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Charlie Kirk: Coronavirus stimulus

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Charlie Kirk: Coronavirus stimulus

"And you have Schumer Pelosi. In Biden one hundred twenty five years, Charlie Kirk of failure, unmitigated failure, swap failure and I. Think of my kids. You met my son. He's twenty one years old. My daughter's eighteen and I would think about your America their America and when I say you know, live free or die, American, the world on the brink I'm not joking. And very specifically will be probably the biggest choice election by far in my lifetime, and maybe since eighteen sixty, and there's a lot at stake We can go through the issues if you want, but it's. It's there's there's not one issue we agree on that. I can think of for the most part yet, and you wrote this, and it just really sent chills down my spine. You wrote this book to sound an alarm as a warning. Warning to my fellow patriots about the left's undying commitment turn America into a land, our parents, founders and framers wouldn't recognize it. It's perfectly put, and that's the direction that they're headed on page twenty seven. You have a great part about how Ben Franklin says we ever republic. If you can keep it, can you talk more about how this truly is? A referendum election in some sense and the left is trying to do to our country. Well the the story about Franklin's interesting, because it's, it's the constitutional convention and somebody says he comes out one days, says, is it a monarchy republic republic? If you can keep it Reagan, I quote him off. When I give speeches, said Freedom Charlie and you know this is but one generation away from extinction. And you know when if you want understand if socialism is adopted if their stated goal is adopted America as we know, it then becomes unrecognizable look, I can understand psychologically. There's a component of maybe people that that have been indoctrinated in schools, and you're great at this because you're going in to hostile environments every day, and you're saying you know what there's another way of thinking here, so maybe the idea that people think Charlie that some things are oh, everything's going to be free and they're gonNA forgive my loans at I'll have a guaranteed government job guaranteed government food. How did obamacare workout now? We're GONNA have Medicare for all or or double down on the stupidity of Obamacare and guaranteed retirement. Guaranteed vacation sounds great. But simple math shows you that you'll never get there. And that's why in the Fourth Chapter of the book did this whole history of socialism which is a history of failure? The point is look at the issues. If if we're talking about law and order. They've cited in Portland in Seattle and new. York and Chicago with the radicals. Joe Biden his yet that I know of said one good thing about the ninety nine percent of cops protect and serve and put their lives on the line for us every day. You're right. Okay, so law and order taxes. He's pledging to raise your taxes through the roof. That will destroy the economy Then they're gonNA just add all the bureaucracy. The Donald Trump spent almost four years. Eliminating that'll be gone. That means nobody's GONNA WANNA DO Business. That's why the Biden Obama economy was so bad. Then you look at where now energy independent for the first time in seventy five years with a number, one producer of energy in the world will lose that for sure We'll shut down coal fracking. Oil Gas exploration production those tens of millions of jobs high paying jobs career jobs for people. Then it's about amnesty. Or the United Sanctuary states of America versus Border Security and law and order of never mind foreign policy. We haven't even touched that part yet, so. There's a lot at stake. If those plans stated plans are implemented. America will go down the past you know. The Trash bin of history as Reagan, said Freedom One generation away from extinction we will. It I shudder to think what will happen the three you and your children by kids, and and maybe one day grandkids. ARE READY FOR THAT And I love the framing, because as the founder said either we're GonNa live free and defendant right now, or we're gonNA. Have a country that you know. We don't WanNa live it, and that's really the framing. That is so important right now, and you talk about and I'm really pleased about this. Shawn because I think we have forgotten about the Russia hoax too quickly in. In the conservative movement, you have been the leader on this every night. You were covering it. You didn't let us forget you help. Muller Accountable, you had investigative journalism and it just seemed that an Oxana names, but other conservatives just kind of drifted away from like Oh. That's what happened happened. You have two chapters on this in the book. Can you talk about that? Yeah I mean I call it Charlie, the the biggest corruption abuse of power scandal in history and the Ukraine was oh. Okay, we failed with Muller after three years. We won't. We won't even bother with a special prosecutor not to I'm going backwards here but to get to Ukraine. You? Know they're talking about quid pro quos, but you have to ignore their presidential candidate on video saying you're not getting a billion US tax payer dollars unless you're fire. That prosecutor is named Shokhin. WHO's investigating my son Hunter who went on a and said? Do you have any experience in oil? No Gas, no energy, nope, any experience in Ukraine. Nope, why are you being paid millions? No, because you dad, so there was a quid pro quo and millions of dollars for the Biden I call crime family. That's exactly right, so. Listen and China's even worse. You get to this whole thing what we now know and I believe what's coming. It's like, and this is where the media's corrupt because. They're just the propaganda wing of all things democratic. Socialist. We now know and have all the evidence that we'd ever need is that they protected their favorite candidate. Hillary Clinton. For things you and I and everybody you know that follows you and you have a massive audience would. Literally never get away with. If you had subpoenaed emails Charlie Kirk and you decided to delete them, and you decided to acid. Wash your hard drive with something. I had never heard about bleeped bleach bit and bust up your devices with hammers. You'd go to jail. If you violated the espionage act, you'd go to jail. They protected her. Then the narrative began we now know began in August. We know crossfire hurricane representatives actually went to brief. President Trump General Flynn. Flynn on national security, but they were there to try and get information on trump and Russia, the most amazing part of this, because the Democrats and the media live for all these years is that they knew and they said and they wrote, and they even testified. There was never any evidence, but there was a dirty Russian dossier. And now we know even the New York Times acknowledged full full of Russian disinformation and that was used. And they were warned not to use it, but high ranking people abusing their power, wanting to take out candidate, trump, transition, team, trump, and then deep into the Presidency Donald Trump. They use the dirty Russian misinformation dossier to ruin Carter pages life and roomed his civil liberties and constitutional rights, but more importantly to spy on candidate trump, and then they had their insurance policy. The fact that the mob in the media ignores it is beyond comprehension. I have so I have two chapters. One is on the Russia hoax, and the other is on this whole impeachment witch hunt. And I want everybody in your audience to understand one thing here if I can get one point across. Yeah, they hate Donald Trump, but they hate us more. They think we are as Peter. Struck, said the smell by the way I probably shop at Walmart say money. Why not you have a woman I love Walmart I love COSCO's. I Love I love it all. And I've shopped there my whole life I mean people always stopped me when I'm in a grocery? So, what are you doing here? Shopping? Wa I like to eat a cracks me up. So but think about that. smelly Walmart Shoppers while irredeemable deplorables, wow! Bitter Americans as Obama said that WANNA cling to their God. I'm guilty their Second Amendment Rights Guilty Bibles and religion I'm guilty of that, too. But. It's contempt for your audience. It's contemporary my audience. It's because they knew better. And they will ling. This was an attempted coup. Now do I think there's going to be arrests and prosecutions I? Do spend much slower than any of us would have liked, but the evidence is overwhelming. It's incontrovertible sad actually that this could happen. That was going to be my follow up. Question Sean because when I travel and we get thousands of e mails a on this topic. When are people going to go to jail? And can you give me insight on this? Can you give us any clues any crumbs that we're starting to see from Durham? It's I call them. It's funny. You say crumbs because call them the the Attorney General Bar breadcrumbs. It's like Hansel and Gretel. Remember. We're we're trying to follow and see the trail exactly yeah. He did say that the president was spied on. It did happen illegally. The. Think about this. If you go before Judge Judy I wouldn't WANNA lot because Judge Judy I. I've met her once she'll eviscerate. You I watched her show. You. Don't go before a court. The information that you have not verified. It actually said at the top of a FISO Warren Charlie. It says verified. Okay. We now know the dossier was unverifiable. The sub source we now know, said this this bar talk. We were making this up. This was never meant for anything and again Hillary paid for it funneled money separate issue. And so, what is going to happen I don't have a crystal ball but I. do know all of the facts that are in the public. Are Enough to indict many of the names that your audience is most familiar with. I would argue. Komi McCabe struck page. I'd like to know a clapper. Brennan's role in all of this ends up being and and others. The more fascinating deep question is. Will they get to that January fifth twenty seventeen meeting inside the Oval Office? This is when member Biden said George Stephanopoulos Oh I. Don't know. Anything about this, you know this whole impeachment Russia thing. He was the one same. Bring up the Logan Act fifteen days later Susan Rice in that meeting did the Cya memo the day that Donald Trump was inaugurated. Obama in that meeting shot Sally Age by saying a He. He knew everything about the Kislyak Michael Flynn call. If we look. To sum it up. I think we're GONNA get there because the evidence. Is that overwhelming? If we don't. I fear for the country? Because of you. GonNa Raid Manafort's home predawn raid and you're going to raid Roger Stone's home. For lying to Congress by the all many of the names I mentioned were referred for the same crime and you're gonNA. Pull it twenty nine guys in tactical gear, frogmen and tip off CNN cameras and. Have a biased jury for person. We won't have equal justice and equal application of our laws, and worse than that Charlie is. We lose our constitution. Yes, all our laws are are predicated on next great document and some `perfect, but it creates the path to perfection at a more perfect union so. Long answers. I'M GONNA talk. Show I love it. No, this is what our audience needs to hear, and and thank you for that and look I I completely agree because if we do not have people and I, say this as carefully as I can in handcuffs for what they did Donald Trump then I I will lose faith in the American justice system I. Don't want that and I don't want revenge I don't retribution I want people to be held accountable and I would want the same if someone did this to Barack Obama because it should never happen to a leader ever. Yes. and. They've gone after every single trump friend confidant, and yet if you oppose Donald Trump you get different treatment, talk a lot about the constitution in your book and the founding of our country, Sean going to be honest, I've been very let down by some of these supreme. Court decisions lately Can you comment on that and the importance to get more people like Kavanagh? Who's actually ruled brilliantly? Unlike John Roberts. I! I'm a little. I don't know what's happening. Roberts I have my theory I guess I have my sources people that. have their own ideas based on some knowledge? For whatever reason and I think this goes back to the obamacare decision. He has allowed. How the court appears to influence his decision making. I also sense with no evidence whatsoever. You're not a big fan of president trump, but that should not come into his thinking. Now. If getting rid of bureaucracy and lowering taxes and energy, independence, and securing our borders, and law and order are all part of this election. Let me tell you another big part of it. And it's you know we're taping this ninety. Whatever days away from the Election Day, I what about and we got asked. What about the Supreme Court? Yes, I go through a whole list I. Forget what paid maybe sixty seven I forget. A. In the book. Of. All the things Democrats would do if they're getting power one, is they? WanNa, stack the courts. Get rid of the Electoral College. And I. What, they're saying they. WanNa do is scary. They used to hide it Charlie. When I every single Liberal Democrat running for office, they would run to the left in the primary. They race back to the center, but you knew they wanted the left. There now openly embracing the most radical elements in the country and you know. Unfortunately we're watching it all. Play out nightly on TV and and that sad what I see happening when I think we have to remind a trump supporters that these are not trump appointed justices, a gorsuch I think ruled incorrectly on one ruling. That's it besides that gorsuch and cavenaugh have been tremendous and terrific verses Roberts. I just think we have to give the audience a sense. Sense of continued conviction that the trump appointed justices will continue to rule correctly and Clarence. Thomas and you know the the Thomas Family. They get no credit at all. I mean what he has done. And can you comment on that? 'cause I, E, you've actually been you open my eyes to that like eight years ago and I never learned about Clarence Thomas as a high schooler until you I mentioned it just as a quick aside on his incredible career. I like to do on TV and antidote on radio, too. Sometimes I call it the Hannity history, lesson 'cause I lived through all of this. I know this is going to see. You're not even thirty three, but my radio journey started in nineteen eighty-seven crazy right. Now on my twenty fifth year of Fox, I didn't think I last two. So I feel very blessed. As a side note if you haven't read my grandfather's son. Which is about Clarence Thomas is life. It's amazing. But. You know it's interesting because him and Scalia. To my opinion, my to most favorite justices in my lifetime. Scalia this incredible wit and genius and understanding and. They got a little acerbic side to when when he was questioning Clarence Thomas always set by quietly. What they called a high tech lynching at the time, the more modern. Let it. You gotTA. Remember Yeah. And you know. It was then Senator Ted Kennedy you know Robert Bork's America the borking of America. That was Clarence Thomas. Now we see it more recently cavenaugh. It exposes. The, who is Joe Biden? Who is his team? Because Clarence Thomas and Justice Scalia or the people we need on that court. We call them constitutionalists or originalists, the original intent, not people that would sight foreign law as liberal justices have done or not people that feel that they can rule by judicial Fiat and dictate or legislate from the bench. Democrats always wanted the court to do that which they could never. Do legislatively or win at the ballot box and that's why they want. We call them. Activists Justices Clarence Thomas. has shown a fidelity to the Constitution at the Antony Scalia. That is beyond enviable And the differences styles always interesting, too because Justice Thomas will always be quiet. That's very few questions. Anthony Scalia was in there in a wrestling with people. I don't know about John Roberts. I can't get into it, but I do believe the next president United States is a very good chance. You have a lot of older justices may want to retire. And I think that the next this election in just three short months. That's on the ballot and that's that's generational now. And Sean I think we have to pressure the Biden campaign to do what trump did and release a list of justices I mean president trump was so transparent and Joe Biden hasn't done it yet. Intentionally, of course, because he'll probably put repeated to lieber something on the United States Supreme Court I mean as horrifying as that might be so in two two quick closing question Sean and thank you for being so generous with your time anchorage, everyone you know. Know go by live, free or die. the first is this. Can you just talk about? We are heading into the election. A lot of trump supporters. They're failed. They're falling victim. They suppression pulse I wish that wasn't the case, but it seems like the memory of two thousand sixteen as faded where people forget. We were down by double digits. Can you just give a little vote of confidence to some of our listeners out there? That think we're just losing. I WANNA. Give the vote of confidence, but I want people to feel this way. I want people to think I'll use a football analogy that our mutual friend Linda that you know. Who's your biggest fan? My radio producer? He's amazing. Amazing, but she doesn't even know how many points you get a touchdown, so I'm giving these football analogies. I, want this election. I want people to feel the way I feel which is. We're on our own twenty. Two minutes to go. We have no time outs We're down by six. We got a cross. The plane marched down the field, cross the plane and hit the extra point to win. So if people feel a sense of genuine urgency and worry and concern, I'm cool with that because fear often as a great motivator, not irrational field fear, but if people do not vote, you will get the government that they're telling you. They're going to give you believe. That that is their agenda. To be a Republican and win. You GotTa always use this analogy got to run the table I gotTA. Get Florida Georgia North Carolina can't win without Ohio. No Republican's ever become president without it right? You got hold Iowa then you got pick off Pennsylvania Wisconsin hopefully Michigan maybe MINNEA- Minnesota will be play. Maybe the city of Arizona will be in play. By Joe Biden reference for those of you. That didn't get. We got a hold Arizona Gopher Nevada New Mexico. New Hampshire and Maine's second congressional district. If every single mom, this is a battle cry. You started out this interview with this. I wrote this book not because I like writing books. My last book I donated every Penny I made to charity I don't care. It's not that. This is a tipping point. Charlie this is I, don't. See if these policies are implemented how America recovers. Irreparable harm the to the rule of law to our courts to our economy, they want to wipe out the lifeblood of of the world's economy. This this promise of socialism and I go into such detail about how it's always failed. Here's a quick socialism of example. Member obamacare. Keep your doctor keep your plan. Save on average twenty five hundred dollars a year per family right? Okay. Millions lost their doctors. Millions lost their plans. We're all paying about two hundred percent more and add to that. Forty percent of Americans almost forty percent have only one obamacare Biden Carriage James Choice now. How did they do with that promise? Medicare is going broke. How did they do it? That promised social security. Charlie hate the break this here. He paying into it. You probably won't get it I. Barely Skate through, and they might give me ten cents until they means tested and then take it back, How does it? How did Liberal government work in New York City with all the anarchy cutting a billion dollars, so please? How's IT WORKING IN CHICAGO? All. These liberal cities have where the violence we've been talking about takes place. They all have one thing in common. They've been run by Liberal Democrats for decades right. Most of these states have been run into the ground by Liberal Democrats for decades. If you WANNA know what America will look like if Biden Bolshevik Bernie. Pelosi Schumer and Bozo. That team gets place look at new. York state and city look at Chicago the City Illinois. The State Look at California. Look at Oregon. Look at Portland, the city. Look at Seattle. Look at the state of Washington. Yes. And I. Love this country too much. You know it's an all hands on deck moment and Every everyone of you've got this connection with younger people in this country. You have this incredible. A credible platform you built, and it's become powerful and meaningful and transformative to the country, and you're going out there, and you're fighting on these college campuses and you. You know it's not easy to be in the middle of a I call it a shift. Show all the time, but let's well put, but you do it. And it's freedom works. Every time you give up freedom for security, you lose your freedom because the security that they're offering. These promises that can never ever be fulfilled. In America. The land. I'll close with this unless you want to go further I can keep going the. Barry Farber who was a mentor of mine. Just recently passed away like ninety ninety one. And he always said there's never been a country in the history of mankind that has accumulated more power and abused at less than the United States well I add. A country in the history of mankind that has accumulated more power abused at less, but used it to advanced human condition. The reason America is great and exceptional. If I can say that today, it's not perfect, but it's great. An exceptional is because of its people, and because of the fundamentals of liberty and freedom. So that? Natural rights versus government or rights, natural rights come from God doubt by our Creator. Life Liberty pursuit of happiness while you can't pursue happiness these days in Chicago New York Moreland Seattle. So there's a lot on the line. I love your audience. I'm so thankful for all you're doing, and you've got a great team that you building review and you're out there fighting the fight and I just urge you guys. Just fight like your country depends on it. Because America's, we know it. It's all hanging in the balance. Yet was Sean. You've been so generous the last quick thing I defend the president all the time personally as a person. Can you comment on that because I've had the opportunity to meet him? not as much as you obviously and get to know him, but a lot of people here misrepresentations in lies about who he is as a human being. Let's close on this note. Can you just mention one or two things that that people can take away from that? You know first of all. It's interesting. Nobody seems to understand Donald trump yet. They don't want to understand. I mean Donald Trump. The Dog Bites the beasts, things you feeling sad or get cancer. You Complain Trump. I mean that's how saying the leftist. But here's a guy that is so unique he this guy is like a soon nami force of energy like I've never met my life. The most distinct and unique quality he's had is as president. You mentioned the Supreme Court. He put those people that he said he put. He cut the bureaucracy as he said he'd caught, and he cut the taxes as he said he'd cut. He did the North Dakota. A keystone pipelines Anwar Likey said he would. He's building the wall or almost four hundred miles. A wall by the by election will be over four hundred miles. He found a way it was. It was an uphill climb He said he wanted to pull us out of foreign conflicts, but not back away from evil defeated. The Caliphate took out. Baghdadi and Associates took out Sola Mani took out the Al. Qaeda leader in Yemen. So? What makes him special and unique in terms of presidency is that he is who you see is who you get. The guy that's fights on twitter is the guy that's fighting for a better trade. Deal the guy that fights. Against Liberal Democrats and the media mob is the same guy is fighting to keep his promises that to me makes him the most unique transformative political figure in our lifetime. And Right now. The. We tip the scales. You have a choice. It's never been a bigger choice. He will keep his promises. Coronas been a little bit of a curve ball to the world, but even that ten days after the first case, the only guy that I know of thought about a travel ban will be donald trump. They were teaching at the time and Joe Binder Biden was call them Sinophobic, so he's a man of his word. He's a man that will fight to his last dying breath for this country and the promises he made, and that makes them in my view very transformative. Men will. The book is live for Your Die God bless you, Sean, thank you for that. You do and we really appreciate. It helps you soon. Thanks bye. What a great conversation that was! Please email me or questions freedom. Charlie Kirk Dot Com freedom at Charlie. KIRK DOT COM please type in trolley. Kirk, show your podcast provider. Hit subscribe, give us a five star reviews screen shot at an email us. If you want to win a signed copy of the Maga- doctrine, please get involved with turning-point USA at Teepee USA dot com that is Teepee USA DOT com. 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