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MIT Scientists Create the Blackest Black

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Ears Edition

00:51 sec | 2 years ago

MIT Scientists Create the Blackest Black

"Every day. Scientists are coming out with new innovations to improve our lives pills to reverse first aging plants that taste like real meat and a watch that can tell high. I don't know how apple did it's and now scientists at MIT. You have made a breakthrough with the color black and there's no going back scientific breakthrough. Mit to tell you about involving the color or non color black engineers engineers have developed what they're calling the blackest black on the planet. They've cooked up the color using carbon nanotubes. This new black is apparently ten times uh-huh blacker than anything previously recorded. Can you see it now little hard but researchers say that this could serve a practical purpose the blackest black lack could end up being used inside telescopes used to spot faraway planet

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