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"jim jim nobelists" Discussed on The Kitchen Sisters Present

"Eventually I did something for nothing but the blues with the Eric Clapton upped. And there's about twenty years ago I was cutting to some of the Great Blues Musicians Muddy waters and Sonny Boy Williamson. That's what I thank and Eric Clapton felt that was really a problem. Because he says I can't be equal to them but at that point I I understand what he means that people say. Oh your master master is I've seen all the pictures so I understood them what he meant so we decided to go ahead and do something on the blues and make a the whole series on the blues. That's the whole thing. Started with making be documentaries or films on music the next then we're doing gangs in New York and my a friend Jaycox Bro Jeff Rosen. Who is the archivist? I think. Producer for Bob Dylan. Jeff said to me I have this footage edge some of the interviews. I've done we wonder if you look at it. If you think you could do something with it so I looked about an hour of footage including a lot of beautiful interviews of Allen Ginsberg Bergen and so all these wonderful characters and the whole idea that any had this you see jeff had done an interview with Dylan for about four or five days. I saw that interview. I was intrigued by where it could go particularly by the look in his eyes and that took about four four years or three or four years that bolt together no direction home no direction. I wish point than a Libya Harrison came into the picture and she loved that film a lot and then she proposed me doing something with George Harrison. I really love George. Harrison's music and and I was fascinated by how Harrison having everything seemingly to me aside and went for the spiritual matters. I thought that was really fascinating especially at the time when someone who's being ridiculed as well. Yeah the hell would do it you know. Where's IT GONNA take us and at became Living in the material world right around the same time Jefferson came back and showed me some footage from the rolling thunder tour. And you said You'd think you'd do something with this. I sent her. I sorta Kinda beaten up everything but I saw this performance that was really fantastic and they had hundreds of hours of film but I WANNA do. I couldn't care about a conventional documentary on a tour. So what the hell is it about that. I mean it's one thousand nine hundred seventy six the bicentennial the sixties rover Tailwind. Maybe this is the last of its kind. The Committee Adele are going through the going through America. You're helping America's saying there's a and an idea. I think what we're talking about interviewing people as we can into as a people but then Jeff said he was talking to Dylan Dylan. So what if you weren't there. I said Yeah Okay now. That was a challenge. All right Oh yeah like what. If we get like the two manager Jour- and he represents goal to represents all the businessmen Jim Jim Jim nobelists ahead of paramount pictures.

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