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"jim jim coates pete" Discussed on Sports Criminals

"Hustle stories vary on what exactly earned him the nickname some say it was because Pete had sprinted to first base after earning walk others say it was because he made appoint. Lewis attempts to feel the home run from mantle that was already soaring over the stand on whatever the reason was the moniker stuck and in April. It was official. Charlie Hustle had made the opening day roster and with that spot came a seventy five hundred dollar contract in today's money. That's about sixty four thousand dollars. It wasn't a fortune by any means. The average baseball salary in two two thousand nine hundred nineteen is four point three six million dollars. The Pete Wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth. What's more his time. At the riverfront downs downs had taught him how he could make a little bet. Go a long long way things happen fast after that nineteen sixty three call up on April eighth nineteen sixty three. Pete Rose made his Major League Baseball debut wearing number fourteen. He drew a walk in his first at Bat on April thirteenth. One day before his twenty second birthday day. Pete got his first hit a triple off of Pittsburgh pirates pitcher Bob Friend he was just cracking the surface of his potential both the sporting world and in his personal life around the time of his Major League debut. Pete also endeared himself to someone else. The young woman named Carolyn Engelhard in the early part of the sixty three season pete was at the river downs horse track when he spied Caroline Arlen through his binoculars immediately smitten he got a mutual friend to make the introduction however pete soon proved that his reckless abandon I and didn't end on the field that summer caroline called Pete's hotel room while he was on a road trip. Jim Jim Coates Pete's roommate picked up when caroline asked if Pete was around coats paused for a moment just a second. He said he'd have to check back. It was an odd and slightly unsettling response. Hotel Room was only so big a few seconds later coats is told her that in fact Pete was not around but after a few minutes went by Pete called Caroline back. He was annoyed he he told her in his stubborn and forward manner that by calling she had messed up his chances with another girl he had brought to the room. Oh for most people the the relationship would have ended right then and there but caroline wasn't most people she understood that many pro athletes married or not enjoyed the company of women while they were on the road. What mattered was that. He came home to her and only her and as long as he was honest about what he was doing. During road trips she could live with it. The arrangement worked just fine for Pete shortly. After the end of the nineteen sixty three season he and caroline got married. It was a celebration nation of just how fast things were moving for. Pete rose. I got married then he zipped over to the Cincinnati baseball writers. There's awards to accept the honor for rookie of the year then it was right back to the reception to embrace his new bride like he was smoothly sliding in for triple. All of a sudden rose had gone from unknown prospect to rookie sensation and things were only looking up from there air by his third season in nineteen sixty five pete had become one of the League's best players that year the twenty four year old second baseman hit a three twelve batting average sixty six points above the league average of two forty six he also led the entire league with a whopping in two hundred nine hits during that nineteen sixty five season pete was named an all star for the first time it it was also the first time his gambling habits got him in trouble and it wouldn't be the last coming up a terrible tragedy causes. Pete to lose his moral compass and now back to the story as the nineteen sixty five baseball season transitioned into the summer twenty four year old. Pete Rose was flying high he he had recently been selected for his first all star game but around the time it was slated to take place everything almost came crashing down in July nineteen sixty five pete was arrested for running a red light in Newport Kentucky at four twenty five live in the morning located across the Ohio River from Cincinnati Newport was notorious for its underground gambling dens and the legality are you betting particularly when it comes to sports is murky in nineteen sixty five it was only legal in Kentucky and Ohio Oh to bet on horse races and it had to be done at an official venue like a racing track to bet on any other sport you would need to get in touch etched with an unofficial book maker or bookie. Usually bookies worked for a larger organization more often than not what was tied to organized crime the night he was pulled over. Pete was probably coming back from visiting a bookie but but the police officer who pulled him over didn't care if Pete was gambling. He cared that Pete had endangered others with his reckless driving. It didn't matter how good of a baseball player he was or even that it was a relatively minor offence pete was going to spend a few hours in jail. He paid bail with a one hundred dollars bill he had in his front pocket his red light ticket and associated fees put him back another thirteen dollars hours and fifty cents all told it wasn't a lot for. Pete who was poised to sign a twenty five thousand dollar contract for the next year worth about two hundred with thousand dollars today however peat feared his brush with the law would cost him much more than that according to the book Pete Rose Rose and American dilemma. He remarked the judge. This is going to cost me eighteen thousand booze and a five hundred dollar fine for being out past curfew but when he took to the field for that day's Game Cincinnati's Crossley Field Pete wasn't serenaded by the bluebirds stead he was greeted with a standing ovation and gifted a brand new TV set for being the reds top vote getter for the All Star game as Pete stood there soaking in the fans adulation one thing was clear as long as does he performed well at the ballpark. He was untouchable. A star above consequence with each passing season Pete racked up more accolades. After his breakout nineteen sixty five season he would go on to have a batting average over over three hundred for the next nine seasons. It was nowhere near tycoons record of twenty three straight seasons batting three hundred or better but it was still a hall of fame worthy feet nineteen sixty nine was maybe. Pete's finest year he led the MLB with three three forty eight batting average with two hundred eighteen hits that year he finished second in MVP voting and won the Golden Glove honor honor awarded to the best fielder at each respective position and while he kept his nose clean regarding the law. Pete's gambling soared to new heights heights you would place bets on anything and everything going after Russian hustle he employed night after night on the Diamond Pete Bat on on everything he put money down when he and his teammates would play pool in town and even once teammate on who would be the first one to use the bathroom author when the Reds New Stadium opened in the nineteen seventy season. It's important to note that betting itself wasn't outlawed within the MLB MLB was part and parcel of the clubhouse culture away for teammates to connect and participate in shared experiences but gambling on baseball aw was an entirely different matter ever since a nineteen nineteen scandal in which players from the Chicago White SOx conspired to throw the world series the MLB had a sour taste in its mouth gambling had almost effectively ended the sport. What's worse. If a player is betting on his or her team they are affecting the outcome of the game changing the rules before the first whistle this this is sacrilege in the sports universe but nowhere more than on the baseball diamond even if a player got caught placing bets on games not plot involving his own team he faced a lifetime ban.

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