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"joan arc" Discussed on Optimism Vaccine

"Denzel's career is just off Scott's camera picking on him looking at a screen, I guess in that way. It's you know analogous to some Heavy Hitters like, uh passion of Joan Arc or Thursday. Maybe and other or even are looking at a screen like Syria, right? And it's just it's it's in just sort of like figuring out things and just emoting looking at it and it it's really beautiful and Powerful stuff. Yeah. This is a a big surprise to me my roast did this one click with you time around cuz I know you're probably in the same boat as me when you saw this and mm. Yeah, I don't even remember seeing it. I remember we rented it cuz looked ridiculous. And yeah thought it would be a good laugh delivers on that. Were you like did I have seen this before when you start home? I I think this one works in a way that magnifier does not I think it's particularly interesting to me in that it it really is sort of the tail end of Will Smith Bruckheimer era of action Cinema mainstream Cinema and It is also at the tail-end. Thereby of of this sort of star-driven thing. You're right on the cusp of your Iron Man and that is a sea change in the industry and bought a movie really has an auto or voice and it shows sort of the power of old school movie star and that is kind of missing today. But this is kind of a hair's breadth away from being high-concept boring Christopher Nolan type movie and it's entirely rescued from that by the presence of Denzel Washington and this he is magnetic in a way that you seldom see in those types of high-concept films. And this one's the humanity to this that you often find and for that reason I do think it's pretty special. I do think that Scott found almost an ideal vehicle for his Newfound sense of style in this month. Film as well because he can he can separate it largely from The Narrative. He it's the hyperactive editing is almost contained within this Wormhole if you will, know, and he can go home as batshit as he wants with that. It can be as disorienting as humanly possible because it's meant to be it makes their incense and it's employed quite well here. I think this is a very excellent film honestly off..

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