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"jim novy randy" Discussed on Ask the Podcast Coach

"The volume of the music has its own level and I can make it way, too. Too loud to where you can't hear me anymore like day. What does he say so? And that's kind of how you do it. You just move it up and if it's too loud, you I know when I first started it. It took a while for me to figure out. How many decibels should I cut it so that it's you know loud enough to where you can hear the music, but not so loud that goes over it and if you export your file. And you're like. Wow, that musicals way too loud will then go in. Turn the volume down a little bit. Listen to it in your headphones. And then expert again, Jim Novy Randy problems with this Oh yeah, music's hard. It's a hard thing I. Hire Chris in it. Just get done, have him? How to end this because I think it's not, it doesn't. It's not intuitive whenever especially when you're blending voices and music I think there's different frequencies that come into come into play. If you're music is heavy in the voice frequency, it will caddo actually cancel each other out, so you gotta I? It's this I. Want on Christmas show a couple of weeks ago and we were doing this this game where we are at this. They're playing frequency things, and this is a higher and lower and I. And I got I know nothing I know nothing about frequencies and audio and audio, editing and Chris. Just like Oh, yeah, it's this and that and this and that so I would say if you're struggling. That may be a good time to buy a coach for a couple sessions to teach. You may speed up the learning curve on on getting. Some things figured out because I think there are ways of making it simpler. We just don't know what they are more simple southern that the the we don't know what they are so I'd get a coach. Yeah, that one John Says I learned from doing rain early episodes. Everybody does everybody does for sure hacked curses. Helpful my. Off phonic is is really crunching my music down on on home, Gadget Geeks, and so he was you just give me some pointers and some things I can troubleshoot. That was helpful. For do that and I see you. Have your screen shared? We well, so we talked about this in the beginning of the show in the last few minutes. Talk Business Cards. Do we still need business cards and twenty twenty right so last night so I have a listener Iran..

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