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"jim trestle" Discussed on The Paul Finebaum Show

"Look at the dates. And this was before they won their first national championship or the championship that he won there. And it was all about the obsession of beating Alabama and being on that level. And it's all about the games that he would play with Nick Saban. Offering kids in Alabama and Sabin trying to come up into Cleveland and the X's and X is an old thing aside. It was all about a board game of recruiting and moving puzzle pieces and how do you use your time? And all that stuff. So like the real obsession. The real one when he got there was Alabama. It wasn't Michigan. Now, Michigan obviously, you know, somebody that grew up in Ohio. You know, he would know you don't succeed at Ohio State without beating that team. Michigan has always been a very great adversary and they have done a lot of time beating Ohio State and sustainable Ohio. Excuse me. And what he wanted to do was constantly know where they were and how they were doing it. And if they were recruiting a prospect, he wanted to understand why Ohio State wasn't. And he kept tabs on them like it was his recruiting board year round because, you know, in order to beat Alabama to be Alabama, you know, you have to conquer your own territory and your rival first. And it was just this constant obsession of not letting Michigan catch back up because of what Jim trestle did during his ten years there. But also while simultaneously chasing the best programs in college football. And Ohio State beating Alabama on the way to the national title at the end of the 2014 season, probably I think if you ask them in an honest moment, might have been the most significant women of his career even more so than some of the national championship games because that was the affirmation that they had done it. Now ironically enough, I think that was the worst Alabama team that they've had in the last ten years. It was. But still, it was a huge situation for him affirmation moment that Ohio State could compete with those guys and I think that that obsession with Michigan and Alabama at the same time is what kind of helped Ohio State propellant its program forward. In Ari, not to worry about spilled milk, but to me, that was a moment that I think he was on the verge of changing the direction of college football because Nick Saban had already established himself on the cusp of being the greatest coach. But had urban Meyer done what everyone believed he should have done in 2015 and won the national championship with maybe his best team that was Ezekiel Elliott and countless other players. That would have been his fourth title and I'm trying to remember whether Saban has 7 now 6 at Alabama and he's won one two three since then. And he was on the verge, had he beaten Alabama the next year and he was going to move ahead of Nick Saban. That's how that's where he was at that moment in time. Yeah, I remember thinking back at, you know, now it's not a discussion. What Nick statement has done, I'm not necessarily sure anyone will ever do that again. Although Kirby smart is on a pretty good trajectory right now. And I do think that it's crazy. If you go back and you would have told me on the field in Dallas and in the beginning of 2015, when they won their first national championship, that Ohio State will not win one for the next decade. I would have laughed at you. You know, like if you look back now and I've said this on the show, I think, but Ohio State has become probably the most underachieving program in college football in comparison to its resources and talent in terms of results versus what's coming in. And if you look at Alabama and some of the other schools that are in that category, Ohio State's bringing in comparable talent, but they're not putting out comparable results. And the most ironic thing about Ohio State, if you really go back and look at the last 20 years, the history, their best teams, that have won national championships. I think you can make the case that they're 19 to. Was their best team that they've had in the last 20 years. This past year's team could have won a national title out and made a field goal. The O 5 team, the O 6 team, the 15 team that brought back everything back from the year before and just played like crap all year. And didn't even make the playoffs. I mean, think about how much lost potential there was on what Ohio State could be in the sport right now if it were able to capitalize on its moments and some of that was pre urban. Some of it was during urban and some of it was post urban, but I think that they are situated to compete at a high level, but they are a full step and a half behind Georgia and Alabama right now. And closing that gap that I guess could be as thin as making a fuel Bill or it could be as wide as how different the recruiting class was this year from those two guys. And college football is just a lesson of just how razor thin the results can be. And I think it is a reminder that Alabama has made winning national championships look so freaking easy when really it's so insanely hard. And it reminds you of like just how one yard or one kick or one player can be the difference between winning a national championship and being a team that asks yourself what if for a long time. So to me, that's the way that I would describe the Ohio State's program. If I had to explain it to anybody, Ari washerman with the athletic, this conversation could go on all day and I'm sorry that it's not. All right, come back. This was fantastic. Great job. Appreciate your time. Any time, any kind of ball. Thank you so much for having me on. I mean, it's rare that I just sit here and forget where we are on the show and I was just absorbed in riveted by that. We'll take a break. We still have time for you to get in here the final

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