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"jo kratz" Discussed on Speak For Yourself with Cowherd & Whitlock

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"jo kratz" Discussed on Speak For Yourself with Cowherd & Whitlock

"We're definitely not consistent. So he still has it. So great players need consistency. He's still has he's not a role play role players. Get describes you'll hear my question. He still has. Okay. He's still has some of what it used to be. But he still has some killer threes and the big three would love to have Carmelo. Time to get antisocial Marcellus gets favorite said with our social media manager Darnell Smith is here. How celebrate Elliott offered by ball state. Yes. Oh, you're running back recently. You know, people ever tell you and TV not to wear white on camera. I don't know. White. Pulling it off their look good pop it out there and Twitter. We got to be quick hurry. Let's Heisman Trophy everyone onto it's been arguing back and forth on who should win down to Alabama. I moved from Oklahoma our buddy Jo Kratz about showdown saying revenue argue about which starkly great QB was best this year. I suggest we at least take a moment and just chairs to Cuyler Dwayne Hassans did well that sounds good. But we all know that has got a chance to win this win two or Cuyler to going to. Yeah, he didn't play in the fourth quarter. So it's numbers are low worse than Tyler's. He plays for Alabama. I'm going with tours. Well, man, those numbers they're saying he played the position perfectly this year. And I'm not gonna penalized for not having that fourth quarter and looking at his numbers one jumps out. He only got two from his daddy this year because only fix. That's that's. That's awesome. All I jumped out to do like another. I'm not touching that way. Right. Go ahead. Moving on to another Heisman Trophy winner. RJ three. Look you must have watched show yesterday and saw clown haircut. Do responded with this tweet about your barber his barber. No barbour. Don't matter. I live over the edge. Pretty funny, man. He's referencing. This LeBron main from a while back. I got props his sponsor I like response. He's got a little sense of humor. That's good. Yeah. You can't take yourself too seriously. So yeah, I don't have a problem with this response. He does need a haircut. And so do I watch. Yeah. I'm glad he didn't punch back because you know, a lot of times even the criticism. You get on social media. If you come back with a light heart response, you got me then other person always Russia back like, oh, man. I'm big fan. You know what I mean? So I'm glad he came back may some lemonade student even haircut autumn come into America holes. I'll tell you one person who looks at this pitcher, very jealous. Lebron james. Many Joan and just a hairline TKO boy Rondo let that thing goes aren't gonna five here. Problem brother daughter from Thursday night football, but a chore Agnes internet buzzer. It's like listen. They're putting together. Nice drive right here. Third shorts and keep it going and come away with something more than Phil attempt. They gotta go get this bread. Oh, it was all about this, man. A lot of love other flames. I like to hear out of Choi, you know, what I would love to hear him. Call a big been game when big bend intercepts. It'd be like, hey about that life. I'm gonna say mom because it's. About that life. My DVR gonna break me Rwanda. What if you say what it do? So. Yeah. Yeah. We don't have it. I don't think. But I'll say people say Troy Aikman is the white Jay Z that they look like have you see has really do to Troyes little boy, hip culture, more than we know. Yeah. Thought is Ryan says video posted to the ground doing dead lifts it's been about a year. There's brutal Andrew on a football field. So I thought was pretty inspiring this progress. What do you guys think love love it, very inspirational of you know, I I know he wants to play football yet. I I don't really care whether he plays football again. I just love to see him rehabilitating them back on his feet. Yeah. Man, bigger than the sport..

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