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"jim unhurt" Discussed on The Paul Finebaum Show

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"jim unhurt" Discussed on The Paul Finebaum Show

"To hear from you. Let's continue with more calls and Ramsey is up next in Georgia Ramsey. Thank you. Good afternoon. What's paul? How are you doing great? Thank you. Hey, man. I've been listening to two thousand six well, they don't call in much only of only called it. A few times had a couple of a couple of questions. I live in Vantaa. Now been was born and raised in Alabama my whole entire launch. Iheart ella. Bama fan. Got to go back to Alabama games. First time since two thousand nine with him game. And my question for you is the first question is Jim unhurt. Could not believe the response. He got from Brandon when he came on the field against AM. I've never seen anybody captivate crowd. Like he does. I mean off the bench just this amount of respect Alabama fan. Half of this guy is unbelievable. And what he did for our program not transferring out like so many kids do Blake Barness throw him under the bus. He got his little feelings hurt left. Jalen is a man. And I'm just wondering have you ever seen anything like that? A God get his job hook. I mean, twenty six and two in any sport somebody so great job took from stay stay, the course and be a team players, especially so young. Have you can you remember anybody? It was remarkable. I think it's a great example. And I don't know where what he will do next year. I soon he'll leave and go somewhere else, but he certainly made his contribution. I hope he gets better in in Mexico. Bution the rest of the way. Thank you for the call. Thank you very much. Mad is next up in Georgia Hella, Matt. People. What's up? I've been a long time listener, and I'm never been in. Alabama playing old never been Alabama fan and here every caller calling your show and is the trophy already guy. Universal them in grape. Or they still have to play. They have to play play Paul play two games Auburn. No the point. They're they're three big games, Georgia the sitted deal and Auburn what about that start one Mississippi State. What about the style? That's very interesting stat one because I had a lot more respect for Alabama before they played with LSU. I wasn't is impressed everybody else. I think I'll Amazon number one team in the nation, but they score twenty nine points. It keeps the twenty six rang deep in the nation. The Georgia BULLDOGS with a lot of mistakes scored thirty four points against the number ten team defense in the nation. I know we're just all. Ready? I know I know we're ready to give it up. Go ahead, Alabama. I mean, I don't even know why we should play this to see championship. Listen your show, then don't show up then. Well, I've got tickets to the university of Georgia. But I thought about calling Greg mcgarity and ask him if I just need even show up because according to the ele- bam network. We have no reason being there. We don't even need to play. Yo y'all. By the way, is not just it's pretty much everyone in in America. The college. If you listen to coach football on. No. That is incorrect. I'm That. that. I appreciate the educational. What's being said about Alabama? But I don't think anybody. Well, I'll ask him Sunday when I'm with him Sunday morning. Okay. Paul. Because nobody else there. Bama ought to give you a PHD in promoting their football program. Y'all be. I mean, I don't know if they can give the Gersh Alabama they should be allowed to but you don't Paul far. But I really don't university of, you know, your your act is getting pretty thin. You know that Paul? We got whis is called the SEC network. It's not called the Alabama network. You have you know, I know. You know, that jealousy and pettiness. Polish. Not that I had. Do you wanna talk to me or you want to scream? My getting old, man. Bad football. I asked you a question. Do you wanna talk to me or do you want to scream we'll talk. Okay. I've got one thing to say to you. You're full of.

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