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"joe garland" Discussed on Transition Virginia

"Weiss and more influence than others. Okay we're running out of time so let's take a quick break when we come back. We're going to talk about the report that we can expect on campaign finance from the general assembly. Talk about how the study's being conducted and how they plan to monitor and enforce it. We are here with delegate mark assignment from falls church and shri shah from the coalition for integrity will be right back. Hey you yes you. You're listening to transition. Virginia right now. And you're probably a fan podcast right. Well then rate and review like trevor sutherland. one-star the time i listened. It's that's not really what i was thinking. Well how about this review from richard. Crouse this piece of shit podcast. I wouldn't even right one star. Come on listeners. I know you can do better than that. Hit the pause button right now and give us a quick review and we're back on transition. Virginia work going to talk about a study. Yes that's right in the time. Honored tradition of virginia politics instead of taking action this year to fix the problem of campaign finance reform lawmakers decided to put together a group a commission and do a study and so we're expecting that late in the year delegates simon. I want to start with you. Who is going to be on this commission. Like what's the makeup of this thing going to look like and what can we expect so joint secrete can have fourteen members. There'll be dominated by legislators. I have to say it'll be ten legislative members but also four non-legislative citizen members and six numbers appointed by the house of delegates One of them. She'll be the chair of the house committee on privileges and elections. That's me i wrote. I wrote helped write the study with boulevard. i make sure i got on it And then five success the speaker of the house you know. Frankly i twenty as the of stop and take a quick story As this was originally drafted introduced. I had some people. Come to me and say know. This is big thing. It's made up a four citizens and ten legislators but how do we make sure that they don't put legislators that are the biggest recipients of corporate unlimited corporate cash on the On the committee to stack it so that they come back with reports is everything's fine right. Which was a concern. And so i said i can't help with all of that. But how about if we put the chair of privileges and elections from each body has to be on it. At least i'll be there to keep an eye on it and that seems to help with that concern. So that's part of the reason we have that piece of it in and then we'll have again want some legislative members not much remember. I think to appointed by the speaker of the house. One appointed by the chairman of rules of the senate and one of the governor So to get a little bit of statewide representation and then that's that'd be the group you could. We've tried to do a larger group with more citizens maybe this struggles as well in the senate There were. There was bipartisan opposition. Even doing the study On the senate side but it did manage to get through so Think hopefully we'll be able to do some work and take a look at some of these issues now. This isn't virginia's first attempt at campaign finance reform. There's a wilder commission. And then you tried it again you being the general assembly tried it again after the mcdonald's scandal what happened there. And how is this. Study going to be any different. So it's funny. I was just looking at the. The the weiler report was there was another very similar. Kind of make up was similar. Joint commission joint study Back in nineteen ninety-four that came up with With senator senator. Joe garland and delegate allen diamonstein is the chair and vice chair that gives you a sense of When that was done and those recommendations were made and some of them made it into law and most of them didn't Actually governor mcauliffe wasn't the general assembly. So much i think governor mcauliffe created a an executive level commission to to study ethics and campaign finance laws in virginia in the wake of the mcdonald's scandal and they had a number of recommendations one of which was tried to wave this around but to no avail. Whatever which was the band the personal use of funds that was back in two thousand fourteen. Fifteen and what has a lot of those recommendations. They've sort of taken under advisement and mcdonald's scandal you we created a you know we did. We passed a big comprehensive. I'm of ethics bill. Which did sort of the minimum necessary to say that we were. We were trying to address the issue so we had a gift ban for the first time in a gift limit and we have more reporting of of lobbyists dinners during session and things like that. But and then we have big exceptions for for widely attended events and the exemptions start to eat the rule So you do a lot of these things you pick a couple of easy low hanging fruit type of items. You do those right away trying to check the box that we've we've we've recovered from the scandal. We've addressed whatever was the last scandal was. Let's just move on Until next cattle comes around on that issue. I think one of the things that was done in reaction to the bob mcdonald scandal was the creation of a new ethics agencies or ethics. Group's two of the stuff. One of the issues that the swamp index always looks at as what kind of power these agencies have right absolutely michael so it's not enough to really have a paper tiger your ethics agencies actually have to have teeth so what i'm trying to say it's not enough to just have an independent ethics agency. The ethics agency should also have the power to initiate. Its own investigations accept anonymous complains to issue sanctions to personnel actions against individuals or officials who commit violations and were geneva's ethics agencies. Don't have that. And neither are the members of the ethics agency protected from removal without cause which really also would play a great role in influencing the decisions. Because they don't feel protected but either which way the agencies have no investigative or enforcement bars. They're really a paper tiger interesting to point out that in the wake of the mcdonald's scandal they didn't actually solve any of the problems that led up to it right so the mcdonald's scandal happened because of in-kind contributions and and also it wasn't just bob mcdonnell kin cuccinelli and the the thinking with in-kind contributions is would you rather be one of many who donates thousand or potentially even ten thousand dollars to elected official or somebody running for office. Would you rather be the guy who owns the plane. And just let them hop around the whole state on your plane for free right and there was no action from the general assembly in the wake of the bob mcdonnell scandal to limit in-kind contributions specifically to statewide candidates. That was the problem not to the legislature. And also there was an i apologize marcus. There's a governor's like an investment fund. What is the name of that. Fund opportunity fund. Right right so the problem with with the mcdonnell era was the governor's opportunity fund which is basically a slush fund to convince corporations looking to relocate their headquarters to come to virginia. Tim kaine used it with north of brahmin and later bob mcdonnell used it with this while the scam artist right trying to push his his oil the back royal yeah made from synthetic tobacco not even the virginia product right. So what are we doing about. What the real problems are. I'll stipulate to the point that it's not good to have unlimited contributions and all you have to do is just report it but it seems to me like these in kind. Contributions and issues with the executive are far more systemic problems.

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