams Horizon skywalker infectious stores at all here. Was it screened in time time. I doubt it but who knows just has not screened for an uneven chinooks. So can I can. I just say a pawn rewatching Mary story this has been out to be like. Wow the randy. Newman scores amazing but that movie is not that movie. Without Randy Newman score. It's outstanding totally agree. The and the first time I saw it. I didn't feel it as much on the second time I felt doubt. Yes yes and so you know. We'll see what happens there. Rainy Newman has won for best original song but has never one for best original score. He's obviously you know. This is the guy who wrote the score to the natural. This is one of the great composers songwriters of our time and is one of my idols. Best screenplay motion picture Noah Baumbach for marriage story. Bongino Hundred Mon for Parasite Anthony McCartan that. You Popes Quentin Tarantino. Once upon a time in Hollywood Steven Diane for the Irishman so maybe we slight oversight our winters. I think the two posts is big winner here to yes and this is the first time we're seeing the words. The two popes on this show everybody you said after telluride that the two posts was going to come through and dominate. And then they they didn't get any love at all from all those critics bodies we talked about and then here it is so now. It's starting you did pick this believe I picked it. Yes it this is a very the golden goose your first pick. Yeah it just. It's so classic it does have international appeal because it set obviously in the Vatican and end. There's some art Argentina flashbacks and chew very very beloved actors and Jonathan. Pryce Anthony Hopkins. It is Is feel good. It is accessible and it just it seems like Golden Globes Candy. I agree with you I wouldn't even be stunned if at one. This category It's it's seems most likely that that Baumbach would win here but him not getting a director nomination. There's a feeling right. No I think the Oscar race that something like this might happen Irishman White Win. Best Picture Quentin Tarantino might win best director and no abound back might win okay screenplay and that is how they you would find a way to acknowledge the three frontrunners. I could see that. The Globe says different narrow honoring different stuff Give them a lot of credit for nominating parasite our site. I didn't even get a nominee director and so this is not a bad category. The the film that leaves out. Obviously he's a little women which I think is actually a feat of screenplay in writing in a Lotta ways yes because adaptations go. It's a very unusual adaptation as you have made me understand last month and we'll talk more about that again then. Does the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Books you know to be fair has any man in my life. Read this book either. No so it's okay but I don't think that they cared about the intricate adaptation process of little women. I agree with you Joe. Rabbit also not nominated in this category category starting to feel like Joe Joe Rabbits fadeaway. Yeah which that's okay. Fine let me best actor in a supporting role in any motion picture. Tom Tom Hanks a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Anthony Hopkins the two popes Al Pacino. The Irishman Joe Pesci the Irishman Brad Pitt. Once upon a time in Hollywood. This is what I would call the chalk. Yes I category here We tried to get cute and suggests sterling K. Brown in waves when we had our predictions and that of course did not happen in GOP. She was nominated. He also won a bunch of critics six awards over the weekend and Joe Patchy rules in the Irishman. So this is fine by me. I just WanNa say that this category it was. This is what I picked from Oscar predictions and October. Oh congratulations to you thanks. I I don't feel very proud about it. Considering the nominating body but yeah these are good performances. I like all of that would be fine that's probably the last time. We'll say that best actress in a supporting role in any motion picture. Kathy Bates were Richard Jewel. That for the Report Art Laura dern marriage story Jennifer Lopez hustlers Margot Robbie bombshell. I feel like I'm getting really good at reading these and I they hire me to do one of us I did you feel like I'm in like the awards presentation you know at five in the morning when they're reading the nominations available. I was awake and watching that. It was very funny to watch Tim Allen. Read the nominees in this category. I just a brief rant and I've seen a lot of other Awards journalists analysts and prognosticators ranting about this recently but You know what I'm going to save it. Oh Okay I'm going to save Hark okay I I love and respect of the women in this category and it makes me really bad you WanNa Shutian. Yeah and Florence Pew here we go. I think there are three people in here who consider lack for the Oscars and we pick them in our gloves. Predictions Laura dern marriage story Jennifer Lopez were hustlers. Margot Robbie for bombshell I. I think these are three great performances. It seems like Laura Dern is just GonNa win the Oscars. We just don't need to really talk about it. We can have a little fun with the two other nominations nations. And it's a little bit of who do you WanNa see the Oscars and who do you want to have get to talk about for a couple of months leading an betting has never won an Oscar. She absolutely deserves an Oscar. She's not going to win it this year. So why are we spending any time on this. Nothing burner performance in the reports. She's just wearing a wig. Okay okay the coffee kicked.

Oscar Randy Newman Hollywood Thomas Newman Quentin Tarantino Noah Baumbach Anthony Hopkins Margot Robbie director Jennifer Lopez Laura Dern Jessie Buckley Joe Joe Rabbits Elton John Michael Michael abels Harriet Edina Newman Daniel Pemberton Hollywood Foreign Press Associ
"joe  rabbits" Discussed on 90.3 KAZU

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"joe rabbits" Discussed on 90.3 KAZU

"A at W. A. M. U. dot org and fair warning final warning we're discussing this movie spoilers and all so if you have not seen Joe Joe rabbit but you want to do not send me angry tweets because we spoil the story just listen to this conversation a little bit later at the one A. dot org let's pick up with that last comment from Janice who emailed I'm reminded of the play and funny film the producers that has a play within a play that spoofs Hitler I tell my non Jewish friends that it's okay to laugh while watching John would you react to that this idea of it being okay to laugh at a movie about Hitler about the **** about the suppression an extermination of Jews I think it's really tricky issue and certainly the the people that I've talked to who are most upset by the film tend to have relatives who are Holocaust survivors so I think that is an important thing to remember that's sad remember the great dictator came out in nineteen forty and the movie that I would really side it's a bigger influence on title I TT is the original to be or not to be by Ernst Lubitsch that came out in nineteen forty two also a comedy about **** and I think this is important distinction you can make jokes about **** you can't make jokes about the Holocaust but it is also important to remember that word a point in American history and I was just looking this up there was a study last year by the conference on Jewish material claims against Germany two thirds of American middle millennials could not identify what Auschwitz was and twenty two percent of millennials said they'd never heard of the Holocaust so you have to remember that we are living in ignorant times at a movie like this even if it's a satire even if it's a comedy in this is part of Tyco I tease intention can tell a younger audience and remind them what happened during the war even if it's a comedy even if it off Hitler is an imaginary friend it's important that people remember history because there's a lot of people who have forgotten Stephen I remember when Schindler's list came out in ninety three won the academy award for Best Picture as history and fate would have it directed by Steven Spielberg helped to bring attention to the show a foundation which documents the lives of Jews and was released by universal picture which was founded by Carl Laemmle who was a German Jew but I remember that when that movie came out and started to run high schools all over the country including mine there was a little bit of a flutter of like can we show this to high school like freshman like this is three hours of super realistic holy crap Holocaust horror like I don't know if I want my kids to see this it seems like this subject is stormy on both sides whether it's a truly realistic drama or total social satire yeah it's it's a very difficult issue of how you address this history in almost every film that's dealt with the whole cost is received kind of mixed reviews about whether there were those who criticized for instant Schindler's list when it came out and said that it it focused on the aspect of rescue and perhaps over emphasize that and then maybe Mitchell a look a little bit too much like the hero of the story right or that it it emphasize that aspect of that and and kind of down played others but I think in so you're going to run that risk that no film and I think it's expecting too much to say that one film is going to be able to deal with with the Holocaust in its entirety in its all its complexity but I think they can each in some ways educate us about particular issues and I think Joe Joe rabbit doesn't I think Schindler's list does that I think you know the great dictator to be or not to be does that and honestly frankly if you're looking to be educated on the Holocaust you should come to the United States Holocaust more missing like that's the place to go to an institution that is designed for this but I do take the argument about the depiction of Hitler and Tasha your review of Joe Joe rabbit for the verge is titled type a white tee tees Hitler comedy Joe Joe rabbit means way more Hitler what do you mean by that mostly what I meant by that was that I felt that the the most successful aspect of the film what is the relationship between Hitler and Jo Jo Jo Jo is marginalize child he's suffering he's struggling and he creates this image in his head of a six what he sees as a successful powerful leader is validating him he's leaving him his giving them all sorts of messages that it seems impossible to imagine the actual Hitler giving to a child and even even in the clip that you played you can you can hear that with him going on about octopuses and how how the or they're going to be welcome in his kingdom I believe you mean run I suppose this program will definitely run octopus absolutely doesn't want those nationally and running around Goring and grabbing everything he ate scaly gray arms it just it seems to me that I I don't know about the educational value of the movie because it's so wacky and out there on a limb it certainly could lead people curious intellectually curious people in the right direction but just as a purer subversive comedy all of the room all of the wealth there is in that relationship if you look back at take a we TV's previous movie hunt for the Wilder people that's also a really innovative fun and enjoyable family drama slash comedy about a younger boy struggling with acceptance and an older man who he befriends and the dynamic is very similar there and I think a lot more successful than here where the focus shifts really sharply to something that's just not as innovative just not as as out there just not as surprising and strange let's get to the phones now eight five five two three six one a one Hey let's begin here in DC were a Lisa is on the line Hey Lisa what did you think of judge a rabbit how many stars out of five and why yes my husband and I just saw the movie this last weekend and we haven't stopped thinking about it since we give it a five star we thought the acting was superb we've seen many many Holocaust movies and and this was just one other way to bring about the message and we just thought it was excellent how do you reflect on these movies that deal with the Holocaust or or Holocaust related things you said you seen many of them how do you kind of determine if one of them is and I know I'm being very reductive but with one of them is a good movie I think anything we can do to bring the subject out I appreciated your previous person who is speaking talking about the recent information that we have now that says how ignorant people are on the actual Holocaust itself anything we can bring out about that time period I think is effective even if it's done and off kilter way like this one was in terms of making fun of filter I still think it's educational and it would provoke people to think and perhaps maybe look into it a little bit more Schindler's list was another one that yes there were some issues with how it was done but overall I think it was very thought provoking and that's what we need in this time where do you draw the line a lease I mean are are there certain intellectual barriers or intellectual tests may be your personal barriers for you where you can kind of discern where a movie that goes through these themes just goes too far that's that's difficult I think to where I would object as if I would see a movie and I haven't seen that in the recent past where the Holocaust is depicted in a in a dishonest fashion and I have not seen now where it's one thing to make fun of **** as another to glorify them if you will so that's where I would draw the line I think that movies that we've seen coming out in the recent past has has done a good job in a very different way each and everyone of them to bring about the story line and and try and and discuss this bring this up for discussion yeah Lisa I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts thanks very much for talking to us before we keep going on the line Stephen the statistic that John mentioned in terms of how few young people could identify outstrips the concentration camp or even who really understood what the Holocaust was how is that possible that actually makes me angry but so few people understand that ten million people including six million Jews gypsies gays and lesbians you know Jehovah's witnesses the handicap but millions of people were slaughtered by the **** how do you not know this why doesn't the whole country what is in every child in America no what happened when you raise a good question and it's not just a problem that we face the United States but this is a problem that that also affects many places in Europe and other parts of the world I was talking to someone from Sri Lanka some some a year or so ago and he told me he said you know in many places in Asia Hitler's a hero but they don't know about the Holocaust they only see Hitler is a hero and that he was a nationalist United this country at center and so that there is so that we face a danger to as high as as things recede into the past the people forget about that in the importance of this history and where hate anti semitism and racism lad and I think it's you know it's up to all of us to kind of make sure that future generations are educated about this tragic history Kevin emailed I saw Joe Joe rabbit this weekend at the Virginia Film Festival in Charlottesville four out of five stars it's filled with funny and wonderful moments that made me laugh out loud but.

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"This message comes from NPR sponsor xfinity some things are slow like a snail races other things are fast like Xfinity X. by Get fast speeds even when everyone is online working to make WIFI simple easy awesome more at xfinity dot com restrictions apply this is one A. I'm Joshua Johnson in Washington and imaginary friend inspire you make you laugh keep you company when you feel alone but I'm guessing that your imaginary friend was not at all Hitler Court Joe Joe Land I don't want to tell me about that incident was that about they wanted me to kill it I'm sorry about it I couldn't care less that's not as Hitler and Roman Griffin leaving the ten year old Joe Joe Bessler in the satirical film Joe Joe Rabbit Bets Lawyer is training in the Nazi youth during the Third Reich near the end of World War Two you making fun of Nazis is not easy to do satisfying perhaps but tricky does Joe Joe Rabbits strike the right balance and what else does this movie do well beside smocking Nazis joining us for this meeting of the movie club is our Vice President John Horn the host of the frame daily Arts and entertainment programme from KPC..

Joshua Johnson Washington Joe Joe Land Hitler Joe Joe Rabbits John Horn KPC NPR Roman Griffin Joe Joe Bessler Joe Joe Rabbit Vice President ten year
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"It's called Joe Joe rabbit upcoming no well king will speak with the director of that film in the next half hour KQED morning edition time at four thirty I Michael steak good morning live from NPR news in Washington I'm David Mattingly billions of dollars worth of European goods imported by the US are subject to new tariffs beginning today NPR Scott Horsley reports the tears are the latest salvo in a long running trade dispute between American made Boeing aircraft and rival Airbus jets from Europe the US has complained for years that European countries unfairly subsidized Airbus the World Trade Organization agreed and authorize punitive tariffs on up to seven a half million dollars with European imports Airbus jets themselves will face an import tax of ten percent but lots of unrelated products will be taxed at twenty five percent including will in sweaters yogurt and specialty cheese it's Europe may get a chance to retaliate next year when the WTO will consider complaints that the U. S. unfairly subsidizes Boeing jets it's got Wesley NPR news Washington NASA's first all female space walk is scheduled to begin in less than a half hour astronauts Christina cook and Jessica mir will be replacing a piece of hardware that controls power on the station Brendan Byrne with member station W. M. F. he has more a previous attempt at an all female space walk was scrapped back in March when the correct size space each for the would be walkers couldn't be ready in time the space walk is scheduled to last about five and a half hours the first female space walkers both for the U. S. and Soviet Union ventured outside their spacecraft back in nineteen eighty four this is NPR news public school teachers in Chicago remain on strike this is day two of their walk out largely over pay benefits in class size the teachers union says it won't accept the city's offer of sixteen percent pay raises over five years Chicago's mayor Laurie Lightfoot says the city can't afford the union's demands Chicago is the nation's third largest school district he cigarette maker jewels says its suspending sales of most of its flavored products NPR's Alison Aubrey says the move comes amid growing health concerns about illnesses and deaths swing to vaping by the centers for disease control and prevention mostly among young people after a review of company practices led by its new CEO jul says it will suspend the sale of flavored products such as mango fruit and cucumber in September the trump administration announced plans for a national ban on flavor to E. cigarettes a move that many Americans support according to a new poll from the Kaiser family foundation here's pollster at Liz Hamel fifty two percent more in support of a band and about half also supports a ban on the sale of all the cigarettes there are now nearly fifteen hundred cases of serious lung disease linked to vaping and thirty three deaths Alison Aubrey NPR news an explosion at a mosque in eastern Afghanistan today has killed at least ten people it's unclear if a bomb or a mortar was responsible I'm David Mattingly in Washington hi my replete in science Friday rising sea levels are making homeowners make hard choices I actually have been thinking.

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"There's a little bit in a variety store here where apparently there was a recent screening of joe joe rabbit <hes> for disney executives and apparently one of these executives grew audibly uncomfortable during a screening worrying aloud at the material would alienate disney fans hands. <hes> jody rabbit is a satirical movie. That's based on a book. It's directed by takeaway t t follows a german boy who has <hes> hitler arrest imaginary friend and he has his blind patriotism <hes> challenge when he finds out that his mother has been hiding a jewish girl in their house and so i'm not really sure what it is about this movie that alienates disney fans unless they're worried about alienating disney fans that are nazis <hes> so but i imagine it has something to do with the the conservative side the kind of people who were very happy when james gunn was fired as the director of guardians of the galaxy volume three simply because a lot of people don't understand how satire airwork's along with that. There's been <hes> like some shifting as far as movies that were coming out. We heard a while back a long list of projects that were cancelled like the diehard prequel focusing on john maclean before die hard and a mega man movie and stuff like that <hes> <hes> but there are also some other movies that were <hes> seemed like they were going to move forward but now aren't happening we found out about specific titles like tinker bell's which was a movie supposed to be about a group of misbehaving ferries <hes> the adaptation of the kind of book lumber. Janes was supposed to be an animated movie but that's been completely cancelled and then there's also been some shifting as far as who's working on movies apparently greg berlanti who was.

disney joe joe rabbit jody rabbit Janes tinker bell greg berlanti john maclean james gunn director
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"And that is you might recognize that right there but we'll talk D._d.. Himself yes TACO with Hitler not what we're talking about here. If we antibodies started losing getting angry man funded that meals murder but connie lansdowne these that and make a Oh movie about it which is what we got right here where what I'm talking about cool imaginary Hitler yes is a we have here. This movie called Joe Joe Rabbit. Oh tomorrow what no I I got email something about Joe Joe Rabbit the today and says it wasn't an actual screaming. I just blew it off. You kept going well Martin. Don't worry about it introduced you to old Joe Joe himself and Joe Joe does does not having a good time man you know Joel Story takes place during World War Two what looks like a Nazi youth camp in the way and young Joe Joe found himself bullied by friends at the at the camp up which is hard to believe because nothing about the nuts youth I think about friendship and companionship love it would just an offshoot of the boy scouts exactly exactly man exactly in on this they did activities the most of them involved ovens and sit like then a lot of baking. I can't but easy big but you know Olmec but here <hes> Joe Joe has one for into confide in and that's imaginary Hitler and as you can see fun little rump of a movie right there you know with this. Some people are finally breathing a sigh of relief believe this thing you know. We're finally getting the family friendly Nazi movie that we've always wanted so. There's a longer too soon. It's no no is no longer too soon. Mar Now we can hang you have a fun Rop with the Nazis. Okay the people say tell me true. Well you know like I said it is true. You are able to throw down where satire because that's what this is described as all out of salt on hate. Go ahead and see how this all comes together make sense very short trailer for Joe Joe Rabbit. Yes Yeah Hey Joe Joe my old friend. I don't man then they call me scared. Rabbits let them say whatever they want..

Joe Joe Joe Joe Rabbit connie lansdowne murder Martin Joel Story
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"Movies. This year is Tyco. What TD's Joe Joe rabbit? So we'll we'll film where taika place Hitler. Scarlet your Hanson is also in it. I'm seeing any of this movie. I don't I do know the premise that part of it. At least yet I'm really interested not just because of that primus, but because I like all of these films, and I think he's really funny if it shows. Yeah. So I didn't mention that in the list. But it's a lot of Smith said we were going to put. Yeah. Exactly, I said earlier that I was going to pick a indie film that made me look clever, but I forgot to one not too late. Now, maybe I'll think about next ROY Moore. But to be run out should watch Arriva. This drew guy, drew. He was scrolling through Netflix on the weekend. And so they doubted dark horses poll comic with Mads Mikkelsen. Yeah. Heard mixed things about this tweet from ghost face on the why before we get to that drew says it's not perfect by any stretch. That makes a lot of sense there's some scenery chewing, and it's a little derivative John wick, apparently the Pellett and the cinematography is great and meds. Mickelson. Does a terrific job. Great. I've got here that especially in the comic. And it's really not good. It's bad John way, carb election lines and over the top at its worst. Oh, that's something. I think I could put on wall. I it probably even while. I added this podcast. Yeah. Let's put it on right now as we finish off the shows do it. That kind of magic. I also like Mads Mikkelsen. I saw the trailer. And I thought it looked good. Oh, interesting. And now I have two different opinions. And maybe all have an opinion. Also, do you think Mads Mikkelsen could play character is not a psychopath? Now, give them a give them a wilder. I actually he did in rogue one. Join lies at the book plant. Yeah. Yeah. I feel that's an essential element. Yeah. Could you could you put him into like, Matthew, mcconaughey style? Romantic comedy, Rosa beach due to be excavated. No, okay. Then it's the accent to sin puts on American accent. You couldn't do it. I think it'd be we'd I think people would say that and kill themselves. If he did it, do you think you could you could sit through Mads Mikkelsen doing a better that come batch? Yes. Yes. American access. Yes. It's probably good at American accent. Probably is anyway, drew says can I be the official paid a be park of the podcast. They're probably already been paid a pocket. Yes. The has been podcasts from a different university. That's the show for this week Mason Yee's wrap it up. So I.

Mads Mikkelsen American accent John wick Joe Joe rabbit drew Tyco Matthew Smith Netflix ROY Moore Mason Yee Mickelson Rosa beach official mcconaughey