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"joe jason carter" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"You do the musketeers on there. Road blue uniforms turned down Wait. ST John's obviously their home uniforms turned out. Had read. For the Musketeers. On the road. Last time they were on the road there knocked off the butler Bulldogs a week ago, ST John's on the road. Indianapolis lost to the Butler Bulldogs and the tap is controlled by Fremantle. Xavier will have the first possession of the ball game. Bring it across the timeline of scrubs back to his back to his defender, Alexander gives it upto. Uncle 1/100 wide open Jack Freeman. I want a backdoor cut catches lays it up in the right side. Easy layup. Good for two Brilliant hook pass from Kunkle was he was peering in the lane, and that was a play that was called from the bench. No doubt about it to start this ballgame. It's off to a great start Layup after one pass, setting up your half court offense drive by. She'd done down the right side of the lane and banks it in for two, and it's pretty tied it too. On likes playing. It's the Musketeers. He had 17 point. In the first match of averages eight points a game, So he got to start in this one Scrubs on the right side gives up the Kunkle launches a quick three. No good Alexander with the rebound, posh Alexander, the freshman pushes it across the timeline deep in the left hand corner to sham. Penny back to Alexander Bless the three puts it on the floor dribbles inside the lane kicks it back outside the done. Fact, Alexander, who watch along three. It's around the rim it out, picked up off the bounce by Nate Johnson across the time line quickly for the Musketeers to Kunkle driver the right baseline. He's turned back back out top of the key to Johnson working behind the screen. Hottest drugs left side of the floor. Top of the key. That's Carter. He fires up the three in and out. No good. Where you been taken by Bosch. Alexander don't land with two rebounds already. Don't like that shot by Jason Carter to rose all the way on the right side by Champagne E and he nails it leading scorer in the Big East, Averaging 20 points a ballgame, his his three in ST John's leads The Musketeers, 5 to 2. 18 19 to play in the first half Scribes working behind the screen from Fremantle takes to the right side of the floor. Back out to Fremantle. Nada Carter Bluffs. The three make it company. He pulls up at the elbow for 15. Ft. Jump shot. No good. Carter storms in grabs the rebound and spins to the right side of the river banks it in. Off the glass. Nice playing a nice finish after the rebound for Carter Xavier trails by 15 to 4 to Saint jobs. You know those kind of plays Jason Carter needs to be focusing in on crashing the offensive glass and shooting layups, not shooting three point shots. Campaigning with a basketball the right wing Gribble to the top of the key steps back on a fadeaway 17 footer. No good Roberts with the rebound. Check out the champagne E of Dr I've done inside, quick back outside for Alexander and heavy off the back Cocker you want You want pasta, Alexander shooting jump shots savior with the rebound. Johnson brings it across the timeline stops and pops outside the three point arc. No good rebound taken by ST John's back to the way a three pointer on the way make it a two pointer is on the way from done, and it's good. He is four points in the ballgame. ST. John's leaves The Musketeers 74. Has done and champagne E. They've done all the scoring for ST John's early in this game. Raj works it out of the back court, but his pocket is picked by Alexander and he is home free for an easy layup. Alexander knocked it away, initially looked as though Scruggs had recovered. Alexander went right back at him and knocked it clear and free. Ran it down for an easy to Xavier Trails. Nine before was 16 59 to play in the first half. Scruggs under pressure in the backcourt blows right past Alexander the free throw line into the right corner. Fremantle Threes in the air, Healthy iron. No good rebound is tapped. Last touched by the ST John's point of this game is being played without a question at the pace. The Red Storm. They wanted to replay that. Yeah, Their tongues are gonna be hanging out. But before we get to the first time out, Joe Jason Carter just kept that alive by going to the offensive glass again. Good job by him. Paul Scruggs wide open fires up a three from the right side of the four. No good rebound battle around. Controlled by the Musketeers. Kunkle penetrates the right side kicks into the right corner..

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