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"jimmy janis fan" Discussed on The Adam Carolla Show

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"jimmy janis fan" Discussed on The Adam Carolla Show

"Someone's going to die that night. How much more fucking angry can you get? That's the equation. Feed off by the way you know the adage or the whatever terms speed kills Maybe maybe Dr Drew Sing. Wasn't coke is thing was like more like speed really. We'll think about the violence that speed. What's that yeah sure right very interesting stuff so I duNno? We'll let me talk about the selection committee. They get the wall on. You submit it but I'm saying there's a lot of guys names or get on that wall -ture if they just beaten off. Yeah Yeah. Robert Blake Robert play pregnant in the back of a truck. Just basically just rubbed one out right. Maybe as you get older. It's not as easy. You know what I mean. I don't no no well I think what it is you have. There's a weird it's like when a cop when you're when you're driving in your trunk trunk and it's at night and all sudden you see rollers in your rear view. There's a millisecond of do I pull all over and the guys that are buzzed and kind of coming home from the club. It's the same way with ordering pizza. Just fucking rub one out and go to bed or you order a pizza Hor and occasionally some night the night clerk shoots you. I wonder if women guys like that like we. You know we always think I really WANNA call that check. Maybe seeing tonight. And then you go just jerk off and you're GonNa Forget about it and then we do and and we do forget about it. Mike Do Women know that the same like if you wanted to fuck guy or something you would like. I got to meet him today. And you run out. Would you like fuck him. I don't care about him I That's a good question. I don't think it's for the same reason I don't girls in my experience. Don't you up a guy at midnight because they're horny it's because they want to be validated and this is a little different but but the only two people who like in the an guide girl situation girls always know when they're going to get laid they could make make upon their buying a dress at the store they know tonight. I'm fucking so many guys. Just although I hope I can fuck and find someone tonight you know late tonight. I don't know who usually but I want to get. Hey guys. We don't have that liberty but sometimes it gets out of hand and you go. I just gotTa Jack Rothen stay home because it's going to be dangerous. I should start a pizza delivery service. They called you. Well we call our pizza place. Handy's all Yan high come over and deliver large cheese pie. Popeye and my my professional. You save cleans your pipes out like levert. Blake full service kind of thing. Yeah full service. I'm not sending a woman over. I don't I don't have this Guy Pizza Guy Hours. You eat pizza. You take care of the upstairs. I'll take care of the downstairs. There's just maintenance. Yeah yeah by the way what a business you take care of the pepperoni cared dipping sauce. They all come come with a sausage Lau in his name. That I like Handy Work Handy because the two things you WanNa do as you WanNa pizza and you want a hooker and you're GonNa get the pizza. I listen I had A. I had a friend and you'd like a hamburger helper mascot ascott rag on four fingers. Yeah I had I had a friend. Sky Was it also citizen of the year in Santa Monica. He got drunk. He call the Gal over to the to the apartment on you. You know two in the morning on a Saturday night. got into some sort of a verbal altercation with her pimp. Oh boy her pimp said like I'm going to my truck and get my shotgun. I'm coming back. Wow this guy called the cops while the guy was going to go get a shotgun outgun and comes back when the guy came back the cops showed up and while the cops were there a second second call girl he had called as back up showed up while the cops were now. My Buddy. Handy's three's company Alien Persona know the backup hooker is thing we don't know because my buddy johnny boy he would do this. He's he's an older guy and it got down to. I'm going to get a hooker. Now and then the call to stay outside and just like be hanging out on his on his not portrait. If you WANNA call it the first one stoop at the first one who came by wasn't in hot enough he'd say oh. I'm Jimmy Janis Fan. He had to leave her emergencies. Not Going to be here. And then she'd say thank you so much and leave so you knew. I'm not going to have that one uh-huh and then the second one comes in ordinarily that that used the worked out but at the first one was home leads all we just split. I'm so sorry honey. A work of the first ones hot. But you say Johnny in your That's not good halo. Good ideas like that like when you went to the movies together. As soon as he sat down on the theater he would take Soda Soda and spit it out on the seat in front of us Mike. I don't sit there. Somebody spilled solar. We could the same thing the Oh thank you so much and we'd have the whole. We never have obstructed view. Yeah I'm jealous on my own way. Are The kill myself. My son turned out like Johny. We have allegedly with the AJ Benza. Tease this we got Dr. Oz is full of shit we got we. We Got Royal Family Discussion. We Got Laurie Laughlin new demands. We got rose McGowan. Oh by the way I'm GonNa beat that trial I got called to go at the Weinstein. Sti your call the Weinstein trial. Yeah it's creepy. It's creepy what happened. Justin Timberlake has a demand on with with your wainwright. And there's so much we'll take a quick break and.

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