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"jim reid michigan" Discussed on KTAR 92.3FM

"And throat test kits is you Josh will appear as these suggestions for limiting the spread test people identify the carriers and make sure that they are not coming in contact with anybody else while they're still producing virus in conjunction of course with the social distancing that we're all doing the money from the Virginia G. Piper charitable trust will also be used to research whether plant proteins as well as approaches used in small pox vaccines can be used to develop a coronavirus vaccine researchers are also working to develop a blood test K. D. A. R. eyes on the economy people still buying houses realtors are finding creative ways to interact with clients you're going to see a lot more virtual home tours Mary Roberts with the Arizona realtors association says this allows sellers to limit the number of people who come into their homes but for those who still want to let people in to see their houses she recommends have that home readily available meeting have all the lights on have doors open have everything open so that the buyers when they can come in don't have to touch anything and her advice for realtors before they show house to a client you have the right to ask have you been sick recently and have you traveled abroad asset to everybody just to protect yourself Griselda city no KTAR news this is Jim Reid Michigan's governor Gretchen Whitmer sums it up for many of us this is a challenge unlike anything we've ever faced before a new ABC news Ipsos poll reveals that nine in ten Americans have had their daily lives disrupted by covert nineteen and that fewer than half think they'll return to their regular routines by June first eighty nine percent of us now worry that we or someone we know will be infected with the virus up from seventy nine percent last month we are that's ABC's Jim Ryan we're now learning about services for the Phoenix police commander shot and killed on the job earlier this week a funeral mass for commander Greg Carmichael is planned for Tuesday at ten AM at St Jerome's Catholic Church only the immediate family is going to be present because the corona virus pandemic the police department plans to live stream the memorial on Facebook KTAR news time six oh seven I wonder if we'll still see the long miles long procession in the lining the roadways.

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