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"jodi white lpc" Discussed on Velvet's Edge

"To that point where we only know who we are and then we love ourselves but also leader set about accepting yourself. Reagan accept others if also self compassion is a big part of recovery. So i also recommend dr kristen. Nef's work as she wrote the book. Self compassion and she has a new book called radical self compassion. And it's a mindfulness self compassionate. Mindfulness exercise And if you can start a self compassion practice things will start to shift because it literally changes the brain and then you can start having compassion for yourself and again i would like to save. The world will start getting up. Where can people you. Well my practices. In austin okay and i actually a moving away from individual work but i am working toward offering intensity. You're in austin so we can intensive and i do believe one on one therapy weekly. That's great But i also think that intensive work especially when you're doing addiction independence and family of origin trauma Intensive can intensive were can take therapy to a whole another level. Yeah So i'm also instagram. At jodi white lpc. I have the podcast profile which is at journals of love addict. And i think that's right now. Okay so jodie is j. o. d. i that out to people. Also what can we look forward to on the podcasts. Always like what's going to come out next. The next i now i know i have a couple of things planned so one of the things i have in mind is that you know my partner and i we've been together. Let's see five over five five years. Yeah actually is the one. We broke up after a few months of being together. And that is what sent me into recovery. And then we took time apart. We did no contact. I had no plans of getting back together with him. And yet we got back together about six months after we broke up and He has been pivotal in my recovery. He is also done his own work. And so. I have an idea to have him on the podcasts and talk about his perspective of how. At our time break-up he was more love avoidance. What he was going through. And then what. I was going through and.

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