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 "Blind Laughter" Interview & set with Alex Valdez  Show #66  - burst 1

Standup Comedy "Your Host and MC"

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"Blind Laughter" Interview & set with Alex Valdez Show #66 - burst 1

"Your partner jim. O'brien was with a different comic in a comedy duo cold of brian and severa and they had actually worked my club a couple times and then we the way i recall it us. Avera said hey. I don't wanna do this anymore. And my future's not in comedy. And then the next thing we knew it was o'brien vow dez and you guys were terrific together soon. And i think stronger than o'brien and severa. I don't want to step in any toes but that was my personal thinking. Did jim approach you about being his partner. Yes he did. Yes he certainly did and i wanna talk about a couple of things that you brought up their number one. Yeah jimmy and kenny were together for about eleven years. Oh yes. They had some really strong road. Experience day open for a lot of. They became very very popular on the college circuit. Remember back in the late seventies early eighties holidays were booking comedians. Right left to do concerts and being also booked on the open for major rock bands. You know right right. So so jimmy and kenny. They did a lot of that in the late seventies and early eighties. And then you're right. Can you decided to Jump out of comedy he had had enough. I think of the road and everything. And and maybe jimmy and then And thank you. Thank you and Well for all the comics that listened to your podcast they product to. They're they're they're rolling around on the floor right now and and jim approach to me and and jim really honestly approached me. He told me later he said you know. I'm the headliner right now. And if i go back to being a solo act on gonna step back and have the be a feature or an opener for a while. And i don't wanna do that but if i team up with a blind guy that may the team pretty unique and We can step right into headline so at that time i was just an opening up and you know every now and then i featured so i forget but so we really. Yeah you guys were goods but there was some marketing thought behind it Jim jim was trying to maintain his success path as a comedy duo in needed. Fill kenza veras position because you guys had already worked together. He was pretty aware of you and who you were. Because let's be honest for the podcast audience if you hadn't thought about it when you're comedy team that's actually more stressful than a marriage because you're not only sharing so much of your lives and and being blind just makes it exponentially harder but still It's it goes beyond the relationship because it's also business relationship and comedy teams. Don't historically last that long. Obviously there's a few that have done really well. You know a laurel and hardy and in some of the classics but in the modern comedy age there has not been a lot of comedy duos that lasted very long because of the difficulties and u. n. Jimmy made it last. I didn't realize it went till two thousand thirteen. That's a long

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"jim  obrien" Discussed on WLS-AM 890

WLS-AM 890

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"jim obrien" Discussed on WLS-AM 890

"Well Jeff weaver who is the senior adviser to the Sanders campaign says you've got candid you got super pacs all piling on to stop Bernie they know he has momentum in the race there's only one candidate was not taking on genders that of course is Elizabeth Warren who's an actual human being she is reluctant to go after him specifically because she wants to be his meeting meanwhile the big ten projects a new pro democratic organization trying to derail Sanders put out a brochure that they sent two hundred thousand black voters in South Carolina saying socialist Bernie Sanders is promising a lot of free stuff nominating burning is a real like trump we can't afford Bernie Sanders okay now what we are seeing is some immediate beginning to pick up on the fact that Bernie is an old insane in that case so one of the Bloomberg advisors to Brian he's finally pointing out to media I you know very kind of her way like he's actually like a a a pervert here's Jim obrien blowing the cover off the factory is a weird old weird old weird al Bernie has all of this loopy stuff as background saying things like you know what women get cancer from having too many orgasms are toddler should run around naked and touch each other's genitals to eight themselves from porn why is this stuff not been more surface he's written about women's rape fantasies that hasn't been serviced that's the loony side of Bernie okay that is a hundred percent true it does interest what back in the nineteen seventies Bernie a frustrated loser went and wrote for this bizarre publication called Vermont Freeman and how he occupied his time and he wrote a bunch of weird crazy creepy crap because he's a weird crazy creepy human being really weird like watching tapper be astonished to learn the Bernese weirdo there was this essay he wrote when he was thirty years old in nineteen seventy one is an old essay but he writes a man goes home and and **** is typical fantasy a woman underneath a woman tied up a woman abuse the woman enjoys intercourse with her man as he fantasizes about being raped by three men simultaneously it goes on to talk about general it is very strange and obviously there is a lot to object to an S. yeah so let's just get this straight Michael Bloomberg was alleged that says I'm in the nineteen nineties to women that is covered by an NDA Bernie wrote all these weird crap numbers like just now figuring this out it's been around for four nineteen seventies since the nineties and before I was born ten years before I was born Emeril piece by Bernard extenders is it November fourteenth to seventeenth issue nineteen sixty nine Hey the revolution is life versus death this is from Bernard extenders back in his youthful days by the way Bernie Sanders at this point but he was born Moneywise in nineteen forty one he wouldn't twenty eight years old at this point this is not a child is twenty eight years old the train pulls out of the fourteenth street in Manhattan at eight thirty in the morning sleazy people miserable people hold on to the overhead straps and each other this is a man filled up since way back in Brooklyn it's another massive hot days demand be heading uptown for the nine to five more on work monotonous work coffee breaks office gossip and five o'clock comes on the same train the same out of faceless people turns around and heads the other way the train stop somewhere in Brooklyn a crowd gets out someone walks a few blocks into a three room apartment family dinner arguments TV and sleep eight thirty the next morning the trains back on fourteenth street the years come and go suicide nervous breakdown cancer sexual deafness heart attack alcoholism sensibility at fifty slow death fast death the burning writing in nineteen sixty nine and some people actually wonder why young people rebel why there is a revolution taking place lies lies lies invasion napalm torture bombings annihilation of whole villages body counts and more lives in defense of liberty against communist aggression to protect American interests empty phrases dead words spoken by dead people lives democracies United States Congress composed of millionaires in state legislatures controlled by lobbyists does one American in a thousand representing his state legislature freedom is an arm broken by mayor Daley's cops well nobody's choice for president this is the TV set as he is nominated in Chicago somewhere in California in Vermont in New Mexico and Colorado and every place new things are happening says Bernie a revolution is taking place against strangulation life is fighting death and life will win life is young at any age alive open on fearing life can take off his clothes and be naked with his friends he or she has nothing to hide there's nothing prettier than the I'm close to my body okay and here's where to get all weird get you a visit is a before this just like typical college tried except for the twenty eight year old man who should be holding down a job but is a loser because that'll bring wise I mean I mean I literally did not hold a nine to five job until he was thirty nine years old an elected mayor of Burlington with a plurality of ten votes literally ten people vote the other way nobody ever heard Bernie Sanders is out here is the rest of this insane these nineteen sixty nine then this morning I have been out here for years and no one can in Miami the American Legion sponsored a rally for decency even Jackie Gleason attends Ron Morrison of the doors Ron Morrison of the doors is arrested for giving a good performance is immoral the president of the American Legion calls more bombing of Vietnam bomb them into the stone age general says after coming out of church that is the morality that civilization is made up the general is moral Morrison is immoral because they've been good little children and because the judge this year's liberal that is going to allow everyone who's ever eighteen Z. I am curious yellow yes you can even see naked people even sexual intercourse right in your local movie theater is very standard reading and three hundred thousand people over eighteen lined up like good little girls and boys inside yes sign age ninety that's how other people do it in Vermont and state beach a mother is recommended by authority for allowing her six month old daughter to go about without her diapers on now if children go around naked their lives each other's sexual organs maybe even touch them terrible thing if we bring children up like this will probably ruin the whole **** business not to mention a large segment of the general economy which makes its money by playing on people's sexual frustrations okay so that is Bernie openly stumping for advocating for small children touch each other's genitals that that is a weird communist he's a weird creepy communist the revolution is coming it is very beautiful revolution is beautiful because it is two percent is quite gentle and all pervasive it knows what is most important this revolution will require no guns no commandants no screening leaders I know vicious publications accusing everyone else being counter revolutionary the revolutionary the revolution comes when two strangers smile at each other when a father refuses to send his child to school because schools destroyed children when a communist started and people begin to trust each other when a young man refuses to go to war and one girl pushes aside all that her mother has taught her and accepts her boyfriend's love so now he's basically just desperate to get laid basically the revolution comes in young people throughout the world take control of their own lives and the people everywhere begin to look each other in the eye and say hello without fear this is the revolution this is the strength and what is behind us no politician or general ever stop us we shall win Bernie Sanders nineteen sixty nine okay that is one of these weird creepy pieces and that's only now coming to light of course you ready for another way to get this ready for you whenever you're ready for this one from nineteen seventy two I'll get to that in just one second first let's talk about remembering things would remember namely your life now the weird crap that Bernie Sanders ever up but your life so what is the box this helps you take a number is almost up and down the garage on the old film reels and VHS tapes they're just monitoring out there you take them back to seven two legacy box legacy box digitize all that send it back to you really easy process really simple and fantastically important because if you lose those memories you've lost a lot also right now you're not accessing them also if you have something going on your garage and bugs mold something like that it's running all those memories wanna preserve them right now legacy box as a way for you to easily and affordably digitally preserve your past that process would start to finish is easy just pack it up and send it over there to digitize everything by hand.

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The Glamorous Lakers' Unlikely Leader

ESPN Daily

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The Glamorous Lakers' Unlikely Leader

"So Kevin. In spite of being blown out the other day in Boston the Lakers are still the number one seed in the West and everything is sunshine and rapes around the staple center but a year ago. It felt like there was a storm cloud hanging over the franchise. I had magic Johnson. President Basketball Operations nations stepping down team fired their head coach. Luke Walton and then they chose Frank Vogel as his replacement awesome and there was a perception around here in Los Angeles that it was a pretty uninspired choice right in some ways frank. Vogel is the Ultimate Safety School. So for the Los Angeles Lakers Kevin Arnovitz is an NBA insider for ESPN. They went after Monty Williams former player who has immense amount of respect but at the end of the day he got a much more appealing offer from the Phoenix Suns. Tai Lue was a top choice. Lebron's former coach NBA Championship. Cleveland Cavaliers in two thousand sixteen. And what are the Lakers. Do they offer him a contract that I think it's fair to say was. Maybe not befitting a championship coach. There's sort of a standard now for for what a NBA coach gets in terms of the years in terms of money and this particular contract offer fell far short of that to the point where I think the public certainly the perception within the League was here of the Lakers doing it again. They think they're the Lakers. They have this golden or around them they can just offer championship. Coach is his deals. That don't reflect that pedigree so they don't get money Williams tyler walks not for another job. He just walks and they get Vogel. I used to do a lot of L. A.. Sports Radio and I remember this announcement very vividly. Los Angeles Lakers fans. They were not happy. Happy Kevin in fact they were furious. Vogel I think at the outset was seen as an odd choice for a number of reasons. One one is. The Lakers are the Lakers. And they have traditionally gone after coaches. That are either real brand names or have this royal. LAKER occur bloodline they are part of the Laker family. So here comes Vogel who is coming off. Two year stint in Orlando where he lost twice as many games as he won one could say no fault of his own. It was it was a young mismatch roster of players. But he doesn't have a brand name he looks like an accountant announced he's never played in the NBA before so he doesn't bring with him. The story playing career so for a fan base and a franchise. That's always been very brand obsessed. Why are you getting this off? Brand coach was very much. I think the perception an off Branko. Now I'm imagining frank. Vogel at the Grocery store he's like the generic. I Love Kirkland. I I think that sets up this story very well because you great value. Oh you use the Kirkland of coaches and of course. The Lakers are widely perceived as his ex hyper glamorous NBA franchise in particular with Lebron James. They're going into an off season in which they're going to be trying to get free agents. This is before the trade for Anthony Davis and here comes maybe the least glamorous coach forget fans for a second just people inside the game fifteen choices of who is going to be. The next Lakers head coach. I don't I don't know that Frank Vogel would have been on one ballot. I'm not saying Bogle can't coach Lebron's right that's different. So how did he get start. Frank Vogel got his start by by being a pest he was division three point guard for a genie out of college and he became obsessed with Kentucky basketball when he was at home on winter. Break when you're watching that famous Duke Kentucky lightning later catches He decides I want to be part a big time college basketball. He's going to leave his division three school. He writes letters to the staff at Kentucky including Rick Pitino and they basically send back a form letter. Thank you for your interest. This is in the mid nineties so he decides. I'm just going to drop out of my college enroll at Kentucky. I'm GONNA drive there. Basically without an invitation nation. And I'm just going to hang around the facility. Whatever anything I can do to get inside volunteer? Whatever they need and little by little sure enough he hangs around enough due to the point? Where Jim O'Brien who was assistant to Rick Pitino said Okay Okay? We'll we have the video room. which at the time video rooms have become like the very sexy place to get your start as a coach? Now Erik Spoelstra Mike Putin Holzer Dave Fidel but back then it was still kind of a newish thing and so he just camped out in the video room and essentially became one of the best young video coordinators in all of basketball and to the point when when Pitino went to the Celtics they ultimately brought. Frank Vogel Oh go along with them. And then when O'Brien took over he promoted him again and so little by little. He's sort of the He's the kind of the little engine that could of basketball. So he dollars. O'Brien to Indianapolis. And that's where he gets his first shot as head coach. How does that go right? He gets to the Fr- what we call. The Front of the bench comes a top assistant in an Indiana Under Jim O'Brien O'Brien gets fired and Vogel's the next Guy Up Larry Bird actually ask Joe. Brian looked this. Guy's really loyal to you. Do you think you take the job. and Jim O'Brien profane. Lee said absolutely

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Sears and Kmart closing another 40 stores

Steve Dahl

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Sears and Kmart closing another 40 stores

"AM. Eight ninety new Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is out of the hospital supreme court says the five year old Justice was released from the hospital this morning. She had been admitted to George Washington University hospital Thursday morning after she suffered three rib fractures after a fall in her office Wednesday now that she's been discharged from the hospital spokeswoman Kathy Arberg says Ginsburg is doing well and working from home. That's correspondent Linda Kenyon reporting on this week's drive Chicago a discussion on what impact the midterm elections could have on auto industry regulations, safety and incentives. Dr Chicago, Mark Billick tells us what he thought about driving the Genesis GED sports now they've put polish on it and made it a serious competitor for those that are looking for a luxury sedan with a dashes sport. But don't want to break the Bank. Jim O'Brien traveled to Las Vegas and reports back to us on what he saw this year Sima shells in a nutshell is kind of a roulette of car shows one minute, you're looking at drifting vehicles, the next you've got custom real life. How does there's the new ranger in the new plays around display then in the next one. You've got some vintage landcruisers our old datsuns that are just in Pristina original condition. So there's everything Chicago ears every Saturday at eight AM, and here's a little ditty about John and Meg singer, John Mellencamp and actress Meg Ryan or getting married. They've been dating on and off since twenty ten. No wedding date has been announced Ryan was previously married to actor Dennis Quaid while Mellencamp has been married. Three times. Wwl news time four oh three. A look at the roads. Edens out lake

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NewMediaSummit and the Word of the Day is

The Nice Guys on Business Podcast

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NewMediaSummit and the Word of the Day is

"This is Steve O'Brien and seriously. You've got better things to do than listen to the nice guys on business, like rearranging your sock drawer, watching paint dry, taking up Maccarone. But if you must listen, be prepared to hear some colorful metaphors. Parental discretion is advised. Coming up on the frigate frac show better known is a nice guys on biz my first time on this show. So, and I've heard about all the fucker e that ends up in a lot of your shows. How much is on this show? How much is it fitting on this? This has been spiritual awakening version of the nice guys on business. And just as a reminder, the word of the day is you see, Danny, there's a force in the universe that makes things happen. And all you have to do is get in touch with it. Stop thinking, let things happen and be the ball or be the nice guys on business. Either one is good. Well, looks like they pick their on wync to stop sniffing glue. They picked the wrong week to drink and they picked the wrong week to could end phetamine looks like they picked the wrong week to stop being assholes. Well, looks like picked the wrong day to give up the nice guys on business podcast that in sniffing glue that that there's a difference need an education on how to grow your business. The nice guys are here to help. Learn about great customer service networking and how just being nice can help you prosper. Now here all your host, Doug Sandler and Strickland Bonner. Hey, everybody, welcome back. Welcome back fans. My name's Strickland monitor on the other side of the microphone. This your duct Sandler. We have a cavalcade of beautiful women here in the room with us and Michael. Michael. So we're here the new media summit, and let's see, this is the Thursday episode. We're actually recording this Wednesday night. Wow, this is I don't know if we have quite ever come this close to the deadline. No, no. We usually do not record Thursday's show on Wednesday night, but we've just been procrastinating crossing, and here we are. Now we're going to have a lot of fun because we just had a great dinner with this great crew of people, and I couldn't even pronounce the name of the place that we went pop is Bob Papa die dough. Uh-huh. Do hop in fresh. So, yeah, Papa Domino's. Okay. All right. All right. All right. So why don't we pass them ice round in everybody introduce themselves. Okay, so here's what we'll do since we have many podcasters and potential podcasts or wannabes, why don't we say who you are? Say, what your show is maybe just give like a twelve second commercial on why we should tune into your show. If you're not listening, of course to the nice guys on business, Michael, you don't know which shows you have. All right. Well, we'll start with a beautiful woman to my left. Surprise surprise, funk in fans. It's JJ Haines, Shelby. So you already know me. So I'm going to pass the mic. Which which one, which one he seven shows Kanai would like you all besides coming on the nice guys, funk and fan cruise in December. I would never come on the next cash. Oh, I would like you to listen to women men and relationship. So you can hear Doug. I on the second episode on Thursdays every week. That's what I want. So women men, relationships. Amazing what's up everyone. It's I am ruby host of the love punch podcast, and just listen. If you give a fuck, you will listen. And if you'd like to say, fuck, you'll listen awesome passing it on. Oh, I would like to say that the love punch podcast is the only pockets that I have heard that may of more cursing than the nice guys on business, and we appreciate that. And ruby, the host of the show actually has more tattoos than you and I put together who very true that is the truth. I can attest. In fuck tune into love fund. Hi, I'm Amy Schumer and I host inspired conversations with Amy Szuber. I don't say fuck a lot, but we do once in a while. You do. Maybe you might end by now that's an important place not to pause right there because that's what it sounded like to me. We don't talk a lot, but we do. Again, having to pass the mic. Very inspired conversations on those days. Trust me. This is surely Baldwin. The wannabe podcast her because I don't have a podcast yet. That's why I'm here learning about it. And. We think it's going to be called leadership curves or clean sheets. I don't know if you can do clean sheets because I think that that Matthew is going to take clean. He made it up for me, oh, and I found like she's not having sex. We're not going to be. She's not having sex. Oh, no, I am for sure. But not right now though. Right?

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