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"jimmy jack youngblood" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"I don't know, if okay is gonna be good enough to get them back to a championship game. Okay is good enough for the Rams to be competitive in their division, which is toughest. How And then also, maybe go to the playoffs. But seeing that Jared Goff is okay. Is exactly how I and a whole lot of people feel about him. His ass is okay. Stand. It's cold enough from Ontario Stand. You are CBS Sports radio. What do you think about God? All right, your brother. I'm terrific. What's up? I think, dear God is a bust. My God, man. He throws all the different colored jersey but his own team. He's absolutely pathetic. I remember when we had Jimmy Jack Youngblood, Doc in the days that somebody called the L. A Rams. I call them the lands now. Even now, I mean, the only a couple of years removed from the school, not with him. He never circuits anywhere. Break defense. Half decent old friends, But now now we do we need a quarterback brother. That's the only reason why we're not going to the show again. It's just too bad because, even years ago we always got beat by the Steelers of the Dallas Cowboys. And no, No, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. We We need a quarterback, brother. Okay, Well, thank you Stand for calling up from one. So you're counting all the best to you as well. Thank you so much Stand Yeah, I think he needs Supreme supporting cast around him. And we know it's a team sport. It's a team game. I think it's convenient at times for us to say that or not recognize that point. But he's not the type of guy that's going to take you over the top by himself. He's not in that upper tier of quarterbacks. Wouldn't necessarily put him in that second tier of Hey, let's prove it. As Andre from Mississippi, said Jared Goff, is Okay? And okay, ain't good enough. I'm sorry. And speaking of good enough, I got to remind you we didn't get a chance to talk about it last night. Last week when James Harden was traded from the Rockets to the Nets. We had a lot of people who were saying, Oh, it's not gonna work. Oh, they're gonna suck. James Harden's not gonna fit. He can't play the way he played in Houston in Brooklyn. I'm just like Of course he's not. But that scene is just gonna put up points. I don't worry about what they do offensively. And so last night was the first game together. Carry Irving, James Harden, Kevin Durant. Brooklyn, lost 1, 47, 1 35 and two overtimes. Kyrie 37 points. Kevin Durant, 38 Harden, 21. The point here isn't so much about the offense. They'll figure that part out. It's that their defense and I think they're going to go out there and get another player to help on the defensive side of the ball. But Brooklyn They've given up more points than just about anybody in the NBA. Right now. They're given up more shots than anybody about 96 again their fifth most in points. Excuse me, 116. They're just treating every single game like a shoot out. I mean, and Steve Nash, who, by the way, wasn't you know defensively inclined when he played, not at all. This is what he had to say about his own team's defense. It's definitely early early doors as far as this new team, this new group learning to defend together and how we could be effective defensively. You know that Z got to be one of our Part of our game that we're gonna focus on the most going forward. Well, you don't say. James Harden, who can hold you down in the post just because he's pretty strong, not known as Ah, plus defender not by a long shot. This is what James Harden the maid's defense. Sound real easy. Listen up, we'll start off the game. Very, very, very good. The entire game. We just gotta find a way to get stops when we need to. Offensively, they're not, You know, statistic specifically, they're not a very good team, but they made some shots tonight. So would you gotta watch the film get better and, you know, chip away. About James Harden, the guy that makes defense sound so easy. The Brooklyn Nets. I still expect them unless they get hurt. I expect them to be in the Eastern Conference finals. I expect them to go to the finals. It's gonna have to be some roster tweaks at the same time. But they're certainly fun to watch. Is he trying to outgun everybody with three of the embassies best offensive players on one side of the ball? The Lakers knocked off the Milwaukee Bucks tonight won 13 of one on six Jazz beat the Pelicans, 1, 29, 1 18 and the New York Knicks, who play defense. Best defensive team in the league. Shut off the coach Thibodeaux, the Knicks beat the Warriors tonight. 1 19. So one ofour Ah basketball team that you won't see. At least for the next several games. That happens to be the Memphis Grizzlies. Why? Because the whole team is not playing the NBS postpone their games, they pretty much have strengthened. Their approach to cove. It And so you know, Valanciunas, I believe is the only guy in protocol. But the MBA is as taken such strict measures because of contact tracing that the Grizzlies. I believe it's going to be about four games that they will not be an action. Players are no longer allowed to go out to restaurants to eat. Is basically a whole town. Practice. And that's it. I'm not going to get get get too much out of there. The food is being catered s O the MBA. There's a solid reason why they didn't announce the entire schedule. And here you have it. We're going to figure out what that second half looks like As even it seems like the Wizards. I can't even keep track. Of who's playing who's not playing. It's just a wild time in the MBA, just like the NFL is thrilled that they're basically almost done with their season and by the time they come back later this year..

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