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"joab amaafuza" Discussed on The Bible and Coffee

"Got all this going on and then joab he's david's nephew. He's as commander in chief. He's a scoundrel is killed his son. He's killed his son and he's kind of been relieved of his commander ship. Oh yes i'm forgetting yes. He was relieved a bat. David puts What's his name in his off. I must say yes. He was a mazda in his place which was joab cousin who also kills and he kills him but that's a story right before the woman. Thanks so they're actually so they're joab amaafuza is after sheba. Us but you know. He's not pursue any but he's not aggressive. The king says you bahir in three days in any doesn't show up you don't know how long and then he finally meets up with joe ed down the trail somewhere you know. We don't know how many days it's being enjoy of his like you can drop us. Pulled another one out on the other side cow greeting him higra and because of yeah and he killed him and leaves his guts out there and he goes on. And you know it's it's kind of interesting. Because i think what what posit even in the story but it's kind of amazing to it's kind of an inside of who joab was. Because he kills him he leaves his guts out on the ground and one of his officers has to go win in taking off the row corrode road. Because you're stopping in yet. What do we call that today. They're talking or what do you call that. What is that for him. Brian not work. But that's what they were doing. An enduring Hey you know who are you gonna follow now. I'm also said. Are you going to me. And david. And i notice in the ba- like it's joab david like he. He says that to me. Says i'm in verse. Eleven of chapter twenty one of his men stood beside a moss and said whoever favors joab and whoever is for david let him follow like the king. David is not even put in first place. Joab his officers like okay. Why are you gonna follow him. And the king. It should have been. Are you going to follow the king because now joab is obviously in charge because he killed someone rot. I would think of it. Do you think the soldiers were aware of all that had happened. I mean they head to now. He was relieved of command in masa was in charge and now that he's done. You know okay so anything. If if i'm going if i'm walking down the road in our see moss's guts all over the place. I'm going to be like to iraq. Everybody looked to your right. Got new we're gonna command or let's hear your you know and then by the time the however many there are they get to the inner like. Hey wasn't there no. We saw him. Did you see the blood. Did you see blood draw. I saw the. I'm watch idea could drag that body. There's gonna be blood still absolutely so so it's all there so so we get to this and this one i told you this is one of my favorite stories because i love this woman and i remember teaching this story and i get to this part in. It's like these are not the stories. We talk about in sunday school. No they're not this story. Yes because obviously remembered hearing that couldn't remain out about it so ends we're going to start in verse. Fourteen of chapter twenty is this sheba. Pass through all of israel to abel beth maka in through the entire region of the I'm gonna say barret barrett betts who gathered together and followed him. All the troops with joab came besieged..

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