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eps.049 - LIVE - IS BITCOIN DEAD!?

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eps.049 - LIVE - IS BITCOIN DEAD!?

"What's up cream Radio Ismat Joe Blackburn? Joined with me is are the managers. Can't Paulie what's going on Jim. Oh my goodness what a week. The game boys pack it up. Qurna go home bitcoins done see Aleida a `love' `love' Jim. Great great great use of that awesome system. You've got back over there well what's up. WBZ Say thanks Jim for that. Awesome intro in that that welcome. Obviously obviously bitcoins. Could've been a little bit steadier. Seventy one hundred seventy one fifty. I feel like if we stay at this price for pretty bullish actually moving up at some point. Of course it's opinion. I'm always bullish Polish. Shut up jam. I don't WanNa hear all that Jim shaking his head for those less. Now I've been reading. I've been reading the facebook posts. I've been reading a a game over dude back it up. bitcoins done bitcoins bitcoins. Dead and buried my dude. I did hear some things but we'll get into that here shortly as people may notice here for the Thanksgiving. I'm at my folks house. I'm borrowing my dad's office. I'm sitting here trying to make Internet connection work down here in the state of Alabama Obama and Jim. I know you're back home in your typical Jimmy Fallon Studio so As this holiday we can get caught up you know and we get there on Thursday and happy could drive the be respectful. Losing me. Now I get you back your back. Yeah be respectful and have a safe holiday. I mean this is a holiday for the the. US folks we're talking worldwide. But I mean in the stop and take a second to just think about what. They're thankful for the United States and for me. That's how foolish I am on Bitcoin and Jim's got all these really crazy ideas because old new Jim. Oh there's been scouring Internet finding everything he can about. bitcoin is going down to two thousand hours. So tell me what you've learned. Yeah Oh yeah you know what I did see. Some people. Saint Two thousand a lot of people were saying thirty five hundred and then it'll bounce awesome. Then it'll die like it's GonNa Bounce just die again But yeah you know what two thousand and I feel like that could be too because the price is going down pack it up. BITCOINS joins over game over man. It was fun while lasted. Or you know Y- Gem I the thing is I understand and I appreciate the way. I don't think Jim actually feels feels that way. People were gonNA pretend like he does tonight. I don't think that's actually the case. But I love his ability to be the devil's advocate here. And we're GONNA have a slight discussion about this. You know your your thanksgiving. You seem bitcoin go down. Guess what twenty seventeen. We had an awesome Thanksgiving everybody but that twenty seventeen. The price was just about where it is today. Jim and that's what's funny. Is what a difference that feeling is because we were coming from the bottom of what we consider a low but it was really a high at that point which was at twelve fourteen. Fifteen twenty five hundred three thousand five thousand or runs next thing. You know November twenty seventeen Jim. Guess what. We're at six thousand bucks. Well guess what two years later. We're at six seven thousand bucks. Guess what last year I I think what we were around six or seven thousand bucks. You know I mean it's it's been pretty consistent how this the November's have been around this price regardless list of which sit at what sediment you feel. It's been steady at this price. Isn't that interesting. Yeah Yeah I mean I have heard the other side of it is people say it's just the holiday holiday sale. It's just bitcoin. Though the Black Friday came early for bitcoin still just slashing prices. So you can get in on it now. Is there like you mentioned you know Thanksgiving you know we're we're. We're on the cusp here. Now for the people that do go home for Thanksgiving and you you try to talk to your family about crypto. Now if they get a little wind of this you have to try to explain yourself now with this. I guess the Fund is the right word shirt regularly yet. No I think it's a great question especially because you know. We have bitcoin for Christmas right. So mouse felt myself. Jim Josh Donaldson View. Others Ashley Meredith. Obviously in all the great work with mouse vogue is the developers. You know we really All pitched in our thoughts ideas we put together all these things to be able to have this conversation with folks and although it says Bitcoin for Christmas I mean it's irrelevant with the holiday is or whether it's a holiday or not. It's just a place to go and be able to have resources that allow you to not only see. Hey this is a way to to be able to Explain certain information but the guide allow others to figure it out for themselves. which I think's really special? It's important that we recognize that. This is hard to understand. It's a concept that people we are ready probably have a generic idea about and if they had thought really highly of it already began. So everybody you're talking to hasn't bought end right folks so that that population that people that have not bought in they they need to be spoken to and you don't have to fight with them to get your point across right if you start arguing you're going to be like oh big ones right and there'd be like bitcoins wrong just because people just argue they all have this idea that we're all on the Internet still and at and a little bit of money instead of flavor you're GonNa get a recipe for disaster so handling yourself properly really important Jim to to your point here. I think it's very important time for people to get caught up refresh on the basics of bitcoin. Why does it matter? How does it work? What is the expectations? And what was Sushi's original intentions. What we're his? What was the reasons why he was doing this? And if you think back people if you go back to two thousand eight in there in the financial crisis does it surprise you. That two thousand nine you know the to- she's worked began and then by two thousand ten January two thousand ten. You know we were really up and going going in two thousand nine. We're up going January. And then she did. We made our our first one year anniversary of a a working product. That's why we are here today right so think about that not. Bitcoin was literally born from that moment in time that financial crisis whoever they are that person he or she or non binary as as Actually likes to remind me It it's irrelevant. Who Said Oh she is I just know this? They saw that there was a problem. They fix it they say. Here's a solution rather than complained rather than vote for this person that person who has done nothing they just fixed it and we're used but yeah but that's kind of my thing though. Is that the monkey wrench into the idea of Bitcoin for Christmas. Because does it make it a tougher sell right now because even people in the community acts acts like it's dead and I understand that just because the highs and lows of you know watching the charts and all that but it's almost harder to talk about now when you have it's like you have more of a barrier to go up against the try to explain someone not in the space because if you tell them about bitcoin and then they google it and they see we all these articles that are about how bitcoin going down the you know how do you do. You have tips to overcome that or just kind of focused more on the other positives positives behind something like rather than the pricing yet. Though I mean obviously as we all know don't want to get shot Josh Danielson good to see you man. Tim Pace AC- the Andrews on there. I was just arguing. We I think we were kind of arguing about Tesla but we really we weren't. We're kind of saying the same thing so good to see you as always ap but look the barriers the expectations of a conversation. How to to to get in how to how the new words it comes down to this gym Jim and this is my honest opinion? Is that you can't force this concept on people now for Bitcoin for Christmas. If we're smart what we're doing is buying five or ten dollars for our friends and family and giving that away. Bitcoin for Christmas is my in my opinion. It stands for me giving you Jim or getting my brothers or somebody. Bitcoin and there is no better way of getting through somebody then saying here. Here's some bitcoin for free. Even if it's just five bucks right yes everybody not not not. Everybody's able to incapable of doing that. I get it. I'm not in your to pass judgment or say say one thing or the next I can at least portray this image though in that as a magic. Everybody in crypto giving a little bit of Bitcoin and how how many people are going to have them start paying attention to what bitcoins doing and if they start seeing maybe it's going up maybe it's going down. Maybe they're starting to to put into perspective. How this thing works? Maybe they're trying to send it to their new bitcoin wallet because they wanted to add some more. Maybe they're now able to explain to somebody. Hey I got bitcoin and it becomes popular. Hey look someone gave it. I've got it actually. I think it's up a little bit. Like five like fifty cents. They only give me two dollars. But you know that's that's the beauty of this whole thing is that it's it's it's always been you know peer to peer even marketing right. There's nobody marketing Bitcoin Actually I take that back If you haven't heard or seen it yet folks you're going to see a very soon. And that is the white furred Verte. Football Club from the Premier League is Bitcoin on their sleeve. You know and I mean. Think about that. If you're in the premier league every time someone from that team scores and they raised their hand and excitement. You're going to see big went on that shoulder. A Little Birdie told me you can get more information about that on Friday show by the way. Oh Nice be on the look out. So yes and of course. I just interviewed them as Jim. The the One of the producers and editors the entire show. WHO's listening to every single word probably more than me You know he's he so kindly let us know that. That's the Friday show so be excited about that folks. 'cause it's GONNA be exciting. Hey Do you think that's a decent understand like that's the way I portray it to answer your question like what do you think Jim. Is that good enough in your opinion. Yeah I think so and I guess it's just the tough thing like putting it in those terms though is if you give like I'm just thinking more from the I guess quote normally perspective affective because I i. I'm not quite enormous. I'm still a little new to the space but I'm not enormous me. I'm thinking some that only knows of bitcoin because they see the headlines and they vaguely no. It's a thing the tough sell. I feel like especially right now with with the price. The price is always going to be volatile. But like with more on a downtrend. Downtrend is if you give someone for Christmas like Hey. Here's fifty bucks in Bitcoin. And then they look at it the next day and it's like thirty Bucks Bitcoin to them they're like This is weird weird and does that like immediately turn them off or you just have to really just keep pitching the other side of it and rather than the pricing well. Well there's two sides of this number one. You should know their address if you sit the Bitcoin so you can keep adding to it. Like a dog barks right like I mean. They'll never see a fall right like if he really needed to address that but yes to your point. It's a very serious one and I agree like if they just see constantly falling. which is what happened to a lot of people including myself? I gave it to my father in law take. My brother-in-law gave it to you. My friends family and they saw it go down and they mentioned that to me several times. And it's not unwarranted. Right it you know I put Michael Sausage a post op or is comment. I think it's really relevant. He said would be safe to say that. People's general perception is that it's not a future of currency but rather a specula- speculative asset and I say that's absolutely what it is right now. I mean that's the perception isn't perception's reality if you're looking to grow something and so whether you're a celebrity TV host and you're trying to get the next big GIG or your musician and everybody thinks you've music sucks when I was gonNA play or no one's GonNa hire you know who's GonNa Bring you about. No one's GonNa buy or use you. If they think you're speculative assets keeps going down so great point Mike on whether she wrote that But you know I look at this like I have never had a problem at least explaining the basics and what bitcoin able to do gyp right and we've conversation numerous accounts like you came in here a little bit. I don't WanNA say risk is you're pretty level headed dude but you know you came into a new space as someone who I you know we. We talked about you coming on the show because I know how entertaining engaging in what's we unleash you to this crowds this group. You're going to be a a national treasure. Is your to bitcoin space right. You're just really exciting. Jimmy Fallon style. I appreciate so much you know. Now you hyper me up over here thank you. I also compared you Jimmy Fallon which I hate so you breed 'em all yourself. He's literally right there fair enough. We talked about this every time about the finish statement up. It's this it's that. Is bitcoin spectacle of it is. It's absolutely speculative speculative even if you don't want it to be speculative too bad. Had your speculating. That is going to go up. At some point you know and you know so because it is what it is and because it's it's that in that area once it becomes was non speculative it becomes a very stable asset. And you know let's be real people the fact that is volatile even when it's negatively volatile and when it's going down it's still leaves these hope that it's GonNa be volatile back up right. So that's we gotta take the good with bad because it can go down also allows it to go up. Yeah yeah like Tim Pace Ace in the chat whether they look at it and at seventy five. That's a great point because that gets people even more excited and I'm glad you brought up giving it to your family members in the path and I mean I'm sure you're known amongst your family as the Crypto Guy. Because you are the Crypto Guy Your your your Maine Man Joe Blackburn. The cryptovest belongs all of us but especially especially blogs Joe Blackburn. But do you have those people you know people. There are a lot of people that talk about how they dread the political discussion or something coming when I get home but When they go home for the holidays do you have someone in your family? That's ready to like pounce on you every Thanksgiving or Christmas to be like ha ha. What's up with your bitcoin? Coin now bud or someone who has been like on you about it and how. It's like not a thing and all that shit see it's really interesting thing like I'm I am the person who does that to everybody else right. And I'm so versed in arguments in so composed in being able to articulate. I thought that nobody messes with me right. If they're going to talk about it they're going to do it behind my back which is fine. Because I'll find him anyways and I'll hear about it but I don't I really don't I don't have the fighters now. I do have friends that I'll see during like Thanksgiving break that they're like. Oh bitcoin didn't they fall from my twenty thousand and they just make jokes. But it's I don't really deal with that the hateful a lot of others do have to and so. I'm more concerned about that political discussion before. I am a bitcoin discussion but I also have a lot of people who support me and they also have seen what bitcoin because I wasn't talking about them about Bitcoin with them at twenty thousand. I was talking to bitcoin talking to them about bitcoin. When it was five six seven hundred right so get a little bit of credibility with between there between those those this price about mark's? Yeah Yeah and I guess the tie it all in it comes down until like you know. Never mind just the normies because again. I'm I'm basing it from a newer perspective and I see a lot. The people in the community get pretty down because the pricing which I understand you know people. It's an investment people have money and it's it's like a lot to ride on sometimes but it he feels like people get super negative or just Kinda shut down a bit and then I feel like so what are what are your tips to keep the fire alive so to speak in some of these not as exciting times so you know we have to change changed the discussion and Jim. That was a really good point. You just made to like the conversation has to be able to continue right. There has to be that moment where you as an individual you'll figure out these are. These are the points that really matter about bitcoin. And that's an ideological and political comment con. It's a political conversation and and I mean it's not a political in a way that Americans politics. It's just a complete change in the way that you want to be governed and how you're explaining that to somebody else. Why that's that's important to you so mixing that you know without being confrontational and shutting somebody off? It's very very delicate. And the moment you start talking about if you're talking about price you kinda remove all the politics right. If you're talking about ideology it come. It becomes a political comment. It becomes a political conversation ideological conversation and audio ideology and politics often. You know that's kind of the same thing right. You know. We find out real quickly where people stand when you start giving perspective on why you believe in something or why you want this candidate or something right and it is no different than when bitcoins doing. Because when you start talking about your your privacy people can relate to that people can understand. Oh shoot yeah part privacy. Oh look at what facebook did and they had to go to Congress and explain themselves look at Cambridge Analytica. Look at all these other things things that have huge effects on our life right now. How do we change that? How do we take hold of that in cryptocurrency blockchain bitcoin allow that concept of starts seeping in right and so to me? It's supporting a certain style of interacting with people that I don't want to interact with right. They're going to try to interact with me one way or the next whether it be a marketer whether it be a a hacker whether it be somebody how do I protect myself in the most ways possible and this is a very basic way explaining. I know ashes watching. She could probably say thousand things to me right now but how I'm saying it wrong but I like like to keep this really simple. When you're opening up the conversation it has to be number one interesting and number two if you're gonNA fight with them they're not gonNA walk away with a pleasant attitude? Yeah I mean I have. Jim was the last argument with something about something with somebody that you already kind of disagreed with or did really find as a relevant or even maybe even then a credible point and be like. Oh well we just had this huge argument argument not now. I completely understand rare. especially if you're getting into Internet argument demand like it's even it's going to be even worse absolutely so you know it's funny because we briefly talked about ripple just right before we went live but I'll bring ripple up if I if I talk about P with somebody who does not know anything about bitcoin or Crypto. They're always like Oh yeah but but extra ripple and that's something I'll well listen. This is something I'll listen to and it's so funny to me. I mean not. Because they they they don't understand the reasons why I may have certain prejudices against it or whatnot but you know they. Hey look at it. Even though it's had a very similar path than going up and then coming back down as Bitcoin heck the bitcoin is gone down less than go has from. Its all time high which was three dollars and you know like sixty cents or something and now. Today's like twenty five twenty eight twenty nine cents something along those lines and you know I bring rip or they bring up rebel to me and it's a very different conversation because they feel so much more safe about potentially what ripple might do for the whole world and it's simply because of the affiliation with what banks are doing right. It makes them feel safe. It's familiar familiar. It's those same things that that crypto struggles with because the US isn't great ripple is familiar. It's something that they could feel like they can relate to or it makes it a little bit of sense and it because it has a practical application from the minimum that they know about it minimal amount that they know about it but even though that has such a negative in horrible you know Price price differentiation from. It's all time high the price of this today it they don't they don't take into effect that the same things that they do for Bitcoin like they forgive ripple certain things which Chom fine with forgive him get him in let them learn about the space the ripple. That's fine by me because a lot of them will then take except like. Oh Wow I see what the space is doing. So I don't have a problem here. Expertise even lower than I thought. Twenty two cents right. That's what Tim says anyways but Sorry for the long Turner. That's completely fine and pardon my ignorance a and obviously you don't have to get to do it but what is it about ripple that defended more or that is more familiar. Is it just what what is is it. Just well let's let's back up a little bit ago ripple and Ex Arpey are technically not the same thing. Okay okay there's a difference the the the the ripple network ripple blockchain okay is is is different than what the X.. RPI token is right now. I will admit sometimes oftentimes when I'm transferring. A certain amount of of of anything of of any CRYPTO is consolidated in the ripple. And then I send it because is fast and I love being able to explain to people how fast ripple as I have no problem problem with the the use case ripple It it exists. There's there's something and it to me the only use case I found a ripple is literally you know. Sitting my tokens for point eight. The point be and then disseminating back into other other coins or wherever or caching something out of I need to but you know ripple I do I don't want to hate all on ripple and say everything. The thing about them is bad. But what makes people feel familiar and what they okay themselves with is that it has affiliation with banks that is built around around transfers for banks from bank to bank transactions at a large scale right and to me. That's a really strong and great great conversation opener and I hate to encourage ripple in any way but if that's the way that you have to have a conversation with somebody to at least have them take you seriously I think that's okay right now. I mean I go on and on about things I don't like about ripple I I definitely have issues as what crypto and blockchain and and Bitcoin are supposed to or what they were intended to be. But that is that's very quickly dissipating like the blockchain is for whatever use case you want to as long as it's legal right and I got no issues whatsoever with with people having a conversation about about report early on right. It's just important that you also mentioned why there's differences and that's that should be its own show. That's probably something I need to bring Ashworth back on so she can explain. She doesn't really well. So yeah you think X.. Surpise going to rise from the BTC ashes or what since BTC's dead. And all I have to have to remember that we're on camera here I would definitely Glenn not here lies. Bitcoin a good run saying years. Ten Years Right Patrick's gotTa kill you in the early beloved. We are gathered here today to lay the rest bitcoin. I want straight crypto currency that drops below seven thousand dollars dollars and everyone says the sky was falling anyways. Yeah that was just like wicca. Further record everybody. Jim was actually playing the organ there so ashes on strike affair enough Exactly ten they only want it because they think it will make them rich. Yeah and that's a good point. Here's the thing. Yeah I mean if you get something twenty a sensor whatever yeah there's a lot of potential upside I suppose I- ripple has a at least one major run in it because ripple does have that quote quote unquote affiliation with the banks at least perception. I don't want to encourage anybody to buy by ripple and hold ripple long-term or anything like I said I use it. I sent from Point A.. Point B. I it's fast. That's what I like about. It ends there right does ripple have really big potential to at least reach. Its all time high. I personally don't think ripple will get much higher than it ever has already but there's a lot of space between here and there and if it just he reaches halfway to what it was which was three dollars and like fifty seventy cents. I don't remember you know that's almost two bucks. A dollar seventy right. And it's twenty two cents right now. Wow that's a lot. So on a investment side you know on a personal level. I look at that. I could see why it might be enticing. But I've been saying that since fifty cents and below right and all it's done is dropped dropped fifty percent in value or more at this case so when is a good time to buy it. I don't know if there's ever a good time to buy it because it's so I mean weird. It's weirder than all the other cryptocurrencies currency's my opinion. Yeah I mean again. I don't know a ton I it's definitely the one I always hear about. And even before I was Ah Looking more into the community in space. I'd seen it but again I I'm not a no way an expert obviously this. I'm not giving an investment advisor but you know on a personal level again. You know if I'm looking at ripple then look at Star lumens accelerate And the women's is something that I I love what they did last month when they burned. You know a third of their supply or even more I thought that was really nice of them to do. It said at least and I was really impressed with how they did that. An adult surprise Tony Body. They were doing it. You know so it was cool. You know I so if you're GONNA look into one of the aucoin like ripple at least go look at stellar but we could move on past that I just think that people should take ripple seriously in conversation because it's very familiar. People be prepared. Explain to them. Don't have to fight with them. Maceo don't buy ripple it sucks. No Man let them have their conversation if that interests them let them have that way of a bridge. It's an entry point into the blockchain space. And you you know if that's what it takes. Let them do it man. You know they'll figure it out or they won't mill. You're also kind of saying like you don't quite understand if someone can like try to shit on Bitcoin. And then and because they're like well you know look at ripple you know what I'm saying because it's like they're going through their own growing pains and drops and rises as well. It's all it's all kind of part of the space in general right. Yes I I'm hesitant to go into too much detail at on a big level but it does it does piss me off that people are so okay with having. This is where the media comes in the media is not against ripple the way that it likes to make make fun of Bitcoin. Right Adam obeys here everybody. I post thing here extra. Here's his comments. I'm unaffiliated affiliated with With any of these comments whatsoever and so within radio the laser Dude Adam obey see. He's saying yep now Adams good dude. He's been part of the community for a long time. Look let me let me give the extra appeal Army props if you literally attack them they they will forever never ever forget you and they will always be there to remind you that you said you hated ripple so you always built a careful so anyone have ripple radio DOT com. Ouch but that's really funny. Someone's going out now. Someone parked on it. You could buy it for thirty thirty three hundred dollars. If you're in the market guys fair fair enough all right Jim so let me let me ask you because I think your perspective and this is not just relevant. I think it is the perspective active. That is probably most necessary to at least Here here from because you're in between like you believe in you. You like this space enough to have interest. And you've sustained some interest. Chris and you're in you're out. You're still here right you know. And and your banking on your time being worth it at some point whether it be actually owning some some bitcoin cryptocurrency or participating bitcoin radio and being producing the show. And and and editing. All these podcasts. You know I mean it's not just a money space for you. There's some things that attracted you. How would you explain blinded like and you don't have to go into details but like do you find this as an embarrassment to you right now like if someone asks you you're like Oh man I hate having explain this or are you still fired up does this? Even you've been concerned you in a little bit no I mean mostly because You know hearing from people like you and other people in the space aced and of course listening to Bitcoin radio and hearing Whether it be I mean obviously we had said on this very show in the past like bitcoin. Bitcoin isn't necessarily the same as blockchain but just knowing a little bit about the technology where things are headed. I understand that kind of chain. Well you know what I mean like. It's not like bitcoin. has its own things in blockchain as its own things as well like seperation of two and also I guess ask from having some throughout the summer and seeing what happens like I like obviously this kind of on the lower and from my personal experience where I've seen it but I'm past the point of like staring at the price all day like like the first like month or so that I got a little bitcoin whereas I was just looking at the pricing and charts and being like. Oh what's this. Oh what's that now. It's like I'm like shit that sucks. It's down but I'm not like concerned -cerned really and I don't know I guess that's a good thing until maybe unless I ride all the way down to zero and then I'm like fuck I shoulda the known shouldn't listen to Joe Blackburn. Well on that you know. It's just like Jim. You got in at a time period. Heard where for the most part people were so pessimistic but they were momentarily happy right now because bitcoin had rose all the way up to almost fourteen thousand dollars. It was amazing. It was great to see that. Come back and if you backtrack all the way back and we bring this up several times at least a month you know if not every episode that we were at thirty to thirty three hundred dollars at one point this year. Yes that's the other piece to just knowing that where it was before Laura. I know it's still kind of coming out ahead of the game and then kind of seeing where it's going to go from there so even if you go back to January of twenty seventeen right and you say command. Bitcoin was at eight hundred bucks and then fast forward January twenty eighteen. We were like you know I don't know Eighteen eight thousand bucks right and then we came all the way back down and January. Twenty nine thousand nine. We were at three thousand something bucks right. There's one big big huge difference in all of those prices if you go back from the very beginning of Bitcoin all the way to today. There's only one year that that ever happened happened right. I mean it's literally just one year and it was January twenty eighteen years. You have major price differences. But they've all been positive price differences for the most part. It's just that one anomaly. And if you go back and remind people hey January two thousand eighteen or twenty eight hundred dollars you know January in two thousand and nine thousand nine hundred thirty five hundred bucks and he just eliminate that one huge price runup bad. You're not having this conversation at all. The worst thing that happened to Bitcoin and the best talk bitcoin is it went to almost twenty K.. Right that makes sense. Yeah Yeah and again from Michael in the chat. You must watch the price all day if you want to understand it. It's fluid ebb and flow prices. Part of its allure right now. I kind of get that. What I'm saying is like I have? I guess I'm not GonNa say the me I'm I'm holding. I'M NOT GONNA say the Meam says I'm just GonNa say it now. I'm not GONNA do that. That's that's to me now. I think bottle normal Normal so I know I'm just holding so I get what you're saying like that's Kinda understanding like what the market's at but I'm not at the point where I'm like stressing over right. I mean I guess if I was like a day trader or people that do that type stuff. Obviously it's all different story But I guess I'm just confident enough that I feel like it's GonNa Bounce back a you know the back story on Hoddle Jim since I mean sometimes I forget that you're you're probably not aware to all how all the stuff started are you. Were you around. Assume I. I assumed it was something like tone in the video game world where people would just mistype than it would travel and become much. Share this with you okay. So so I'll talk when Shirt now is going to say okay. Let me find the post. Let me find the post. I'm getting folks. I'm honored to be able to be the person that explains this suggest history. I actually kind of cool all right. Yep So hoddle which I thought when I first got in salt for the first time I thought I thought it meant something like hold on for dear life right and that obviously is You know it makes sense. And I'm not the only person who thinks that you know it looks like an acronym it doesn't say hold I mean if we're just holding something we would literally just say. Hold it right you know. But there's a reason why this exists. So I'm you know I'm going to send this to you right now. It is bitcoin. Talk Dot Org Forum. Hold on I hear Shit. Goes down the big Wayne talk form though he said it was yes. Bitcoin Talk Dot Org and that was the the original. Bitcoin you know. Hang out place. That was the decrypt coins writer of. Its Day right so here. It is the origin of Hoddle. And I'm going to send it to you and you. You should even read it out loud. How about that? I'm going to put it in the chat up. Actually just ask just put it on there. But I'm also putting in the private jet crash if you can click on that Jim I think you'll or copy paste that. Why don't you read it out loud for us? So is the the main. I don't have to read all these threads right. I just have to read this first thing. Yup and I want to read read the title. Okay keep mine everybody. If you're new to Crypto Ash Ashes posted the link But you can find all between bitcoin. Talk Dot Org work It's it's just search talk dot Org Hoddle and And two thousand thirteen separate t two thousand thirteen almost a year. Go ten. AM my time. I don't know what time it was where he's from He wrote this. I am hobbling go ahead and he obviously missed everybody. Just the record. Yeah Yeah Okay title. I am heartily I typed that title twice because I knew it was wrong. The first time still wrong what jeffs out at lesbian bar. BTC crashing crashing. Why am I holding Elia? Why because I'm a bad trader and I know bad trader? Yeah you good traders. There's can spot the highs and lows pit pat fifty wing Guangming Baton McMillan Mill No Bucks Chairman Lien. Their million in bucks. Sure no problem bro. Likewise the weekends are like Ohio. It's going down. I'm GonNa sow and then they're like doc. Oh God my astle when the smart traders who know what they're doing by back in but you know what I'm not part of that group when the traders by back in a Mardi par wait when the trade back in. I'm already part of the market capital. So guess who you're Cheating Day traders not me those time threads saying ooh you should have sold. Yeah no shit no shit. I should've saw I should've sold mall before every fell bob moments before every by but you know what not everybody is cool is as cool as you. You only sell in a bear market. If you're a good day trader. An illusion knew the people in between hall in a zero-some game such as this traders can only take your money of yourself so I've had some whisky actually on the bottle. It's spelled whisky. Whatever sue me but only if it's payable and BTC so what did you say man? This is great story. I mean I guess I was Kinda correct I was a little right. I knew it was like something to do with probably Typo but yeah I like that. He the stories a little bit deeper than that because he kind of saw the Typo but he was just he was is drunk he was just had it with this kind of had it with it. But he's also given in and resigned himself to the life he's living and spilled his guts out on a form orm everyday appreciate that now and Jim. Obviously I should have shared that with you in private private. So you're not seeing for the first time but I think it's catcher that and it's raw element you know but to me that's a really important aspect of where we are today like. That's they I that mentality is the holders mentality right. That's the way that you should be thinking about in a lot of ways. You're I'm not. I'm already part the mark capital. I'm not adding to or taking away from it right and guess what if everybody just quits stop selling bitcoin. I know Ashley Argue with me on this but if you just quit selling your bitcoin folks becomes more rare and if everybody just stopped selling bitcoin it would almost be priceless like there would be no way to put it market value. On right right you gotTa have some cell but just enough just to keep the price going up right. Stop Selling Your bitcoin traders. This is really on you. You know when when when price goes down it's the traders is the sellers Utah Utah causing your go down and this community small enough where you could pretty much go find everybody who sallied Bitcoin for the most part and you can see the wallets that are dumping their bitcoin. Bitcoin and therefore you know you should. You should be really You should be really aware that you're hurting everybody. When you're selling that much but nevertheless it's free market you can do whatever you want? And that's just my opinion. You can do whatever the hell you want to do. I can't stop it. Yeah Fair enough. But you're taking food out of my child's mouth who just being dramatic I do you take it out of my child's house arrest In Tim obviously in terms of trade or one of the great ones. He's somebody who I respect respected journey and I think it's amazing obviously trade myself and I'll sell bitcoin. I got paid for something you know so I mean I'm not immune to to selling bitcoin. I just think that you know the traders focused on the price to an extent that it really manipulates it. Down Right people are going to assume it's going down so they're trading and they're selling more than they're buying right now because they expected go down because the sustainable influx of new money. It just doesn't there and so by default you're not going to have the Bulls win more than the bears. You're just going to have the Bulls win in massive droves for short amounts of time because the bears will drive it back down and that's the problem I have with it all. Fuck the bears right it. Yup Yeah in every cell is a by everybody has a cell. Liquidity is crucial. I understand that concept but what if we did not sell I mean it just makes it harder to buy it makes it more rare and at some point we're going to be in a situation where it is rare and people are not like how how I mean you could always go find gold right but people aren't just taking gold the gold market and Saint by my gold and then buying it back or selling selling gold and buying it back. No people do trade gold absolutely right but but they're not doing this on a on the magnitude of Of the way that Bitcoin is at least in the in the sense in they. If you compare the amount of people buying and selling into the actual size of the cryptocurrency space and then take the gold space amount of people who have bought and the amount of people who are trading it. It's a much shoe. It's a huger way way bigger a massively. Bigger amount in crypto than there is in the golden silver markets that are traders that way so well at at the end of the day. Then do we panic or do we not panic. No you just wait until everybody realizes. Bitcoin is the thing to have again. And then it reestablishes a new a new bottom autumn and a brand new all time high and I think that all time highest one hundred thousand dollars very is there a price point where it's okay to panic. Let's say how do you go if it's if it's below if it's at like twenty five hundred. Do we panic a little bit. Well that would mean that we lost our previous bottom right so a little concern. Obviously when you're at twenty five hundred dollars compared to seven thousand dollars at twenty five hundred our bitcoin you know every hundred dollars is a lot more of a percentage than it is right now right Orange Virginia to buy more well it is I mean. Look what if you told people people in July that you could buy Bitcoin at twenty one hundred dollars right now set of fourteen thousand. How would people feel so the relativity of the the the price ice is is immediate for people right and look? I also agree with Michael What he just said margin trading killing the Kripa space? I think it does bring a really negative additive in pessimistic. Bearish tone to the whole space. Because you're you're first off your trade with Bitcoin not yours you're borrowing and secondly you know the crypto exchanges They want you to lose right and You Know I. It just adds to this negative sentiment and long-term you'd a lot of newbies go and Blues Bitcoin and then it goes to people who are going to sell it you know rather than hold it. Most people who go and lose bitcoin exchanges are not you know season traders obviously because those people know how to limit themselves not how to take big losses. They know how to to set themselves up for wins and be happy when they're up one percent rather than fifty percent you know some people expect and a hundred dollars and you want to make a thousand. That's four hundred percent profit folks can happen. Sure you gotta be exactly right though every every time you can't lose and you gotTa make sure stop losses and you know if you're only bet with two hundred eighty bucks. Fifty Bucks isn't enough. Even though fifty bucks on two hundred fifty s twenty percent you know shit I mean I it's relative but it's you know people lose that when they go to Al do it. Look I got one hundred extra dollars in Crypto. Guess what I'm doing I'm GonNa go roll my dice on the Great. BITCOIN exchange called oil. If I was allowed to it'd be I'd go to bit Max. And then one hundred x one hundred hours and try to make a thousand bucks a day just off one hundred dollars because it's fun and it's engaging keep my mind busy And you know up to Michael's point ultimately it's cell I lose and then it's automatically going. I went to an exchange that selling it you know. Well Shit. I lost my thought was going to say is I. I guess one of the better places to be and I'm saying this kind of facetiously. NBA little sarcastic is to be that guy on the sidelines. Because you know there are those those guys on the sidelines like you said when it was hitting you know thirteen in July or whatever the fuck I wish I bought at seven but then when it drops at seven like like how many of those people actually do buy at seven. They're kind of like those are the same people that are like well but it's done game over it. Yep Now It's a good point Jim mcgann and it's people they ride on their motions in this. You know. Think about the person who bought five years ago closed. Her eyes is closer computer and didn't look at until today. How how do they feel right? When big was at four hundred dollars you know six hundred bucks whatever it might have been and you know again ashes furniture after? I know that I'm gambling on that and I'm expecting to lose one hundred dollars for Tasha's point. She says the difference is that you know you're saying that you know capital letters gambling and and tempests. I I hope you you You get the Sarcasm in gyms pessimism in some of his sarcastic remarks about bitcoin dying you know. Obviously he would be here if he'd literally thought that and if he was We would have an honest conversation about it but I don't think he actually believes that. I don't want to speak for your job. No I'm just I'm playing up. The I'm just kind of playing devil's advocate advocate to a lot of things. I'm all set holding up the environment. What I'm seeing people in the community animals will just trying to get Joe Blackburn? A little fired up. Get them a little rowdy. See what he's GonNa say. Well my folks house. I can't get drunk as I'd like to It's a I got my kid and You know I gotTa Take Care of her so I gotta got to be low responsible so I can't get as loose as I'd like to but but also to what you said Jim is that it's also important for people to hear me. Have that conversation with Jim Right. I think it's I mean we're we're we're keeping it simple and we're not gonNA have a super long tonight in fact we're probably GonNA light winding down here shortly but But I want people to feel like they can reach. If you're having a problem with with something or if you want to explain something specifically I know myself as Rolston ten pace among many of the people that are watching tonight and commenting you could just find one of their comments and you can probably feel really comfortable going with them. you know and You know we're going to them and asking them to help you explain this to somebody you know. Tell me what. Your problems are. Common Questions We'll have this conversation conversation. We can have it with them. Bring them on live. If you want to do a live over Thanksgiving dinner. Let me know that could be great. TV Bro. I'm out you know and and ask them in my dad's office. I'm not in mind so I mean I don't mind showing hold on. She wants to see you know line over there. There's another one over here and it's hard to see him. I'm from this point. Those are Alabama Mississippi. Dear the way that I like to. But we're very proud of all of our animals and we are outdoorsman and we respect the environment that the the wildlife and the the wonderful thing that is The Woods I mean it's just it's it's in my blood right so we like to. I don't like to go and bike helmet. That's been through the processor Jim. That's that's that's been injected with steroids. And I like to know that I have honest real meat coming. I'm from you know the the God given you know environment like I love it. You're going there. You're chopping them up and going through the the whole butcher. Sure thing like you're you're you're buring it. Yes it's too Yucky. It's not it's not like somebody's got to do it right. Oh no no I agree. Someone's it's almost like against I'm not against like eating meat or hunting or anything like that. But I'm just thinking like Yucky is until Oh you realize like everybody in human existence until like a couple of days decades ago was doing this to survive literally daily habits. They they had to keep by. They didn't have refrigeration or freezers. Either a hundred years ago they killed it and ate all of it or they smoked it which took a lot of work to you know. Oh and so. Many people were saying here about Bitcoin on computers and Internet money and Christmas. And how you get argue with people and we're not talking about. How are we going to eat tomorrow and staying alive for the next winter right? I mean we're really lucky to be in this day and age. I mean life is Kinda cool. I've seen into the wild he. He killed a deer but he didn't know Even up in Alaska. You didn't know how to keep it fresh enough so to get bugs and maggots already lost it. All right. Yeah and he was really upset wasn't he. Yeah that's why he died exactly. Why Fortunately Got Russell or apparently but anyways we can move on from our delicious talk about meat I know not everybody? I'm not trying to get into arguing about that. Joe Wants can eat him alive. I actually don't chicken. which is odd? I mean I'll have some chicken. I'm not against chicken. I just don't like chicken from the store. I don't have a problem with it so manella but that's not to say that I won't go to Popeye's and get chicken sandwich overrated. I haven't tried it yet. Yeah me neither. That's what I mean it's overrated overrated. Well I'm not but I know I know it ain't worth I mean I know we're we're not talking about crypto right now but I know any worth waiting in line almost getting beat up or whatever. I know. It Ain't worth that especially you're definitely get beat up Jim. I'm sure you could talk your way out of it. I would just be like get out of my way by Bitcoin. What give my chicken sandwich? POW is now but CHICK-FIL-A. I'm not I'm not a big chicken eater so I don't go there very often. I do like how they put their pick on there. There's just something about chick-fil-a tastes. I don't really love their fries. Which I'M GONNA get probably killed over so I don't go to Chick-fil-a that often I do like Popeye's because they sell shrimp and I like shrimp so I'll go to Popeye's Popeye's before ever go to a chick-fil-a but I mean I I try not to have this conversation too but I just I find like Popeye's probably does chicken sandwiches pretty good because they're really good at making things really fattening and really yummy? I'm sure it's good. I'm sure it's good. I'm just I mean maybe the hype died down. I'm just at the time when people people are waiting again in our line or something like that. I I ain't about that life experience it's about the experience lame experience I mean but there's many the things that are Lennox differences that individuals find. That are cool. What would be a cool experience? I'll wait in line for Disney ride and that's cool and kick gas okay not waiting in line for a dumb Popeye's Sandwich Marshall. If you're listening right now you wait in line for more than thirty. He minutes for a sandwich. I don't like you well I will say what would you wait in line on when it comes to food Well I have have waited in line at trendy spots before I can't think of any of them offhand ooh I waited at in Nashville. What's there it's the touristy chicken that they have had he beats? I waited in line for that. I don't think it was that long though but I mean at what point do you find Jim like like this is too long of a wait. it's a good question. That's a great question I guess it depends. You're talking about just for food. Yeah just for food like I've been let's say I'm not saying it specifically to a restaurant not Popeye's but like if you wanted to go somewhere what's the point where you're just like it. This isn't worth it probably. It's it's tough because if you had a sit down restaurant you're fine with waiting but you're talking specifically waiting in line nine. I mean whatever I mean I'm not being generic here. Is there a certain a point in timers like okay. Eighteen probably thirty minutes thirty minutes would be the cutoff. Okay Fair Enough Helena. DRUCE has had Abe's was put chicken would open on Sunday. Yeah we agree. That's part of the visas. Great Ahead Hattie B.'s. Aren't you an even a Nashville boy right. But I'm not a chicken eater so Gotcha Gotcha but I've heard several great things about it. You're not the first person bring it up. It's it's or at least nationally famous and I. I don't mind waiting in line. I JUST WANNA wait in line more than like ten minutes so if I automatic I don't I I actually have more patients than you for a line. I mean I was in Austin in September and I was almost going to go to Franklin's barbecue where that is pitched like you're gonNA wait in line but it is like you would. We're saying an experience lead supposed to be part of it but I ended up going to a different place. Ace where the guy was taught by the same person who taught. Franklin's argues amazing of course and a lot of his touristy now news but barbecue is one of those foods is that I will wait for And I won't complain that much anyways but we're getting way off topic. We can wind up on the hour and I know we both have things to do. And I'm at home with the family. I know a lot of you are finishing up work. Maybe hit home tomorrow again. Folks please be careful. Please be safe best-case if you're not necessarily celebrating the American tradition of Thanksgiving you're somewhere or else or you just don't WanNa do Thanksgiving whatever. I still hope that you have a wonderful week and I and I hope that you're telling everybody about bitcoin. If you need help go to Bitcoin for Christmas there's a budget documents Humi- you know. I know you could reach out. People like Ash. She's got a wonderful educational thing with cryptic and you know obviously friend moderator drew. Michael might have some news about him. Coming up drew. I'm glad you watch tonight anybody else. If you guys got things going on Andrew P I would talk great things about you but I have nothing to say. Oh God him. anyways now may manager tend to go back to back and forth all the time and I appreciate his insight fullness. I'll leave it at that and we'll and we'll we'll until next time all right jam. This is bitcoin radio everybody they'd BTC. Were bitcoin lives. What we Miss Jim? Anything else why you just want to call it. I think we got on that food tip because we're already in Thanksgiving mode so we're yeah. We're already getting ready for a feast east but yes the CRYPTO verse people. It belongs to all of us especially you're in these Down Dark Times even. This is obviously not the darkest time but I'm just saying people get pretty down. But the crypto verse belong to all of us. We know we're doing for we know Joe Blackburn's doing for it what are you doing for it. W._B._Z. bitcoin lives. The wait is over next time everybody.

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