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"jimmy rudy" Discussed on The Keith Blakemore-Noble Radio Show

The Keith Blakemore-Noble Radio Show

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"jimmy rudy" Discussed on The Keith Blakemore-Noble Radio Show

"You're listening to the keep more noble radio show helping transform your deepest fears into your greatest strengths is your host. He hello welcome to another episode. This episode we're talking about paul costs and the fierce people have about being pulled costs and who better to discuss that with the my friend gary jones because after six years of having his own podcast and producing people's paul counts for the last three years to help other businesses and communities to tell this story via podcasting. That's what he does his. Name's gary jones. He's my guest today. Hey gary how you doing. So i am doing aches. Learn how you doing. You're right fantastic. Fantastic as always thank you so much. We we've heard what you do. But is gary type. Gary is a blake who lives in the millions of the you can be honest. I'm just nosey to hit people stories An and not make all teach them how to create the contents. Let's can resonate And video bloodstream. And especially podcast on my back time. Stay outside would got. I love comics. I love walking my dogs. I'm just a leaky hawks. Brilliant brilliant so. I you know talking about podcasting how i guess we should stop. How did you get into cussing at so. It was one often. I was just slowly and i stumbled across a radio station Liquidations can meet radio station. I just approached him to become a guest on one of shares. Y- just initiate message tag mid say hey defensively which like needs to come on twenty. It will show as gets they can. If you love it. I had a community where i was network with. Different people lincoln. Different people with other people in deir in could make good Podcast who shape. So that's why we'll just trenched up and had two days later. I never me my talk show on that station. So i had initially two weeks. How podcast on let's Especially to lead has podcast used. My mobile device didn't have enough time When uncut listen to podcasts before short crates Is conclude didn't listen to him. It's unclear why of thinking about it. So that's how. I thought she just send a message but honestly what i did was i taste myself in the eyes of the coffee of the people who were looking looking for sent his art time so i may deal chancey but i yeah. I guess that's what it's about you you basically reached out and because of that same thing started rolling in way way you want now began certain that the action. Yes i radio sheriff. Who kind of wet weekly They asked me how to use it. And i said what would you omniscient increases on. Yeah despondency weekly not naturally Said in good stead. Full making a weekly podcast nature and it was. It was fun. it was a Defecit wasn't funded. Totals eight thousand meter. governor you the recording different bits. Imagine sixty minutes Episode when you talk in in -til view listeners. Mr been just themselves away from because it was it was terrible and berry very good. And i'm glad it's be instead stuff however yeah it's eight house to create this depsite. Not that. i realized that she might. Passion is talking to people on him they cook. I mean just basically just token johnson so that's been full consecutive. Did an old way group escape guests nuts. Wet mud percussion jimmy rudy stocks powell. Just talking to people until people listening to that stories and then she in for what a bit of the is so powerful. Isn't it to your brain so many perspectives so many areas where you never even assaulted plus make i guess in a way it makes it easier for the the podcast creator because you have to. You have to create less context have guests each time we're also helping to create content trade navy style but will say put different. Push it because if you talk. Kid nuclear By by south. You've got one person who you're trying to managing an who you'll try to coach And that she saw. Angie compact got much easier than interview. 'cause you have no idea what best is gonna said Says that you can pet him and a much out took by a baby about how it's made the guest feel the eatings but is you can cloudy to prepare but you. I didn't date unless you really know what business gonna say. You don't want to say that instead of violation speech in cooler when you'll experience someone way to put. Actually yes improv. blase nadia. what's gonna come on then very true and you say well we. We will talk a little bit later on in this episode. How all could clinton against it. He's got were. Were looking at the fears. People have rampant counts from two different areas Directions would look at They the fears at margin concerns. Put podcast have as a as a host of a show before we get into that Let's take a look at some of the more common fears that that Guests have about being on a podcast because for some people some people eight eight is. Love is water off a duck's back for some people. It can be really terrifying. Thought my car. I'm going to be on a podcast so in your experience when you doing this for for six years now your experience what. Some of them will call an fears. People have about being a guest. and how can they. How can the address and overcome those question on eight on against free different points. A and the fist is that they believe that it's it comes down south compulsively. What was getting really. Wanna listen to me you know. They believe in s story on a date. Believe artistry day on the solution could still get out to the topic Which could come from not wanting to step into both people not wanting to shed. You may ship for the end days. What about in south belief is no having constance to say when i talked about even if it's kind day in day out in the out soon. cameroon's Threes up because agents stopped believing what they want site..

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