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"jimbo han" Discussed on WGN Radio

"Him for Jim bohannon Couple things one this Thanksgiving stuff this year seems to be for a lot of reasons more stories are going to be closed the biggies on Thanksgiving which was almost universal Great numbers were open It broke through maybe three to 5 years ago and also that person of the year could be good or big a bad but it has significant impact Aaron is in canton Ohio Hey Erin welcome to the Jimbo hannon show All right Richard in Northern California is next with DOM geer Dano Hey Richard Patti Hi I like to address something I've been listening here Jim bohannon and large Larson and Mark Levin for last few years and I haven't heard anybody say this about these riots and the governors and mayors that didn't call it out the police or the National Guard They need to be sued for treason against all of this because it's against all of us that they've done it and when they are sword in as governor or mayor aren't they sworn in the uphold of all And then yes they didn't do it And people's businesses and property got burned and torched Look I would agree with you on that But finding that when they're doing it under the color of their office is often a judgment call Aaron where that's going to be very very difficult to get you need something so negligent and explicit Now I think they've done that particularly in the places we're talking about but winning in court on that it's going to be very difficult Thank you Aaron I get the sentiment I share the frustration What are people supposed to do All that I'd say though if someone like Kyle rittenhouse came to any of us I think we'd say you're going to be in this situation You're going to be in a crowd like this You're going to be in the middle of that walking around in this manner Then the odds are very high you're going to be confronted And by that I mean look at the people Look at you know the people that were there Look at their criminal background Of some that he shot And your life is not going to be the same probably If you engage in this despite this was self defense So it's going to be interesting to see how he plays it I know he's doing some big national I told you about news nation tomorrow night he's gonna be on I'm gonna check that out see how they handle it versus Tucker Carlson will bring you some of that I'll be in for Jim tomorrow night But it's a very very difficult I get the principle I get the idea of wanting to stand up for principle But I also realize given what you're up against and given social media this is a very very weighty decision Even if you come out with a not guilty verdict it's a very difficult thing Hey it's not hard though the sitting for Jimbo Han due to the great staff thanks to Adrian Dan Hauser for engineering tonight and thanks as always to Kathy Johnson for producing getting all that sound together that we brought you from Tucker Carlson It was.

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