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"joe gibbs jd" Discussed on The Down and Dirty Show

"With penske quick joseph. We're going back for the race. So we go back for the race and Qualified twelve saturday morning. We go out. We're doing know practice session. Whichever qualify motor race. Motrin third lap on a racetrack. Drive off into turns. One in that thing turned around as fast as it can shake a stick killed the car come to find out. Nemechek was driving for felix at the time and they just change rearing year and and they never put the rear end plug back in his first lap and racetrack down shredder in front of me so we didn't have a backup car felix felt bad so they went to the shop and got a car. Which was the forty two for. Car that What's the name while back was raised in any missed the race so they went and got it back. We got mar- seton fixed it up. Abbas the most ill hailing race car. Re ever i ever was in. I mean it was horrendous. But you know they gave us a car. And so that performance alone and i think we went to atlanta aymaran good land so that before months alone joe faulk. Doug reicher lied boots myself. We formed a team to start to ninety eight season. And when i went to daytona i went down for the rookie meeting jerry. Naidu state park Kenya would i think it was a couple of other guys in there. And then i walked in and they said You here for what. I said to run rookie of the year by like who are you know. They didn't know who i was and the season started about midway through that year in a two week session of i had phone calls every day. John henry hendrick motorsports want me to drive the twenty five car. Richard childress wanted me to drive one of their cars. Doug yates unmade drive. One of their cars Jack rouse joe gibbs jd..

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