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"jj nelson" Discussed on The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour

"It's going to be a stretch for deebo Samuel and I'm paraphrasing here. Obviously, it's going to be a stretch for deebo. Samuel be ready right away a few days later. Jalen hurts here's his acl out for the season and then after that Kyle Shanahan said, yeah, we're we're hoping is ready for week one. Watch. Neil Sutton get better seventy two hours. What the hell happened there. You look at charities like Kendrick born well, okay and not only that look at all the slobs that they've signed lately you know they were fine. Okay I jj Nelson's one of them. I'M GONNA look this up right but jj Nelson's one of them. It's all these like retread type speed guys you know that that that. You know obviously, we're on the waiver wire for a specific reason because they're no one. Oh Yeah. They're not good and and so I I think that's kind of a detriment to the niners this year and receivers especially talking about whether Deebo Samuel is actually ready. No, it's fine that they say, oh, he's going to be ready by week one, but is he really going to be I don't know Richie James who was already on their roster is going to begin the season on the populace. He's officially out the first six games you mentioned Kendrick born he's actually been showing off so far in practice looking good, they have the rookie Brandon I. I you who is going to be there deebo Samuel. Obviously, we don't know what's going to happen with him, but you know Gironde Brown is now a San Francisco Forty niner Dante Pettis I guess has has been performing up to snuff with what they've expected for from. But the fact that they're signing all these SCHLUB guys I know up to snuff I don't know is it snuffed. I'll. A joke as in like he's so bad he was killed. Oh. Yeah Yeah. But okay. So just looking at these niners receivers here, I don't WanNa look at them turn Taylor Swat guys hurts you're avoiding it totally well, not totally I mean, those guys are all garbage. I would consider Deebo as a value and assume that he comes back. You know just guests that he comes back to three or four I. mean the thing is if you draft people Samuel and he's not backing. So we four right, let's say, yeah work. Yeah, and it's not like you're not starting anybody. There's somebody else are started and you're GONNA get at least ten twelve whatever points. I mean come on well depending upon. Who drafting and whatever you're hitting you thing is diva was not going to be taking it through the by weeks in all likelihood I mean there's a slim chance that he just doesn't quite get back. He's an off season or whatever. So I don't mind deal I'm not as big of a fan of I u myself everybody loves him right now. They can have. Maybe. He does really well. Guess on. ADP right now for deebo Samuel Dave over the last few days in football guys drafts where people taking. deebo. Samuel. Nine eight twelve. So not a bad guy eight twelve wide receiver forty, this CD Lamb Jamison crowder territory, you buy there for you. I think I would prefer crowder probably I would prefer crowd I might I might take Samuel over lamb possibly I don't know I. Think I think you're right I think I would agree with that. How about this one this is an interesting one deebo Samuel Christian Kirk taking Samuel over Kirk. and. They got Hopkins in Arizona and well feral just said Balk, they're gonNA to spend it six hundred, the quarterback and it's been six hundred fifty times. They're very has a good point. I think I might still take Samuel Okay you know who the next layer up on Jerry Jones. All right I don't know if that's. All right moving on Kevin and Chambers Berg Pennsylvania. Hey bulky and Dave is nick chubs concuss affecting where you guys are taking him in drafts right now thinks that it's Kevin in Chambers Berg Pennsylvania. Kevin Thank you so much for the email I'm GonNa tell you this. Before. We answer where if it's affecting us, it's definitely affecting. F. Pc. Drafters they've Nick Chubb as plummeted to running back thirteen at the two. Oh, seven right now that is after drake Jacobs Achuar right before Aaron Jones and James Connor. Good spot for trump. No. I think I thought he was overvalued before the should be going lower. Yeah. I always thought I. You know I. Mean if you like cream ponds in its CARPI, just like trump as well, and that's why you know what I mean like like haunted I I thought I, think trump's been overvalued the whole time. I'd much rather have Aaron Jones I prefer Connor girly Jonathan Taylor, John I for like maybe on valid prefer for that for now. Yeah. I mean honestly I just think that I think shove with cream on is a twelve. He's like a twelve point per game player and that's just not where I WANNA be. Would you rather have the head concussed Nick Chub or the constantly body concussed David Johnson who would you rather drop this year? If. You can only have one of those guys I think that point. It's close but you know I might. Be. Putting if you paying David Johnson Anyway. Okay. But it because their such a such, very ADP it gets you know then it gets to be kind of like our acres I could just be kinda stupid because if he's going to probably won't have to make that decision. And then David Johnson like a four, zero three or something like that. David Johnson currently at the four, zero, one, four one and that rain here. So I mean that's such a disparity that fell so like if I had to pick and it was a 401, you take, I might take. He's just because it's like the wisdom of the crowd. The hive mind as the sigma. Team trump at four one with whatever else you got going on. Yeah. to packer pointing out that trump had several long runs last year that saved game sperm to something to bear in mind as well as I. Don't think we've ever been pro Nick Chubb on this show in general as far as ADP goes I. I like this talent I mean, I? Think he's a really couldn't high-quality running back and I know Matt Walden Yep but they just they don't seem like they wanna throw them and then you put cream hunts in the mix and it's a big problem so I'll about. Situation. It's all about opportunity and there's certainly a big time question mark there with Kareem Hunt looming large. All right. Join Atlanta writes dear wriggle and Clinton. Rigaud and Clinton, and he guesses on this..

Deebo Samuel deebo Samuel Dave Nick Chubb Kendrick Kevin ADP Chambers Berg Pennsylvania jj Nelson Samuel Christian Kirk Neil Sutton David Johnson Kyle Shanahan Jonathan Taylor Aaron Jones Jalen James Connor trump Gironde Brown
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"Peaceable another feel bad together and listen to the music and not make any wrong it's such a big deal that the Phoenix Suns retainer Earl Watson rather than letting him run off to U.. Ucla to replace. Steve Alford is their head coach and Phoenix Suns. Robert Sorry for the owner team stuck with Watson. UCLA alarm for all of three games in the twenty seven twenty eight season other was no twenty eighteen for Watson. Jay H. Riano took over the club when twenty one and fifty eight. The rest of the way Ryan mcdonagh Roberts are decided to go in a different direction when it was all said and done and you know Adam. Silver doesn't like the were tanking but Phoenix Suns. Take the rest of the way The do not stick with Triano though he was a candidate for the head coaching job. Here this offseason. The job goes to Ebore CUCO Who who came over about twenty years ago from Overseas Warren the NBA was an assistant coach with the Utah Jazz who were wildly successful? Considering having a lack of talent on their roster the Phoenix Suns and plagued with that same dilemma over the last couple of seasons but They finish runoff. You draft players. That might be part of a core of good basketball team. We don't oh no that just yet devon booker very young. But I wasn't archie. Good when or Alex. Len Josh Jackson hopes to be in the equation but he can acquire veteran for Josh Jackson. East kind of fifty fifty. Where I'm going to trade the sure thing right now and I'm going to take the chance Josh Jackson accent? That can be a superstar in the NBA. Phoenix took no such chance with Devon Booker locking him up for five five years about one hundred sixty million dollars but same type of money. Brian got to play. Four Seasons for the Lakers. Booker's going to play five for the Phoenix. Excellence and when you look around the West. Obviously you've got hold stay much longer. Is that going to last. Is this Phoenix anuj score going to mature into a team. That is good enough to maybe not take the torch from Golden State but to be competitive in the League when Golden State. It's that back now got to happen. Eventually they're gonNA cap hell. I don't care how much like playing lane together. They're not going to dislike money more than they like played. Somebody's going to take the reins. Eventually I figured Golden State might have a four peat in their their wins in halfway there a lot of variables the play durant wins. Warriors Lakers didn't four-pete Michael Jordan never fourteen. I don't know how far back you have to go through. Four Pete. Phoenix Suns. Don't have one. There are the same position the cavaliers were three years ago without the blessing of the best player of the generation being born in their backyard. The blessing of the cavaliers tapped think for getting schneider at the city. Cleveland has thanks for getting off nine. Now we're starting at that point for the city of Phoenix. The old teams go decades cities generally don't Minnesota Spence since the nineteen ninety-one Twins San Diego if you're not counting. Afl It's never Washington got off off the block with the capital Stanley Cup. Victory Seattle You know they've got a recent enough championship with the chickens. Sellout leave is the Phoenix Johnson. And they are ten more your ten years more recent than the Minnesota twins but in baseball no last couple of indoor teams couple of teams that you don't see their year in and year out. I think that fans here in the Valley of the Sun notice respect to the coyotes or any of the other teams but I think as they got it from the Phoenix Suns. Again it would be reversed. I think that if it came from the Arizona cardinals it would be reward to a very young fan base. I don't WANNA call them novice naive or anything like that. Go when I think about the Arizona cardinals fans. I think that they're very dedicated. But I think that they are very new. That's not a surly bandwagon accusation. When I when I speak of the quote Unquote Bird gang saying I like the cardinals nest a little bit more than that I think per game is to Harvey? Try At being the raiders being the cowboys. Okay Liaison Bureau thing talented football football. I say that is if they are A. What do you call it soccer team? Okay Larry Fitzgerald back. He's the hall of fame. Jed Williams very unproven third year player out of grambling Christian Kirk. Local boy went to swallow high school here in Scottsdale Arizona. Second Round pick a last year's draft. Jj Nelson Rashad. Ross Cory will Jalen soliver Brice Butler who they got from the Cowboys Greg. Little who has played for the browns and the Cincinnati bengals was scattered results results. Mostly negative. All right that's your receiving core but it doesn't matter Kaz. Familiarity is not going to be there because you don't have Carson Palmer back you've got Sam Bradford you've got Mike Lennon Bradford from the bears. Pardon me Bradford from from the Vikings by way of yields Rams Mike Glennon from the bears by way of the Tampa Bay buccaneers and North Carolina. State and the Golden. Boy Josh Rosen. They traded up into the top ten to get him. I pick out of UCLA. I think the cardinals brass hope that he hopes that he doesn't see the field in twenty eighteen but they are very ready for him to take the reins. Was this time for him. To take the reins David Johnson back from injury. enj- realize a penny the lesser of the penny brothers but a good player nonetheless in the NFL Chase Edmunds TJ woken from NC STATE DJ foster. Walk Oh boy from Arizona. State time with the New England Patriots Defensive Side of the ball marks golden to rush the passer answer Chandler Jones Radic they have. You can't in Patrick Peterson. Buddha Baker Wa in the defensive backfield field They have picked up a couple of players including Germar Taylor from the Cleveland. Browns are special teams as a couple of former all throws Andy Lee Phil Phil Dawson. Pretty good kicker punter combination if you ask me that's the cardinals finished third or fourth in the NFC.

Phoenix Suns Phoenix cardinals devon booker Golden State Ucla Arizona Earl Watson NBA Lakers Phoenix anuj browns Cleveland Minnesota Josh Jackson Steve Alford Len Josh Jackson cavaliers Ryan mcdonagh Roberts Jay H. Riano
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"Thinking you know when you lose your starting Z. arguably is is is a great player and I don't think anyone's going to dispute that you have to replace and we're making an effort to move Tyrell around will bring on some younger guys JJ Nelson also got hurt don't forget that he was hurt. winners got hurt so we that's multiple things to deal with that we're dealing with Tyrell Williams of course stepping into that number one wide receiver spot he had that huge game to start against the Denver Broncos but the offenses stalled over the past couple of weeks. in fact if you're looking for the the gaudy numbers Oakland's been outscored its last two games by a combined sixty two to fourteen. ouch it hurts I into Gruden was defending his quarterback Derek Carr it and Kerr said of. it's different so he also admitting that there's been a transition expecting a B. two B. their top white out and now instead it's Williams and and I think that they're better off for it to mean honestly I don't know how anybody could quibble with that considering. all the incentive in the world couldn't keep Antonio brown on the straight and narrow to be with the New England Patriots to be back in the a FC where he could face his own team and maybe get the last laugh at using their quotations against the Steelers end. the raiders to but so much to lose he'd already lost a bunch of guaranteed money and stood to lose more with the patriots but most guys in the NFL not all it you know not everybody wants to play that system most guys would tell you they decide they would stay on the straight and narrow and make sure that they did everything they had to do if it meant playing with the patriots or Tom Brady and having a shot at winning a Superbowl ring and and he couldn't do that so. well the raiders had over a little bit longer not a game they were counting on him in a different way than say the patriots work is that it only been eleven days so the offense has been more Chuck and doc Morgan can dunk but it has been deep shots down the field even when the raiders were trailing twenty one nothing in that game against the Vikings end we know they're there but the turnovers than the bright spot I would say it's been tied and Darren Waller not sure if you've seen some of his numbers but he's got a really good start to the season the I mean the Vikings are difficult defense then you're talking about U. S. bank stadium which is a. difficult place to play because of all the purple fans in there so I guess the Vikings car had two hundred forty two yards on twenty seven completion so that's kind of the idea not a whole lot of deep shots instead a lot of stuff close in and over the middle and hoping that the receivers could make place after the fact he did have a couple of touchdown passes and he threw an interception he also got sacked four times and we'll see if they can maybe find that rhythm and groove against the Indianapolis Colts coming up cold developing into one of the early seasons storylines that sucked fun to watch if you consider. how they were left in the lurch right before they kicked off the season without interlock and how devastating that could have been and yet Jacoby percentage stepped right into it but also the defense has been really strong even without Darius letter the last week that offense of line is continue to be good other run game has the potential to bust out for a hundred and fifty yards every game so they're also maybe not the same type of anticipation as what we had before the season but they're also developing up early on into the one of the fun surprise stories of the season though it's just three weeks since we have a long way to go you can find me on Twitter a la radio also on our Facebook page let's see coming up one we will look at some of the divisional bad jobs because it's good stuff so Tom Brady talking about the bills defense Earl Thomas I don't know if it was meant as a message for the Browns but no doubt it made it into the Browns locker room ends the giants have Daniel Jones could the red skins be using Dwayne Haskins in week four there's one scenario which would put Haskins on the field it's after hours with a me lord here's our latest sports updates. and here's Jay Berman. sports way. we'll begin with baseball almost that history is in Seattle and that's lined it by mail to his right and that is the ball game thank you said Astros with a franchise record one hundred and four wins as they defeat the Seattle Mariners tonight by a final up three to nothing Robert for with the call of the Astros radio network.

two hundred forty two yards eleven days fifty yards three weeks
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"Brita one this one by default and I picked Brita. That's saying something I mean. He had ten ten point eight P. p. r. points eight yards and a standard league like if he still plays standard getting you know eight point eight points that's pretty decent but NPR league. I wouldn't really be that happy with it. Wasn't what I was like. When I I honestly feel like a week like it does nobody should win like I feel like if you started any of these guys you weren't happy with their productions. So why are we going to act like one was the best the worst route worth it. Yeah I feel like we should change this to the not so obvious flex lock of the week yeah that makes sense that makes more sense and what we've been doing the no no because true yeah. We're giving names. Yeah I mean these are definitely flex type plays these are these are not intended to be your every week starters. These are intended to be guys that you are looking to try and make decisions between each week. These is that we feel confident in that are on the fringe of who you might see deem start depending on how deep you league is right. How beat up your team is how the League is if you know. I don't know how deep your rosters it. Just all depends on a variable thing so let it be known that we're not saying these guys. Are you know these studs of the whole fancy football world. We're just talking about year and a tough bind vine. You got a bunch of guys you tried to pick waivers or you got some guys on your bench and Asher who to start. Is You guys you would flex and we feel good about them. so yeah. We'll say no one one last week because it was all all kind of a blur. No one really stood out not even our our guest Peter's lock of the week so no one really stood out so. Let's let's try again and we four Does anyone WANNA start. Anyone feel. You know L. Spar about their okay. Joschka head so my I of my flex lock of the week is going to be Curtis Samuel in in week three fly in his first game with Kyle on he was targeted seven times no other author Carolina Pass Catcher was targeted more than twice again so Samuel although he does you know he does have the ability to deliver those downfield splash last plays. He was used in a very low adar role last week. Close Line of scrimmage short passes so this week in week four. It'll be playing the Texans we just saw the chargers play the Texans and Keenan Allen Ran Away with that game so so my hope is that one kyle will continue continued to staredown Curtis Samuel through the game and only throw the ball to him and that the the low adolf thing is something Texans are either willing to give up or can't defend and at that trend continues so so Curtis Samuel. We'll be starting my flex wherever I haven't Nice. How do you feel about that. I mean I feel like it's you know it's not not the most fringe. No I definitely think the Curtis Samuel especially now with the change in quarterback back for him to produce last week and then you know to expect him to produce going forward. I think it's definitely a more risky play but I definitely understand the upside and he he's one of those type players that he's explosive so even if he only gets a couple of targets he can you know have a big fantasy the aim so for me. I mean I'm shifting to a guy who honestly I feel like through. The first three three weeks is had production but has like he's almost like a fire waiting to start so for me. It's Preston Williams he got twelve targets last week against Dallas and I feel like with that amount of volume if that carries over especially with Josh Rosen getting the start if that continues I feel like he's just he's just one game away from being able to have that spark week where he actually has everything lined up any as productive week so he's kind of just had those games below the surface. You know you know four catches touches sixty yards those type of games these first three weeks but I feel like if his target's share continues from where it was last week. You can definitely look debit. You Huge Game Preston. Williams is the best wide receiver on the Miami Dolphins. Oh Yeah I honestly think there's no question which is just hilarious this with how everyone expected that wide receiver recorded look coming into the year with Kenny stills. They're not there but you know between Devante Parker her love and all the Harbor Wilson Albert Wilson. Thank you love. I mean like nobody really saw Preston. Williams Komen the the the dolphins are still just piling in piling air yards on Devante Parker and he just sucks he is just doing absolutely absolutely nothing with four hundred thirty three air yards on the year yeah there you only know about precedent if you're paying attention to preseason stuff offseason offseason camp stuff and that's why say man like you know guys. I came. If you pay attention to the you know the local beat Reiner's and stuff like you'll get a little you know little edge sometimes times because some people did pick him up pretty early because of you know something we're hearing out of camp that you know the concern. Is You never know if it carries over but you know obviously with him and what they've decided to. Just you know fail at everything. He's actually worked out so it's good it's good for him and I think he'll just continue to grow and we'll be it'll be interesting to see him when he has an actual team around him I I'm going to completely homer here. super deep on Jayjay Nelson baby here. We go so it listen. He started out in in off season and offseason and stuff. They were throwing retargeting him a lot right in training camp and I was like Damn Nelson Really GonNa do something with this team because they're targeting him an awful lot and then he had an ankle injury didn't play in the beginning season. He came back in week three thirty six yards and a touchdown. If you guys seen the touchdown it was a nice play. He only had five targets not as much target guys you guys are talking about right now but I feel like easing him back into play. The raiders have no chance other than you know throwing the ball and get things going with Jacobs but I feel like you did you and also has a chance to be the fast guy to the top off a defense make a big play and and I feel like with these flex guys. You guys like play you know guys. He's one of those guys he has a potential to make one big touchdown and if he gets a fifth yard touchdown down he'll knock you guys off this list care about your guys so I'm GonNa only Jj Nelson daylight them. They need them. They need some weapon. The raiders are desperate at this point and I don't know if you you guys have noticed but they only have this kind of waller doing stuff so are they going to help waller out so the ball deep open things at the middle handball Jacobs. Jd Nelson's the guy man basically just found your new suffers kin do jd Nelson. Does man was a slot guy different players same panacea production. We'll see we'll see atom. People have been waiting on Jayjay Nelson pop for like five years. It's going to happen. It's going to happen do you. Average it is like almost eighteen yards per catch. It's Hilarious for his career interest and stuff but yeah I'm going to Nelson so I'll put him affleck's all right. We'll see how we do this. You know I thought up on twitter. We'll see where everyone leans. myrlie prediction is Alien Samuel with Josh thinks he's he's the big name. He's the he's. The more common name was funny. Samuel is like coming into the season. Allow people raved about it and then we want to suck week to decide then this week camps out well he does good. I don't know we'll see if it's a flash or if he actually holds onto it all right so that's our not so obvious flex locks of the week I love this segment is just adjusted itself weekly all right onto fowler no foul so we can close this show out. I stuck with all sports topic city mostly football the first one. I don't know if you guys seen treatment. Recently took some shots at homes you guys seen it sort of intrigue me and he said like let them know when he's won thirty three percent of the rings and he has basically saying let me know anyone's the super bowl like otherwise otherwise like whatever so my fellow for this one is. AIKMAN is super fucking salty fowler. Nobel does does Troy Aikman. I think he's good on you saying never homes until you get some rings. Charlie Troy Aikman knows that like Emmitt Emmett Smith and the rest of that team carried him right. Thank apparently not I one hundred percent on the Patrick the home side of this. I can't pass Troy. AIKMAN's career stats in every way shape inform as well as roles. How many super win three did that's not that tough classic. It's not hard it really like. The real question. Is How long you Tom. Brady along spray. GonNa play and how long has ballot Czech coach because that's the only thing that's going to stand in Patrick Mahomes way of just annihilating super bowls pretty much so yeah I don't know I mean. I think that Aikman said that responding to something. That was circling around I. I don't know the exact context but my understanding is that there was something that was publicized. I think it might have even been by. Nfl Dot com that was stating patching mahomes like career stats so far being such and such percentage of Troy Aikman's entire careers so you so so yeah. It was essentially him saying like hey yeah. Let me know when he actually actually win some super bowls because that's all troy. Aikman is going to have against Pasha moms in like four years. I mean it's just it's it's going to happen. Mahomes is he's something else and he's playing in a league. That's so much different than the league that you know ignorant played in just in regards to overall passing volume so so it's not really. I don't know I wouldn't say it's not necessarily fair to compare stats but yeah I mean. Mahomes is obviously going to shatter at him from a statistical distict standpoint and so it'd be interesting. This be gets easier. Patience Mahomes is GonNa destroy even on a per attempt basis. Oh for sure salty salty troy salty trae. We don't care why you saying you salty. next one. Antonio Brown will not play the football again this season. Fowler novell foul. He'll he'll never play football again period. I think never canning. I can't think he's done. I don't know I'm going to be crazy but I think he's done and I think that he's done because I think that I want. I guess I should I should say I want him to be done because I want the NFL to be with him yeah. This has been a whole lot of bad press for him. I I don't know maybe it's it's best if he is done at the very lease like come on Bro. Your agent uses say a step away for a year. Let's fix our image as get our head right. Let's get everything together and then maybe we can try another thing another shot at this like when the Rosenhaus came out right away and he was like Continuum Ryan is healthy and exciting to play for any team bro seriously like you don't know an agreement is trying to make money. Geez man like let this guy breathe breathe man. I mean that's that's part of the reason why these guys get like this. There's just people just keep pushing them around. Antonio Brown actually cared about him. I think they'd be trying trying to get them into some sort of like rehab or some something because the guy obviously needs help right now he. I'm no fan in jail. I'm saying no foul which Adam like you said with the same mentality of I'm just hoping that everyone around him and the NFL let him sit out for a year. I don't awful never play again ammonia. He may but as far as not this season. I would like to see not this season so we'll see how that plays out. the the next one might be the last one saquon. Barkley will miss less than five games. Fowler novell foul. I think he's out now six..

Charlie Troy Aikman Curtis Samuel Patrick Mahomes fowler football NFL Jj Nelson Preston Williams Troy Antonio Brown NPR Jayjay Nelson Josh Rosen Devante Parker raiders Asher Kenny stills Keenan Allen
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"On here in the football season. based on the games we saw yesterday the rams beat the Panthers thirty to twenty seven the Titans forty three to thirteen over the Browns she's forty to twenty six over the Jaguars fifty nine to ten the ravens over the dolphins who knows Dave we are we may see some points put up here tonight I hope so I think it would make a fun one one thing we do know that Jon Gruden intersect in season of course an offense of minded head coach last year they were awful were the raiders on offense they weren't a good football team generally speaking as they finish for twelve but they they really had trouble scoring they finished twenty eight of thirty two NFL teams scoring eighteen points little more than eighteen points a game with the Broncos work a lot better but they did score twenty one points per game and I think they counted heavily obviously on Antonio brown is being that spark plug that that one great player that could change sort of the complexion of this entire offense as we both know now he is now a member of the New England Patriots yeah he would have been a difference maker he's a great player he's a first ballot hall of Famer and even with all the drama that comes along with Antonio brown he put up big numbers you and I talked about this on our show on K. away in Denver earlier in the week Antonio brown it doesn't matter he's going to make a lot of catchers he's going to he's going to gain a lot of yards it doesn't seem to matter what else is going on in the background he's a big big playmaker now they don't have him so they're gonna have to rely on JJ Nelson of fifth year guy on but I will become a Birmingham it Tyrell Williams who's a good player they decide to a four year forty four million dollar deal he's probably going to be the big playmaker no question about that last thought to the Broncos hope to get the lead tonight obviously because if they can they feel pretty good about the match up not only this week but virtually against anybody with Bradley Cheban von Miller on the edge if you think last year Miller inch up combined for twenty six and a half sacks. in the Broncos are hoping that they forced Terry card to play from behind a bit the second half yeah in charge should be even better this year he got off to kind of a slow start last year in and really figured it out mid season and had a fantastic rookie year of von Miller says Bradley Chubb is doing so many things better this year than he did last year with those two guys on the edge it's gonna be fun to watch them get after the quarterback so we're set for some NFL football NFL football that actually count as we are here in open get ready for the two thousand in nineteen season opener for both the raiders and the Broncos little bit earlier Brenda Crist all had a chance to catch up with the guy who is played some great football against these Oakland Raiders cornerback Chris Harris junior thanks Dave as always when we talk to Chris there's junior sponsored by Coloradans for responsible energy development get the facts on how oil and gas is benefiting Colorado and all Coloradans at credit dot org that C. R. E. D. dot org Chris you know we're gonna start thought let's see your Palais be over there on the other side and now after all the drama back and forth no Antonio brown for the raiders hello is unfortunate the situation happened I'll definitely get ready for it all season but we just they still have the receiver you gotta get ready for and we can't take a line Vic Fangio said Saturday after practice that the preparation and really change just like a guy being heard on the NFI list or or whatever because Friday he and Vaughn were saying Hey we were barely he's gonna be there all along Friday you thought he would be so preparation doesn't change does not on chairs we can kind of slide some of if we had a couple double teams that we could slide the sixteen and the kind of change it that way but other than that we're gonna prepare like is it like he's been planned so it's hard to kind of change everything at once but you look at some of the other guys and there's a lot of new faces on both sides of the ball one guy that you are familiar with the they'll match up with plenty I'm sure is terribly yeah I played him a lot over the years is for him for five blow over it every year since he's been only twice a year so that. a lot of familiarity with him and looking for to the competition fourth being familiar do you play against their car a whole bunch of what kind of quarterback isn't he was to get the ball out fast make quick decisions he's a great the ball door but we gotta take away his number one option to make him hold it and hopefully the long get there yeah you mentioned him getting the ball out fast last year in the game here I think is with the twenty nine to thirty two something in the heart but yeah yeah but he thought it far. so I mean that's what we gotta do try to take away the number one option you know he's he's worried about the Russian so he doesn't want to get it out fast I'm not sure if you heard this or not I'm guessing I got back to you but in the conference call with us with Denver media their car was asked about you and he said you're at the top of his list top three guys ever faced and he said that you know this that he's talked to you but he thinks you'll be when a goal jacket that as a no doubt you're a hall of Famer is definitely means a lot come from him your peers and the guys that you really playing ants I think they really know and should I think Philip rivers a size sent them homes this guy though plating its final game of the weekend it comes on Monday Night Football will ask Chris about playing on that big stage on the other side he's Chris tears junior I'm Brenda Crist all and you're listening countdown to kick off on the gateway Broncos radio network. hello.

rams Panthers Titans Browns Jaguars ravens Dave football forty four million dollar four year
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"Sounds are great KNBR now sounds on one four five nine two five C. into one of four five is immaculate reception radio reception that is macular research I do were you're going talking Oakland raider football sounds great hell is wearing the immaculate reception had to bring it in I had to bring in a we're talking maybe we're talking raiders were talkin Steelers and by the way that's the big take away thanks for everybody yesterday said that going boy how happy are the the Pittsburgh Steelers so they're going to we told you this guy was a lunatic you knew this guy was crazy why is everybody so surprised so this thing goes down yesterday we started the reports and of course I drafted in my final fantasy draft Antonio brown much like OJ Simpson who you're gonna hear from later because he was maybe more upset than anybody. look at that look good retires like twenty minutes three drives in San Antonio brown is going to deal with now hell of a headache for for OJ Simpson I know for OJ dealing with he's fantasy team that he's got some and checks cash and you know. get some get even in the road Antonio I would do it G. says fire you and maybe maybe listen up so this thing goes down yesterday with Antonio brown initially the report is he and Mike may automatically a spat or dispute stemming from when he took a photo of the letter sent to him from may Oct two days ago listing the reasons he has been fine the amount he's been fine for all of his helmet stuff and for missing practice means basically told now you well you do this again or you continue with any of this nonsense you could be fined or suspended further for conduct detrimental to the team. now the problem I've got with all this is that Mike may Oct as a rookie general manager here. Mike may off was brought in to be John Gerdes gotcha the Jon Gruden can handle the exes and ohs you can decide which players he wants and then Mike may I can go about the business side of acquiring said player but all decisions I don't think anybody's got any dispute or any bones about the idea that Jon Gruden is the one in charge in Oakland and he's the one calling the shots the problem I've got with Mike may out here and it all comes back to what I was just saying about Pittsburgh you knew who this guy was when you required to act as though you're going to treat him the same as any linebacker offense of linemen hell running back first round draft pick a DN if you're going to tell me that you're treating him the same as your treating everybody else you've already got a problem you may not like this logic that you've got to treat him differently but it's the way it works in the NFL it's the way it's always worked in the NFL this is not a kindergarten this is not sit down everybody gets the same piece of cake and the same utensils the heated with this is the end of a cell Antonio brown is where he is because of his ability to play football if you don't want to deal with it and you don't want to treat him differently and you say this is not how we run our organization then by all means move on. but that's not how it works with the Oakland Raiders they brought him in to score touchdowns as the most elite wide receiver in the NFL as they believed him to be when they acquired Jon Gruden didn't spend the offseason drawn up place for hunter Renfroe in for JJ Nelson he drew up an entire playbook around getting Antonio brown the football. this guy just here's the other part about might may I. hundred is going to survive Mike may ox careers general manager the raiders and he'll probably survive the guy after him when he was shot in Oakland last year and Reggie McKenzie was GM it was were in lockstep we're all in concert with each other by the way Reggie good trade to wheel mac away by the way because Khalil Mack doesn't want to be here. so Khalil Mack didn't want to be there. and you said get his a out of town. your browser doesn't want to be there and Jon Gruden the same we hope everything works out with Antonio we really wanted to be here I'm a little bit emotional about it what what year from Jon Gruden right now actually here's Mike may also real quickly yesterday of course the frustration around what's going on with Antonio brown he then runs up real quickly to a scrum of reporters of practice here's the news yesterday here's Mike may I was just giving you the the quick rundown of what happened with AB Antonio.

Mike Antonio brown Jon Gruden San Antonio brown OJ Simpson Pittsburgh Steelers Oakland general manager John Gerdes twenty minutes two days
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"Alright let me ask you this question carver high the that the raider defense we're talking about the raiders the plan Monday night that you know Pharrell's they can't they drafted number you know in the first round whatever was and but you know they got obviously Josh Jacobs to run the ball everything but the defense with it with Pharrell Hankins I'm not buying vine does perfect to me is washed and he's also just as filthy dirty football player late Antonia's he's just a dirty player I don't I don't these good eye disease dirty so you can say whatever you want to hand I think he's at his best days in Cincinnati they're long gone I could be wrong about that when you look at that the band seriously. who are they stopping besides no one. I love the I think that there's a lot of excuse me a lot of pieces on this defense that. are still young and there's still some time for them to develop it's not gonna be this year you know that could be a year or two before couple these guys are ready. I think that they're heading in the right direction I I know that but because they were on hard knocks or something I did watch one episode okay but like buyer they better I don't see it with the guys they got Antonio brown. they've been a terrible football team. they've been a terrible football team the last two years absolutely I don't I think that they're gonna be better than last year they won what four games last year that means they could win six this year I mean that that's fair enough but they're not a playoff team they are not a playoff exil Wayt any chance in that division they are not making the playoffs I'm saying they're gonna be better than last year in fact I think they're gonna win on Monday night so the key is to get to the next year in Vegas and be good then I think that that is the goal I think that this is the year where you take a lot of these young players you've drafted over the last two years and you start to. get them ready for when you can make the next big move which is when you're in Vegas so this was the letter from Mike may act right that he sent Antonio brown and you know you did not participate in a raiders Wachter on August twenty second year absence from practice was on excuse accordingly you are hereby fined thirteen thousand nine fifty percent to article forty two section one AA eight of the NFL's CBA and the raiders club discipline schedule you were previously find forty grammar ms innovators preseason training camp on August eighteenth please be advised that you should continue if you should continue to miss mandatory team activities including practices and games the raiders reserve the right to impose additional remedies available under the club's discipline schedule the CD and your NFL player contract including but not limited to additional fines and discipline for engaging in conduct detrimental to the club there you go and then he writes when you're on this brown when your own team one I hate but there's no stopping me now devil is a lie. the devils the white man right is now what that is that's the devil the white man E. down like the white they don't like the white man you don't like the white man GM down on what to do all that much and you can quote me on that and it in the bottom line is just you know everyone gonna pay this year so it just so we're clear and that's where he's at so I you know all that stuff if you haven't heard that one before the devil you know about that the devil man you know that the now the devil is a lie the devil is Mike may I ask right and certainly Jon Gruden falls into that category as well can you believe this guy I mean it is absolutely unthinkable to me it really is have you name a guy that has been more of a pain in the **** in the NFL in the last two years and this guy. I mean you can't even you can come up with anybody in the last two years the last three months have been a nightmare for them with him he is the worst thing going is he not how absolutely he's lymphoma I mean I am so done with that guy thank god I honestly you can Adam Oakland invaders you can have them he's a there's no denying you can play this spot there's no denying he can make catches and he's got great routes great hands he's a game breaker and a touchdown maker there's no denying it but I mean at at what cost at what cost do you get those services it's the exact reason that Odell Beckham is no longer in New York a cell painful that they had they just finally got rid of him that he's just such a pain in the **** that they're like you know what these billionaire all white men believe it or not I have it same thing with Cabernet date all the billionaire white man club that's what they are they all want no part of this guy because he's Mister do know Jonny activist that's why it has no job any NFL believe me the guy can play cornerback right there's no denying the guy has game he's got game more than sixty seventy percent of these attacks that are back ups in the league right now right but here's the deal no one wants to admit it at all and they never will you will get one owner quote and not one of them all I'll say publicly at all what they're all thinking we're not having this pain in the **** on any of our teams and I but I firmly believe without a doubt they all colluded to keep them out of the lake. just don't get a job and that'll be the end of them so now he does all this activism and and screaming and yelling and and you know standing up for what's right which is what he does but they don't like it or not I have it this guy should add fifteen jobs by now right but they got rid of them and the giants got rid of back on and the Steelers got red or brown and now the raiders are op it's their turn what are you going to do with him I mean this guy is such a. absolute distraction cancer I mean is he not like it seems to me a member when he went there. and he was like you know buddy buddy with Derek Carr showing up at his house and knocked on his front door and all those other B. S. right and he's just the greatest teammate ever. who else has he been doing now with now you'll have all these guys lie about how they're all best friends on the raiders you know these reporters that all come out of the woodwork everybody's a genius about the raiders here's the deal but they have shocked forever and I'll tell you one thing this guide to me is on an island right I think he's such a diva don't tell me he's best friends with everyone on that team that guy's on in his own world he didn't see anybody else on the team literally and you know what happens if you don't draw on the ball get ready because it's common eleven absolute calypso bay moment on the sideline don't you remember like what we gotta show video of it again of him throwing water coolers this guy I'll absolutely snap on anyone on the field. trust me. I don't like may I have now and I can guarantee a don't like Gruden either and that and they'll tell you that they love each other and that their followers Jack all of them are fully shack and that stupid show if you bite into that Sam a jab at a get some mustard by you watch that stupid show because they only show you what they want to show yeah right all things added to show you what they want to show you had someone on the line. really any of it not at all actually but I'll watch that ever all that I heard last night or two nights ago when the last one aired was that it seemed like it was the least access that a hard knocks had been given over the past you know ten years that they've been doing or whatever it is they really there with the lack of behind the scenes stuff in this one was more than in years past so it is what it is that shows it if they're gonna keep given less and less access the show's kinda useless it just makes no sense yeah that's all while a very entertaining the the NFL behind the scenes training camp shall ye online so he's caught a hundred balls. six years in a row right these cranial brown there's no doubt he's grabbing a Buck ten a Buck twenty nine of one oh six one oh four one does he catch a hundred balls this year. I I I mean if they're smart they'll catch a hundred balls because it if there's magic and it's out on a seventy five percent of the time because they have no one else I mean they want him happy or just I mean it's because you gotta figure he's gonna have. gonna have doubles right I don't think they're gonna throw a tune to keep him happy I think they're gonna throw it to him because they realize that he's their offense you know they had other options in Pittsburgh. no there was other guys on the field that you had to. area. I I mean I guess the seek the units are the brown and then what Williams he's he's banged up right now Ryan grant JJ Nelson I like hunt around for all I think he can play football I think they're gonna throw to him when you least expect it and I think the majority of throws will go to brown and I yes I think you can have a hundred again I mean I'm just gonna keep throwing to him and he wants to be used like a kitchen rag and I think that bill I did though given the rock without a doubt as much as possible in every game I really mean that. robin at southwest Texas town of el Paso. a year. the goal is started Hey Robbie. a good again about wise. but right. the. yeah a question I'll be making my way to hostage this weekend right now with you and check his game and I wanted to get your thoughts on that okay who wins who cover loose and and what you think of the game well I don't doubt taxes is doing a lot better with her man and and and and Allen Jr and I think that they are they're a good football team I don't think I frankly that there is good as well as you I for me now I think it's a tough road game for burl and you know LSU but I gotta tell ya I think they're very deep impressive and strong and all facets I like everything I see and and I have liked everything I've seen going back I I think it's been great there last year and this year is going to be better in the opener was a joke he let him up and he had a big day they are a good the budget now if they don't you know screw it up.

football raiders Pharrell Hankins Cincinnati carver Josh Jacobs Antonia brown Gruden Pittsburgh. NFL Ryan grant JJ Nelson Williams Texas burl Allen Jr LSU el Paso. Sam Jack
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"Has lost his appeal to where he is a desired helmet he says he's going to play they're expecting him at raiders camp Dominique I talked a little bit about sort of his dynamic with the team and with Jon Gruden but good news he is there's a loophole he apparently can wear his helmet if it was manufactured the last ten years or something Anne is announced on Twitter that he's looking for eighty eight many venture into thousand ten or after so get Adam and his tweets also include Tatian marks which allowed Feist otherwise we talked a bit about sort of Jerry Jones in this Zeke dak contract ongoing impasse and I the latest piece of news on that front is there are reports that dak Prescott is seeking forty million dollars a year which I actually think so yes the cowboys clearly want that number out there but I I I think while it you know it probably doesn't feel great for dax that people are calling him or whatever it is a sign that they're going to get a deal done soon because often what I've seen with these contract disputes involving like mega deals is they'll be a giant number out there I remember this kind of with Russell Wilson about our price always gonna break the kind of contract mold and then when the actual number comes in it's still big it feels a little bit softened in some ways and so the team can point to the forty nine R. say Hey at least forty million if it's like thirty two million or anything so that's kind of how I feel about that story anyways Dominique week one of the pre season is in the books Daniel Johnson Kyler Murray are going to canton to Kobe Myers is gonna catch twenty touchdowns made them determine is the next Michael Vick together right yep we're done here all right latest play music good idea needing beer in let's let's talk on this our mom for we get into get into this stuff what stuff there is so I was there I was at who is in the Coliseum when he broke off broke off is really the right verb for what I witnessed and it was spectacular I was on the call feels good to say and I was on the clothes on the cool I was on the call if I realize to like this moment to say something but but my first reaction on my second prescriptions to say something mercifully but my second reaction was imagine being a linebacker on that how do you go home at night how do you looking your wife how big is the apple of with a hand on my hamster how it's it's easy you find there's so many other people to blame so when you go home in your wife's life what the hell I got a fifty Ali use a note on my responsibility with the force and back inside and there was nobody that is in them and man coverage as clearly as own situation as far as the White House to deflect use a lot of words I mean they're also like they were not respecting his legs to put was not I think something they saw he he he looked pretty good wish it wasn't so the rushing was super surprising to me the fact that he looks okay was not surprising to me at all because I've been through this song dances Peterman before I've seen this movie like two years ago when he was drafted he looked very good in preseason right as a fifth rounder in buffalo I was there that you're doing the Tyrod Taylor story and so when you came in I I I thought it was crazy it they brought it into the Chargers game because the Chargers defense is so ferocious but I thought they would bring him in at some point if Tyra struggled and then last summer he was freaking awesome this is like what he does what is it about the pre season difference between the preseason and regular season like I understand there is a change in scheme and people are a little bit more aggressive defensively and run more complicated things but it has to be more to it than that is it just the pressure of the moment is there I think okay so like you know the expression being a gamer is there were reverse being a non gamer the Sir a practice I think that's the that's what's like a training camp all star practice but I do think that he is going to win that back up I do he looks better than my client but how I mean I'm sure the people listen your podcasts are well aware that Jon Gruden love Nathan Peter man coming out of green was one of the few people who said they can determine was have the ability to be like a day one starter looks like an end of a quarter so I bring that up because I think it's important because we know that John Byrne is not high on their car what are the chances that Jon Gruden really wants to prove that may even be a man it's good in a job right once Peter meant to at least have a couple good games and start this season so I would save the error not negligible cat I do think in a and I've said this before about the raiders when we've done like division preseason talk about them dear car was actually a lot better down the stretch than anyone knows because nobody watched raiders football thank separators fans and he was actually like really picked up grading system and an improved a lot but I do think a lot of that depends on the presence a certain man that I want to talk to you about today and that of course is JJ Nelson getting its Antonio brown so is it today the way I want to do this today is since this week one of preseason I thought a good way to talk about some of the action in pre season and in some of the stories on the NFL is I'm going to read you a headline and then I want you Dominique Sachse worse did you say by in it or not but it it okay got that buy it or not by or you can call the cute thing is that when I selling you the buyer not by yeah I wanna rip doesn't around the wincing yeah we just do it what's happening okay binder science all right I was so and I gave it away the first one headlines Gruden defense Antonio brown calls helmet quote personally **** listening okay of the IRA is so I think I'm buying it to be to be fair I think that Jon Gruden has since his return he hasn't been a bad necessarily because I guess the record was suggests that he has not been a great coach but I think the expectations are very high particularly early on to design a ten year contract but I think that for traces of get higher later once he's had his full complement of players and I and scheme in their new city but I haven't seen anything in particular I suggested we have Jon Gruden is a good pro football coach until now like this is the only thing that I've seen really yeah this is the most impressive how he's handled this I think that we we all do you and I talk about this a lot like the jobs of the codes and how important coaches for a team I think one of the jobs that is under appreciated is the ability to manage the personalities in a locker room and that's why I'm often very high on I'm John Harbaugh he was not a great he's a player or coach I play for he's not a great tactician is a special teams coach he would come into our defense of meeting rooms and not necessarily be fully aware of the scheme which is one thing I mean he understood team but he would he would say things are like in quarters coverage he would say things about like that the safeties needing to get depth and right now actually corner covered serves only to get that we would look at each other okay whatever but when he was really good at was at managing the locker room and the personalities and I think that yeah and why I think that's important because while we all want to chase after the best offense of young coach at because we think that that is important you can hire an office of corner to do that no one can do the managing the locker room no one is positioned to managed to lock them in the way that a head coach what you just said about Harbaugh not knowing everything that's so interesting to me because it we think about of course like most coaches you come up on one side of the ball he's unusual and special teams of course you're not gonna know everything about the other I mean they always says is about greed and he taught him to look at it through twenty two right which is he tries to understand everything but everyone actually has some limitations even if you're so if you're a I think the reason why it's important because he we came up as a special teams guy and I think he coached some defensive backs that farm yeah because he was a right but he came as a special teams god and that's different because of her office of codes you know defense at least some degree right as you are trying to put defenders and dilemmas essentially so you know their roles on at least a basic stuff but your special teams coach the only thing that you really need to do because special teams plays are simple they're not that complicated only thing you really need to do is manage personalities alright you're really responsible for is is making guys do a job that they don't want to do exactly there are very few guys who want to be you know guys across the team yeah you have to manage guys in a way that it's when your position coach you have those guys in your room all the time trusting coach you get in for twenty minutes a week and the rest of it is about cats imminent and now I'm cafeteria catch him in a lock them so I think it's a valuable skill recess subscribe.

Jon Gruden raiders Dominique I forty million dollars twenty minutes ten years two years ten year
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"Six six nine zero is the text line if you want to interact with the show getting a lot of questions by the way about Dave and Rick all right Lewis Logan and of course yeah we're we're we're seeing it we've been responding in letting you know but in case you were wondering they will be back in September as far as show but they will of course be on the Broncos broadcast that's not going anywhere so still hear them and you can hear them from time to time on this time slot as well but they'll be officially back in September I thought let everybody know that there's been reaching out to us that that's where Lewis Moby are not they're not gone just the well the cation yes a little bit time so they'll they'll be back in September and but in the meantime is that the best you can listen to them as part of the of Broncos radio network Thursday night to win the next game is at Seattle to be part of the the pre game festivities of course they'll be part of the on the call of the game and you'll you'll hear him throughout so that they're they're not gonna be off of K. way by any stretch little bit of breaking news during the show early on Michael Crabtree with the Arizona Cardinals to Jane's to changeless blameless LED TV yeah he's teaching yes Michael Crabtree he of the infamous to keep to leave chain snatching assigned the Arizona Cardinals we told not to wear he did tell him don't put it back on it is that more disrespectful low yeah it is lucky said don't put it back on he put it back on the national stage again yelling for them slash chain dude yeah the card is the wide receivers do they have toll from all the meter for quite a lot because they what they went into the draft and try to like three or four guys I mean I for one can't wait for that because they call the senior citizens package put Larry fitzgerald Michael Crabtree out there at the same time while the senior citizens package what what is and we will get back in the guys get a discount if they go to Bob Evans at three three PM to go with your early bird what does it mean what does it mean that they wouldn't got Michael Crabtree what what is saying about their bevy receivers that they actually been pretty high draft picks on well here's the thing is Michael Crabtree has familiarity with the scheme came up Texas tech came up in that offense in the error rate office understands a scheme I think that's what it is I think they want a veteran in that office to teach these young box how how to play with in that scheme alert fitz Gerald for for all his veteran savvy really played in it before and so I I I think that's part of what you're getting here you get a reliable set of hands gated in the wheels anymore but he Larry fitzgerald kind of interchangeable in the sense that they can be kind of a security blanket underneath well you wanna guess most partners guys like any Isabella down the field any Isabella it's got a similar bill toward god be care right I'm I'm not I'm not sure that I would call their their physical build number him saying something about it three oh three seven one three eighty five eighty five the phone itself I know yeah because they have a key Butler now writing a keen Butler any Isabel Christian Kirk well the time slot guys from last year sure JJ Nelson is still there as well yeah Bernard was from was speed David Johnson still there who's a very capable running back right back out of the backfield right there the grad couple tight ends Max Williams Charles clay but they'll get off it's not gonna use it in a whole lot I don't believe so we'll see sting it'll at the very least I was doing a a spot for our I heard Phillipe down there in Phoenix earlier today and at the very I told them at the very least it will be entertaining I do get a question coming in from Daniel just a minute ago ask about Rico gathers he was just cut from the cowboys that Rico gathers has not I mean there there was a a believe it a hope of what he could be as a receiving target in the NFL I think in a point with three catches like is incorrect with with Dallas five yeah yeah three catches for forty five the Broncos have had a lot of injuries a tight end and I don't know check but still not practicing you are not gonna be getting bug Howard back at least for a few more weeks right I think he's probably more or less done Rico yeah Hey I know I made to a bug but Rico the reason Dallas cut Rico's get ankle injury because I'm gonna bring it we gonna bring another you know walking wounded in here yeah that that's the the big problem there is he hasn't been practicing because he's got an ankle injury so yeah what what what's the point that I guess if he got healthy enough Israel gathers get to play in this league anymore I imagine they'll be somebody take another shot on him guys got drafted you get a second shot with the team but he's got to heal up you know it's gonna be health he's gonna be able stay on the field and prove you can do it consistently he's he's lack consistency he lacked health and and having an ankle injury like that can be tough to shake us I suspect you guys probably get a shot is leaving a probably a a camp shot next year I love having I personally love the conversation of this guy was cut should the Broncos look I I love that I don't know why I don't know why they get to the it's like always it's like a new president like that's that's out there an end to any other way I'm all like if the Bronco if you're saying that that means you're worried about something the Broncos right now Nick Williams slightly yeah this whole thing about Nick Williams is all of a sudden this sending patient on Hamilton was the scheduled slot receiver he was hurt you really didn't have anything after that for the slot yeah I know I had was was was an outside god now and being sold this bill goods that Nick Williams is somehow made this roster high I would say that it would be premature before you have played the week one preseason game Italy so don't do that to you like I don't like Haiti stone because I had a guy come out is that by that a brand was hers are gonna like it right so guy comes off the street that going to be like that this guy's made the roster yeah right you know all all five nine hundred seventy two pounds of Nick Williams literally the same dimensions yeah but I'm taller than he is are they actually are but that's you know that's about it you actually are my goodness this is Broncos country tonight.

Dave Rick Lewis Logan five nine hundred seventy two
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"It's been really cool to be honest with you because people get to see us in our environment people don't get to see coach Gruden Council rugby's how much he loves them they see the clip you know yelling at people and stuff like that right they don't get to see me jumping people they don't get else what's up everybody it's time for another edition of the biggest nation podcast tidy thing here with Michael Elkin and Ed Greenie we are all down in Napa for the eaters training camp it's a Sunday night here NAPA and we're all down at this Mexican place I hope you can hear the music very authentic good food I had beautiful fish Tacos perfect how you guys do your entree this evening Michael was good it was good thank you for that introduction his lovely it's of all the places that we could have gone a Napa I'm glad we chose free as Mexican grill with the Mariachi band playing the speaker overhead it's it's wonderful what else could you ask for how are you doing white Zinfandel well I I'm surprised there's actually wine on the menu here in Napa but would like maybe a glass of the Mario Andretti Merlot here at Fritos I'm a little worried that we didn't try the three dollar Ip but that was probably a good decision you're not into Craft Beers that craft beer craft beers not three dollars well let's buxom football and again you can find the biggest nation podcasts on the Vegas Nation APP Vegas Nation Dot Com or review journal Dot com slash podcast please let us know what you think and we always appreciate the feedback any comments you have you can find us all on twitter at at Greenie I'm Heidi Fang and at Gilkisson NFL and we are brought to you by Sports Mobile Stations Casino so today we were at the second day of training camp it is Hyundai and the non football injury list we found out right in the beginning Antonio Brown is off that list he was placed on it for the first day he's now off of it it so this is good news right Michael Yeah no surprise sincerely because we've heard throughout this curie where he was on it was a minor injury undisclosed but minor and so I didn't know exactly win he'd be activated at we've talked about that on Saturday and I've probably I was GonNa be another few more days but he was active enough to be participating in a walk through he riled up the crowd talk about twelve hundred season ticket holders there at the Middle School feel that redwood middle school and he looked like himself now obviously interesting we smart with them so when it came actual practice on Sunday he didn't go through stretch she didn't do individuals who didn't do anything you really just hung out with his family including his boys they're so pretty easy to type of the start for Antonio Brown here training camp but it's more time more opportunity more reps for Jerry car to work and all these other receivers we as jj Nelson was very active in years we thought he was oh sorry checks coming here Mexican Cantina Napa we could drop the card put the card on the reps more title William Renfro under these guys are all players who can use the time with jerry car so it's going to happen in terms of Antonio Brown on the field soon but in the interim aren't too concerned about it sons had a nice little walk through today I saw on facebook feed by Antonio Brown that his sons Billy Auto Ali and Apollo were all doing drills and I think Ali is the oldest one needs to have some really sharp but we're GonNa know if you guys saw that but when Derek Carr sons through one of Antonio Brown's son that was Carter Brown connection here pretty fun hard knocks the kids cameras NFL films they're all over the car and Brown children they're adorable so I get it but you'll probably see some of that hard knocks we've had good of comments from Derek Carr from Mike Mayock all speaking about hard knocks and Mike mayock take hey we didn't look for this we didn't really want this you know it's okay we're dealing with it and derek cars like hey we're going to show the world the different side of the raiders everybody's GonNa get to know what we're like behind the scenes and when it comes down to how much our presence have you seen from hard knocks and most importantly do you think this is a distraction for the team Mike and I talked about this today on the field you know they're so the shirts they're all their hard knocks shirts and you there because they're in the middle of the field with boom mikes and cameras and that's not usually allowed during practice but it doesn't seem like a distraction I think these guys feels just football and they're practicing now off the field we haven't been able to see it and we will see on the show at Derek Cars House within the meeting rooms and then hotel rooms everything we don't see I'm sure there might be more of a distraction but I think the football part of it's not a distraction at all I don't know what you think but I just you know other than there being more cameras around it doesn't seem like much of a distraction I would agree I agree but I also acknowledge the fact that there's a reason why teams don't volunteer for this sort of thing why are the browns after having Donna didn't volunteer do it again when the rams have done it involuntary do it again and wipe the rear is probably won't volunteer to do it in two thousand twenty is coaches academ- around puts more information out there into the public that they don't want and so from that standpoint it's I would say it's a bit of it direction just because now as a head coach your conscious of that sort of thing you have to look over an episode before areas with your Pr Department and it's time that you're spending otherwise you wouldn't be so I think that's to some degree distraction but it's all based on how you handle it it can be even more one if you led to the I'm telling you what if I were the coach of any team I would agree to drink thirty straight gallons of the Andretti Chardonnay fritos than I would ever allowing hard it's near my football team in Michael's right football people especially coaches are the most paranoid lunatics in the entire world the lasting some of the group wants extra cameras and people around his meetings there in San same these people they want nothing to do with this so I could and I'm glad MICMAC said it and not United about this we talked with us for We started this wonderful podcast I want to play that Mike Mayock clip where he says we did not invite this and what I'd like that a is that I grew up in the NFL films building basically I spent weeks months years in that building Steve Sable was not only a mentor but a friend to me So I have the utmost respect for I know half the camera people just from from New South Southern New Jersey in Marlton Bottom line for me John and I are kind of old school and the reason you go away to training camp is to get away from all the distractions get together donned learned your assignments no distractions no intrusions are knox as an intrusion but it was handed to us so it's up to us to deal with it and like we're really dealing with it in a professional way Tim Ramp from from NFL films are directors done a great job we've been constant communication every single day I think we come up with a plan where they feel like they can get what they need and we feel like we can get done what we need and so far it's been great Michael Michael Yeltsin Journal what do you think about having hard knocks here at the NAPA facility my question it is now take hard knocks is the big thing for the raiders will be featured starting August six and we will be doing weekly podcast wrapping up every episode. has has happened and aired we're GonNa talk about it gave you an instant reaction and we're also going to start asking your opinion a whole lot more social media to see what you you know what about the episode and your reactions as well Sdn sports is the only sports betting APP you need this season sign up today and get a new sign up bonus of up.

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"He's not gonna restructure deal because of that they need to make a decision, and that's gonna come real soon. So I like to see the tiny situation addressed a little bit. Again, besides besides offensive line on to see another interior defensive tackle, I would love just because I think it would be so raiders on my God, I would love for them to signing Dhamma consumers and create my unholy union with him in vaunted victim. And. And is I think that would be phenomenal. Oh my Lord. And I say that because I said, on Cuna I I'll love I said almost two months ago that I will ever seen perfect in and ensued together. Because I think that yeah, there'd be some penalties. But I think that would it would be one of those were it would make everybody around them better. Especially sue, and I called my unholy union. It'd be so raiders if they did that I would love for them to do that idea. Interior interior line of I think secondary their deep. I like the secondary right now, maybe get maybe bring in another safety. John Cebrian be good one now that he's cleared in. He's going to be in in. I'm pretty sure I don't think he's gonna use with the Jags. I don't know if he's going to remain there. Cebrian would be a good one. Just let him come in and compete with cujo. And in Harris of the be a real good one. Like maybe a third receiver another one. You know, you have Williams, you have Brown, you have rent for this the slot guy. I'm not a big JJ Nelson guy. I don't think that he's getting make the team. You know, but dos is gonna be there. So I think he's going to be I think he's gonna be a stud. So, you know, those are probably some of the maybe get another backup running back. I mean Doug Martin is fine as a backup, let him in rushing last year. But put the ball on the ground three times. You know, but there again is running back in today's NFL. You know it's not like you can just, you know, you can't you can't find one Megan find Amore ever. But I mean, there really isn't anybody. I'll make you go. Ooh. Yeah, let's go get this guy. So. You know, at the end of the day, I mean take a look, I think you know, and really just get deeper overall like this is the same thing Kaelin when you when you want us UNLV you could tell good at team is by their special teams. If your special you have gunners and you guys are going down lane. Dudes out your deep team because you have talent on special teams. Most of the good teams NFL have really good special teams because the rosters are deep teams are ready to high special teams because they don't have deep rosters. So look special teams and gain the deeper, you get you're gonna have more guys that could potentially be starters for you or on other teams playing special teams. So I think that would be a good good thing. Get deeper across the board. Mounting anyone other than tied any one specific. Position that I say they have to get better. I think tidiness is the weakest position right now. And I gained Colorado. You know, he'll even be willing to trade like a fifth router. Form. You know, you guys are gonna cut them get something form..

John Cebrian NFL Jags Doug Martin JJ Nelson Colorado Harris Megan Williams UNLV Brown two months
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"Air live, including Twenty-two on broadcast television, more than any ever twenty-seven on epithets one be great World Cup is my new Olympics. As a kid, I grew up with the Olympics and soccer emerged all my kids. Have kind of a flare an interest in soccer. And suddenly all of a sudden the World Cup is my new Olympic Steve Berlin played at Notre Dame. Now, a CBS broadcaster for fifteen years. He was a pro bowler and a Super Bowl champ with the early nineteen Ninety-two. Dallas Cowboys Steve is joining us. Good to see you. Yes. You do look a little like Joe FIS on. And you've been told that a million times right by the man himself by the man himself. Joe theismann is always referred to me as as little brother. So. Yeah, there are there are some similarities there I like to stay on the good looking one of the two. Absolutely. I concur. So this is strange last three years. Steve we've had almost an NBA. NFL free agency stars superstars moving teams, some of it's just a cap went up teams have room. And let's be honest. The NFL's a copycat league Philadelphia. Did it had success Rams are like we liked that. We did it. They had success. And there is a momentum in the NFL for free agency, which I think is great. I like to see stars move around. I'm a sports talk show host. Let's start with this lady in bell to the jets impact or not. Oh, yeah. Big time. I mean, levian Bill. Going anywhere was going to be a big impact for any team because of his versatility the things any creative offense of coach is gonna love having a guy like Levi on bail because of all the different things. You can do all the match ups you can create but for a quarterback a young quarterback like Sam darnold to have the the safety valve of of a guy like Levi on Belva can make the explosive plays off a check down passes. When you're in trouble find that that that I guarantee you that's what Adam gates is going to be telling Sam. Arnold. If you get in trouble. If you have any doubt in your mind twenty-six is always going to be there always know that he's going to be there for you, you covered the Miami Dolphins, you know, Adam gays, you said something to me during the break about gays one of the things you liked about him. Yeah. I think with a with an offensive coaches, creative is Adam gay says, and you can you can rip him about his personality and the way he handled the press conference in New York when they announced him, and and all that kind of stuff. I don't think he enjoys that part of the role. But when you talk about him in his his track record of producing effective offense is putting numbers up as a quarterback. He is going to be a guy that that is going to make all quarterbacks. I think look as good as they can possibly look. And I think with Sam darnold. He's gonna know that going into every game. He's going to have a good game plan. He's gonna know that his coach is going to be able to make the adjustments during the game to give them a chance to make plays during the course of the game the track record speaks for itself. And as a quarterback, you're always looking for that. When you go into a game, you wanna know that you're going to be able to match up with that defense defensive coach Xs and os, and you're gonna have a chance to make some place, and that's that's his reputation. He'll get you in like a Kyle Shanahan. He'll get you into the right formations and mismatches. Then it just comes down quarterback make the place. You know, I've always felt like quarterback wide receiver relationships. Get the headlines but quarterback running back relationships generally get the wins. Dacca's better with Zeke Mahomes was better with Kareem hunt. Darnold will be better with levian bell. Antonio Brown to the raiders. It's sounds great. My concern is and you know, the raiders well, you play for the raiders is that they'll be a sense that you've gotta get Antonio Brown. The ball that's easy with a running back. That's not easy for a star receiver on the perimeter. Who's being bracketed? Do you worry a little bit OB BJ Cleveland Antonio Brown to Pittsburgh, Phil pressure to get these challenging players the ball allot one who make it clear that they they want to have the ball. They need to have those ten plus targets every week. Or they're not going to be happy. There's no doubt about that. So it's an issue. But I think you also have to look at the other factors involved in Antonio Brennan. Now coming into the raiders with all that he's been through the last couple of years of Pittsburgh his mentality. I think is going to be one of just trying to be a positive influence a try not to draw near that negatively toward him. He's excited about the new opportunity. He wanted out of Pittsburgh, Derek Carr. I think is. Absolutely perfect fit for dealing with his type of personality with that that kind of diva type of personality, and I think because of that they're going to get along communicate very well. Derek Carr is gonna know how to manage that relationship. Very well having Tyrone Williams on the other side is going to do a lot for Antonio Brown as well also JJ Nelson picking let's not as high profile and acquisition. But they've got him. Now is the third receiver that's going to allow Jon Gruden at his offensive staff to kind of create matchups. You talked about the brackets that Antonio Brown is always gonna face. But there are things you can do formation wise. Personnel wise movement wise motion before the snap to kind of make it very difficult for a defense to bracket a guy like Antonio Brown. So having those other threats on the field will work in his favor. And I think Derek Carr is a perfect match. And I always very excited about having Antonio Brown to throw it to hear a former raider fourteen years in the league Odell Beckham so world class talent. But the kicking net the peon on the field thing. There. There is a you have to manage Odell Beckham a little bit did you ever in a and by the way, some people can do it. But I don't think we can deny Odell Beckham can be a handful at times. I thought Ben mcadoo at times felt engulfed by Shurmur. Didn't quite know. Always what to say after games allies, very ally was probably a perfect personality forum. What do you make of Odell Beckham? Now young guy young star off a broken ankle. So there's a sense of urgency. I gotta make this happen. Freddie. Kitchens. Bakers young kid. How do you think it works? I think it works. Great. I really do think it was a a huge move for the Cleveland Browns. Number one getting Odell Beckham junior back with Jarvis Landry, his best friend. They played together at LSU. They have a history together. They're going to really make each other better. And push each other the way they did in college. I know that they're both excited about that another weapon for Baker Mayfield in that offense within jokue and with Chubb at the running back. He got Jarvis. Now in Odell Beckham junior that's going to be an explosive offense. And I think Odell Beckham junior's got a lotta proven to do to as far as similar Antonio Brown that track record the history, the negative press the negative attention that these guys have drawn most of it self induced because of how they handle themselves in these different situations. But I think both of those guys are going to go into their new situation saying, I am not going to be a negative influence. I'm gonna try and be a positive force on this football team and let the rest of it take care of himself. Steve you're old school Notre Dame quarterback sit in the pocket, throwing darts. That's what Josh Rosen is the NFL has changed. It looks like the big twelve increasingly all of a sudden Arizona's sitting here at number one and people are calling Arizona. I'm told an offering not first round picks put a package for Josh Rosen. There is interest around the league on. Josh. I'm told by three quality teams with aging veteran quarterbacks. And then you have Cuyler Murray. His tapes amazing Ican run. Around. He throws a beautiful ball law. Small you run. Arizona today you hire cliff Kingsbury. Don't don't you have to consider going with Cuyler Murray and starting over again, he's kind of what you would recruit. If you were if you were a coat, he's come out and said, it we we know cleans barriers already come out and said that now the question is he gonna back up what his statement was prior to being in this situation. So I really believe it's going to happen. I do believe that Josh Rosen is going to be moved prior to the draft. And I believe or maybe even on draft day who knows how it's gonna work out. But I do believe Josh Rosen deserves a chance I think he's still going to be a a good quarterback. Tom Brady's done pretty well for himself over the course of his career is not a very mobile guy. Drew Brees is not a runner. You can go down the list of all these guys. Matt Ryan that have had great success in the NFL by knowing where to go with the football by being accurate in by being able to stand in there at the key moments of the game and make plays make the right throws it need to be made. So I think Josh Rosen can play in this league. He'll get another chance. He should get another chance. As far as collar Murray goes my only real concern is. Is the size now, I know they measured in that. What five ten five ten five ten? I cannot believe that I was told that he was closer to five eighth, and he was the five ten, but obviously they measured him in. And I'm not questioning the validity of that. But he does look small does not look I showed video of Russell Wilson college. Russell Wilson did not look small. He looks strong comback some guys brussel played it to twenty came down to two. Oh, five of the combine to be fast. I kind of feel like Tyler plays at one eighty and he held a little bit. Yeah. So they they don't look like the same athlete, and I am concerned about that. But I do think he's a first round quarterback. And I I love him. I think he's I think he's got all the tools now the difference is, and you know, this coming from that offense in Oklahoma. Players are running open all over the football field. It's not the same. So you're not going to have guys running two or three steps ahead of the nearest defender. So he's got to stand in there and make throws on time accurately, and I think he is an accurate guy. So the question is Kenny do it can you find the lanes to get those balls delivered on time in tight coverage? That's where the high it becomes an issue for me story broke yesterday. It was John dropping to me I have defendant Ben Rothlisberger to a point. I do think he can be passive aggressive. I've said this about Aaron Rodgers and Big Ben their remarkable little passive aggressive. You've had in both instances, you know, players. Former current take a few vailed shots, which is very rare that doesn't happen with Peyton Manning with Montana. So they're great. But you know, the story came out Monday a Josh Harris who's going to be on our show, by the way in twenty minutes came out and said he intentionally fumbled despite Todd Haley, I thought it was I don't know if it's true or not. So I'm not going to say, it's true or not. But a guy said it's going to have him on the show. What do you make of that claim? Well, I mean, we're talking about a he said she said, I'm sure that they'd been rothlisburger is never going to admit to something like that. It's one of those things where it just kind of more fuel to the fire. And I I agree with what you're saying in. Then I think he's had tremendous progress from purity standpoint since all of his legal the motorcycle accident. Yes. The assault charges all that stuff. It really woke him up, and I've noticed in meeting with him several times since doing games I've noticed the maturity and a presence that he's improved significantly..

Odell Beckham Antonio Brown Josh Rosen NFL Steve Berlin Sam darnold raiders Adam gates Cuyler Murray Arizona Derek Carr Pittsburgh soccer Joe theismann Olympics Notre Dame Dallas Cowboys Levi Joe FIS
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"And then, you know, see what the the markets like for quarterbacks and. What team might want me a year from now. So I guess I when you take a new count the money in the situation in Miami. I understand it for Bridgewater. But on some level also was passing up a chance to start a chance to actually play Malcolm Brown makes sense especially with shelter make injury. You gotta have some tax bills. Max Unger retirement that was Saturday that kind of came out of nowhere. I mean that was stunning. But never surprising to me. I think he's made over forty million dollars playing center in the NFL. He's played ten years. He'll be thirty three next month. And I actually have a lot of respect for guys that can say, you know, what I made a lot of money. I've won the Super Bowl. You know, gave my best shot last year play ten years, which is a goal of mine. And I just I don't see when I weigh the pros and cons. I don't see the upside of doing more damage to my body. You know, the money's not worth it. To me at this point. And another super will be amazing, but I've already won one. So I get it. And so to kind of fill that void they signed Nikki Ston, who's a Harvard guy. Unbelievable, by the way, four years twenty four million dollars didn't even play last year after I believe he had his neck fused. And now he gets six million dollars a year. I'll be curious to see the structure to be the starting center on one of the five best teams in football. That's that's pretty incredible. The Oakland Raiders cut Jordy Nelson after one year and paying three point six million dollar bonus. They signed JJ Nelson. And then they cut Donald Penn. So I don't really get it. I mean, the Jordy Nelson thing. Why would you pay the three point six million dollar bonus? And then cut him that to me is the greatest indication yet that the raiders don't have a great plan when you use something like that that's really really poor JJ Nelson's another speed guy, and Donald Penn makes sense now that they signed Trent Brown. Carolina Panthers cut that Khalil. That was one of the worst free agent signings. We've seen the last five years because his he could never say healthy and his production had gotten worse and worse and the Carolina Panthers gave him a ton of money. Anyway. Kansas City Chiefs signed defensive end, Alex Okeafor three years up to twenty four million dollars. Tyreek hill under investigation for domestic battery. But we already talked about that. Are you talking about that part of it yet Okafor? I guess they feel like fits more of the four three D end that the chiefs are looking for when they moved on from just in Houston and traded deformed, by the way, pretty quiet on the Justin Houston front. I don't really understand that. Next up. Cleveland Browns and Kareem hunt suspended eight games. Tell you what you know, the Brown better win. Otherwise, I start to wonder when there's going to be some fallout for John Dorsey here. I mean, he's the one that brought both Kareem hunt and Tyree. Kill to the Kansas City Chiefs who then have done what we know Kareem hunted. And what alleged tyreek hill did? And then Dorsey also brings them into the Browns. So that's at least three things there where he's bringing guys in with with checkered pass as they say, but I think eight games probably a win for the Browns. I think they probably thought he'd be suspended for more than that. Tennessee titans cut guard. Josh klein. This is what happens when you sign a free agent..

Malcolm Brown Kansas City Chiefs Jordy Nelson Cleveland Browns Oakland Raiders Kareem hunt Donald Penn Carolina Panthers John Dorsey Tyreek hill Khalil Miami Max Unger Bridgewater Tennessee titans Nikki Ston NFL Josh klein football
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"Doc. Sunday, boy, these headphones or even worse than the last ones. I can't hear anything. Hopefully, I can hear Danny Graziano wanna go to the lines now to talk some NFL jets and giants both had epic weeks. NFL free agency really the epicenter of the whole day was here in New York is what the jets did bring it on Le vian bell. And with the giants did trading Odell Beckham junior to the Browns. So with that said, I watch this guy television all day that thing and all week long. God is of great job at ESPN. And that is Dan Graziano, Dan. Good morning Powell Hawaiian good shit. I'll yell so you can hear me with you bet headphones. Oh my God. It's an absolute joke. I can barely hear you. But that's okay. I'm sure the audience can hear you. That's all that matters. Let's get right to it. Dan. There's been a lot of different a lot of different people talking about the Beckham train a lot of different reasons why they think they treated him a lot of guys blaming Dave gentleman. Look, they've gentleman is up make this deal without touch summa being on born, and quite frankly, the mayor of being on board. So it wasn't just gentleman. It got to the point where every. Everybody inside this organization had had enough of number thirteen is that not correct? Well, I don't know the extent to which it was had enough. I mean, I think you know, there might have been an aspect of this. That was hey, the guy can be a little bit tough to deal with sometimes. But I think most of it is just sort of Gettleman having convinced ownership of where they are in their in their process, which is a rebuild which they should have done last year before they signed Beckham. But you know, that's that's neither here nor there. They it was better Gettleman selling ownership on the idea that we'll be better off long-term if we make trade get rid of this player and rebuild around the picks that we get in return for him. So yeah, I mean, I think you'll hear a little bit of that come out like, oh, well, there was a lot of drama around this player, and to some extent that's true. But we had to be careful with that. Because people start saying things like locker room cancer. And quite frankly, having been around that team that that was a beloved player in the locker. He was not a guy that calls problem with teammates are really coaches for the most. Well, you say that, but he doesn't SPN with you guys last Johnny questions Eli manning. So that's. A lot of the guys did. Yes. But I mean in terms of volume is like to be around day to day. All you ever heard was you know, he works hard. He doesn't cause a problem in practice. Awesome. Yeah. Obviously, I think they they interview with regard to you know, what he said and didn't say about he like was certainly not great. But I don't know that that's a symptom of I mean, like I I don't having been around that team has been in that locker room. It's not like he manning were at each other's throats or never spoke to each other or anything like that. If you're if you're gonna if you're going to be critical of a guy, he's probably the best temperamentally, take it of anybody. I've really ever encountered in sports. Oh, there's no doubt back in the early days of Barbara and Schalke right through Beckham. He doesn't say much, you know, it's funny. You talked about rebuilding thing. And when they traded back, I was getting a lot of questions that day from a lot of bands around the country and on the Dan Graziano, but I I get invited. Every hero heavy so asking me about the rebuild. And then wait a second rebuild. They give golden take thirty eight million dollars. They bring in Marcus golden to replace Olivier Vernon they did acquire peppers to replace. Landon Collins got way too much money from the Redskins. They brought in Bethesda from the cardinals to play defensive back. And actually in this Vernon trade this kid Zeitler the big guard. Maybe the best off season acquisition of all for the giants. So I gotta tell you. I don't really see a rebuild. Yeah. Well, we'll see. I mean, you know, I I guess the question is with Kate. What the wide receiver core looks like because you're Tatum sterling shepherd to kinda similar players, right? They don't really have a downfield threat. So I wonder if that's still in process of being put together. Golden is very cheap signing it didn't cost very much at all Tate does. But you know, the golden or two guys that play for the defensive coordinator Becher in Arizona. So they can kind help, you know, teach the defense to the young players that they'll probably draft to be a part of it. So yeah, I mean, I don't I'm sure if you ask the giants publicly say, no, we're not rebuilding. We tend to win this year. But I don't know that that letting go of Landon Collins and trading Odell Beckham reconciles with that, you know, these players that were and burned by the way one of the better players on their defense last year. So. I think you're right. I think you have to you have to characterize it as a rebuild even though the giants publicly would probably okay, I just feel like it's that's that's sort of where they believe. They are the thing is though like that word tanking, right? That we here in the NBA in baseball. It doesn't usually fly in football. And I don't think a team like the giants is ever going to actually commit to that Nelson full on tank, so they'll rebuild but at the same time, they're gonna make moves they kinda say to you. All right. Well, we're still gonna try to win our game this year. Right. It's kind of a strange inbetween. Won't let me tell you talk of pain and not a guy that covers football. I had enough of Beckham. So I was okay. With the trade. I would have liked the earlier third round pick. I was okay. With the trade. I never would have given Landon Collins fifty million dollars. So it's okay. Letting him they had him for eleven that's the thing. So they could have franchise. Right. Right. And then even if they didn't want him anymore. They could've traded him. True. That's fine with them fifty million dollars to keep and Vernon got a ton of money and barely played and Nelson. I couldn't stand the guy. So this is a fan. I'm okay with all three being gone. I don't know what it is. But Zeitler back, and look if you think about what that means they want to build the team around saquon Barkley is the face of the franchise long-term a big guard that can help in the run game kind of makes sense. With regard to the right now. Let's talk about the jets because while the giants made the big news, Dan, of course, with the trade. Maybe addition by subtraction. Maybe not Beckham on his way to Cleveland jets. Bring in the most dynamic running back in football after saquon Barkley, and that's levian bell. And they've done a whole bunch of other stuff. That's very very good to mostly at linebacker. And maybe the best of all outside a bell assembly. The big two-time time pro bowler from the Oakland Raiders. So McCain had a lot of money to spend more than anybody eighty three million. And it looks like on paper here, Dan, he got himself quite a week. Yes. Well, I I mean, that's the thing. You talked about money. There wasn't a lot of art to it. The jets did this. We did just got out kind of spent and spent until they got the guys they wanted right except Anthony Barr who they lost back to the Viking, right? The one little glitch contract is a monster. I mean, like he's he's a solid seventeen million a year. And he gets he gets forty three of it. I think in the first two years. So, you know, that's that's a big time deal and bell. Of course, I you know, you could probably argue that people are arguing that maybe they gotta deal on bell. 'cause it's relative to what he wanted or said he wanted, but it's a it's a healthy deal. He's going to have to be the stellar two-way way threat. He was for Pittsburgh in order to justify. I think he can't he just just turned twenty seven. So I think that's a great move for that book. It's a it's a GM who obviously has to put together something it shows progress this year or else he's probably in trouble and they have to build an offense around Sam darnold assemblies a big deal. That's that's a great sort of mean nasty offensive line. They had some injuries last year. But prior to that he. He was one of the better guys in the game. He's versatile too. If he even in a pinch you need them. Go play tackle he can do that. They didn't get one of the centers. I thought they were trying to get mad paradise on the Broncos. Mitch Moore's from the chiefs, I didn't do that. So they have to address that situation. But they had a good week. I I think I think the jets are obviously better team at least on paper now than they were a week ago. Cleveland, of course, had a phenomenal week and they've had a a great off season adding Odell Beckham junior and Kareem hunt to an offense that already included Baker Mayfield Jarvis Landry Nick Chubb of the big time pass catching tight end defense. Leeann Olivier Vernon and a few others at that. So looks like forty kitchens is walking into a deal here. Dan quasi Yano where this team could be the best inside their division easily. Without a doubt. And you look at what you know. Pittsburgh doesn't seem to be going the right direction obviously with losing Levy on Belen Antonio Brown. That's a pretty pretty tough one two punch. And then Baltimore, you gotta let your old Thomas signing. But it comes at the end of a week where they lost, you know, they lost Moseley and they lost. Eric widow, and they lost Terrell. Not only that Dan. But but with the more Jackson's got approved me can throw the football out late in the year. He wasn't nearly as effective. I think there's going to be growing pains there at best. Right. So so even if that offense is going to work again. I think there's gonna be some hiccups. So and then Cincinnati I mean, you know, there there's some good players on that team. If they keep everybody healthy who knows? But you're not really viewed league-wide is probably a factor. So yeah, I think I think Cleveland's gonna be the hot pick. Right. I mean, that's all of a sudden the team was owned sixteen two years ago. It went seven last year. Now people are gonna pick them to win the division. Lot of pressure on first time head coach, Freddie kitchen because not only those expectations there. But as we dealt with earlier in the conversation, there are some high intensity personalities team. And if they don't win out of the gate, you know, it's gonna be a challenge to keep it all together. So it'll be I wish they were hard not this year. I know they blow in do a volume Henry there to who was Odell Jehovah's position coach in at LSU. When of course, also started with Adele with the giant believe it or not his presence. Adam Hemi will help out Odell big time in Cleveland. I don't think I I again, Odell if they're winning. I don't think it's going to be any kind of issue. I think the most in in New York was the losing end. Did they do a lot of it out there? So I think if they if they have success, and then you cannot understate the relationship of Odell Beckham Jarvis Landry. I mean, they're they're as close friends that I've ever encountered in professional sports. Like, they are they are absolute best friends who love each other deeply. So I think having being around each other is going to make both of them better. And I think it'll help help the whole situation talk about Oakland. Here can you to of Jon Gruden was a complete disaster. They even talked about the rumors at least they're gonna move Derek Carr. They're not gonna do that. But there are helping him out when you look at the trio, Dan Graziano. Oh of wide receivers JJ Nelson tyrel Williams who was a very very big play guy last year Antonio Brown. How much better Derek? Offense. Get the last two weeks man, Tony O'Brien Tonio O'Brien. There's another one it's like Levy. I'm Bill you forget because negatively overwhelms in these situations you always locker business. Antonio Brown one of the top five or ten players in the whole league. And he's now in Oakland raider, if you're Derek Carr. I mean, like, you you just gotta be thanking whoever whatever it is that you believe in up there that that this happened because he is going to make you and your offense so much better in so many different ways. And then I liked it..

Odell Beckham giants Dan Graziano jets Dan football Leeann Olivier Vernon Landon Collins JJ Nelson tyrel Williams Cleveland Oakland Raiders New York Eli manning NFL Danny Graziano Derek Carr ESPN Levy Pittsburgh Browns
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"And you can check him out on Twitter and linked to all of his work. Because I believe he's writing twenty four seven I believe he's always had the work on a notebook you work on a desktop where do you constantly, right? All this material that you do Russell I work on a laptop. But I even learned with the volume of work I've done lately what I like to do is. Our record stuff. Okay. On email. Hey, get back edited. You know, not just take it. You know for for what it's worth, but go back with my thoughts and so on and it's made kind of the transition a little easier. That's brilliant. I never I've never even thought to do that. Yeah. I'll send myself an Email, and there's a bunch of text I've done, and again, it's very rough at times, but go back and edited cutting into award file get it out there defense. I didn't NFL spin zone. And there you go that's about as modern technology is I get these days are constantly evolving. It's been one of the themes of the show today constantly evolving because guys who've been in the business for a long time you, and I included there's things that you've got to do to change and change with the times we were talking about baseball doing that and tweaking its rules, and the NFL has always evolved. And Russell I think it's one of the reasons why the sports successful it gets. Critique the lot for a lot of rules and decisions it makes. But the NFL constantly is introspective constantly looking at itself. There's no question about I I coined the phrase, John your football guys. You know, what if someone says to you to gap player? Sure. Okay. It's react. Correct. Yes. Yeah. The NFL was reading reactor to get league players getting hurt. We read about it. We're going to do something about it players doing this overtime rules data catch the more public groundswell. There is a lot of times when the NFL react to it. And they are very very proactive. We've been watching this league of balls, you know, from its old style of football. It's like forty years just having to discussion about on Facebook. When some people about. Somebody claimed Terry Bradshaw would never be able to be a starting quarterback in this league today. What hand? Well, I mean, it's take it for what it's Facebook worth. But, you know, different set of rules in the sixties and seventies. And in nineteen seventy eight as you may remember when the league, maybe I very significant changeable, okay? Off into wine could extend their arms instead of having to keep them in tight nowhere contact beyond five. That's what you know. That thing's been modified since. But that's when it really started. No more nowhere. Worrying about the immaculate reception. In terms of a play the ball going off an offensive player's hands. And then into another law offensive, then it became a free for all my first year rule changes who won the Super Bowl who was the league MVP who was the Super Bowl and beat the unadaptable Terry Bradshaw. Free agency, tell me how it's evolved as you've watched free agency over the years. How is it being used differently today? And is it just because of salary cap changes that the sour caps constantly going up? So now teams have room to be able to do these kinds of moves. It started out a little tend to believe, although I remember in nineteen Ninety-three when we I really had to first year free agency. You'll also remember John that was an untapped year. There wasn't. Oh salary cap. So nineteen Ninety-four now. Now NFL free agency is kind of like black Friday today after thanksgiving. Everybody storms to store on Monday before the you know, while legal tampering as I referred to jumbo shrimp with all due respect. And here's the funny thing about free agency. And this is more a fan reaction to degree Sunday. The media after the legal tampering part is all over. Okay. And then free agency officially began on March thirteen you would swear the free agency was over. We didn't. We didn't get anybody. Spend any money. They didn't do this. It's amazing. It is amazing the fan reaction to it. I want to ask you has anybody Russell Baxter. Joining us here. Jonky Caja CBS sports radio has any team you believe taken themselves from being outside the play offs to being a true playoff a logical playoff choice because of free agency. I do, but it's a gotta make sure I preface fish the right way. Because it's a team that's been down for a couple of years. John. Okay. Used to being in the playoffs. Okay. I love this. Green Bay Packers. All right. Okay. By the way off consecutive losing seasons for the first time since nineteen ninety and ninety one in two years before Brett farve showed up. Okay. So you can imagine what that franchise is done since that. But the Packers went a little uncharacteristic a one out and invested some money in. I would take three prominent free agents Billy turned the offense lineman from the Broncos gives them certainly gives them some depth in in a problem area. But they got to new book ends degrees. Daria Smith, and Preston and Preston Smith. From the Redskins. I'd like an awful lot. You could complete defender. He can be an edge guy. He's also very very good against Iran. They've been new safety and Adrian Amos. They also have ten draft choices John and two first round picks. So Ryan do who's to kinda took over last year for Ted Thompson last year was a little modest which Jimmy Graham and Mohammed woke us. You're getting hurt. I looked for the Packers history aggressive here. I don't know how much more money to spend in free agency. But if you look at the list of Outside Linebackers available this off season votes boats Smith, certainly on that list, and they wind up getting both. Are we looking at a transition? You've you know, a lot about Jon Gruden about how Jon Gruden likes to do things. He took a lot of criticism this year. As far as how he did things in Oakland. How are things looking now. And do you believe this team is resembling more what Gruden wants? Well, yeah, I think he's pushing the envelope in terms of passing game and not just Antonio Brown. But some of the other moves they may JJ Nelson and Terrell Williams with nay time, you can get a quality player from the division rivals always Terrell Williams with a solid player for the chargers. A couple of years surprise some people that he wanted to going to Oakland. I said this last off season. And I think sometimes it's, you know, the nature of people to be critical people who make a lot of money. Let's be honest. Okay. All it was a year of numbers in the NFL last year in two thousand eighteen John and the two numbers I heard more than anywhere else where eighty four million one hundred million Kirk cousins salary and John gruden's contract. Yes, I think there's a there's a sense there that people kinda got caught up in what he was making rather what he was doing. Now, I think a lot of the confusion that went on their last year with this constant turnstile player Jin players out layers in doubt. We trade for Ryan Switzer. We trade away. Ryan switzer. I think that had to do with who was running the ship. Was it Reggie McKenzie? What's the John grooten? Now. I think that's certainly been resolved. Mike Mayock stare at. Now. I'm wondering if Mel kiper is going to be joining anytime soon. Pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pie in the cafeteria three. Come back. But. Now with the first round draft choices three of them. I'll be curious to see all them. They have a lot of needs. They're obviously moving in a useful direction. We saw Donald Penn as and got his release yesterday, the break tackle, the collegiate collegiate awesome alley got traded to jets. So he's gonna make like any other business and any team you're seeing with Dave Gettleman as well. In New York, I'm gonna mold this team in my mold. And if I'm going to go down go down my way, my guess is Mike MAC takes at least one of those first round picks and parlays into getting an extra first round pick for next year. I think he I think that I think that they're looking because you know, this this is about filling that building in Vegas and creating the excitement for Vegas. So they to be part of that a lot. They've already got extra capital next year as well. Yes. We're going to go from four and twelve and win the Super Bowl. This is a process, I, you know, talking coaches, and when you take over a team, it's really a three year plan because the free agency. Yeah, he's gotta keep. Commitment. If you get the rug pulled out from under you after one year, you set the franchise back, basically. Good job. Russell always appreciate it. Enjoy your off season. We'll be talking. You gotta Jon hagey checkout. Russell Baxter on Twitter and backs football. Guru dot com. Check it on out. He's constantly got material for you our own Anthony Pernod's with us. And Anthony is we're trying to figure out is. So for your sugar baby that you want to be a sugar baby now. Yeah. Profile. What are you actually searching for you? We're looking for is there an age group? Is there an age limit that we're going to put on your profile? So they're the sites now where these young men and women can make themselves. Casey SF, Colorado.

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"Yet cans picks up pregamEcom. Well, let's the big difference between being cancelled and being number one. Okay. Let's do this sports X radio. What's up? Villanova's awaiting the winner of seen hallmark Kadam shown six seconds to go eighty to seventy nine Seton Hall clinging to a one point lead over Marquette. See how that rolls on down. Let me see I don't even know who has the ball last. I saw was a missed free Turks. Not watching miss jumper by Cal for seen. All but then a foul on Kane for Marquette, not showing with seven seconds to go, six six and a half seconds. So we'll see what happens on these free throws for the hall. See if marquess going to have a crack at it. They were just down seven cut it to one and again Villanova weights the winner, we're going to get into some coaching vacancies, including one right here in Las Vegas. College basketball style, Marvin Menzies has been let go down there in college station. Billy Kennedy is gone after a fourteen and eighteen season with Texas A and M Nebraska. They're going to wait and see on the ten mile situation at the end of the year. They're going to figure things out. That means more than likely Nebraska will be playing in the end. I is what most people are feeling. Seton Hall does make a free throw. So it's eighty one seventy nine that I'm showing right now. West reynolds. Brad powers our in studio with me, and we're gonna get into all the goings on in college basketball in our number two. Also, the the raiders they let Jordy Nelson go yesterday, but they signed JJ Nelson today, raiders, very very busy and showing end of the second half. So it looks like Seton Hall has knocked off Marquette which will set up a jersey north jersey. Philadelphia matchup. Seton Hall Villanova tomorrow, the finals of the big east tournament. Brad your take on on on non abreast gone Marquette. This team looked pretty darn good. And especially at home, but then wheels kind of fell off, and they really linked to the finish line. I mean, I think they've lost five of their last seven games. Sam Houser can get a go and Marcus Howard. We know the guy can go off. But I think teams started really doing the switching off and not giving these guys the open threes in Howard was getting a lot of that. And he showed his range is twenty three twenty four feet. So they extended out there the top both sides of the top of the key to make sure Marcus Howard wasn't going to have arms length to just start launching three pointers because he could take you off the dribble just as well as anybody that has good long range shooting that also has handles, and I really think that Marquette got a little bit predictable. And now they're a team going into the tournament that they've got to get their act together. Because again when you're not playing well, you're looking for answers. They got a nice route yesterday, but they just could not close out a game against Seton Hall. This is a team that came back from fifteen down against them. Last week at home and then Marquette had a nice little lead about seventy eight nine points first half. But the hall comes back wins by two the eye test to me Howard looks a little tired. I mean, he had a high usage rate one of the nation's leaders and scoring for majority majoria season. I mean, Marquette was one of the more profitable teams in the entire country. I mean, they had a twenty seven game stretch where their only two losses. Weren't a Saint John's and now was pretty much there. Only two nine covers. I think they got a little over priced in the marketplace. But that certainly doesn't explain losing what they're a double digit home favorite the George Town. They lose out, right? And obviously a couple a couple of losses now favorite against Seton Hall. I got some questions and again, it comes down to match ups. Be intrigued to see what you know. Marquette was probably in that four seed range. Now, I'm thinking Marquette's more saving seed range. I would say in right now, and they get you know, one of those dreaded seven ten ups. I can see him bows. First round Westwood about it, that's your neck of the woods. You're in Indiana kid. I mean this team from Wisconsin pretty darn good for a long time. I really think Joey Houser led his big brother Sam Houser Houser down and Marcus our because he has been so inconsistent. There are games that he passes upshots. He just takes too long to launch the three. We know the kids got good range. We know he's got ability. But I think in order for that team to be effective. Those three all need to be. Clicking on the same night. Yeah. Absolutely. And they were a team. I actually took in the preseason at over at one hundred to one on a future, and they started to get bet once they took the lead in the big east because their defense is light years better than it was last year. With some of the guys out the bench. They added the kid Moro from Nebraska transfer Joseph Shartouni who fled the country and steals actually last year from Fordham now he comes off the bench. But you know, they I mean when you have a guy he he can carry it so far, but I think in this tournament eventually you run into a team that has multiple guys that can do that. And you know, Marcus Howard need some help. And I mean this team has kind of faded a little bit down the stretch. I mean losing their last four in the regular season. I mean, I don't know what to make of them. I think it's a team that could be dangerous. But I think they're going to need a good draw. Richard badgen Finley Toyota out-of-town scoreboard update. Our number two. The only game going in the NBA clippers up to a baker's dozen. Now, they're lead over the bulls. Eighty four seventy one still two fifty one to go third quarter in L A. Meanwhile, on the ice few games still going there. Let me see we've actually only one game going Anaheim's finished off, Colorado. So you've got Anaheim a plus one ninety earlier this evening. Five three the ducks. Pay ski pass Colorado on the road five one Calgary did finish off the ranger. So if you played the total that ends up pushing at six in Vancouver had a one nothing lead. It's now to one lead connects thirteen forty nine to go third period. They lead the Jersey Devils update the game's going college hoops cow. Santa Barbara gauchos a seven six lead six minutes and against Fullerton this game at the Honda center in Anaheim, Utah state thirty nine to twenty three taken out Fresno state in a big way three thirty seven to go first half. So Utah state the aggies gavitt going and Fullerton, she's taking eight seven lead. But I'm on the wrong side of that one. And again, Fresno state's a good solid program and they can play good defense. But when they get down like this. They're in trouble. They are not one of those teams. That's got the scoring punch to really come from behind it less. They're able to make stops. And right now, they're not making enough stops against Utah state. So could be Utah state and San Diego State that would be for an automatic bid. And I really think Utah state cash Dorney, Brad. I mean talk. To me now. Do you think the punch their ticket for sure if they win because we thought they punch their ticket when they knocked off Nevada in Logan. And then they struggled and found themselves down eight nine points against Colorado state in Fort Collins force overtime in that game. Got the W got the win yesterday. They struggled in the game. But now if they take out Fresno state, I mean, they're going to be in the finals. Tournament. I would think that's an adventure. There San Diego State beats them was do we get three from the from a conference that we looked at three weeks ago and said it's a one bid league. Yeah. I think so. And I think that's been a possibility now for a couple of weeks, I beat I just think, you know, some of these big ten teams and some of these big twelve teams going a little bit by the wayside, you know, the club and the clemson's potentially the Indiana's. I mean, it's going to open it up for somebody. And I think the fact that you avoided a couple of two bid leagues and some of those lower major conferences like the so Kahn, which I think is still only gonna get one bit. Even though it may be probably deserves to based on the quality of play, but they dodge some bullets, you know, early on in some of these leagues. So I think maybe the mountain west could be the league the benefits I think Greensboro, add their shot to get that second bid there in the so con against Wofford, and it was their third crack, Adam they got blown out the first game at home. They were right in. The second game out Wofford till about the twelve minute Mark of the second half. They got blown out down the stretch there. But then got the third crack and how to five to seven point lead over Wofford for pretty much the entire game and the terriers ended with a twenty two three run to not only win the game but win and get the cover in that game. So because they're unblemished, and there is that gap between Greensborough who took out Furman and for really the only close regular season. Game offered me conference was against east Tennessee State a two point win. So I think Wofford is gonna be the one bid what about Belmont. Because again, this is a Belmont team. Rick bird seemed that we look at and. You're thinking I test. This team's good enough and a tough two point loss to Murray. State John Mirant, I thought of Belmont wins. It and Murray loses it because of the star status of Jamarat navy Murray gets in that large bid. Boy, I'd hate to see does not make it. But when you get bid stolen by teams like Saint Mary's Brad they're up against it. Yeah. I think Beaumont's out. I mean blamed I guess Saint Mary's. That's one of woman was won't probably end up with a couple more. But I know minds Napoli not gonna get the benefit of the Dow when it comes to the NC double A tournament committee. We seen throughout the years the mid majors don't get the benefit of the doubt like teams like your Indiana's your taxes is other world and as much as I would like to see Belmont. And the chairman I think there certainly good enough. There were other mid major teams like a Wofford recall that Wofford played North Carolina went and played at LSU went and played at Oklahoma Belmont as much as I like, Rick burn. I like this program. You know, they went to UCLA UCLA. Unfortunately, for them was a was a little bit down this year. But Belmont really didn't beef up the schedule. I mean, you don't wanna be lichens aga- was ten fifteen years ago where you're going on the road. You know, you're having a fly with one day in between all the way from Spokane Charlottesville Virginia or something like that. But the committee said you got to challenge yourself a little bit. And I don't think Belmont did enough. And I mean their best to Windsor. Are over lips Cup. So I mean, I just don't see them getting in Brad. Here's the thing for college basketball again when you have a respectable team from a mid major conference like Belmont like a Lipscomb that every year they're battling further conference. And you know, but a team that's gotten coaching strength. And and get some good players, you know, from around their area, but their strategy is pretty solid as far as the way, they go at it. And you find a lot of these big schools..

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"You know, he didn't sort of put it into stone. Like, it seems Eric alco did and Geico's clogged look XFL guy. Now, like, he's clearly know some people who know some people who might know people. So maybe there is a sliver of truth to that. The thing we have to remember about concern how we get the Zona to begin with. And this is something that I've been told in even read now is that when he went to meet with Jonas front office. You know, he was perhaps I think the only if what I've read is correct interview kid came in with a blueprint with film and everything on how to develop Josh Rosen. So I'm struggling to imagine situation where your general managers who he's on thin ice to begin with remember his situation. That's more off the field than anything else, you know, stake in the claim on Josh Rosen last. Year. Now, you bring this guy who's roadmap to get the job was how to fix Josh Rosen. It seems everything is moved in the let's build this around. Josh Rosen to lend throw that up in the air and go after Carla Columbine with the first overall pick. So that's one issue in perhaps flaw in the argument. Another thing is what's the return on Josh Rosen right now are you getting a first round pick for him? I mean, if you're so willing to move on from him, what's the tree? Like what leverage? Do you have? That's an issue edged. So it doesn't make a ton of sense to me. Now, if you're a team that might need a quarterback, maybe once let's six or seven or thirty two and you hear you see Josh Rosen sorta dangled in front of you. Maybe you inquire like why not I'm hard pressed to find that making much sense. Now, the flip side to that quotas is this look Arezzo already gone in on thinking outside the box with higher in this guy. Anyway, I mean, he's a guy that was looking at offense coordinator gigs at the college level. Now we suddenly at NFL had. Coached that's outside the box thinking at it's going to it's gonna take some outside the box thinking or some stones like we were talking about to go all in on Carla Maury because of some of the question marks that surround him both on the field as a passer and off it. So you'll if there is a situation where he might end up. Maybe it is the organization that's already said look forget the Roseman rules. Don't matter here, you know, where we're going. We don't need roads. So let's all in Maria one one. Why not it's interesting? I just pulled up Josh Rosen his contract, and if he's a pre June first trade, the dead money would be over eight million dollars that seems a little restrictive to me that's restrictive because what makes more sense keeping Josh Rosen under his current rookie deal and build it around him or give it up that eight million, plus where you're gonna have to pay Qatar Maria one one because that takes you from the realm of ood rookie quarterback, let's all build around it to more of a Nick foles type contract situation, which is bigger than your average rookie quarterback situation. If you count that sort of eight million. As to the quarterback position in there that you sort of lose that competitive advantage. So what makes more sense and you look at Josh Rosen. I mean, look at the talent that was around him last year. I just can't see the team being as reactionary and down on Rosen as some in. You know, some fans are because he didn't get much of a chance, and I really love Rosen coming out. I mean, he was my quarterback one. And I still think he has a very very high ceiling too far as what he can reach. And I think it's relationship with Kingsbury could be fantastic for him. And part of that relationship working is also building talent on the team. I mean, this is a team is cardinals roster is bad. There is not a lot of talent there. And if you wanna tell me that re hitting the reset button on getting another quarterback when you could get a guy like Clinton Williams from Alabama is the smart move. I have a really hard time buying into that Mark. Yeah. I mean, you look at sort of the talent. I mean here are some names. Okay. Two of these players are actual wide receivers for the cargoes makes you are not. Okay. JJ nelson. Got..

Josh Rosen Geico Eric alco Arezzo Jonas Carla Maury Carla Columbine coordinator JJ nelson Roseman cardinals NFL Maria Nick foles Qatar Maria Kingsbury Alabama Clinton Williams