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"jim nile" Discussed on Sports Media with Richard Deitsch

Sports Media with Richard Deitsch

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"jim nile" Discussed on Sports Media with Richard Deitsch

"Everybody. This is Richard. I'm welcome. The sports media podcast producers always Pellegrino two segments this week. But I think you really gonna find that interesting. I up this James Andrew Miller, the best selling author of books on ESPN, Saturday Night, Live and CA and someone who is chronicled ESPN for more than a decade. Now, we go pretty deep on the firing bad NAN Virk and as you'll see from from Jim. Miller's passion and fire on this podcast to say he to say that he believes this is a over punishment would be quite the understatement. So we get into that. And I think you're gonna find that really really really interesting after that is Chad fan of the Boston Globe and AJ Peres of USA today. Both of those guys cover media, and we talk about the Super Bowl viewership ninety eight point two million linear television, super super low, and we get into the reasons as to why we think that happened and all. Both of those guys also give their opinion on what went down with Adnan Virk, so Jamila for about forty minutes or so and followed by Chad Finn and AJ Peres coming up on the sports media podcast. My guess this week is a familiar one. It is bestselling author and writer James, Andrew Miller. He is the author of many books that people are familiar with on this podcast, while the oral history of Senate live CAA ESPN, of course, and he is the host of the Argentines podcast. And there is a new Arjun podcast next month. Check that out on cadence thirteen apple podcast, etc. Jamila welcome back to the podcast. Thanks for having me. All right. So we're going to be we're going to do this entire entire podcast on Adnan Virk and ESPN's decision. Earlier this week, or I guess I should say yes PS decision last week is we're taping this to fire. Adnan Virk for what they termed as as leaking as providing proprietary information to a reporter credit, Andrew Martian of the New York Post for breaking the story of the firing. And then getting the details of what happened check that story out a think fair to say, I'm Jim Nile sort of expand on it. But the the main facts in in Andrew story are certainly correct. But but of gives an brings up a lot of a lot of an interesting places to go to especially for a place that has made its bones and made its money and made its fame on sources providing information to them, and that is ESPN. Our Jim I want to start at the beginning. And that is let's just sort of go generalize. What was your reaction to and and Virk being fired? And and how do you look at that situation while it made me carsick, and I think you know, the truth is that. We all know that. There are every day. There are a lot of conversations that happened between employees of ESPN executives producers talent, otherwise on background with creatures like us. We also know that this is a guy who would work there for nine years. He bled ESPN. He's got four young boys. He's got a moral compass, despite the fact that some people now are saying, otherwise, and here's the other thing too. Which is how the fuck did that get leat? So we're talking about a situation where somebody is fired fired not suspended fired for being on background, which basically is confirming something, and we'll get into that later, and then somebody from inside ESPN leaks to the press. And so it's not even like this guy..

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