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"jj bombay" Discussed on Radio Free Endor: A "Star Wars" Podcast

Radio Free Endor: A "Star Wars" Podcast

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"jj bombay" Discussed on Radio Free Endor: A "Star Wars" Podcast

"Oh I but then launched cannon fodder which literature broadcast podcast at the start of the which is which we had to put on pause for raisins but that's back very soon and and then before in the last month we've always planet liar and disciplining disks so we've got five shows at the moment and this at least three of the shows that we're working on so they could. VIP which is considering that stuff goes on the website and the Youtube channels and obviously we do still fit me around the store was out on the field will come economy dated. We did the PODCAST. I just celebration. We do a lot of events as well. I'm not so sure how are we going to. How are we going to live. Normal Productive Lives I. I didn't stay on top of all of it. We're going to give it. I know because I know you've got a real job as well. Yeah you get time. Because you gotta you do these then you go to conventions as well you do eat junior righty produce my God and I think and I just due to not the god of schedule book tour who just thinking about your schedule gets my heart on on my God can have an obstacle. It's good quality listeners. WanNa go with your website. See the latest news hit the latest podcast then just had two fans are transis one. It's the place to go to for your star. Wars needs leads. That's for sure thank you for that. That's very now where can obviousness gallery of you that you could find me on remorse. Fanta tracksuit suing store on the site but in social media will it's on twitter. It's prefects as in Ford Prefect from hitchhiker says prefects underscore timing on on twitter and that's the best defined me generally. I'm usually almost always on twitter and instagram but I'm so rarely on instagram account honestly asleep even remember my handle on the instrument. I think it might be decided. You might be prefixed yeah. I should know that terrible. It's easy. He's like you say it's it's so busy at the moment and we have we can lock this weekend day twenty three that are just nuts We've still got content coming on the site. I largely from London film coming because we run. The stall was on their side. There's still go back and think probably end of the four five interviews from that coming on the sites. I go so far so good good. It is good and also want to say thank you for putting on your fancy tracks that little about me. Doing we might my midnight cycling Manchester Too PLOP. It absolutely touched me when I saw what I made it into for instance it. I showed everyone would like look up to well. Known stall was found state. Just went yeah and my style was. Hey that's cool now. I mean it was like when it printed on paper are so big thank you to that for that also appreciates it was it took me prohibited intimate. Montana US stay rather. Thank you again for coming on hopefully will try and get your way. You know I'm GONNA go back. 'cause I always always love chatting. especially with the stuff is coming. Apple stalls nowadays magic no anytime anytime. I'll see you later all the best with that. It's the end of the show. Just want to say a big. Thank you to malt new board tracks for coming on the show you know when it comes to style will be noses on his show and it's always a pleasure to have him on your show and I looked and make sure the contracts contracts for the latest news and also listen to his podcast Zico mouth now earlier on I got a call from Mike Mike Son Christopher. I'm these go from Hauling Rover at Florida in Disneyworld galaxies actual day so they give me a cold tummy all that day so I seldom listen to see how it was for them. Shall we thanks go. You'll there in Florida as gone occc badge on the first thing. What was the what was the cue? Did you keep for just fourteen minutes really yeah it was to eighty minutes is spaulding yeah now now all right so we've gone down. The place looks full. That's for sure yeah look for that. No stopping annual coming in now. It's not easy. Jobs stepped my way the McKee's. It is quite good so you've got the blue milk. What was not lying. I would you describe the premium Freebie Barry. Don't royal thinking tastes like a slow seep of more I see yeah and it remained and he's Vegan isn't it yes yeah fan. Milk sounds nice so often in there. I'm they say changes. The taste really yeah ah you can have room in the blue on Kita in degree okay so what was the what was the to rod like. It's not my dogs like Malaysia needs a predefined trying to y your in control how to the pilot's controls the up and down what he can talk to ride then you'll followed by goodness nauseating yeah. I saw Dr and then you followed by engineers now repairing shed because of the damage from the gunners on the pilots okay and you did pretty well. Did you did but what was interesting is. We didn't do very well as a ride and they were saying like Oh. machines broke down and we're walking out the menu out hit all the lives of flickering often that is making sound effects like Akbar. Stay nothing. That's pretty cool nice so I they will you era where she review of it so I would say is the most immersive land I've ever been to is incredible. I came from off aw point of view. I think it'll be cool. You discover the little at least or exit lead in the points of view. That's that's what I love. New Pins. Now imagine dies. I posted the picture of of the the price guide for the t shirts. He sent me online just so ev one. If you went over to Radio Free Endo of course you have to see the prices. Some that is reasonably priced is is a bit expensive line the one day only pain. It's like seventy dollars what I mrs if the size of a very big. I didn't like this is about and nobody yeah yeah tonight the weight of life when he yes it was pretty bad right six dollars. All right issues hit on so what she planned where you go from now. We're GONNA try builder. Toy Detroit. I am is early. Ninety nine dollars fought to toy drive crowd krista mind different behavior. Save your chips in charge Chit Chat so we're gonNA build one now. Rob The line same. Oh you booked him for that that he's you can definitely decided upon today at four we will not be on this year is key even twenty minutes when any oh that's cool pretty good time in that as the food. I talked about food we had to face up to announce this phase with vegetables. It's a Brad on these the army ooh that was really really good. Yeah I really deasy of all I would say yet he is that the coke is all that great all right. Gotcha and I did actually before around about the little cocoa Bosie comprehend back Kenya because TSA rules who went through it like that but that use there's plastic. There'd be empty wolf name. How long are you going to spend in the park today. Then we got here around town that after wait about all of it land going fast I've spent whose day has probably gone and the ride Aghaidh Toys. I never would probably be the first to he ever took into. Your prime comes out pretty well for me. Thank you very much. It's been as soon there was a Hollywood may all the bad a favorite spots favorite system yeah good on only as well and we we all use in polly's phone it further connection as well back or right. Thanks Holly. Thanks Chris see later fantastic now. Remember you can show your for this podcast with an official Radio Free Indonesia available at public also I- toonces the best place to download to sway that please leave his five star review. You can also reach out to us on social meter setris on instagram twitter facebook. We are at Radio Free and you you can find me at Jamie underscore all vans and our email is radio free and Dole achievement. Come See you light is mm-hmm uh welcome to so the Star Trek podcast and we just talk about the Picard series. You know whenever you think Picard. It's data data is the over half for Picard genetics to see cod on these todd is going to be great and it's GonNa be good but I want. I want data there and we all know the he was killed all sorts of skills but if if any people have read the countdown comic that was a Canon you could say that bridged from the next generation to the JJ verse. Dato was a captain wasn't he was the captain of one of the enterprises and considering this show is actually is it written by the guy you wrote that comic news is is eager to use it as a starting point but always on specially now though mark that paramount's now paramount's. Viacom isn't a now backers one so none of this twenty five cent different can just jaw gone now and they can actually bring it all back. Let's have some quality not star Trek back. Please Jeremy and I'm hoping this picard is going to be one of the fast shows because it's in a position where under the forty you've probably already halfway through filming it but they're in a position now that they can. They can change based to make sure it fits improperly now because I was always under the impression and yet it's called Picard Picard twenty-five percent different yeah. It's a good point now that they're all together again it gives them some scope into the things and then they wanna do the can can fold in the you know. The Costal Calvin burst of really just give him some options yeah I. I'm very hopeful for Picard. I think I think that's going to be something. You really special really really special. I don't know it's such a good air at the moment for Star Wars and star Star Trek the trek at the moment struggling to get the next movie dawn is all the rumors about seventeen trek. They had a Oh God Clarkson was GonNa Direct the first star trek fourteen. They call it force the fourth. Jj Bombay started fourteen minutes and now she's moved onto. I think she worked on the game of thrones spinoff she's moved on to that doesn't happen but also the JJ the sorry the Tarantino the thing is still being rumored but but track overseas obviously you've got discovery season three which looks fantastic won't get quite late next year. I think because orgies early next year as well and CBS Netflix Amazon hero other sections thirty one which they say we'll start but won't start until the finish Asian three disco these the Secret Service Organization..

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