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"jimmy kimmel louis" Discussed on Keep It!

"Girl. Stay seated or Watchmen thought you were not winning anything and I turned off I would have turned off my zoom truly if I was nominated for a comedy and I realized that like schitt's Creek was gorgeous wage sweet. It might as well just be shipped sweet. I would have time ago right now if I have anything to do with the kominsky method, I'm running outside off of me walking outside because as you know, this was a award show that was broadcast from the nominees as homes, you know, it was TJ. Yeah, socially distanced images, you know, everyone was zooming in or well we'll get the specifics because Lewis worked on the show that is true enough. Basically. No one was at the actual ceremony and I feel like it's different when you were at the ceremony and you're watching a bunch of people win, at least, you know, there's the you know, people you're sitting next to you know, there's a camaraderie of being you know with everyone in the industry that you love like co-workers and then you have your drunk as well and then returning to go to after even if you did lose, you know, but if you're just sitting at home watching yourself lose in a ward feels kind of dark. Yeah, I imagine it's a quiet evening. Yeah, I mean and also it's it's harder to I don't want to say it's harder pay attention, but it just yeah. What else are you looking for in the evening necessarily? I don't know. Yeah, you're right. There's no there's no extra value part of the joy for me was seeing someone like Alina wait sitting by Meryl Streep and thinking girl. What are they talking about? What could they ever be talking about and that's just totally lacking those totally lacking this year? Yes. Well this year the show was hosted by Jimmy Kimmel Louis's regular employer offer. You worked on the show this year. So I mean, yeah, that's what it was. Like, well first of all, I will and by the way, I think I've said something along the lines of this well before I work for Jimmy Kimmel, but he really is like a deal and that he has the Letterman sarcasm. And by the way, it was very interesting to see David Letterman and yet also is not over it and by that, I mean like he's like cool with the celebrities and not like dismissive are having to like turn off camera be like what a load of shit every five minutes, you know, I enjoy him honestly as a present her he does seem to be having fun doing it and it's not labor. Yeah, I'm away that we we've seen other people host towards I appreciate like a palatable host humor. That's just in good fun. Like I get tired sometimes of like a Ricky Gervais some like why are you glad log? Right take the job. You clearly don't want to be here and also like the narcissism of being like we're all over this. Right as you're paid so much money to host a fucking thing. It's like it's just it's just the the worth of masculinity to me is all I can say when think of things like that note was super bare-bones. I was actually just thinking that I don't know if you guys feel this way writing from home on all the stuff you write for but it has made me grateful for college because I thought now all entertainment writing I do right now like writing jokes Etc feels like writing a term paper. You're not surrounded by anybody you're just like alone and so literally writing for the Emmys has felt like my day job and it is felt like oh, yeah writing tweets or whatever. I didn't get to go to the ceremony there only a couple of writers. They're obviously it's there's everything occurs on my living room couch now, so it's I felt as unmanned cameras, as you know, Laura Linney sitting there waiting for his end day at a win something convenient to being able to write at your own pace, like even for this podcast being able to you know, think about What I'm going to say and have that written out kind of in a way at least in some of the structure even though it doesn't appear to be that way at all and also writing for other shows. You've been it's especially it takes away the intimidation factor of being in the creative space with multiple people when you're by yourself is like there's a screen girl. I could go to the bathroom. I can turn my camera off which I often do. So. Yeah. So Louis, what is it like doing ceremony? First of all, even in general for people because we know that you wrote for the Emmys, but how does that and then entail you know for people listening you still having to be like on hand during the actual show? Oh sure. Well in the case of this year's Emmys, I mean, I imagine most years the bulk of the work could be broken down into a, you know, little assignments like right for Jennifer Aniston age to go toward or write some patter for David Letterman appearing or whatever but in the case of this year, we had to write a lot of what-ifs stuff in case like a winners Wi-Fi went out or off. You know some somebody didn't show up who was supposed to show up on screen, you know, things like that. And so it actually was a lot of covering bases in a way that you would never have to do with an M. He's otherwise and I wrote a lot of stuff. I was just out of that will never see the light of day no sense to just Trot out this year, especially if we're just talking about the winds. We kind of predicted most of every you know, and you know, like we have that whole bit set up with the Stanley Cup being there in case schitt's Creek Slade and I mean me personally I thought they were going to lose one or two. So I was wondering if that bit would even fly but of course I shouldn't lose a fucking thing. So that would.

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