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"jocelyn jocelyn benson" Discussed on Amicus with Dahlia Lithwick

"From a foreign entity that brings down the power grid in the city of Detroit on election day and the potential for us not being able to run the election over we only have one election day for president What happens then? I raised the scenario with both drill Kurth and Josten fence and ask them what they thought would happen. If there were such an attack it'll be absolutely cast and I think it would hurt the You know people would not have one vote anymore and that specific example in terms of a power outage on election day we have generators in place and backup plans and of course paper ballots To enable us to actually keep proceeding if we are all in close communication with the fifteen hundred jurisdictions in this case the one jurisdiction in Detroit or or others that may be affected our preparation for things like that whether they be natural disasters or you know the acts of nefarious People people trying to attack our system really relies on us to be close to the ground on election day and prepared for all these potential scenarios just as we are for a power outage and then also so partnering with the Department of Homeland Security And and with other national entities like the information sharing and analysis center. I sack So so that we are in real time getting support and feedback if these things are happening in other places as well and and so. I feel that we're more prepared than ever and I. I say this not just permission but I think other states as well to deal with types of attacks you're referencing Because there's been so much more attention and proactive active preparation and planning in place that I think ever before and with fifteen hundred jurisdictions certainly leaves it open for for challenges and wrinkles but but I'm I'm bolstered emboldened by the fact that we've got so many people with is on this problem. Identifying potential solutions and our goal is to make sure all those people bler in place on election day for rapid response. Plan to be executed if anything does as you suggest that happen So what I take from Jocelyn Jocelyn Benson is actually a nice tidy summary of the thesis of your book which is that somebody who has the role of Secretary of state it has to say the aspirational thing has to say. It's fixed the system works. Get out there and vote and there's nothing to worry about whereas the journalists whole whole curse is pretty much saying you have reason to fear the doomsday scenario because it could really happen. And there's a weird way in which we're having two conversations conversations one about what is and one about what we can't say might be simply because we want people to get out there and vote but I took away from Secretary Benson and that she has limited control over her fifteen hundred jurisdictions. She's doing the best she can with what she has to work with and she's going to try and be as transparent as possible. Oh I think not. Only promoting confidence is important. But being honest with what's going on and I think that really when I look incompetent election administrators they always say breath. It's not the crime it's the cover up Lots of times when election officials are not telling you what's going on it's because they're covering up there malfeasance or their misfeasance and With someone like Secretary Benson. If she could control the entire election system of Michigan I would probably have more confidence than the fact that she is this general coordinator of an election being running fifteen hundred jurisdictions Chris. Dickson's so I asked Joe Kurth if things are potentially going to get better for twenty twenty. And here's what he said ultimately always comes down to just sort of like. Roll the dice in Michigan. It's really sad to say that but Sure as rain. There's there's GonNa be a problem in Detroit this crisis For six months after there's a crisis and then everybody forgets about it It's not a sexy thing to who invest in And it's something like sewers. You know you just expect them to work until they don't and you're not GONNA win elections. He's standing up and in talking about how you just hired you know ten times more. Volunteers or new. Optical scanners is not a sexy subject until bill until it all falls apart. I guess we are now simply hoping that. It doesn't rain in Detroit in November of twenty twenty and and also that the boxes and the bins and the papers are all in good order. Well Talia I don't know how religious you are but There's something called the election administrators ministers prayer. which is Lord? Let this election not be close and really I.

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