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Breaking Down Jim Collins Newest Publication | Turning the Flywheel: a Monograph to Accompany Good to Great

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Breaking Down Jim Collins Newest Publication | Turning the Flywheel: a Monograph to Accompany Good to Great

"They're on today's show break down. The words of wisdom taught by jim collins bestselling author of good to great and built to last we break down in the words of wisdom found that his newest book titled turning the flywheel a monograph to accompany good to great ladies and gentlemen. This show is filled with momentum creating knowledge bombs. Some shows don't need celebrity narrator to introduce this show this show to may eight kids co created by two different women thirteen multi million dollar businesses ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show the pattern in china sir yes yes yes and yes thrived nation. Welcome back to exciting time. Show on your radio uh-huh in podcast download and onta- show jason we have many many reasons to celebrate before we get into today's show called turning the flywheel a monograph to accompany company good to great. We have many reasons to celebrate. I want you to think not not too long but but think about a client you're working with right now. Who's having some massive success. Having some wins something great is happening for them. Go ahead and encourage the thrive nation out there sure us a win of the week my friend yes so a one of the week is mardi grisham. Mardi gra advanced commercial systems advanced commercial systems. It's a roofing company right. It is based here in tulsa oklahoma so oh founded broken arrow propounded in broken also servicing tulsa also serves impulsive oklahoma okay and it's mardi grisham. Yes sir all right back to you so marty is right now at the top of google and it's just changing his life. He has the most reviews of any roofer in the broken area nice martin. He's also popping up organically on page one because he is a content riding machine. The guy has articles upon articles like he's just killing it and the best part about it though is he just loves doing like just listened to everything that you say. He listened to the podcast his mission every awesome. He can't go to sleep until he's recorded three podcasts. It's unbelievable what consistency and diligence can do once you find what works and you stick with it. It is unbelievable the kind of success that you can have now i i would hate to. I can't one up marty but i have three wins. I'm sitting on three wins right now. The epic and i feel like who am i to share an epic win without i mean because my my wins aren't maybe as as as profound as mardi so i'm gonna keep some music to compensate the my winds aren't as big as mardi. Mardi grown business dramatically. He's having success here. I am celebrating rating three winds. That aren't maybe as big as his win. I'm going to give it a try here so let me let me cue up my my three winds of the week. My voice would get more to character as i do three wins over the week. We're number what <music> mark pool now flows. This small waterfall is odd. Waterslide is uh the grotto slowing power in the man cave win of the week from easter. Demand cave is coming coming together in the pool is blowing. The hot tub is flowing. That's a big win win. I have this week sam smith. The rb singer home allowed singers sam smith rb singer. He now all young sam smith now dances in video his new video. How do you sleep sam. Smith is dancing. Somebody would never doing but sam smith is dancing doing it. He's doing and my third and final win of the week is jim. Collins is off the best thing of good to great and built to last niyaz rejected me komo more times than most when it comes to being on this show. I don't know directly but i can say this. I've invited these told me no. I've read his books many books great books of applied its books. I've been invited to be on this show. Many and i get a lot of rejection but he is now. Send send me an actual book jason you. Have you have the letter in your hand to prove it. I have the letter in my it's assigned book and jim collins. Jimmy collins j._c. We call the old jason j. c. People not give us a jesus christ. Some people call j. jesus christ j._c. He's a good author. I mean not that great author but i'll tell you what he's a great author and and <hes> he wrote a book years ago called built to last and good to great and as i was growing my company d._j. Connection i've found myself kinda the stuck at a certain point and i didn't have a coaching program to help me get unstuck you know and built a yet <hes> what i did have access to books books and so i went out there and got that book built to last and then i got good great. Let me tell you what when i got good to great. I didn't know what the heck that book was about. I couldn't figure it out now. I mean i read it but i don't know jason. Do you ever read a book and have no idea what the books amount you're reading. It's cockman. This book is tough to understand or the book is written really well. All right just knew so little about vast majority the vast majority of business and i had to listen to the audio book absolutely. It's like the contents there but my understanding hasn't really match yeah yeah. I read that book once reading that book once i know i listen to the audio book at least twice while on road trips to dallas and i i was when i was building d._j. Connection dot com location in dallas and one in tulsa so most weekends. I would drive to tulsa in dallas. I know i listened to the book completely at least twice. I know i read the book at least twice took a lot of notes and i thought man. I'm gonna i'm gonna i'm gonna apply these principles and grow d._j. Connection and i did i applied the principles and it went very well for me and i can just say that and <hes> i oh jim collins de gratitude and one of the notable quarters i remember from reading reading. I read a good great. Was this says a company. He should limit its growth based on its ability to attract enough of the right people jason. What does that mean to you. You company should limit its growth based based on its ability to attract enough of the right people. What what does that mean to you. So if we're talking customer base it's like the idea of your ideal unlikely buyer so to me my my definition of that would be don't try to grow pass your <hes>. Lid you want to make sure that your product or your business. Whatever your your offering people is going to attract the right people otherwise you're going to be spending a lot of money in a lot of time. Just kind of spinning your wheels so as an example elephant in the room. We have four thousand members niche. We have great members. The kind of guys who like elephant in the room are men's grooming lounge chain or are people that values setting an appointment <hes> for their haircuts. They don't they don't have wait. They value showing up on time the dome so they don't make other people wait drew. They value a haircut experience. Not just a quick ten minute cut right. They value premium cut they value the paraffin hand dipped the hotel treatment. They like the experience and we have about four thousand guys that are members. Oh yeah but then we also have a great great team of stylists grooming professionals and all of them have to be happy people. I'm not interested in hiring somebody and coaching them how to be happy. I wanna hire happy people and <hes> jason it turns out. There is not a lot of happy people out there at times we we've. We've found the great ones. We found some great ones but last week as an example example we had one young lady she came to interview and she showed up for the group interview and then she <hes> visual but early. I said hello what's your tony and <hes> she said my name is such and such and i said but she said it with with kind of a look. She gave me the the look. My name is such and such. What was her name. Wasn't amanda osama think my name's amanda okay well mainly. What do you hear the interview. Okay now mike. So where do you work at now and we'll you and she's like sports cuts or whatever it is. You know what i mean. I go okay and then who are you. I'm klay. I'm the founder or co founder of elephant the room chick. Oh is so nice to me but she had that attitude right because she thought i wasn't important and then when she discovered that i was important to her. She was nice right and i knew right away. Okay that kind of person would not be a good so we can't grow elephant in the room anymore more. We shouldn't try to go elephant the room unless we can grow with happy people and we shouldn't try to grow the business unless we can find happy employees and happy customers i but the moment we start booking the wrong kind of customer. Oh it gets. It gets weird when you book a guy that can't understand. That's why the first year dollar but if you're somebody out there that can't grasp the concept of showing up on time for your haircut. Let me tell you what kind of sales pitch we do. We usually don't even try to sell membership. We had a great experience see you later hopefully not because it shows forty five minutes late to a thirty minute appointment. If we book you and turn you into a member. The expectations can be met from the customer customer perspective or from the service perspective. It's going to get weird because jim collins says company should limit its growth based on its ability to attract enough of the right people now. That's just one knowledge bomb that jimmy collins has given us. He's he's got a lot of bombs. We got a lot of knowledge bombs and i wanted to have him on the show. I want to get him on the show. Come on jimmy. I've reached out to jimmy and jimmy just he he doesn't he doesn't say yes. Now i know he hasn't said no to me. Personally his assistant his team has said no to me and and so what i wanna do right now thrive nation as i want you to. I want you to take just a moment and i want you to help me get jimmy collins on the show. Oh yeah we're going to do for a second. We're gonna get kind of weird here. I'm gonna makita supplement. Makita kind of this is gonna remove any negative blocks in the universe. I know i'm a christian and i'm just telling you right off the gate right off the jump. I don't believe this is gonna work but i'm just asking for us to try so when i'm gonna do is i'm gonna essay. Jimmy collins come to come to be on the show beyond the thrived after jimmy johns. You know oh. I'm sending out supersonic waves. I'm sitting in a high frequency noise systems in just kinda. Give me some eco action. I'm gonna start to send out vibrations. I don't believe this works. I'm going to try to send it out. There and jimmy collins just to to to throw it back. I'm gonna throw like a boomerang of optimism of hope of gratitude. I'm right now. I'm just saying i've been and why let's say that you've watched the movie. The secret forty seven times and you now believe the law of attraction is how you get jimmy collins on a show like this. I'm going to do it so we go. Jimmy colts. What's you want to be on the thrive time show. You need to be on the thrive time. Shout jimmy because jimmy collins calling jimmy colic's jimmy collins buehler buehler jimmy jimmy we call it. I need you on the threat after me jimmy i need you. We need on the thrive township into the dough joe of mojo you come to us from boulder colorado. It's not working frank okay so now let me read a little bit about jimmy collins and then i'd like for you jason. You have the letter in front have you do. It sounds like this and it's we have proof. Jimmy collins sent me an autograph copy of the book with that letter did he did which kind of feels like a non rejection it feels. I was like he's rejecting me. I don't know i don't listen. I don't think it personal personally that <hes> wolfgang puck has rejected me because he ended up on the show into saying yes almost makes me think less of them. That's true you know what i mean. I'm i'm a clown show. I'm a note no talent joke who just happens to be good at business and so when i get you know <hes> <hes> shutdown by wolfgang wolfgang puck tells me no it. Lets me know this guy's classy. John maxwell told me now we've had him on on the show. Now we've had we had john maxwell on the show with wolfgang puck and john maxwell said no go. I'm not gonna be on the show. I'm thinking classy yeah when the founder of the founder of ritz carlton says now horst schulze. He's been on the show. I say oh man you've classes now and they say yes. I'm like i thought you were better so no let me read you kind of a bio of jim. Collins tyrod. Here's jim collins earned a bachelor of science and mathematical sciences at the university of stanford and and then he earned his m._b._a. From the stanford graduate school of business who he went on to work as a business consultant for nearly twenty years jason eighteen years at the legendary consulting confirm kinsey and company jim then went on to work at hewlett packard hewlett packard as a product manager. Oh so you guys have that in common unbelievable now collins i. I got hired by hewlett packard to do some consulting but he was there for a long time a fulltime. I was there as a consultant for brought on from the outside he he was like a fulltime employees and so he he trumped me again now collins as i call him jimmy see we have great relationships jimmy jimmy collins or j._c. Or are the mountain man jimmy collins amount men then decided to begin teaching writing and research career on staff at stanford university again graduate school of business he then earned the distinguished distinguished teaching award in nineteen ninety two and in nineteen ninety-five wh- shunned up that'd be when i was fifteen nineteen ninety-five jimmy see jim james james james decided to start what he calls a management laboratory based in boulder colorado throughout jim's career he has released legendary bestselling books books such as in nineteen ninety four fourteen homeys he wrote built to last successful habits of visionary companies and two thousand one he unleashed good to great why some companies make the leap and others don't he's had beyond entrepreneurship how do how good to great in the social sectors how the mighty fall and why some companies never give in great by choice and turning the flywheel monograph to accompany good to great now monograph after a monograph is a detailed written study of a single specialized subject or an aspect of it. That's what a monograph is. A monograph is detailed written study of a single specialized subject or an aspect of it so when we have your in your hands you have in your hands. What are you what is the red thing you have in your hands. You read into the re the title of that great book yes so this is turning the flywheel a monograph to accompany good to great and <hes> whose signatures on that book <hes> that would be jimmy sees jimmy say james college. It's okay so go ahead. My friend read the letter. He sent us read the letter he sent to the thrive time jim you ready. I'm so ready. It says dear clay greetings from boulder. Oh aw i wanted to personally share with you a signed copy of my most recent publication turning the flywheel a monograph to accompany good great guy. I very unbelievable will it's. It's incredible. I i just want you to hear one more time to place. It's also good part that partner. I want to start again one more time. I you just need to hear it and i just want just go for wartime dear klay greetings from boulder. I wanted to personally share with you. A signed copy of my most recent indication turning the fly woke a monograph to accompany good to keep in the years since reading degree. I've seen just how powerful the flywheel the principle is to build a great organizations large and small the fly will principal when properly conceived in a deployed is particularly relevant. Today as leaders seek a coherent. Oh here it way to build momentum amidst a backdrop of circum good now. I'm gonna emotionally together. Keep good good now. I'm good. I'm back back back. At one end of the spectrum. There are fast growing companies like amazon which has consciously harnessed defy will affect defeat its momentum machine at the other end of the spectrum. There's the delightful discovery of a rural kansas public elementary the school using the flywheel to elevate the learning of children. We've obsessed or we've observed leaders and making use of the flywheel nearly every sector from startups and nonprofits to the healthcare in professional sports teams the more challenged leaders to crystallize their specific flywheel capturing the drivers of momentum and how they linked together the more passionate. I become about sharing in what i've learned. I hope you enjoy it and most importantly find it useful. How does your fly. We'll turn signed jim collins. How does your fly wheel turn yeah. I'm gonna start using that line my wife so how's your fly will turn but it is heads when he asked right so now he sends us the book and i thought we would do today. Share a little bit of the book a little bit of the monograph monograph. I see i would never call a book a monograph but that's why jimmy collins in a different level that's true. Have you ever heard the word monograph before right now. No one i was reading it. This morning you handed to mimic was a monograph. I pictured something with like embroidery to me. A monograph sounds like something from like the eighteen eighteen eighty s that was used to communicate people old school. It was like if you're going the telegraph. I don't use that. I think i'll use a monograph right right. It's more simple okay so go ahead and read. What would he got. They're all right so turning. The flywheel starts with a quote firm pier. Luigi nervi have unions have good reading music to kind of background that the thrive nation deserves when hearing a book of this quality class so perez beauty does not come from decorative effects but from structural coherence and so we begin okay in the autumn of two thousand one just as good to great hit the market amazon dot com invited me to engage in a spirited dialogue with founder jeff these and a few members of his executive team this was right in the middle of the dot com bust when some wondered how or if amazon could recover in prevail as a company <hes> i taught them about in quotation marks the flywheel effect that we'd uncovered in our research and create he taught amazon about the flight wilson so jimmy collins amazon about the flywheel effect he did okay continue in creating a good to great transformation. There's no single defining action not grant program no single killer innovation no solitary lucky break no miracle markle moment rather it feels like turning giant heavy flywheel pushing with great effort. Get the flywheel to inch forward. You know what a flywheel is. I actually had to google it this morning. What what do you what the heck is a fly symptoms listening going what the heck is. A fly is this. Is this a wheel or made of flies. You know one thing it's a <hes> it's a mental thing it looks almost like a gear and you said it it's got a particular mass and direction of movement and you move it or to store potential energy <hes> <music> <hes>. That's you knew you move it to store potential energy. Yes so the more you move it in the fashion move at the more energy at stores. Oh really okay let me let me ask you this up. Real quick some everyone in this city albeit explaining flat wheels now flywheel energy storage units and i used to keep an engine running smooth and keep it running when you're not giving gas or it's neutral uh-huh now a good analogy is a potter's wheel so if you think about potter's we'll have a little foot press. They keep pressing again. I can relate to a potter's wheel so and what's that we've all seen ghost basic gift. There's two guys go into a bar. One got okay. We'll go getting and it's been a large stone on the bottom and that's that's stones rotating. It's is connected to a table and wants to hold the claim that can shape and mold it and i said my name big shot plays sin speed and that's because of the flywheel down the bottom who has has it's a nurse and so it stays jimmy collins is talking about noushin flywheel stored energy. We'll keep going even though the force that you apply is at intervals so the same idea can be applied to cars so cars have fly wheels attached at the end of the engine earn potentially crankshaft and it's the item that will be pressed against with the transmission so you'll either have a clutch or a <unk> import converter and the torque converter would be mounted <unk> attached to the flywheel and the clutch the clutch plate would press against it <hes> when you were trying to accelerate or when you're engaging the clutch rather so so the basic idea is if you didn't have that liable on their run really uneven power distribution oh went through here and we got the four strokes divided the intake compression power exhaust so you go into a korean first okay so the point is a wheel that stores potential chill power correct. Okay keep rain. I just wanna make sure that we didn't lose anybody there that that point. I'll give you a music back here. We go you keep pushing in with persistent effort. You get the flywheel to complete one entire turn. You don't stop you keep pushing. The fly will moves a bit faster two terms then four then eighth the fly will build momentum in sixteen thirty two moving faster a thousand ten thousand one hundred thousand then at some point what breakthrough yes the flywheel flies forward board with almost unstoppable momentum. I i feel like here's here's here's what you need to do. I need to go back about three sentences here and you need to time you gotta like channel. Your inner james earl jones here something you gotta you gotta get to a play because this this right here. This could be exciting this. This could be a guy so the public reading is public. Typing is probably the most horrifying experience in the world when you have to type in front of people at our conferences so we'll have people who cumbria conferences workshops hundreds of people. I have a member of my team who has to type or pull up displays images and things like that to showcase and just this show examples of what we're doing. That's a pretty horrifying thing but public reading on a podcast that is the next level thing because you are listening right now to a man who's reading knowing knowing that the words he is saying are being judged by five hundred thousand people very true. I'm sweating. It's like speaking imagine. You're asked you a public speaking event right in your twenty people. Oh toastmasters remember that now. Imagine toastmasters gets out of control and now it's like two hundred people. That'd be really terrifying. Imagine being asked to speak at your favorite college football team like oh you or michigan or florida whenever you're speaking in front. One of the florida state crowd. Oh that's a bad chan. You shouldn't do <music> imagine that kind of audience energy imagine that many people all in a stadium florida state state number florida state f._s._u. Florida state imagine their war chants. The crowd filled the stadium. There's tons of people there imagine that kind of energy that kind of energy here we go and that stadium let me look it up. I believe <hes> missy. Florida state the seating capacity florida. Oh yeah oh come on now. I want to wake up to that well here. We got to talk to you about it. We find it. Ah almost drummoyne said yes aw we'll just say this that stadium seats a lot of people say this. I mean it is we're talking about at least sixty thousand people were there at that stadium and i'm saying there's ten of though nine of those maybe eight of those we have eight it football stadiums worth worth filled of people eight stadiums full of people and then i say hey jason. Could you read a book. You've never read before in front of a group of people so with that sort of energy you know hardest your energy. Your inner gangster a hair here. We go. I'm ready. I'm ready. We're creating a good degree transformation. There's no single defining action. No the grant program no single killer innovation. No solitary lucky break no miraclemethod rather it feels like turning a giant's heavy flywheel pushing with great effort you get the flywheel to inch forward you keep pushing with persistent effort. You get the fly wheel to complete one entire. Turn <hes> you don't stop you. Keep pushing pushing. The flywheel moves a bit faster asked about faster who turns to jackson ford then eight. The fly will build moments of sixteen thirty two moving a thousand ten thousand one one hundred thousand then at some point great through the flywheel flies forward with almost unstoppable momentum. That's what was perfect timing perfect. Yes he now that that was awesome. That's the kind of stuff that we need here. In the thrive time show doj mojo somebody out there needed to hear that and let me break it down and if you want to get the rest of that book if you wanna learn more about that that book you got to buy the book turning the flywheel a monograph to accompany good to great and jason that's all i want to read today because i feel like we've we've touched on the idea of giving the drivers ebbers enough of a sneak peek into the book that they need to go buy that book and it only gets better from there was the first paragraph i mean that's that's auto auto now. Let me explain to you what we're talking about. He's saying it's not a single event. It's not a single breakthrough. It's getting the momentum finding what works and doing it over and over and over over to quote the doctor timothy johnson when of our clients the ophthalmologist frahm tusk lusa alabama. It's doing stupid good repetitive tasks doing the same thing over and over and over and over again finding what works and then doing it over and over again doing the same same thing over and over again it is so important that you learn to what are these stupid repetitive tasks that you have to do over and over to to create that momentum now. I'm going to talk about if you're a roofer out there. The seven things that you need to do the seven repeatable tasks that will create that flywheel energy the seven repeatable tasks that will create the the energy that you need the momentum that you need before. I share those seven repeatable tasks that you need to apply if you're a roofer if you're doctor if you're a dentist if you're a lawyer if you sell retail products if you are a restaurant before i share those seven repeatable tasks will create the flywheel momentum that you've been seeking and the income that you've been needing to achieve your goals. I would like to ask you jason as a coach. Why do you speculate evacuate that it is so hard for many people to do th- repeatable tasks why i like the way the tim phrases. It's stupid. Repeatable tasks the second. Can't people find something or repeating something. They're like oh. This is dumb. I've already done this before. I didn't see results. Someone's gonna try something else or people getting the mindset or they just want to do something new because new ideas exciting they haven't done it yet right so let me let me thi up action number one one. You have to to do every single week. You've got to do advertising. You can't stop jason white. Can you never turn off your advertising well if you're using google ads if you turn them off then the second you decide you want to do it again. You have to go through waiting period and you lose your relevancy. Google loves consistency. They love stupid. People tasks next you have to gather objective objective google reviews from your real ideal unlikely buyers. Why do you have to never stop gathering google reviews amazon reviews or why can you never stop gathering reviews you once again to the consistency. If you're somebody who is constantly adding to the platform that you are advertising yourself on that platform is gonna love you. You seem like you're active but at the same time time you're growing your value towards people because if you if you say fifty is good enough okay you know we're at fifty when your competitors low that's fine when your competitor or somebody new comes around and they they have even something as high as fifty one fifty five and then start getting into the hundreds people start to lose track of who you are so you have to advertise every day true you have to gather. They're a review every day. That's that's two third. You have to write content on your website every day right one page content per day one one thousand word article article per day minimum jason why why does every business owner out there whether it's the owner or some who works for the owner or you hire a marketing firm. Why does every business owner need to write a two thousand words of content on their website original content original h._t._m._l. Hypertext markup language. Why does every buddy out. There need to write a thousand words original content content per day on the more content. You have the easier to find and the higher your you'll rank so if you're doing that every day that's i mean. It's no brainer. You're going to get to the top faster or stay at the top because most people aren't gonna do that jason. Why do you have to do the group interview every week. And what is the group interview. The group interview is a process by which you put at a job posting and you allow multiple the people to accept it. They come through and you interview all of your candidates at one time in an hour or two hours of power long decided needs to go on for but what it does in long run run is it eliminates all of those single one our meetings. Yes on one so again why why can't why can't we just interview when we need people. Why do we have to the interview even if we're fully staffed even if we have nowhere to put a good candidate. Why do we have to interview every week because you have to have those people in the pipeline because even let's say you're fully staffed with good people. Those people could good have something happen in life or they could get hit by a bus or they get hit by meteors or they could just not show up one day people yet. I mean you can't have your business built on a house of cards cards now the next move you have to analyze your accounting numbers every week. Why why you have to know where you are you can't you can't just one of the things i'm really passionate about now is you can't can't focus on the. I think we had a busy week or i feel like we're profitable. You have to know those numbers because i mean you are the business owner and if you don't know where you are profit wise is that's not good now. The next repeatable task you have to do seven repeatable tasks that will create that flywheel momentum in your business. You have to track where every lead comes from jason as and why do you have to track where every single lead every single new customer every single new buyer. Why do you have to track. Every single person comes from it goes back into the advertising if you're track and where people are coming from you can say okay well if nobody's finding us on google than we clearly need to get our reviews up if everybody's finding us on facebook. Maybe we should kind of push for some more facebook advertising now the next seventh repeatable tasks that you must do every week if you wanna create that momentum in your business that flywheel momentum you've gotta listen to record calls and watch video of your staff through why it's like game footage for any professional football team or spiders. You have to find where your weaknesses are and reassess like it's <hes> defined act measure refund define act measure refined define act measure refined now jim collins and notable quotable from jim collins he wants said the purpose of bureaucracy is to compensate for incompetence lack of discipline so basically when a bunch of people. We're like well. Let's it. Can we work on it together. Can we form committee. Can we work together on it. How many times do you see that where you're coaching with a business owner and they'll go. We'll we'll work on a teen. We'll get the team on team. What did not with content. How does that go well. The content doesn't get rid <music>. Oh or you come back and the argument because their opinions don't line up but they wanted to work as a group right. That's i'm just trying to tell you jim. Collins has knowledge tom. This is notable cordless from good to great. He'd writes the purpose of bureaucracies to compensate for incompetence and lack of discipline now. Jim collins file notable corridor from jim collins on today's show and by the jim collins. I cannot wait to interview because i know when you hear this show or you hear rumors of this show. Are you google search and you find your name optimized optimized for this show. Jimmy see you're gonna you're gonna go. Something is calling some call. It appears to be coming from tulsa thrive type show. I need to be on that thing. Whoa that's what's going to happen to you. It's going to be awesome and then and then after you do that you're go. You know what i i got to check out the sam smith song dance except he's one of the week i here's sam smith is dancing for the first time in a video. Al's pretty good asleep. Let me just a little sneak peek here. Jimmy collins what you're gonna find when you do a youtube search for sam sam smith. How do you sleep. He's doing some sorta oh to handle this. I don't know maybe it's i really think i don't know if i can handle sam smith dan's. I dunno. I'll all all i'll get back to you about that. Jimmy see i know i'm your song critic that you trust but here's my final notable quotable from you jimmy. We're we're on a can. I call you james. Okay so good. Good is the enemy of great and that is one of the key reasons why we have so little that becomes great. We don't have great schools principally because we have good schools. We don't have great governments principally because we have good government few people attain great and their lives and part because it's just so easy to settle for a good life and i think that's why jimmy collins rejects me a lot. He's going you know. I i have a great life. I you know he's a great guy up there in boulder older colorado right in these great books it is you know as laboratories management laboratory things are good for him and he's like if i were to come down and let the butthead aka klay clarke interviewing my life would just be good and i can't accept a good. I didn't until klay clark takes his show a great level. I it might ruin his brand a little bit to be on here but i i asked you jimmy collins. I i asked you this. He's pleased because no but seriously jim i'm. I'm not going to beg but come on get on the show nation email. Jim collins right now find his website owner say hit him up and say get on the show come on do it got but then seriously go out there aaron purchase the book turning a turning the flywheel a monograph to accompany good to great and jim collins. Thank you autograph copy of your book and now then further ado in each and every show with a boom jason. Are you ready to show the boom. I'm pumped. I'm ready. I'm ready but i can't do because because you know what i'm gonna do. Watch sam smith dan's. No i'm going to invite. I'm just a moment. We're gonna call on the phone. We're gonna call tim johnson. Ooh and we're going to interview him about why jim collins. We're going to interview an ophthalmologist. Yeah atop opthamologist interview him on the show about why why jim collins needs to be on our show but stu jim collins get ready for this. We're gonna get them. What say you take two rings to get tim johnson before six a._m. Is tim johnson said yes. It is hello. How are you tim. Johnson are tell listeners where where where do you live live my friend. I live in birmingham alabama. What is your relationship to the one jim collins. I've invited jim collins on the show multiple times. He's rejected me for various reasons called. He has class and standards but he sent me an autograph copy of this book. I sent you the letter last night. You've seen it tim johnson. You've seen the letter and autograph if book. What is your relationship like jim collins. My relationship currently is non existent. I quietly stalk him. I'm reading this this book. I did learn that his wife is an award winning triathlete really the one the night on the nineteen eighty-five hawaii ironman triathlon which we'll i did not know that this just in from our home office. Wow okay so you're it could. Would you have you so. You've read his books. I what was your favorite book that you've read about the the jim collins book. I know it's been a prayer while but is there a certain book that resonated resonated with you the most or a book that you enjoyed the most. I like how the mighty fall. I thought good to great both last all good on valid how the mighty fall but once you get there. How do you what happens. When you stay there. So ah could you. I mean would would you agree with me. Would you come into agreement with the thrive time nation the thrive. Tim show that jim collins should be on the show. Do you have any like high pressure sales request dry pressure move or a strategy of how we're gonna get jimmy collins on the show jimmy c. j. c. threat. I was gonna take abduction. What came type of jimmy collins. Here's we would like <unk>. Have you on the show tim tim don't you think we should have do you think that it would benefit jim collins and benefit the listeners if he was on the show yeah his new book. You sent me turning the flywheel really good so so jim jim collins. Here's the deal if you're out there right now listening in here's here's the gym i'm going to optimize for your names either way. You're gonna eventually find this podcast and i just want you to make it easy on us. Okay and just good book yourself on the show lower. Your standards get on the thrive time show and <hes> if jimmy collins wants to improve his vision. How does he get a hold of you. Do you have a website there <hes> dr johnson yeah so we're just launching freedom ophthalmology dot com <hes> if you wanna spill correctly. That'll get you to the right website. We also have <hes> the quake spelling misspell it well. We'll get you there anyway. That's awesome freedom ophthalmology. And how long have you been an ophthalmologist. I've been an ophthalmologist or five years and <hes> work doing medicine for about ten. Where'd you go to school. Where where'd where'd you go to school so i went to emory university for medical school and hospital for residency did you did you not graduated graduated top of your class. I did in college. That's true yeah okay. Okay okay so you know what you're talking about and you're not the malla gist and and <hes> final question if you were interviewing jim collins right now what we question that you would you would like to ask jim collins if he was on the show right now. What would that question be. I wanna know one single tip. He has for building a great company in the one single tips he he has four keeping great all right well jason. We looked in each and every show of the boom yeah dr johnson. Are you prepared to bring a boom from tusk lusa. Are you in birmingham right now. We're tuscaloosa. I go back and forth about to drive back to tuscaloosa right now so you're currently in birmingham and i'm like i'm in between i'm always loyd everywhere. Birmingham booms the booms. I'll tell you that it's true okay here. We go any further to three to what dr brock. I gotta ask this year a chiropractor anti-business owner i am but have you ever found yourself. Needing an attorney have ended up for what kinds of situations contracts under different <hes> trying to think <hes> mostly yeah. I haven't really had any trademarks or patents or copyrights be writing something now. I'd like to say yes but now what about negotiating leases yes. What about an employee who filed for unemployment or maybe somebody who had to let go or somebody who you're right like litigation. You've had to deal with no thankfully not really okay <hes> jason. You've been around with that. You've been involved with the elephant in the room. Men's grooming lounge i have and now you uh-huh coach clients to you use to manage all three stores managing close to four thousand members and dozens of employees and and you now coach clients alliance. You're in our in our morning coaches meetings were. How often do our clients have legal questions legal questions every single day well. Here's here's what i found. I've been self employed twenty for sixteen years old so i've been self employed for twenty two years and there is not a week that goes by. I don't and have some sort of legal situation. Usually it's copywriting something. It's protecting something. It's drawing a contract. That's buying a piece of real estate. It's dealing dealing with a wrongful termination. It's dealing with purchasing a company selling a company. It's always something that i need a lawyer for and the worst possible time to be looking looking for an attorney is when you need need when you're trying to flip a house and you have an offer right now that has to close today. You don't wanna be looking for an attorney to look over that that agreement. You don't want to be looking for an attorney when you're trying to sign that lease. You don't want to be looking for an attorney when you have to buy somebody out or fire somebody you don't want to be looking for an attorney attorney when you are looking for the answers right so i would encourage everybody to do today is to be proactive and find an attorney out there that you can trust now. We have a great attorney based in dallas texas. <hes> who's elected to be a sponsor of the show by the name of scott read. That's r. e. I. b. scott reap deep and his company read law. They offer a program called the eye legal coaching. Let me just share with you. What's included in this program that is available for as little as eleven dollars dollars per day. Eleven bucks a day unlimited phone access to the legal coaching team so if you have a question you call unlimited access unlimited. It'd text messages back and forth legal team. That's you get contract. Coaching contract design a sixty minute session with an ilegal coach it manual. We'll strategic planning session <hes> avi. I've v._i._p. Ticket to the legal workshop v._i._p. Document volt a custom design of your corporate structure monthly v._i._p. Check in call with illegal coaching team online access to legal platform. All of this is available for just eleven dollars a day. That's a lot now. I'd be lying if i said i used this company. Okay i use west carter and company. Winters winters came dot com. The reason why i use winners and king is winters and king represents t._d. Jakes they've represented donald trump junior nave represented joel osteen joyce meyer and huge corporations operations and i have a lot going on in my life and i need an attorney that super well connected into the literary space and i need something understands media in the complexities of what i do you right. That's why i use winners and kane. It's i've used west carter for years. <hes> so i would really unless west carter something happened where he was no longer there <hes> mhm i would never leave winners and they was great job with me but if i was looking for an attorney today and i didn't know where to go and i'm going to tight budget and i know a lot of entrepreneurs seniors are i would definitely check out. The good folks here over here at rebe law. Check these guys out today and check out legal coaching package objectively actively doctor breath. Do you think that makes a lot of sense to have a well yeah. I mean you've got the immediate access and you've got it at a very reasonable price because you're going to be paying by the hour for every little subject that comes up <hes> all the time in here. You've got somebody on speed dial. I mean you've got instant access. <hes> guaranteed in in several different platforms texts call online. You've got documents you listed off a number of things there <hes> and all at a very reasonable price so check him out today at rebe ebb law. It's our law dot com our i._b. Law dot com the phone numbers nine four zero five nine one zero six zero zero zero nine four zero five nine one zero six zero zero. Tell him that clay clark sent you and then they'll probably get a little bit frustrated that the lead it came from me because they know if they gonna lead for me. It's an entrepreneur. Who's got a lot going on. Who's gonna use the heck out of this program. I'd say it all sincerity thirty though they love working with entrepreneurs that's their niche and it's available for as little as eleven dollars a day. If you don't have an attorney you can trust right right now. You don't have an attorney. I don't think it hurts anybody at all to just check out the check him out. Do the free consultation. Check them out today and read law. That's r. e. I. b. rebe leib law dot com.

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