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"jj kinney" Discussed on Shutdown Fullcast

"Ooh. Album to the shutdown full cast. We're recording this on what December thirtieth two thousand eighteen. That's a good estimate. Thereabouts means a few things just happened. That means that. Well, we got to add to a list lustrous list a curated list. It's like a wine list at this point. They're the big by the glass ones that everybody knows. But there's some vintage stuff back their way down in the basement that I don't know. Maybe you pulled off a shipwreck was supposed to go to Napoleon. Right. And it's just been sitting there since like eighteen forty eight. Maybe it's something really really super curated. Like, I don't know if I was just going to spoil where we're headed like the time Notre Dame lost Tulsa. Yeah. Man, holly. This was the best question. I thought we could lead off with newer, the one suggested it what is it? Well, answer some point last year. And I don't remember the reason why I just started a threat of favorite Notre Dame losses because it turns out that knitter Dame does United nation. It is America's team in that everyone in America has a favorite Notre Dame football loss. You know, some of the some people are partial to the the last time Notre Dame ran up into ran up into the playoffs. We all remember what happened there Nick Sabin, buried them all screaming and of the dirt fits little child size spayed. Some people are partial to fifty eight seven loss to Miami. Gerry Faust last game, whereas you pointed out Jimmy Johnson ran up the score with his third string. Which I believe I've heard Jimmy Johnson quoted as saying what was I supposed to do. Third. Third-string was good. Favorite is two thousand seven navy that would be the ram veal game where he like they launched him like a cruise missile across the line of scrimmage at poor Evan sharply. And I forgot about this until kit. Rehn reminded me last night. Lou Holtz went on TV after this game. And said, I think it's just grace split navy so much energy into their football program. They should be studying ships. But but last night being board in the second playoff game Lee saw a very being very quickly bored. By the second game, we decided to bring this thread back, and it's amazing. How far you can go through this without finding a repeat? Did anybody have Notre Dame? Michigan two thousand eleven I feel like that was in there. But there were also a couple that I had never heard of they lost. And I had forgotten about the Tulsa loss at home in twenty ten which is up there with the second one that I learned about those new favorite, which is apparently a loss to Purdue at some point. I don't remember that at all. Yeah. I barely remember that the US f losses. And consider Purdue a rival. So it gets even more shameful. It was October nine third and goal down by five points produce sack the quarterback to run out the clock. Thanks to alert re- reader is male Mustafa after pointing that out October thirty two thousand ten is that also and by the way, JJ Kinney's finest hour, they converted on third and twenty six. You know, and I probably should say this. It was a twenty eight twenty seven win for you know, the golden hurricane if I can remind everybody they weren't playing tells the, Nope. Nope. Whole generation Tulsa football players got to go onto the same grass that Rudy probably cut and sold on EBay just last week for extra cash. Yeah. Another favorite one that. I was not aware nineteen seventy six Georgia Tech beat them in the rain running the wishbone and not throwing a single pass game. Only one loss at that point to eventual national champs tech finished four and six. Feels like the officials shutdown full cats Notre Dame lots yet. Can we do oral history of anyone who is still alive from this game? Yeah. Absolutely. Or of you're still live from the USF game too. Because. How many USF students is still alive is Brian Kelly still alive from that game out..

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