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"jodi mckay duffy" Discussed on Dan Albano's podcasts on Trinity League football and SoCal water polo

Dan Albano's podcasts on Trinity League football and SoCal water polo

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"jodi mckay duffy" Discussed on Dan Albano's podcasts on Trinity League football and SoCal water polo

"Oh six but like i said the seventy yards came on one play. In j sarah's rushing game was a negative ten yards rushing day recorded. Three zacks one from tyler nary on josh jagdeo junior lacquer austin bressler and they had renew from camp sidney josh enter in the pick six from john davis who the picks pretty instinct of as potter was getting hit as he released. The ball davis other grabbed. The you know the ball is floating in the air off. Rented it for twenty in this. Basically you know was was monetize Scrimmage so this next game coming up smaller would be considered their week. One game all right. Well have a for a player of the game from this game. How about we give it to the freshman. Elijah brown for you know first varsity game on the road in the league and the guy throws for three touchdowns and he's fourteen of eighteen. How 'bout in scotty showed poise and he was efficient. You know in his first start so well. Congratulations to elisha brown. Freshmen are truly football. Podcast player of the game from the that j. sarah victory as sky. Let's move To the saturday game. And i took this game in at santana stadium. Saint john bosco. Sixty five santa margarita. Twenty eight and Sounds like a bit of a blow out And obviously at the final score it was but you know one point. Santa margarita did have a slight lead in the second quarter but then they end up getting blitz. I mean it was twenty eight to twenty at halftime Saint john bosco. And i think it was twenty two fourteen santa margarita leading in midway Too early in the second quarter. But i was really impressed with with the braves. Sinoe seeing them in person for the first time this year. I thought their quarterback duo is is pretty. Nice peers clarkson sophomore. He looked outstanding. He had a lot of composure and a lot of patients in the pocket. He threw two touchdowns threw another touchdown rolling to his right and a and a great throw on the run to the back of the end zone. That's impressive and then he also ran for one hundred yards and You know he had five carries for one hundred and one yards. And and scotty it was easy yards. These are runs where he he's dropping back in the pocket. He's looking to make his reads. It's not open. And he has. He just escapes a pocket and gets loose and he gets to the sidelines and he'll stop until he'll run as long as he can and he'll get out of bounce And and kate. In hauser had a terrific arm and he was better in the second half but Started a little slow but he was ten of sixteen for one twenty six two touchdowns and he's more of the pocket guy But he had a very outstanding touchdown to Jodi mckay Duffy on a on a slant about twenty two yards in the second quarter and he second half and he threw that on a rope and showed a great arm and now an impressive run. I mean you throw and then. I was really impressed with the ground game They add this..

john davis elisha brown Elijah brown ten josh jagdeo one hundred davis seventy yards one hundred yards Jodi mckay Duffy six second half tyler nary j sarah three touchdowns fourteen twenty santana stadium this year saturday