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Episode-6 - Ramayanam - Ayodhya Kanda part-1 - Chandamama Kathalu - Kids stories - Telugu kathalu

Telugu Kathalu

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Episode-6 - Ramayanam - Ayodhya Kanda part-1 - Chandamama Kathalu - Kids stories - Telugu kathalu

"Ten dilemma because my in them. I your take on monday. Boggled but at the near a minimum of these employees cedric. Not even delaney routine gonna but at the bedrock no need an entity schoolboy Didn't divided turkey lake indonesia with the nutty. I did wanna varda in attendance. Charmaine on ninety. I'll put up with anybody in the iot. La desma the mahara gouda accordingly daughter. My boy orange dingy. J. about annita. Johnny gyn offends. You put on our new orleans laid out almaden day in nimal slovania equally non download. Jc ratify would add any non assume an article on desert or monthly little. Stay omelette. In general in the garage do either angelou yemen data philosophical the nettie underneath desert through the united under the on alabama jonah donahue narconon geeta ak it andrea in a geico him. Hot as you see Jessica mahad yougal alabama yusupova Minotaur lana on the dodgers who love. Which does not navarine learn followed little by little lavar. Look at chad. That said at the divided though dan district delara jim jason. Anybody gee if you don t go to non me meddlesome mattie say now that doug i in amanita zyuganov shaking. It will nettie download but oklahoma sally in the lower. No knock with these Authentic model that. You nevada rogerio nikki military an inanimate now not gonna make were not enough action law in the maddin jedi. Somebody in paktia mlow. Mako geometrical maintain a amalgam chip bundy narrow emarketer municipal. No under berman them. Jimmy ramadan iquique agreed. I'm gone what in mahad jan arnold but kinda shake hot. Would they bench indy. Anada montana desert my thumb nettie still nanning around dhabi sheikh money on down and meet and some of these nutty image econom- nobody bilan american chilean them named leeann. Denying niang up to now. Mito download dudek loaded on garnham eighty monday elicit globally. Out of the non of china and a einiger gov listen edited in the colony of salinas unbundled. I and j e conduct kinda minus the now mighty montella medical analogy bobby student under kunakey in tucson dossier hollandi undo appointed would hit a line of as roma david. The venue Mahama lara each aid. Awesome sober cardiology Round black nomination Agendy undergone Thought that being an endle- indunas Nokia face that tabby Saloniki governor business in gem on them. I in the afternoon on now with these money and his oddity torture barry Rodham amanita charges that centered around dope. Naina nick would add shaba. Shake this not that. Mommy follies to ghani Local on viet nam decided that about louis Do as you in nevada deployed Coxon in them the monarchy bunga our will not who got into the on. That'll be a desert or the are not in g rape shimmy in of metallica. The under a looking down on an exchange with the money side of this one through on bad the thunder mountain. Not and it's your money at nanny. Cutting in jail was to non me in the koran. Manado ananta mahato with children a narrow when he took gambled decided by law Eastside it and look when cutting tear leaving the an empty when thousand bike which nine dama nanomoles macabre damola in now next to them nor does stick with the holiday with the narrow Lowest the and day homeless wounded danni dunk article. Irala shimmy Sakata alec which are lemon. She eat advocate knee. Who nevada that gallup by need gut it through the minimum Eve other shake incident minds. He then inaugural it in the monday. The labor delivery even nabi shaky I anonymous the potential amenity unrepaired downloaded andrea to occurred in deity than italian calls under matches. Nobody immonen dodgy election anybody still kind of into the rockabilly man but darvish of the selection wanna look see them with a moment akasa mandate on the channel rambled lickin a muscular energy than about dr sheikh of will be a must timeshare conic nino see that even tastes local our nichirei into uncoordinated ram lakshman lakshmana. Little next month not do need Blooming and wbz any miami data move data neighborhood isaiah the enabled the mummy osama suzuka booker. T. the above into them. That a lot on the see that those hearts among bid on giving it to denominate gnome. See that the now over them. Second among Anneke recorded by strata mckee domino unequality acitivity a million little the touchdowns. And no. but i'm not gonna be in child of day wants dialogue with salam. Lavar johnson dossier one allergies to not be the no name generally look at tara to nettie. St louis pardoning taper Either sonar muster develop economic jc. See the home. Jay inslee will muschamp dini misdemeanor municipal not liam logan the jc accordion article. Nnaemeka jobless aid when he did employees monday manga local. Hr to i know what the benham lane of lavar in. But i'm going to look at t alana jason Mongolia toyota jaba to modern on people in lavar. Donate my leave. Our mainland cutting just august window patel mugabe's validity matter soon the do ballot beetle. William underwood hung out yvonne but darvish teutonic nicole demaim. Manana dipoto wouldn't have denier on in the nar to not By auto funny at raymond o'connor audible in the nike given demanded anemic of wounded amicable to the online. That out up by this community are cut an annuity lewis etiquette under the untouchables. He added in the end up. Gundy pathetic accademia. Nobody will never adopted a wonder yacht. Di date housing even now to dump Lake the now assumed that a bit better under the colella nevi they look at me now as you to come to do not have been loony monday By the omic matter the getting particle anyone. lay lay in oregon native Nettie odd odd name either nominate evidence any mahamoud resell. You can do ghani. I'm ready to stay under look. Shame Another date with at the mahara on throughout java shake table to not game golly in In the name. Anti gordon Even have endured any curricular Channel on minded new jangle nanda in the ones that the show will look idea though because international though committee Melanie right now. But a number of the disease to in gang columnist is kind of article on nettie. Kaikai daughter monday's game in telugu armagh denies you modeled. Little motorola rabbo year to them. Jason lake now lake. What they're looking at annika by the lan and stab nickel by the lakota. Do not in the gondola naple. But she had genital donna brazile motto the nealon by charity without ron moody on nagorno dicey load. But at the do. I've been at the dune. The knockabout mommy sunday nikki. Bahama double that shaken by the three digit again. The dow neighborhood onto the but at the dude on mama. God no big on that at the nearby brea d authenticate but obviously congestion read out your competitor curricula on identity at the advocate. Boorda mail into candidate but new neva. Any media global mellon. Donna hung goddamn do in telugu gaussian challa local to sound. Eka irony by the coq. One would've gone necas mcdaddy number to continue but at the league in alameda billion into in geology. But today is your knee would is a lot of them on. The dow ronald is eight. The by the by the name Tuesday louder nettle aeneid up at the e model delicate gay army malcolm jail in the domino underneath choosy alan beith roger providence in the downward at any new calvinism the county audience. Not the the monica tokelau's to condemn manila golsen subscribed cheese gundi.

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Minisode 273.5

How Did This Get Made?

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Minisode 273.5

"If you haven't tried mcdonald's crispy chicken sandwich people. You are missing out. This thing is delicious. it's juicy it's crispy it's tender. It is in a word iconic. Okay like nicholas cage is. How did this get made movies. This crispy chicken sandwich is going to be your go-to when ever you want to be satisfied. Plaza comes in three different variations. That are so delicious. You will have trouble choosing your favorite because there's crispy chicken which comes on a buttered potato but a potato. Peng what are you doing to me with. Crinkle cut pickles and there's the spicy crispy chicken sandwich. That is my favorite on a buttered potato bun with crinkly cut. Pickles and then finely. They add a little spicy pepper sauce. That's what makes it the spicy crispy chicken sandwich and last. But not least. There is the deluxe crispy. Chicken sandwich comes on a. You guessed it a buttered potato bun with fresh cut lettuce tomatoes. And that is the classic. That is the gold standard. If you will Go ahead and order on the mcdonalds app today. You'll be glad that you did. I mean who doesn't wanna chicken sandwich a delicious chicken sandwich in three ways. Come on come on people. Have you heard the phrase you never get a chance to make a first impression will guess what you don't even get a chance to make a first impression because someone is going to find you online and make that impression before they even here your g. d. voice or see fm face. That's right people are judging you online and the best way to get ahead of all that is to make sure that you have the first word. How do you do that by creating a website. That's right a website or an online store that can show people who you are. And if you're going to build a website you gotta build it on squarespace the all in one platform to build a beautiful online presence and run your business have marketing tools and analytics. There's no hidden fees or price hikes and all websites are optimized for mobile. It's so simple. You start with a designed template and you drag and you drop tools to make it your own head to squarespace dot com slash bonkers for a free trial. And when you're ready to launch us the offer code bonkers that's s to save ten percent off your first purchase. The perfect car for a family of eight does your clone have a soul and let's get into dulas them all this and more on. Today's how did this made a mini episode could the theme. So let's go deep with the bait. Yoke vinnie episode episode. We you other episode that many paul house homey minnesota hello and welcome to a. How did this get made many episode. I your host. Paul share aka tall. John aka clone paul scheer. And you know what it's with bitter sadness and tremendous regret that i say it due to clone girl summer because this is the last time we will be talking about clones for a long time. So pack up your laboratory put your clone in the car and wave goodbye to this beautiful beautiful vacation that we have had all together all summer. Long as we've many an actor attempt to play multiple roles in film and each one more fascinating than the next. We're talking a little bit about the island but after that we're going back to movies that are just plain weird without the main character being doubled. That's right we're going to go back to just normal shit. And when i say normal shit i'm talking about Vehicles that can talk or have a life of their own. That's just to kind of clue about what we're gonna be talking about next week If you wanna live cloned girl. Summer all year long can just go to public dot com slash stores slash. Hdtv gm you can get yourself a clone girl summer shirt. You can also get from last. Week's episode a ratchet. It out shirt. And yes i know our ratcheted out shirt has a picture of a wrench on it but it looked better than a ratchet and no one really caught it until it was way too late. So why not have a ratcheted out shirt with a wrench. And if you google ratchet enough you'll find things that look like a wrench. So i'm standing by god damn it. I'm so excited to here with you. we have a lot to talk about especially in cards. Do last accepts. Which of course was the island. A big thank you to kiwi herman for that amazing theme song There is a lot on the table but if you have Tune in to the show. You know that. June diane raphael. My wife mo- f- That is a borat I don't like to put all my impressions all the time but occasionally i will. Hey why don't you do with other borat impression. That's jack nicholson. Of course and to jack i would say a. I'll be back with more impressions and this is what i'm talking about. This is i know that you think. Oh my god. Paul you got all these amazing guest stars to be in a minneapolis. No that's all me. These are all my amazing impressions. Ok p i should just edit that out now i'm not going to. I'm not going to. Because i trust you. I'm here with you. And you know what we're embarking on this journey together so i appreciate you all being here but if you know june you know that she has. An amazing club called the gene club in the gym club is a workspace that is good for your mind body and soul. I know that that's not really there soaking. But i'm gonna make their sogan and they're offering a some amazing deals right now to. How did this get made listeners. you can sign up for their work sprints. These are amazing opportunities to get shit done two hours. Hold yourself accountable. Work with other people. i've talked to so many people who actually love doing this. I love doing it But head on over to the jane club to check out their offers right now. I believe it's a twenty dollars per work sprint. I think that's pretty much the right thing. I'm i'm gonna go on the line and say that i'm a hundred percent right and i'm not going to do any damn research about it. That's how confident i am Also wanna let you know if you've not tuned in to twitch and checked out what rob you and i are doing. Well maybe you should check it out on nine nine nine. Nine september ninth. We're doing a big fundraiser. From miles for migrants miles for migrants is an amazing organization. We can donate your frequent flyer. Miles bring home someone who needs to be brought to this country for asylum for a reason. That is a little bit bigger than any reason that we would have to. Maybe upgrade a seat Miles from agri- is an amazing organization and joining us next thursday. Or whenever you listen to this nine nine. You're gonna have ron funches. You're gonna have jon glaser and you can have some other special guest. We're gonna be raising money from miles for migrants on twitch and what's twitch. It's easy to you. Just go to twitch dot tv slash friend zone and you can watch. It's done simple easy. Easy easy peasy. All right yes i said. Easy peasy yes. It is jack. Nicholson impression people. This is what is happening All right and if my happen let's hear from you because i know that you have problems and this week you've called me with some really good ones. Let's go to the paul helpline Who bro thank you tom. Mc waters Look i'm not a doctor. I'm trying my best year. Okay and I really wanna help people with their problems and the first one is michael in malaysia. Hey paul it's michael calling from for malaysia I just want to say thanks to you. devon cody. Jim jason April everybody on the team. You guys are awesome and have given me a lot of laughs over the years. So i appreciate it. I have over request in question if your mind I the request I could use one those famous tall john pep talks My family and i have been living in malaysia for a bit over seven years now and we're preparing to move back to california. I've never lived in la. That's where we're going to be but I'm a little nervous. We had young kids and just got the reverse culture shock of it. So i could use some of That magic. If you could give me some give me pumped up. I know there's plenty to like. Disneyland is all that stuff and the reason we're moving home. Our parents are getting old and not doing too well during the pandemic so we want to be closer to them. We haven't been home in a few years so looking forward to it but a little nervous And then my question is. I don't know if i mentioned that. I have six young daughters. And i mean the need and eight passenger vehicle. I know you're a big fan of the pacifica We've been on the people So do you wanna try to convince me to go with the pacific over the odyssey Does it pacific even come with an eight passenger version You sell it to me if if you think it's worth it but That's all i got. Thanks again and Hopefully and catch a live show. I got. That's what four to at least okay cheers. Thanks first of all michael. You are awesome. I love it and congratulations. You're moving to la. And i hear what you're saying. I hear what you're saying about culture shock and god damn it. I'll be Freaked out to you. Have eight kids you have. No you have six kids You're bringing a virtual you know a brady bunch over here which is a great place to be because the breach actually took place in california. So things are working out Here's what i'll say. Kids are incredibly resilient. California is an interesting place. I don't know where you're moving exactly in california even in l. a. But you will find your people you will find your spot And your kids will find their people and they will find their spot All i will say is this l. a. Hesitancy to be a lonely city so you do need friends so at what i would recommend as a parent is to make sure your kids push through that awkwardness of not wanting to go and do things and meet people and get involved early so they can kind of form this peer group but there is so much great stuff out here. Forget it forget about restaurants. Everybody loves a restaurant but you got six kids. You're not going out to eat all the time. Let me tell you what i love about. La it's something that i love to say. I love about la. But i don't often take advantage of. But sometimes i do when i do. I go why. Am i not doing this all the time you can drive to the mountains you can drive to the beach you can go for a very long driving and then go to amazing places. You can go for Well i mean. I guess that's true everywhere. You dick log driving end up in a different spot but i mean you are close to fun things like las vegas and seattle and oregon and depending where you are in california's san francisco or san diego or you could even go down to t one of their so many options here Just for a change of pace and scenery end to answer your second question if you are having a change of pace in a change of scenery You gotta go in the crisis pacific. Oh this is all. I know that you have to be in the chrysler. Pacifica because when i googled eight passenger minivan the first thing that came up was the pacifica. I don't know of the odyssey has usb ports. I don't know that the odyssey has a chance for one person to be watching a blu ray and the other person to be watching live streaming entertainment. Yes let me talk about plugs. They have more plugs than you need a couple years. They got him. Let me talk about a vacuum in the car. it's there let me talk about comfort. You can recline those backseats when you're put in the way way back. It's actually pretty damn comfortable. I love the pacifica. The only downside. I'm going to be very honest with you. The only only downside i would say is the sight lines of shit the sight lines suck ass But i'm also thinking you should get like a sprinter van like a mercedes. Sprinter van and i know that you mercedes but that's expensive but hear me out this thing. You can have a full on party in there. The other one that would recommend. I know you're a honda. Odyssey person toyota sienna. Toyota sienna is equally good. But i gotta say if you want that little bit of luxury and you got six kids so treat yourself get yourself that pacifica. It is the best car on the market. It's comfortable it's nice. People love it. people envy it. I'm stopped at my preschool. People want to look at it and they show it to him. I show with them with pride. I love it so much. And i want you to know michael. You're going to be great. You and your wife are going to accomplish everything you need to do out here. You're gonna have fun you're gonna take and drive in movies. You are going to Go for trips. You are going to embrace california culture and the most important part of that is Making sure you get totally baked with your kids right. Because that's california baby no Get out here. Have a kabukicho Get a vegan donut and and start to live again out. Here's the other thing you're from malaysia. I guarantee you're gonna find actually a great malaysian restaurant out. Here is going to remind you of home. And i think that that actually maybe it's a positive right not everywhere you go. You can have food from where you've just come from side believe that you can come here and have a good malaysian food. That's what i'm saying. I hope it works out for you. Michael let me know. When you're here we will hear about it now. I'm gonna give you and your whole family if they want a free ticket to a show. That's i'm giving it to you right now. Because you're making this move and you can bring the whole family but you can also have a date night not bring them at all I don't want them to come. They don't wanna come. Don't drag them if they don't wanna come. Okay next call jordan in denver. What do we got jordan. All this is jordan from denver. My girlfriend her best friend recently told her that he loves her and wants to marry her. I of have a huge issue with this And she is saying that I don't fully understand their relationships and that he's working through things. Can you give me some advice on how to not feel crazy when there's some other guy calling my girlfriend that he loves and wants to marry her. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks okay whoa whoa. Whoa whoa whoa. I'm so happy here. Because cody molly weighed in on this as well Here's i'm not gonna read their advice. Because i'm going to say what my advice is and then i wanna hear it. They're advises my advice. Is this really actually. Play this one twice because i wanted to wrap my head around it if your girlfriend is telling you this. I think you're in a good spot because she's letting you in on something that is yeah. It's problematic it's weird but she's letting you it she's not hiding this from. You didn't find out about this. Because he saw an email or text she told you so. That's a tremendous amount of trust and every relationship is built on trust. And so i think you have to let her play this out. You know people have emotional friends. People have i i actually. It's weird that i'd say this but i understand where she's coming from. I understand that she might be saying to you. Look he is fixating on me because we have a good friendship and he just wants to marry me because it would be easier because he doesn't have to actually go out and and be himself to someone else. I it's like i'd rather at home than get my own apartment. That kind of mentality right Not that your wife is an apartment but or home But you know what i'm saying. I feel like there is something here. It rings true. It doesn't feel false. Let me let me read. What cody and her molly wrote. Because i don't know who wrote this. But i'm going to imagine that. They both collaborated and they go. My thoughts chester girlfriend. Hey we agree and have confidence in the relationship. Okay we agree again but also she needs understand that. It's okay for you to feel uncomfortable. And they need to keep up some boundaries. Now that i didn't think about. And i love this idea. I'm gonna say i don't even know that. Because both cody amalia a plus a plus people in my book and this is great advice. But i think you're right. This is important part as somebody who Look i don't treat myself. Well i don't i don't think about myself always So i think this is a great idea that you have to also see at respect me in this respect me in this and so i think it's actually really smart. Move to say. Like i believe you. I support you. I'm here for you but also just my side. This is weird. It is weird but you know maybe this is a denver thing. I don't know all right. Everybody thank you for your call remember. You can ask us anything at anytime. It's six one nine p. u. l. s. k. And starting next week we're going to get into the paul helplines on the discord. Join a discord. get in on that. It's so much fun. Discord that g g slash. Hdtv 'em but also get into my discord. My discord is is awesome. I love it so much. So it's a discord dot. Org slash paul scheer Get in there. We have game nights. We have fun things we have movie. Watch alongs A lot of conversation about black monday. A lot of conversation about A lot of a lot of weird stuff. I mean we have a hot tv section. That always going off every week especially after a new marvel episode drops. And thank you. Everybody creating these amazing theme songs Because without the songs without these people calling in we don't have a show and if you want to create a theme song for us you can do it ahead of this year wolf dot com thirty seconds or less. That's the perfect sweet spot and we'll be right back after this commercial break. Lots of things can make your workouts are but your socks shouldn't be one of those things that it's my baba's performance socks are built to be nothing but comfortable and support me. Tell you i love them. Why do i love them. Because they have their special h performance technology. All right which adds to the experience of the most comfortable suck. You know. i'm a big obama fan. I am here to tell you that you take off my shoes. Ninety percent of the time. where bomba's maybe five percent time wear no socks not gross. Just you know. Sometimes i'm on a sandal. Not i don't. I'm not really rocking sanders that much. Let me just go up and say ninety five percent of the time. I'm wearing bomba socks because they are comfortable but they are supportive. They come with a pillow tab to save you from blisters plus the step technology so they don't drop down makino who wants a droopy sock. No one wants to droopy sock and they have this cushy covering right in the arch so it supports your foot as well. They're different styles for different sports and the help optimized performance in like all their socks every pair of bomba's performance exit you buy. They will donate a pair to someone in need and they have donated over. Forty five million Us four hundred million. That's right forty five million pays a. Why don't you add to that number. Good obama's dot com slash bonkers today and get twenty percents off your first order that's beal. Nba s. dot com slash bunkers for twenty percent off. Baba's dot com slash bonkers. All right it is now time for corrections and emissions in it's brought to you by our friends at blue moon now. We all get stuck in boring routines the same movies over and over and every week on. How did this get made. We are here to help you break out of those boring movie routines what who cares. What's good who cares. What's gonna win awards. We want you to watch a movie. That's gonna blow your mind whether it's an alien Sentient dirt bike An island full of clones. Or maybe a a movie called. The island has no island in it. It's a break from things that make sense and that is why. How did this get made is a blue moon podcast. Because it's a bright refreshing change in your week just like a bright and refreshing blue moon can help you shake out of your routine the same way that we do and you know that we only recommend the best which you know moon is. I recently had a small party. A very cova d- safe small dance party and engagement party for Our dear friends Matthew michael called matthew. I mean matt and michael. I wanted to be more formal but we did a very coveted friendly. Everyone at the test. Everyone had to make sure that they were in a certain window. So we could actually dance party and dance and no one got sick and there was no super spreader event and we served plune because the beautiful lovely bloom allowed me to have some this anti brought it out and it was a beautiful night for blue moon. We had a great time. People were dancing. It was truly a once in a blue moon moment and this week i invite you to sit back. Relax and crack. Open a blue moon and enjoy this week's corrections and emissions as we call through the dozens of voicemails and hundreds of posts on. How did this get maids. Discord to find the best observations theories fact checks and uses research. And i present them all to here. So buckle up and enjoy the ride hit the theme odd thrown our all right. Thank you todd. let's go to the discord. Dr guts writes this omission. The island had a hundred and twenty six million dollar budget. Opening weekend was twelve point. Four million total domestic gross was thirty five point. Eight million total worldwide gross was one hundred and sixty two million. So dr guts. What you're saying is it's success while dr gots continues and says believe it or not. How did this get made his only done one other movie from the year. Two thousand and five which was stealth to movies came out within a week of each other. One came out july twenty second and the other one came out on july. Twenty ninth and. The island narrowly beat stealth at the domestic bosc. Office at Wow thirty five point. Eight million to thirty two point one million and both of these movies feel the same. Vc stealth with jamie fox and the island with you and mcgregor. They feel it the same movie. I know they're not at all but the posters the look. We didn't want it. We didn't want it's right in the middle july and we didn't want it amazing Thank you for finding out that Weird coincidence like what a weird dead zone found of these two giant summer flops Speaking of some flops. Summer blockbusters i wanna talk about that for a second unspoiled is wrapping up its blockbuster summer series if you love. Big summer blockbusters men in black jurassic park bridesmaids hangover inception. Mad max. We're doing them all on the podcasts. Unspoiled is a fun way to jump into unsold if you've never jumped into it before because we know these movies we love these movies and we've gotten into these movies and let me tell you right now. I did not like speed. And people are giving me a lotta shit about it. But i love the fugitive so to listen a fugitive. It's worth checking out again Jimbo says correction when paul mentioned the jet motorcycles. Jason joke that you and mcgregor is in another padres. You mcgregor. Obi-wan-kenobi isn't actually in the padre seen in the phantom menace. Ob one stay with the ship on the outskirts of tattooing wah kwai gone. Jar banks are two d- two patti headed into the city to search for parts. Repair the damaged ship jambalaya. You are so right now. I don't know how. I missed it. Because i've watched the mets way too many times. 'cause my kids and their tasted it's not that great adam siege drinkers rights. Nobody talked about the huge amount of people involved in this conspiracy to hide From the public that the clones are conscious literally. Dozens of medical staff and other employees are shown. Stephen shemi the lunch lady with bacon and apparently everyone else are okay with murdering clones that have thoughts and feelings from what is shown of steve shamir's life they spend their free time outside the facility. So it's just a normal job for where they clock in and clock out to help run this evil clone farm besides shaam bean. Why do any of them feel motivated to participate in. This is the pay that good. I'm imagining if you work. For an evil clone organization. The pay is really good. It also seems like it's in a weird part of The us so. I feel like you know like yeah. They may go around and talk about it in that local bar. But it's all like they're walking into manhattan and it can spread. I probably like everyone in that town. Nozoe yeah we kill clones. Here you know feel like it's a kind of an unspoken spoken rule. This small town Mantell moondog great name rights If people are interested in the themes of clone humanity and clone rights. I can't recommend enough. The two thousand ten film never let me go adapted from the book by kazoo garowe By none other than alex garland of x. makina and annihilation. I've heard about this. The movie is a samba and settled. Tragedy about clones. Who are organ farms which as opposed to the american style action escaped narrative of the island is more of a british meditation on the inevitability of class in dehumanisation of the exploited. Oh all right. Well i'm gonna check that out and you know what as a matter of fact We're actually have call about that. Say it's my premonition. I know we're gonna stick with that. And let's i jumped to sean phone. Call sean in portland. Hey guys let's just listening to the podcast about the islands and about the trope of the person hanging over the cliff The old this story in the world the ethics and amash anki do not the main character gilgamesh over a wall and then graphs and then hold them to say so. It is the oldest trope in human literature. Love the show sean. In portland oregon. Wow gilgamesh started it all all right and you know. Also gilgamesh was famously on the search for eternal life so he would be a pro congress summer so gilgamesh having more More connections girl summer than we originally thought gilgamesh started the hanging from the building. Now you have a fact to bring up at a dinner party if we ever have a dinner party again. But if he'd outdoors you could probably bring up randy from chicago This is the take own clones. That i thought was actually very interesting. Paul this is randy from chicago. One sir i in colorado from can time collar I just wanted to comment on the substantive clones because i am an identical triplets. And i'm sort. Of course my lifetime spent many many jokes About only one seven soul which would probably be and The various ways that my brothers are kind of Shadows of the person that i am and like rising about why night test scores are generally higher or why my moral fiber is never present. There's this ingenuity and even that Ultrasounds the only ever saw two of us. And then there's happened to be three on the day of the delivery and and in in the nuance of that how strange that is We often called the third one the president's office because he just seemed to spontaneously appear on the day of the birth But i thought that would add another dimension to the conversation. In how human beings fertility treatments switch. We're not present my family and my family twins skip generation on both side but how human beings are already kind of clone machines and now very often Multiples do have and by that i mean transit triplets about supposed to do these strange idiosyncrasies And how maybe if science really wants to create more legitimate clubs. They should pay more attention to the body. That and that's how i got. Thanks pal show by. So that's randy. And i mean twins. They're kind of like clones. I guess i like this. Let's keep on deeper into what clones are with. Ben is bringing us some some talk of dulas them All right so take a listen. All it's ben from cleveland. So i've really been doing longer summer. And i just wanted to talk a little bit about a team. I've kind of noticed about why a lot of these movies generally don't work and it actually basic philosophical concept known as cartesian laws or just idea that the the mind and the soul are separate entity from the knickknacks the the bleed and Is clear when the writers are intimate with concepts. Like no. we don't know if they're talking about experience or like or the programming or if you're going to whatever and usually whenever Write or understand this concept. Get a really good tight thriller. Things like x. know comes to mind just briefly but whenever it's not there like especially through like the island and surrogate. It's not really clear. They understand that idea of tourism. Or they don't differentiate those things it's just like mishmash and that's the way a lot of these movies just generally don't work and it's really evidence When it does work for shows like westworld also tend to handle this really well where they really feel experienced versus programming and that kind of stuff so anyway over clarifies a few things thinking about Have a great last year. Week i i. There's actually very interesting. I do think that ben might have misspoke. Because i think he meant the mind or the soul in this case is separate from the body and the mind can influence the body. The body cannot influence the mind. So whatever the body the mind or the soul is in will have a distinct personality sash soul This is actually a very big conversation that you brought up here and much to Molly you know molly or cody again. I don't know who's leaving these notes. Thank you for putting these here they. Let's let's keep it going. Let's figure it out. Let's let's get into You know soul dulas them or ethical duo of them but you know. I don't know we'll we'll see. I think that that'd be a great conversation for the discord. Instead of going back to the discord we have an article from Scientific america titled would your clone have a soul. Okay so this article states that a research poll was conducted where participants were asked if they thought their clone would have a mind. Sixty seven percent said yes and twenty one percent said they were unsure and eleven percent said no. In contrast only thirty two percent thought a human clone would have a soul where thirty four percent were unsure and thirty. Three percent were convinced it would be lis- furthermore the more spiritual the participants They considered the soul to be the more they distinguish between the mind and the soul and the less likely they were to support cloning humans. It's really interesting. I love this. I love that we went deep. This week You know what the winner this week is not just our people who called in and start talking about clones because of what a beautiful way to end this whole coin girl summer. Talking about like spirituality and who we are and what we believe in what is ethically immorally right. I'm gonna say what's ethically immorally right to salute the amazing people that team behind me. The reason why these mini episodes sounds of good. Come together so great. I'm gonna give this week's winner to cody and molly and extra devin july. I mean they they also do a major part of this whole thing but this week there. They're bringing the heat in the notes. So seth chatfield given their winner theme the other other all right. Thank you to everybody who wrote in and thank you to blue moon. You're crisp citrus taste with hints of coriander helped. Break us out of our regular beer routines and you've also helped our listeners. Shake out of their routines and you gave them something new and something refreshing to enjoy get blue moon or blue moon lights guy delivered to your door by visiting get blue moon beer dot com slash bonkers to see your delivery options at blue moon dot com slash bonkers celebrate responsibly. Blue moon brewing company golden colorado ale. We'll be right back after this. We are in a weird time right now. And if you're feeling depressed or struggling with uncertainty or even having difficulty sleeping better help offers experienced therapists. Who can listen and help you know. I've talked about better help before. And i've talked about the benefits of mental health and therapy because i truly believe that we all need someone to lean on just site that song. No but someone that we can talk to and share. You know what's on our mind and someone that's there for us a dump basically a warm hug of someone letting us event That's what we need and and it's impactful. It makes a difference in your life in your relationships in who you are and i appreciate. How better makes it easy to do that. Because i know when you're feeling down big appointments and finding the right therapist can be like just too much work. I don't want to. I'm already depressed. You want me to start to ask around about fair apy. My friends now have to know. I don't want it better up. does it all for you. You can get a therapist and under forty eight hours. It's not a crisis self help line. It's professional counseling done securely pus expertise in different fields so maybe live in a place where they don't have a therapist. It's you know familiar with what you're going through. They can hook you up with one. That does are because this is not about being in the same room. This is about connecting in a different way. You'll get timely and thoughtful responses plus you can schedule weekly video of phone sessions and you won't ever have to sit in an uncomfortable waiting room. Oh my god uncomfortable. It is when you to see the person's coming out of once. I a therapist at different door and that was lovely. Go in one come out the other. Please better up is committed to facilitating great therapeutic matches and they make it easy and free change counselors if you need. It's more affordable than traditional online. Counseling and financial aid is available. So here's the deal. This thing is becoming so successful. That better help has actually recruited additional counselors in all fifty states. So how did this get made is sponsored by better help today online therapy and our listeners. Get ten percent off their first month at better help dot com slash bonkers. That is better. Help dot com slash bonkers better h. e. l. p. dot com slash bonkers get matched with a better health therapist and get started to day. You'll feel better. I guarantee people for sixteen years. I was a part of an improv. Group called facebook at uc be- we started back in the day in new york city With a show called a respectable That show had so many great people in it like Rob riggle rob hubel. Jack mcbrayer jackie clark daniel schneider down a firmin And over the years That show has kept its central core. i'm talking about chad. Carter and seth morris and myself own burke We've added to it. We have people like phil augusta jackson and we have people like charlie sanders all coming in to be a part of the script and been performing for sixteen years. Ecb has yet to open again in l. a. and i don't know if it will and i don't know if i'm breaking any news by saying that because i'm just i don't have any new break but we have moved our show on this show that we've been doing for a very long time to largo. Our good friend. Finey at largo has allowed us to move our show to there and we are doing it. September twenty third come see the brand new titled news group but newly titled group dinosaur Dinosaur every month we have amazing special guests and a lot of that core. That just mentioned Last month we had karl tartan. Mary holland And this month we will see who will say. It's always a fun show so come on down to largo. Check it out. Keep your eyes peeled for another crashes with me and rob pupil if you're in la in september towards the end if theaters are still going come see us at largo. You have to have a vacs card. You have to wear a mask. It's totally safe as much as it can be. And it is a lot of fun Alright people gets my pixel week. Let's do it wow All right thank you honest jams. I'm going to talk about i've talked about before and we'll talk about it again I wanna talk about some podcasts. That you should be getting in your ears and the number one. Let's talk about our friend of the show He's got a great new podcast coming out. it is called storytime with seth rogan. Seth rogan is doing. I think something that. I absolutely love in podcasting which is something different than what we are hearing all the time. It's not an interview show. This is a show that is a thorough exploration of an event. A cool story. In someone's life it is like seth is ira glass and the stories are equally fascinating but more fun and the guests are amazing. You have people like quinta brunson on the show. You have Paul rudd pops in if a diverse They david crosby. I believe is on the show I hope i'm still in it. I did an episode knows superfund Anyway it's going to be great the trailers up. Now take a listen to it and anyone spoil the last part of the trailer because if you hear that last part of the trail you know this is going to be a great Fucking podcast. I'm very very excited for this So make sure you subscribed to storytime with rogan. You're gonna like it. It's a brand new podcast series. Now here is the other thing i wanna talk about. You know me i like the nba. I'm all in the nba Can't get enough of it There is a podcast called the whistle blower podcast. It is all about the nba betting scandal. I knew pieces of this story. I don't think you have to be an nba fan to enjoy this but it really is asking a big question is the nba. Or i should say was the nba more like professional wrestling or was it a true sports competition. That is the question at the core of this podcast and it is fantastic. It is it is amazing it really. I just think it brings up a lot of issues and there's a lot of parallels to what we're going through In our world as far as like who is the authority. And what rules they make and how they can control what we're able to do not do The whistleblower podcast is absolutely great So check out that And again if you are a fan or if you're not a fan You know. Check it out now. Let's see is there anything else. I wanna talk to you all about I told you that a couple of weeks ago. I talked about this. Mooning book and i got. I got a lot of grief from people because i didn't say who wrote it and the writer. The book is scott ryan. So scott ryan get his book. Moonlighting oral history. Sometimes i do these things off the top my head and I forget i forget. I sorry i sorry. I sorry scott ryan and for those of you like playing video games ago tell you. I'm enjoying mario golf Super mario golf on the switch. A lot of fun a lot of fun all right. Those are my picks of the week. They're very They're all over the place but we're going to be back with the court chat very soon. Jason i were talking about that just today But now that we've got clone girl summer over the island the big questions about cloning. I guess they're out of the way or at least they're on the table. Let's talk about next week's movie. We are revenue engines. Were starting the school year with a kid and his dirt bike because we are watching the dirt. Bike kid okay. Here's the synopsis a teenager teenager. I mean he's like twelve Peter billingsley you know the kid from christmas story and his magical motorcycle. Stop a banker Well i mean this is so crazy. I don't even want to tell you. I don't even want. Yes about stopping a banker. It's also about riding dirt bikes. It's a lot. The movie is so bad. It has never rating on rotten tomatoes The audience gives it a fifty three percent not bad and tv. Guide said This movie's problem is it's just plain stupid so let's listen to the trailer. Nobody's catching him. Fight kit. I can't can't do by special special well provided it has the right lighter i going gets go flying. Everybody's after the dirt bike kid or rent the dirt bike kid on amazon video. You can also just watch it for free on pluto like i did pluto tv but had to watch commercials. June said that she enjoyed the commercials because it gave her a break from how hard it was to watch the movie. But i would've liked to watch it just through anyway No movie bitches as we can but make sure you check out april and her whole movie bitches channel over on youtube and we will see next week remember rate and review the show. It really does help us. It really really does help us. Rate interview the show. It helps us and make sure you visit us on all of our social media platforms You know that's how we do all right. And if you like to hear the show commercial free then sign up for the premium archives of. How did this get made you get one month free trial by using the code bonkers a big thank you to cody a big. Thank you molly a big. Thank you to april kyle. July engineer devon and everybody at ear wolf and we will see you next time for the dirt bike kid.

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Horizon Workrooms  This is Only a Test 613  8/19/21

This is Only a Test

1:01:50 hr | 2 months ago

Horizon Workrooms This is Only a Test 613 8/19/21

"Hey let's start the show for thursday. August nineteen twenty twenty one. Welcome to this is only a test. The official podcast of tested dot com. Welcome to the podcast this week. I got norm here. That's me also. Poor assures me that is you know. Welcome back to the show. We missed you last week. A digital was a wonderful Sit in the stand in and But we are starting with a duo cast this week because jeremy have to jump on a work call. We had the three of us. Were already to record. But i all this is say. Hopefully he will be able to join and jump back in. Because there's some vr stuff toward the end of the show. I would love to discuss with both of you guys not just you. Shores much is as much as it is a nice welcome presence. I like your new cameras up. You have a nice wide angle view. Now i hate it. So i had my first tech failure big tech failure that pandemic i i had a knock off version of the l. Gadoe cam late for my dsl. Are and i've sony a six thousand and so the image viewer app. That sony developed where you can use it in like an ob obese capture or just you know essentially set up your dr is a As a webcam doesn't work for the a six thousand it's the next model up that it's actually provision for So i to use a camera in my like knock off. One just started failing. This week's i went to like i stood. I will just straight up. Tell you i stole my kids. Webcam so this is some generic webcam. I bought for him. You know for virtual school last year and it's all like fish and i hate it but it looks okay so whatever good things. The wide-angle is a look. It's definitely a lotta. It's it's it's it's i would say i would dare say. It's flattering to the room mixture room. A lot bigger than it is. Yeah maybe maybe wide angle is is my is my best anal. Let's go there Yeah it was going to say Just really quickly A congratulated vendor the the move to just film cast. And if people haven't listened to the film gas before really highly recommended. It's really good deep dive into a lot of films. i know. there's a lot of film. Podcasts out there but i feel like Those guys do a really good job and they cover a lot of movies coming out and we're finally back in a season where there's movie stuff coming. Oh my god we're gonna talk about movie stuff also because we did not have you on the podcast last week to talk about the suicide squad and i know all of us have thoughts and i actually have not heard from you. What you thought about the suicides are now. We did diving some light spoilers last week and i think we do the same here. It's been out for a couple of weeks. People aren't actually a lot. Were watching it in theaters. A lot of people watch it on. Hbo max i think we're the clear in terms of Talking plot details. But what did you think about. Star of the conqueror. Whatever as anyone that bite may have read. Dc comics is one of the most ridiculous dc. Billions it's also one that has a ton of potential because mine control and so mind control is when a superman like biggest weaknesses like their storylines. There that are interesting. I really like suicide squad for the reset. It has done on the dc eu in the sense of so many of the bad dc movies are just take themselves too seriously. They are the the just over the top really Just you know monroe's films. This is a movie that right out the gate with gonna make fun itself make fun of the characters and just embrace a gory. Kind of popey comic aesthetic without you know trying to set up like these big dramatic character development. Arc's i think they did a good job of that that being said it was like two. Almost two and a half hours is a bit Two hours a twenty. I'll tell you it was not as long as fast nine. That was a long movie. Yes as somebody that scene fast nine. I can attest to that too. I feel like there's a a really good hour and a half hour and forty five minute movie in this And it kinda dragged at points in the middle but it just you know elevates the kind of filmmaker that james gunn is and the levity that he brings the spirit that he brings to the to the movie. There's a lot of things. You can quibble about this movie But my main thing is like when i was sitting at home watching this on my was like damn. This is the kind of movie. I wanted to see in theater because with a crowd with people laughing would have made the experience better and so this movie especially suffered from not being able to see the movie theater. I mean when you have a villain that is a Kaija scale right and to put him on. An amax screen would be the right way to see all the shots of really wide shots. I think in film also doesn't get enough credit of having the climactic battle in broad daylight like you see so many of these movies where the last suicide squad whereas dr pretty in the shadows here. It's like just in the middle of the day and it holds up all the all the effects I get what you meant about. Length there are certainly some subplots scenes. Like harleys romance was a thing. I wouldn't sacrifice it though i really enjoyed. It felt like a little bit detour. The scene where they went to the bar night and you know when they were going to capture the thinker that whole scene. Fella could've been little tighter. But i think he's such a good writer and allows these characters the play off each other. You're only meeting some of these characters for the first time and the last time here he's gotta make the most out of that time. Well i mean. Let's all agree that the weasel is the best dc hero that we've seen in in many years that he deserves a follow movie. He could have been framed. He could have been framed for killing those children. I mean who knows Also played by. Jim jason's brother who also played calendar man. You'd be talking about deep cuts in in In dc lor. They've said he said after the critical success of this film you know he's opening coming back to the universe that dc's been really happy with what he's done in kind of salvaging the tcu you and bring some type of continuing that the this This universe of characters. Something they're going to continue doing while also having you know the the new batman right then robert pattinson batman and the tv show spin off of that batman already announced for hbo. Max like they're fully embracing multi. Yeah i'll be very busy. How suicide squad will play against matt reuse batman which i expect to be very somber very gritty in a lot of You know a deep tones with gravelly voice. But we'll we'll see i think there's a universe where those movies can co exist I just don't think we've seen it yet from dc. Yeah a lot of a dark nirvana covers. Just look forward to So speaking of bolsover slow We also had the debut of a. What if on dizzy plus. This is the animated. Show the second actually by ten reporting this. Finding you're listening to the second episodes already up. I haven't seen it yet. But i think it's fair to talk about lease the first episode. Which is what if peggy carter took the super soldier serum and became captain carter. Now this is a half hour. Show it's cannon in the sense that it's in the m you and they opened the door for potentially Some of these characters to make into live action universe. You're the things that the consequences of the low-key show have allowed the multi-diverse in the mcc to happen. What did you think of this. The storytelling first and then the animation. Yeah so aiysha. Backup and this spoiler free for me and say what. If is a comic book that i would often see in like the the kind of seventy five cents dollar pin my local comic store in pick up one and loved house. One shot self contained in was ridiculous stories but it was all contained. It was sort of fun in that way. I didn't like their choice. That this could tied at cannon because it takes away a little something from that From that just wild exploration. And so i kind of hope. Nothing here ends up. Being canon is just like that just happened. Multi burdensome marvel zombies. They're not going to bring that to the mci right. I think they're going to be plenty of of these stories that can stand on their own. Just be these fund roms. Maybe they'll come back to that that thread. i'd guess converge. I just missed the definitive. This is a one-shot kind of aesthetic to to it and by opening the door just opens up like the speculation and all that kind of stuff rather that will be closed down. the show. Itself has like a breezy half hour. Like there isn't a likes of like depth of character and everything else. There's a ton of call backs to hear the captain america first avenger and other movies There's a minor payoffs for that But overall the story was kind of it was okay. Like i'm glad i watched. It was good but it wasn't great by any means Voice acting was very good. They brought back most of the msu People to voice their roles. Except for chris. Evans president wet good impression and also good Hugo weaving impression. I think they've got the same voice actor who did the endgame or sorry right and the end game voice. Yeah infinity one. Infinity were a mark. Ross marquand But even like sebastian stan. His back in haley atwells back. And i actually really liked the style of the innovation. It it evokes kinda throwback Style which really suits the captain america story that they were telling. It'll be interesting to see how well this animation style works for some of the more cosmetically inclined stories that we're going to get but i think it's beautiful to look at as well I'm not sure which animation studio did this but it reminds me a lot of the resistance star wars show aware on its face. If you look at a single frame it looks hand-drawn Look cel shaded. But it's it really is the advancement in three d. animation. They can flatten it in do all sorts of crazy stuff in three d. but still create this the bold outline cel shaded. Look really seamlessly in the action. I think favorite part of this show the fight scenes with captain carter the way she would take down. You know they. They could exaggerate in some of her Her feats abilities right and Just go way beyond what you would be able to choreograph in a live action film. I would say the the one kind of part that doesn't work for me. Is they are taking elements of the of an hour and a half two hour movie. So they basically took the captain america first vendor story and implanted into a wet frame and told that entire story but in thirty minutes. So like there's a lot of pacing that is just like bam bam bam bam you're onto the next thing And so in a way. It's our unrelenting. This show doesn't work unless you've seen those films like let's just get that out of the way and if you're not a fan of those films i don't think these are going to work for you. so a. I wish there was a little bit again. This was a little bit of a serious take again. I wish there was a little bit more lightheartedness in the in some of the writing a wish. It was paced a little slower. But all in all it's good. Yeah that's why. I'm looking forward to the morals one because that one feels like we're going to follow the plotline of a film you've seen before and in call at all the places where they do diverge have a separate story that he uses familiar faces interesting way in their nine episodes. Already talked about second season that they've commissioned so it's a thing to come I think it definitely doesn't feel as essential as it. Even the the low key and the one division shows are so a subset of a subset of a subset of but still. It's your mc you fix on tv Because unlike black widow shanxi is going to be in theaters. Only and confirm by amax a full imax scope so one point nine by one or forget the aspect ratio But they had the premier earlier this week in la big red carpet and most of the cast were there. There were even some spoilers on the red carpet. Germs of who made an appearance. I don't know if i want to mention I haven't seen it yet. But the the first twitter impressions i love. How they the the the the the the press team. They allow not full reviews but they allow the social media impressions first. Those dropped on monday night and they were glowing particularly kind of read between the lines Particularly the action was really a stand point for these reviewers so in a i'm excited i don't know i don't know how i feel like i mean feel to weights about this movie in the sense that The action scenes like evoking a movies of the past and having that aesthetic come through into the mci. I love that. I love when the mc you borrows another film genre. It incorporates it into the world. I'm also little tired of the lake. Father son superhero kind of has to emerge from the shadows of of the sins of the father story and it's not just marvel that his beaten into the ground. A lot of other genres have but the trailer makes it feel like we're going to be following an art that we've felt so many times before the origin stories of superheroes is wearing thin on me in the ways that we tell the same or So i'm not excited about it from that way so i'm like really tempering my expectations about this movie. As a whole. I think both this film and internals internals has the benefit of less being an origin and more being a unveiling revealing of these new cast of characters. And the thing that i read. Was this film. shonky is yes. It's a traditional origin story. But it's a revealing of a a different part of the mc world hidden world and underworld. I don't know if that's badger poorer if that's you know if it's a more mystical world like like we saw in thor our doctor strange But it's one that's for sure. Contractual reasons or this decision. It's not gonna be on dc plus access so when it comes out early. September i gotta find a way to this. Might be the one to break the seal for me to watch in theaters To head to amax dobie vision and and finally washed my first film in over two years at same for me. I and like i don't know if i need to see this movie. And i max. I just wanna see it on a big screen with good sound. The dolby is actually more appealing to be. Because that's the thing. I can't recreate at home. I mean i can't recreate nymex screen either but like i want the sound. That's what i miss about the theaters. Yeah yeah and unfortunately. I think they'll be vision in san francisco is right in the heart of downtown the heart of the population so maximum risk. Yeah for hopefully maximum payoff. Okay one last. Bit of pop culture Also on dc plus a trailer drop for star wars visions of announced this mushroom Twenty three or Some might have been enemy expo but it's Basically like what they did with animatrix huts allowing Animation studios in japan that traditionally do anime to take on a create their own star wars stories. And if feels very orbis like star wars was created as a direct of inspired by a rip off of samurai stories and which were house in. At least those era the The carousel ones inspired by spaghetti. Westerns. and then you have the cyclical thing and now you have. The japanese version of the star wars stories The animation here definitely traditional like hand-drawn animation. Looks amazing yeah. I'm super excited about this. I understand like star. Wars has really borrowed heavily. I'm not gonna say ripped off. I will say borrowed heavily from From curse allah and a number of other japanese filmmakers. I'm excited about the full. Embrace of animate that we see here. I'm wondering how much they embrace it lay. If you're real. Anna may fan. And i i am not enemies. We're man lay the storytelling. Anime is bizarre. I wonder how much they're going to allow the expiration of storytelling and especially inside of action seeds. To look and feel really different than what we've gotten used to in the star wars universe as of late. I hope they do and we got some visual cues that. They embraced it in the trailer. Which makes me excited now. It's a it's a question of whether they really let the storytelling do that too. I love this show contrast with what if in a sense. it's in his standalone stories. They are stand alone stories but they don't have the premise on a single pivot point. It's not you know. What if vader interns those oxide or what. If i'd gone live like sure those are fun. You know a fan service he things to think about. But these are true standalone. Let's just tell a different story. In a vast universe star wars with light sabers with or not and and let innovation studio. Go at it. I'm not sure if these are supposed to be considered eu equivalents. Or or whatever. But i i like that doesn't have that burden of what if in that it's tied to you know A canonical main plot Which for star wars were kind of at a pause point anyway after the The sequel has concluded so. That's i think coming out. Say late september And so looking forward to that. Of course be able to see plus and then i just remembered something very important criterion now. I don't know if this is going to be on. The criterion channel the subscription service but criterion announced that they have finally started to They're going to start releasing four k. Up rates which for the longest time they had not so they have like criterion known for the high quality of not just the the films they put out the quality of the films themselves. the The the kind of restoration that they sometimes do and like the four k now Re masters of these films Or for new four k. Transfers of these films In addition to all the ancillary material you get from commentaries essays to punch That's all this stuff kind of make up the criterion package but the whole criterion collection as it exists is all in to cates all in ten eighty on blu-ray or in the past on dvd. And they're slowly dipping their toes in the k. because they have four k. transfers they're gonna put out six four k. Blu rays including citizen kane including the red shoes and a couple of those. I don't remember but come november. A citizen kane is coming out. That's gonna be a big four k release not coming out as a fourth year release. Though huge part of my childhood is the jet li once upon a time in china series and complete series for one hundred bucks six films on a in a box set and that looks increase remastered rate so it should look good on four k. screen issue. look they sample footage a simple clip. They have on their website and had lists all the lights of the behind the scenes stuff there including with that And it's the five main films that they've list as part of a serious plus. There is technically a six film. Once upon a time. China in america which is a little bit more of a comical Not exactly shanghai noon but it goes off the path but that's also included as well if you haven't seen these films there Soy hark directed them Early nineties the reason. Jet li became international superstar. He plays a a A a doctor scholar martial artists who you know in what is it. Turn-of-the-century eighteen late eighteenth century early nineteenth century Kind of you know fights for his his homeland and they're they're amazing films so those are coming out in november all right before we move onto some tech news. Only give a shot up to two videos that you may or may not have seen one that we published just yesterday as you're listening to this We were down at prop store or fronts of prop store. They're running currently Actually starting at the end of this month the mythbusters auction. So you've seen some videos. Come out these are all the artifacts that were on tour as part of misbah mythbusters the exhibition those things props from the show you know very comic props from robots shar to the cat and all these things are going on auction to benefit the grant imahara foundations foundation so An including the blueprints from the opening of the shows as well. You actually get your hands on some list blueprint so those are being housed at prop store. Were down there. Were adam got shot. A bunch of videos of ra missing and tongue the stories of these pieces but one other thing we also got to see is the original in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine batman that wing for shore the quarter scale. Quarter scale so think about huge. It's ma six feet wide it. It's mounted on a stand on the back where the jet thruster is and it has. It's it was used as a filming model. So i think they made a couple of filming models close ups This one i don't think was. I'm not sure if this is the one that when he flies up to the moon moon. Yeah that's kind of scene that's economic scene but for the shots like capturing the balloons and the the the scissor class than comes out of the front in the little spinning rotary blade. That cuts the the balloons. That's actually in this model as articulated thing. the rotating gatling guns with strobe light to make it look like it's firing a little batman on the inside who's head turns all those shots you saw in the tim burton batman a were of this model and We got to see it. It's been fully restored. They pulled off layers of paint and repainted based on the original painting upgraded the The the animatronic and electronics not pneumatic. It's all now service driven but it is one of the most beautiful miniatures i've ever seen in college miniatures. Not give it. Its full credit because at quarter scale massive so. Please check out that video. It's such a cool thing. And i don't know where it's gonna go you know but the the fact that it's still alive and preserved to this day incredible thing that's awesome one other thing. I wanted to shout out. ethic as many tested listeners. Know adam is at a few convention to us at mega con- in orlando he's at a awesome kong is that the one in dc in dc. He'll be silicon. would that's next week while Why it's coming up I i just wanna say the cause play that. Have seen like at people going to like autograph sessions like the stuff that he's images from florida it like a warms my heart as somebody that hasn't been able to go to cons for almost two years and there's amazing stuff. Cat bus blew my mind. That was so beautiful. So if you haven't checked out some of his images either on instagram or or on twitter encourage you to do. So because it's amazing makes me really excited to return a soon cat bus. There is a hell boy angel of death. that was there a so beautiful Yeah the fact. That people are going all out in and they. You can't stop the cost players right. It's that you can't not 'cause play and yeah it's it's to see the pictures of the panels. The before appearances the autograph sessions. That stuff is all if feels a little bit like the world's coming back together so i can't wait for silicon end up next week. That's wow come real soon Also i did a project last week and watch the video where i made a display case for a six gill mysterious. Figure out a fun. Experiment with using one-sided mirrored acrylic And that plus a fog machine Micro fog machine super super cool. I i i was so happy with how the end up looking And mysterious. I thought was the perfect figure to to work with that. Project can find those videos on tested So moving on there's few bits of tech news We'll start with the other thing that happened just as recording last week. Samsung had a big galaxy unpacked. Event shore We talked a little bit about the new pixel phones previously. You know these are really between one plus samsung and hickel those of the phones that have the strongest footing in the states here. Not the way in the z. T.'s over over overseas But that it all by the samsung phones. So i'll start by saying samsung makes the best android phones on the market. Like period If they just do. They have the best Components they have the best cameras. This is i have a coal complicated feelings about this event. So i think we're seeing a slimming of samsung's line if you look back at what they released last year there's like the s line of franz the s. Ultra line of votes. There's the a series of phone which is more the mid range where we're starting to get peaks at bats where the bulk of their sales are coming up. There's the note line phones and then there was the i'm just gonna call it. Somewhat disastrous flip phone unveiled last year And all the problems of recalling it because of creasing issues with that screen protector. Whatever you want whole yeah And so they haven't announced a new note this year. There seemed to be pulling back from the s series line to a certain extent. Really elevating that a-series line Much more so but they are doubling down on this lips. Oh and i'm just going off atop say still don't totally get the the articulation of why flip is better. I'm gonna play is better. Fold is better. I can't even not call it a flip phone as if this is like the mid two thousand. I understand the technology our understand all of that. I just don't get the use case like in my pocket why double thickness is gonna be better experience. That being said they've solved a lot of the issues that plagued the rollout last year. It seems like from early reviews. That decrease isn't as a parent isn't apparent when the phone is on when the screen is on you can still see decrease when the phone is off which i think is aesthetically pleasing. But at least when you're using the phone you don't see a fold. We have to see how that holds up over time. It's like waterproof and it seems to be more durable than it was in years Pass which would prevent the kind of lake creasing at night. That weird issue with the the film cover coming off. They went from sixty hertz to one hundred minutes. Which is i. Think the right call. So like the internal stats seem to be there like you know. They have a six point seven inch screen now and as a snapdragon eight eighty eight and a like all the stuff that you expect is there and like the reviews that i've been reading the hands on i've been seeing are people being like. Oh this is a usable phone. Now like i can buy this like if i wanted a nice phone like i could see this by like this idea of foldable. Phone like this is useful now. I still don't know who those people are. That would be willing to pay a you know almost thousand dollars for this phone but at least they've now iterative disappoint where this is like a you know a product that you can actually imagine people buying really curious what the hell is going no. It's eighteen hundred dollars for all the z. Four hundred which is still two hundred bucks. Cheaper than z fell to third generation. Right i think the three was only a thousand bucks z. Fold to was. Two thousand of the flip is the one that's that's cheaper and l. is even is like a lot more expensive. Yes yes yes so. We're talking about two different phones right now. Flip versus the fold. Yeah let me. But they're both like essentially the same line of phones in know there's different sizes and specks inside but it's like like they're they're a thousand dollars an hour is basically the point. I think these phones exists because they want to brute force their way into one new novel technology going to be appealing to some segment of the audience. Right to how something different and sometimes it works. Sometimes it dramatically. Does it work. Because you can't reach a critical mass of traction among people who the influencers whatever you call a utility overcome the the expense To they want to ramp up and get their legs on the manufacturing foldable screens period. Because they see it as a pet advantage and they can. I'm sure the roadmaps have tons of other products outside of these type of phones where they could use. The benefit of a full screens may be in commercial marketplaces not just for consumer devices. We're talking about form factor though and user experience flip is the most more akin to the aspect ratio of a traditional phone where the benefit here that is just compactness and maybe screen protection when not using it. You're never going to really use it. In the hinge mode like when. It's hinged yeah there are some notifications and you can like control like your music and stuff but really you're right. There's really not much utility when it's close so when it's popped open it's taller so for content that's more feed based right. The one handed use case so many people use on their phones. Just glance contin consumption whether you're reading articles scrolling through instagram twitter. Whatever feed. you're getting a toddler feed. That could be appealing. I don't know why the fold the fold though the fold three which seems like that's going to be taking. The position of the note has been why that how they that's appealing because that so So i think you kind of answer. The question left flip phone and just to be super clear the fold Or is israeli the flip flips up vertically like in the way of old flip votes so like flips use case is like i want something slightly more discreet i guess And but and it's novel actually think that's the one i don't understand the use cases much for the fold is i think he just said it. It's like they're trying to capture some of their old note users to basically be like here is the usability of the note when it's unfolded. It's almost as big not quite You can use a stylus on it. You have to use a special stylus. That's not gonna damages green but like generally people are like the stylus feels the same as the no. I think they're going after that niche. And it's a serious upgrade in price versus where the note was which was sub thousand dollars. Now you're talking about eighteen hundred dollars thing but it's those people that want a tablet experience on a premium folk who don't want to buy the tablet who who wants to draw or diagram or write with a pen on a wide aspect ratio is more square. Irish form factor. It's not for video watching video. Sixty nine doesn't look great on either of these devices a your wasted real real estate But i don't. I'm just not in tune with that note user. The person who wants to have a phone start scribbling on a wider palette canvas if you want the canvas i think you go for a seven inch tablet at that point. I think there's a clear niche of users. That like the note. Would i don't understand is is are there a bunch of those no users who were like you know what would make this note. Great if i could fold it in half and put it in my pocket. Maybe that's the case. I just don't totally I don't totally By i can't imagine this. E fold being nice on a plane or like places at your compact for amount of time. You want some screen real estate. But you don't want the full experience of a laptop or tablet but all that being said this a lot of money for For this and they still have a ways to go to interested to get to the level of specs as other other flagship bones. Like the cameras in this aren't as good as the stuff in the in the pro- The the pro-life so this is still like only halfway. And maybe that's what next to me about is really getting these foldable phones like the usability down the durability and then getting up to their just a couple of other things about this event that i found bizarre the watch thing what a mess. What a mess like. It doesn't even come preloaded with a lot of base where west apps like google fit isn't preloaded on this and basically samsung's like a almost felt like dem saying out loud and they're not wrong that lake. Google has abandoned the watch sports. They have they have. Let's say have right. Yep but they need to use all of our samsung built stuff ecosystem and it is a mess. And i was just kinda like i don't understand this thing. That's a little more concerning Because that market the android watch market has been a little bit dead for a wile is the is the ear. Buds have some proprietary stuff. Like you can only be there certain features that only work with samsung phones. As like are we heading to a world. Where like when you buy your your wireless ear buds. Now there's only gonna be certain features that you that are unlocked if you're inside the ecosystem like you have a little bit of that with. I mean we have a little bit of that with the with the air pods but not a. It's not anything new for apple per se but now we're seeing android. Which has historically not done that. Do that right now. And so are the next generation pixel ear buds going to do the same thing I hate this of just aesthetically that we're starting to get a whole like when you buy a phone what you're buying is to an ecosystem of accessories only work really with that phone it and this i think boils down to there. Being fewer competitors more santo feels like they don't worry about people who are buying algae phones and Other phones and other entered phones complaining about this because it's really they feel like it's them versus apple and google will do their own thing Yeah and i question how committed they are to these Note was a big note in the galaxy s. two big flagships they. They had a really good cadence. Not think we got a little greedy in having two flagships in the year and then having so much granulation in in the product line. But i question how committed they are to the fold in the flip series and whether they see it as a note or they see it as just a to get some headlines as we're talking about it and people are interested in reviewing them and putting samsung you know in people's mind As more of a marketing thing and they just need a sell enough to justify. Rnd and manufacturer relatively limited quantity. Yeah i mean. I would say they're committed to it because it's their differentiator right now. No one else is in foldable to the extent that samsung is So they're committed to it as long as that market actually continues to and this is enough of an integration that you can be like maybe maybe by it though as a differentiator it only valuable to them. If it's a thinkable care about and you're trying to go back to the tv's that had out the kurds. Tv's right it's it's it was a differentiator but there was a problem. A solution in search of a problem that didn't exist Whereas i think so much of a phone buying today on the high end for the people who do upright every year or every other year. They're looking at not necessarily what's different but they're looking at the core features. You know camera messaging you know battery life as the things that get them upgrade And for other people who have less frequently it's going to cost it's going to be about pricing and trade ins and what's gonna be part of their plan less so what is gonna be different in cutting edge like early adopters. The seals still feels like an early adoption product. All right Other news boston dynamics. Boston dynamics put out another video this time. This is pretty amazing. So they put a bunch videos. This past year The ads of dancing robots last year. We got a chance to see some about software the choreographer software allows you script out the dance sequences and time them to key them to music Here they have their atlas robots. These are the bipedal ones actually doing some parker leaps back backflips jumping from surface surface. Scaling going around a curve And it sounds like a based on their blog posts in behind the scenes video. They put out. It's not just pre-programme movements. Some of this is taking in perception information. Some some taking in some Real time information to adjust to perform these otherwise scripted sequences eric so everyone focuses on the backflips and the walking. On curved surfaces curved surfaces thing around ben is really impressive. There's one thing that's late in the video that was like holy crap it's There's a balance beam and the robot puts one arm on a balance beam and vaults itself over the beam in last back down on its two feet and i was like i literally my mouth dropped. I mean what all the other stuff is super impressive. I'm not taking wait. A second of how impressive it is but there is monumental shifts in a weight distribution a that are represented there Because every other motion that it has is using its legs as main engine and propeller in the center of gravity is usually being shifted around in large part by how its legs are maybe guests. The upper body is is contributing to that. That was a whole completely different range of motion. That i didn't expect we also have to talk about like the outtake video where they fall out and i think they're putting these videos out to show like like the video served two purposes one but technology is amazing but then also some quick take take these. Robots are too powerful but then they also show that. These are massive engineering problems you have to show at. These are massive engineering problems that they're working on and that they're really pushing these robots to the limit thing as simple as quote unquote as simple as a vault for humanity is massively complex and that they say these their success rate for that move is fifty percent And they're making these judgments just to just to make them happen. A you see the hot takes like okay. This is moving down a path of scary robots. But i'm not afraid of these robots. Because i know how like yes. They are running very powerful motors And i don't wanna get close to them and get you know pinched by motor points here. But they're also very easy to knock down as well. Yeah to me. This illustrates is a technical achievement rates the complexity of human motions. All of the inputs. That were taking the incredible processing that we do on the fly the balance just to make some of these motions. I think the failure video is more constructive in the sense of it. Shows how precise the robots have to be to achieve what we saw in that. Like one polished cut And i appreciate them showing it So it like especially the one where it's falling down and it's like you can see like the pneumatic system is basically like expelling air out of the back. So you know. I'm always gonna look at these as the technical achievement more than the the joke robot. Kind of thing Just because we've had so many of those jokes already and and for people who are Kind of putting out the warning signs. They're not looking at. What the robots during this video and the failure points. They're looking at well with iteration in the improvement curve but then these robots might able do five or ten years down the line cinema mass improvement From the days of the the the honda robot right what was that robot called again. The i know it's been you're talking about but i can't remember the famous honda robot that just did slow steps down the jimmy williams about called. They have awesome. Oh they had them at disneyland right. They had them walk out for one of those. They had a partnership. Yes i want to know about. The boston dynamics robots and forgive me. If you've discussed this already is our. Is that new video. Are they basically running an animation or are they perceiving the environment and performing parker on it. Both there's whole blog post. Will they talked about. What's new about this is it's a combination of the script. Did actions that they have the hard coat in a but perception as well so perception allows them to apply scripted actions to variables in the environment and thing like the vault. We talked about how how difficult just that. One hand revolt is of putting some stability or weight onto a beam that was only a fifty percent success rate as they were filming it. Pretty amazing stuff but awesome. Oh that was the robot asimo i confuse it with. There's a south park episode for carbon plays a robot and he's called awesome. Oh that's that's how it should remember it okay. we're wrap this episode up cherries jumping in just as perfect timing. Because we're going to talk about Oculus some vr so announced just this morning as recording. This is facebook connect coming back Virtual event this time videos is going to be october twenty eighth. We're not gonna be going to san jose. Jeremy sorry we're not gonna see our favorite developers in person but they're gonna finally do the thing that we wanted them do last year. It's in horizon how it's gonna envy horizons. Wow it's going to be an horizons. The vr conference is actually going to be in vr. Finally so does that mean. They're they're gonna open up the bait and everybody can join i presume so at least maybe the the people who sign up. Maybe it was a little tweet. That announce that it'll be in horizons and video. I can imagine that like a conference. Attendees quote unquote who toured developers. Bill get the priority access. Maybe they're the only ones who have to go to experience it in horizons But horizons has been invaded for a long time. We've seen the some of the hands on reports We don't know why we don't know why it's in beta. It's been over two years since we've seen it since we first saw because it's not done. Well what what. what about. It isn't done and it worries me. Because i know they have a lot of things that need to solve horizons with privacy with moderation. Note this they have all the liabilities and you figure out but you have very successful. Vr social platforms metaverse equivalents in vr. Chat in rec room. That are just they're just skyrocketing terms of users in horizons is still has an still in beta. Yeah i have no idea. I've never tried horizons. I was able to download the project. I thought i was admitted into the beta. But apparently not when i launched it tried to log in and said you are. You're nobody to us. You may not enter. Wait till you are invited. So i i don't have any idea but from what i've read it's like you know they have a you know there's a lot that they're trying to do with being able to do user generated content and in order to catch up vr chat and rec room. As you said it's as time goes by it becomes harder and harder to do yes. And i think they probably have more to lose if there was any any user abuse There's records is hugely backed. There's a lot of funny behind it But they also wibble successful because the allowed multi-platform. Right wasn't a single headset device. They're on oculus. Headsets on pcv vr there on ps vr. There on phones. Mitchell experiences play record and that's been spent can help them tremendously Something that is interesting. That was just announced. As i think as podcast is being released. I think you can even try day isolate. I got the demo this week. Called horizons workplaces Workplaces got this right workrooms. Sorry horizons workrooms. I'm gonna open up my My press release that. I got for that. So do you remember. I did that. Demo of that experience called spatial. It's out that's on on vr and it's It's another company that has a ton of backing and they've developed navigation allows collaborative workplaces. And it's also a special It's vr nar so a headset. You could create avatar Do anything we're seeing a picture of yourself and math onto a avatar and you could tell no load photos or documents and in. Vr virtual conference room and tron whiteboard. Something up on a big big display and people can video chat in people with hollw- ends Could also interact and see those same avatars floating in in in the real space horizon. Workplaces is a lot like that but vr specifically and using a lot of horizons technology. So right now it's going to launch I think it's in beta sixteen users in. Vr can jump into a meeting room and you can create no your zoom equivalent scheduled. Call no you can be in the room but as the interesting thing about how. The design this as opposed to free form floating around and free locomotion. Everyone is set up to be tethered to their desks. They really want you to set it up. So you're at your real home desk. Remember how the workplaces features in quest allow you to map out your guess. Yeah maybe track. A keyboard right in a floating web browser. They want that experience. But with fifteen other people in vr and maybe also thirty four other people on a virtual screen up to fifty people total and are a knights of the round table where everyone's at their desk in a in a circle. There are three different layouts. There's a traditional long conference room the long room style. There's the knights of the round table justice league. You know circular arrangement. And there's the stacked seating classroom style arrangement where people are rose and they dynamically scale so when you're in a room with five people. Were like eight people demo. It's a eight person size roundtable as more people jump in up to sixteen in vr. It grows in the circle gets bigger several facing other something that they do. That's interesting because they really want people to be mapped to their desk is in a lot of people have like matchbox right. There's a remote desktop application that ties us so on your macbook on your computer that you would be wearing your heads at you would load up of remote a new remote desktop application like you would see in big screen right a desktop client that then you get to see your laptop or your desktop screen in front of just you in vr. So you can actually see your keyboard. They actually track now. Macbook pros in mac keyboards. And see them on your table. And you're able to type while also chatting with other people around you or watching presentation or presumably you can share your screen to the group you can share your screen to the group you can drag and drop assets into the web portal according to doing so of the demo there. I thought they were doing Three really cool things one. The problem that we had with big screen with our avatars. They seem to have solve that with some keep alive. Animation like blinking is. You're looking someone they'll do. The is that kind of your lock onto an avatar but also pretty perfect speech to animation generally procedurally generated animation. So the whole thing that you know we saw with g. man in half life two where they take an audio file and sync to it. It had that in real time with your avatar that you've created it was it was really cool like like i. You're looking at a cartoon. You're looking at like a a car piece of soaps pixar character right and avatar floating hands. Everything's all hand tracking tracking. I and as i'm talking to them yet spatial audio and you see them. You're looking at their virtual is the look at your visualize and their mouth is moving as you're talking i appreciate you speaking my language with the g. men reference. I still i will. I'm still holding my. I will not hold my breath. That's the phrase because until we get actual i tracking in there. I'm just not convinced that i'm going to be you know fall for it. I what i really want is to lose that. Uncanny valley nece inside. Vr and deepen the presence by feeling. Like i'm really looking and communicating with somebody. And i feel like until we get eye tracking and maybe even facial scanning on not going to get what i want but i could. We should try. We should try. We should maybe even do a podcast in this. Because i from the forty five minute demo got i got to a point where i felt like i was talking to animated people and they were talking to me. I'd like be mindful of where my hands were and listening to them They really encourage people not to beyond mute. The classic girona skype resume call. And everyone's on you being on you and they have good voice cancellation for background noises. was a good thing. 'cause you could really interject and see the animations and have a real conversation that way The other cool thing they're doing is Everyone there's a whiteboard right and everyone you turn your desk in front of you. Which has your keyboard or your laptop or whatever you have setup you can move to the side and your table becomes digital whiteboards so what you draw on your table. Surface will pop up on the whiteboard. But how do you draw. They've figured out a way. And this is a no brainer thing sts were you hold your touch controller as apoe so you holding it in a natural position you rotated around and hold it as if you're holding a fat sharpie and it worked. I believe it. That's good because when you're holding like you're holding a sharp your big pen. The tracking ring is pointed at your face. Yeah so it's really accurate and it looks like a pen. And you're drawing with it and you're using it in a different orientation you know right now that to me is the most compelling part of this whole equation to me. Because i'm the whole time that you've been describing this. I'm wondering okay. I know why is this is developing this this app because they want the are to be the future and they wanna get there soon. Seems possible that have to be experimenting. But i don't see yet why this is better than a zoom call. Because i can make facial contact. I contact with you. I can see your actual face. I can engage with you and and i share my desktop. We can all do that. And we have great audio and You know it's all pretty great on zoom although it is condensed to a single screen as you know i don't have the the physical presence of being with you. I don't know if i need that. In order to communicate to you. But i can't draw like i can't if i was at an office i can draw on a whiteboard. That's that's actually really useful for a lot of reasons and drawing with a mouse does not work with the pain of the by as much as people try to do it in slack. it. It's not great. It's not pretty. So i can see now. That would be a great use if you needed to whiteboard stuff. I like their research has shown that you form memories better of your meetings when there you are talking to someone and you feel presence so we try it. I think they're they're convinced that this is that the meetings you have here will be more being full than the beings you have on zoom And that people as dog food actually like spending time zone out looking at their virtual desktop typing on the keyboard and if people pop in and all over the world and you can have a quote unquote face to face conversation with them. It's open for beta now We should absolutely try this Whether it's going to be a product they support from years to come. Who knows up the sets. The animations the spatial audio all that stuff will be able to developers in so even if this doesn't take off even if it is a third party act like applic- spatial that they're competing with At least the. Api is core to the quest to quest to exclusive and uh developers can tap into that and make use of that. This is a lot of the interoperability that they've been talking about. Building the metaverse on gassed in in horizons in the future rooms. Yeah the big screen one is. Last i checked was still are most watched podcast on youtube of all time. So there's something to it. No big movie theater. No custom backgrounds. It's me their office. It looks like a boardroom. Little you know the standard vr stuff that we should try it out. It's going to be out. today Free to use against sixteen people up to fifty with people jumping in the video and you can school. oculus horizons workrooms to check it out the best in the description. There's some interesting things going on with. Pass through with them. Devs that have the the you know the k. The i guess oculus hasn't enabled this yet to be something can release brand products but like the gravity. Labs guys have their app working in augmented reality essentially so that you could assemble contraptions to manipulate them in the same sort of three d space that you would in the normal game except rather than being in a three d. environment you're in your environment and it. That's really cool i. I can't imagine that an office experience would work very well for that because you'd be clipping through walls everywhere but i wanna see more of that because that that to me is that's where oculus is heading to the augmented reality future. And that's the way for the prototype using the quest that seems like it's working very well they do the reverse here where as opposed to it being a are they do pass through vr. Where your desk is you've mapped it out. You press the button in your the. The matt of your desk becomes past just that little window so you can see where your coffee cup is. I like that. Yeah and we'll see where you're real you know your real. You can put your controllers away or you can grab a thing but it's a touch of virtual button and then you get a little window into your real world cool. Yeah that does it for this week's episode. Thank you jeremy for jumping in The last couple of minutes about are relevant things and we'll be back at next week with another episode. I'll play ultra song in the edit. But until then we'll see you next time i didn't see her just one story this week Where we get in one point eight billion years ago around the universe in various forms.

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Barrick Gold CEO Mark Bristow, CEO of Cloudflare Matthew Prince and New Travel Stocks

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This is what you get when everyone's worried about a late september swoon. Market that open straw but then can't stay strong because people want to get out while the gets good. Sure the dow finished up two hundred sixty two points as bureaus point three percent but the nasdaq would ended up down seven percent. We have a rotating cast of leaders. There's no consistency whatsoever. This market today. The dow was up. Nasdaq down tomorrow could be easily the other way round. In fact i expect it to be last week. We talked about how september seventeenth typically marks. the beginning of a significant decline in the average is at least for the last twenty years now. of course we're relying on the work of larry. Williams perhaps the greatest technician of our year. He bought patterns before they happen. He's just looking historically. It doesn't look good today as we saw last week. This market sucks in optimists. Wanna bottom fisher scalp and then they find themselves by sonam yourself. That's what happened in the espy and the nasdaq. Although the dow did manage the whole up today but it's been suffering some serious losses. This kind of pattern will pay to a widespread sense of buyers from worse as people probably chase the data tomorrow when they should have been buying the nasdaq. It's how markets get exhausted getting sources. How getting sauce. It's why i think we as we right it's prediction that we are headed for next week. What causes the late september swoon. Oh this is one of those cases where we actually have to take from. Tolstoy yes anna karenina. All happy mortgage are like but each unhappy so off is unhappy in its own way in other words various but at this time of the year we usually get accomplished negative causes stocks to get hit an accumulation disappointment confusion because buyers feel like they had enough and they've been had the market leadership right now. Today it's near every day. There's different group of leaders. That's which of the leaders really has staying power wait now the only sector with true staying power is oil and gas gasping particularly bad. That is the worst kind of granted their algorithms that are set to buy all kinds of industrial stocks. Every time oil goes up because the al goes actually think that it means the economy is getting stronger often but not always at the moment. The algorithms are playing wrong. Oil goes up these days. It only benefits the oil industry. Good news for sailors. Give you some couple of people crazy about today. Occidental pioneer natural devon energy chevron but bad news for any company that actually consumes oil or gas which is pretty much everybody. I like pioneer. I like devon chevron occidental's to oil focused environment where natural gas is the real winner because it's suddenly become very scarce. We didn't focus on that all week. So you can buy the better oil and gas needs but don't fool yourself please. They're terrible leaders for the stock market. We're talking general custer level. We are ship when these are the only groups that consist the rally. The modern is going. Where why because high energy prices are part of the basket of rising raw costs the play every single industry. And it's really starting to get us down when the oil and gas stocks league. You always get the sense that cruise about the bust outright. However i remain convinced that gets the seventy s today the saudis will turn the bring the price down in order to keep a little in their american competitors if they have too much money the american betters drill and that'll hurt saudis marketshare. Now it gets worse. Unlike the idiotic algorithms we know the truth when the petroleum complex goes higher that represents inflation which then translates only into lower stock prices. Yes if it's transitory. Were fine if it's not well it's starting to weigh on me too. When is transitory actually over these days. We're seeing higher costs vertebrae throughout what we call the system transport transfer costs or climbing at a record pace plastics with through the roof that unholy matrimony of winter storm and hurricane ida has shut down so much production capacity to everything from paper to plastic base. Possibly boxes and plastic cops are soaring in price. That's stuff hey when you get a cup of coffee. It's more expensive than you did. Someone's eating that price increase aluminum jenner's users prices. We haven't seen it ages. I went and bought a flight this week. It i think the bikes were at between two thousand and four thousand dollars. A kidding me. no. I'm not paying that price. I got a better one for like seven hundred. That's not cheap either. Inflation is rolling through the system seemingly everywhere is hard to find anything that's the same price was a year ago and practically impossible find anything. That's lower let me know. Go on twitter and tweet me if you have anything that's lower other than your industrial stock prices. Either red hot. Cpi tomorrow morning. If that were just it. Baby we can look the other way. But it's not just that rising prices are everywhere it's also got shortages all over the place now this morning. Three m gray. Copyright talked about how inflation's higher than expected businesses being rocked by forecasts that just aren't negative enough splash and interruptions are endemic. That's a could guy down six percent for auto production. When just a few months ago. They began only three percents. As if somehow that's an okay decline. Three it's not alone if anything. It's a precursor to what other industrials are probably going to say over the next few weeks man down for the year without much upside for anyone else at the same time. Many of the transports doing worse because of congested ports. Both here in asia led netflix valley today. But don't chase. What's incredible is that we were. Here's what we really want to say. Of course these are known in their band. Yeah i mean forget about it each time you read these stories. Investors act surprised and they still seem three till almost every retailer get part of the holidays and it seems as as much of what they want either can't and found or stalled off the coast somewhere eight days out in the port. A profit cove struck port in china or vietnam with the later latter complicated by ports simply aren't scaling just today we've got a report brokerage house. That nike will likely miss the quarter because of a covert outbreak in vietnam. That's not support if you're getting into that kind of discipline either. Many others. the strange thing is the tech has been seen as a safe haven and it got bit up all over the place in the last few weeks but we don't have a substantive reason to keep by. There is no gold rush tech. They can only go up so far without new information and it just isn't any tech. Is the group that has the most lose choline to the seventeenth. I do not expect a big move up ahead of the season. The weakest only in the sending decent show today. Although no one. I know could figure out why i don't trust the semi rally. I think it was just to apple's new phone launch and in the interim we see prayed of tech. Ipo's that nobody really wants to just saturating all the buyers but we can't do anything about Can we shorten any given day. We relief rally today. The dow hall of just find some healthcare stocks went higher chiefly the health insurers banks decent show. What do you do just like. I have a couple of say like wells. Fargo that stock down heart because of two hundred fifteen minutes out leaned fiddle fine for the old guard did not the new one. The company stock was twenty billion market cap in anticipation of a much larger punishment. But these made up only a fraction of the decline. Wells is still buyer. Now i don't want to aggressive about anything. No because that litany of ports freight raw overvaluation isn't enough. We got the democratic leadership trying to raise taxes especially for corporations. That doesn't help the book that said i got. They have the votes in the senate. Oh and guess. What if we don't have enough wage inflation. They want to create more jobs but they can't create more people to fill them. I have said over and over again to you. That september is the coolest month and it's playing out that way once again with rolling corrections all over the place something that is getting typically a precursor to the seasonable klein. That begin just a couple of days. Something i know traders can be buzzed about bottom line right. Now you're better off keeping cash only some gold later. And if you're trader maybe heat larry williams morning do some selling this week. Forty to get ahead of those who are unaware that september seventeenth to kicks off the toughest period of the year. I want to start with gary in new york gary. Hey jim thank you for taking my phone. Force of course thinks he stock He's a good bye right now. Yeah i think one of the modules mcardle lebron. No one's focused on it. I think it's just a terrific terrific idea. I'm going to encourage you to buy some now and then by some lower i do think that much of that company james california j. Hey jimmy chill. We love you here in downtown. La you're the best so much. i just love it. Yeah hey jim. I bought sixty six thousand dollars worth of roku stock about two months ago and it to be called the king of kings the best of the high flying stock but it fell quite a bit. It was up one hundred ninety two percent one year. It took it die for about thirty percent. Felt pretty hard. The crazy thing is jim. It had an incredible earnings report on august fourth. It was amazing so question. Why did it fall so hard it should. I actually buy more now. Answer the hugh answer. Jay answer like soon by the way zoom copious started today like zoom people. Just saying you know what that is. A pre opening trae people. Don't wanna stop by some video games. No one wants to people think nobody wants to stay home anymore. Can we go to certain manda also in california certain manda everything even my sandra me from your book and We're very happy to hear you. I want to ask about aim toys. The focus doing great but the cfo's by ten million. Yeah but you know what they did make a big acquisition after the close today. I think people are going to wipe the acquisition. Now let me just say one thing. They bought this company. Credit karma people love checking their credit score. I can't believe bill on credit karnal day. Wow they got a lot of commoner. Has i like into it. I think it is just changing the way small business does this. I would buy part. September is the cruelest month a ball. You're better off keeping some cash owning some gold. And if you're chater maybe do some selling yes. Suddenly tonight goal. Take tar today ahead of some key. Us economic red hot over the precious metal being unable to break out in recent weeks. What could the future holds. One of the world's biggest miners barrick. I'm get listeners. You know. I love that guy. Then there's more investing in travel and just airlines hotels. I'm putting close. Look at some new travel. Plays that you know about and you can make it remind whether you want to own them and cloudplayer hosting speedway die like impatience. Bill happens slow connections on the company's learning more about mitch and to make the internet fast. Replace so stay with roemer. Don't miss a second of that money. Follow at jim cramer on twitter. Have a question tweet. Gramer hashtag mad tweets sin. Jim email to mad money at cnbc dot com. Or give us a call at one. Eight hundred seven four three. Cnbc they something head to mad. Money dot cnbc dot com. This is wild the jonah the futures unfolding right now. Yup samsung has launched their next gen foldable phone and life changing the galaxy. Full three five g. is a phone and a tablet in one. It's two screens and one. Is my office game room and movie theater in one. It's the one. Let me tell you the big beautiful screen and side by side view of select. Let me chat watch work game doodle mall at the same time everywhere i go. I get more done. I get more attention to get the new galaxy z. Full three five g. at samsung dot com. And you show everyone how to live this life. Five g connection. Availability may vary check with carrier. This podcast and the following message are sponsored by monday dot com for most managers being able to unify their teams. 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Faith barrick gold. But you know what i need. You think of these precious metals as an insurance policy. It's not supposed to work no environments. It works when things go bad specifically in times of inflation and economic insecurity right now as we navigate. Tricky temple with all sorts of potential problems sub optimal earning spillover from the communist shakeup in china rampant inflation. All over the place. I gotta wonder if this might be the perfect time to start beefing up your gold holdings for me. The ideal way to do that is with the best run goldminer by far and that is back. So let's check in with dr mark bristow. He's the president. Ceo barrick gold. Who joins us as the twenty twenty one mine expo international gets underway in las vegas. We'll be a keynote speaker. Dr bristow welcome back to manage money. Mark i gotta tell ya on kind of caught. I've got a couple of pieces here. I got j.p morgan. Piece of says your coster going down your What you're coming going. What you're getting is going up. And then it got jeffries send your costs are going up and what you. He's coming down. I like to be able to think that none of these really matter what matters. E returning capital to shareholders as. You always do two things. We're not returning capitalist. Shale is but we investing in future. You and i've spoken about this a lot. You know this is about a long term game a stable insurance policy to invest us. You have also criticized some of your colleagues who seen both short term oriented. And i'm willing to be able to rationalize cost but perhaps by merging in in these equal deals. Well jim remember you go back to two thousand ten eleven everyone was encouraging people to get bigger and grow and now they want the money back but you know this is a concept of industry. We gotta invest replacing what we mine and then we will be able to deliver. The value and barrick has moved from twenty eighteen with massive debt to know dan knit. Cash returning more than three point. Seven percent to shareholders and investing enough future. It's couldn't be better. Well okay so let's go to what this means investing future. I one of these. i was doing it. I found shocking is golden ivana free agents. Right when i see what mark bristow is doing. I see that there's a sinkhole robertson newly identified or control shows potential to simply extend colonel reps. How is it that we are just as cover even more golden. We've been in this when this has been one hundred and fifty years. Well you know. Sometimes we got confused and we were in a harvest mode rather than a long term business sustainably a profitable business focus. And so we've not only got robinson we've got a pow. We actually earn a nevada. The world's best undeveloped gold in the form of gold rush and then behind that we've got a four mile and then we've got the gap between Turquoise jen to increase something that was stuck because of the fame's that divided the same. Nobody but we haven't got huge opportunities in nevada but one of the things that if in costly business you spend two hundred fifty three million dollars in gold rush spent to date and they're still touching you're still in pre production centers. I think you're industries just too darn hard. Well it's not because they're awards are fantastic. Jim when you get there. And i wanna we've been able to share those rewards without states nevada and times doctors really tough times for the state we've been able to deliver intends to ask when no one else is offering value. And and this is for me when you look at what barrack is today. It's a combination of three other. Companies ran golden barrick. Of course the nevada assets of which is now joint venture. And of course remember we brought back your case and we bought back acacia. So we betting that down and we've spent the last two years getting the people right now. It's about making sure that expiration team is really the engine that drives out train. Okay so in your conference call you talk about the two different. Are elvin prices that you see goals going to be. The last one i thought was most relevant. Was you're thinking about seventeen hundred price. That was the twenty twenty one. Year budget was based on kimiko higher from seventeen hundred that really the number. We think that going to be around for while a gem have spoken about many times. You know in randgold. We used a long-term thousand dollar goal cross to allocate capital us twelve hundred dollar the budgets. We get closer to the spot. So that's why we get to seventeen hundred when we looking at the next twelve months but that's completely divorced of attribu- of what the goal process potentially gonna go to. And if you look at the amount of money being printed by the global leading economies and all that money are not twenty. Thirteen has arrived with joe public in the market. We've got this massive liquidity and as a consequence of that we have this looming inflation at the same time. We just you know when you when you print money with an economy that trunk. It's like me. Sched issuing shares with a lower market cap. You know you. Luther very value of that pipe. And and that's the challenge that the world is gonna have to deal with and of course gold measures that put kinda tae mark. I've got people say. Listen there's too many companies in goal. That's driving the price down but we can do. Bitcoin and bitcoin goes up. Goal does nothing. Bitcoin goes up. Why should we be in gold. Could you please explain that. That may not be always the case. You know the one thing about gold gem as you know is it takes the risk out of any investment over the long term so if you want to load up and bitcoin you better have a lot of gold to hedge that risk because the bitcoin goes up and down not necessarily in that order all the time well walk. I'm glad you said that. I i've always. I've always felt that that goal is the store whole all really the longer-term stored value and if people don't own some gold that's like not having corn shirts. It's just a very big mistake. Mark bristow presencio of barrick gold yard. You tell it straight no matter what. Thank you for coming. Bunny all right. We'll be back into coming up heat. Cray mof to profit find yourself and find some farro returns with kramer travel stocks. That this is wild the jonah the future is unfolding right now. Yup samsung has launched their next gen foldable phone and it's life changing the galaxy z. Full three five g. is a phone and a tablet in one. It's two screens and one. Is my office game room and movie theater in one. It's though on. Let me tell you the big beautiful screen and side by side view of select apps. Let me chat watch work game. Do all mall at the same time. Everywhere i go i get more done. I get more attention to get the new galaxy. Full three five g. at samsung dot com. And you show everyone how to live this life. Five g connection and availability may vary with carrier a pause last month. The ipo market. We'll come back with a vengeance. Yes regular viewers no. This is not a positive film for stocks. As i said at the top of the show we keeping flooded with new supply and that pushes prices down from nearly everything but even when we're drowning and third great deals. There's still some good ones that are worth taking a chance on just have to know how to separate the wheat from the so tonight. I'm gonna teach you how to do it in the last few must we've seen three relatively high profile travel stocks that you know the names of coming public either via trishaw. Ipo merges. and i'm talking about clear. Secure blade air mobility and wheels up these stocks have performed quite bailey. But that's exactly why. I'm willing to give because because maybe there's some goldberg a one with the dross when it comes to new and public stocks. I try to go bargain-hunting then chase it. Needs much higher valuations. Let's go to work here. We go through them one by one. Let's start with clear secure. This is a technology. Company handles biometrics their platform. Examines your eyes face and fingerprints verify your identity when you go to the airport. You've probably seen clear at the security lines. I'm a member there membership program. Lets you skip most of the lines of the arnie right now and go pull most for the most part and goes much less extensive screening process. Because you're already known individual while clear security got its start in airport security now expendable bunch of new markets. They cover one hundred six points at thirty eight airports twenty-six sports entertainment partners and also they handle health passes for covered nineteen along with dewi security at a growing number of offices restaurants theaters casinos and theme parks. Most important part. These guys are the first large-scale mover and biometric base identification. I think this technology represents the future both security and maybe put institutes actions. Clear secure is going to have a huge chunk of that market. Because right now nobody else comes. Close plus recently want a major ten year contract with the tsa help with enrollment for pre check applicants. But you know what that's not enough. Let's talk about the numbers. Those are a little tricky clear secure. Doesn't mentally tell you the total number of paid subscribers. I don't like that. They only goes total. Cumulative enrollments input which includes everyone who's ever signed since the platform's inception and they don't break out which services people subscribe to problematic even if some of these services are free for what it's worth that total commute cumulative enrollments number seven million last month that's up from five point five at the end of last year according to j. p. morgan the clear plus air travel program has more than two point five million current subscribers. So that's what we're going to go with previous number when you drill down. There are some real issues here though. Clear secures net retention came in eighty point six percent last year that is down from eighty five percent nearly twenty twenty that means they have nearly twenty percent term which is not good on the other hand their business held up just fine even when trap air travel collapse at the pandemic it because this is a subscription service which i liked. Plus the world's started reopening the second quarter bookings more than double your ear putting it all together my biggest problem clear secures evaluation. Either pulling that from its highs. Get this the stock trades at more than twenty five times sales not ernie's sales which strikes me as very expensive for a company. It's not expected to turn a profit. Twenty twenty three at the earliest. So as much as i liked the biometric guy destroyed due to i think there's way too much uncertainty surrounding the numbers to recommend a stock. This expensive i could maybe justify thirty dollars but forty four dollars too rich for me. Next up is blade air mobility. That's suspect you. We don't like spikes here but this one closed may we don't like because they lose money but think of blade as an uber style platform. Let you book helicopter in amphibious seaplane rides in areas. Where there tends to be traffic. They do a lot of business. Pin york city the hamptons or new york city in its various airports and suburbs. Think of it as a very expensive service for of course rich people who are too impatient to drive boom point eight to point the honestly of all the things. You could burn money on avoiding. Your traffic actually seems pretty enticing. I've not used it. That might seem a little provincial. But they're setting up city routes in the northeast billion network on on miami chicago l. a. Two long-term blade likes to tell a story about electric vertical aircraft which are more quiet than helicopters can use more roots of. Looks like something out of the science fiction movie though now. When blade air mobility started trading the back bubble had just burst and the stock got crushed singing merely twenty bucks in february. Two six bucks from changing may since the deal closes. Stocks been stuck between seven and eleven. It's currently at nine bucks in change. Reality hard over the past month now has some pretty impressive numbers. The revenues up two hundred seventy seven percent in the most recent quarter and upset and he percents between nineteen which is what really matters there nearly breaking even to for me. The best part is very right. Latest six hundred forty five million dollar barking. Get this six hundred forty. They keep that in mind. Eating copies has three hundred thirty. Three million in cash and short term investments at the end of june basically the businesses valued a little more than three hundred bucks three million bucks. Which is what the analysts expect by doing sales by two thousand twenty four even us next year's trading only five times sales I think be real demand for the service services in cities all over the country. Even if you don't put much stock an electric vertical aircrafts. I wouldn't be surprised if he can work. Its way from nine. Maybe the mid teens and not to distant future makes wait air. Mobility a by all star couldn't resist father's wheels up which is a private aviation service with its own fleet of planes. I'm sure you've heard of it. They offer membership club for private. Jets giving you away to fly in style indicated to buy your own cessna and some ways. It's a lot like blade except late doesn't own any aircraft. They're just an absolutely bookings app. Wheels up is acid heading. Nearly two thirds of their flights used their own aircraft that they plan to become more asset light in the next several years. Now these guys talk about democratizing. Private aircraft The average member spins seventy grand a year on the service. That's a lot cheaper than buying maintaining your own jet. But i don't want to call that democratic still. They've got a major partnership with delta now the largest shareholder wheels up combined with delta private jets business but maybe the best part of the story that the pandemic has been great for business in the most recent quarter wheels upsets. Active membership grow by forty seven percent while live flight legs. Increased by one hundred and forty six percent and total revenue was up one hundred thirteen percent. Your veer as the play this back stock. That's been hammered. Currently seven bucks in change training. Listen two times this year. Sales estimates while wheels up is risky good. Growth stock is very very cheap. So you've got my blessing to speculate on wheels up the bottom line. When it comes to newly public companies. i'd steer clear of expensive. Opaque companies like clear secure instead of speculating. It is speculating. Remember these cups. Not make money up at the reverence they have rhythms and easier understand them and i liked them and i think they've got a great reliability. Let's go to jason in illinois jason. Hey how's it going jim jason. It's a very good day. How about you not bad at all. Not off The stock i'm calling about is trip advisor trip as a ticker right I bought around in the forty to forty five dollar range and after it came as high as i figured it was a nice spot But obviously with the reopening trade. It's been kind of a trade since then but a lot of good news from there the partnership today with amazon's audible the trip advisor plus subscription service going. Well so far just wanna know how to you. you know your feelings on triple. It's been trade. We're starting to get once again. This is like i said. I'm talking to the top of the show. You got this weird situation where that last week travel was bad this week travels good bad good bad. Could i think that in the end. Tripadvisor is just okay all right well. Thank you for the call. I wanted you to take these. These are the new travel stocks. And i am willing to bless speculating. Inflator mobility and real sub. Too cheap made money at exclusive with cloudflare. All man talk about form this web security and also that their own content delivery network. So we're gonna speak to the ceo. He's amazing been last week. Had a birthday was reaching the apple versus epoch case which sent apple stock lower but has wall street misinterpreted the headlines. Video tape calls ratifiers. Tonight's the lightning round to stay with claim. Irvine some socks. Well they just don't know when to quit. Stocks like cloudflare the content delivery network with a cybersecurity kicker that helps businesses make sure their applications can operate reliably over the web. Two years ago cloud for came public companies invasion came from fifteen bucks sister. The stock has rallied more than seven hundred percent to just under one twenty-five today including quadruple last. You're doing a double from where it was trading this spring. How did they pull that off. I sisley delivery spectacular results. Well you might not be new with clouds there. It's hard to overstate the reach at the moment. Roughly eighteen percent of the internet is powered by their platform and they keep expanding just today. We learned they've grown the network by another twenty five percent of the point where they now in two hundred and fifty cities across more than one hundred countries. And by the way. That is exactly what i think. The talks got done so when the to university of their. Ipo let's check in an congratulate. Matthew prints co founder chairman. Ceo of cloud or get a better sense of how companies doing where. It's headed mr prints. We'll come back to buddy. Jim thanks for having me on matthew. Every time you've been on you've been on three times. I have seen the total addressable market grow now. How is that possible because most copies total just work. It is static. Yours is static house. That had i think from the very beginning at cloudflare. We focused on building something fundamental. Which was really a better network. And we have for the last two years since we went public focused on execution and innovation. And i think this week is really an example of that where it's speed week for us at cloudflare where we're literally reinventing a lot of how the internet works to make it faster and faster and so we've released over a thousand new products in the last two years and we we really as michelle. My co-founder likes to say are just getting started. Now i do see a contract that has got to be the greatest contract. You wanna know how you win a federal de federal government contract. We talked a lot of companies. Have been trying to get this business. You got it yet. We in our last earnings call. We were we were proud to announce that when the federal government was looking for a zero trust solution across any federal agency comparing us against a number of the of the other competitors in the space they chose cloudflare in order to provide our services. And so that's a contract that we think is going to really start to pay dividends next year and i think it shows how much we've been able to take the network that we've built an extended into additional areas continuing to make the internet. Yes fast yes reliable. But also incredibly secure for governments All the way down to small businesses. And it's been incredibly rewarding for our team. Now i like to cut these days is a pay years. Pretty much pertinent. I'd like to see right a front strong dollar basnet retention one hundred twenty four percent up from one hundred fifteen percent year ago. Could you please explain to people. Why how can you beat. More than one hundred percent net retention. Yes so what dolor basnet retention is is. It's almost like same store sales in other other businesses. If you look at the customers that were on your network a year ago. You have some that leave. And we're very fortunate that we have very very sticky product the customer stick around and then some that spend more and more if they spend more than those that left then you have a dollar basnet retention over hundred percent customers are net adding to using your services. What's been hard about our businesses because we don't charge based on usage. We actually have to develop new products and have customers really adopt those products in order for our dollar basnet retention to go up and so i think that growth from one hundred and fifteen percent to one hundred twenty four percent over the course of the last year is really great evidence that our product and engineering teams have been able to continue to innovate and that customers are adopting more and more of our products. Everyday others a. I've never seen something you did in a bog post couple months ago actual criticism of amazon web services for not passing on savings. Most people are afraid of amazon web services. What what made you feel so confident you could actually call them pretty much. A price gallagher. That what we've seen across the industry is amazon has been really good at driving down prices in certain areas. They've driven down and compute. They've got down storage but one of the areas where they just haven't significantly lowered their prices in ten years. The ten years we've been watching them has been in what they actually charge for bandwidth across their network. And what's crazy is when they said network traffic to our network or we send traffic to their network and we have a ton of mutual customers. It doesn't cost us any incremental amount. It doesn't cost them any incremental amount and so our question to them is. why are we charging our customers. Why are they charging their customers for it. When you look at google when you look at microsoft when you look at the other major cloud providers they substantially discount their traffic because it's cheaper for them when they service mutual customers but on doesn't and so we're working with them. We hope that they will do the right thing and do what the rest of the cloud industry has but for now. That's a place that they really are gouging their customers. I am sure they're going to be watching. And hopefully reach out for comment now lazarus and colonial pipe. These are the two that i think in. Your security side have made it so that. There's an annuity stream basically did claudio. Pipe changed the world. Everybody realized what was really going on. You know. I think one of the things that that is the case is whenever we see those types of hacking incidents. They are times when our phone rings. And we're proud that whether it's someone who has been hacked or companies that are in similar situations that they turn to us in order to have our help as part of their security solution in order to stay online. But i ain't that these types of hacks have been going on for quite some time. I don't think that we're anywhere close to seeing the end of them. But i am optimistic. That companies that adopt solutions like cloudflare around zero trust are actually able to get in front of these types of attacks and what you see from a number of these companies. That have been attacked. Is they say. We wish that they'd called a sooner and so we're happy to help and again. I think it's important that we make our services not available not only available to huge customers that can pay us but also down the rest of the entire value chain even a small businesses. Because what we're seeing. Hackers are looking for anywhere that there is soft vulnerability and it's important for us to be out there in front of it trying to make sure that we're keeping them safe. No matter who they are well this question. I see that you've won. A couple of the crypto currency exchanges. I own cryptocurrency advising people that it's a good place besides gold. And i've been concerned that they'll be a hack in my money will vanish. You are getting these customers. Can i ask you whether you would feel secure if you had your money in one of these exchanges you know. I think that we've been for a long time a ton of the web. Three point zero and crypto currency universe has relied on cloudflare to stay available and stay reliable and stay secure online when things. It's been actually really amazing. Is you know the old adage is. Why do bank robbers rob banks. Because that's where the money is a one of the biggest places that Cyber attackers going after right now are the various cryptocurrency exchanges and other cryptocurrency parts of the universe and we have a front row seat for that. And so we're watching more and more innovation from attackers in that space. But we're staying ahead of it and we're proud of the fact that we've kept the cryptocurrency customers that are ours secure and safe and helped augment the additional protections that they have in place. And i'd feel safe using any of the cryptocurrency exchanges. That uses cloudflare today. Will there you go. I actually of course now want to find out which ones are willing to admit it which they've sometimes put at the bottom of their site. They all right. So we know matthew prince congratulations on two years out. There co founder chairman. Ceo wanna run. Thank you thank you book. Addressable market is the way analyze. This thing is burgeoning. Okay now the bad guys are very powerful. I would take anybody that use cloudplayer versus the people who don't get monies back in just chill To the chill man is in the house. He's happy but lightning round just coming up when bad money returns. Rybak over. are you ready. Steve dodd in florida dawn. Hey jim john. I'm inaccurate. lurch plus member stan. Thank you for making me so much money. Wow that's a nice. Thank you so much. what's up. I've got my son donna. Here six years old. He's like say hi to you. That time mr cramer's john and my dad really liked watching your show by show. So i like that kid. Dot tastes the picture album. Stop to okay. This is two percent of my portfolio You had him on five months ago by bell or hold word warriner more next month. It's not gonna seven shortage kind of runs. Its course which will be q. One we're too far away from that. Wait two months and then pull the trigger. And i've got a. I like the kid stays in the picture. Got horse. sense down in michigan. Darren jim thanks for the call. According to question one that i was Watching on your show probably back in january. I bought it at twenty five dollars down to twelve laying electric. I look the whole group is down badly. I totally understand. I think is the best of that group that said. Obviously all these guys. This rated. But i would i would hold onto it. Lets danny and texas. Danny who honest kramer. My question is on academy fourth and outdoors. Tae as the that. They're earning flats thursday. I was wondering if they're out cares that he can hit is not peaking at eight times. Earnings heard ken on tv. Holy cow is as good as he's always been like that fella. Stephen arizona's steve julia. Jim cramer food. I wanna i wanna thank you and your team for the creative vike of giving us teaching us and helping us to gain the courage investing. Oh man that's what i want. That's what we want. We want to get the cars so that you can make these decisions yourself and feel very copy. How can i help well. I purchase magna international in march at ninety one fifty. And wow it brief. Who went up. It has dropped to the eighty dollar range. Mostly since then with what you said friday about september historically should i take the hit and because magnus grid it's gonna end up making a lot of these incredible asset light carson anything. I would wait about three four weeks. It breaks down and then by more. Magnus real them back when i like that guy. I need to speak the mark in florida mark. Hi jim congratulations on your eagles. Oh birds man they look real good go howie roseman tastic work. What scott what's up. I'm calling about big five. Sporting goods traded highly looking top heavy. Big good sector can come in a little bit. Because you've seen decks. I mean ditches stock has been read. I love this group and by the way a lot of this stuff is like sold out. You can't even get everything. So i want to stay long. That part of the retail complex. Sean in louisiana sean. Doing well thank you. How one great. I want to do the great big man. Then you every thing you too thank you thank you absolutely you help me help me. Freedom pandemic with your bet of invite we go and this could this team great regina gilbert or a personal major dumb. Oh how can i help on iron net Just went armead. Oh my oh spy. That thing is a mean stock. And we're not mean people here and that way jumps inclusion. Mike big round is sponsored by. Td ameritrade. coming up. Sam waterston was unavailable to breakdown. Apple's recent courtroom class. We've got the next best thing. Artery mccart judge kramer presides for all this depite. Dean stock market wall street tend to be pretty arbiter about when it comes to figure out if something's could've been for business except except that is when it comes to loss last friday. Federal judge handed down a decision in dispute between apple the games that's an acre fortnight. One of the biggest games in the world at the time it was hailed as a huge victory. For epic apple stock went into a tailspin coming from one hundred four to one hundred forty nine dollars now. It may not sound like much but is pretty big. move large company in the world. There's just one problem with wall. Street's verdict epoch. Didn't really win in back in lost big but because a bunch of analysts made some cursory judgments about the judge granted and inject injunction against apple based on an obscure provision of a california antitrust law. We assumed it could wreck the profitability of apple's app store. Hey i made the mistake stick to but if he bothered read the whole opinion there so i mean the thing was just incredibly hard and if we can solve castle we realize that abba came out way ahead. Hence why epic. Not apples to one appealing. This rule remember epoch was trying to make the case that apple exerts monopoly power to extract enormous piece from software developers phase that discourage innovation subbed specifically outlawed by the sherman antitrust. That's the federal one. If apple lost tonight issue would have made sense for the sake clobber. But they weren't that issue. The judge said they're not a monopoly that was probably the most important part of granted epic one on one narrow issue apple hassle let app developers linked to their own apple storefronts so that consumers can buy products directly. However the judge minute. Apple's really just giving us customers the actual users of the phone what they want. And what's best for them both in terms of convenience and security i look back on this as a victory for apple companies that want to use the app store while to comply with that was wish why did so many supposed experts get this so wrong well in this business. We've all been conditioned to think that if a plane of windsor temporary restraining order then the defendant is pretty much done for that sake case. It's very rare but it's not unfortunately for apple typical to figure out what they can do to cure the judges finding it. They violated california's. Eighty trustful on steering the judge gave the roadmap. But that's more data's compared to not being violation of the sherman. Trust ac one of the reasons. I always say you should own. Apple traded is because with apple. The customer's always wait. While the judge yvonne gonzalez rogers seem to want to find against apple. Because comey soup. Damp demartin powerful. In the end being powerful does not make you a monopolist. Ironically popcorn to avoid any trust consequences here it would have had the side against core customers favor of big rich tech company. I don't think that's a good idea. Lawsuits are messy and not easily factored in the numbers. Three facing some groundwater pollution lawsuits were difficult. Two thousand potential consequence johnson judges against it for talcum baby power then allegedly caused cancer. Nobody knows what those suits will be worth to the plaintiffs but in this epoch versus apple. Ruing it's pretty easy. It's worth nothing apple. One lost end of story a way to say this a bull market somewhere just for you right here mad money. I'm do paper city tomorrow. The news was jefferson starts now Each iwo number kevin o'leary money court is all about dispute resolution. Businesses have problems. And i'm here to resolve. Money could with cavalieri new series wednesdays ten eastern on cnbc tv.

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Free Agency Day Three Recap: Samuel, A.J. Green, Mack and More (03/18 Fantasy Football Podcast)

Fantasy Football Today Podcast

55:14 min | 7 months ago

Free Agency Day Three Recap: Samuel, A.J. Green, Mack and More (03/18 Fantasy Football Podcast)

"This is fantasy football today from cbs. Sports play it's time to dominate your fantasy league. Here's some combination of adam. Dave jamie benn stuff like curtis samuel phillip lindsay. Maybe aj green bless. Big stuff like marlon. Mack rodney hudson kyle. Along i mean come on degree. That's what we got it for you right now at fantasy football tell you. That's right now at ten in the morning but at three pm eastern we got even more. Hopefully we'll be some news throughout the day three. Pm eastern tuned into cbs. Sports hq for a special edition a fantasy football today. I'm adam you heard dave and we welcome. He's coming back. And i have to apologize. Pig apology to start the show. I whipped on saint patrick's day didn't wish anyone happy saint patrick's they don't really care about saint patrick's day but a lot of people. Do i am wearing green today. He's you probably care about saint patrick's day right you you. You don't like the holidays that everybody else likes like halloween. So you're probably well. I guess everybody likes everybody like saint patrick's day me but since we have nothing in common. I'm sure you'd like saint patrick's day. I've got saint patrick's do things to say. Yesterday actually was the first time that i can ever remember that. I didn't wear green on saint patrick's day because we'd gone camping four days before saint patrick's day and not realized that saint patrick's day was going to fall during the middle midst of this trip. I wasn't going to go by green things. But yeah i definitely had people ask me my first couple of years at cbs. So you always wear green on saint patrick's day because nobody in south florida anticipates in patrick all than going and drinking beer which i like as well But please don't put something in it to make it green. Mike glitch just drink good beer instead of green beer. Does it taste different or is it just a food colorado. I don't. i've never had a green beer. That tasted the same as the beer without the food coloring. Okay i made shepherd's pie. Last night corned beef and cabbage tonight. So that's fantastic office. We can go there and pick up some irish theme chow. There you go now yeah. Let's go to shenanigans super troopers. Anybody all right. He's biggest free agency. Winter let's so we'll start with heath kind of recapping what he missed. Get your thoughts on some of the big stuff. Your biggest free agency winner then. We'll talk about the news from yesterday and this morning is Looks like lindsey will not be on denver next year. That's pretty big news. And we are going to hear from the well or i will read what our listeners had to say about their free agency winners. We also have your apple podcasts. Questions later on in the show. He's biggest free agency winter. So far i've got two answers in terms of how the the the meam how it started versus how it's going i think ryan fitzpatrick has to be the biggest winner because he was not someone that i expected to be a top thirty quarterback and as of right now i think you'd have to pretty solidly look at him. As a top twenty guy maybe a borderline stream -able store with it with a decent set of weapons and probably a high volume pass offense. I've currently got him sixteenth in my projections which is an enormous leap from where he was in terms of like someone who actually really matters. i've got aaron jones as now a top five running back in both formats. He'll still have to share. And he's gonna share with aj dylan and who knows doing may be better as a runner than jamaal williams was that i can expect. They're going to continue to throw the ball to the running backs a lot like they have ever since this regime got there and aj dylan is not the compliment that jamaal williams is in the passing game so while i don't think there will be an increase in carries for aaron jones. I do expect as they're currently constructed. There would be an increase in targets and that could make him like if the touchdowns keep up he might challenge for number two running back. Couldn't the touchdowns come down. Because dylan is the more physical presence that they could use in short yardage talked about this earlier this week. That jones doesn't have a he doesn't have a bad conversion rate on short yardage. Plays but last year dylan and we know he did it at boston college but last year he had six plays of three yards or closer to go converted on five of them. Definitely better bully at the goal line. If the packers decide to go that way over jones like i think that's pr- i understand why you're saying that. And he has the better profile. It's hard for me to say that the guy who scored thirty six touchdowns over the last two seasons the second year back with fifty career carries is definitely a better scoring option. Like giant has been awesome as worrying touchdowns right and it hasn't necessarily all been short yardage goal line. He's had some of them. I could look the numbers if you really wanted to hear him again. But it's it's still somebody who will take ten to twelve touches per game. I agree with you on the catches. I think that absolutely helps. Aaron jones profile and i think he is a first round pick I'm just lower that. He won't get every single one of those touchdowns just like he didn't get it with williams but williams wasn't great in that role he might have been the worst of the three percentage wise. Okay so ryan fitzpatrick and aaron jones. Aaron johns which rather have aaron jones or mar or mar. Mac or jonathan taylor. Oh i think. I would take jones now. I'll take taylor. You're saying you take jones now because he's back with green bay and jamaal williams won't be or your take jones now because of marlon mack. Signing yesterday i did downgrade tailored just a little bit with marlon mack. Coming back But mostly i just gave him the jordan wilkins workload that. I had project already. It wasn't much It's more of an upgrade for jones. But they weren't that far apart for me in the first place. Remember we're talking about. Is jonathan taylor. A top five. And i was saying for me was a low in top ten running back. Well that's the range. Jones was in in my rankings. Already i moved him up a little. I'm you taylor down a little okay. How about ryan fitzpatrick Ryan fitzpatrick so going back to the end of two thousand. Nineteen and that into twenty twenty Ryan fitzpatrick is scored twenty or more fantasy points and six point for passing touchdown leagues in nine of his last thirteen games or no sorry eleven of his last. Thirteen games scored twenty three or more points in nine of his last thirteen games. So he's been really really good and he was on a team that through six hundred times last year which was curious because they didn't have a good passing game and they did have a good defense and they ran the ball pretty well and they still through all the time Maclaurin curtis samuel logan. Thomas mckissick gibson out of the backfield is really not that bad. So would you rather have him or you know. I talked about this jamie yesterday. Ryan tannehill or ryan fitzpatrick. i currently. I've got a hill one spot ahead of fitzpatrick and the projections. But it's basically a coin flip. I think it's interesting like you can look at ryan fitzpatrick over the past three years. 'cause it was really two thousand eighteen in tampa bay. When he kind of took his game to a new level. I suppose at thirty six years old but he has a sixteen game average of thirty nine hundred ninety three yards twenty five touchdowns and like a fourth of the games that he's played in that stretch have been partial game right because he's been colder. He's had to come in to save somebody's baking. I think he's if you told me ryan fitzpatrick's playing sixteen games this year and four thousand yard passer pretty easily which is never done before which he's never done before. Yeah but if you're just looking at the pace that he's been on over the last three years. He's been on a better pace in that all three years. It's just is washington going to draft a young quarterback who isn't as good as him and then fool around with which one they're going to play so those are some of heath's big winners will hear about who you all you listeners. Think are the winners of nfl. Free agency so far. But look time's running out of the tournament. The playing games are today. The big dance really starts tomorrow. You've got an extra day this year to get your brackets filled out. I'm gonna fill mine out later today. Let me tough to go against gonzaga but Maybe i'll go against gonzaga. We'll see but we'll go against gonzaga. Why because you go against the grain with everything do i. S i you're gonna pick like like Yukon to win. I know you. I watched I watched georgia tech. And they've got this guard. That is just sensational. And i love him. But i think they're playing loyola chicago in the first round. Is that true shrager. And i kind of like loyalist chicago right to make a little bit of a run here. Well a run to the second round they would play illinois in the second round. Oh illinois that's my. That's my college basketball. Picking in omni fantasy league. You gotta root for them. That's who you're going to pick baby. Yeah i mean most people are gonna pick in zog. Her feline i for for their tournament. So if you wanna be different. Don't pick one of those two teams okay. Well i've got a lot to think about. And what i really recommend is listening to the eye on college basketball. Podcast bracket breakdown. That's what i do every year helps me out. I don't just do what they say you know copied verbatim but helps me anyway. Go to cbs. Sports dot com slash f f brackets. Join if you win. You're in the podcast listeners. League you also can win a car. A nissan rogue and a trip to the twenty twenty two final four. Cbs sports dot com slash f f t brackets. Fill out your bracket. I buy or sell with some twitter polls. Terry chlorine is a fantasy loser with the curtis samuel citing dave. I will sell that. He has been over twenty percent of the target share each of his two years in the. Nfl played fifteen games last year. Twenty four point one percent of the targets on his way two thousand nineteen fourteen games. Twenty two point. Four percent of the targets win his way clearly. The number one guy there. Curtis samuel is going to take work away from other pass catchers in that offense. I don't think this is good at all for logan thomas. Jd mckissic the sims do. Oh i think it's going to be just fine for mclaren. And who's the quarterback again. The guy that likes to target his number one receiver downfield over and over so he is not a loser but he's no longer like a big time winner. I'm i'm jamie talked about him as a top ten fantasy receiver. I'm curious if he's still feels that way after the samuel acquisition yeah i don't i don't buy him as a loser. I took I think one percent of target share away from us maybe twenty four earnings at twenty three percent target share now but i would expect he's going to be more efficient with ryan fitzpatrick and with curtis and other side than he's been with the host of bad quarterbacks he's played with over the last two seasons so i still have him ranked are projected as a top ten wide receiver. I think actually eighth and seventh all right depending on the format and like there might be a couple of guys projected below him who might have more upsides. they'll be ranked ahead of him but he'll be inside my top twelve for sure and probably inside my top ten okay and he's going to be a little bit lower than that for dave scott term maclaurin fourteenth right. Now jamie still has him. I think jamie did move him down to tenth seventh Time we spoke so key now in justin jefferson ahead of terry maclaurin. Let's talk about curtis samuel. When i did the bonus last night with jamie. I said that i felt curtis. Sammy was difficult player to evaluate. And let me explain. Why i feel that way one. I don't think we know how good of a receiver he is. He broke out the last eight games of twenty twenty. He was really really good. But it's only eight games but he's not a guy who didn't have some hype. Remember going into twenty one thousand nine hundred people thought he was going to be. The big breakout wide receiver. And it didn't happen. Second round draft pick. So maybe it's just his time. Maybe he just needs a better situation. Better quarterback play. That's one too. I don't know how the targets are going to be distributed. There were three players that had more than one hundred targets last year for washington Three rushing is a big part of curtis samuel game. He's been the second leading rusher among wide receivers two years in a row. Absolutely no idea. What kind of rushing role. He's going to have on the washington football team. So i think he's difficult to evaluate. Where did you guys settle on him. In your rankings. Heath i a high end number three or borderline number two. I don't necessarily disagree with with any of the points that you made. I think that there there's some similarity there. Between the second half breakout. We saw two years ago from devante parker after several years of not living up to expectations. And what we got from courtesy and we'll ask year samuels breakout wasn't quite as good But he's also still going into his age twenty five season this year so the fact that he's played for years hides a little bit the fact that he was pretty young when he came into the league. I didn't ding logan. Thomas projected targets too much. But i've basically got it Round one hundred and forty from a corn hundred and twenty for samuel one hundred and ten for thomas and then one hundred and twenty combined for gibson and mckissic I do think that the combination of fitzpatrick and adding a second talented wide receiver is probably going to lead to fewer targets for the running backs. But that's kind of been a feature of the offense. The past two years. When scott turner and ron rivera of been together is just dump off dump off dump off and after euro and we thought well. Yeah it was christian. Mccaffrey last year. They were doing it to jd mckissic. Maybe it was just a lack of talent at wide receiver but I think he's a difficult player to evaluate. That's why he's best served in that high in number three wide receiver range feel a hundred percent the same way. And now you're gonna see a merry go round of guys that are going to catch passes without necessarily lining up. Were you see a running back lineup. They do it. They can catch a pass in the flat or screen. Basically a quick pass that a coach might call extended run. Play gibson can do it. You know mckissic can do it. And i think sam has proven not just last year but in his prior years and carolina win rivera. Was there when scott journal was there that he could do that too. So he's going to be using a bunch of different ways that's going to take work away from everybody else. I agree with heat. I think he's a low end number three receiver. Maybe one that you kinda target like in that round seven ish range and that's where we were on him. Once upon a time couple years ago. We were really excited about him. Any scored seven touchdowns actually scored seven touchdowns in twenty nineteen and twenty eighteen. And he just didn't have a lot of touches were hoping now that he can get to. He would say. How many targets did you have for. Curtis samuel one twenty. I'd be surprised if you got two hundred and twenty targets. I wouldn't be surprised if you combine his targets and carries that he got to write about that number so he'll be productive and and we know him to be a red zone threat. I think last two years twelve touchdowns. One of the touchdowns came outside of the red zone. So that's where they're gonna use them and they'll have occasionally is a big play threat but he's a short area type guy who can be useful with the ball in his hands four or five times a game. I can't remember what i said on the podcast last night. But one thing that i liked about curtis samuel was that he has had in his last three seasons a very pretty consistent yards per catch with three very different dots. He's been downfield like his dot. The last three seasons eleven point nine fourteen point six seven point three and his yards per catch twelve point seven eleven point six seven point one. So he's been versatile he's been using different roles and he's produced a somewhat similarly the catch rates haven't been the same but The yards per catch has been wipe. Pc for life okay. next remember. Who is coaches were in the two years were that aid dot was high to it was right it was the wash. It was vera. No no i just meant turner one of those years right. Yes just meant he had done. Different things Okay quick curtis samuel or dj charged with marvin jones in In jacksonville dj. Charcoal curtis samuel. I'm slamming sammy. Yeah where is shark. I've got. I'm still in jacksonville right now. But he's more of a low in three. And i'll take sanyal over. Yeah you saw that rumor that he might be traded all right. The buyer sell jonathan. Taylor should not be a first round pick. Pr now with marlon mack. Back the hell out of that man. I hope i'm in leagues with people that are going to pass on jonathan taylor. Twitter poll result. I'm sorry. let me give twitter poll results. Okay how much valued is teri. Maclaurin lose curtis samuel signing fifty five percent said none thirty six percent said so almost everybody said either none or a little A medium amount six point six percent two point six percent so nobody's very few people concerned about curtis samuel now twitter poll number two. Where's my marlon. Mack or number one. I guess i went out of order. Is jonathan taylor. First round. Pick in twelve team. Pr league yes. Fifty one percent no forty nine percent. It's very evenly split dave's lawns in the league with the forty nine percent who say no. Let's go forty niners buyers marlon max would not be a first round pick heath. Yeah marlin actually definitely not that. I'm not taking jonathan taylor in the first round either. I'm not going to really like fight against anybody who wants to because i do think taylor is that special. But it's also probably a thing of where how many wide receivers. I'm going to take in the first round versus dave or whether travis kelsey is going in the first round so i think he's a low end borderline number one running back. This worries me a little bit just because of how familiar and comfortable. They are with marlon. Mack i expect max going to touch the ball a few times a game. He may get a couple of short yardage carries. He makes it easier for them to spell. Jonathan taylor early in the year And ninety minds still exists okay. Let's start with this. It's it's not even close to the same situation that we had last year. Were taylor came into the league as a rookie without an offseason program and truncated training. Camp and marlon. Mack was healthy and fine and coming off of a really good year. A mac is the one coming in still recovering from the achilles tear that he had last september. He's not at one hundred percent yet. He'll probably get their training camp but we don't know how explosive will be how good he'll be. And we know exactly what jonathan taylor is isn't another mouth to feed. Okay maybe maybe it's three touches per game four touches per game. maybe he steps in their. Jonathan taylor goes through a slum. But i see the offensive line. I see the way that this team wants to be balanced. I see jonathan taylor as a tour de force in the backfield there so much upside within that. I can't get away with from him as a first round pick cannot do it. I don't think i've really mentioned this off season. Does it matter to you. That left tackle anthony costanzo retired. And it's a pretty big piece on that colts line. It's a big piece. But i care a lot more about the interior line. We'll and we'll see what they do to replace him. Yeah i don't think they're gonna start some you know undrafted guy at left tackle or something like that. We'll see what they do. But i i. I'm still very bullish on the line being good. Would you like to know how. Jonathan taylor did without anthony costanzo last year. Sure you're telling me that he was terrible. No it's actually quite good. I just okay. Twelve carries fifty seven yards and a touchdown at cleveland. Thirteen carries ninety one yards at houston. They were the worst run defense in football. One of eighteen carries seventy four yards two touchdowns at pittsburgh and then week. Seventeen thirty carries two hundred fifty three yards two touchdowns so he did just find without anthony. Johnson okay next up buy or sell. Aj green should be drafted before christian kirk. Aj green should be drafted before christian. Kerr heath buyer. So i i have to scroll quite a ways to find. Aj green or christian kirk in the current wide projections None of them. Neither of them are top fifty options at this time. But i would disagree with it. I still think there's more hope that christian kirksey could possibly slide into that larry fitzgerald slot role and then do something besides fall down after he catches the football. So i'm going to draft kirk before. Aj green but neither of them. The first eight rounds for sure dave buyer sell christine. Kirk or aj. Green should be drafted ahead of christian. I'm gonna just sell this whole thing. I don't wanna really draft either of these guys. And i agree that kirk should go ahead of aj green. It's a cool story that he's going to a different team and y- you thought three years ago about. Aj green deandre hopkins on the same receiving core crazy. We'd take over. Their quarterback was put them at number one overall but he proved last year. That he's just not the same guy doesn't have it anymore. this is an offense that assets receivers to make plays after the catch. I don't know how much of that he's really going to be able to do at this point. Well it's a shame because you only have to go back to two thousand eighteen. He didn't play in two thousand and nineteen but two thousand eighteen. He was awesome. I mean he only played played. Nine games left one of them almost immediately in his eight healthy games he was on pace for almost fourteen hundred yards and twelve touchdowns he was j. Greenie he was a stud two thousand nine hundred and sits out twenty twenty twenty twenty. He was awful. I mean it's there's really no way to to sugar coat. It hit a hundred four targets and came down with five hundred twenty three yards and dave. You showed me the next gen stats. I mentioned this last night next. Gen stats Show how much separation wide receivers are. All receivers are getting receiving tight ends. They tracked asia. Green had the least amount of separation in the nfl. It's not the most telling lists. Like i said last night allen robinson was like tenths lowest or something like that but Aj green had fewer yards of separation than any other. I think he was tied with devante. Parker they were the lowest thankfully. He's going to team. That has a quarterback who really likes to force it into tight windows. Well twitter people agree. I said who would you rather have christian kirker. J. green option was do work. Kirk sixty eight percent of the vote and smells like green spirit Saint patrick's day thirty two percent. Okay i'm just looking at some news coming in big giant signing this morning the one we were always for mike glennon Some news on allen robinson. But it's not really news. There are no in no rush for long-term delays on the franchise tag. So we'll see what happens. We still have juju and golladay fuller and carson and now damian williams on the market so there are more podcasts to becoming right. That's going to do it by or anything else. You wanted to touch on with no eight. I had a bonus buyer sell at fourth one. Melvin gordon or sell you guys are going to sell it. Don't be too hasty here. Think about it. Melvin gordon is a top twelve running back. If the broncos don't bring in another significant running back significant meaning a guy like carson one of the good free agents or a day one or two. Nfl draft pick think. That's what's going to happen. I don't know i'd be stunned if they go all off season without adding another running vacant add a keyshawn von type you know or something like that or You know they could add some a fourth round running back. Which wouldn't really threaten. Melvin gordon i would feel better about him as a number two running back he would not sniff my top twelve. Oh he's he's not and like. I don't even think he's necessarily in the range where i'd say that. If he plays sixteen games he'll probably end up being a top twelve running back but he's close to that he's a he's a low in number two I feel better if the offense was a little better. Why do i say it. He averaged twenty one touches per game in five games without phillip lindsay. He was pretty good for the most part. That one game against tampa bay remember tampa bay. They had vida that point. They were the one of the best run defenses ever And if you take his points per game in five games he played without phillip lindsay. Last year melvin. Gordon would have been fourteenth per game and non. Pbr eighteenth brigade pr. But you take away the tampa bay game. He averaged ninety eight yards per game. Total yards per game so it's a usage thing just seems like if they don't have someone significant you could be talking. I'm not sure it's going to get to twenty one touches per game but like eighteen touches per game. That'll be pretty exciting. I think this is a place where like that could just could happen. I've got projected for two hundred and fifty eight total touches That would be his highest number of touches season since two thousand seventeen. Well he missed four games. What twenty nineteen and twenty eighteen of missed one game last year He's played sixteen games once in his six year career. I'm just saying on a per okay. All right well listen. I'm not sure you use a guy with that type of past track record in that type of role for sixteen games. Well he stayed. He stayed healthy two years in a row. Because in twenty nine thousand nine he held out and last year what. He missed one game but he stayed healthy without that type of workload for a full season. That's true so a year ago at this time. The broncos signed melvin gordon. We were like what are they doing. They've got phillip lindsay. You know what is the meaning of this. And now the if they're lending phillip lindsay walk. They could go right back to this. Very deep free agent running back group finds somebody cheap and have a two headed monster. I mean i don't want to speak into existence but maybe they signed somebody whose name rhymes with kms johner and now all of a sudden. It's a swampy backfield for fantasy. I think a great situation would be if pat shurmur worked with wayne goldman in new york right in goldman's a free agent maybe gaughman signs a cheap deal and that would be great that would be great melton boarded. That's what needs i agree. That's what needs to happen to make. Melvin gordon turn into a running back where we go okay. Maybe i could see myself draft. Yeah 'cause i feel like there's a lot of people who might recognize what he did last year and still not feel good drafting. Yeah but so. What you're saying is melvin. Gordon needs is gone. And it's been a while. Let's take a break on fantasy football today more news and notes when we come back big time offensive line news to talk about and your free agency winners. We'll be right back. Welcome back to fantasy football today. It's time for news and notes shawn watson. This is not good. He's facing to lawsuits alleging. Inappropriate conduct during massages. He is denying it. It's it's an awkward time because houston beat writer. Just predicted that he's going to trade it So we'll keep an eye on this but not what you wanna see and We'll we'll we'll continue to moderate arizona. Acquired rodney hudson center from the raiders and a seventh round. Pick for a third round pick. So he's a good player. They gave up a third round. Pick for an offensive lineman. That's no small deal You know. Dave gimme reaction to arizona getting rodney hudson to the chiefs signing kyle long There were so seattle getting right guard. Gabe jackson from las vegas of hitting their veteran running back or veteran offensive linemen. Yeah they did resign. The raiders did resign. Richie incognito and denzel good is back so a couple of pieces from last year will still be there. But they've got a lot of work to do. It's bad for josh jacobs and one more here. The patriot sign ted karras to be there center. could be very good. Well this the thing you know they. They lost their starting center and joe -tuni- their starting guard they signed. What i'm guessing is a worse center. Because they signed him to a one year four million dollar deal. There's no way Andrews is getting more than that are center that losing and their left tackle. They just brought back trent brown. I've been reading very conflicting stuff. About how good or how bad he is. And he's had trouble staying healthy although it's been a little bit fluky but i don't know that they're better than they were last year. They're just different The cardinals getting hudson feels like huge news. Yes it is okay so give me your offensive line breakdown right now. In free agency with with hudson going arizona. That's going to help them. Shore up litters trying to get to kyle through the gaps right so big defensive tackles linebackers. That are fast. They're willing to go between the hog. Mali's up front to try and shut down column. Keep him from escaping through the middle of the line. That's what that's for dave. They're building a pretty good offensive line. It used to be a weakness. Now it's looking to be a strength I like it for them. I like seattle has done with gabe jackson. I think he's a terrific offensive linemen as well. They need help there and then Kansas city is really the one that i think we should talk about because -tuni- went there. He's awesome and if kyle wong can find that form from twenty and before i mean that's that is a huge boom to kansas city's offense any might even be able to play right tackle. Which would be just incredible for them but they don't need a guard. I mean they've got well. Emanates is tardif. Definitely coming back. He going to keep working on the front lines of the expected. Comeback think i had read. That's great so then long could compete to either be backup guard or a backup tackle slash starting tackle but he took a year off. He probably had his body refresh. He clearly thinks he's got something left in the tank. You've got to trust brett beach. And andy reid because they know how bad their offensive line is. Yeah they're gonna put another body that's got some got some accolades in their offensive line group and hope that he can come out of it with the starting job. It could be very exciting for kansas city. Okay he anything. Stand out to you in terms of offensive line land. Let me let me steer this to oakland here. Sorry to las vegas. This went from last year team. That looked like were gonna have one of the best lines and football. It's gonna be extremely different now. I think you've got to have some josh jacobs concerns right well and there were already reasons for josh. Jacobs concerns like as a borderline first round picks. Just because of the way he's been used in the way that he shared the load and his not being probably fifty. Catch back so yeah. I think it's enough within that tier to cause a little bit of concern Probably great news for darren waller because they can't block anybody. Derrick carl just dump it off to waller even more often i don't i don't love it for car. I don't love it for jacobs but let's see how they finish up the offseason. Okay other news so the bengals offered kenny golladay contract. He's also been talking to the giants. Seems like a one year deal from the bengals. Yeah one year. Prove it deal. This is crazy. what's going on with. I think i have an idea why it's happening. Why golladay and fuller and juju having struck it rich yet. And i think it has to do with the draft class and it's it's deepened and super talented in these teams. Probably figure. why. Should i spend twelve to eighteen million dollars a year on kenny. Golladay when i can get somebody younger faster and cheaper. Yeah i think the thing is like there's nobody without warts Kenny golladay is basically had one year as in like an alpha wide receiver and even in that year. He didn't earn a hundred and twenty targets. juju pretty close hundred sixteen. But that's not like we're generally looking like one hundred and forty for the guy that we think that can golladay is jews. Not been anything for two years now. We'll fuller's never been able to stay healthy like it's there's just enough words But this is certainly concerning for golladay in terms of being a top twelve fantasy wide receiver. If this is a level of interest. And you may have to settle on the giants. I gotta say though. It's hard to say that. Like what you just said about juju and fuller juju did have a lot of touchdown like you gotta give them credit for some of what he did in twenty twenty and being being able to real in touch on some rothlisberger and play in the context that offense. It wasn't what the target share that he had. Once upon a time. We knew that that was going to be an issue. Eventually but he was he was serviceable. He's just not like a consistent game-breaker and fuller is a game-breaker and he proved that last year but then he had the suspension and everybody knows about the injury history. So it's like those guys did do things in twenty twenty to let the nfl. No hey look. I can contribute. I'm worth a lot of cash. Come get me but they but it's like the teams recognize. Well we could come get you. Your prices is too high. And now i can go. Get your march chaser. Jalen waddell in april and have to pay them half as much will fuller. If you think yards per target is a valuable stat will fuller is the best wide receiver in football. His last three seasons. He has averaged ten point seven yards per target over his last three seasons Davante adams just averaged a career high nine point. Two yards per target and fuller in his last three has been ten point. Seven tyreek hill in his career is ten point. Four seasons is ten point three fuller in his last. Three is ten point seven. I mentioned this about corey. Davis five wide receivers last year average fifteen yards per catch and caught seventy percent or more of their targets will fuller was at the top of the list rashard higgins justin jefferson corey davis and julio jones where the other four but with the with the start of baseball season right around the corner. I think it's important to talk about sample size with willfuller. It's it's a bit like a lefty masher. Who gets three hundred and fifty plate appearances a year and three fifty. But until you've seen the guy do it over a full season facing the full level of competition you don't really know we kind of we. We kinda got that from willful. Or i think he answered. That question was a top ten receiver per game. He he. He was a top ten receiver per game in but again he. We don't know if he can play sixteen games and he was doing that. That efficiency was on six and a half targets per game like he was he was on pace for hundred eighteen hundred and fifteen targets. But he i mean he still has has been really productive. I just yes. he's been really productive. I'm not saying he's super explosive. I i thought you went too far when you said if you like yards per target than will fuller's the best wide receiver in the game because abbas joking ten yards per target over seventy targets per season is not really last seasons last three seasons averaging ten point seven yards per target. That's gotta meet something it. he's awesome. It means he gets listen. You think will fuller is the best wide receiver in football. I was sorry. If i didn't the sarcasm didn't hit there but i was just. He's averaging four and a half catches per game over that stretch. And he's playing with the shawn watson and two thirds of it with andrea hopkins on the other side. That could be. The one other thing is will fuller in a holding pattern. Because he wants to play with to shawn watson and that why hasn't signed. He wants to see where john watson goes and then he'll try and follow him there. Maybe that's part of it. Maybe fuller also has caught seventy percent of his targets in the last three seasons. So yeah i. I wish it were more. It's only a hundred and ninety one targets in twenty nine games but it's seventy percent catch rate. It's fifteen point three yards yards per catch and ten point seven yards per target. Yeah i think it's safe to say that he will be the best boom or bust wide receiver. He's the best receiver in the boomer. Bus category this year unless kindergartners in that category. Because he plays for the giants. Yeah i do not want him to go to the giants. I think that would hurt. Everyone except daniel jones whose nobody's interested in but it would hurt all the giants receivers and it would hurt god. It was not the best spot for him. Although i mean golladay would be far and away. The best option. You could see him getting one hundred twenty targets on the giants right. Yeah yeah. I know eleven touchdowns on the giants. Well how monday through for twelve last year or so. That's what i that's lawyers ago a lot more. He might get two hundred twenty targets and he might get you twelve hundred yards on those targets. But he might only get you five touchdowns. I would think that. Look daniel jones through a lot of touchdowns his rookie year. So it just the problem. Is there such a run heavy ground and pound type of team. That's that's their their goal. That's what they want to be. So that's why. I don't want to be there right. But or they're saying we want to be able to be more balanced or even try and evolve daniel jones here. Let's add a receiver years. Great one and it's it's he can't assume the patriots are going to be exactly as run heavy as they were last year after they added all this talent receiver. That's the patriots telling you we're gonna try and jump. Start the passing game. China's if there's any other significant news gerald everett anthony berkshire so gerald everett one year deal with the seahawks could be worth up to seven million dollars. He'll be reunited with offensive coordinator. Shane waldron and anthony ser. Jamie mentioned him as a sleeper. He and geoff. Swaim both resigned with this. So if you like small sample sizes anthony. Firkh are is a top ten tight. End one game without jonnu smith last year five catches fifty one yards on seven targets. Anthony are how crazy would it be to take him over. Hunter henry if just drafting right now. To take over hunter henry. It would be insane. What if he's could be dubber to in targets team. Yeah but he's not the same type of player as jonnu and he. I think he could be in line for way more playing time and certainly a jump in targets as possible. He averaged five passes. He averaged five catches for fifty one yards without johnny smith and in one game. You said small sample size that you call it a food court. Step four of those catches for those catches on the final drive of the game. He being really small sample size. Good all right all right in one drive in his entire career. The knee i or okay Let's see what the audience thinks right now. I asked you who is the biggest winner in free agency could be someone who changed. Teams could be someone like cam. Newton could be like aj brown who lost target competition. I will just read Just some answers here. We have a bunch of comments. Rick says allen. The defense has not improved and neither has the run game. He's getting an iron man slot wide receiver to run through the air to play across from beasley as opposed to john brown. Who is always hurt. So he's getting emmanuel sanders. So josh allen a big winner keep him. I do think that even though the defense they have added i mean they re signed matt milano. The defense got a lot better later in the year so i would expect their defense be better in twenty twenty one personally but is josh allen winner guys or just the same so far is a winter. I'm not moving up to the number one quarterback in fantasy. Why is he a winter again. Why is he winner because he the bills haven't splurged at running back yet. Okay but that's what i'm worried about with allen is at buffalo makes a big deal running back and that's their sign. It's the opposite of what the patriots did. They're saying we need to be better. Running the football. And taking some pressure off josh allen who basically was the entire offense last year. Yeah if anything. I would probably say that allens a downgrade. Because i don't think emmanuel sanders as good as john brown right now. But he's still got. Gabriel davis to step up. And he's just he's he's such a i mean what are you gonna do. You're gonna you're gonna put kyle kyla maria ahead of them because murray got aj green. I mean i'm not sure. I'm not sure. Why rodney hudson. I don't know if that's enough to move. Maria ahead of josh allen. Maybe we'll see it to me allen's moving down when the bills do something bigger running back if they do something bigger running back but the cardinals could also do that. I could also or something faster here. Oh by the way spoiler travis. Dtn not even the number one or two running back prospect for emory hunt checkout fantasy football fantasy football today and five up. Yeah we talked about the ended harris on today's episode and we talked about Number two number four number five the number three but number. Two four and five for him for emory hunt in his prospect rankings. Check out march madness by the way on the cbs sports app. On your connected tv or on your phone from there. You're going to see every tournament game available to watch whether it's on. Cbs or march madness live of it like a gateway to all the action so download the cbs sports app. Now so you never miss a minute of the ncaa tournament. Night as i strongly recommend it. Also i don't wanna keep saying were tournament as i say it funny and dave makes fun of me for it but i was about mega comedy. Yeah yeah i know. I more winners joshua says everyone but chicago bears fans okay. I shouldn't laugh. Let's see cam. Newton obviously as a winner again. A lot of cam newton. Yes feel good about that. I think he relative to where he started at the beginning of free agency. He's like absolutely a winner. That same ryan fitzpatrick range where we even drafting him. When winco when free agency not when when the tampa when the rumors could before he signed with new england drafting and then doing. We're like oh okay but yeah i mean. He's he's definitely in that range and i would. I would currently draft him ahead of fits magic. I would not because. I still think that the patriots could make. I think they're more likely Yeah i do. I think they're more likely to make a move at quarterback to cause some warri over cam. Newton starting sixteen games than washington washing cells allen in heineke. I'd those guys. They signed those guys. They seem like they want to keep them around. I don't necessarily believe that. They're going to draft a quarterback. Okay from king hassan. Here's a here's an auto. Autocorrect for you. It's clearly stanford. He had zero chance of ever. Even getting to the postseason for the rest of his career in traded so matthew stanford. Now i mean i would assume that the pac ten. We'll be back on a regular schedule next year and so there will be you just call it a pac ten. How what was the last time you watched college football the pattern and would you like to join with me. It's back twelve. I don't know how many teams they have. but they are the pac twelve. That's i that's a little bit confusing to me. The big twelve. I think only has ten but the big ten had like fourteen. I i don't know if the acc has any teams that begin with the letter a. so This is from michael blood winners and all the other poor patriots fan. We had to go through one miserable season. Pats problem solved. Wonder how good they're going to be. I do think their defense going to be pretty good. Kyle van noy coming back. Patrick chung retiring but between the opt ins the defensive upgrades. Yeah i think they're going to be the most boring team in football but they will win. Yeah they'll win. They're going to be an unpredictable team. When i when. I wrote the story on hunter. Henry i said you know how they always have a running back situation that you can't quite trust because it's so unpredictable. Now imagine that with the entire offense because they've got they've got guys that they can play matchups with weakened weak out and it's perfect for them. What they're doing is great. But it's going to suck for us. Okay yeah okay. so how. 'bout from matt. Johnston william jackson came wait to see washington football team competing with the so. They signed a one of the top cornerbacks on the market. So just want to give thumbs up. Good call there Some fantasy relevant stuff. Matt costanzo says james robinson james robinson biggest winner so far. Yeah yeah Pirlo side seems like a very adequate backup for james robinson but not much more so if if we could get through april in the same situation you'd feel great about it. Dust indeed says trevor lawrence. No you added marvin jones. I i like marvin jones to. Oh he's a draftable. Bench receiver for sure but like they. Their current starting tight end is now What's his name oliver. No traded him to the ravens traded who they traded the ribbons josh. Alright say. did. I believe josh oliver restricted to the ravens. How did i know that. And i believe they. Fantasies the only one left shag holiday. They signed free agent tight. End chris. manhertz. Oliver on the roster. Yeah oceanic hennessy. My may have had a dream about john. Traded shaughnessy hannity is is from my favorite one of my favorite key and peele bits. You ever seen that one with okay. So fifteen hours ago he and repertoire tweeted. Jaguars trading josh oliver to the ravens for conditional draft pick okay. I didn't catch that. I wasn't online. Fifty in were also said the have had conversations with juju smith schuster all right more winners Darren says t higgins is going to be a beast this year. yeah. I think we all knew. Aj green wasn't going to be back so he's not a loser that's for sure but not if they sign. Can you go it. He probably isn't that assign that's true. That's that's a kind of a freak out sign that they are in the market for a receiver and anybody that they bring. And that's high profile would obviously hurt. The upside of t higgins. We are getting so much. So many people were answering with terry mclaren or ryan fitzpatrick so the fitzpatrick to maclaurin stack getting a lot of love washington. Football team getting a lot of love. They who do you think's gonna you're gonna win the nfc as of right now. I think washington has the best chance with dallas right behind him. I think i'd go dallas with the best chance with washington right behind them. It's a two horse race And it'll be very interesting. I will be better. I feel confident that a team from the nfc east is going to win more games than they lose this. You're sitting there. You go that way. Greg says thinking outside the box how. 'bout jamison crowder in a contract year. The addition of corey davis puts crowder back in his traditional number two role as the slot. Guy should see plenty of targets if the offense is predicated on the slot like it was last year. Then sure that's possible and if crowder is actually on the roster to be the twenty one season okay. I'm not excited about any jets right now. I think this is sorry. This is the best one for me. Might be my biggest winner. Clyde edwards ealier colin bassett suggesting c. h. and aj brown also a lot of votes for him. But i think it's huge for clyde edwards dealer that david williams was released. I think it helps. And they offense. I'm being rebuilt helps. Well i mean right now. We think the offensive line's still worse than it was last year. I know there. I think just by the addition of tuni coming in that helps the offensive line strengthened from where it was at the end of last year tackles got to do something about that too. But before agency started. That line was faster. Clarified i. it's much better than where it was before. Free agency started. I was saying over the course of what it was last year versus. What it currently looks like. Okay is worse. Yeah they need tackles. Obviously they're going to be a lot better regard. They're gonna be a lot better at guard but they're currently much worse tackle are they. Don't have a center yet either. Yes they think they do. Have a center I was just reading. I only know this. Because i was just reading about duvenage tardy when we brought him up so i think they have a center. I mean technically. They have a center injured. Andrew wylie is he a guard for them. Yeah i can't profess to know the chiefs offensive line that well i think that's really heath's job sheaves have made an offer to austin rider. Who was there center last year but he has not accepted the offer yet. Okay and then there is the show additional replies including those that may contain offensive content. While i got. I gotta show gotta see what people were saying right ryan fitzpatrick the that's the offensive content. What okay Yeah all right of washington. Love right now and i get. It makes sense to the apple. Podcast questions this is from clint's clinton keeper league standard scoring. I get to keep two of these. With my final two rounds. All three were picked up on the waiver. Wire is the decision this easy now so pick to. Aj dylan yeah ha dylan cam. Akers jk dobbins easy. Yeah yeah yeah said it. Nice when things are easy. Joey in a small town west of houston texas el paso. Okay was waiting for like heathrow responders of okay. How's it going. Jim jason wrecks and kyle. Those earlier bears quarterbacks. Yep twelve team. Pr keeper league. I won this league twice now. Because i drafted michael thomas in his rookie season in round. Eight every year. Your keep removes up around you. Keep them michael. Thomas will be a fourth round. Pick this year. Should i keep michael thomas. In the fourth or tee higgins in the eighth keeping to you. I can't believe you said that me too weekly less. I know. I thought you were going to michael thomas truth but i mean i i i get it. I should say truth or more. Like you know fortune teller. I tend to agree. But i'm gonna change my tune if the bengals do add some talent receiver one hundred percent. I don't know like how confident are. We jameis winston winning that job because that would know it. Sounds like it's competition. Which is something that i didn't think it was necessarily gonna be. I mean i think i knew it was going to be competition. I kind of lean toward james getting it. Now you literally have to look at those guys in competition. It makes projecting that entire offense and nightmare because it's different offences it is. Yeah i on. The plus side. We did see takes him hill. Lean heavily on michael thomas before and we think that james could probably do the same thing who else michael. Thomas is basically quarterback proof bridgewater breeze and taste them hill. Did not catch touchdown with you didn't get shut down all year. Did he. michael thomas. He didn't catch with with With tastes mill. But he had a lot of catches. Okay that's it for fantasy football. Thank you guys everybody. We have a lot of great free agents still yet to sign so we'll be back soon and make sure you watch our videos show today on. Cbs sports h. q. Three pm eastern. We'll tell you our favorite destinations for some of the free agents that are still out there biggest winners and losers a lot. More for dave richardson. He's coming out of as you're listening talk to.

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Cassie Doyle  Screenwriter Who Learned Her Craft at Lafayette High and UL  Lafayette

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Cassie Doyle Screenwriter Who Learned Her Craft at Lafayette High and UL Lafayette

"This is john swift and you're listening to discover lafayette a podcast dedicated to the people people and rich culture of lafayette the gateway to south louisiana we tape in the offices of writer solutions located in the light center in lafayette raider offers offers a complete fleet of IT solutions for businesses of all sizes if you're wondering if writer can help your business please visit reiter solutions dot com i'd also also like to thank iberia bank for it support founded in eighteen eighty seven iberia bank the largest bank based in louisiana and is headquartered in lafayette with three hundred twenty i five combined locations throughout the south they offer the resources of a national bank with the personal touch of a community bank please visit iberia bank dot com for more information asian and lastly thank you for the support of lafayette general health as a katy anna's largest nonprofit community on regional health system lafayette general l. health is committed to restoring maintaining and improving health in the communities it serves for more information visit lafayette general dot com our guest today is cassie doyle a- laughing at native who is becoming well known for writing feature length films that successfully made it to television screens for christmas twenty nineteen to upcoming movies will premiere on lifetime and they're entitled the road home for christmas and radio christmas in two thousand eighteen to other christmas films cassie road aired on lifetime christmas in tennessee and christmas contract a christmas contract was filmed right here in lafayette cassie graduated from lafayette in moving image arts she moved to new york city in two thousand fifteen in initially served as an assistant for small jewelry design company then as an assistant at an networks where she made contacts in the industry and started writing movies she's a member of the writers guild and is currently working on some new projects that are not related to the christmas season cassie welcome to discover lafayette take you for and let's also welcome my daughter taylor taylor swift who's one of your closest friends from way back so i wanted this to be kind of a family interview i've watched you grow up and i'm so proud of you and so happy here in the studio you may time while you're here in town this'll air after your mom celebrates her birthday so i'm gonna be in town we're going to surprise tomorrow but today i'm laying loma so let's go back in time so you in taylor were talking before the show started you've always liked taping james and i know you've been creative would you talk about your journey you're laughing at high graduate and what led you to become a film film writer i think initially it just having the interest in wanting to film things we just always had a good time making little l. movies and they're silly stupid and i wonder if some of them were filmed at your house i now so it just started from there and in high school i had a really great teacher love her forever miss gotcha all laurie gajjal and she was i i took a creative writing class with her films lit class with her and she she you're so inspiring and so and the lafayette high program in general all out there like the arts teachers english teachers everybody was fantastic and so really oh i think nurtured everybody's desire to to follow their dreams and do what they want and then in college i went to which is amazing and majored and moving image arts and i always knew i wanted to be in the business writing was always the goal i didn't think i'd get there as quickly as i did which is great but it's all all about context so i moved to new york and just tried to like make as many contacts get a job at a network consistent and then just make as many friends as you can that was sort of my motto yeah i've got a question i mean there's so many talented people there it really is all about who you know when you have to get in the door and then prove yourself exactly fewer fewer surrounded by loads of talent well the you know the saying like look is just opportunity meeting preparation right i couldn't be more true because because as a writer especially a lot of writers in isaiah okay what are you working on like what are you writing and they don't have anything and so you'll be surprised it happens a lot so you have to no one asked me to write a christmas movie at all i just saw a need space and you guys can see this now net flicks doing a ton of all mark desert on like the competition then is you know it's a buyer's market right now so i was like i want to capitalize on this i'm an assistant have nights and weekends so i just was like i want to write a christmas movie and so one day it can get sold and luckily the friends that i made were incredibly supportive and my boss and everybody i worked with just like tried everything to help me in this craig and luckily you know they really wanted to buy my scripts so for people starting in the business to get a job just to get your foot in the door and then you're you're you're writing you were working around clock i mean i don't know if it's common i think people want to do it but i really would attest to to my co workers my boss everybody it worked with at any networks was absolutely incredible and incredibly supportive which doesn't always happen a lot of times in the industry people don't always support you and that's sort of the competitive yeah yeah the competitive aspect of it but but i think it's getting better and i mean everyone i worked with was like just anything they could do to to help and and so i'm really incredibly grateful for them so that's the opportunity coming into play is andy networks is is lifetime under zone they have have five yeah they have five networks so it's history lifetime FYI and vice land okay so those are all the networks yeah yeah so that's how it sort of started and then did you learn that you all did you you take writing courses for view yeah yeah so they train you the format of just curious do you just have to be a little bit of like absolutely like i trained on like how to write a script but a lot of it i think is self motivated you have to read a lot of scripts just to understand that the merge there's a lot of like finessing you do when you write descript because you can't really give stage directions like or it's a it's a little bit of a dance sometimes how to get your vision across without trying to do the director shopper the actress job so part of it too like when i first moved to new york i volunteered at a screenwriting studio and so i would work there camera for their podcasts and i would just is be able to audit classes so yeah yeah so and you know that's how you make contact society network that's how you learn and so that's how i that's something i when i first moved yeah you're just a nice person too i mean it's your helps yeah i think being like a nice smiley personally needs to be but you're inviting so it's not like yeah we're going to be turned off or anything like she's talented end well that was gonna joel thousand graves part about working at the network i met so many amazing producers that i work with all the time now and and you know we just like i'll send them an idea it's like we're going back and forth who we can pitch it to and so that's yeah that's also i feel like i've met tony tony like incredibly kind people then you know that's who i i don't wanna work with people who aren't kind but i can tell you when you display a work ethic like you did that's that's besides being an ice that is so appealing to people that are looking for partners to work with you want to see that somebody's in it yeah willing to work rework it i'm i'm sure you have to rework things to get it it helps last year one of my cousins dewey's was the highest rated of the year and the other one had the most prescott let so which is the highest one i love that movie and christmas contract had the most press pickups because lafayette like that be sure yeah i would i would argue it's a little bit more about the cast or it's like the whole country hill reunion in everyone's really excited about that are they known yeah yeah i've time are just known actors some yeah yes yeah it's like a beloved TV show from when we were like okay yeah you're like a group of them coming back together was made everybody out for a man yeah yeah up on that people to like they're really cute you one of them was one of the actresses in that movie is from eunice so i've hung out with her her husband is ginseng apples from supernatural so i've hung out with them a couple times just that like press events and different stuff and like talk about the coolest people ever your girl through and through like yourself anna i know it yeah they're good people will you picked up on love stories and i know they tend to be set at least four so far have been sat around the christmas season we'll watch these two coming manab think the first one will probably premiere before this hairs on october twenty six and the second one ears november nine number but do you believe in love uh-huh do does it i just love in this room i can smile when i think of lifetime love movies it's just like predictable kind of good looking yeah people that have all these compelling stories it doesn't work out and then you're like yeah fully they'll either fallen love or there'll be some happy ending just so much fun to watch and that a lot of people get that a lot especially from like my parents they you know sometimes you just want to relax and watch some things heartwarming your feet up and washing everything else that's going on and so it's kind of a nice relief and everyone likes yeah i mean christmas time i think everyone wants to believe and that sort of warm fuzzies and and watch that kind of warm and fuzzy on your TV so yeah right and they're fun underwrite how do you get selected how how did your scripts i mean if you can tell us the process i know that a lot of people probably submit scripts and only a few you were selected wh how does that process work once you have your script ready for submission so initially it's a little different because i worked because i i've had those contacts i worked for the network and i initially wrote the scripts and what actually happened was i had a professor who lives in new york now who manager wanted to send it to a rival network and i was like i'm not even sure because when you work for creative company you have like certain rights and and things like that that you have to sign contractually and so it's like i don't even know if i could do that and so i had to go to my boss and this is how it sort of all started i was like i don't really we know what's going on like if i can do this or not and then that's when she was incredibly supportive and was like please send them to me and i was like i don't have a manager and agent or anything thing to send it through because usually you're not supposed to do that but she's like i'm vouching for you so that sort of that was the initial and again that's just like making really good friends who want to bore for you but the normal way is like you usually if you're sitting you have to go through a producer or an agent or yeah yeah somebody who's who has relationship with the executive eggs so you have to again it's really hard to get in yeah exactly and that's sort of why i didn't wanna be like you see a lot of like blake bartenders waiters like that kind of stuff that tried to break into the industry and i just didn't think that was smart so i was like i just thought it made more sense to you you know if i'm not gonna be a writer i can build a career network and then try to you know start grounded things are going so is that advice you give two other hopefuls on a u. intern would yeah i would absolutely in the door at the end of the day if you're not like writing you're still making television you're part of television and it's already it is hard to get a job at the network you also to know people so like i didn't work it took me a while to get a job at a network new york and i would pull out a networking events and so that's how i met somebody that worked at any that could put my resume at the top of the list and so one can take a chance on you how many are on that list though there was a good few yeah exactly that's why it's like you have to know somebody yeah that's the whole industry it's about making friends so what's your best networking advice to a young man or woman that wants to meet people make a good impression i mean are you bold or do you you could you have advice did you did you make mistakes or did you just door in the right people i think you just have to be like kind and outgoing and that's tough for i i'm an extrovert i think a lot of writers are probably introverts and that's probably where they would struggle but just like being nine trying to make friends not also not judging people i think some people especially in LA you see a lot of people trying to climb ladders off of other people and you may underestimate somebody you may be like oh they're just this but it's like no they're they're going to rule the world they're going to run the network on day so also just like not nice just being kind to the people you think that could help you just been kind of everybody i mean i think that's just good life advice but yeah and then you you know you scratch my back scratcher your back we're all friends yeah you're gonna help each other out did you ever think one of your movies would be filmed here in your hometown no but i was so happy that it was is i was so happy i wanna shout out to my producer daniel lewis on that movie he's filmed in area a bit this year as well he is two movies coming out if you remember there was a movie filmed this year new iberia so that was his project as well he's an incredible producer and he he's based an outside new orleans in that area and yeah so he'll but he films all over the state of south louisiana mostly but he's incredible he just really good work and i'm really happy that we christmas contract together yeah just as an aside last christmas you know a lot of your family and friends gathered in your parents home and we had outdoor screening of a christmas contract and that was just so much fun it's your dad and your mom or beaming yeah um i don't think i've ever seen prouder parents family your court of their so supportive and that was a lot of fun i think there are also excited to just because you know it was a combination of their daughter wrote the movie it was set in their hometown we've lived in lafayette my whole life and so just a lot of pride from all sorts of aspects rights and then all the rest that god is good what other do things i know you can't probably divulge projects that haven't been yeah contracted yet but are you looking at expanding outside of the do you believe in love yes my thing really is i mean as much as i do think these are really fun and enjoyable to write but i really wanna do series i'm more of like a drama like one hour drama kind of writer so yeah i'm wrapped by authentic managements and so we're sort of about to start going out and making give meetings and trying to get staffed on a show yeah yeah we'll see but yeah so that's that's the next step although i think like i love writing these christmas movies so once a year maybe do you want to if i can get traction in the series world i'd still like to do these these movies which sounds like so much fun writing something like that well christmas mind me saying speaking of series golf we once i had a little projects that you spearheaded called the millennials it's about a group of people our age can i also i wanted to my i own horn for a hot second this was not this was not a common term at the time do you remember that was he was he was not a thing to invent them no cassie dodi the deep in the internet to find it because i was sort of like that's what we were really referred to as gen y. at the time so i was playing with the title all of that show i was like should be why generation or like i was trying to remind like a catchy thing and then i found some deep corner internet that was like sometimes they're referred to the millennial and i was like oh i should that's a good title and then all of a sudden everyone's obsessed with complaining about millennials but i do you still have it somewhere you shouldn't him oh that's a gym that needs to stay in the heart of drawer yeah it was really fun experiment i mean i actually also got to be on the show find taylor swift played carrie underwood road it's like i wrote the role for you or something like got a guy that was so much fun it was nerve wracking just being in front of a camera but being with friends it's just i mean i know you might not be incredibly proud but man man that was so that was my that was my senior project that whole two or three episodes at least yeah we will i wrote like four episodes in we filmed two of them so all however you owe me and my parents i was obsessed with like meta stuff at the time this is also what's funny about being a writer because like you look back on old stuff and you're like why like why was i so obsessed with that i was obsessed with meta so i like the show was about a bunch of college kids trying to make a show it was so i in writing this show yeah yeah exactly sounds like jerry seinfeld plot though yeah yeah yeah gosh the last so what do you think's in the next five years for you do you have goals not absolutely i would love to i mean i it is hard to say because i have some things lined up so i'd love to share but i don't think i can share them i have some really fun stuff coming up and i'm really excited like twenty twenty s going to i have a lot of exciting new things that i'll be doing new roles outside of just being writer as well and but and then we'll we'll see where you know my my management can take me hopefully in the next five years i'd love to have a few shows staffed being staff no-show just means like somebody else's show okay but i'd love to also have my own show like you call that creator show runner so i don't know about five years might be ambitious but you've done pretty well is try yeah so setting the goal is just like in the all of a sudden you know are you just wondering the same age so you've i mean you've done so much in such a short time i was getting really it was like when i found out that i sold these movies i was twenty five at that time i was still an assistant i've been assistant for a while new new york and i was like getting frustrated like nothing i was like i feel like i'm behind like i'm getting old and like i wanna start like doing stuff and then this happened and then i was like okay okay we're chat chat snowball yeah i guess i kind of wonder so obviously moving to new york in general to being the scene is helpful but just moving away in general from lafayette louisiana to a huge city i mean the growth i mean do do you think that maybe you move away or like especially creative types like moving into a new city kind of diving in on your own i mean that was that must've been great for you and overwhelming megan terrifying too but i was like a horrifically poor for a while whoever said that money can't buy happiness there has never been horrifically poor it can it can buy some security in the city yeah peace of mind and like vacations like so i totally don't believe that groceries yeah yeah it was tough but it's also like it helps you grow as a person because you have those moments when i was like living in a closet like the basically it was the time us from ever look at a mattress floor your sister didn't it's simple eight or later not originally originally so i live like out in the middle of nowhere queens in like it was kind of like a cupboard under the stairs except for it was above the stairs because it was so small and it was right above the staircase but yeah i lived there for a while just so try to get a job and temp and try to figure out you know a way yeah in new york it's tough i think i know a lot of it though too i absolutely loved going to you l. and i had really amazing scholarships so i came into the workforce with no no debt so and that was sort of something i struggled with when i was choosing my college i was like can i should i go to NYU n. b. horribly horribly in debt and then maybe how connections and maybe have internships that i can do in this city or should i start off the other way and i'm obviously very glad that i did the opposite when in with no debt yeah because yeah it allowed me to live so it wasn't like another thing i was worried about when i was living in the cupboard so absolutely aside from just like loving you l like found a new love of i think the fluffy at when i went to u. l. especially already love yeah it's interesting it is it's a very different side you hang out this is a town more which is you know lived in the saint streets beats went downtown all the time for the festivals and in the two different worlds absolutely yeah yeah when you do like suburban mhm lafayette lafayette high like life and then come over to you l. absolutely i guess i'll say we used to watch i don't know so so many movies yeah what do you think i mean horribly easy question but what do you think is maybe like the most influential movie that you'd seen that may be kind of like sparked anything in you two all right i'm gonna pivot that because once i saw a certain TV show i was obsessed with TV kind of stop watching movies which i still like movies but i i really love television it was lost i watched laws and i was a freshman or sophomore in high school and and i'm telling you i could not stop watching loss like my mom used to punish me from law like she'd be like you have and this was back in the day when like streaming wasn't really a thing thing so i was hunched over our family computer in the living room with headphones and and like what ABC dotcom lost over word over and over again and i fell in love with a storytelling of that show and i think a lot of people would agree that lost is really changed the game and television and a lotta different ways and i also can't we've been watching things you know because i was there on season four when i was a freshman in high school so it was like i i watched four seasons and like a month and my mom very impressive so i think that really that really did everything for me i love i owe it a lot to that show the show was awesome i've watched all the twice now i wanna watch yeah yeah i've actually believe it a ladder for the ending but i have it on DVD i have the box set by the mom's house so we could go this weekend i'm in the minority because i loved the ending oh yeah i thought i was like i was was fine about it so it's been a while i should watch it but it gets a lot of flack and i don't think it's that bad i think the point of the ending was it's not about the ending ending just about the journey book yeah and all those story lines that's what the told me it's not about this is about everything else that you just saw that's kinda how i feel it didn't affect my love for the shell like i was like oh but i still watching their journey and the character development and how they told the stories on the show i mean you guys are gonna get addicted so whichever saying good miss snow it's great but do be prepared for it to take over your life it can't be best first episode ever in television okay okay well that's a high bar season once he's into i mean it's so good at at the end of the season one oh my gosh the indices in three for all the listeners that no we're we're talking not and he's right gosh gosh that was amazing to watch it i'll go back tony things alerts not going to remember this is put on the projector in the room for watching it so we can create a new podcast and we'll just talk about lost very episode time i'm sure there's a billion of those podcasts uh-huh never discovering lafayette or discovering lost yes choose your adventure she's both i guess yeah sailor i mean i guess what's the hardest and easiest part about working for yourself quotation tation merck's yeah so yeah let's talk about that yeah it's a good question so i am people ask me this all the time are you freelance like how do you pay you like so it's the way you think about it as being like an entrepreneur so i have my own business inc and i have like a lawyer and like all this other oh i know you have to have when you have a business yeah so i kind of make work for myself and i have to be smart in a lot of ways because i gotta get paid in lump sums basically it's not like i don't get paid by weekly or anything like that so yeah you have to be smart and in that regard about money and you also have to be smart about time because ah yeah but also lives a little bit of a balance so i thought i was gonna work this week and then i didn't have anything pressing do i had some things i had to do last week and to turn in and i worked on the plane when i was down here or find out a houston actually for a bit but but this week i just didn't have anything urgent but but that's sort of the you know the alot gang of reich there's sometimes when i'm working like a mad person all i'm thinking about is the story that i have to crack doc in the script that i have to write dreaming about it yeah yeah exactly so everything is in service that and so then sometimes you vacation and like like vacation i look on facebook and you have your world that was a big part of like being so excited to work for myself to create my own schedule i have a travel website you do yeah i do it's cassie finds dot com it's also i instagram handle follow me fines FA f. i n. d. s. so so you have to travel a job no one pays me to travel followers down yeah i started i always wanted to do i love photography i've always been really interested in photography and i have like my alarm i go pro and i'm always like snapping pigs they're making videos when i travel and i also have so many friends that come to me and they're like what can you send me your itinerary when you go to rent like when i go to rome or something like that so it's partially inspired by getting annoyed by having to do that all the time yeah so now i can just go yeah just go to cash cassie fines dot com slash rome but yes so it's also so just a creative outlet that i just like to do because i designed the whole thing mysel- from scratch which was fine and i get to showcase my pictures and videos and just share you know what i did and basically the format is i literally just go day by day what i do there so it's my entire my entire itinerary and then i give a recommendation so some of that it's like don't don't do it it's like i did it for you so you can not to do it and then other things are like you have to do this those kind of experiences so it's just just a fun creative outlet that is a really passionate in my life and i'm really grateful that the you know the career that i've always dreamed of and would love to do really allows me to have that sort of travel time and not experience i'm glad because you love what you're doing it's so obvious i mean i don't know i'm not sure if i have have too much else have i asked you know jason's can have a few questions in a second have i asked you what you thought i would ask did i miss something obvious next you wanna share you know sometimes people ask about the actual writing process but i don't know if you're curious about that so basically the answer is that it varies i'm sure that's not surprising because sometimes you get ideas in different ways i'll tell you with christmas having written and a lot now because i've actually written six the wow well i know because they do so early so i'm already you i've already submitted stuff for twenty twenty so it's like i know it's crazy and i actually wrote i'm getting good at writing christmas scripts i wrote one of the scripts for twenty twenty four days are you serious that's wild though yeah that's amazing that's it's like not common but i just got tired of it being on my to do list so i just worked really hard but chris inspired by titles because you you know if you notice like if you look at like hallmark lifetime net flicks all the christmas titles are very christmassy christmas contract you know a christmas engine see the road at home for christmas so come with titles and it's like the you know there's pretty obvious what they're about like the ones this year the road home for christmas they're they're going on a road trip and so it's two rival piano duelling music horse yeah so of course i had to throw in a little louisiana flare so their new orleans based musicians and they do piano duelling show and the quarter and basically they get they have a gig christmas eve that cancels and so they decide died they find out that they're from a similar close hometown in an ohio okay so they decide to road trip there so i thought that'd be fun to write like a road trip movie and especially when you i'm sure a lot of people have driven this this route i know i have gone for new orleans they go up there mississippi to nashville fun and and then up through louisville l. and drive so yeah and so it starts off like kind of green and then it gets snowy there's some like country christmas going on like that that's october twenty six and it'll replaying all all season long lifetime so if you don't catch it you can you could find it again and then radio christmas the same way i just like the title of it and i like the idea of a radio like a person that works for like a sirius XM type of if show where it's christmas all year long and so you sort of see like the months go by and the beginning there's like a montage months of leg by august yeah TV shows are a little different like when i write a pilot those are more concept premise base so i have this idea i just wrote a pilot i'm really excited about and i didn't really know much what i wanted to be about i just knew i wanted to set an ancient fictional city okay and that i wanted it to follow the women and to see how their actions have shaped the country's history landscape okay so that's premise space so it's a really kind of like what you wanna do you know and i had just assumed in this is from ignorance that i've read about other writers even john lennon and they would just be inspired by a poster or something i just assumed you just would have things you're attracting these ideas in the hard part is probably sitting down to just a unless it out because they could write the yeah i mean that's the knobs in paragraph flush it out full link show is probably the tough part i taylor you can relate to this as an artist well you get ideas and you want to do them and sometimes it's like you have to make yourself do you love it's a weird deer hey my art stuff yeah as if not if it's in boxing i'll forget about it but if it's at your fingertips i always at the ready you're more client because they're years and i did that too i had all all this list of like oh i want to write this i want this and i wasn't doing it and that sort of the the hump the biggest hump as a creative person whether you're writing doing art or whatever it's really just like making yourself follow through on your ideas because you can have a million ideas but if you're not you're not able to do it then yeah so no you're absolutely right it's hard to flush out yeah have you ever dreamed that inspired anything with absolutely you you know me i mean my dreams are crazy they're wild old crazy christmas yeah exactly nothing for christmas yeah exactly gosh yes a dream i dream of christmas oh that's probably already a movie but yeah yeah lots of stuff music also music always helps you know yeah for a fraction yeah would you ever like right some sort of like disney themed kind of like not like katie eighty movie are you i mean obviously you said you wanna do drama but like i know how much you love disney we saying be a man karaoke last night last night yeah yeah i mean i definitely so i don't know about disney i don't know about jesse movie but i love musicals today you know this yes yes and i would love i'm currently not actively but currently working on musicals that i'm writing so i do book and lyrics so yeah so that's a long term goal though so i have mike very particular about musicals i feel like musicals take it you need to at least have seven years before it can be on on broadway otherwise they're really bad it's like a whole thing like there's so many broadway musicals that make it just because of like who it is you know who's making taking it or whatever and it's the process rushed and they're not good so that's a long term goal that i'm really excited about it as well that's going to happen exciting i now i just love broadway so that's another reason i live in new york you say you go all the time like i i see everything i just saw mill rouge with the original cast smets fantastic absolutely i mean that's a movie that i think i've watched a million times but did they elephant and like all the time and like the opening number of the musical is because we can't cancan and i just started crying i was like oh i don't know because it's a fun song it's not obviously there's always add if you seen the movie but the nostalgia i had attached is to the movie i cried we've watched moulin rouge at least five times in our yeah absolutely absolutely i love that movie and it was a great musical which broadway needed there's some bad ones right now but we won't name them i think it's coming to new orleans by the way i think like in two zero guilt shopper -tunities yeah chris yeah think about christmas presents who in your you know your life enjoys musicals enjoys me larouche funny yeah but that's another reason i think i live in new york over LA i i go to LA a few times a year for something like that and because a lot of the industry is all there yeah i just love new york it soon so what do i remember when we there around thanksgiving i got to see you and hang out with you and we went out and then coming home like being on the subway with you and just like hey you know all the letters every smashing five years i knew it was like the coolest moment just seeing you so who in your element in your town and i was like this is amazing because like yeah but i love like top of your that's what i love about having such a flexible schedule as i come to lafayette like a fair bit you rely i do often because my parents live here my friends live here and there's always a good good reason to come to lafayette there's never a bad reason that's so discover lafayette yeah i've never missed a festival international oh ever i've come back every single year i'll miss mardi gras but i i won't missed us on our national it's the best thing ever i understand and yeah so i come back like a fairly often and i'm just like mysteries food and i'm like dude ooh yeah it's it's scary sometimes because i'm like okay i have to eat here here here and here and i have to do it in two days but yeah so it's nice to have that balance like going from a big city that i love and then being able to come home and like go kayaking martin appreciate it so absolutely absolutely and i come home enough we're like i don't know it feels it feels like my friends are like i see you more than i do my other friends sometimes with here that's that's probably i also rallied people i'm like we're gonna do ladies night and last night didn't care where we went yeah i love it cassie we're here as we mentioned earlier in raider solutions were grateful for the help adjacent sikora guesses in taping this show and i know you've been in the industry and i know you probably have some questions well first of all cassie thank you for being here for taking time to do this this has been awesome it was so fun to listen to your story and then i got super excited when i lost lost certainly yes of course voice but no to hear the parallels between what you went through in in getting where you are to what i did in the music business right and rough it for a couple of years and then all of a sudden break and the floodgates open on easter meeting people that meet other people and and i never had a business card and i was never without work yeah right so it just happens but you have to put in the people business really yeah my my interview for britney spears this kid was the manager said come hang out with me at a bar and we hung out for three hours i said so you're going to interview me and he goes no i like you can live on a bus with you you never asked me about my skills can we get along mm-hmm so yeah so like i got super excited so many times new telling your story you mentioned jump around here what's your favorite day salah camera is a cannon but my cannon isn't sixty for like who wouldn't want a mark to i don't have a mark taylor i love karen rebel but we just got a new rebel i think t- seven i it's just a goof around with totally totally okay so you said that you wrote a script in four days which seems crazy but that was that was one of my questions was how how how long does it typically take and you say varies but on average i i would say to write a movie like five weeks if you push yourself you work every day pitcher fulltime job abraham dote if you have stuff to do in life and might take longer but that's like i think pretty reasonable time you you know timeframe to give yourself to write a movie i crash it still is a lot of work and you have to work at it every day but that's reasonable four days is a little silly that include rick i'd imagine this rewrites as well right that doesn't include the right so that's just like that's just my draft act of like whenever whenever i submit it to a network and they wanna make changes that's when the rewrite come into play but i sort of that's why like submitting scripts you don't i'll have to submit scripts technically you can submit ideas treatments this kind of thing interest when you're when you're an established writer so when they know that you can write a movie basically like i don't have to do it at this point they know me well enough but i like doing a script t i think you get to put your whole idea i and you get to say this is my vision where where they can make changes along the way if you just give them a treatment or a summary that's what that means then they can edit it in outlining process and change your vision even and i just really liked the idea of putting like okay this is what i have if you want to change stuff that's great like we can change things but this was this was what i have to offer you differently only if an idea versus full manuscript star only purchasing the idea from you yeah but if you're writing the movie no same i mean so you have to be smart and a little bit of a boss when negotiating i've learned that there's a little bit of ageism in this industry more more than sexism there's some sexism for shirt but i found there's a lot more ages of but people are pretty over about about ageism so i yeah i know movies to pay me like a normal writer so as part of your process do you have a favorite part of it is like giving ideas the the writing fleshing things out is what really drives drives who makes you excited when writing a script that's what the feeling of finishing scrapped honestly i think that's what propels you like it feels so good to finish the script especially when you get to the end and it sort of the fun part where i don't always write things in order so like you get an idea i am i know it's going to happen but i don't know you know i know what ANC are but i don't want to be is that kind of thing so when you're at the end and and it's like filled in the beginning i haven't end i have most of the middle and you just have to fill in the fun things and you have you get new ideas in for like you can put in a smaller story line at the very end or just little details about like originally this is good concept in the christmas contract i it did not figure out what the maze was and i was bugging me so if you remember at the end of the movie there's this christmas tree as as she goes through and he tells her love story through the ornaments ornaments i hadn't thought of that so i wrote most of the movie without that mind so basically and then oh wait i can make the mom and homemade or like ornament maker and so i changed her profession or her little craft to being an ornament shop and said i had a contract love it you know shout onto the bowers family classics mcdonagh's awesome and so yeah so it was like those kind of when those things come together especially at the end it just feels so satisfying to like put everything together and make make ideas like that so i i i've released a bunch of music and win writing music depending on what you're doing and what kind of style it is there's a certain things that you do like verse pre chorus chorus back to a verse breakdown another chorus is writing so kind of like that where there's three separate acts or is it not really that way anymore so that's yeah that's how they sometimes teach it they definitely did back in the day they taught three act structure for movies but there's so many theories these days i've heard of the seven extra i've heard i don't even care about access to think about that so okay on the TV movie world they're technically nine acts but those are just based on commercial breaks they're not actually beats really totally i don't i don't know about that i have i have my own way of thinking about things so so you have your inciting incident right that sort of what what propels your movie that's in any kind of english storytelling perspective i call it your all was lost moment and that sort of like right before you know the the and basically i have like a page number usually it's in the sixties maybe it's in the seventies and like that's when everything goes to it goes bad content heartstrings yeah things are going wrong you through on all the bad stuff out your characters especially at christmas film it would be like there's a snowstorm and we gather more and we should break up because we we live in two different cities like these are like you shove all the bad stuff and then you have your resolution and then along the way there's lots of little things but when i start writing a script i have to know the the inciting incident i have to know the last moment and a half to know how everything's going to resolve interesting okay i think that's kind of all you need and you get to know your characters and then you start it's fine so cute awesome i like that and that kind of hommos spreaders do it or is that just kind of your your thing i think everyone's very different because i also weird i right out of order so i might write the beginning usually right i but then after the beginning it's i who knows what i'm gonna all right next so i think some people are really obsessive outlines so some people like to be very particular about what their story is before they write it but i i don't i don't like that it doesn't it i'm just my creativity isn't like better for you yeah i kind of let the sound so cheesy and like hippie ethereal but like i kind of let the writer like the characters like tell me their story weirdly i know it sounds you sound on stupid but sometimes when i'm writing dialogue they'll just say something in it's like something that i wasn't planning on writing into the script well maybe there is this going to happen like or maybe already be happened or i don't know it sounds dumb but it's move i love it i know you're hoping that say that that's what i pictured it's coming to you yeah they're in a bottle of whisky unlike tell me your story too i think that's a great response because again the same way yes sometimes it goes back and forth like you're pushing it and other times it's coming from you and you don't even know here in in and disturb playing something and then all of a sudden like there's a song yeah how did this happen here and i can relate to this like also as a musician listen there's some projects i've written in your like chugging through and it takes over there are some projects when i'm like whoa how did i do that all in one day and same thing with music sick i think those are creative processes are always different you can never pin down exactly so you just have to be okay with it when songs every written five times because i struggled in the best ones are the ones that i wrote in five minutes it's probably the script is probably fantastic because it just came to you so fast yeah yeah exactly that's awesome again thank you for being here just an awesome podcast so happy to be here jim jason sikora aura raiders solutions thank you again for making our show plausible and cassie doyle and taylor swift this has been fun gosh you know oh i love doing the podcast but it really came to live today just thinking back about your journey and where you are right now i just feel like the sky's the limit for you so congratulations on success continued success and i wanna thank our listeners for the support of our podcast the numbers the growing i'm very proud of being able to share the stories of lafayette louisiana and south louisiana so it's a real pleasure to be here i want to thank our sponsors straighter solutions iberia bank and lafayette general you can find this episode and all of our episodes on discover lafayette dot net or even better you can go to apple podcast or anywhere you get your podcast and subscribe and you'll get a new addition deliver to your phone or computer every friday morning so on behalf of discover lafayette this this is

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Legendary Teachers: Moeller and Chapin with Claus Hessler

Drum History

59:15 min | 1 year ago

Legendary Teachers: Moeller and Chapin with Claus Hessler

"Today's episode is brought to you by the sound solution project by black swamp percussion. The sound solution project is a two week educational event put on by black swamp percussion starting August seventeenth to August thirty first featuring educational and performance video content from the ESP shop and bs be artists and educators. Black swamp is offering fifteen percent off through Steve Weiss music and launching to performance packs for students and educators follow Black, Swan. Percussion. For details latest video content and be sure to visit BLACK SWAMP DOT com. Welcome to the drum history podcast I'm your host Bar Andruzzi and today I'm joined by Klaus has. Klaus, how are you? Hey all fine here. Thanks so much great to be on the show. Yeah. Awesome. I'm honored to have you here where we're here today to talk about molar and then Jim Chapin and your lessons with him, and then we're gonNA. Get into some more rudimentary stuff which are very famous for and all that good stuff. So we are it's about four in the afternoon for me, but it's it's about ten pm for you. You're you're you're going late here. But Anyhow, I'm a big boys. Don't worry too much. Okay. All right. Well, I just want to make sure you get to bed on time. Some all right. Well. Can you please just run me through what is the molar technique, and then we'll go through him as a person. But just maybe what what is the technique? I mean mostly in a nutshell I would say mullah technique is is a method of movement I should say which goes back to European drumming traditions that can be back even I would say easily to the fourteen hundreds and. I mean, of course, at a certain point of those European drumming traditions which are mostly rooted in Switzerland and France and certain parts of Germany they have been. To the new world, which later became the West as we all know and. It turned to be the Mola technique after the influence. In anything happening around the area of the era of the revolutionary war then the civil war and it really became the mullet technique. After Sanford Molar had watched an analyzed veterans of the US Army's somewhere by the mid nineteen twenties. and it was It was actually not Moeller who gave his name to the technique it was more or less his students that would say I am practicing the technique off Sanford Molar or I'm using molars system or I'm using the technique of Sanford Molar and eventually it became molar technique but it was not Sanford himself would say this is now my technique he was very much aware of the aspect that he had just pretty much. Stolen let's say her nap this technique by watching veterans that had served in the army and played field drums in the civil war. That's pretty much the story about it. Yeah. No, that's interesting. Yet Dom Family Laura was on the show, a fellow May, pex drummer, and he he spoke a little bit about that about how you watch these guys who were ninety years old getting such huge hits and sw you know such great volume and their Their. So just I mean, these are great civil war veterans you know and they're still able to get that much power. So and I know also with the the Stone George Lawrence. Stone stuff it was similar where he didn't sit down and write stick control per se. They just put together a lot of his pages. So I think that makes sense that someone else gives you the name, the molar technique you can't say this I'm molar this is my technique. Makes Sense Yeah although at times people do things like that but but I mean it's it's. It's really hard to come up with something which is absolutely absolutely new under the sun and especially with an instrument which is as old as the drums almost anything you can think of has been done before by one or the other person. So yeah so it's it's really hard to say this is my thing and it has not been done before. Yeah. Very true. That's true in pretty much everything in life and it's like All right. Now, one we talk about Sanford is a person You were mentioning before we were recording. He goes his family goes back to Germany which I should've mentioned before but you're obviously German you are in Germany correct. Yep Correct. So tell us about him as a person. Well Sanford Molar as and what I'm telling you now is is pretty much based on what on what I learned from Jim About about Sanford, and a couple of things I read about Sanford Moore was. Sort of diving more into the issue I, think Central Muller was relatively late starter on the drums So he went to the army he fought in the Spanish American War I think and and started drumming relatively late and. So he was under the influence in other teachings off a couple of drummers that That would that replay in in the in the band of John Phillips Sousa for instance. And well, then more pretty much a was. was. The Drummer in in Nevada Ville Act by a famous George Cohen. Wear or did you ever hear about George Cohen or yet? Dhamma mentioned him on the on his episode and I just remember him saying that he was basically the father of like modern Broadway as we know it. That's pretty much. What it is I guess I mean the Vaudeville scene is your say something like somebody's telling a joke and and there's some little acting and some music and some dancing and in the end everybody performs together and that's pretty much it so. So George Cohen had this what will act end and Sanford Molar was one of the drummer's. and the story goes that to, for instance, buddy rich was one of the attractions actually in George Cohen's what will show So it's very likely that that buddy rich as young kid was listening and possibly even watching Sanford molar in the pit. So who knows what what that connection was responsible for just saying of course Andrew. It was pretty much during his time with George M Cohan and the and the traveling all across most of the east coast of the US that that Sanford Molar would. Would visit veterans in their homes and He would always have something to drink and and and and tobacco, and he would he would talk to the to the veterans and and he would have them play drums for him, the their field drums, and of course, what they did was they they would pretty much duplicate a certain routines they used to perform during their their service in the in the US. Army. So they play the three camps and the downfall of Peres they would play the tunes and the orders and the drum beating that they were aware of and I I I would assume they were not playing exercises like. Jim. Chapman. Later. Made them famous I. Assume they were mostly playing to an out of playing These say rudimentary classics like Dixie and the downfall of Perez and Turkey in the Straw and the British grenadiers and anything that that you had to play when you were a drummer in the army. More pretty much watched analyze the movements and he came up with the idea of. say. Discovering the up stroke. Discovered a stroke in which the wrist would indicate the direction of the move. So the win Mola was referring to knob stroke. He would not refer to the tip of the stick you would refer to the to the direction that the hand would travel at the time of the hit. And it was always super important for them to have the stick in some sort of constant movement. So so these guys back then they most likely had very different perception of playing as opposed to what we see when we see modern contemporary would've mental guys perform So so the the moving culture I would even say and the and the method of movement was quite different. And he analyzed that further with the whip and the up stroke and the fly back. which was nothing else than a different word for rebound shirt and and all of these ingredients finally came to a to make. More techniques in in essence at say well, it's so neat to think of like it feels The civil war obviously here in America feels like. It. Is a long time ago, but just to think that you're only. A couple of generations away from people being alive and learning from those people just to sit there and watch these guys play. What was his era that he was like when when would have been born and his you know when when did he die? Muller. Muller was was born I think eight, hundred, seventy, nine, I'm not mistaking. Can I think he died in the nine thousand nine, hundred, sixty, one or sixty two I think okay. I may be wrong. For a couple of years but that's pretty much from eighteen eighty to nineteen sixties. I think motor was aiding seventy nine to sixty, one, sixty, two something like that. Okay. and It was pretty much the same era as a as of George Lawrence Stone who lived around the same time. And it also was about the same time that that very influential Swiss drummers in educators were. Were alive working like like the late great doctor fence. Bagga. Who was one of say v most influential Swiss drumming guys chur he I learned a little bit about the The world of Swiss drummers when Mark Beecher was on the show great rudimentary. Drummer. About learning about the Swiss army and all that cool stuff So that's neat. Now, obviously, you are a very close student with Jim. So why don't we kind of an in a parallel fashion? Maybe talk about molar and then his his students right which. Might be a naive thing to say but so chairman was a direct student of molar correct. Yes that's that's correct it should also be mentioned that. that Jim was a relatively late student of of Sanford Motor and I mentioning that because. There are quite some differences between the early students of or relatively early students of Sanford Molar like for instance, say Gene Krupa. WHO's method of movement is quite different from what from what? Jason Used to do. but but Moeller was always heavily into teaching and he was a seemed to be a very strict teacher and the he you must've been a tough a tough cookie. I should think. I mean, it wasn't just it wasn't just the teaching that that molar was. was absorbed with He also built drums. And the story goes he would only sell you a drum if you would play for him and if Mola with think you're no good, he would not sell you the drum no man from from today's perspective and and aspects of marketing possibly not that smart but. What it was good for now meant, he must have had a ton of students obviously, but these guys who their name lives on for you know. Like the next hundred years, you must have a you must spread your name and your lessons a lot over the years. Yeah and and I mean molar he he he must have been very strict guy. I mean you possibly heard about the the the same as March to Boston where he he marched from from Say. Around. Two hundred. Forty Miles I mean obviously not in one go but every step on the on the march, he was playing the drums in a while as he was of under the impression that drumming should be an Olympic discipline. Wanted to be drumming. Olympic, man no kidding. Yeah. No I haven't heard that that's wilder and just as a as a side note was that I think molar was also a member of the polar bear club which included the aspect of him say a swimming swimming the ice water in winter you would break the ice jump in and. Swim a couple of rounds or dive under the ice and then go out again and he and he would do that every day every winter. So I mean. That tells a lot about your your discipline and and the way you are as a person. Yeah. Big Time Now I forgot that I knew I'd I'd heard it on a couple episodes but I forgot the gene Krupa was a a student of color, which is, which is funny because gene is known as just being like the nicest guy in the world gene you're right he doesn't have the same technique that you see with the later guys but isn't there some connection with Gene Krupa and Jim Chapin as well. Yes sure it is and. I should say that the the connection or First of all the difference between between the movements of gene and the mountains of Jim was mostly that As I mentioned before gene was relatively early student of molar and and he was a and that was at the time when Moore was heavily under the over exaggerated up stroke spell I should say and all his latest students like Jim for instance, Mola would be very strict about not over exaggerating the up stroke and not drooping your wrists in an stick too much. And the connection with the or the connection between gene and Jim Pretty much goes back to. The Jim Watching Benny Goodman in Manhattan. and going going to gig with with Benny Goodman I. Think it was and and Jean would just go backstage and and ask Jean for lessons a you must understand that it's pretty much the same as if you would go to a to a stink and you're trying to go backstage in ask Vinnie four lesson. This. Is Not happening. This is not an option, right? But Jim actually did that so So gene being that kind person that he was he would say kid I don't teach but. I I know a good teacher go to Sanford Mola. He's GonNa teach you what I can do. And and that was in essence what what Jim Really did so not that much later Jim finds himself performing. Pretty much almost the same bandstand as Jean Group. Right opposite. and. An gene would listen to Jim and say boy I remember you you. You're the kid you were asking me for lessons and so you went to molar and obviously Mola told you something. Different as opposed to what he showed me and So that was their their first account of again, and then a couple of years later still. Gene was was was calling Jim for lessons, and then in turn Jim became the teacher of Gene Krupa. So the so the places had changed, which which is some funny twists of. Yes. It is, but they're both such they both come off very nice guys where it wouldn't be like, I'm not going to take lessons from you. I'm your superior it would be more like a boy. I. Can actually learn from you. Cool. Let's do it good for you for working. Interesting. Now to questions I'm GONNA probably jump in as things kind of pop into my mind here I don't think I asked us before where it was molar located was in the New York area. In. New York area. Okay. They all were guys like me and Cincinnati. We don't get any of this famous Teachers. And how long would a guy like gene Krupa goto molar or open for like imagine if you're a professional drummer, do you go in that in that case to learn the technique and then go you know? Spread your wings and fly and then you're off because you know it's not the same as a young student taking lessons for years with teacher going from. Your baby drummer to you know what was a typical run of I think Mola was relatively well known for the aspect of throwing students out ONC- was under the impression that he was not able to show them anymore. So I think gyms time with Sanford Motor. was around a year. Okay. It it wasn't that much more. and. That's that's at least what what Jim told me and I would think it. It may have been pretty much the same with KROUPA although I don't know for sure. Okay. Man That's just everything about him like like when I I taught at like Sam Ash Music store here and stuff in through college and. I was like gripping onto every student for the income like no, let's keep learning. Whereas Molars like I'm not gonNA sell you. Drum. You're done. We'll taking lessons so he must have been doing okay on money there and not had I guess it was a different different time. It was a very different, a perception of of learning and methodology. As we have today and parts of it were possibly pretty cool and the Could even be maintained still today while other parts of it, of course. May need an update. Sure. that. Is that is for sure but I also remember times when a when I was when I was asking Jim about his his experiences in in lessons with with molar and he really came up with with quite some some funny things like I remember one time I was asking Jim. do you still remember what was your first lesson like with the with molar and him said, yes. Sure. First lesson. Jim had bought Mola's book the Art of Snare. Drum. and and he goes to the lesson insist. Good Day. Mr Mueller listen I bought you book. Here's your book. and. Motor. Says Oh Jim I wish you had I wish you hadn't bought the book. The book is no good. Books are wrong and he and he said that with the I mean it sounded very disappointed almost a yeah and an and and I would ask. Come. Why was that I? Mean here's the person who wrote the book but. is saying my own book is not good. So so why is that and and it turned that that Moeller was not happy at all with the pictures in the beginning section that showed the movements of the whip because the the movements were over exaggerated and he was not happy with that. So But action talked to the to the guys at Ludwig and then they would say now listen to the booksellers quite well, and it was awful. It was an awful amount of work to to put the pictures together We just leave it as it is and and. Still, in the very same shape today. What how do you think the pictures represent as a kind of a master of this method? Do you think they're they're crazy out of line? I, mean they are interesting since they pretty much described the the the over exaggeration of the up stroke that that Moeller was was under in his beginning years when he was. Starting to put word out about his his technique but from today's standpoint I would say. The pictures are possibly not good because they really don't represent the way of how the technique would be used in the best possible way and Jim was not referring at all to these pictures in his strategy of teaching molars technique. Gotcha. Interesting. You know and it's just a side note that maybe it's a future episode with someone from Ludwig but it's it's it's. It's neat how Ludwig was so involved with the publishing of a lot of these really early books stick control originally was next to Ludwig and stuff. So Now. Let's talk a little bit more about Jim Chapin. So we know molar Kinda came up playing with Susa and that was like his you know not claim to fame but that was like you know you're you're a big working musician now jim shape when he was a working drummer. Correct he wasn't just a that there's anything wrong with like a a lifelong teacher like he was a performer, right? Yes true. Okay now Jim. When did he pass away? He's a very legendary God but I don't know when he passed away. you Jim Jim was born July twenty, three, nineteen, nineteen. and. And he passed away July for two thousand nine. Wow and so he he he died he passed away only say a couple of days shy of his. Birthday man what a life What a life so I mean one of the one of the guys absolutely who saw. The evolution of modern drum set and. Being heavy footprints in that history of how the instrument came together and the in house certain. Parts of it were even say invented I mean the the instrument was not the same when Jim started out to play as as compared compared to the days when when he finally passed away, it was a totally different instrument so so he was really born into A. Very exciting times. And and the the interesting things still about his death they've for Fourth of July. Obviously is that the Jim was a big fan of of independence which is why he wrote his first book which was heavily on I mean. came together under the spell of what he did with molar but So the father of modern drumming independence dies on Independence Day. and. Jim once mentioned that. If he could pick his death day. It would be July for because he was a huge fan of John Adams. Yeah. Was One of the founding fathers of the American constitution. Together with some with Thomas Jefferson. and. And just for that for that sake loan, he would pick July four as his desk and he finally made it exactly to that, which is just amazing I. think that is so cool. He seems like a very nice guy and I think I talked to A little bit pace I talked to Jason Edwards from pro logics percussion a little bit about his lessons. We were talking about that with with with Jim as well and Kind of echoes what you're saying of him just being a nice guy he. Jim. It's just kind of funny. He looks like a nice guy. You know what? I mean I'm sure he was very He wanted you to work what what was it like taking lessons with them and on that note was it primarily. On the pad, were you on the drums set and you're in Germany? How did this even work for you? I mean, what was what was the story with with you take us with them as a lot of questions there. Sorry. Main. Taking a lesson with Jim was always a bit of an adventure. Now, quite some of my lessons with him took place In the US on long. Island. I mean, some of the first ones backyard in the Long Island Drum Center where dom also used to teach alongside with with Jim and L.. Miller for instance was another. Great Long. Island Drummer, end another teacher of Dom. Actually. And it also appeared that. That every day or every year when when Jim would would come over to Germany usually many times twice a year for Musique Messa. which was usually somewhere spring March April, and then another time. Many Times Round Fall October November. He would stop by at my place. He would. He would stay at the ADMI- at the House of my parents in law and I would just try to organize as much work for him as possible. And, of course, then also taking lessons with him but it was was many times in adventure because Jim didn't make. Didn't make. Victims when he? When he was teaching it was He would just go through a would whenever you're. You had a question, his his answers would always be in detail. Exactly. What you wanted to hear was on cryptic girl he was not. Coming up with strange comparison that you would not understand he was very and John and he would. Teach each student with the utmost amount of respect. No matter if it was the season pro who had been playing the drums for years and years or was somebody who who was just starting out to play the drums Jim did not care. Everybody was everybody got the same amount of attention. The. It was it was both underpaid and the drums whatever was around he was traveling with his set of say copied pages. Either out of his books volume one or volume two and a couple of handwritten sheets which are spread all over the all over the planet I think I run into these these copied handwritten sheets of Jim Everywhere. That's funny that so that was pretty much A. Routine. Yeah. That's cool. Man in inner intercoastal drum lessons there now was at a pretty standard priced lesson I mean that's probably a a silly question. But like he's kind of a legendary guy was at still like the standard, you know forty fifty dollars an hour in in comparison to the inflation and all that. Jim Actually one of the one of the very few malfunctions in the in the in the business model of off Jim shape and I would say was that Jim never had a real? Concrete idea what he wanted to charge for a lesson I mean I I would pay him of course but the an I would whenever I would organiz lessons, Ford, four Jim, I would, of course say, okay, this is like. Sixty Bucks Seventy Bucks ILY whatever the rate was have encountered. Countless. Situations. Where where Jim would just give lessons for free pretty much. And man because he was so enthusiastic about about teaching and drumming and. You would completely forget about time and be off schedule of already. Two in the afternoon and there was still a whole day of teaching in front of him and and and you were pretty much just trying to to get things sort of organized and and to keep everything kind of unscheduled but the while. Trying to to really pay Jim the amount that that he really deserved at times was challenging. Let me put it this way man that's interesting. It's so funny him in him and even going back to molar about. Not, really working out that great with the marketing and the money side of things But I. Guess It's just the love of teaching. I've had that with my experience taking lessons now with Berry who's kind of that earlier generation is it'll be an hour and a half in and I remember back when I was teaching, it was like. On the our great someone else has to start now like you know like I would always say the train doesn't stop if one person gets off than the rest of the day is off so. Not, a concern I guess. Now, as we Kinda, maybe we'll move onto something else here but like can you name off some obviously you are. But who are some drummers that we all might know who used the molar technique? That's a good question and I mean. We would have to make a difference between drummers who have the inflammation obviously from Jim himself. Okay. Know what what they are doing and there are still on the other hand quite summers who used the same principles, but they never took a lesson with Jim. Got Under and we would also have to make the difference between. Any sort of formal lessons, informal students who would really reach out to Jim and a stop by, and then take a lesson in his rooms where he was teaching or if it was just something. Okay. We're GONNA stop by backstage and you're GonNa show me something on the pad real quick Wow, that's a great thing. But what I, what I know is that Jim was always a a a huge fan of Vinnie and venues traditional grip and I think mostly for for the not not not just for the aspect of of been his. Musical and rhythmic. say imagination, which is, which is just beyond he just seems to be the kind of player who can who can do anything but the I know that Jim also loved venues traditional grip for the for the sheer aspect of being one of the few guys who could really get a nice crash out of the drum and good backbeat. Still using traditional grip. So so jim laughed that a lot I know and. Quite some other guys of course would include People Kenny Aronoff who Who Loved? Gyms technique and was extremely grateful for. for gyms input because at some point I think Kenny was There was some some some physical restraints and some physical challenges that that Kenny had at a certain time and just letting go of the stick end. And using the power and the relegation. Effects of of Molin Technique. Pretty. Much Saved his life that that's that's what Kenny always used to say. Well So. I mean there are countless more people who winner use use the system, but these are just too that that come to my mind which are very different with. Regards to to to their drumming style and Approach of music, but that just goes to say how universal the technique really is, and that it's not just something for the jazz guys or for the rock guys or or for whatever guy it was it seemed to be the the the perfect thing that you could organiz. With. That's interesting and you said to that like it would be if you learned it from Jim or if you kind of copying what you saw or you learned, Ike stage. So was Jim Basically Jim. Chapin, was he basically like the gatekeeper? I mean at that point I'm sure other people were alive and teaching from taking lessons from molar but. It sounds like Jim, was the Guy Kinda like how it went civil war drummers to molar molar to shape and obviously gene Krupa everyone but he didn't he taught but not as much as Jim Jason. So if you really wanted to learn this technique correctly. It basically had to be through Jim Chapin correct I. I would say so ended and there's also word by by Sanford, Mola himself who would say that that Jim was that one student of him who obviously understood best the the techniques that Muller was teaching and possibly even added some little aspects on on top of it and I think that was just for the pure sake of Jim just to just being. Genius mind he would. He would bring the ability of analyzing things and looking into the details and understanding what is really happening behind the curtain and he would do that into his teaching routines and molar understood that and he even went to the point where I think molar also gave Jim one of the drums that one of the US army veterans gave motor as a present in the nineteen twenties. Wow. So. So so jim had this really old drum, which most likely has been played during the civil war. And unfortunately, the the drum gut stolen when God when gyms video speed power control endurance with shot because the Jim would would never locked his car and he just had this field drum a rope tension field drum with the molar. Eagle and the and the famous depict with the Eagle and the arrows that that was that was more of A. Sign on the on the drums, you had a typical design that you used and off the car wasn't locked and it was the drum was stolen and away you go so Jeez. So it's out there somewhere but somebody has it I'm sure if you're listening then please send it to cloud because I think you're the one who deserves at. This point. Okay. Well, that's that's interesting. So Okay let's change gears here. I feel like we have a good understanding of those guys and now I, mean, you are obviously a direct you know student going down the lineage there What can you let's talk collapsed rudiments something that you mentioned to me about maybe this is something we talk about can you explain what it is and and then maybe we'll get into your most recent book and Let's yeah. Let's talk rudiments. If sure Now, first of all collapsed rudiments I should I should say is it has been. I would say the favorite playground. Of the late years of of Jason, and I know he started thinking about that already somewhere back in the sixties and a long story short it's about taking certain sticking rudiments whatever it is let's say rudiments and You're you're maintaining sticking you keep the order of right and left strokes, but you're changing the distances between the strokes. But. You don't change the order of the sticking. It's just the rhythm that you change. It's not the sticking that you change. So you collapse it you collapse the pattern pretty much like a collapsing chair if you will you distances like like an accordion. Data. And and you you you collapsed you expanded that's pretty much the idea and The interesting thing is that that Jim was using a lot of that in his drum set concepts. So that was again another field of studies where the topic of rudiments and drum said slash independence would meet. Collapse Romans can be also tool to better understand the relationship between certain patterns. Say the single flam mill is an offspring off the five stroke role such as. The parodied little. And the potter flaw are related to each other because they have the same sticking but different rhythm. Such as the single drag tab is an inward such as the the single payer dental is also a flam accent. There are countless more, but to understand the relationship between rudimentary patterns pretty much gives you a completely different view on the topic that also helps to to understand drum said adaptations in. In yet different way. Interesting now. It's not to be confused with like if you're on the computer and your you know like, let's imagine there's a swing knob where you go from dot dot dot dot and you make it de Dah Dah Dah Dah. Plane with time, it's not to be confused. It's different than that. Obviously right where you're kind of still in time, but you're pushing and pulling a little bit. That's different. Correct. it it. It can. Use It should be different. Yes. I mean but but it definitely has to do with how far you take the game. Say if you if you play. A A parody it'll. Let's say to to come up with the with the super easy example and you have your parody it'll. And you can obviously just move from the paracels. And keep the sticking in the very same way and you also keep the policies and the and the time in the very same spot but you just change the change, the distances between the notes. That's pretty much the basic concept that June was looking into Gotcha die makes perfect sense I appreciate you plane that doesn't happen often on the show often on the show so on. As pretty cool. Awesome now And, then you as a teacher. So you are obviously a teacher so and we can talk about you know at the end where people can find you and all that stuff. But if people wanted to learn this directly from you I know you have a pretty cool setup. That's a very legitimate, Monte camera kind of good audio setup. So if people were to take lessons from you, this is the kind of stuff they can. They can learn directly from you correct. yes and an and I mean sometimes people would say, Oh, boy I. I'm having trouble with the with understanding rudiments as they are So why should I burnt myself with yet another level of craziness. I mean just. Just to cool things down a bit. To me the the whole aspect of collapsing and expanding rudiments or collapsing and expanding certain sticking patterns. It's not about creating complexity By all means, it also can be used as a tool of methodology to point out relatively simple relationships between certain right left sticking it doesn't have to be complicated but it it really sheds a completely different light. On a learning process that includes sticking an accents and it's it's quite astounding that the rhythmic aspect on top of that. Also makes it a bit easier to a to come up with. SAY MORE EXOTIC grids of subdivision I. Mean just to give you a relatively basic example if you were to play a five stroke roll. A. And you were to expand that. All of a sudden you're getting into quintuplets. which Once, you're under the spell of of still playing the five stroke role and you just look into even distances from stroke destroy you you. Naturally, you naturally seemed to go into the quintuplet without having to think one, two, three, four, one, two, three, four, five, one, nine, and breaking your tongue, right. Exactly. So that's relatively easy I think, and so collapsing expanding patterns is something which can also be used in manifold applications which shed a different light on not just a certain technical aspects, but also certain rhythmical aspects and and and the way you use a certain pattern. On the pad or around the drums. That's fascinating. Yeah, and it's obviously like you said, you use around around the drums set. So this isn't I think growing up I kind of had the mentality of Always just been rock drummer guy on a drum set like I. don't really need to practice rudiments I play on the drums set. But now being like an adult I'm like boy I wish I would've spent more time doing that. So that's why kind of on a mission now to learn more of the stuff and. Because it it applies for everything like you said, you can use it everywhere it. It pretty much does I mean? There's there's still a constant discussion going on is it? Is it something worth doing studying rudiments? And the and the answers to that questions may be different and I understand that there are different answers from different people So So quite some some syndrome would say, well, rudiments. That's that's the foundation of drumming. It's it's really the basis of what we do. You may have that opinion and I think Fair enough and a, and it's totally true for say, an army drummer two, hundred years ago I mean if you were not able to play the rudiments, you could not play. Your duty, you could not play the marches and the and the orders and the beatings that you're supposed to play in the army. So for Nami, drummers quite some years ago it was the absolute foundation today for a rock drummer you may argue that but still what you do is you play save certain arrangements of right and left strokes and some are softer and some are louder and the rudiments. Come as a compressed nucleus of certain. Ride left. Loud soft arrangements. The the actually. Generate perfect exercises that that help you. Once you master these exercises to bring your musical nation into life. So why not take that Opportunity Ender and take advantage of that? Yeah that's my point. No, I think that's exactly right where you look at And I keep going back to it but just because I'm taking lessons on it now but looking at stick control, you'd look at the first couple pages and go what you know. This is just Rights and LEFTS, but it's like man, there's so much you can do with it and it's exactly what you're saying about just take that one little bit and expanded and turn it into something just to let your imagination go wild. If the better a drummer you are the more you can pull out of you know if your plane Kano twinkle twinkle little star Herbie Hancock or someone would play that completely different than a beginner would get much more out of it just by knowing what you know the basics ensure and I mean finally it all comes down to to understanding the gap between I used to call the drill zone and the game zone The drill zone may be something like. Yeah you learn the basics you'll earn the legacy, use you study the traditions you learn the rudiments, you you study stick control, you study accents and rebounds. You study all the legendary greats on whose shoulders a we are standing on and uh, and then putting that all to the game zone where you just. Try to forget about that and and just enjoy the fun of doing it. The Gym usually used to say when somebody was asking what what what what should I do with the techniques I I now learned with you and and the exercises I I did view ended typical shape, an answer would be. Give me twenty minutes daily in front of a mirror and when you go on stage, forget you know me. Awesome or get you know me Oh it's so true and and I think that's one thing that may jim standing as a teacher. He would not take himself. So seriously that he would only be after the techniques. Jim was very much after the music, but he understood the connection between both. And and that I think is what makes A good teacher. Grade Teacher. Yeah. You're not learning this in a vacuum you're meant to go out and play and. Ideally, make it your own right to a little bit. You WanNa keep the technique alive and everything, but but be your own drummer. Yes. So that's awesome. Let's hop over now and talk about your book camp. Duty Update. which is just right in line with all of this and the history and I don't want to be clear that I don't have it. I haven't read it but I'm just looking at it online and I will definitely try and get my hands on it. So why don't you tell us about it with the main intention of the book to me the main motivation let's say was I was I was trying to reconnect the drumming and the music. And and The strange thing I thought was at a certain point in time that the drumming and And the music almost seems to be separated now. If I'm if I'm bringing up the three camps, for instance, I mean. They're still knows that the three camps as A. Drum beating as a as a march as a signal due to wake up troops also has a fife melody and who out there would be would be able to whistle that tune. So. Be Aware of the music and it almost seems like, okay here's the rudiments and. Oh yes. Some at some point back there that there used to be music that the drumming would accompany but we forgot the music and only the the drumming and the rudiments were left as a short passage on a poster. I think that's very poor and and that the the main intention reuniting music and drumming, and also understanding that the drumming and the music has has European. Origins. So most of it is Swiss and French and to a certain degree, it may be it may have some German influence as. I mean the the borders between the countries back then during Renaissance Times of course, we're much different as they are today. So this way I say, it has European routes, but the French and the Swiss origins are extremely strong with that So I'm I'm giving some sort a historic time line of how a drumming developed beginning in the fourteenth century. To The Times of the revolutionary war and the civil war, and then I present certain classic tunes from that from these times, I mean starting with with with the piece from the from the sixteen hundreds. A until say standards like. The downfall of Perez and BA three camps and the British grant ears and Yankee doodle and Dixie in all of that. But I am not just present the classic original tunes and drum beatings. As there were used in their authentic way, I also present an updated version which uses the same melody, same five tune, but using influences from Basel drumming and collapsed rudiments that shape and concept that we talked about earlier and that also fits on the same melody. So I'm I'm kind of a trying to reconnect the tradition of drumming from hundreds and hundred of years ago to what we have today, and and there's very much of a common threat to it, and it appears quite some people. Like it would which I'm of course. Happy about so course. Yeah I think your attention to detail and I just think what I've learned from the shows people really really enjoy and respond well to when people just really WANNA keep. Historical. Traditions alive and and if not modernized a little bit to keep it relevant and so you're not just printing out sheets of Yano music where you're just playing the same thing and. It has a CD with it. Obviously I can see that. So that's really cool. That's that's great. You're doing that and an it's it's obvious but people don't need to be standing there in their full uniform with a rope tension drum to do this I'm sure it would still be fine just to sit there in your living room, right? That makes. Sense. But the the interesting thing still is that I mean, the feet beg I'm getting on this from from all kinds of drummers say David Garibaldi is a big fan of it and he also took a couple of lessons and stuff like that. just as Steve Smith was writing a testimonial for it or I or John Belk or little funny story on the side. which is just two days ago. Now, I came back home late and. My phone is ringing and. and. Believe it or not it Steve Gadd. God what would you think? Steve. GADD is calling you and is asking you for a copy of camp duty. Update So I had to sit down and a and have a drink after that. It's exactly what I would do just just saying so So that's awesome. Hobbies need. There's something to it. I hope yeah. Oh man that's so cool and I just want to say we. We it most people know what who are listening this but you yourself I mean obviously, people can probably gather it from talking to you are an amazing drummer both on the rudimentary stuff and just getting you on a drum set from watching videos and posting some on social media and stuff So. You're monster man you're great. Thank you I mean th th, the whole Rudimentary Act and all of this is pretty much. I I would even call it something like a hobby. It's it's not it's not something that that I do for a living, but it just A. Just connects perfectly with the with my main topic with. which which is still drums of playing, of course but. What understanding that about rudiments and the and the history part of it and and? Just seeing how that puzzle of drumming is is sort of coming to To complete picture. That's that's just something I enjoy so much that I keep doing it. The although it's it's not what I really do for a living of course I'm trump's a player and I wouldn't call myself a Basel Drummer or a true rudimentary Shotgun that that's not what I am I I know a thing or two and I can play thing or two but but I mostly attracted by by the beauty of of these old rope tension field drums sixteen by sixteen and the. I just enjoy that. That voluminous and and majestic sound I should say yeah. Yeah they're They're works of art. I mean really I got a book from a friend, Mark Robertson whose of great friend of the show sent me a book on Him, and I'm just like look through in the documents them all beautifully and Think was written by George Carol. It's something I'm getting more and more into were you appreciate the art of the rope tension drums I'm right there with you it's. It's very cool. So class, why don't we tell people here at the end where they can find you the best way to take a lesson with you take lessons with you So tell us all that good stuff. when mean of course, there's my website Claus Hessler DOT COM which has contact formula, which you can use to to contact me for any open less than slots. That's possibly the easiest way to go. Of course there is. there's Klaus Dot Hessler on instagram there is the. Cloud Hessler official on facebook I'm also on twitter but I'm not super active on that platform. So those are the the usual ways to find out about me and. I'm quite easy to handle so you don't need to be afraid that's. Yeah, it's It's funny man this has been great. I've just learned so much from you. So Class I wanNA thank you for taking the time to be on the show and and it was great to meet you and talk with you and Oh, I want to give a a thank you to probably mess up the name. But Frank Dinar Ange who originally recommended you and some other people want to be talking to down the road I'd which I hope comes together So thank you to Frank for getting us put the idea in my mind So Y-. There's there's still one more thing which comes to my mind right now Sherp, I just started a Some. Educational output with the with an online format, which is called open minded dot com and the first set of course we have been putting out now is say An online seminar. which is learning about learning Swiss rudimentary from scratch. And I think there is no online information about that to to really learn that when you're not having the chance to to set it with somebody from Switzerland directly or whatever. So it's It's really some some. Amazing footage, high quality stuff booklet that comes with it. So if you want to check that out and you want to learn a bit more about my hobby and. You. Welcome to to check this out open minded drumming dot com man that sounds like some I'd be interested in again. Kind of. Need that. You need that way to get into it. You know what I mean you need because sometimes you'll look up videos. People are assuming that you grew up as a rudimentary drummer which it's like. I can really play the drums I know what I'm doing on the drum set but that sounds perfect Zometa check that out and I I recommend everyone else does to please do. Awesome Klaus thinks for beaner my friend it was Super Fun to talk drums view and And and just as I, I love playing the drums I love talking drums so so so so you caught my weeks by. ME. Too. Thanks man. You can think much. If you like this podcast, find me on social media at drum history and please share rate and leave a review Leno topics that you would like to learn about the future. Until next, time keep on learning. This is Gwen. Sound podcast.

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Border Wars 12 Watertown WisconsinWhos NEXT UP

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Border Wars 12 Watertown WisconsinWhos NEXT UP

"Acids intended for mature audiences. The views and opinions expressed are those of the panelists. Do not reflect in any way. Those are the podcast partnership. Nevada boxing voice dream. Just me and my team. The florida board. Money grab at the tank rewards e with the flow. Excuse me i'm from a small town hall. Fresh civil business asked the thicker call out. Okay my love. Kids love you know. We started out. This powell. Nine like kim folks fun i do this. I got all the bills. Young kids cow with you born smoke. The only problem with back home. You got a glass jaw with roy. Jones spiegelman name. Let me look out the window tower. No calling the knicks gall aerospace rain nicosia jab level of little. Got it lean on lomas. Blame it on a drip. I've got an unorthodox style command to set out to the free. My competition test. The campus mosul component but lanes still taking chances knocking. You guessed by status. Dance advances highly by dan's notes. Outlandish come through this over there. Trolling there won't know smoke. Better have heart taking not much. Okay sit and talk about what you're doing. Now get brain get in the reichsmark pitted number writing slang get into black slide. Get into buying that. I need a few others. Just just trump another track message ta that tractor so just a winning. All you want let us just say i wanna i wanna to know photo. What up ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back to a spontaneous sedition. Saturday morning board awards addition. We are back biggest. Boorda was ever. September eighteenth is going down in watertown wisconsin and yemen. We wanted to come back with a spontaneous show as we are looking for a talented heavyweight to step up to the plate and take on wisconsin's own jerome. James lambert skews me. He's a he's a he's he's a heavyweight that he's want some action man he wants some action on board awards were also looking for a thirty seven and over hundred and forty pounder. Are you thirty seven years old and over are you one hundred and forty pounds. Are you looking to get in the ring and swing and participate in boorda wars. Are you ready to be knighted in the brotherhood. That is border wars. Are you ready to step in that. Squared circle the one. That you watch your favorite fighters get in you know the ropes kind between those groups. Are you ready to have the crowd cheering or booing against you. You ready yo. I'm not talking about jerome to my other dude. What what is it. walk us on that. You know we're gonna we're gonna find out on the borders face book group only on facebook exclusive rica. Watch all the footage of all the fighters in preparation for this particular that it's taking place in september. You know right now. We're looking for one hundred and forty pounder at least thirty seven years of age or older complete novice you know we're also looking for a heavyweight with some amateur background some skills some confidence for l. jay walker and overall looking for sponsorships. If you have a business that you want to have some sort of visibility and eyeballs placed on contact us and you can sponsor border wars. You can have your logo on the step and repeat when these fighters go to take interviews. When the commentators commentating the computers computer now against my camps you know what i'm saying but when compensate is a compensating your logo will be behind getting and maximizing on visibility. We can do live on air commercials during the live streaming of border wars to give your company and door brand. And if you're a fighter maybe your instagram. The the the publicity and the the the attention that it needs Doering borders before border. Wasn't even after boorda was we can promote your brand company through the event and pass the event before the event you know. Our goal is to supplement the production costs of border wars. So that we can give it out to all our subscribers for free. We don't wanna make it a member. A youtube members only thing so we are looking for advertisers or potential sponsors. That would like to partner with board wars and help us be great. Help was give free box for raw help us get these dads and even mom's off the couch lose a little weight get in the gym starts to feel great about themselves and compete and find a new found love and respect for the fighters that they idolize adore and even criticize at times. This is going to help with that criticism. You know stepping in that ring and putting yourself the what it is. These fighters go through on a day to day basis. You know shows a lot about your character you know and it gives you a sense of understanding a better sense of understanding. They goes rolling with the punches. And he says hopefully we find. Hopefully a fight finds me. I'm definitely go out and look for sponsors. I'm definitely trying to bring some more light on. Boorda wars Just wish it was official keeping fingers cross and enrolling with the punches. Were trying to get you a fight. You know we just need one hundred and forty pounds. Someone that is around thirty seven years old and willing to get in the ring man novice. You gotta be a novice from man rolling with the punches. This is the first time he's going to be getting in the ring. So he's looking for a novice participant to be his first debut fight. And that's what we do. You know we take pride in our matchmaking process. You know we're not just throwing any two guys in there. We'd take pride in the matchmaking process. We want you to be returned. Boorda wars fighters. We don't want you getting sparked out in also it's very important that you keep it a hundred percent real with us as to how good or bad you are. It's one hundred percent important that you submit footage so that we can assess how good or bad you are so that we can so that we can. You know know where you belong with who you belong in how exciting a fight with. You can be looks like we got pound for pound committee. Bowen bama who's posting the june twenty twenty one pound for pound list number one marvin the tank number two king corey frank number three bishops black matrix number four anthony cincinnati cobra edwards and number five the lineal champ canadian. Jose anthony. How do you get on there. I mean he beat adrian. I get it a was wanna know. He'd be dan. I don't know. I don't know that it's You know those committees man. You know you know you know how it is. You know how it is. Those committees man. i'd like to know who's on that damn committee that's all i'm saying. They given out pound for pound spots out there like you know waffles waffle houses. Would it looks like is when i'm saying but you know what are you gonna do gonna do. All you can do is sit back and You know talk about the lists talk about the list. Funny thing is we got bishop the black matrix on a list. And he's going to be taking on robert genius in baltimore's twelve in a title shot and the label in that. Fight david and goliath because one is so tall and the other so small. So we'll see how that plays out also on the list number four anthony cincinnati cobra edwards cincinnati cobra anthony edwards. He's going to be taken all marvin. Who's number one on the before takes on the number one and then in the number five is also active. He's going to be facing. Mario mongia the tooth fairy so this boorda was producing producer of action. And you don't wanna miss it honestly also speaking to not miss. We just released saturday. Nights fights from buckhead. It's live on our channel right now. If you wanna go ahead and check out all that action you know you've got the d. Hp fighters devon haney promotion fighters are on that card. Ridell super maize on that card. You can see devon on that card. I mean check it out check out our commentary. Leave a comment. Let us know what you think. Give that constructive criticism. you know. we're working we're learning. We're trying to improve here. you know. We're trying to be the best versions of ourselves and we need your constructive criticism so you can check that out on a youtube channel and let us know what you thought you know. We're we're looking for. Who's next up man. this episode is about. Who's next up. Who's going to carry border. Wars to the next level you know we got a lot of participants But but who's going to be a star who's going to separate themselves and bring that attention that's needed to baltimore's you know Marvin has been our greatest weight. Loss journey story of border wars. You know he's lost the most weight he's made the most amazing transformation out of any one of in all of border wars. But it's not. It's not translating into numbers you know. Supermax is still a hit machine even after losing even though he's failing in his story you know he's not given the public what marvin given. He's not giving them the hard work and dedication of a of a person that you know truly wants to get to the next level in their weight loss journey and yet he still the one that is being watched. The most you know. He's the one that they're keeping their eyes on. So you know something needs to be done. We're looking for who's next man. Whose next up. Who's going to carry border wars to the next level who's gonna who's gonna take us from these thirty seven views. Two to three hundred live us. You know is it gonna be branded in houston is his versus rail. Gonna be the fight of the night to take us to the next level. Will it be mission. Impossible from the gentleman driving podcast. Will he knocked down the big three hundred pound. Smoke amount j. incen- a message to the heavyweight division to the border wars ecosystem to the people on the sideline wanting to sign up. You know there's a lot of people that can step it up and really take this to the next level. you know. It's unfortunate because we had we had some great fighters like midi. You know maybe definitely knew how to excite the public you know. He was a fighter that the public would get behind. You know you got guys like show kit definitely know how to talk the talk and walk the book you know. But who's going to take us to the next level who's gonna be next up you know not of people in this border awards but who's gonna going to separate themselves you know we've been talking and it looks like we're gonna put a purse on fight of the night we're gonna put a goodie bag for fight of the night to entice people to fight just a little bit more. You know just a little bit more. So that's where we're at. You know we want to get you to get off that couch. Get you to get you know. The the the the legs pumping you know man. Discord always needling man. I beat tell brandon do that. Shit corneas discord now. What yeah man. I don't know up. Brandon would never expire non expired again. Come crazy we talking border wars man. Let's go to the border wars phase group facebook group. Excuse me and see was new. Cc what they're posting in there you know see who's doing what so eric. Cruise one of the admin says for all the new guys posting videos of themselves or others in the group make sure to include which one of you are the person you're representing for example black headgear. Red shorts make it easier for everyone to know what we're looking at and that goes for people that are you know that goes for people that are submitted footage but they're not putting a description as to who's in this footage in who's who in the footage you know it's very important that you distinguish yourself so that a possible opponent can check you out. We got a super chat from protege. Who's going to be taken on. Chino aka stephen rivera. Who says you're ness who gonna fight your number two heavyweight or should i say cruiserweight. Who's my number two heavyweight. Let's see here. let's see here. We got all the media we got the we got the rankings. Right here at at number two. That's chino you're gonna fight chino. You're gonna fight chino one. Where's your footage though. They want footage of you man. When do we get to see something you know. We got sean. He's taken on number three number two. He's taken on one. You know rail number four. He's taken on brandon from houston in the lightweight. Division number two is taken on a former crews away. Chant marvin for the vacant title. So we got a lot of great fights plan for you. You know a lot of great fights plan for this is gonna be guaranteed. The best boorda was ever without a doubt From production to line. Ah to belts to number of people in the crowd The list goes on and on of the possibilities that we have For this particular boat awards to be the best one ever got so many returning big names. You know keen. Kid vega mario. Jose marvin aunt chino. You know new faces. Wong austin you know bunch of wisconsin guys brand new so it's going to be an interesting interesting interesting boorda was and we're going to have some very very very good fights man we got. We got guys like corey frank. Taking on jerome lambert serious fight. Serious five something. You don't wanna miss real quick. Let me just go ahead and shout out. My two new members out the call smith and a And crawl smith for joining the army leads. Low would ado bought a wars wisconsin. Bottles twelve is going down. It will be another classic. I'll tell you it will be another classic without a doubt. That's what i'm expecting austin with. The supercharged says s. ds star and pound-for-pound king show kid by ko come september eighteenth. It's easy to just say what you find is going to do tartar for your fighter to do what you say he's going to do Jordan's never been drought. Let alone stop so bold prediction but right now a bit on the low probability side until proven otherwise by. Show kid you know. There's a lot of similarities in shokhin jordan even though they may not admit it but they both got extremely tired and they both held whether one held less or more than the other doesn't matter they both have a slight tank issue. The needs addressing. You know before boras actually comes around the corner when it comes right now. It looks like we are possibly within about forty two days away so hopefully people are starting to tighten up on. Can't you know get things right. Line things up. Hopefully you've been getting your sparring by now you know. Hopefully you've already gotten your trainer by now. Hopefully you're not waiting for the last minute. Hopefully you're promoting yourself. You know i watched an interview with regis been released yet because it's a box voice exclusive and he said i realized that promote promoters now going to promote me the way that i'm going to promote myself a promoters going to promote me maybe two times a year maybe three if i'm lucky if i have three fights they promote me three times five to permit suits arms and that's what you guys needs understand man gone and forgotten out of sight out of mind you know you have to make yourself someone that the people want to see. You need to submit your footage. You need to call in. You need to pump up your fight. The promoter can only help promote yourself. He can't make you into a star on his own. We got matt. Machine-gun garcia says the entire pound for pound list is on this card fire. Mundi yes we are fortunate enough that everyone on our list. Can you imagine if boxing did that. Can you imagine if boxing everyone on the pound for pound list on one car. How excited we would be. How happy is boxing. Fans we would be and that's what we get to do with boorda was we got. We have our own little world when it comes to boxing. You know we get to have all the world when it comes to box and so understand. How great it is that. Our entire pound for pound list is fighting on this. This is a throwback to the don king era without anyone being rob what anyone wanting to sue. This is just the great cards that he used to put on top to bottom top to bottom. We gotta heavyweight action. We got light heavyweight action. We got super middleweight action. You know we got action in every single division that is popping you know and if that's something that you're interested in. Yeah i suggest. I suggest you tune in september eighteenth right here on youtube dot com for last box and voice where we're going to be having the best fights the was ever seen. I wanna shout out. Marcus for posting our interview that we did and cutting out that exude of border wars. You know really appreciated that. Subscribes is channel. I'm actually going to post that video in the description. I mean in the in the live chat right there in case you guys wanna check. You talked to us about board awards. Did you talk to. That was him right. That acts in the question of for for me to talk about. Boorda was just very happy. Happy that he did. And i was able to get the word out there and we're able to get border wars to number twelve men. We're on number twelve ladies and gentlemen so it's growing moving forward and it's growing and it's only going to get bigger from here. It's only going to get bigger from here. This will be. The biggest boorda was yet without a doubt. Doubt telling you let's see who do we have. We're we're we're on the border wars facebook. Let me just show you got marvan attain showing you guys that he is working forty. Two minute run five miles so under ten minutes per mile. Obviously you know average pace eight minutes and a half per mile that's work. That's that work. He's doing james payne also working. He's actually having to fight on tristar boxing on the seventeenth. So he won't make it all the way to boorda's to participate. He's got his own fight on friday but nonetheless eventually he'll be the ecosystem. This is him working with mustafa mickens. He's a heavyweight that is under construction complete novice who had his first fight on the seventeenth. And then he's already paid to fight and portable heavyweights with james. Pain is come and this is a guy that traveled all the way to atlanta to work with mustafa mickens. You know so. This is a guy that's absolutely taken serious. You know so. are you ready for. Some of his pain is what you got yourself. And he'll be there he's taken on. Im veto on friday. Here's a rematch of the first fight you got. I mean this. If they say a picture tells a thousand words right. wow what. is this picture saying to belt. Chat one man with his head down. Hopefully anthony doesn't have the same face. Common september eighteenth look at marvin's caps. In just in case you forgot trying to remind and of the poor feeling he had when he loss up to up to and to do better this time and not fall victim to marvin the tank. Now this is the interview. I was telling you shall do Eric who posted it in our border was facebook group and Shout to marcus. Sign a sign up to his youtube channel for conducting the interview. And look on the i go here. The pool was closed and he wanted to get working at goals. So santiago's working is supermax. Work and look. Who else is working. Y'all heavyweight the number one number two is the number two heavyweight pivots. You'll need them pivot to get away from big one questions going to be ken. Wong move this well while you see all that movement this guy's doing or you're gonna be able to catch up to a millennia punts. That's the question. Can you cut the distance on this guy. How much of a problem can you be for this guy. Because he's this guy i mean. Look at this guy. He moves well. You know he moves well. Hope you working. Chino's working chino already. Got people looking at them chino. I know i hope you know rails watching you. Rail is watching you he he. He's dying fight you you know i i. I don't know v. sleeping on thinks it's a great fight but he's dying to fight you in question was made so that's chino and look at them here. I mean wow. He's working fellas more more shadowboxing more more more more bouncing on the toes more moving more than one more moving going on here you better be careful man. This guys working the skies work and he's one in. Oh you don't wanna lose look at the pad. Where oh that's adrian growing with him. Oh look again oh. That's a nasty. Let him go uppercut he calling. Foot uppercut okay. Stop to stop there. They work in though they work. And what we got here. We battle ropes. They doing battle robeson. I'll he got them working. Who's the big boy over there and we want some one right hand gonna stop that real quick. Okay so you like you. Like mario you falling in love with your power. Uh-huh mario added a new photo. See the handlebars. he says. I clap led a role with the chopper. Longer than shacks leg. I got a shooter named smoky. I'll tell him hit a thing on the list. My nick that's cray we get so wack as get into jim. Tell them get in a gym. Your way at. He'll look like jim. I don't see no bad. I don't see no bagman this almost there keep. He's in the gym where these guys is in jim. Who else in the gen. let's check the border was faced group. Facebook groups say that three times. Okay so this is j. c. James clark made a highlight reel when he was in the m. May this a new fighter. This hot see fight right his beef. You know a. b. c.'s. Right there man again. My man sean. Jones now the heavyweight on lists they work in question is are you guys working looking at combination punching pivot popular. Jad are you ready. Who's next who's next up. That's what i'm asking man who who won't take border wars to the next level you know who's going to bring the eyeballs man. We're going to allston in hobbs. New mexico group quick woulda these calls are brought to you by big rigs trucking agency experts for all your assurance in trucking needs for colson consultations. Visit us at bart agency dot com or contact us at zero eight nine four. Three six nine one eight. Oh austin what. What up with this compound. Liz rowett so kids. I mean you ain't on the list because you ain't got no footage where your work footage man so kid. I'm coming off those man. He can't be on the list. Whizzy footage though. Why you about that questionnaire. Hey man i. I have the gym. Ain't nobody to hold the phone record. Why come on apps for that. They sell like little things. You can stick on the wall birthday so like sticky things to put your phone on a wall like arms tripods all type of shit i mean but i guess i post a pad where he ain't person that pad where you get a little bit is that little week sparring bro. That's the same sparring brad yearly. Just white i write. The real question is why. why why. why hasn't he his birth. I can make this in this fight. Poster essentially umber dinner. Here yeah agents that he's gonna reach out. But he reach back out to adrian. So i don't know man he just he's just wondering zero zero dark thirty i mean he no he and your head that's wa he no you wear it about what you wanna talk to him. He just wanted to pixes utah. My let's take pictures so we can make a boy you you you don't wanna pick sir exit for pigs vote because 'cause there's pictures of me trying to promote the fight. What what is he done to promote the fight more than you. You ain't postal spar. Komal memo yes. I ha what. You mean spun. I sit as upside down the fate of his real. He should is in jim. His should is in a gym. We're hey give versus the five four. Bg daddy in it. I got a fifteen second jump rope. Him hit him trying to learn a combo and trying to learn and clip. That wasn't real. Come through it. Oh who do this man. The lies like to the world. They watching it backing him was his first of all yours was upside down. Nobody can even see who was who. And you stop clear. You lose my brother's six to forty law brothers pulled down here. Paul mom mom. My brother beat almost every single heavyweight. Robbie brands brother. Gus get a real man. He pulled dow law. Umbro's so happy man that i just goes to show what the s promotions can do but hey he called real out and then he took a vacation no oh hey coming back december. We'll see we'll be back. He's he say this time. A all the audio can you talk to people about what is boorda wars. This assertive order wars. How did they come in. For wishing i know you short on time but can you kinda go for so you know I wanted to talk about how there's all the pound pound stars on here but none of them do numbers on the votes bro. Like everybody wanna see me phi and allying. You swayed the votes man. Everybody knows that. Come behind the votes. You say everyone you did what you're supposed to do. You promoted the league. Ain't nothing wrong with that. But dave open nobody else. 'cause they wanted there there's a they just easily. Oh you know what there's there's tank. Oh there's mario jose what you man. That's why i'm doing this show call. Who's next up because you know we got me. We roll like we got dudes does not does not Doing a part for. I don t know saucer. Nobody i want this man. i'm only taking. I wanted a tougher fight bobo. I'm only taking this five you could you. Could you could guess galina right now. You want a tougher fight man. You know you y. Already savvy man joe you're from the germ i cried. They're back out. What i say i say yo. Don't try to get anywhere esteban. He too much for you. Get yourself a little tune. Took you know no you gave me. You gave me jason wilson and then you gave me a that one seventy five or because esteban hadn't signed up again. You didn't know you said you reach out to play the boy vote. But but but the nsa esteban got x. Amount of fides you show you wanna fight him. I come on edge and you like you like well. I don't know come back. Because he's all the way washington we we was on the phone. He's all the way washington with this. Who i do have for sure now that cool. I'm trying to get on for sure. And then i got this. Jason wilson here professional kickboxer. And then i got this one seventy five hours. Want some esteban right now. That's what you're saying man. I pick. I'm telling you i'll take esteban but with be fair to jason doug no saws. I thank you god jason. Jake come on either way. You make me look bad. I you're trying to do they're doing that. You got jason. How about this. How about this. How about this jason. This one in the december. I'll take estevan. Hey man. I think that sound like well. We talked about it. No because you said you ask for man because you didn't want to rent abolish the viet. Is you try to play me. Man you to play revote esteban just pay. I don't know how long ago maybe a week ago. I it is fresh that he just pays so. I'm not saying. Did you ride on. Like i like people to match a you know you wait on somebody else. And then esteban got signed going on and he can't make now you off the car. Yeah yeah yeah. No no exactly but i was. You heard me telling him on. Live shows like most about. You're going to do that. I was pushing them now. Yeah and he probably didn't know for sure. That's that's a that's a long way to go from washington but to water build up again. I gotta get an opponent. I need an opponent esteban. And if you win y'all on the same car. And his built up exactly per to promotion for december or or i could also face my son jordan bakery in december for some money. We put some real money on. But he's scared. I mean we don't even know if you'll be back after september long. I'm i'm here for the long. Remember this even after hours solo. I'm a gopro names. But like i dude calling in saga. My day was going to do this and that was going to do that. And they even on intros name after they fall in lauro even even. We're not stop fighting. Like i wanna i wanna still be part of. I want to be like a little manages. You know what i'm saying. China trying to get people and stuff i just. I don't know it's fun to spokes. I'm i'm going to be here. Win-lose jal like is this far man. Honestly like you said. It's like a bully. It's just aren't really but Yeah so i'm i'm here for the longer but let me see a liars bro and i don't make no sense got his fears and still to come vote on his video. You see. yeah 'cause actually number one people want the real people. Honesty means now. that was his. That was his cousin. Where's your cousins. A i really. I really close that much. I'm closing my house. That his four. You gotta you gotta get tight with family man. It's a sport. Then 'cause we mass along so Showcased so kids should be on the pound for pound list. So he'll be back on embiid man. That was the breath in the fighter. Walk the same team but you be. That's not even fair georgia on mario's team. So you telling me do do me. Wasn't mario's coach. Do me is coast. But that wasn't the wrath. He wasn't directly was the corner George monorail the future mayor. He's the one that left that shit. I watched the car wash. That ain't do. We don't do me directly to cornyn. No man i think do it was a whole air. The little air prior to alexis arguello at the happening. I think after that first round even gave him a little push them sox gene so oh no man but hey you need needed. Hit me back up man. If you really wanna real a real fight promoter man. That's my comment already checked that week i should. That's what got is shut mexico. That was allston in hobbs. new mexico. he's going to be taking on. Jason wilson from wisconsin out that. Benny benny jim. Jason wilson. this his spar right here. Actually his spar mute that music so it looks like they're doing now is definitely not combination is not drills they just working but i mean i is. It looks like to me. Looks like to me but jason leagues tall and strong. You know his left hook if you noticed right there. Let me go back. He he lands that lev hooked pretty good here we go boom sierra off the pivot my main he had to take that right leg by louis. Now this novice. I mean unless he not showing hobbs every day you know allston gotta show us where he got. Awesome ain't put in. But but but jason brooks tall you know. He had a good jab into the body. Do good stab jab. You gotta respect going to go zoom. Then a booby street. Right to stab jet. That's going to hurt you austin Another right to the body. Stop grayer that back bang John that has gone allston. he land hands. Gone you allston utah. Food you will see was food man. Where are you at where your footage at you got. This upside down foot is man. I said you might get a fine man. Don't nobody want you don't only one on facebook with upside down for this. I think this do neophytou man who who wanna fight this do missy. We'll wait class. He's from benito's jada one fifty four. We need one hundred fifty four pounds of who wants what who ready for one hundred and fifty four pound man going haw versus me. So he he the one with the american shorts because maliki only pushing alana echoes. They spun no headgear. H shrimp back. Check me tied to 'em damn punches. Oh why guys. Because we're going on me. So that that do needs a fight to echoes right there. These boxes boxes they looking for a fight at one fifty four and one forty one forty but militias to. He's too much for for voting with the punches back. Who wanna fight. I got fired. It's available man. I need a heavyweight zuma. Can i get a heavyweight play this. I need a heavyweight man. Can we get a heavyweight. My heavyweight he down somewhere this me johnson. I need a one forty one. Forty here danielle pulled out. We need a one. Forty this jason right here. This the footage for austin little crybaby wonder him get along. Where my when my heavyweight at man deep ahead who's this as correspondent this and we shot at. I'm looking for the heavyweight. Hey go eljay dawn Let's see what he got. The nice body shot. He can tell heavy handed. He got like he got like thirteen. Five man we need somebody with experienced from a tank to man because you could tell he lent hands go. I won't be able to big boy ain't got none of the defendants. This is coach revert. This dude i want for you man. I know you watch and i hope just not only listen and you watch and i thought this guy was perfect for human. It will actually be great by the way you work. In the way he works is i mean i think you heavy handed or more heavy handed to him but obviously i'm only watching the bad but eljay work and him man. Good luck this nice. Be hands go not being lazy. Perfect for you or for my man from seattle washington Jordan card the heavyweight. He got eight amateur fights so we gotta heavyweight men in needs. Some sauce needs some action man. Don l. j. don speaking of heavyweights this santiago. He won't be taken on. You know who. Yeah he's going to be taken on supermax soup mix. We got another super chat from austin says when we get empowered for pound number one in path of power number. Two in the vein. Looking looking looking but number one is marvin. A number two is like a totally different. Do like a different way class. Sasha we should be happy that we got all these dudes that all on the pound for pound list actually fighting actually on the same car. That's what's impressive Looks like wanting to be ex. Would yoyo good next year. Be good I used to do. Those voter was showed in jersey. What you did that. East hanover off. And i wish. I would have been down going over there. I really wanted to do a wisconsin. I hate flying. My girl already went on to take that we call from my boss. Iran one forty. Yeah but i was trying to do the whole thing. I wanted to for division one forty two one six fan. I'm trying to grow a little bit of bigger balls to learn. Get on planes again hang on robertson's on eleven and every time i get on the plane into this shaky wants to seek everybody off the that they can't even walk me like going back. I feel like you're pig moving. The plane is shit like weight balanced and distribution. And all that shit. Like i don't know. I know a lot of maverick not do a lot of nice. We've that screen sharing. I'm definitely sending some of my back. Y'all agr ship. You have to give john fighter i. Yeah that's what i wanted to know. I wanted to new jersey. Wasn't enough pretty much all my questions. So yeah vote i might. I might see try to shoot up. I've been training. I always change those. That's not far is the drive. Wisconsin our withdraw vevey i-drive fucking fifteen nine nothing. Nah no here. You're seeing plus. I remember you videos ship before in the past week long trips. Go yep athlete. Like i said i always always training and all that so i say some party won't need a one forty for this staying. How china is this gonna be the best. Well you'll really need your pose. All you gotta do is get out early on friday because the fight is saturday and then you leave sunday. That dingo wanted to meet a generated job that day. Oh that he has not really. I don't i don't it just happened to be that we get really nasty got. I'm like him that you we can't switch it. No call one of my other guys to do it. But i'm trying to see i'm a force it on him. Machado pressure on getting one of the other guys. Come through and take. My plot was only a generator. It's just a big. I saw so he just wanted to. Why you the panic. But we'll let you are definitely on monday. Election was good. They wanna be eggs. We need a one hundred and forty pounds of man. We'd love me scott. It was supposed to be done now. Now obviously had a serious issue in in the family. you know we've seen them in atlanta and You know he's not even going to be working anymore. He's going back to florida to take care of family. So you know thoughts and prayers with don now but that does leave us a hundred and forty pounds short so yeah man. I'm just going through the facebook group. Seeing what's been posted this is the supermax silent killer files. Watch that right. Let's see this is. This is look. Let's see nine hundred twenty nine views. Okay that's more than marvin. In rarified right should sub with that moment veira need to step it up numbers in the basement. I miss in regards to serve wise. Then that go right versus i wanted. That's gonna fix itself in tom. Let's get into this man. This fast forward man from the camera fix. Oh oh shit is on. It is on fight. We go go a status andy ruiz and just just just. Let's go back again man. Because this is what. I was telling santiago ring from the camera this sunday selena. Look how fast santiago comes out the corner. Look how slow mexicans out the corner. Santiago is meeting max. He make makes work more than tire first round. He can take it off and make max chase him this way. Tex-mex is tired by the second fight. He's all look. So you see to the first job. Max pool counter and you know so basically so does santiago right. They go a stat. He's the one. He's the one in the center of the randy. Ruis one in the pace. Ooh while he set them up with the he set up with the pump. Fake to the body looking next face right there. He calls his eyes when he got hit with that long santiago woke his ass up but see right there. He should've pivot out this way towards dumi. Instead he's going towards the corner fixation nine th quarter mexican even lock them in so again came out takes. Roll bounce around right here. See you got to take another step back. Make this big motherfucker. Walk to you telling you man. On his experience he still bringing a fighting back up. Oh you see the shit out of super meghan followed up with a left. Oh holy but you see right there. Don't give mex- what he wants. Tahama or pivot our. He standing there giving him what he wants. No tire mup- pivot out. Oh type biro tonight. We talk him out right dead. See but i don't like how the clock keeps going. Yeah we gotta stop the clock in between rows cloud. What's the here. he goes to see. The rest said he was stopped after six punches. I think that was about but you believe enhance both. Go six plan. Look lex trying to use some work you see now. Mexico's us work now. Joseph went to plan b. He showed and now look. I'm just waiting tall. Anti he goes how they both went to say carlos daguin. Okay powell's o- o. My son you see there you go nice way to back up push back. Oh good slipped under backup. Make some room. He gotta make room. He's gotta make these adjustments in the second fight. He can't he can't keep doing the same thing you know what i'm saying. He's got to get in and get out pack out style boom boom one to make joseph fucking laws megumu. Go john and keep moving they go. You go keep moving. Hell wants us to go. Santiago doing right now and it's gonna four supermax the sell out. He's got a book he's gonna he's gonna dart it. Oh been slow yes. Oh santiago's confident is all listen in. Santiago is chain in very hard hardy swimming. he's running. he's doing jump rope. You know mets. He's he's coming back off a long layoff off a knockout and he's the heaviest. He's ever been so yes. Do me is the ref deluxe recordings so. Yeah man you know mex- he's got a lot to prove man. He's got a lot to prove we go to the poll. It's super close as if this fight the next fight rather the rematch super. Close super. Close sean do. I see you working. I need one hundred and forty pounds in his thirty seven. Shaw do oh my god. That's the fifa sean. Do that's the fight. Let me go back to the audio. See where we got owning the fight. Yeah but only when the gas pressure. I think joseph almost dropped santiago so like he should got posted what the judges of four i saw different. He didn't fall and he kept going so he kept his. Do we go. Max when to you straight left with dan. I like that. Y'all mexican ready ready for the combination of santiago eldest judge next to you so that they could go twenty more six on another straight left. Oh oh brad. Mexican guy got no power though he hitting them with all these less camera view go see. Oh shit maxima some big ship. They start right you know. Oh sign hurt max. You see his legs. We could not lift the knee for defense. Watch this watch. Max legs with hood. Wait till it around to the camera. View turns now now watches legs. You see that he got hit in fucking out. Wobbled birds fifty. I think now we think what was it. A short left. Is it a short right. It looks like two right hands off. The roads land on sommes about fifty four. Really seventy five. But you see santiago gotta push to pay supermax dead tired right now. Look at him. Push it looking at punk as jab santiago to what is that. He was trying to land. Look look that's nothing stat. What is that. i haven't been following his more man. What is that fumble excitement. What is that. come on. both of them. Just wait and look. Oh my god that was. Y'all megs got more power. but is he going landed. he's he's like. Oh oh account. That's account dan. Give him no count. Do me just broke the action for no reason. No cal knocked down. That was a knockdown. We might do. A poll was that the superman. Let me go to let me go. Go to youtube Supermax deserve a knockdown right there or eight count. Right did super matt's score a standing a camp which i think yes no man go back to the tape though. That was a good little scrap man. They funnier saudis dues. They got the movement it they got they together. Though like santiago was really just waiting you know supermax he. You know you gotta jump on her man you jump on his over you. Santiago got he got it look at that smoker mao. J. to and jump on his rounds with the promoter. Nestor gives alexander sima of leather from the hose on mandates a big ten seconds. Dan do me. Look the skinniest. Sal in this from right chest for the supermax dumi thin man disturb. Ira ahead right. There's controversy but a big fight going on. It's a big fight. Let's stay focused. Notice the beginning boorda was. We was in the gym where we was at this new jersey right here. This was the beginning that jim don't even look like that. Jim is so beautiful. Now of leather from the supermac. They both taken time. Oh oh good job supermax. But he don't got like joe. His combination punches only comes when he's like falling into this fighter. You know what i'm saying. I think santiago puts it together a little bit better but has no power one. Oh my god. I can't do that. You can't just sit there and give supermax the fight. he me. they're max they knocked. That's because you chain all you get your fucking head getting knocked off. Maybe lose their way that might be the strategy to catch your breath supermac. Who's next on the docket next on the docket is next on davis alert saying even pulls in clocks fernandez. We gotta we gotta get a handle on that. We want to pause in between ease here. We go here between these little things man because this killing it causes man as gardens. Have round where and headgear adjustment. We go look at supermax. Tired he is come on man jump. Boredom sandy look at him. He just circling the ring at forty. Now man maxine making it three real round with a real like somebody like if you push the pays. Maxine ain't going through rounds going through real good as he did against congo camera view. Pitch need that. Additional twenty seconds mex- the bigger punch if he lose some waist week. Oh oh home. That was like three straight right hands. Dooley's a monster no stained in a voice. Still don't give you a why the fuck you stop the accent. Y'all do me out of control. You know how to fucking stop the action and then give these for a standard eight megs deserve a standard a look. Shit omar god my god right here and look. He bought the jump in all the whole lot. Chill i'm breaking. His should a non older high no standing there. I'm just. I'm just fucking action. I'm a fucking weirdo. What the fuck borough do me. Just chipping right now. Now i know santiago may i mean why. Why super megs man. He felt he gotta stop it. Do me a master. He tried to murder santiago in santiago face here in likely not as my man don't believe he don't believe supermax landed like three super bright like three super ryan's in that's crazy. Yogurt makes you gotta get it together. Man you gotta do more man like southside. Ducey may wanna belt. Never batman batman where you at come defin- strap this the darnell fi. He body don't even like watching that because he killed ricky. Oh my god is the ducey fight. do see. you took this winning. Did you took this winning you debt. Laura never came back after this word is bowl do save oh is about the happens leading the keep county sheriff. Southside ducey long. This was this was a serious fight but this was so built up on the podcast. It was crazy well. Let's find out the waning. The swiss the camera. We saw excited low wings. Swiss the camera okay. Good jab to the body here. He's showing over the top ducey. Who was the camera and lauren was being bullied. If lauren could be good if he stopped being so confident he puts his hands down. Looks good job. You know just makes a lot of mistakes. But he's he's intimidating. he's a tall hands down. Don't do that. why are you trying to ask. Brady keep your guard up. Work off that jab. When he works off the jab look see he gets in when he works off the jazzy but then he gets crazy he he got while he got to brave. He looks like you know. He had the conor mcgregor tattoo. Go to that camera. Mid good jab. Did he had to shoot the straight right down a pipe right did laura needs to let the brian go. That's what i'm saying. Look i said it in the past them sent in a few hands down. Don't do that. He getting cocky for no reason getting desperate. Just just work work behind jazz. I like that from ducie. You see laura. China gives you the chance trying to trying to make all these antics hit the body that she didn't he showing he is experienced. Oh good job. Listen got around in a bag already. Unless lauren could do some big and we got thirty. One seconds left laura. This was one hundred sixty pound fight. Who's trying to put him down patient. Oh whoa he was right. that's eight. That was a big shot. He wanted a fall. he squatted. Oh what is that. This could keep them at bay. That's crazy that's pretty good brown asked this fight was so crazy man fucking busey disappeared. Doozy's corners just cool. He's com laureate. Tom but he just looks more prepared than lawrence calm than lauren lawns. Doozy's coming out the corner different right. Now of yeah. He's coming different. His confidence did lauren. Has to really go with a jab stopped clowning. Yeah dan you see the powell he doing to the body. Look out low yet. As he reminds me of words spice like though. Yeah which is nice jab he man. I like what. I'm seeing skies really. I gotta stop. This ain't been around in a minute. We're going to go we're going. We're going to go to the marvin fight marvin and keen. They both fighting this time in. And that's what we gotta go to. We got we got sean to the people fighting right now. Let me see we got. We got florida riot. Florida border boys. That was marvin. This is this was the look. They both by in a lot of punches. Oh look at what came into my man. Show kid down. The bank man shokair soon as i come show kip. Put them down. So where is mom and All right there for the most part go round number. Three thousand around with his oldest was corey. Frank call me crazy. He needed some bigger headgear. Maggie general was a buzzsaw. This fight was crazy market. Punch him a job here. We go we bought to get up into last and final nice like i said here we go the scope the corner standing at one hundred sh okay holding the belts kimia pause all through this fight because people in give kim has respect man. That's my fucking border. Wars loma chen coma. Watch this let me let me fill discern writing fulfill being this line with the to build ice crew. Why are you still the allies that because he's ready to go wash. Okay still in the ring holding a belts like you got wi fi. Joe joe walsh. Okay was still in a shokhin. When i come back home my belts fisher on on a tape but look at king. I let me get my hand on the tom. Bomb look at king movement. Made you missed made you miss a game. That's four times major. Miss again lama. Chanko style jazz to the body. I got minds. I'm out head movement. May you miss lewis look made you miss again partially blocked by firm where you wear where you at look block that right hand right hand what you say. I'm right in your face. Would you say i just don't think people know what the fuck they was watching. Trying to disrespect chemo. Right there. Walking the big man bat shooting hands. Dan look back head movement. Hook got to reach good chad marvan below he faked winston then jab marlin another job on. You know what i'm saying. I don't know look right hand again now. The jazz deputy this going to fight very hard dipped again. I'm just saying he's definitely working. Moms working. jabber kimes head. Movement is amazing. He's jack mcginn gem again to the body right over the top right hand over the top. They disrespected him. Bradaigh rob yo listen. Listen listen these dues. don't watch boxing. These news don't watch boxing. Listen we know they both going to be back. They won't be back on this car. So we'll see who does what man we'll see. You know kim was one no in this fight man. He did a damn good hit with a four hour. Another right. yeah. I'll tell you man. Did they watch it. Look around for the end. The end of the those little to body size low you one man. The show me queen work so me. Clean workman so me. Clean workman thank you. You seem keen. get around. See so me work telling you it crazy but ahead movement was was problems but this is what they gave him the fight for they even replacing. They gave them that round because of that. That's not that's not how you score around. What about everything else that was going on. You know what i'm saying but it is what it is. You know you win some you loose on you move on from there. But i i'm i'm personally looking for a dominant performance at a mall. Because you know for me you got to tight funds. You got the rail fight was tight and then you've got this fight is tai is tie. Okay what you mean to say. Oh man i'm capping so y'all look gainsaid came on that round foof another jet lo. I don't even wanna watch no more because people were they hate in the. Hey and we're gonna go to joe indian. We won't go to joy they in want to give us and we have coach taylor going to be in the corner with we're going to. We're going to go to joel and baker. He wanted to bring the porta wars ecosystem bright overhead simply because he has some fantastic images that i think needs to look at my bill. Medallions day you got one you rape victim to the streets. Don't make it to have a place to go is amazing man. Just just showcasing watch how he knocked off the headgear of your man's this can be your face kelly for few weeks but he did take some time. Yes so we're going to see if there's any russ and he ring cruise when you coming back man. You are cabinet for your man malls and then when you come in bed does ended in. Knockout go seems loose. Definitely the bigger man joining to learn setup the power man power. He look what does he by the do why he feel like he by the hunch these twin right now calm down. Let the he who. Maybe we have ourselves a fight. The last little bit longer than the first round Who's on the he he needs to. He needs to set up the power jodie. Keane that clock baby and now waiting on cloud we go all right took. Oh my uppercut join trial joy. No his head gift. He's still try to land a legal shock. Normally you don't see people looking at this uppercut led with another look. Twin can take a punch. Let me tell you which is what no twin can take a punch. Because in cut he hit him with no headgear after he knocked the head. There was another right hand. No headgear took some patients but as he took that you can tell he's looking for the counterpunch ended up big counterpunch joy. I mean i mean so Shokhin you saying i'm capping. You should let me speak highly a certain. Let me mute this over. You should let me speak highly joy so when you win you win. Looked like i mean if you want me to say he ain't good. I'd say he ain't good. That's what you want. I think he good looking straight right right. Did i hand botswanan see. But when jordan worked at dad believe he he he he get into the street fight man guy keep it together maingot keep it together worked jab pop the jazz pop the jazz stop reaching it. Went straight for the right hand and let me tell you. Joy and got a bum leg like wasi fallen all over the place. That's because it has surgery. He wasn't even ready to be back. I hopefully. He's openly assemble. You can tell he can't he's gotta keep quincy because he can't stand right. Ooh another ryan damn hansard body. Yeah he leasing a lot salt game remember. This is now this everybody novice you know. Joy need the work he not working. That's what it is. If he was working he would do better with that jazz. He's nice and long. And he's got natural pop gear. Yes showcase he got a bad knee. Man got a bad knee. You get out that knee in the first round. He might be going down by the second joy. Yoda uppercut join. Dry to leave with suits about that. German showcase guy hit by mario and decided to quit man so it could be the same thing with joe like he you know he all may can take a shot and be like oh i want to be no more because like he not mario down not him down then he quit on the stool so it was him who stopped. He kept gone. We wanted to see. An mario delivers his punches different. Enjoying join a straight down the pipe man. How you only better cardio. That's the problem. That was jordan's down for is the cardio but i think this is leg man. You see. he ain't got no balance. He got no balance thing. He's afraid of his leg or still bothering them. Or what. I think lose his leg. I don't think his leg is a for the web rasema. he's i mean because it don't look like thai. An anybody thing. Think it looked more like the legs is not there. He keep trying to whole denim pants. Highest hell okay. He look inside. Pull them off their he region like mouth your show kid if you catch him reach in law he might fall right dear. Yeah he did. Have kobe coming into this fight. That's absolutely true. He wasn't even allow back into the gym without a positive co visitors. Remember that because i was training with him for this five but he you know he was spawned better than it. He looked like his legs. Ain't did 'cause. I don't know he heavy on his legs is the is the best i want to. He said why twin got south pole soft socks on he was about to go pitch a game afterwards. Man this jordan baker. I mean he not even really breathing heavy over there. So i don't know is the title. Is it the leg man. That's all we need to know. Let's see what they talk about. Roy he said he had code one leg anymore. Excuses tonight roy. This man you okay you funny man but you know the thing is that you talked a lot in that mario fight and then you quit man so all that tough. Shit don't matter mo now you like half tough half talk. We don't know was what but dan showcase a jordan. He might have to take your head off on this one for all these people. Oh we leave him with the marquess let and now toward and can barely see from his head. Ladies and gentlemen we got to floridians going. I don't know what supermax enemy he china sent me. Scorecards debated the win. Man you beg the where sending me scorecards from last fight. Get your win be saying. Get your win and get your wind. Get your winning. Get your windows. Carlos would up joined dead tired. Man we watch more holding like mojo. I think i think Who fought i. so what. What is showcasing fight. This aunt for this was shit. Was born here. Thirty seconds to go thirty seconds. Go rhino eight. The joe. i swear. I ain't gonna fight but i think that's why mom and picked him. This style can never be marvin. In my opinion which i think is all why Obviously you know who marvin is. He's not in this fight but that's who be fighting and I don't know. I don't know i just think did that. Wide stance of you know He's there for marvin to crash into an and duty inside work but a good brown for and i think he came out and he established his dominance and then it kind of took away willpower. Oh good right. Hand there. By mean adrian yemen busey. This is the rematch at one and he felt marvin was duck in them. But i don't know you know. Is he going to be enough for marvan. Because marvin definitely punches you know adrian not really let his hands go a lot. You know marvins the different animal. He throw he threw forty four jabs or punches rather in third round of the keen fi. You know it's going to take some more and you see already got tired now. He's on the defense. You know not much in there just just moving up just moving not punching the faking it fagin it just buying time wearing clogged now and this is what i mean. This real boring after. He established his dominance. Adrian didn't wanna get within range. You see how far back is. He didn't wanna get within range because he knew there was danger within a certain range. You know but Showcased says he's on the line. What are you gonna stop. Slander my name. I say about couple of hype up the boys. I understand king. You know at least can't fight. Chance first of all jordan baker for the fifty all do any for twenty four. The like one hundred twenty pounds was court. Where are you gonna do. He fights me for no money. You forty forty. You know rough that little kustow do. I'm not. i'm not standing there. Where he doing that. They're telegraphed straight right actually my habit of grabbing his ass across the rain. Listen adrian had a lot to. Adrian had a lot to say. But i'm just saying adria had a lot to say about. And then he was scared to get within range. When you hit with that power skid what power everybody. The the heavyweight babbio got power. And you real fun cut. The quake had a medical wanted. Quit now now. I know why hadn't done too great. There's no way joy the bigger fuck with me or no level. I mean we'll see right. You know what i mean. He's taller he's long to how you i forty and you tired. I that was more like a variety. And i i wanna talk about your fight. Here was tied to fight. He was tired but he had covert he d- he logistical listening. Yeah kobe his lead. Forty two bad knees. I get probably for my knees. I'll bring that shit. Oh my new. What is the is a good thing because he got a fucked up. Need to if you watch his first race. He's a good little man. He should've took somebody that was small. Kim no muslims to donate arts. They should've took another old. Do about twenty nine hundred twenty five pounds. And don't you forty two. I'm older good ole cool care right. I'm only good though no mareo i. I didn't lose a well. I thought five loss while yet i had medical situations yacht took advantage of that large referee for me. Manuel's cousin you funny. Though the xactly read every fight assefa my he was in there screaming at all on the ring you had the one get out the wing me scare for malvo's life come on. Let's stop the cab man. I just don't get why you quit. Man he was almost did that was about greenland there. Many the hit you with despite water into quarter. I tell you the first round with my head was fucked up. I like i like i told him. I'm like these go around asking the second it was like okay well morale and it was just like hey really know thing you realize that is what is only three two minutes or whatever so you saying you're too i i in the first round by dan. I like what you said that there had a medical situation in the first round. Man the retire. The doctor had to extract to see what it was the first row. I should've had like two eight counts or mareo. Had like twenty unanswered punches but the ramp was discussing it. We would have had the real west but he wanted to be a coke all breath. I wouldn't meet the reputa- judge before getting there. Man have the power with austin. All saying you probably greatness. I ain't got no problem with great newsmen. I'm just saying you quit in your last fight and until you get okay okay your boy king loss and you can try to win. Win your replays about the pierre. Marvin is like you say he fought. The chin agree had a great fight. But don't do a lot of those who claim they want. Don't wanna get out now rare. We play here. We just played last last show more. But you we talk about ralph cave up here. Kmby moments the new laws get overman just like jordan on news. I want to play back. He gone lose a loss in the lowest. You can say. I quit but got the ads but three well those go to sleep. That's never happened to show kid. I never lost round at a medical situation but even metal medical situations those. Are you know. Medical situation happened. I mean you you could be one eleven rows and the talk violent do can knock you out loose. Should happen to know. Act somebody out there fucking woman. Don't mislead the fans. Like i do my thing i've been there. That's why i like to talk about the two but talk about me. Whooping aware to men of that matters if you quit i. C. technology you go. You quit point during the trial just like ball three awhile then quit you say. Wow the quit Year quarter mandate in not wholesale laugh. Now how do the town of course. Well you see this man but to quit before he even through the. Tell us on a stool. That was between the riles. He throw in the towel. How you doing that too. Because i know but how you do it vile when i told him to but why will he go out there. Knock him out. That's because i was just like know we come out. I don't know people watching movies. Man talk to coach man on a corner already. Said you don't see a heart. I went out the second round because he was like. You just knocked them out in the first then. You can't just throw it in like he just figured that he didn't realize i was winning like we don't know how to go. Wow he's called the stopping this in real terms stoppage. Okay i go with that. We're gonna don't worry tumble you'll be calling me champs. So i'm beginning the medallion with that. They've want to have respect for me. Also after september. man. I'm here i'm here i want to. I want to offer you like bob. Hammer with coughing manatee. Oh you don't seem to love your greatest fighters. Would you win over. You know what i'm saying like came over me and up austin's te'o crawford may you don't want to i'll know like what is man. Br i promoted you to the biggest fighter your career man which you saw them out. Oh no i'll also love you. Move to florida you kind of cave on me. I don't know i'm gonna get you back on your east coast. I'm not after september. Forgot off I'm sorry i'm trying to find this for you. That's what it is man. Oh the by what my may sound for you. They said john this for show. Kid brandon the intro. I'm my man who made this full. You i harder you have to heart you have. No athletes cannot beat me at mobile. Nothing pong nothing except a hot dog case. That will take a look. I'll know that i love it. What about you i like. I like the word is we need another beat man. A better be yeah. We need a heartbeat to hall coordinator nacional. Poppy i need some type of beat to to yeah. He wanted to fight but he damaged. Joe is he ever gone. Look the same again. The rate with me saying took too much punishment. We'll see i don't know that southside side yeah me neither. So i'll be so clear hit hard. I could just beat this. Do all i think he he by the door on us. I agree. I think that he is so high off the wind with chew that he's not taking it serious just told the truth went around. You got lucky. Mario which i wanna tell him. He's he stops yoga. So that's what you get but a kid. I'm here man. i'm gonna let you go. You ought to last cola and this was a spontaneous border wars. Show ladies in japan's catch on the next one man Nez gto instagram and twitter.

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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: No Days Off

Cincy Jungle

1:14:35 hr | 4 months ago

The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: No Days Off

"Support for this episode comes from t mobile. We're a lot more than just baseball. Fans were baseball fanatics and thanks to t mobile. We can stay connected to the game. We love with five g and more places. T mobile is your ticket to the game so whether your home or away. You're never far from your favorite team with america's largest and fastest five g network. Don't get caught looking. Switch to t mobile the leader and five g today fastest according to open single awards based on average speeds in usa. Five experience report april two thousand twenty one five device coverage and access details at t mobile dot com big week on the jungle podcast channel multiple big guests on the shows on the channel and we are pleased to have one with us. We will introduce our star gas in just a second. But i'm anthony costanza from the orange black powder bengals. Podcast joined by john. Sharon john we took an unexpected week off last week. that's that's my fault but hurry doing but we discussed taking a little vacation this summer and i didn't know is going to come by surprise but you know it was. It was an interesting week golf. I'm glad you are doing better after your Will scare there but glad to be also be back on the air yeah mishap. That's what happens when you're close to forty in trying to be a issue in the weight room. I guess but anyway good to be back and we are back with events because we have miss lindsay patterson joining us. She is a very prominent and excellent Media member of the cincinnati media covering the cincinnati bengals with the cincinnati enquirer and bucarest q. And of course. A an excellent podcast. Bengals beat podcast. Tyler dragon lindsay. How're you doing i'm good. How are you guys excellent. Excellent that you are joining us and we we. I feel a little bad before we get to some of the questions. I feel bad. we've been meaning to bring you on for quite some time. And i'm like oh my gosh. I can't believe we haven't had her on this program. This is unbelievable. We thank you so much for your time. We know this is a busy time for you and Thanks for your time. How's everything been going for you. I know you've been out there a practice and seeing some different things but things going well on your end. Yeah and i'm not that busy. Thanks zac taylor. Because two extra days of of no minicamp. So things aren't too bad for me right now. I'm not gonna lie until training camp starts up but as you know there's no off season in the nfl. So i'm here. More things will be happening over the next couple of weeks while we there's a lot to talk about with the bengals and i guess that's as good of places any is the sudden kinda. Hey guys take the next couple of days off I i don't personally. I don't know what to make of it. I think there's some that the the coach spin of it is. There's a positive he said something to the effect of. We've seen everything that we've wanted to over over. Ota's in the mandatory minicamp earlier this week but there's also maybe a little bit of a. Let's not get guys injured I don't know what what's your take on the sudden. Hey we're cutting it short you know. I didn't think it was that big of a deal. I i know a lot of people looked at in obviously on social media. Everyone has an opinion about it and they look back at the last couple of seasons in the bengals weren't good enough but i think it's more of the credit to what they were able to get done during t. as in having that full attendance and i think more of the stuff behind the scenes what. We don't see that happening inside. Paul brown stadium and they felt good overall. Zac taylor talked to guys on the team. And they had conversations leading up to that decision. He said guys weren't going to be mad if he made them stay the next two days this week but i think he felt. Hey we've done enough. You've seen joe burrow from day. One of ot which is so incredibly unbelievable that he is rehab just fine to be out there with his team and i think it's more credit to what they were able to do during ota's in having all of the guys there from day one to why he let these guys have the next two days off. It's no understated that know for everything else. That's happening the far right now. You're seeing stories for their rogers and other teams would not. There's a lot of distractions and nope does does some of the matters of the dozen but tennessee practices nine of them voluntary. All perfect attendance. I think we can all agree that if the team was was told to be there for wednesday thursday. They absolutely what so. It isn't just seemed to be with that. But you know you yourself and everyone else down there for the practices when it's open to the media. Ninety percent of the video content is joe burrow right rightfully so just seen him out there and it's one thing to see him roll roll out and have these throws on the run and just being there practice but what. what is it. Like seeing impersonal. Are you seeing something more. Like what is that experience been like. Just seen him out there. In person in the south we don't see on twitter just him interact with teammates him going through all these monday drills. What is been like seeing with your own two eyes him coming back from this injury so quickly you know. I'll go back to the i o ta that we were able to watch just almost a month ago. I had no clue burrow. Would be obviously we look at twitter and the bengals would put out from clips of him throwing up paul brown stadium. We didn't know how much joe burrow was going to participate. Not as i fell. And what we've heard from joe. Obviously over the last year of being part of this team he was going to be there at o. T. as even if he wasn't going to be participating if he was on the sideline he wanted even told us. I'm going to be there in a plays with the guys in the huddle. Even if i couldn't take one snap wallows out there. So i think personally. Just seen him from day. One stretch him with his teammates being there goofing off and he wanted to be a part of it and look. They're not going to rush. Joe burrow back. They know better than to do that. With with a franchise quarterback. And i think just seen him with his teammates on off plays in being. They're making a presence. And i think that's a little bit of the biggest reason why do see the mood change and when people talk about you know the guys in the locker room and and how they're feeling about this season i think is a big part of what joe burrow brings in him showing. Hey i'm coming out here. I know i had that devastating injury last year. But i'm here. Let's go new season. And i think a lot of guys are buying into that and i think it's more of just seen him off the field seeing him in the huddle seen him with his teammates on the side. And that's been a big presence for. Joe burrow talking with lyndsey patterson from the cincinnati enquirer. The bengals beat podcast extremely excited to have her on the program talking. Bengals getting some impressions from ota's practices and all the sights and sounds going on with the team right now. Kind of continuing on the joe burrow conversation. I've got a little bit of a two pronged question for you. And i guess you kind of touched on one part of it a little bit with your last answer there but i number one is. Are you surprised a little bit at the level of intensity at least that we see from some of the drills that he is participating in at this point in his rehab in terms of rolling out planting quite a bit all of that. I i feel that. Even though he's saying he's on schedule it feels to me that that is maybe a bit ahead of schedule east. What i expected the second part of that you being covering him last year and being around him this year is they're just kind of a little bit of a different look in his eyes he's always been a guy that's had the chip on his shoulder from his days being overlooked at ohio. State and then transfer over to lsu. Is there a little bit of a chip on his shoulder in a different look in his eye. Coming back from this injury. Yeah i'm extremely surprised. Was where joe burrow is right now and i said it before having the conversation that he could participate in. Preseason all say right now. I don't think joe burrow snap preseason to be determined on if he gets a few reps zimmer. We'll see in a in a couple months that but i think you prove last year in his first. Nfl start that he doesn't need any preseason games even to knock a little bit of rust off coming off this injuring yes. I've just been impressed. What we're able to see the intensity of it. He said he's about eighty five percent with a knee and we will talk to him yesterday and that was about a month ago when he when he said eighty five and he's open to be around one hundred percent. I think training camp is where really where it's going to be at what we're going to see from him. Obviously no one's going to touch the merchandise like marvin lewis His prized possessions. On on offense. I think they're still gonna take really good care of joe when he's out there. I wouldn't be surprised. I remember him telling his last year that he tried to get zac taylor to let him take a couple hits in training camp. I don't think that's going to happen But i think that's when we're really going to see a little bit more from joe. But i you know getting to see about an hour hour fifteen minutes over those three ot and in the one day of minicamp camp. I think many camp was really. I was really impressed. I mean getting a little bit of seven hundred seventy was perfect out there. And i think more of that is what we're going to see in training camp and just the intensity that that's going to pick up and he even said it you know the rehabs gonna really pick up over the next couple of weeks and there's no offseason for joanna's rehab over. What what. He's going to be working on and at the end of june in early july. So yeah i think going you know going forward. We're only gonna see more from him. I just To be determined big question mark on what. It's gonna look like in august and what they decide to do when it comes to getting some preseason reps out there it's been fun hearing borough in these press conferences again after a long radio with going through rehab one of my favorite quotes from him in the past couple weeks is when he was talking about. Throwing a deep. All t higgins. And then t higgins had outran The hell is that come from Teagan have been kind of topic of conversation with his sort of many body transformation. He gained team bounds. Looks will pastorale there. Is that also while advertise is that also noticed Your is also along with higgins. You know these practices aren't like to telling for what the team is. But is there anyone else outside of t that has also can take him. A noticeable jump from last year looks to be on the on the rise of improvement. Yeah and that's a really great question when you look at the wide receiver room right now. It's funny when we talked to t he says i'm to twenty two twenty last year but it's different. I feel faster. I feel stronger. And i think that's one of the unrated pieces in. It's crazy to think that he would be underrated. Because i felt again in okay rookie urine. What it could have been of. Joe burrow would have been healthy the full season the connection the chemistry that they're really starting to gain out there and a lot of the conversation obviously in its should be when you reconnect joe burrow which marches in getting what some people would call his number one receiver what he can bring on the field. The separation but t higgins in your too. I think that might be one of the biggest storylines outside of obviously the offensive line to abate in what he's going to bring to the wide receiver room and i think that's where you're a big jump is Obviously you can look over on the defensive side and look at some of their struggles when it comes to their d. line and guys coming from injuries but i i'd say when you look at someone who can really put it Prove himself out there with a fool. Health year with joe burrow. It's going to be taken in the wide receiver room and that's when the conversation gets a lot of fun because everybody loves the comparison game and where this wide receiver group is in the afc north or even in the nfl. And i think that's what really is going to. You know. it might take a couple games for for him to connect out there. Obviously were just seeing them as minicam. We'll see a little more during training camp. But he just feels like the confidence is out there and then obviously when the topic of conversation comes with what he's doing after ot as what he's doing after minicamp what's his wide receivers Jr march tyler boyd. Getting those extra rep's ended in those guys joke that a little more arm strength coming from joe burrow in what he's been working on over the last couple of months wiz he. I don't know if you if you heard but some of the some of the folks on our cincy. Junge podcast channel. We're kind of in feel free to to pass on this question if you want. But some of the some of the folks within the cincy jungle podcast network kind of started to coin the team team. Sewell t chase up up to the draft and. I don't know that i caught your eye. I know it's easy now. We're all on team jas. Because he's he's a bangle but did you have kind of a preference at that point in time did you. Did you have a direction where you're like you know. I think the bengals should go this way. I think they will go there. I mean did you. Were you team chased team sewell. And if you don't want to answer that. I understand. Because i know you covered the team talked to chase. I'll say this guy was pretty It was pretty out there. What i thought this team should do. And i think when you look at both options. And i said this the other down on a recent interview that i don't think you could lose in that situation. Obviously you add to the offensive line and everybody knows that it's drug instill not good enough. You know bring politics work and put the best five guys out there to be determined on who started net guard right now when you look into training camp and regular season but i would say marches and that's no offense to the nasal he can have career in the nfl. I think it's about scoring points out there. And i think austin gail from pf told me you know obviously won't more of a guy who who's going to be hard to stop that then guys when it comes to what police will was going to bring to the offensive line. I'm not saying that. They would have made the wrong choice if they would win. So we'll see. I'm like step in the line. I'm not even answering. I put you on the spot. I'm want to be wrong. But that's it doesn't hurt to reunite joe burrow with one of his best targets when he was at lsu and twenty nineteen so. I think this was a great move for them in a lot of people. And i've actually brought this up to a few people and i know the national media. Everybody was talking about the national media hammer in the bengals in their offensive line. And all that fun stuff. So i asked peter king the same question. I said you look at the wide receivers right now. You have t- higgins tyler bullied. What do you say to people who say they already got receivers right now. That's not good enough. They needed a third one out there. And even if you throw in auden tate at times It's still not good. Another no offense on tate. They needed a guy. Like jim jason. What he's going to be able to do with this offense in the separation and i do feel like Jason joe burrow are going to pick up where they left off need. These guys are working after hours as i just mentioned there staying after practice. They're trying to get that chemistry that connection back. Because you know it's been it's been a couple of years so that they wanna feel in they have not as in just that one day of minicamp so i think the bengals made the right move of getting to march as wide receiver. Now say they they. It was a win win. Situation is one of my favorites right. Exactly it was one of my favorite segments on the bengals. Beat podcast when you tyler dragon. We're kind of going back and forth because tyler was more on the police suicide from his personal preference. Did you guys wanna listen to the bengals. Beat podcast you can find it. Whatever you get your podcast networks oculus to our podcast obviously features lindsay in tyler in charlie of signing fire but speaking of the offensive line. That was the only one position group that was affected with injuries this offseason. We just learned that he suffered a torn pectoral that he wasn't on the practice sometime last week. I think you can speak that more than the me myself. twitter but do you think that this injury has any implications on what they may or may not do to add the group this offseason or was identified bore just a loss of depth and opens the opportunity for maybe michael jordan or fred johnson to make more of an impact. Yeah when you bring up some of the backup offense lineman who had to start and some games last year. I know that's a little bit of trigger for bengals fans and they get a little worried. When i mentioned those and i brought up akeem energy i think what he's going to be able to do and man for not talking joe burrow. We're bringing up frank pollack. I feel like i've said his name five hundred times. We're doing an offseason bengo right now. And i think the development of of what he could do with humans energy was going to be more of a garlic swing tackle in it is about depth right now and i think that's a great thing. Obviously it doesn't hurt to add another offensive line piece. I think even if the keene was healthy this team was gonna bring more bodies when it comes to the guard position because nobody set right. Now i mean you want jona williams to stay healthy. I think he's the second most important offensive player on this team. And i know it's a little bit up for debate because you can have that conversation every day with anybody on the offensive line but the guard position was one of their worse last season and it doesn't hurt to bring in more bodies more competition and i think we'll see more of that when we get into training camp but with akeem adedeji out. I will not be surprised If if we start hearing some of these tackle visits and some other guys coming in because they do need to add that depth. But you know to be to be determined. Because i think the biggest thing right now is jackson carmen and pollick in similar to one. I mentioned joe. Burrow at working with t higgins marci after practice we see jackson carmen out there with frank pollick in it's about fundamentals just talking to joanna williams the difference of what he's really realized with having a different offense of line coach out there he's gonna put the best five guys out there and i think the debate in to bring it up in june. Who's going to be the offensive line in september is still pretty confident that they're going to start the rookie guard. But but i don't think it hurts to just bring in more competition. More bodies never heard anything when it comes to training camp in and frank pollack said it before he's gonna put the best five out there. So we've we've talked about this quote unquote frank pollack effect right on this show. I'm sure you know you've had those conversations. Maybe even ad nauseam at this point. But i guess i'd like to hear your not only your take on his your opinion of his ability to coach this offensive line because lindsey the past three four years. This team has old us that they like their offensive line better than all of us outside of the locker room and it has yielded or results. And now they're kind of telling us same thing as night they made some acquisitions obviously with with our men and reef in bringing those guys in guess at not only your at your thoughts on the frank all expect at this addis of the offense line especially now in the wake of the energy injury and and where this may be stacks up against some of the the recent offensive lines. That they've trotted out there Over the past couple of years that have not been the greatest. I think back to this offensive line in the last time. The bengals have had pretty confident. Accommodate one was when it was twenty fifteen and yet kevin zeitler out there andrew whitworth and after they left. It's been pretty hard. And it's been a topic of discussion every single season or offseason. I know when i talked to anybody. They're like all the bengals offensive line. H- how's your march as going to block for joe burrow and it's like oh my goodness i just want football to get here so we can finally see what happens but i think frank pollick is a big difference. I mean duke. Meaning weather someone's opinion. Who i truly trust. And i've talked to plenty of times with him about franken and what he can bring to the offense of line room. Plenty of people in the national media will say and and i think they should've never let frank paul ago. I think that was probably one of their biggest mistakes but hey bringing him back. That's never a bad thing. And i think what he's going to teach these guys from the fundamentals and you look at the guard position from last season. I mean unfortunately Michael michael jordan has talked about it plenty of times in. It's more about actions and getting better in in. That's what these guys are doing. I think the biggest thing. I bring up red johnson. I bring up michael jordan. Even when a humid energy was healthy in talking about having this team needs steps it was bad team lash. It was bad team the year before. i'm not saying that it could be obviously different. Joe burrow's healthy What they could have done added a few more wins into their season. But this team has struggled offensively defensively of having guys who they could put out there. If there is an injury. I mean jonah williams used their future. He's their future left tackle but he can't stay on the field. You do need that. And i think having frank colic in the room and that guy who was teaching these guys the basics i mean the basic says an offensive line coach. I know their nfl football players. But i still think that is worth it in. It's going to be different than what we've seen over the last two years when it comes to the offensive line pieces. I mean even billy price. I'll say right now. He he did. Okay with frank colleague and i think that is going to be a difference but we won't see until september will what that's going to be like another thing actually just want to bring up because what thing that i thought about during the ot as in talked plenty about joe burrow in all the injuries in its trade hopkins. It's unbelievable right now that he's even out there on the rehab fielding over to turn his acl at the end of the regular season that this guy has a chance to start week one. I talked to my guy. Tyler dragon about a couple of months ago and he told me i wasn't really on board with it. I said there's no way this is going to be out there. I mean it's an acl injury and what he's been able to do and and obviously he's not out there just yet be sherman on what that looks like when it comes to training camp if you will be the starting center or anything like that but you know having him out there. Obviously billy price. I'm not saying he's going to be this starter again. I i walk the line on the offensive line right now because we don't know we won't know for a couple of weeks but i think frank pollick is going to be the difference maker. Not just with this offense align with joe mixon until. I think we are really going to see a difference in the biggest difference we need to see is having depth two guys who if you lose guys andries riley to In any guys on the tackler or inside a guard you need that depth. And that's something this hasn't had for for a while now lindsay. You've been covering the bengals. Really since i sports for a long time Last year this time last year there obviously wasn't any obscene activities. There wasn't any media availability where all we were all kind of in the dark as we didn't really know what the next year was going to unfold now compared to this year. You know we've seen a handful of practices from your eyes The teams obviously practicing there has been media availability from from our perspective. It does seem like the locker room and just a team overall as a stoic professional vibe to where it's a little bit more of a loose confidence in the way that they carry themselves nor hearing a lot of stories larry jobs full origins to Of jesse bathes his family in indiana. You know it. It's definitely a lot different compared to last year. Like kind of talk about a guest what that was like as media members covering the team really sports in general throughout the early stages of the pandemic and i guess just from your brief exposure in terms of this offseason. How things have changed you kinda get that sense to or is that something more that what we're seeing right now because things are still still transitioning back tomorrow but yeah i mean that's a great question you go back to last year in. I'm really looking forward to when things are in person again I know the nfl and the nfl pa have a new protocol Getting back to that in. It's so much easier as you guys know. you've interviewed plenty of people players and coaches and the Are just different when you're in person and you can talk to them and tell their story and the guys are definitely moral and obviously when you're not winning last season you'll hear stories reports. You know things are happening. We weren't in there you know we weren't in the locker room But i would definitely say that what we've heard and look it's all rainbows and sunshine until regular season gets here in everyone's optimistic on what this team could do with the healthy joe burrow but even joe Mentioning that plenty of times over just the last couple of months that we've had a chance to talk to him and he's like look in the locker room. It's it's not just the offensive guys talking to the offense guys. The defensive guys talking to the defensive guys were all talking to each other in in. He said that's the start of of what makes a great team and it might sound silly like all. I'm glad you guys get along in the locker room you know. I think it's still telling you have full attendance in your ota's yester- voluntary workouts. But look around the nfl. Some of the best teams in the cleveland browns did. They struggled to get their their full team. There at a voluntary workouts in they were there from day. One and these guys are. They're having fun and again. I know nobody cares about that. If they're not winning football games. But i would say the vibe has been different I i hate talking about culture on what you know. What's happening with the coach or anything like that. Because it's not fair for me to say that. If i'm not in the locker room or full season we haven't been there in a couple of years when you're lucky you kind of see that you kinda see all these guys. Are you know they're connecting. There's chemistry or we see that more when you're up practices in us being back practice even though we were at training camp last year kind of getting a closer look in. We'll get the chance to you know interview these guys from a distance. I think that stuff will be more telling it in what we're really gathering from from what these guys are feeling being around each other. But i think when your quarterback joe burrow speaks up us not just saying that to say it and and he really is liking the vibe that he seemed from this team even jessie bates oregano ta started able on a new guys in new faces in the second and even last night. They were altogether. There was obviously instagram video. These guys go in bowling having fun and they went to dinner the first night because there is a lot of new faces in we had brought it up. All you know how many people and everyone kind of jokes that they go to jeff. Ruby's all the time in recruiting new players. And he's like wanted to get to know each other You know these are new faces. People haven't seen we've only seen them on on video and free agents that are coming in. They really just want to connect with each other and and it could be those little steps that lead to regular season success in wins but right now they're just trying to build with what they have and and going back to be in full attendance. I still think that's pretty telling but you know what one burrow speaks. I think these guys listen and the the vibe seems I'd say pretty good right now but at the end of the day. Care when i say anything optimistic like that like are they winning football games. It really went a whole lot right now in june but but i'd say it's pretty good Good mood down at around stadium right now. Support for this episode comes from forward. Most people go to the doctor for the one offs like rashes and colds. And your annual flu shot but doctors can do more. That's why you need forward. 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Beat podcast hopefully. She's got maybe a couple more minutes so we can ask a couple more questions We were levin the time here. Appreciate that i guess. I want to back a little bit on the last question from john. They're a little bit. Because this roster has been made over a bit in the in the image of zac taylor and his other coaches And a lot of these guys haven't been here very long. Some of the guys who have been looked at as quote unquote locker room leaders are no longer here. Geo bernard just left this offseason. He was looked at as one. So i guess based on maybe some of your limited in person interactions in locker room. I dunno if access were. But i guess the lack of in person stuff over the past year or so. Who are some of the guys that you're seeing. Maybe step up as new leaders. I think john and i would say mike daniels. This guy has kind of stepped up in that role a little bit and speaking with him. But i mean are there others and or do you see for see. Some new faces kind of stepping up. Maybe as you mentioned. Jesse bates he guy that maybe assumes leadership role. I don't know. I love to kind of hear some of your predictions on that front. Yeah i would actually say jessie bates in just getting the chance to talk to him. I know we don't know what's going to happen with the extension. I feel pretty confident that that'll happen when the bengals normally do extensions in nets during training camp. I i'd say you look at him. And sam hubbard on the defensive side. And he's really taken a leadership role in. It's crazy to think because just your base is not that old. I'm flipping over to the other side on tyler boyd in new tyler boyd. Because one thing that always remember it was just a couple years. Though we're at training camps are doing in person interviews and in tyler what we were talking to one of the wide receivers and i don't even think the wide receiver made the team but tyler put his around. I mean he was interview. What the guy is bringing confidence. And we've talked about that a lot with them and he's he's gonna joked kind of being the older guy in the room when he's and he's not even that old. I mean there's a lot of young guys on this team. And i think that's what's really telling his the houston who's who's really wanting to step up and lead offensively and defensively I we stayed to be determined right now. I mean i gotta. I gotta see these guys warren and obviously get more access to when we're doing in person interviews again but at the moment i would say jesse basin that is not a bad guy to be leading on on this team right now. Offense of lean defensively in. It's always easy to say. The joe burrow Would be the guy but in the wide receiver on my definitely us. A tyler boyd. Right now in terms of not being that old like my co host told me earlier this week. Do not get old because of what happened to him. And i'm just like to look up jesse bases age real quick Hate to say that he's actually younger than me. So nothing. I'm entering that stage now but i lindsay. I don't remember the first game that i ever attended but we do some research around here. We found out that the first game that you've ever attended with your father was on an october afternoon. When a certain corey dillon rushed for nearly three hundred yards and broke the bengals rushing record. Now the ring of honor has been I it's obviously a thing this year is going to. It's going to populate a certain game to be determined. We know that. Paul brown nathan Inducted and we don't have the official is on this but we can assume that the cans can anderson riley probably the front runners to go in there. If there was a third nominee that you could vote in. Would it be corey dillon. For that experience or would it be someone else off of your head or would it be some to another to i in combination aside from the two kids. I'll say this about the ring of honor credit to the team for finally doing it. I i know we've talked about elizabeth blackburn in her role and and just kind of speaking to to my brown about this and how excited fans we're going to be and they're finally doing you can look back and say this should have happened years ago but i always say better late than never. It's exciting for fans. And i want to know when the next one is going to be because i think the next conversation is where it really gets interesting Throw chad johnson. You you mentioned corey dillon. Honestly if if there was a third one that they could vote on. I would say it would be willy anderson The guy is so underrated. He should he should be going into the hall of fame in and that will happen one day and obviously they have to praise their own players. I and the that may help some of these guys get into the hall of fame but can enersen ken riley not. My third would be williamson. No fence to corey dillon. Um his time will become into. I think that's just such a while. Corey such a wild story. I don't know when you guys when you became. What what year did you guys become interested in the bengals I'm i'm the old man here. So i will say i was like five the first while the second time they made the super bowl and eighty eight. So that's like one of the first football game ever. I remember watching. And that's kind of what sparked my interest in the team at my brother. Older brother was fan My name being anthony. There is an anthony munoz on the team. Obviously who ended up being a pretty decent football player so That was that was me. But i'm i'm an old dude so i can't speak for john. I mean i started watching this. Don't time with the bengals came to an end. But i don't remember ever watching like accordingly game live so i think i was more like consciously probably two thousand four like earliest memories of team. That's a good point. Because i was look i grew up in a football loving family joke about it all the time. If remember the titans was relived. I was the curly hair. Dad's water bottles one. My brothers played i. I really had no choice. I thought the cincinnati bengals were the only. Nfl team exists. So when i went to that game didn't know a whole lot. My brothers didn't want to go because the bengals were not very good at all. He's like do you want to go. And i thought yeah. Let's do this and had no clue you know everything was about to happen. I think kind of even going back on corey dillon's time had the chance to talk to him back in two thousand seventeen and you know unfortunately it ended in cincinnati. The way did you know it wasn't all happy. Happiness went when he left cincinnati. But i was just so happy to see him get success with the patriots and i think we'll the hall of fame conversation. It's fun i throw it out there. Sometimes i'm i'm a little scared when i do it when i say that. Corey dillon you can make the argument one day that maybe he will be in the hall of fame on a lot of people aren't ragnarok now but i wouldn't i would put him in the bengals ring of honor but i put willie anderson i and that's not insta corey down. I'm giving you guys this really long rambling answer so i follow stories. Court would be my guy slowly would definitely yeah right rightfully. So he's he's awesome. And i am old enough to remember three when corey dillon. I got in some form of a car accident on the way to the stadium and that is what paved the way for rudy johnson. To be the the running back that he became for the nfl. What a nice throwback down memory lane right there. I like that made me feel old. Though guys can lizzy. I know i ardently follow you on twitter. You're a great follow and definitely want to make sure you promote your podcast and all of that and just a minute here. But i know you are not a fan of record predictions especially at this point in the season. And where we've there's a lot to play out with the bengals and you know how soon can mature. What's the injury situation look. Like what is joe. Burrow's return look like all of that. But i guess i'll rephrase that type of question in a different in a different framework a little bit What's a good enough season for all of us to feel good about the direction of this team. Zac taylor and maybe even a keep your job type of conversation. I don't like to have those personally. I don't like to talk about people. Losing their jobs but here we are you. You said it yourself. Six and a half wins in in two years under zac taylor. He's start winning some games. What is this season. Need to look. Like in your estimation in terms of everybody feeling like this things going in the right direction. And i would say zac taylor would tell you the same thing. He has to start winning. They have to start producing winning more games right now. I will say this right now and you know. I don't like to direct. I'm going to have to get one eventually. But i'll say right now even with that extra regular season game. I say this team is a right around seven wins. I know that's not great. That's not good enough in. I think with this team at some point. They have to start talking about being in contention in back in the playoffs again. They have to build around. Joe burrow's rookie contract. You have to take advantage of that because it's going to be little more difficult Years from now when they're trying to do that. I think that's why that topic of conversation will more than likely happen the following year when it's playoff taco susan talk and everything like that. I think right. Now i'm at about seven wins but i will say this and it's a little bit of a heartache. That some would say. I don't snags. The bengals will finish last in their division of joe burrow plays a full season. I mean i fluctuate on the thing myself. I'm kinda like well. They could be six seven wins or they could. They could be sneaky nine ten be that be that twenty eleven team. You know that kinda surprised a ton of people. So i don't know John d. Have any other questions before we i. Gosh i was hoping for ten or fifteen minutes. We got like thirty five lindsay. I'm i'm sorry. React to your ear off. But john anything else for for lindsay before. We let her talk about her. Podcasts and everything. It certainly doesn't seem like that hobby. Take i mean like lindsey. I believe is one of the more intelligent and optimistic wallows on entirety bengals twitter. You won't find a negative tweet coming off recount but it all makes sense in a way that it you understand and you can kind of go behind. But i mean e optimistic pessimist. I think we can all kind of see things turning in the wrong direction pittsburgh. I think that might be where that comes from. But just real quick we we got we got a prediction. For the bengals season reds. Are streaking right now. I know you're a big reds fans who do you see. That's plain out. What a wild wild time. If somebody would've told me when you looked at the cardinal series than even the brewers i mean yeah colorado was struggling so that's not really that surprising it's health right now. I mean obviously there are some up and down the bullpen. At these guys can stay healthy and in have starting pitching again and those are biggest part of their success last year. But now they're producing. You often see guys like jesse. Winker out the casinos and they've just been fun on. It's been a long time and look it's one thing when you look at cincinnati sports Connected with bengals right now and a lot of people what they've done in postseason. Can they win. Playoff games are just regular season. You gotta enjoy it while it's happening because we will know how long you've been allowed to read the padres starting tomorrow and goodness. If this team can stay healthy. I would not mind a little double header. You get the the bengals down the street a little playoff or playoffs baseball in september october. And that would be. That would be fun because look last season was weird. It was different. Obviously there was still a major league baseball season. But i think this team is better in would would've been better if they played more games because you really started to see that towards the end of last season that they were having fun they're producing an. I think one of the biggest surprising things is seen. Joey votto at his asian and him coming back from injury. And just look like a new guy out there They're they're having fun to. There's there's a lot of good vibes in cincinnati sports right now so i don't know i'm just enjoying the ride with the reds. And if they find a way to be that wildcard team in hey. I know the last time i checked the cubs release into the mets. And that was going to help them when it comes to the central standings the big padre series coming up on the road starting tomorrow. I'm just having fun while happening right now. Anything can happen over the next couple of weeks. But if this team stays healthy i i'd say watch farm they're scrappy. I don't. I don't live anywhere. I i live. Probably one of the first points away from geographically from cincinnati in the continental united states but I do keep an eye on him for sure they're scrappy. They're fun to watch lindsay. Where in case our listeners. Somehow our living under a rock. Where can they follow. You are witter. Where can they find your podcast. All that good stuff. Please tell us how they can get in touch with. Yeah i tweet a lot. I mean. I apologize if you follow me on twitter. Follow if if you don't like the nfl. I'm so sorry because during nfl press conferences or practices or training camp. Bring back. i'm pretty much tweet. Fifty hundred tweets a day. So i apologize for then advanced on twitter. Lds patterson in the bengals beat podcast in were working on a a few more projects. That i'm really fingers crossed for bengals fans that i'm hoping works out this offseason so we can get it out to you as to say to you guys i. I know that. I've said this time this offseason when it comes to bengals contents fans Supportive people who are doing podcasts videos audio anything covering the team writing. It's been fun to watch that. And i think the fan base just just seeing that in growing and what you guys are doing with your live shows keep up the great work What a fun time. I talked to plenty of people. Like yeah with joe burrow in town. There's there's a lot of interest but keep up the great work in. Obviously you know this team can start one in. It definitely makes it easier on everybody in their jobs. So i i hope that for you guys and I'm looking forward to more show is in and what you guys are doing this. Offseason leading up to regular season. Why i know. I don't want to speak for my co but that's definitely absolutely. Yeah yeah well. We have been long long longtime fans of your work and we wouldn't do what we do if it wasn't for great shows like yours and We can't thank you enough for your time for coming on here. Hopefully we can have you on again soon. Maybe some time during the season as things progress hopefully progress not regress with the team but We would love to have you back on if if you are. You are willing to has been a great chat. Thank you for the immense amount of time we we probably took too much of it. But i greatly appreciate it. No problem at all. As i mentioned that taylor was two extra days off that lie. I'm on my hands. No problem awesome are. We'll take care linzie. We'll we'll hopefully talk to you soon. Good to talk to you guys That was lindsay patterson while about forty minutes or that was awesome. I'm sure she's probably like aw. Gosh i gotta get outta here. These guys are there. They won't let me go but Anyway that was. That was fun john. That was fun. She's she's a great follow on twitter. Absolutely i mean Looked at her twitter like like our before. The show one hundred twenty thousand tweets and i. It's it's all a. I think she kind of yourself like she lives very much in the moment which is hard to do nowadays especially when you're surrounded by cincinnati sports now that it's recently gone but i i think lindsay along with mercer county pelley. Emily parker blackburn does so many great female voices in bengals media bengals twitter and i think she was one of the pioneers with like i remember following her when i was young high school or middle school like just hearing her and seen her career. Progressing grow working with the likes of Junior when they were with the inquired now. Tyler dragon dragon covering. Sec games on the sideline likes. He's been everywhere. It's sunny sports a staple in long island. I'm really we finally got around. The show can't wait to get back on the was awesome to is it. It's really kind of it. Sounds like kind of a dream job for her right. She talked about being a little kid. That was raising a football family and she gets to stay in cincinnati cover cincinnati sports and. She's damn good at it so that's that's been. She's been great in really responsive in terms of coming coming to the show and i you know. I'm just very pleased that that she was able to join us. And hopefully we can get her back on soon. I think before we do. We're gonna start some positional previews we're gonna try to squeeze in a state your case. Maybe we're gonna try and still keep it in our our window if we can be a little longer since we didn't go last week. I don't know we'll see but before we get to our first positional preview which is kind of an annual tradition on this show. We want to tell you about symbol. Sim b. u. l. in case. You haven't heard we have partnered with them. 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And even the athletes themselves locker room makes it easy to start your own conversations. Talk about the latest rumors takes news and teams you care about most join massive watch parties for all of your friends to react together in real time as you celebrate a buzzer beater or suffer the agony of crucial bricks free throw. And if you've got a bunch of supremely spicy takes you like to fire off you're in luck can even record the conversations if you want and released as a podcast so it's time to start thinking about catchy titles it's all totally free available at the app store right now so go download it today. Locker room changing the way we talk sports. I mentioned that it was an annual tradition on this show of sorts where we break down position. Groups talk about the players talk about. Who's there and all of that. Good stuff I'll let you take the lead on this because you nominated the cornerbacks group to start with john. So why don't you lead us off and we'll have a little. We'll have a little back and forth on it about previewing this group right so i wanted to start with cornerbacks because chronological first of all but also like we don't. We haven't really talked about this position group that much this offseason because we don't really know that much like there is obviously news with free agency additions to new stars replacing old starters and one new starter. Who didn't play last season. So it's been said before but will say it again. There are three starters projected for week. One have never played in a bengals uniform before. There's turnover there but there's also some familiarity with one of them in also some depth depth players as well so just looking at the deaf right now you have. Trains to dobie was yay. It might kill Three starters on paper it's it. It seemed like there is potential but right now for who we know the players who they are at this point in their careers. There's also it. You know. Compared to recent years and years past william jackson there in the starting lab it's also almost can be perceived as a low floor type of or low ceiling type of group. You know 'cause wayne's for all intents and purposes in his career has been a league average cornerback. There was signed for a lot of money by the bengals to wbz. Had this high ceiling coming out of college with the dallas cowboys but in his four years of dallas is kind of underachieving. Kind of came off a disappointing twenty twenty season. But then you have my killin. Who for years has been have a best in the afc north ed as quarterback the pittsburgh steelers not just uncovered also blitzer to and you can make the argument that that was one of their better free agency. Signings along who's at the The adjacent cornerback spot. So you have three starters there that you are comfortable at least i would. I would think that being averaged two serviceable starters. But then you look at the depth and they just hammered this if throughout the offseason. They really do it in the draft. You still have dairies. Philip's backing up. One of the outside corner spots. You have ally apple. Who was signed from believed the saints for the panthers for where he played last year. He has a connection with luna ruma. Who was his secondary coach with giants when he was with his original team. You brought back tony. Brown who played in spades last season especially when the position group got hemorrhaged with injuries. And you still have don lewis who was undrafted guy from last year. Jalen davis who unfortunately had to play some time got exposed. You have winston rose coming back and then you added antonio phillips as your loan rookie addition as an undrafted free agent from ball state right now you have ten names at cornerback and on paper. It looks relatively deep with guys that you know but also i guess the big question. Is you know coming off last year when you when you still have william jackson. The third news wrote you know still an above average quarterback near replacing him with a guy. Who's your banking on him. Progressing into a better cornerback than it is now in replacing hilton with mackenzie alexander. Who was a decent started last season. it's unknown. But also i think for the way they attack this group in the offseason. They wanted to make sure that they had guys that were known commodities so it wouldn't be a in terms of no going off from from last year. Wouldn't be a disaster like they wanted to avoid the group being a complete liability like it was last season with all the injury. So i guess initial thoughts on the starters and the the immediate depth with quarterback. This group is going. There are so many layers to this group. And i don't want to call it an onion because that would imply like it's a it's a bad thing or something like that because it's not that's not the case there's just so many like your butts with it right you go okay. Well there's a lot of kind of b b plus maybe potentially players in this position group when you look at the potential you look at the potential of trains. You like mike. Mike helton was. I think the number four rated slot cornerback. Pf recently So that's one of my favorite free agency acquisitions this year and you go you light you kind of like some of the stuff. Yeah but it was hurt last year and the scores for him kinda fell off a year like you mentioned john. You're starting three corners. That will likely be out there for the majority of the snaps hilton. Ymca wayne's they didn't play a down of bengals football and it didn't play together last year or at any point really ever. So you go okay. Where's the chemistry there And then the thing the biggest enigma to me of all of this john. It is darius phillips. I can't. I can't figure out what's going on there. We know he's a bit of a gambler when it comes to to coverage he's he's a feast or famine type of player. He will let up big touchdowns he will lead up big plays but he will also bring the game breaking interception return for a touchdown on occasion. That will turn a game around for a team and it's an aspect of the team that has been sorely lacking over the past handful of years. So and you look at him and you go well. That's your fourth corner. That's that's pretty good as your fourth corner at this point in time. So i end to your point i think part of the focus of rebuilding the defense especially this offseason was we are not gonna if we lose starters again we are not going to be in the same position that we were last year or not going to be in the position where. Bwf is our number one corner. Essentially we are going to be a much better position to be able to withstand injuries. Should they occur and if they don't good because then that means things will probably be going pretty well for a guy like who's your who's coming back off trying to rebound from an off-season last year. Same with wayne's who didn't play last year. I think that maybe i'm exhausted being exaggerating a little bit here. But i think wayne's is one of the most important players on this defense coming up this year. I think him being able to play well for this team is especially with all of the weapons that they face in the division. They need him to play well this year. i don't know that they need him to be pro bowl caliber caliber level based on the depth that they've accrued but they need him to be a solid cornerback comeback and play. Well right away from that injury yeah and injury just changed everything for them like. They had a solid plan going into last year. Like you if you have. William jackson trains cal as your one two three. You're good in those plants comment to kaput before even training before the regular season began. And then you had a dilemma. You throw in gary phillips as the full time starter or do you try to find a rotation. I think matt mack mimic said this great During last season because there was a time where Phillips and jon sims were being rotated into that spot because they didn't really trust to handle a full seventy sixty Snap performance like matt said like you know like phillips is fine for like twenty to thirty snaps game but the more that you seem out there the more those weaknesses in him being a liability kinda shows up because he will give you the game breaking past flexner reception but also it's time he will get burnt quite a lot and he just hasn't really developed into a player that can give you any sense of stability and consistency so with all that said like you said phillips's pretty solid for a number four quarterback and on paper that's fine and i think overall the way that the attack addressing the depth of the position. It's also what you should do because you do not want to put yourself in a situation. Where last year off. Your cornerback sir. At best just okay. Most numbered liabilities. Like you can't scheme around bat. And they learned that the hard way last year when they had twenty brown. Jaylen davis plant significant snaps even against bad offenses. They still have success. Because you cannot have liabilities in major weaknesses a quarterback. You just cannot scheme around that. you can't hope to barely keep your head above water. So the depth. I think now with the apple. Winston rose returning. Tony brown. Returning dairies phillips. I think the depth is fine. You can survive any potential injuries that that might occur again. I think the question is how good are. The start is going to be. I think it's so dependent on. Trae wayne's being assaulted player being im- better player than it was in minnesota and he hasn't played in over a year and we don't really know what he is right now. He's approaching thirty years old. I think you're counting on mike hilton to be. That's similar claire from pittsburgh. So long wayne's being a question mark is i think is another question too. I really liked him. Coming out of colorado took a handful of years ago. He was really athletic. He was pretty Air and in the early parts of his career. He was pretty. I know a couple of cowboys. Writers really disappointed or just a little sad that they let him go even though the kind of figured it was the right decision. Based off of palace career ended. I think louisiana's the ultimate bi-lo and potentially getting high returns for who could be stolen twenty six years old. He still has that might be better. Scheme fit for what they're asking to do in cincinnati compared to dallas. I think he's honestly a huge question. Mark because i think he's taking over the spot that william jackson had last year. The right cornerback position in their keeping. Trains left cornerback. So him being the more consistent form himself in the twenty seventeen twenty eighteen twenty nineteen version of that we saw dallas. That's so huge and obviously health too because even though you're more comfortable with eli apple dairies. Phillips has your backups. Last year was just so horrendous. Have that weekend out just injuries. Galore that position. We just don't wanna see that again. So they would probably keep what five six six. Yeah yeah. I think six on the final roster I mean as we sit here today. I guess i would say you've got the three. We mentioned a woozy. A hilton and Wayne's as as your top three guys indefinite locks to make the team And then you're probably looking at phillips at four Now you've got two spots with one two three four five six others I mean i guess you go apple. And i i go there because of i think there's some familiarity there. Didn't he play under an aroma when he was in new york so You know you would. You would think that there's that that would mean something for him there and then you know what. What do you think i mean. Does tony brown get the shot. Does winston rose get the shot. I don't know i am meeting someone here. i like. I think six is the number. I think they keep less than that. I don't think they're gonna keep seven either though many think lead like phillips has experienced both in slot and on the boundary while as tony brown. Eli apple more on the boundaries. So those are like your six veterans that you're somewhat comfortable in but even even still like if it's between round jalen davis donna. Lewis winston rose the more or less splitting hairs. It really is a great opportunity for antonio phillips and he's one one of the Free agents that they have on this roster right now and. There's no one really who should be favored as the fifth or sixth. Cornerback right now. it's just it should be a dead heat interpret who secures that spot. And i don't know if phillips has lots of experience In in the slot in terms of snaps played at cornerback. Jalen davis man that position when they're suffering injuries. There obviously phillips has that experience in the past you know maybe he could be the swiss army knife or maybe he will be the primary backup. Slot cornerback to mike hilton. And that gives an opportunity for winston rose or twenty brown to secure one of the boundary. Cornerback spot. i do th- i would agree with you. That you ll apple is probably a safe bed. Just because of the first round pedigree the familiarity with an andrew I mean they signed him kind of not early but not necessarily laden agency. I think it was great. We're like like late. April mid april soap at least had him on the radar from probably the gecko and they into the. They signed him before they signed. Another office alignment so like. I think there is definitely some interest in in getting the most out of him at this point in his career. So i think eli apple safe. Just comes down to one of these former free Current free agent in antonia phillips phillips has a decent shot if he shows up comment here from our low key in the live youtube chad. I've watched apple ally apple since his days with the giants and saints. And i don't believe in him unfortunately sorry to be negative. I hope he proves me wrong. I understand that sentiment. I think john where we're going with. Eli apple you're talking about him as your number four or five cornerback not necessarily number two cornerback or or higher up. You're going to see significant snaps. Maybe pressed into starting action if there's an injury but I think it's more of an ideal situation personally. Speaking with eli apple being a little bit lower on the totem pole. Here yeah if you compare it. You'll apple to like winston rose and tony brown again like it is. Eli apple like that you know unattractive in that sense i think the context that ideally. You don't really see eli apple. He's just on special teams or he's just maybe inactive for most of the season but if they are forced you know throw one of these cornerback in onto the field. You're going to go with apple. Because he has experienced the called darius phillips the 'nigma of the group. And here's i guess one. That may be the wild card with how they shaped the roster in this position group in general is ricardo allen because ricardo allen has some some experience playing slot corner. They've brought him in likely as a safety. He is smallish For safety but he's kind of a hybrid guy If you remember they did this a little bit now. Completely different in terms. If i remember correctly a in terms of body type this guy. I'm going to mention. It was a lot bigger. But chris crocker. If you remember him they had he was a safety in. They used him in the slot for a while and they were doing different things with him towards the end of his career but You know. I don i guess where i'm going with this is i don't know how ricardo allen may or may not affect this position group and if they try and kill to roster birds with one stone by keeping him I dunno chris. Crock is probably the best example. You could possibly come up with. I think when He was first brought in like people immediately thought of him as a coach on the field like a coach. An extra coach on the sideline. Just a guy with a lot of experience as a leader. He was a captain for most of his career. With the falcons. And even like the first rumored visit the bengals had in free agency like in early march. Because he was cut by the falcons before frequencies though he was a st free agent and they were allowed to contact him before actual free agency began and there was the thought like. Oh my god are they gonna sign him to be like the new slot cornerback because he was a slot cornerback under luna reumaux in his days in do so he's list as a free straight. That's where he's played for the entirety of his career. And it's probably where he's going to be on the death we makes team but you're right him being on the active forty-six presumably it having that experience in this same scheme does give you an option may not be true backup. Slot cornerback to my killed. Well i guess to kind of put a bow on this. I mean i. There's a lot to kind of be excited about with this group. I think it's i think it's maybe a little bit of a low profile type of group as weird as it sounds because there is a former first round pick and trains and other former first round pick in eli apple and woozy was what a second round pick right. So there's a of former high picks In this group. But there's there's not a lot of chatter. there's not a lot to possess. I guess nationally with this group. But i think there's a lot of high potential. There's a lot of low expectations outside of the locker room. And i think that a especially with a guy like a woozy Based on some of the things you saw maybe a couple of years ago this group could perform a bit better than i think. A lot of people expect and i think that happens it it. All the credit should go to the coaching staff. In a room and steve jackson cornerbacks coach. Because right now i think. Pf ranking secondary group is fifteenth in the league. and i think they had wayne's like their thirty second ranked starting cornerback which framed even make. That list was almost a little bit of a surprise. Covina plane awhile. And he was never that good minnesota but for them to get the most out of this group to make the not just essentially non liability but almost make them like someone assets in into a group that not just survived but kinda thrives in the gray more turnovers. That would be a great credit. To steve jackson lunar room to get the most out of this group that has really been molded by either image. Now the three years into the scheme under the these are guys and there is an opportunity to get the most out of some players who just haven't really put it all together yet but now the contract for few years and this is their opportunity to really put together a secondary that is through their own imaging in this game. That'll wrap up our first position preview of the summer. We're going to go group by group and we're going to do that. We're gonna take some spins around the afc north with other writers and or podcasters covering the respective afc north teams to see where those are heading. We're going to have more guests. Hopefully of the player and or former player variety were working on some of that stuff as well as some of the great reporters like we had on tonight in lindsay patterson so a lot of stuff coming down the pike. And we're gonna talk a little bit more about that. As we drop the mic can get out of here. I think we're going to save the state your case john for i've been chewing on this one for two weeks so we'll save it though just because we don't want to go too long but Let's drop the mic and get outta here. What would you have forest so real quick As you can see randall. As wearing a shirt that says same old stripes on it with a nice little bengal tiger mike logo but it looks a little bit like the one i use. It's got like the same. Same vibe. A yeti so they might have might have some trouble in terms of copyright but it was graciously sent to me by the boys who run the same old stripes podcast. And that's willy. Who was at auburn stadium with me for the jersey. Reveal tyler olsen and billy heenan. They do a podcast called. Same old stripes episode eight for that podcast released. Nego find that wherever you get your podcast but definitely check them out along with the bengals beat podcast. After of course he listened to anywhere podcasts. On the sinc- jungle podcast network but also at the. You mentioned mike daniels earlier in the show in shutouts mike daniels. He had a recent entry in the player's tribune Calling for juneteenth to be federal holiday. And i believe shirley before the show started recording. A congress approved a bill to make juneteenth a the the eleventh federal holiday in the united states. President biden is expected to sign so real. Shot up to mike Putting together for putting his name on it. It was a fantastic really interesting article to read about his upbringing as an african american and just the whole origins of of his upbringing and even still like him being twenty five years old. Learning about what juneteenth was like. I didn't know what it was. So i was in college. Wasn't taught me in an ohio public schools. It wasn't even todd to evans in info from his background. So i think it's a very important issue See his upbringing. His background with with all really glad that you know the time Really perfect i think he wrote vertical like the fourteenth announce the sixteenth and juneteenth is coming up this saturday. So congratulations to daniels. I'm glad that time really worked out for him. I think it came out. Monday from the player's tribune. In i read that that was a that was a great piece in. He is quickly becoming one of my favorite guys to ever put on the bengals uniform. And i guess. I'm i'm a little partial. Because he's been on the show a handful of times and i think we're gonna we're gonna have them on again Closer to the season but intelligent guy insightful in in and thoughtful guy Not only has he been very kind to us. But you know the go. Read that article that he put out on. The players tribune. It's it's really cold players really cool thing in general just kind of giving a platform directly for these guys to write some stuff but Yeah very cool. I did read that But i i didn't catch that right before. We took the air so cool stuff there and kudos to mike daniels. I just i guess. I got a couple of things first of all. Thanks to to everybody kinda saying get well and all that kind of stuff. I guess i'm kind of maybe maybe a little bit on the baby side milkin and injury but it was Probably one of the most severe ones. I've actually. I was telling john before we took the air you know. I played sports forever and did all this stuff. And i never knock on. Wood had any kind of crazy injury thing in this was just kind of a freak deal that happened in happened. Unfortunately about an hour and a half before we were gonna take The take the mic. And all that stuff last week. And i had to go the er and all that but I appreciate all the well wishes including from you. John i appreciate it. I didn't want to miss the show but It was kind of a crazy deal but appreciate that the other thing john and i will be a vetting this out. I think it will probably be kind of targeted a little bit. We didn't get to talk about the last week. But we're gonna do some sort of kind of charity palooza thing in terms of helping out. I may have tease this a little bit. Ram we're gonna that out helping out bengals or former bengals players. Foundations will identify a few of them. If you have as a listener of this show in a bengals fan if you have one that you are passionate about definitely hit us up and let us know but We have a few that we've Identified and and those who have maybe been on the show in the past. You know the devante woods foundation the knows foundation can anderson alliance. Those are going to be some or we're going to do is yeah. We're gonna have a show but we're hoping to have guests all that we're gonna we're gonna around this all out but we're gonna make kind of a little donation fast Hopefully to help out those causes. I've already begun rounding up some prizes and stuff for people to to kind of get some stuff and all that kind of stuff gonna flush out ideas on how to fully go about this. But i think it's something that john and i are passionate about in terms of philanthropy and helping out these causes especially with the rough year that nonprofits had last year in terms of being able to do fundraisers and all that stuff those people and others have been very kind of this show in donating their time and talking bengals with us. So it's something we're passionate about. John nile talked about that. But i think it's gonna be cool. Event will give out some stuff To some people and and Hopefully raising money for some good causes absolutely. I mean we have this show. We have a platform to make a difference and to get people involved and raise awareness for these great causes that we want to bring to the light and also like you said to give back to the time that they put in to our show. It's a wave of us giving back so We're real excited about really to kick off. I guess the start of hopes to be an exciting season and we can't wait to bring that you guys. Yeah we'll definitely flush out more ideas and give you get more info as we do it but it's probably going to be next month and maybe it'll be over a couple of different shows or i don't. I don't quite know all of the details yet. But i do have some giveaways already kind of lined up for some stuff and You know hopefully will will will get a good get good run and get some good support from you all to Help these caused up but john. Thank you for Your duties and that you bring this program and thank you to lindsay patterson for coming onto the program. Hopefully we get her back on soon. If you're new to this show join us live. We record live monday or tuesday for our water cooler chat where we do a run through the headlines. We do this flagship. Show on the orange black insider with john and i We bring special guests. Join us live on wednesday nights when we do that and then of course Twice a month about we do listener. Questions live on friday afternoons. And we're gonna do that again. This friday so Join us for that. And if you can't join us live you can get the program. By subscribing to our youtube channel. there's a little icon right underneath. John's left shoulder. There you can click that to subscribe and then of course you can get it on your favorite obvious in stitcher spotify. Who will gas iheartradio all john. I think that's going to do it for me. Anything else but no braga here. All right everybody have a good rest of your week. Was he a writer for listening. Your next favorite thing is just waiting to be found. Personalized ads on facebook and instagram can help you discovered products and services from small businesses. That fit with your unique interests. Or maybe help you find something so awesome. You didn't even know to look for it. 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You're Not Listening: Treat Her Right - I Think She Likes Me; Van Morrison - Tupelo Honey (live)

Rock N Roll Archaeology

1:03:12 hr | 2 months ago

You're Not Listening: Treat Her Right - I Think She Likes Me; Van Morrison - Tupelo Honey (live)

"This episode is brought to you by disney plus disney plus hulu. Espn plus stream all your favorites. The disney bundle. Disney plus has low key and luca on hulu watch originals like american story and nine perfect strangers and espn plus has every match of spain's thrilling. Lalita get the disney bundle today for only thirteen. Ninety nine include who ad-supported plant access content from each service separately terms apply. See the disney. Bundle dot com for details what's up this is. You're not listening to podcasts. That teaches you how to actively listen to music one song at a time. I'm sean laughlin. Shawn's dad jim and today we got another special guest. We are joined by bobby. Bland from the bendon scoop podcasts. Which is another amazing. Podcast music that we both have been guests on And we will link to those those episodes in the show notes. If you want to check out those or just any other episode by bob but before we get to our conversation. I want to remind everybody to check out pantheon podcast. We are proud members of the pantheon. Podcast network goto pantheon. Podcast dot com. If you like this show. I guarantee you will find more shows there that you will enjoy. Remember to subscribe to. You're not listening where ever you listen to podcasts. We are there so you can get every new episode downloaded directly to your devices. Soon as it comes out a couple more things want to get through all of it. We have an awesome spring store with some really cool merch including Some lost in the sauce and deepen the cheese t shirts that you can't miss if you want you to support the show. We do have a patriotic page. If you think we're a couple of bucks every month go ahead. Click that link in the show notes. To and lastly connect with us on social media. We are at wyan l. podcast and on facebook. We have an amazing group that will link in the show notes as well where we can discuss with other listeners and discuss with us about some music that you love so shallow to joy. that's it. That's everything i think probably forgot something you know. We're going off the cuff today. So bob what's up dude. Hey guys thanks for having me on. And i'm really glad you promoted the facebook page because i joined up and not only you guys having me on but another podcast. Saami mention I think it was. Jim had mentioned something about specific song. That brought back memories and i mentioned baker street and she wants to have me on to talk about that so saturday. We're going to talk so it's really been there for two to be on that group. I really enjoy it. Hey see not only. Do you get to have cool conversations. It's also a great networking tool. So you're you're on that it's a it's the you're not listening music podcast discussion group. So it's really. It's a safe space. There's no judgment we watch every post so if you're being a you know what you know what we tell you not to be at the end of every episode. You'll you'll get booted or you'd use postal got deleted so check it out to save space. That's all set up by a friend joy who stepped up and kind of created that for us too so thanks so much for joy she She's going to be on an upcoming podcast episode as well so she she's the best. We had some some recording issues. That it's taking me a while to fix it in post so it's going to be the best quality sounding episode but it was really fun and in typical joy. Fashion i she. I said that. I said we're just kind of working on a couple of good shit. I know it's okay. You know it even if you don't have me on don't do the episode lives of It was just a blast. Be with you guys was like had nice try. Okay no no no. No no episodes going to be outdated. So she's great. She's the best. Yep for sure. So bob before we get into the songs you brought a really cool song to us tonight. Very very bluesy I'm in love with the harmonica sound and we'll talk about all that but before we do that. Tell us about your show tells about bendon scoop. I listen to the show. Dad listens to the show. We've both been guests on it. Talking about our record collections mind was more of like a cd collection. But that's because you know that's that's my generation but tell us about the show well the whole purpose behind the show really is to try to expose people to artists. They may not have heard before. And it was born out of the fact that so many of my friends are kinda stuck in that classic rock loop in perpetuity like they anything basically after two thousand they don't even realize exists so part of it is motivated by that and also it's just basically meat role playing dj. I get to do an open things. Where i'm basically mixing the radio of eighteen years which is late seventies early eighties and jingles and movie clips and stuff from era with the music. That i listen to now. Which is you know. A lot of indie rock and indie music so And of course at the end the last third of the show. I always have a guest on usually from another music. Podcast and we talk music. But i gotta ask you. Have you run into any issues with copyright or anything from from your show. The only thing now spotify booted me immediately. So i'm not on spotify. That's the one platform. I can't be on the only area ever run into issues is on youtube and that only has never really happened. Okay there's one actual song that featured that it happened on. And i think it was like a subsidiary of a major but i try to focus on indie labels so i think they've you the same way i do as a promotional vehicle but as a as a plus because youtube. It's so it's a it's a it's a right and certain labels and certain artists they'll sniff out immediately and and the reason. I know this is one of the things i used to do. Was i would put in like a an an old recording of a concert at or an album release ad from radio and one of them was like an acdc record from the seventy then goes powerade or something and that immediately got pinged because there was more than like a ten second clip of an acdc song in the background so that got hammered. But other than that. It hasn't been been much of an issue fortune. I i really think. I mentioned this when we were on your show too. I really like all you set up that you do in in all the little pieces that you kind of add to that that had some authenticity to that stuff makes it and i. I wanted the same thing that if you use it too much someone going to come in just you know kinda snipped at right away and say no you use it at all. But i think that's great the way use it. I think glen thanks. Jim i appreciate you saying that. I had somebody on not too long ago. Who said it reminded them of like british pirate radio from like seventy s. And i'm like i kind of like that thought podcast version of pirate radio. Really kinda like like. It's more closely related to college. Radio than like mainstream yup yup. She's which is nice. Because i think when people play the music that they like and they wanna share it with people it like. It feels different when you're listening to it rate. It's like if you listen to mainstream radio and someone calls in and requests a song. That isn't play too often and then you hear it. It's just it's a little bit different experience right exactly when it comes from that place. It's hard to explain really why it maybe just for people like us. It comes out right right. Yeah and one of the ways. Ten fifteen years ago. I would try and share. Music with people would be mixed cds. And now this just for me. It's kinda the next evolution. This is just a really a curated playlist. That i've converted into podcast form. Yeah we know about mix cds chat piles of unlabeled cd called good good songs good songs. Ninety two summer hits hits ninety three ella fog view on it. Well since you're since you're a pirate radio guy you like right now. Offshore somewhere in the submarine. You know undisclosed location that. We're not gonna i. I am an undisclosed location. Not offshore onshore. We'll give you guys a hint. It's hot where he and it's probably raining because it's raining everywhere except california so let's talk about some music. I do want to remind everybody. Make sure you check out his show. I really encourage you guys to to check it out especially listeners for our show i think pretty open to new music and hearing news can hearing music differently and so you'll definitely hear some new stuff that you like. You know if you check his show really really go check out. Bendon scoop fantastic all right. We got two songs tonight. I did not bring a song to the table. Dad brought us onto the table. Bob brought us onto the table. So that what's your song is A live version From a show in san francisco by van morrison of tupelo honey. The whole deal discipline is that it was done by one of his backup singers and van kind of steps aside and and let them take over and this is his iconic songs that if you know anything van morrison you gotta know to blow honey and i even have my vinyl copy so i can have. You can have a visual here. That no one's gonna see. But i wanted to make sure that too when we talk about itself but what what do you have what's What's what's Song you're going to table so my song is by a band called treat. Her right named after the old roy head hit right head actually from my hometown or at least the band. He and that band in my hometown when they raised that song So it's unrelated. I didn't even think about that when i was pulling this but And it's a song called. I think she likes me own. Glad you remember that. I'm not that one. I knew that firsthand because They're from boston. Yup and they were big on the local bbc and used to play them. They were big on the local stations in the eighties. That song was all over the place. I knew immediately when sean mentioned it. Yup yup hunting haunting. It's great song. It's kind of haunting the voice and moved. Yeah yeah and of course You may recognize the singer of this particular track. Mark sandman who later went on to front morphine and Definitely probably much better known for his work with morphine they. They write more widely recognized but in a tragic death i remember correctly to he had a heart attack on stage right with morphine in italy. In one thousand nine hundred nine and he he was he was forty seven and he died right there on stage. I of a few months ago i watched. There's a documentary about him that it's on apple tv. Plus but i guess you might be able to rent it for many streaming service. It's called cure for pain. Which was the name of morphine album and song but He had a really interesting life. he was a bit older than the rest of the guys in the band and His when he left home he kind of traveled. The world did odd jobs and went around everywhere before he kinda came back and got into music so i was really interesting. It's definitely worth. It's it's not the world's highest budget documentary. Tell it was kind of done on the cheap but it was well done and i enjoyed it. Nice amazing how when you watch those that it just opens up so many other ideas sharon. I are always talking about documentaries. That we've seen and no one thing gets an accident and next one in the next one next one. We ended up having a liberty devito on The show as a result of sean watching the hired gun documentary which was great. I knew him from billy. Joel's band as drummer. Sean knew him from that. That documentary and a documentary. Just kind of opened up the eyes of both of us that we was really well done. Yeah yeah. I heard that. And and i had actually seen that documentary too and that was the big takeaway i had when i watched. The documentary was man. Billy joel is a chirc exactly exactly good. God man i took away from. It was billy joel was a jerk and i would love to hang out with alice. Cooper and rob zombie. that's the other two takeaways yummy and yet liberty downplayed that because he didn't get into it seems like he's made you know some some the mending of the fence with with billy joel. And and he kinda didn't go. He didn't go down that dude duty which was nice. He did like he did. In the documentary. It was more of the you know the questioning and that stuff but yeah exactly what shawn said to like. He's dick like billy. Joel you to watch it like we tell you every episode. Don't be a dick stay hydrated day hydrated. Listen to good music and don't go far in life. Surprised how far you can go. If you're just a nice person. Look he loved that too we actually. We sent them a sticker e posted it and the six hundred shares and all the stuff people thousand eating and stuff. It was good. It was well done. So all right sean. Good to go. Yeah so let's see bob. Do you want to start with your song years. Yeah let's let's let let's let the guest kind of jumping for us all right sure so Go ahead and check out the official your not listening playlist on spotify where you won't unfortunately won't hear bob's podcast you'll hear him on this show and you can listen to. His tongue is treat me right. I think she likes me. She asked you drink committed. If you want to watch it on youtube you can click the lincoln our show notes. You can watch it there to go ahead listen to it. Come on back and we'll talk about it. That is so bluesy ending always makes me think of jim. Morrison for some reason is like sure likes me. it's like just thank. You didn't want us there king like he didn't want to slow it down and he's like i have to should not in so i love i love i love near the end was like when he was it feels like he's just like hit on backing up like oh yeah so good. I love this story. And i you know when he gets the point where he's like guy with a gun says. Did you buy that drink. All i could think of was Come a little bit closer by jay and the americans. Yeah i just. I love that line. He's like you know. She told me things about her life. She never told me she was someone's wife. This is the kind of guy that thinks. The bartender likes him when he goes yes. Yeah and apparently this is based on an incident. That actually happened to mark sandman. He said it was at a bar in fairplay. Colorado which also is the town that south park is based on the visual reference to suffer arc. So it's kind of a weird tie in there but Oh that's hilarious. Yeah so bob. what is it about this on it. You said you took some notes on canada's something's you wanted to highlight. I have a couple things that i want to replay but You know what. What is it about this song. And i have a million stories about the song so go you start i. I knew jim would know it and and have a lot to talk about on this since they are from boston and is up is right in his wheelhouse from you know they as soon as you send about. Dad goes you know. I think he's pandering to us a little bit. I say he's he's doing a boston song honestly not i got this album back right after it i came out. Actually they released it locally on a some local label in eighty-six but it wasn't until eighty eight that rca picked them up and distributed nationwide. And that's i think. That was the first time i heard it was I was fortunate to grow up near austin and you know live music capital of the world and they had a really good radio station. There may still be there called. Klbj and they would you know it was the quote unquote rock station. But they in that era they played a lot of. It was almost like a broadcast college radio station in a lot of ways. And i i remember hearing this on there. I remember that was the first place i ever heard the replacements like alex chilton played on their. You know so it's You know this isn't something that you would normally here on. Most you know broadcast radio stations back then. Commercial radio stations. And i heard it. I said i've got to get that record. I got it and then they released two more after that. I got those two as well They broke up ninety one. You know mark. Sandman went on to form morphine. Everybody knows and loves morphine. Of course but this. This is just kind of the incubated raw version of morphine to some extent. They they do so much with so little like mark plays this instrument that he calls low guitar which is basically to string slide base like he basically low guitar. Yeah he kind of stein an instrument out of you know a bass guitar and that's what he was known for. And it's just the sound you know they like. You mentioned sean upfront. About the harmonica. You loved how much the monica adds to this and they really use harmonica throughout all their stuff. I i love with the with the harmonic. Here let me let me. Just play a little snippet of it. So people can get an idea that sound. I love that multiple already when you when you get the harmonica rate like that. That big fat. Microphone in the and you get the blues market going into it and you get that really kinda muffled ringing santa out of i love that and a lot of ways i kind of feel like this is the precursor to stuff like white stripes and black keys in terms of the minimalist like you know. They had a very sparse drum kit. They've got a harmonica one guitarist and then sandman with two strings on his face and but they're getting so much sound out of so little. You know production equipment and they just they convey a mood and a feeling of vibe. I think that's a really really good comparison. He's like elephant from white stripes. That album is just like so full enrich and like the sounds that they get and it's just him on a guitar in her on drums. And it's like that really good comparison because this is a full silence. Sounds like a big blue's ban. Yeah absolutely i mean. And i mean i even think of something like a thick thickness one of the early. He's records where it's just so loud in full and it's a- guitar and drums and that's it you know saying like white stripes in this. This isn't much more and and and you know the sound isn't as as loud but but there's just so much texture and there's so much going on and the sim might be a blues thing we you know when we spoke with reverend peyton who actually i was gonna say. There's one point in this song around two forty three where there's some slide guitar in the background and it sounds a lot. Like like reverend peyton. We had him on the show and we. We talked to him about a couple of his in just an amazing blues guitars. Their band is him on guitar and vocals his wife on the washboard and then one of their buddies on drums. And that's the whole thing and they get a really full sound out of that too so you know blues players man you get the most out of what they have. Yeah they really do now. It's funny because i thought when when you immediately said this song besides the pandering thing. I'm taking good job bob. He's doing the boston thing. Nice job i meant that with with all the positive sincerity mean. He could have done done. Yes but these these guys were played on the on the rock stations. The local rock stations. And i think that they were looked at as a rock band in the boston in the local boston. Seen nar blues act. So i i be. it's interesting. You said that interesting that you said that the They have the hannukah in in all the stuff that they do. Because i don't know a lot about stuff. I knew this song. This one is the one that was played often. But this reminds me of so many other bands like a james montgomery who always has a whole monica and everything else but I i immediately thought this is a rock band has a blue sound rather than the blues band. Yeah and you mentioned the morrison thing about the end of the song. There's another song on this record that's Got a if you listen to it and you think of like the first couple of rolling stones records back when they were doing blues covers and stuff like that or the. This could be the last time. It sounds like an outtake from that. I mean it literally it could just come right from that era I think it's the song I got a gun is the one i'm thinking of. If you guys could check out that record. I think the whole albums on spotify i actually was able to reclaim the vinyl here. The last couple of weeks. It's very hard to find these days and Thank god for discards right. I got a friend in in texas that's really big vinyl. I can probably always ask him. Got named bob. Good man dead. You have the record on vinyl. I do not know. I have this. I didn't have this on in my collection. on anything It's a song one of those songs. That i kind of forgot about Until you brought it up. Oh i remember this and then one way then yeah and then i went back in in my own vinyl collection because again i was here. I'm gonna panda bob. I wanted to have something that is going to be. Oh that. I only have on vinyl. And i'm finding the you know the neighborhoods in in the nervous eat is in all these like indie bands from back in the day that i have their vinyl and i didn't have this i thought i might but i didn't i didn't but i knew and recognize the song immediately and i remember really loving. It was out but the in into the ether. Kind of one of those songs. That a forgotten until you bring it back like this. It's a cool song. It's one that i can. I can picture this song. Like being covered by someone. Like the clash. Believe it or not. You could hear that i hear that part you know. I think she likes me the way he says that. That was reminiscent of of the clash. For me i am. They definitely expanded into some other kind of sounds outside of just the the the euro punk stuff that they were doing so. I think that's kind of where my mind went. You know. obviously if you listen to the show you know that my mind tends to live in the punk rock world a lot of the times. But that's that's immediately what i thought of whenever he hits that i i don't know the union really call it a chorus. It's just kind of like a you know the end of each verse. He when he says. I think he likes me that they're i think she likes me. That's the sound that i was hearing. I think if you like that song the rest of the album. You really enjoy an the thing that i think is really great about this record is that that's definitely the sound you get throughout the record but nice. Each song is unique there. It's not like they're just carbon copies of the previous song. There's definitely distinct san and different guys saying on different tracks. Sanmen sings on a lot of them but not all of them. They've got a good mix of vocals as well. Oh that's cool thrice are there any Moment in the song that you'd like to share with the audience because you know they didn't get to listen to the whole song with us so the one thing that comes to mind is when when he gets to the line about waving gun around and then you hear the sound of kind of the bar fight breaking out in the in the background you can hear them kind of jostling around and everybody kind of you know screaming. Hey hey break it up. You know that. Ambient feature take roadhouse. What do you have a time stanford that or you want me to try and find it. I gosh i wish. I should've pulled up the timestamped. But it's gonna be toward the ladder. Third let me. Let me see if i want to. I want to go a little before. This even get that nailed it. Those those big drum cymbal hits like glasses glasses and fists you know. Yes i mean even without that you really feel like you're there to begin with. It's like yeah. Sounds like a dark dingy like your bar and if you watch the video that's what it is like. They're playing in there playing in an environment. That feels like that that type place. I'm glad you mentioned the video. I had never seen that until the other day. When you're going to do the show. I was looking around at all. Let me watch this and it's hilarious. Because not only do they should kind of so him jostling on stage but then he goes off. Screen comes back on without his jacket. Then they throw the jacket. Adam jacket fly. I saw that. That was hilarious. It's and it looks like he didn't like that was not planned. It looks like they did that and he was a great touch. I will agree by the end of that. I was thinking roadhouse a lot of. Who's the singer and roadhouse that we've talked about that can never remember Blind your john. Jeff healey geoff diehl. Yeah similar similar vocal sound to him to and that's kind of what i was thinking at the end of that you know you get chickenwire that visual crazy dive bar with the band just keeps playing any no matter what's going on. It's it's it's dirty. It's smokey and this all stuff going on in the band just of keeps going. Yeah this song smells like cigarettes and still viewed does. Doesn't it as the sound here. Signs missing letters. So whole thing is with with these guys. And these you said the class sean i. I was thinking some of the boston band stuff. There was abandoned in the same era. Called adelphia goes. I had a very similar Kind of feel to an and they. I think what happened was there were. There were several bands playing local radio stations on the radio station. That had seem feel smell. Taste smokey feel the and everything and they were doing the circuit as well. I actually have seen these guys. I say i've seen these guys life. I was going to ask if you ever saw. Yeah and here we go. Are you ready bobby. We'll take a ride with me. Okay i think. I gave you the information about Friend of mine sell baggio and then you had him on your show. Well no i i played. I haven't played one of songs. Yeah played one of the songs on. We'll connect you with him. Yes definitely tremendous tremendous tremendous guy. In fact he's got some new stuff to that. I want you to check out. Check out the band called the peppermint mints. Okay peppermint mints m. I that's that's his. That's his new. that's his right. That's his new band And he's got some stuff that really kind of conjures back to the sixties kind of dance. You know kind of girl group stuff. It's really good. And that's that's out. Sell baggio front man for the stompers I was Fans slash became good friends with slash. Became very good friends. with The the band over the years they were playing and they were playing like like a lot of the area bands obviously the circuit which is from providence. New york city somewhat too from providence. All the way up to portland maine and everywhere in between every dive bar. Every big venue. Whatever and we'd go to see them once or twice a week for years and years my my my wife included in offer ends of stuff and i know that and i look back and i did some research stuff and i know. One of the band's it open further stop is was with these guys and they had like a forty minute set remember. This was the big one that everyone knew. And you know the one that was being played on. Wbz and locally stuff killed and and there was such a a different kind of feel genre the old like why did he put these two band together because they feel very different stoppers. Have you sounds like that. They started out the set more with kind of a. I remember them saying something. Like you know you know those guys are great or whatever and tribute and they started with a couple of blue songs at the beginning went into the traditional stuff too so so talk about full circle. Yeah there's there's also that kind of peace to which kind of blew my mind went when you pick this long just started to kind of think about do some research like wait a minute. This is all coming together so yup and that was one thing. I noticed even in the youtube comments. That video were some of the people who were from boston. Reminiscing about seeing them like in cambridge. And some of the places. I think they had like a residency. Maybe in cambridge these bars back in like eighty six where they would play. Every week and young people remember easter brandon. Musical on your middle east isn't this. What's that the middle east in cambridge r.i.p and and then. Yeah really and then. It's it's one of those that A lot of the bands would went into doing that. But you know there was a dozen bands. Were were very well known on the cusp of making it Nationally and internationally. That you would just kind of waiting and then the next level up there was the gyles you know in. All those bands would open for gyles. Yeah and then there was aerosmith and aerosmith with dick so they didn't do anything. Just let them say so. They should have been touring. Billy joel i guess yeah right right all tour one of those shows whatever kaffee completed they would all know So it but it was. It was a really rich time for for music in the boston area. Which i you know. i'm sure it is now. But you know the the colleges were hot With music those shows those those places. And i member. These guys played around a lot. Places like the channel and and The paradise somebody's real big big venues that will one step away from superstardom. I'll say this. And i do remember seeing them a lot of bands that break big and you know they come out of like la california oakland. Whatever and i think people tend to think of like if you wanna break a big you need to be in new york or you need to be in la right. Some of the best. Local bands are in boston. And like still like i played in a local band in boston for years and the indie music scene in boston is still just awesome so good. It's like austin still that this it's still raw. It's still good and everything else. And it hasn't got people haven't pushed past it like they have some people because this shows like people go to brighton musical regardless of. Who's playing like they go there because like they know it in that venue brings in good musicians and so people just show up and they're just like hey playing tonight and they're like oh it's so and so yeah they're you know their local there from You know medford or whatever okay cool check it out and then they kill it like. It's a really cool scene. It's very open and like people are willing to hear music. They don't know which. I don't think you get in every city. I mean the music scene is still good while know about what cova did do it. But you know everybody's hurting. Yeah so and and then one other thing that i want to say i'm gonna turn right out the bob This song reminded me of a song. I was actually going to do for this show. But i it was too similar so i scrapped. It did something different Your song remind me of a song. Hadn't heard for a long time when we first started. Shy mem- i pulled out the whole of the moon by the water boys and it just like oh. This is a great song. Halloween special right. Haven't heard this in a million years. An love kind of you know refining song against of your song. Bob made me do that again. And one of the songs. I was gonna kinda pull out that meet. That has done that with me as well as song by the call called the walls come down. Oh yeah which is a great son but almost would be too similar. So i wanna see if we can kind of mix it up and be something a little different. I don't know if you know that. When sean but it's a really good song it's it's dark like that a little It's kind of a little brooding. Smells like smoke. Good sounds like cigarettes. Yeah it does and probably the video. All the videos in the eighties. Were you know. We're we're so exact. What the lyrics were and stuff. So it's probably the same. But i was gonna do that one too. If i recall correctly. I definitely know the song it was. It was pretty big hit especially on. Mtv back early eighties. Isn't that the one that garth hudson played on. Yeah okay yep. And i think came down and i think the lead singer of that band in his son and actor or maybe one of his brothers like oh i don't wanna the terminator's or something michael belkin i think. Maybe yeah but i. I remember garth hudson specifically but that's a that's a great record and that's a good band. They put out a retrospective not too long ago. I grabbed. it's good stuff and you can probably see that there would be a little close to to what you did you know but i i wanted to be something different. I didn't want to take away from from you. Know the awesome song that you brought to the table stuff with it being kind of almost two some also. Yep so sean. I'm sorry jumped in on you and stuff. Now that's fine. I was gonna say. Bob if you listen to the show you know that we always ask each other questions after each song. So what's your favorite part of the song. What's your favorite thing about this song. I think my favorite thing about the song. Oddly enough as much as we focused on the music is probably the lyrics. I just think that's what grabbed me. Initially was just the story. You know just hearing it and just you know certain lines just jumped out and grabbing it. It you get fixated on it throughout the whole song but Yeah i really. I love everything about the song and just about everything about the band too. I was one of those weirdos that i didn't find out about morphine until well after the fact and now i love morphine to which completely different things with the sax that that has a whole other element to that kind of sound but Yeah i love it of. The story is one of those not necessarily story. Everyone can relate to but everyone can really picture what's happening. It's like in a way that like it. Basically like you're watching a movie you know exactly. It's like a video in your head like you. can you can visualize it so easily. It's so so descriptive. Can i just ask quick questions like. Talk me about morphine. 'cause i think i know them sean do i. Would you have shared morphing. I probably wouldn't have known. But i would expect new g and or anything like that but i know i know morphine kind of in out here. I can't bring it down like how similar they and obviously if it's going to be the same vocals vocals are very similar. And and it's. It's a very similar mood and vibe to their sounds but it's it's also a little more ethereal maybe is. I'm not sure if a threat word. But there's there's that kind of almost like a Oh i don't know what the right term is but just the saxophone alone really just adds a whole other element. It's almost like. They replaced the harmonica with a saxophone. And it's like this really kinda deep. You know kinda sexy saxophone but it's morphine. they're awesome. I mean at this point. I would almost probably like them more than treat her right. Just because i got got into a little bit later but Any in mark sandman himself he has. There was a compilation of stuff that he did solo. That never got released. They put out called sandbox. That's really good as well But you anything that he has ever been involved with. I i always thought was really good. And he just has a really distinctive voice. I was just going to say that. Yeah it's kind of drives. Yeah yeah so the other question we always ask is who would you like to hear. Cover this living or dead. Just who would you love to hear a cover the on well you know i mean we. We talked about a black keys. I mean that's probably the first the first band i can think of. That comes to mind that you know it would be interesting to see what they do with something like this but You know maybe for something a little more unconventional Maybe somebody likes spoon. I mean i'd love to hear what like britt. Daniel's take on something like this would be you know just with the lyrics alone it would be interesting to see where they'd go with that but Yeah i have to say one of my favorite parts monaco. Without question i love when the vocals team up with the harmonica. When he's he saying. And i think he she likes me and hannukah student same at the same time. I think. that's that's like it. Almost kind of gave me a little goosebumps elul. This is kinda different that they're they're can do together. Who's nice so good so dirty and that was the other part of the video that really stands out is the harmonica player is just going to town on that really really working hard. I mean he has taken over the whole stage like I guess. I don't know if i don't recall if magic was that way with jay gals where he would really just kind of go crazy but this guy was really into it. I feel like he was pretty stationary. When you comparing it to the The video for this is the that was reminiscent of like like will farrow with the cowbell. Yes that's a great comparison is really you gotta watch videos. I have not seen the video. So unintentionally funny. Yeah it is getting thrown by. Tell me it's in black and white blue and black in smoky room and all that kind of stuff. Yeah they filmed. It looks like we're you would imagine it to take place exact neon now. I have to go watch it. I watch it definitely would done. He had just. Because i want to see that. It's good any final thoughts about this song. Anyone anyone before we go onto the next one. I would just if recommend again if you like this song. Give that out. Melissa and and and they had a couple others after this that. We're pretty good but this this really to me was their best album. What's the name of the album. it's just self ties right. Yep and bob is that eighty five. It was while they. They released it locally in eighty six. The guy wide release when are put them out was an eighty eight so it was two years later. That's the year that i was born. Oh my god. Allah had one year of college. Left man didn't make him feel. Don't even go down that road. Because i sorry. Yeah they they. They put out two more albums than they broke up. Ninety one so there was a short run but Yeah guitar awesome. Good band boston band. Could you all right. Well dad bring us into the next one. This is your song. well Todd to kind of fall that one. Because i got goosebumps thinking about that and i and i want like end this right now so i can watch the video but i won't speak a little for us so Mine is Actually not even as as deeper dive song music. Wise vocalizing everything else. It's just a different version of a of an iconic song that i think is so good that some people have missed and there are some parts of it that i have to say is a tribute to van maas that he kind of stepped aside and let someone else saying one of his top songs and i thought that was just something very different very special. So it's tupelo honey. Which if you know anything about van morrison song the thing. Most people do a lot of people do even people born in nineteen eighty eight Well playing this wedding so right well. Song itself is is seventy one but this version is from a live show that they did not call the night in san francisco And it's actually sung three quarters of it. Not by van morrison then rosins on the stage and not participating in saying it's a special. You can't all right so go to the official. You're not listening. Playlist and spotify or click. Lincoln the show notes to listen to it on youtube. Come back and we'll talk about it. I wanted to stinger at the end of that. So bad you know. And that's one of the things i was. I was thinking too. That could have jammed on for the nut for another fifteen bars easily. Any didn't he ended it appropriately. You know kind of you know right where it should have been so it was good. Would you think well sonics unexpected. Wasn't that good too. I really would love to hear that song. And i every i hear the regular version of the song i think this to. I really want to hear the crazy. Love baseline over it. Yes well it's the same you know the same it's the same Kind of thing is crazy. Love and mom him to the cyrus that i love that baseline that dude dude do do do and it would. It would sounds so good of even though the baseline in this is pretty awesome. It just super tight and really good and there's some amazing fills. I am martime for one based bill that stood out to me. But yeah it's i i love that other baseline and i always want to hear it over this. Well that's one of the things that we do some research to what my computer needs updating to keep hearing that come through him so Is that It said it has the same kind of Texas kind of pattern in almost the same. Exact song is Is crazy love naps over. So you're doing something that's going to be similar anyway. So what do you think different Yeah i always enjoy hearing a live. Take on an old classics. That we've heard a million times. It's a great song. Gets nice to hear it in a different content. Yep i i love that i mean. I'm a huge van morrison. I mean i. I can listen to him. Read the phone book. You know one of those voices perfect And i'm always been a huge fan of. I love a lot of his styles of music that he does. This is one of my favorite songs that he's done anyway I've always loved this but this was a surprise to me I think you know bob I think we talked about last time. That i used to. Dj that was as a guidance. Counselor slash educator. Everybody needs that second job. In mind was being dj. Because i'm not a good painter Sean will test that too. But he hates painting more than i do. so dj instead in someone said to me during you know a a function you know when asked them for the list of music sitting you know can you. Can you have the song played at the reception. I said that. I have several vision. That i love. That song is no no no no. We want this version from a night and san francisco like oh. I don't know that one. And i went find in and fell in love with the entire album. But especially that song. Ever since donald. 'cause it just it was so different. Yeah so so the structure of it. The the big thing that hit me is the that when you have mean you talking about an iconic song from an iconic goddess lake. jim morrison. Okay jim jason is going to be onstage with someone else in and step aside for three quarters of song. Let someone else saying one of his signature songs right. Never gonna happen. Any oddest any any big name honest with some cigna songs being able to kind of do that as probably pretty rare yet he step aside and let this guy and his name. Is brian kennedy. Take three quarters of this of the vocals and he provided that lasts for us in. Did some You know did some fills. Some killer feels near the end when they did the last chorus which i think is so unique and that you know not that i'm no van morrison. He's the he's the king of everything and he's wonderful and the other stuff. But i just think it's really unique to hear such a major artist Kind of hand. That over i thought at first this was when it without knowing the context of Of hearing it that some was covering it and all of a sudden he showed up on stage unannounced and that's when the crowd was cheering her those put come to find out that he's on stage a whole time just stepping back and lane. Brian kennedy. Who is one of his backup singers for years. Kinda take center stage and sing the song and if you think about it you know th the the music at the beginning you know. It's going to be tupelo honey because of of the build up earning you know the the the great guitar licks on really strip down very very smooth being. But then when you hear his voice or his vocals at Twenty four seconds in. It's like what what is this. How much higher it is and how. He's just kind of phrasing it and everything. It was beautiful church. So i thought it was a woman frankly when i heard it and then i realized doing some research afterwards that just his voice and i guess he's a successful Solo artist writer performer in in ireland. And he's from belfast. I think originally. But i in in europe and stuff and it'd been on eurovision couple of the tv shows and stuff like that but he's so he's got a a career in In in that part of the world but This was something i hadn't heard voice that i just. I think he's just so to many sounds a lot like like a kenny. Loggin's to me china. Think who's gonna hear that. He reminds me of kenny loggins. Now it's so that guy's name. You can't think of it now that i just said that. Eva warren haynes. Oh yeah no. That's not him. Who know who am i thinking of. I don't know but it almost feels like talked about this thinking of. Oh marcus king yes. Okay okay. I can see that like marcus king to me. Out of north carolina. He played locally around here last summer to be played in that that drive a nasty nasty blues right yeah And he was in was it ripple that we we played that one time we did not show. yeah he was in that too so Is this it feels almost church like at the beginning with his voice. You know to me especially with the oregon and And i just thought it was such a different feel so some of the things i wanted to kind of highlight was The fills in between the lines. You know within the chorus which of the guitars both electric cousteau and then the The organ as well And then at one. Fifty four sean. If you can do that It's a great acoustic guitar solo and it's got the guitar in the organ kind of us. It's funny i also had two. Oh to mark down for the oregon but listen to this show you know how much i love me hammond. B three organ and would you. Would you guess that to him and be three. No-one oregon in a large band leadership. Japan three zero. Leslie it just in that whole that whole section with the Deter during that that break is build and build and build and it grows and grows and grows To to forty two is is when van morrison first steps into the song again. It's an awesome jump fail to. Yeah it yeah. Baba hit yet. He gets it hot in the crowd goes crazy. They've been anticipating which i'm sure they were at alexandros and show For him to kinda join in and then you know just kind of collaboration at home and they bring it home and they also and my my last time stamp i guess would be at three. Oh four three. Oh h on. So three or four is when He went when brian. Kennedy really hits. The she's in an extended She and long and then van morrison during the three times. She's a sweet she has we else. You're so and then again he steps back let's and let the other guy take over and he does background vocals. You know what. That's the end of that song reminded me of no with with both koon back. Was that song with jimmy buffett and. I think it's kenny chesney. And at the end they're basically like fighting for like the last word. oh five. Five o'clock jackson alan jackson yet and just like they. Just keep talking back. And i've been ubuntu margarita. Like one of them has to get the last word in the song but they won't. That's what it felt like trying to outdo each other. That's oh wait a minute. That's my song. I'm going out. Do you started laughing. Like they really felt like they were trying to do outdo each other which they just built it to that point and it just they just both jumped on the mike and they both have Lead vocals and they're going to bring it. Home is where it comes to. So bob bob been know kinda talking too much. What's your take on it. Because i know you know this on. Oh yeah i know the song. I love that era of van. Morrison you know that album moon dance saint dominic preview all the early seventy stuff. He did the one thing. I in particular i note about this version and i like is that it's it's got a quicker tempo. It's it's yes the originals very slow in and and you know very relaxed and it's got that kind of quiet almost Reverend feel to it. And and i think they still maintain that that Respect of the song. But it's it's just. It's got a little bit more pep to to in this. Yup i think the entire album kind of feels jazz infused and a little more of all the are a little more upbeat like that. So it's probably a theme that ran through the entire show. What they were doing that took time. So yeah a good point. That's really good. Yeah i i. I just think he does a really good job on the vocals Because that's one thing van and his accent sometimes. It's it's hard to pick up some of the specifics of some of the lyrics whereas even though this other guy. Brian is also from ireland he. He sang it very clearly. See it's clean. It's very clean. You could pick up every word love it. Love it. I and again i just think the fact that that van morrison and i don't know it's he's one of the artists that i love his music so much but i don't know a lot about the artist you know. Sometimes that's not always the case because you you do that. Deep dive into their biography. And you know everything about them and you know that on you know much. Twenty third of the fourteenth birthday scratch knows you know all that. I don't know anything about van. Morrison that way. But i don't know if he has a big ego He you know if he's if he's kind of modest that way for somebody to step back and not only someone else cover his own one of his iconic. I think maybe he's most iconic song but does it well and like steals the show. I thought for a bad guts in fighting it so dead. Who would you want to hear. Cover this fan rose Let's see That i i would like to have a woman's voice Maybe someone with a lot of soul. Maybe juliano's joplin janice. Maybe yeah i just think of july-august can talk about documentaries in the Motown documentary. That was that was about You know the backing bands and everything else that the end of it. She does some crazy stuff with some crew. Some great motel moutons songs. I always think that while she's got a lot more than i would've expected like the f. Erasing it maybe. Some you know who do really great version of this leon bridges. I would love to hear him do a version of this. Yep and it's funny because we've had these conversations in the past is like. Oh i'd like to have aretha franklin then you do some research after the shows like yeah she's coveted like oh okay. Oh that person. Maybe he's done. Yeah maybe he maybe. Leon bridges has done it or maybe we can suggest that he does. Yeah good point Love his voice. Oh and another guy that. I don't know if you guys are familiar with. Have you ever heard of anderson east. Before he's he's got the blue eyed soul thing go and but he's got it's it's kind of got a little bit dirty Kinda not gravel. But just it's not as syrupy as some of the guys that have that have john. So yeah he he would. He would be a good candidate for that. Also this thing that i love about if you listen to bob show you pick this up and dad. Dad always knocks me for the way that i described music. Bob is also has some very creative ways. He describes music. That was an example. Syrupy is a great. That's a great word to describe locals and you'll be the next insurance well. How about dom hollow notes. Maybe daryl daryl hall. Yeah maybe i don't know i'm just thinking and you mentioned it when you said that you know that that white soul kinda thank Sean what do you think i know. You're from sean. Bob as you probably have heard of this not but i come from the point of view. I'm la times. I mean to the lyrics vocals. And i found music through either the history of listening to it since i was four hundred years old. You know you know two or dj ing shawn. He is it as a musician. And i i as a dj. I pushed buttons and with the psychology background kind of manipulate people. Get out there and dance. So we come from from two very different perspectives. But sean is a is a musician. You know when you saw his eyes light up when you said that that mr chaman had To string bass that he plays. That's interesting you know that's him. That's what so what what. What's your impression of this from musicians. Point of view sean. Get van morrison song. You just shut me right down with. No i mean was a softball to that. Here's the thing i don't wanna say. All his songs sound the same. But i will say that. Nobody sounds like that right. Like they're able to get a very specific sound in their songs. And that sounds like a van morrison song even with brian kennedy. I'm not talking about vocals and talking about the music music. Okay music and the music raising the thing about blues music. Blues music is the easiest thing to play. And it's the hardest thing to play right if you learn. If you play guitar you can learn the minor pentatonic scale and you can play over any blues track and feel like you're you know like buddy yet but but if you really want to play blues and like do a really good job at it and actually like you know kill it. It's wicked wicked heart today to get it right so like it's very clear that that band is full of extremely talented musicians because everything is so tight and everyone knows exactly when to hit their fills and exactly when to back off which is almost more important than doing playing your part right if you know when to back off that makes all the all the difference so like it's yeah i mean it's very impressive but like it's it's van morrison song. They're all impressed. What he all of. They're all not a lot of not a lot of improvising riffing. Don't know but you know there's some complicated parts. But like they're gonna they're gonna play the same way every time. Yeah except when you have a different vocal. That's what brings a different color. I think to the whole. I liked the vocal. What it was. It was a nice break because van. Morrison's voice is yup is man. moore's voice in it. Yeah and it's not you know like you said it's the same melody is like three other songs any right. It doesn't waver a lot he doesn't have a lot of different styles he's been doing the same thing for years and years and years. But that's i think that's a surprise when okay here the the opening lines and it seems pretty smooth and maybe cut back you know in in And you know maybe softer definitely gonna be tupelo. Honey here we go and stuff but then when you hear that voice kick in to me. That's a shocker of the old didn't expect this at all and it okay so the second okay so vans probably gonna take that. You know in a typical way. When he allied music that the guests will take the first the first verse. The artist himself is going to jump into the second one third together. Well no he didn't show up for the second one either. Like what's going on. I i think it was such a nice surprise in a different i. I like this version. And i love to love that song i always have another son seventy one. You know in remember it when it was. I like this better than original version. Hundred times over with because of the vocals fa favorite pot to forty two when van. Morris comes in. when it's that drumbeat boom you get slava you know. It's just magical goosebumps for me. All right bob. what about you know. I'm with you on that jim. That debt part of the song is really where because for one thing. You're not sure if he's even going to see join in it's right okay. There's he's let this guy at governent form and then he just pops on in. The crowd shows good restraint. They don't you. Don't have the anticipatory cheering. It's like he start singing and then you get out here. Oh he's stepping up to the mike. Let's let's donned him out while he's singing right. Yeah yeah yeah now just it was is. It was a nice surprise in in a time. When you don't get surprised as much with a classic song you know it was a nice surprise here that stuff which we thought it was important for people here because if they think they know every version of tupelo honey did not listening. Yeah see that was a great podcast. Nine bend take podcast. That takes too much time off between episodes busy. Was there any last minute thoughts about that song. Not just thanks. Let me bring not but it was fun. It was fun. All right bob anything else you wanna say you have the platform you're on spotify this time. Oh yeah yeah. It's nice to be on spots where the majority of our listeners listen to it on spotify. Actually well i will plug the fact that even though my podcast is not on spotify i do have a playlist with all of the songs from all of the episodes and it gets added to after each episode This friday and that's when our new episodes posted friday morning We're going to be up to episode. Sixty one i believe. Is this week either. Sixty or sixty one and We do see those like literally over twenty four hours of music on that list. Now we'll make sure. Nfl linked to that so we can put it in shouts people can check that out. Yes definitely will do then. It's bendon scoop. Yes bend and scoop okay. Y it is a okay. It's a reference to the first cheech and chong movie up in smoke Which it that. There's not any sort of a drug connection certainly sure but It's just a movie that i thought was funny. And there was a battle of the bands scene there but in the beginning scene and there's some clips in the open to my podcast that are from that and fast onto richmond high where Strother martin playing chong's dad in the movie Is just yelling at him about being a bum and all this stuff and he's trying to get him to go he's got a buddy that works for united fruit. Why don't you go get a job. You know picking strawberries. Just bend scoop and so that always struck me as being okay. That could be dance moves. That could be any number of things it's just and nobody else had used it. Obviously because it's ridiculous name podcast. I was surprised it our name. If i'm being if is yeah yours for sure. Glad you didn't have you do you. One hundred percent alone right you you invite a guest in but you all set up and everything else alumni i invite yes but yeah work. Editing is the bane of my existence. I gotta hate editing. but it's the final. The finished product is fun. That's that's really where you do it for is to get the finished product but Yeah my buddies i. I'm on a couple of other podcast and one of the ones. The first one was ron. I'm still on with some buddies. They always give me a hard time about spending too much time focusing on bendon scoop and not not doing the how many which is when i'm on with them so yeah it's one of those hobbies. It just takes up so much time. And i bit off more than i can but it's fun. Yep that sounds about right again. Listeners make sure or non listeners which what we call our our listeners Make sure you check out. Ben and scoop gullickson. Bob's show it's awesome. You're gonna love it and you're gonna find some awesome new music from it so make sure you check that out. Remember to subscribe to this. Show wherever you get your podcasts. And leave us a rating and review so we can actually like you know get up the and get an algorithm a little bit if you leave written review that kind helps us get exposed to more people brings more people into the community and If you if you want to join that community make sure you also join the facebook group. The discussion group You can do some great networking maybe get on some podcast and talk to us about small some music that you love share share song. You love that people might not know and we can talk about Check out all of the stuffs in our show notes including t spring store patriots. Page social media all that stuff but especially the one you wanna check out is pantheon. Podcast dot com because it is chock full of amazing music. Podcast like i said in the beginning. If you like the show guarantee you'll find something that you like. They're that's all we have for today. Thank you again. Bob for joining us. Thanks for having me remember to stay hydrated listening. Good music and don't be a dick. We will talk to you next time. You folks

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Ep. 703: Twelve-Sided Diesel with Jason and Randy Sklar

Jesse, Jordan, GO!

1:23:53 hr | Last month

Ep. 703: Twelve-Sided Diesel with Jason and Randy Sklar

"Give little time for the child within you. Don't be afraid to be young and free under the locks and throw away the keys and take off issues and sex and run you jordan jesse. Go jesse thorn. America's radio sweetheart jordan morris boy detective. Can i ask you a pretty serious question jordan who i wish you would who serious this is. This is where. I thrive thoughtful sincere. Oh yeah i'll take one of those. Yes he me up for that my thinking my thinking on this jordan is that if we're not trying to make people laugh the fact that no one is laughing. We'll come off better. I love serious love here. Seven hundred episodes. We've found the secret. Yeah so do. Have you ever heard of a toto. I don't think so. I mean can you fell times called a. g. r. I t. o. Sometimes called agree tomohiko. No i don't think so. No tell me all about it. It's like do you know the exclamation that a mariachi does that. Sounds a little bit like a laugh. I can't do it first of all. I'm doing at second of all. I can't do it loud enough for it to really land but because my kids are asleep but it's like that sound. I just want to let our listeners. Know that if you hear that sound it's because my neighbors in a folding chair outside the metal shop and he's been drinking oh okay. so he's not he's just doing that. Not as part of a mariachi performance. But he's just he's just general purpose exclamation like it's particularly used in mariachi way. You might do it. You might do it if somebody's scored a goal or you might do it if just anytime you need like way to go. Rain row rough. You're watching youtube videos where a deer goes into a convenience store and freaks out like those actually if the deer is in guadalajara. Yes that is when you would use that and oh sorry. Goes the ice cream truck. My neighbors just been hanging out out front. The metal shop with his dad and folding chairs. And they've been out there for quite a while. And i think they're getting a little loose and they've been making that sound and it terrified my children. Well they were absolutely convinced. It was a witch. I mean not not to convince you that your your new home is haunted jesse. But i'm getting some fucking tear vibes from that ice cream truck music interest me the quality that it's coming through your microphone and then through my new Could be that from your end. That sounds delightful from my end it. Yeah it definitely sounds like. I'm about to be like ironically murdered. No over here. It sounds like the potential for bomb pops. Sure right now although it is possible that the sounds that i'm hearing the greet does that i'm hearing could be a haunting. I may be mis attributing it. We could just because it sounds like it's my neighbors across the street. It might just be. I did see a vision of a sort of ghostly guitar own which is a giant guitar giant guitar guitar. Yeah yeah the gargantuan guitar. It's an enormous guitar. I saw one of those at the thrift store. One time jordan. And i didn't buy it. Because i don't know how to play. Even irregular sized guitar regretted that decision. Ever saying fucking blew it giant guitar. So bad don't make the same mistake twice. Run outside g- a bomb pot. Yeah i'll hold all hold things down here if you see a bigger than normal bomb pop. Maybe get that one. I'm just. I'm just trying to give the give the listener a picture of why they're getting so much atmosphere right now. We're recording from home and it's an atmospheric environment. People love this this is. This is a real radio lab. We're radio lab in the show. By forty five percent. People are hearing the sounds of lincoln heights. And of course the sounds of pasadena. California from jordan's house. Yeah that's like People going pyan burger course the folks at the huntington pairing for the duda parade. Exactly we have guests on the program jordan. It's been years years since we've had these men on the program there among our favorites of all time. Here's the thing we've been recording on the weekends for many years. These guys these guys have family time on the other weaker weekend warrior types. It's everybody living dues matz. They're doing all the different headed to the. What's it called go-carts. Oh man you ever have an uncle that takes you to a go-cart shoot we and then get into go-carts our guests are the sklar brothers randy and jason sklar randy and jason. Welcome back to jordan jesse. Go thrilled to have you back. Thank you for having us. What a what a treat. It's a treat to be back. I wanna posit this possibility. Like what if. We showed up at jesse's house and he's like yeah. That noise is coming from the machine shop next door. And we're like jesse. There's there's machine shop next door raw down ten years ago tonight. We all know the dates of various famous fires. And then we'd take him outside and he's living in a giant guitar the way the the guitar guitar is the only guitar that the shark from the beg can here as well and i would say every Is an ironic nod to eddie van halen bihi restaurants because he made famous little guitars. And it's not to gary shrimp jason randy. Thank you for explaining that randy jason. Yeah i feel about a go-cart you guys ever take the family out on on a go-cart three weeks ago i was on kgo finds. I'm not even out even join saint louis missouri. You know what's amazing about missouri is as far as they're concerned. No covert going on right now in happening business used. Yeah so we my kids there to visit my mom and they wanted to go. And there's like a grand prix. Go kart racing track near like a mini golf in on batting cages. And we went there and it was so much fun to ride him. And then i've been completely swept up in the formula one documentary series which is basically like hard knocks for formula one on netflix. And i'm obsessed with knowing where these guys were racers. Come from they ride go-carts that's how they get their what isn't as kids. They're road go-carts. As later they do these like race. Go-carts may move move. Sorry i don't wanna say they rode the go carts like someone else drove them for. No but they raise the go carts then like there's like you know pictures of video footage of these guys when they were kids like two guys who are now on the same race deep. It is fascinating. Because i couldn't care about formula one at all i at that was like the one sport that i could not care about. Watch this series. And now i know everything about it and i'm fascinated by. Are there other sports like that. Like do professional golfers start out in professional tennis players. Start out competing interscholastic. That like yeah the or the thing that game that you play at the beach with the wooden paddle of pickle ball. Cut pro pro kajima. Which it's crooked dima is so it's an israeli game and if you know anything about israelis there like the most heart they're like harder than the paddles and the ball itself like so harsh like the commercial for Demon israel is like do it. Do it light his game. Take paddle you go there. You go there this by three of them. Why you don. This partial is just like a guy coming up and go by you. Don't like -ticipant someone saying i'm gonna. I'm gonna hit you off right there beta into the whole ad that you're you're having to. Yeah i might ask you guys a question. What exactly is pickle ball. Is pickle ball something in a so pickup. All older people play pick ball. It's like if you were to take a tennis court and shrink it down to one fourth the size of a regular ten. I don't know it's not one force it. It's basically played within the like the parameters of the service box. No can then there's a space right in front of each net and you can't go into that space. They're all these crazy rules for ed. You hit with sort of a hard plastic racket but it is still like a tennis ball. It's fascinating it's it's a really fun game if you don't wanna do the running of tennis. This is one hundred percent what i saw earlier today this morning. Yeah i took my son and my adopted son elliott kaelin and my and my grandchild sammy. Elliot's son who's the he's the host of the flop house now The three of us. And and my and my youngest my four year old frankie. We all went to the montecito heights. Recreation center yea practice baseball. Because my kids going to start playing little league this year awesome and stuff and goods. And he's it's gonna be a rough start for him. He's got a lot going to learn some lessons net. Maybe not naturally gifted is what you're saying just got a lot of growth potential there. Jesse managed to give you some advice. Even though it's t-ball tell them to lean into a couple pitches we need. We need walks as good as a molina's shoulder into the ball on the tee and then and then take a base and so at the montecito heights recreation center. It's a pretty big park. It's got what they call a dodger stream field which is a familiar. A beautiful baseball field with an electronic scoreboard built by dodgers. That is always locked so no one can use it. Sure makes sense and then it's like it's like watching dodgers games in l. A. unless certain you're locked out of it right so then there's you know there's like a regular There's like a regular little league field. There's one of those little fields with all dirt infield. You know like one of those kind of like band shell style. Backstops yes. so it's like a semi circular. it's basically it's like yosemite is half dollars a couple of nights playgrounds there. Sure and of course you wouldn't be a los angeles park if there weren't two beach volleyball pits with no network into horse shoe tossing area. Of course don't know like the los angeles eighty four foundation just went ape shit in this park. They took the money from the nineteen eighty-four olympics in just can spread it across. Giant space tru truly went wild and there's a couple of there's a couple of you know there's a gym and there's a couple of tennis courts there and this is not culturally speaking a tennis e neighborhood. I don't want to say. I don't want to make broadcast abroad. Net around what cultural groups may or may not play tennis. But i will say swiss women play tennis. That's the primary or my mind. At least it's the swiss tennyson cocoa and rocklets. There's a couple of tennis courts on like alvarado just under the one just past the one. Oh one As it yes starts to go away from downtown. And i always see people playing like out all the time like at every and there's just like tons of people there looks like a line of people that are waiting to to get on those course. I'm like what is on these chorea. Like what is this where serena williams was yelled at by her death. What is happening. It's a placement. Dad's bring their kids to yell at two yellow so most of the most of the day in demographic in the park like people using the park is the folks in the neighborhood like it. It all makes sense right. Legno some nice pitching horseshoes. No one is playing beach volleyball. No no there's like there's like a teenage baseball league of some kind you know everybody's bringing their coolers there's a you know people are making carney assad on the grills like it's a real neighborhood vibe in this place and then on the tennis court there's just these middle aged white women in stretchy pants playing pickle ball never seen this before in my life and it isn't this strangest thing to see on like an outdoor intercity ladies going broke prog punk punk right. No no it's fascinating and it is like it's like a. I wanna play tennis. But i only want to exert like half the energy. That's what it is. I assumed it was like you know how people in new york play handball. And it's like a really intense thing and only certain groups of people in new york just have three inch calluses on their hand from special gloves. Special gloves scramble. Yeah well they. They're whacking their gloves and their kids. The ball they're just broadly about new yorkers lake is that i don't think exists particularly in other places like there may be some other places on but it's basically the candle pin bowling love right leg rounds right. Yes very intense very regional. And i just assume that this was like these. Were like four people from boston and in boston. They play tennis with tiny rackets. That go plink plink plink. Where can we find a pickle ball court and this was the neighborhood yes research and it's the people who are like siri. Where's fair echo. Legit west air pickle ball caught pale in their phone in front of their face and they're going series. Show me pickle ball get directions to a pickle back in the trunk and then they're back nick then they're at a nickel back concert which is not good for. They wanted a lot of times. You're trying to play pickle ball in you end up in a nickelback concert. That is a logical end of every game. Do you ever see people driving around in two thousand twenty one year of our lord twenty years after the year. Two thousand one. You them doing that thing where they have one hand on the wheel and they're holding their phone but it's not holding it what i would call phone style. Which is to say they're holding. They're holding it out like at arm's length but they're driving like they got the memo that you're not allowed to hold the phone to your ear while you're driving but they didn't get the memo that you can connect your phone to your car and they didn't spring for the weather tech thing that fits in the cold or that you play your phone and that makes you look like you're driving uber. They didn't they just have it on speaker. But they're still. They don't even put it in the cup holder they're holding. I mean i think cars are going to just now figure that out and just different people yelling at cars like that. It's like now that we have alexa technology in our house. That's what it's going to be in cars. Just every like once. Alexa gets in the car. That's alexa gimme my map galaxia. I mean i'm surprised. At like how mad i get at alexa. When she doesn't listen. You know and i know she's not listening but like she's just moments where like she doesn't respond and i was like. Oh i know she feels like my kids you know and it is like you know obviously like technology. That is worrisome to us. But i mean it is. It is undoubtedly amazing. Yeah and then when it like fucks up one time in twenty. You're like yeah bucks. It's amazing totally. Were that didn't exist thing watching me every minute of my day and observing every joyce i make sure. Yeah right exactly. Oh you can't tell me the weather but you can watch me. Jack oregon fine alexa. No i mean how many people in their houses single dudes are like alexa. He's the door or or alexa. she'll come a little closer elect. Call me names alleged. Choke me for two seconds. If you know. I heard nickelback talking. I'll go now. i'm too hard. Yeah here is pickle ball all tho. Those pants are pretty tight. Someone will do you think in our lifetime like there will be a is the greatest challenge for the music hipsters of the world to rehab nickelback. Do you think there will be moved in our line. The norm corps movement from the norm. I'm in love. I would love to hear like a halsey version of my kids. My kids do this and it's so funny like they can really do halsey like you know there was like some out doubted this. I'll give full credit to my daughter georgia who had me laughing so hard when there was like a. There's like this new. Tv show called la brea like that enough you guys saw that was like an hour long drama Cobbler brad. she just like started singing. Like labraya lebron bra and like kalsi. That's the funny thing so halls. He did a version of or like bat. Sort of like just just a piano and a female. Like billy irish did like heinz heim hind. I'm talking about the other eight hinds. They did like some weird version of that nickelback sign it would be like the greatest thing or high and what a great sign was hindsight catching heinz. The catch would be great when mr here. Mike hines the catch it was all about nostalgia and so the whole song is this is how you remind me what i really. I feel like what's what's an i'm thinking of a creed saw you remind me how this is. You run and i think that could get africa. Get towed may could get only. I was thinking when you said this jordan. What i what my mind went to immediately was the carpenters right like the carpenters. I think in their time in the immediate after math where the opposite of a cool thing just the least cool thing you could ever have in a million years and then sometime around twenty years ago the carpenters sort of went through a revival where they became the inspiration for many many indie rock acts. They were the original stripes. They were the white stripes. They were the white stripe she played drums and did playground good drummer. You can see many clips of her serious breaks hitting brother and sister were do. That's that's one thing. But that was the first thing that i thought of. And i have a hard time seeing that happen like i don't think that nickel bag black. I think his hair was such a huge issue because his hair was both. He was frosted with a mullet and bangs. Three mistakes not a big one mistake. You gotta give me all the bad hair. So i have all uncle uncle eddie. And can't ohio had a print shop. He's still like would print things and then he assigned right by the end. This wasn't his saying but he had a sign right by the cat. Like what you cashed out and it said You can have a good fast or cheap. Pick two yeah. If it's good and fast is not going to be cheap. It's gbs not going to be fast if it's passed cheap. It's not gonna be good enough so pick to the hair. It's frosted in bands. You can't have a frost Innovate bangs can't be frosty. Gotta pick my my uncle wayne out there in washington. Dc had print shop on his apple two plus and he had a sign that said welcome jesse that he printed out on his dot matrix printer when i went to visit beautiful. It's what the s. skateboarding. Dinosaur order order border option. Yeah several lots of lots of confetti. I gotta those the original much. Yeah i mean. I just think like geno is wanted to write this sketch so badly for the band. Silver chair which kind of came out a little bit it predated nickelback only by probably like what like seven or eight years. I can't do the math on that. But like silver chair. Was this australian high school band. Do you remember their song. You're gonna away fatboy. He remember that song fatboy. You wave to taro so you it and we thought how funny would it be if they came back to their school before they graduated that this huge hit and their high school decided to have like most high schools have a battle of the bands. And they're like you we're gonna come back and play. They were gonna play to win their own high school battle the bands but another group of super silver chair. Fans started a silver chair cover band called by bronze chair or silver couch. Or whatever you wanna condos and they play bear song better than silver chair had played even if they didn't play a better they had more spirit around it regrows. It was day beat silver share the actual man silver chair at their high school battle of the bands with silver chair. Song that dos would've been like just a really fun thing was that was that for you. Randy and jason a sexual fantasy. No oh it was very well developed for a sketch idea. We had along with the other sketch idea we always wanted to do was to people coming into the starship enterprise and just having a very lengthy conversation about their 401k. Can understand it. And everybody's having problems with because it's not laid out the right and they're and they're trying to say if i'm invest in this thing and we go certain light years away. Ross want those light years to count towards my hordes. My even so you like and they're like it's amount of time you do on task and they're like. Yeah but you can't decipher what that is. Especially for hyper spacing. Kind of bring up. If we go back in time it actually takes years off of what you're invested guys. Funnier di was around for ten years. I take for pringles. The guy who played reicher would have the guy who played reicher and frakes would a video that eva sent us. That's our franny centers that so it was the home game of it was some star trek home game and it was just the guy saying one phrase over and over again the klingon saying one phrase over and over and over and over. Yeah we're from star trek generation x. Likely show and he was like what's the phrase ran the phrases so it's so specific Something bich- something. I don't know i accept b.'s. Taxi eva and find out what you're driving so many they no. Yeah the fact that it was like just the outtakes of this guy doing the home game and it was just every version of like casinos. How recorded every version of how plays hong game. But obviously you're playing the game like it doesn't echo one after another but someone edited together. All of his reaction was something. Be george like ben. Harrison just climbed through my window to deal with that site eliminate bees or something like that see. Make sure it's not the haunted ice cream. Gotta make sure you're not. You're about to get killed with a warped. Sonic the hedgehog. You play now anyway. Just that was road. It kind of feels like it kind of feels like people kind of want to do the. They were good actually rehab. With olympus it kind of feels like people are like dancing around it. Taking the temperature have the about the fred durst like just the weird sort of like he kind of looks like he owns three porn like x. hamster and whatever on stage and he looks like greg fires older brother. Yeah my internet friend. An acquaintance dan devine of of the ringer pointed out. Then billy corgan. And i think i would add fred durst to this list. Both from certain angles basically look like they're fat joe from the terror squad They're really giving that look. I eat although. I did think there were times where billy corgan reminding me of a bald michael ian black later definitely gorgeous out of hair on madman man but i can see it. Yeah but it kind of feels like if if like they used limp biscuit as like a needle drop at the right minute in a marvel. Movie that that's gonna make people go like you know they were good for needle dropping needle drop in the black widow like give me something a break. I mean which one happens. I jordan limpest skit or corn. Which one of those is the one that that is the ray connolly rack the crack in the dam and all of a sudden rings battle so it's experienced be experienced an like you play now. Oh man do you guys remember in high school or maybe early in college the first time you experience beach. Sorry sorry. i've heard stories. I've heard stories. Come on wharf tell me what like experience be. I mean it would be. That would be cool. Like just from spider man mike the spider multi-diverse or whatever it is and it's just like needle drop by. Did it all for the national. Yeah maybe that's maybe. That's because i i think they're going to start doing multi-diverse stuff in these comic book movies. Maybe like the ideas. You travel to another reality where like alfred. Molina is still doctor. Octopus and limpest get is good and everybody thinks that they're good. I'm i'm gonna. I wonder if he'll play through the through. The mike skinner right up to the mike grand. Just yeah. let's watch video now. Let's see if it plays right through it. Okay hold on the experience as my friend. Just send it to us k. You are the only crewmember one who is moving. I always moving was moving now. Oh wow one who is moving now explain kazombo dot com situation. But this is like him doing all the all. The options of you want to win. Where's this experience man. Good the one who is moving. Now you answer experienced ages coming. Hold furbish all beast. We got we got a beach coming. Got a bijon. On-deck bijon bijon freeze on back here. We come here. Comes eric comes. It's coming from the whole thing right now. I'm so excited you guys are gonna love it. It's definitely gonna live up to what we were. All i gotta say is when randy finally experiences that bich- we all something for every once once once a year on my birthday go background speech. Experience experience experience. Don't know how how. How does this. How does this play out of the. I don't know but like i know you better experience beach while we were leading up to that. I was kind of asking myself. Is this worth the real estate. Were devoting one hundred percent. I absolutely agree to that. Like i would have been okay with a longer. Build up george louis jordan jordan jordan as i was doing like this is a terrible idea. That can only be cured with the phrase experience seventy works that guy just was like do you do it again. Like i imagined the director. This guy is in full klingon makeup like full every year like so hot in these. Don't give me. Don't give me direction. I'll give you nine options. And just giving and then he just did them can we have a little more whimsical one. No you can't. I gave you nine. Beaches beaches catholic. You couldn't experience bijlani different. Vcr game is it like a pick. I'm picturing it as one of those computer games that came on flags desks samit on so many floppy disks it like made oregon trail. Seems you know what i mean. I'm picturing like a mall madness. That has the middle that you push and then and then You experience a new experience jordan. What's forget the first video game. We were talking about this a few months ago. In the arcade that has a difficult to look at hologram in the middle of dragon. Slayer same gameplay the same gameplay where you're kind of like pushing the button periodically and something happens yeah. It was called like time traveler or something like that. So we're out boy and you went through. There was a wizard murdering people a wizard. Yeah i remember just a wizard in there in the middle of the thing you kind of can tell that there are three dimensional cowboy in wizard right and like maybe if somebody cleaned it it'd be a little ear rossel hawk. It's hard to her. By the way. I'm thinking we should reboot the village. People with like new updated like boy with web designer. Like let's get on to go seal. Hey yet creature from the black lagoon. Lead singer from nickelback. All of history's greatest monster. Right absolutely village. People you love it takes. It takes all these years. The people begging for a he'll that was the and they needed one guy that everyone liked. Turn to get everybody this. Everybody loves bikers construction workers. Everybody loves those. When you think about a if the village people weren't who they were who they really actually were all all of them would be anti vaccines. Every single. One of them would be. This is over there. Hits on ymca would be replaced by. It's a matter of personal. Liberty guy becomes their new saw states. It's about control is also not getting it guys in the navy there in the name you don't have to the navy Weird al can finish that clemencia. Yes pretty much day. Go much bring him back. What if you go to a family. Fun center jason. Randy you on look are both into saint louis missouri. Home of this spectacular. And i'll say most of my family fun center experience. Most of my go karting was with my uncle in central virginia. The louis missouri of virginia. That's right downs right. That sounds right and had a great time also had a great time riding around on my uncle's boat That's yeah which never saw water. I mean you just drove around on the batch. Just let me ride in the trailer on the highway. Yeah so what are your top. What are your top family fund center activities. Do you guys get in the go-carts you just all the children get in. Yes and i try to find. Cut kids off. It feels really good run tires. You know what i mean. And their career. I'm not in like you're driving those go-carts near like they're using these aren't electric bike. Ice melt real gasoline. If someone's smoking next to these we could all go up in flames. Danger feels really. Yes and if you're doing it in saint louis you can just tokyo drift up to the other dads and confident there. That's that's how we. That's what actually tokyo drift. Should that the next one like f f ten or whatever sure should be go-carts just they they sort of go right down and then f eleven pinewood just take straight i pull that thing down to the studs you know the story about vin diesel and how. He came how he became famous. Or how you got seen got known. Do you know the story about him. Well i mean. I think it's a a wizard. Put a spell on a stake to come all right. I was going to tell you the story. But i didn't he He well he directed Oscar-nominated short film didn't he. Oh i don't know about that. Yes i believe. I believe he did. What was your anecdote. Ours is hearsay hearsay but it is on a percent up. We have you totally verification story. But we're going to. If this was a circumstantial evidence case we would we would win. This yonder zindel doubt any doubt about. The rest of this is unreasonable. Any jury would buy this and there would be no hung jury whatsoever so we're going to now lay out the case for what happened to him and we are one hundred percent right. We should have a law like a courtroom show called objection here that no one has any facts or any deeds all right so so the the story we heard was that when the when the sky bar at the mondrian hotel on sunset was like the place to go. So this is like you're talking the middle of the sunset strip kind of down the road a little bit from the whiskey ago down the road kind of right by the comedy store where the commissary is on sunset. This is like a major major point. Where like tons of people. When people were out in la they would go to this place in the sky bar at the mondrian. Hotel was the biggest thing ever has beautiful view of like downtown. It's sort of the flats savell a and it was just a wonderful bar in like a pool and this is where every all the people would go to be seen on a saturday night so at ten o'clock every saturday night right j. He rents like a three hundred thousand dollar white mercedes. he rents it. Iran's it drives up and like flips the keys with all the confidence in the world with all the confidence of a not yet known vin diesel. Okay like he had like. He had confidence of vin diesel. Like f you know thad. Tokyo drift vin diesel flips. The keys to am. I just pulls up and everybody who's standing outside at like ten o'clock at the key time supposed to be like who's that guy who's bald head white v neck shirt. The t shirt undershirt hanes shirt. That's too small dog tags from a war. He didn't from the gym force of nine thousand. Nine hundred ninety six the latte pulled ever forget ever forget. It never got where you were when that had win someone asked if they can work in any almost. Put an end to the planet fitness. Yeah really turn. Hey listen my mic. Grandpa really got fucked up and the worst wakes up screaming. No-one spotted him no a latte over the last generation of people that would shower at the gym. They call them the greatest generation. Yeah yeah so. He would just flip his keys. It'd be like this guy who's this guy in that eventually like casting directors like this guy must be someone huge must be literally bet everything he could be favoured faked it until he continued to fake it. Now you know this like tracks. I mean i mean obviously like vin diesel is not his real name his real name is something so it is something. So not vin diesel. Like his real name to be gordon. Sumner and he played today. His real name is calvin broadus dental wolf. That can't be his does seem more like a wolf right. Doesn't it a little bit. Yeah yeah yes a most flanking a real kind of chunkier. Just amazing that he. That's how he figured it out and that's what he did to get any worked. It legitimately worked for him drew and it's still working. I mean there's more fast and furious than i mean there's as many as there are star wars. That's just think about that. That isn't like they could there is. There's so much of the story that's left untold is honest. I won't say that the fast and furious movies are better than the star wars movies. But they are more considerate. I mean yeah. They have consistency. Didn't dip down for three. Of if you what i mean or two of them. If you know what. I i can i ask you guys a quick indecent question So vince deism related. Vin diesel probably best known as the star of triple x. y. but also is in the pitch black movies of which there's like two or three right and that was where he played the head of an acapella group iran and he did is. He did his famous. Okay he he is of course in the fast and furious movies. There was a golden age of vin. Diesel certainly sure that was there. I'm around the release of that. Those first few fast and the furious movies and some point. I think i'm not mistaken. He bowed out of the fast furious movies then returned later. Yeah right it's twenty twenty one. There are still people holding their cell phones at arm's length inside their cars are they're still non fast and furious vin diesel movies and this is a sincere question like does he have does he make like his he appearing in medium sized parts in india dramas is he doing may stage style direct to red box action movies straight to russia. Yeah lake is he is. He a marvel character. That i don't know we'll know he's not screw voice of group but doesn't say route i says i am. I am and you know. I mean it's some of the best repetition acne. I've ever sure sure. And i know we all know he does obama on snl of course share at some point groups going to sing did it all for the nookie we're gonna go. Oh that was a song. I know yet a song. The internet was crazy about vin diesel song for a minute there by crazy about i mean they were uh-huh yeah sure but does. This is a serious question. I think so i can. I could speak to to hear what you to sage. He so i think what happened. Was that then left fast and furious for too fast and took and couldn't get anything rally right because that was time once he left the right once he left the spotlight bow. Wow stepped in and it was pretty much for for v as out. And so i think then came back to fast and furious. It becomes this huge franchise and then he tries to wake up those other franchises. He does a triple x. he doesn't another. there's a triple x. stars ice cube isn't there so there's two assis on cube is cube hugh q. So there's the first one and then like fast and furious he's like i don't need triple-x anymore. I'm off to do another thing right steps in and then kinda once this once. He comes back to fast and furious and they're huge. He's like now. I'm back to triple x. now i'm going back to pitch black and and and none of the way now. So i think now a lot of people don't know this but he was lady bird in the movie labor bird. Bright flav lady. She was the best acting. Work is like i would love to hear if he just did like an off. Broadway version of my dinner with andre played the dinner. Yeah it'd be. I mean to me if you're if i'm him i try and do what you have all the money in the world you don't need to work again for the rest of your work your grand kids. Don't need to work now. Just do the things you wanna do. Like i i would like stretch yourself to a crazy point. I mean he's got all the confidence the world stand in front of a camera and deliver line so just go. Well i think. People like channing. Tatum a are like. I'm that guy but a better actor. I can give you that masculinity that you need and i can be that alpha dude in when you need me to be but i also then. Can you know being inanimate. I think you're right jason. I think basically what happened is real actors. Look vin diesel is not the worst actor in the world but people who people who were sure succeeding as artists people who are graduating from juilliard discovering steroids. I personally the combination of steroids and personal trainer impersonal fan. Right did that. And then you know. I think if vin diesel really is going to pursue his passions i mean pitch-black i think was a passion project for him but i don't think that was a you know there wasn't what he hoped it would be especially the key by wnba eighteen. This is what i. This is what i think he's gonna do in correct me if i'm wrong. I think his passion project is going to be an actual play dungeons and dragons podcast. I think the phantasm famously famously. Into dnd vin diesel. Yeah twelve sided. Diesel diesel diesel ties size back in just a second on jordan. Jesse go land online jordan. Jesse go. i'm jesse thorn. America's radio sweetheart jordan morris. Boy detective you know. Every single episode of jordan jesse go supported by the members of maximum fund. Our thanks members of maximum fund went to maximum fund dot org slash join. You made our dreams come true. Our dreams a semi but not entirely failed comedy. Podcast i wanna mention jordan. Of course you have the smash hit book bubble in stores now. That's true people should go grab that they can. They can get that both at their local regular bookstore or at their local comic store. It's got great distribution the distribution is on point and if it's not in the store ask them to order it they will do it happily. They'll do it with a fucking smile. And if they don't come up there and i'm going to put one on their face myself if you know what i mean. Sure joker style. That's right i'm gonna dare jokers about. Yeah oh. I didn't know that. I miss the movie. I saw a suicide squad. I enjoyed that a lot. Okay what i want to mention is look. We were going to promote that book with some live shows but something got in the way. I shan't say what so. I will only have one live. Show all of this year. Which is a live judge. John hodgman from the london. Podcast festival john will be in new york city in los angeles and we will be live streaming to the world with john. Dr neal of the mountain goats. it is september ninth and it is at a time that works no matter where you are in this great world or at least in the english speaking world it is at twelve thirty pm on september ninth on the west coast three thirty pm on the east coast and eight thirty in london england. You can find that by googling. Judge john hodgman. London can find the tickets. If that time doesn't work for you you will be able to watch a few days afterwards via the player there at the lead and podcast festival so thanks to them for inviting us to do this. We love that festival and we're glad to help keep their lights on with this live streaming show so it's going to be a lot of fun. Dr neal's going to sing songs. I just heard hodgman might play the timbre where also supported this week by our friends at feels. This is a type of juice that tastes like grass that you put under your tongue to become more chill. Yes ep de isn't about what you feel. It's about what you don't feel and yeah. I'm talking about stressing zaidi pain. Yeah i've look. I've been through a lot of stress lately. I'm not sure stressful times and I'm i'm not above Sticking a little of this grass juice under my tongue. You know what i mean. Yeah does it. I mean when. I say it tastes like grass. I'm i'm not joking. 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Maximum fun dot org slash jumbotron on your telephone. Well we'll answer. If you give us some money will let say you're thing will be back in just a second on jordan jesse. Go jordan jesse go. I'm jesse thorn. America's radio sweetheart jordan morris. Boy detective jason sklar magician's assistant randy. Sklar notaries public the plural. I'm a couple okay. i'm so good i can. I can stamp to at once. How i should say it should be runs ours. Bi and nour's i not run rbi's anybody says how many rbi's does he have. You'd be like i and start. Learning what should be plural. Are and i know. A lot of people probably were listening to that and they're thinking like well doing to stamps at once. Not that hard randy no uses hands. Noth- now i You two hands free answer. I refuse to use my hands. I'm the hands notaries. My neighborhood i learned recently. I had to get something. I had to get a document notarized recently and i previously believed the primary business in my neighborhood was bounce house rentals slash pin yada sales. Yeah that was the top category business in my neighborhood. However having needing a notary public has led me to understand that the number one business category in my neighborhood is notaries. There is a notary on every block. Will you live in the notary district. You didn't know that. I get that in writing plates. Don't believe you're gonna have to sign allah believe you printing the book mary much. I love the ledger at like another. Because you're just like what were the ten people who came to get this thing cyrus. This person needed to bequeath her tooth to her. Yes this person is trying to get out of custody. This britney spears was here to get the stewardship like all these things are ahead of you. And then it's you with your dumb document. I love finding that my. I'm finding that my newish area. If i ever need to get a key made i will go anywhere. Yes thank you a lot of a lot of people who have been to montrose us. Made batteries watch batteries replaced. That's right have you been up the to montrose. Gino remote area so there's in mantras california. There's a street called Honolulu street which looks like it's literally made out of it. Was i guess. Created in nineteen eighty six. There are multiple. Travel agency in malta. It is multiple. I mean jay. Memory in louisville ran ran our louisville kentucky in there was we were doing shows at the now defunct improv and after we went to the louisville slugger museum in had bats made for us. We went down the street and we noticed six different wig shops. And we're like our street not offering anything different. I was like why would you shop here versus that. What how are they positioning families called. Curly's no so then we said we wanted to open. We wanted to partner with bret. Michaels from plays bret michaels and open a kiosk in front of one of the workshops covering up the workshop a bandanna kiosks called bandanna republic and the whigs store we wanted to open up was a wig store simply called wig her plate. This women's wasabi brothers pulling three by five cards from a card catalogue of gags reminded tap marks local businesses. It was the most shocking thing ever to understand that there were so many whigs stores you go down the whig district. Three of them would be like we can't compete like going down the wig district. Pick me up. Something with frosted tips and have to be the lead singer of nickelback. I was gonna say if you if you buy that. They'll give you give them a dollar notary. Public had dollar page faxes service public library. Do that join us. Sense jesse going. I need to. Who has said in. The i need to fax this immediately a meat and no one's ever like i've got a fax this but in a couple of days i shouldn't this. I needed this. Office has a menu urgency of everything. I it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what time of day it is. It's a place that is receiving your facts is always about to close san five out to pulling down the shades. They have worse hours than than it is rayleigh bank. It's ten forty five in the morning. They're closing. I gotta get this accident. I imagined myself needing to get someone to document right away. Which is the the classic fact situation by email. It or sent by courier or something. No message wouldn't be curly enough on the other and you know what i mean. The senate sheets yet is how i want to send it when something happens to you like you successfully send a fax at the very last moment. Give us a call. Two zero six nine eight four four fund or send us voice memo at jj go at maximum fund dot org for momentous occasions. Here's one such occasion as shared with us by the one and only brian sunny d. fernandez jordan jesse beloved guest. This is ari from minnesota. I'm calling in with momentous occasion One year ago. I called in saying that i had asked up my crush and would potentially become th ripple and now i'm climbing into say it's our one year anniversary in. We did indeed become a triple. So say hi adrienne. Hey say hi lucas. All right thanks still of the show by way to throw up gang house. So can you tell me what a three pool is. That's a that's a triple couple. Oh that's phenomenal. So she was with somebody and then asked out her. Yeah i think it's like when you and your wife having private time in you ask alexa. Turn on. Please turn on the music and then turn closer to first of all. That is a major. Has you had to get like you. Now sign off on the anti says those hands were not free. This is my assumption. I listened to recently. I listened to an episode of fresh air. I'm public radio host. Guys this is the kind of a familiar hills. I i love the news. I love learning so bad stink. Make you very much hushed. Tones sneak popper which by the way it should be a strengthening but not disappointingly. Yeah i was listening to a fresh air about the last days of osama bin laden the life and last as osama bin laden and actually that's one of the new village people check out the tight buns on summa. He's the guy on stage. You just watching a ton of porn. So i learned a lot about osama bin laden. One of the things is that at his compound. He had a few wives and explained like logistically. How the different wives work like his rotation of wives idea now that in that situation where it's one man with multiple wives the logistics are relatively simple. You just go station to station right in each each wife gets a night and Hotel buff it's a hotel buffets essentially. Exactly keep your wife one wife warm underneath a heat on. Yeah in a committed. A like. I presume this one is because they're a year in amazing. I kind of imagine it being like the chore wheel that roommates have in fact like kind of imagine it being on the chore wheel because there's no one person everybody is going every which way in most i'm sure there are some where one person which is back and forth but i imagine everybody's going every which way the logistics are going to get complicated. If you don't have a shared. Google google cal to seek your. I have to and that's narrow. I think you put it. I think he just put it up on the fridge. And you get you get a brad you get if you don't already have card stock. Just get a manila envelope and cut it round cut in around. You know what i mean and then it's just doing really disappointing. When like someone gets kinda lingus and then someone gets do the dishes gotta be a better the wheel wheel. She is big money. Big money big money. It won't slow down a little grateful. Dead rift view. Thanks randy jerry garcia. So no i mean or of the grateful dead. Thanks randy jerry song too. But i don't understand this. This is a very difficult thing to do. Because i don't there have to be defined roles right. I don't understand osama bin laden having multiple wives. Yeah but like multiple lovers that's gonna lovers or girlfriends i can understand some of the eventual to a wife to a partner is like a whole staying. Who like you know. It's there's my wife can get me mad with one raise. One can get me mad. And it's the way she says it to me in. It's so soft in. Its so she knows that this can get me like i have to walk out of the house in just walk lab or take a lap around the neighborhood when she says to me whenever i ask a question about like when is this thing when it went our when when do we have to pick up her books for school she will look at me and say we'll do you get the e mails who are mad earned-run around like the army leaving the day powered. I'm so over on earth. The my imagine four of those do you get the emails to osama bin laden soul magin. Him and. I'm sure there are things that i do to her. I guarantee you bad. Same deal sandy. What's the like leave like literally like to get on a plane and leave this country. When i say what do you think the customary gift for one year and throttle list because there are the anniversary gift right. There's like silver abor. Yeah these brass knuckles brass anniversary. Simple as a symbol of your mini trips to say is gonna say trifold poster boy. Tricalm pasta tries trifocals trifocals. It's probably one of those little sega genesis that has all the sega genesis game titled be. Great yeah play dolphin together. Love the nectar man with my throat. Brass knuckles is inappropriate. Gift for paul. Yeah imagine throttles getting out there on the streets together rumbling. Like the team to beat some ass. Beat other people sue jane. I always had friends that like mutual friends that we would hang out with and so was all constantly. It would be like three of us hanging out like three of us. We do a podcast with a third person ryan. It is fun to go around with a third person. I understood as a buffer between us. It's ninety times many times. So i can see that working for somebody who is cool with that but you have to make sure the other person is on board with the other person can't be like sixty percent into the throttle. I mean like. I imagine with you guys i imagine. A lot of you guys telling Dan van kirk. Like randy's tell jason he's right there. You can tell it. Not lil. Jim jason with the threat. Everybody only has to be thirty. Three point three percent into it. It just has to add up to one hundred percent for into it works okay. Let's take another call brian. Hello jordan jesse and possible guest. This is alan going in with a momentous occasion from a chicago cubs game. I just attended. I don't wanna say the momentous occasion was when i predicted a home run or when three cubs players converged on a pop fly simultaneously and they let the ball hit the ground while they basically posed like lopata nope the momentous occasion was at the end of the game when a little boy two rows ahead of me took off his hat to reveal a tiny nacho helmet on the top you guys. Why did you know what that means. You know what that means. Six more weeks system. You see that. Tiny nacho was it dumped on the head or was it would have. I would have gone up to that kid looking in the face and said hat. I i need your office at and would have said listen. Better team pick up. It's like the sun. This is the robert stack in air. Plan the sunglasses come off and there's another para son. They're just a great reminds me of when Henry higgins tried to teach me to be a member of high society. And i had to walk around balancing that nacho hat up on my head this must have been correct me if i'm wrong. He said not to happen. I think this must have been a soft serve ice cream. Happiness soft serve ice cream. Couldn't fit the nacho hat under a regular hat there about the same size and pardon me. But isn't the nacho hats barone thank you yeah the i think that the most amazing adult person is one who collects many helmets of because it is. I don't think there is anything else that someone could do. I'm racking my brain. I'm not coming up with anything else that i do. Both thank is more pathetic and admire and envy more kimball like i want the most in shock classes shop classes are like people that you also have a drinking problem but the tiny hats is like. It's one like if someone's like do you want to see my tiny hat correct right. That would be the worst phrase ever say. If someone said that to me. I would want to see things moves or silvers with to my life and be like we have to go see justin's tiny hat collection and she would look at me and be like. Do you get the emails. Jj go at maximum fund out or two zero six nine eight four four fun. We'll be back in. Just a second on jordan jessica long of constantly argue with the people closest to you about topics that really aren't going to change the world. We're here to take that stress off of your shoulders. We take care of it for you on. We got this with mark and how that's right. How if you have a subjective question that you want answered objectively once and for all time for all of the people of the world questions like who's the best disney villain macaroni. Pc or should you put ketchup on a hot dog. That's why we're here. yes. I get that. These are the biggest question of time and often joined by special guests. Like nathan fillion orlando jones and paget brewster so let mark and how take care of it for you. On regardless of market how weekly on maximum loan does our podcast deep dive into the weirdest wikipedia pages. We can find yes we learn about scam. Artists remote islands horrible mascots beautiful diseases and mythical monsters yes yes yes absolutely and yes can we retain any of this knowledge. I've only heller. I'm lisa hanna. While we make art and comedy and tv shows and also the podcast baby geniuses for the past eight years. We've been trying to learn new things about the world and each other every episode. Well let's be honest podcast mostly about two friends hanging out shooting the breeze and making each other laugh. we're horny. We like gardening and horses and we get real stupid on ear in a smart way. Join us every other week. I'm maximum son loan ta it's jordan. Jesse go i'm jesse thorn america's radio sweetheart jordan morris boy detective jason sklar randy's brother and he's clower kosher pickle our talking. It's actually kosher dill pickle pickle kosher pickle ball right league rainy jason podcasters both together the co hosts of dumb people town alongside. Dan van kirk mentioned third wheel. Delightful hilarious man a view from the cheap seats also sports every week. This is what we do. You've been on that show so much fun to sort of say. These are the biggest stories in the world of sports in. This is our take on it. And i feel like we've figured out how to do that. I mean don't people town is just wonderful in that. The world is getting dumber as ocean levels rise. Iq go down. There is a direct proportional recently. Ask you guys. So i'm dumb. People town share. You discuss the kinds of things. The kinds of little news stories musical in across this great nation of you know bank robbers tripping on their shoelaces or whatever but but more distinctive than that like a man who tried to rob a house with his cat like as an accomplice. Kat brezler i literally very little cabourg dump people town not too long. Go ahead of and i think we discuss a robbery of. I wanna say like mobile home. That was converted into a leonard skinner museum. Yeah he had a cold and his property in like whenever. Someone's like i have a leonard skinner. Damn it's like we'll did you register any of that stuff. Did you get it done through. A notary public knows what i got in there. Well that's not gonna itemize for insurance or else you're just getting the flat amount. It's great 'cause it's like everybody and you'll remember this like everyone was a little bit wrong. You shouldn't have had that stuff stolen. But you shouldn't have kept it in like a eighteen wheeler on your property android. Let's we're not trying to victim lights. Get your stuff in order. If it's especially if it's really valuable. I mean there. There was a story we did about a guy who was trying to impress his eighteen year old son and so he would steal cars and move them two streets over down any would tell his son that he was stealing cars to imprison. I've never forget the guy who tried to impresses date and tried to jump from the roof of one building to another buildings on a first date. Tried to jump from one building to another. And i guess missed. slid down the two buildings which got increasingly closer as you got down. And he got stuck and they had blow out the wall of a cadeau but to get him out of there. I was like that amazingly was an improvement. We've been on the cadaver horrible recipe. I'm stuck in a kuka ru this chicken is crazy. Stuck between a rock and a hard rock extraordinary. We've got a a fourth third squad brother so you guys both phenomenal. But i like to go in that view view from the cheap seats and share my share my fantasy tips we get. We had an entire serious conversation about the giants conversation about the giants which was so fascinating so much fun to dig in we. We had on the the woman who's on. I don't know when this is gonna drop the woman who we had on. Who's a writer for. the ringer. Just wrote a book mirren fater about and it's it's crazy. We had her on. We were interviewed her last week. It's going to drop this next friday The third and she wrote this book about yoenis and the whole book was about gumbo and the in the book. She mentioned how jason kidd was like a really tough coach on her as a small passage. And like it's taking off. The book is like a new york times seller and everyone is like asking jason kidd questions. And i'm like reading articles about jason kidd. Be like i don't know who this woman is. Like the woman who was on our podcast so we do go deep in like get you know but of course always trying to get funny. I read those those two paragraphs about jason kidd. And i thought they were insane and thought about buying the book on that basis but when he was eighteen years old jason kidd was rude to me at a pro-am game at keyser keys are pavilion in. San francisco's golden gate park. So i already knew. He told yourself as new if that didn't get you. The domestic violence will bats ho. That's not a good guy. We know about jason kidd. Now that's the point but yes we are doing our multiple Podcasts which are we have and we have a patron Which on which we are doing for the first time in fifteen years new episodes of cheap seats cheaper seats we did a high dive competition with dives so high higher than benson at burning man fans. Thank you have a hundred hundred eighty three feet and you guys just moved over onto patriot from only fans. Is that correct. That's right so it says here because of policy changes that was more nudity. No more nudity so nudity and no more johnny carson impressions rice within czar me. No put on a narrow genuine bizarre. Can't drew my pussy on the this show you my ron silver my johnny carson pressure. Good well randy and jason. It's always a joy to have you on the program. And always i mean once every seven years we'll be back you for making the time away from your family out. We're we're proud that you neglected your family to be here with us this evening. I got budge emails. I got to read eddie broadcasting from from his library jason. Back from the blair witch project. Your dining room right now. I gotta say jason. You don't have in the age of video conferencing videoconferencing everything you're always looking at. What is behind people. Sure thinking about you know whether or not you're impressed right. We take a look at the we say. Oh brian scott. Brian scott lime. Green curtains Two thousand five. We say to ourselves shirt. What do you think of the corner of my tiny house. Not afraid not afraid to read anybody jason. you've got one of those restaurants. Cy style outdoor heaters your of very classy life life. i'd be able to extrapolate from that came at one time i saw like chuck schumer on. Msnbc thing i literally entire time. I'm like shut the door your hallway chuck metaphorically brothers her off friends. Your television pelosi's free. I think if we have anything. I think if we've learned anything from the explosion of amateur pornography on the internet in the last twenty years it's how many people are fucking while friends is on. Why do you have friends on. They'll be maybe hey. I'm seeing a lot of lot of naruto back there. Rutile well ready. And jason scar have been our guests on the program. Their shows our view from the cheap seats about sports both comic and semi serious and dumb people town about the dumb things that you both do here in america and the world. Thank you guys. Thank you guys so much. What a joy it has been to have you our producer on the program. Brian sunny fernandez val moffitt running. The livestream It look we've been we've been pretty pretty consisting by putting out this stream of our zoom so if you want to check in see what it's like when we're recording the program Just watch watches pee in the whole nine yards in between segments facebook dot com slash jordan. Jesse go and you know. Sunday evenings is when we've been doing it. No promises but That's what we've been up to lately. We're on reddit. At maximum fund dot ready dot com. Hashtag your tweets. Jj go at jordan underscore morris and at jesse thorn jordan as a brand new book in stores right now. He's been traveling. Bookstore to bookstore autographing books by bubble. If you're listening to this show look over to nearly two dozen people. Listen to jordan. Jesse go i want every single one of you to buy bubble because that's all it takes to get on the new york times bestseller it. He's read anymore. You buy you buy the book you write a letter to the new york times. Let them know you bought it. That's how the system words does work. We've learned anything from the last few years here. in america. the system works system does work. Yeah bubble it's out there. It's still very good. Yeah and if you wanna if you wanna signed copy. I'm trying to stop by like a local bookstores and science copies and a lot of them ship. So if you want yourself assigned bubble kept me on social media bother me bother me with all your bubble questions and yeah and i'll let you know if there's a a nice a local indie you can support and get a signed copy shipped to you there. You go. I think that's probably most of the things you've got corrections for the program We're so grateful for them. Tweet them at jd. Power on twitter. We like to assure quality on the program. And we will talk to you next time. On jordan jessica fund dot org comedy and culture artists owned audience supported.

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TAMT Episode 55: The Spectrum Theory Founder and Audio Engineer Eddie "eMIX" Hernandez Part 2

"From one of one Production Studio located in Fort Lee New Jersey, this is the art of Music Tech and now here's your host salon and Dennis Yeah, good. But that was him really being like watch out. Now you might fuk it up again with his money. I mean, yeah, so I mean moving forward I did she did fall out after that and it was it was I was a special time cuz I had like gotten, so I had seen, I've been at the house. I've been hanging out with Buffy and all these big people and doing all this stuff mastering albums and worth with me and Khalid how to like got developed a special relationship each other because Callie was Ross's, Indian are for Def Jam, the head of jam South. So, I was getting fouled mentored by Khalid. I was getting mentored by Ross. I was getting mentored by even a little bit by Diddy a little bit, you know, when he was around. So I was learning a lot but now all of a sudden me and Ross fell out. So now I'm not involved in this fast life anymore. I'm back to kind of just doing around the way projects and stuff like that and to the point where I got Jaden and I didn't want to do it, I didn't even I was, I was so used to working on that such big, a level where if we just recorded a freestyle in like, you know, put on the internet, it would have millions of views within, you know, minutes, you know what I mean? So, now here I am. And I'm like, working on stuff like hey, what are you working on now is like, oh, you know, Joe Blow in the around the way boys and you know nobody nobody cares who's these guys. So I was dating a man in in. I only bring that up. I mean it is what it is. I consider Russell brother and just like anybody New York families fight and I think we just what people don't understand and I think they do. But they just on the theoretical version is working on any of these projects. You know, you guys doing live sound, you know, these are very complicated in in in in hectic and intense moments and sometimes yeah super chaotic always And live sense. You know you got the show where where with an album this is months of damn intensity. And would you know, did you get it right today off and is this ride? And hey I told you to lift this up. Did you add the sound and you and you know? So when you're doing these projects, your damn near fall out with everybody, at least once you know where everybody, you know, recursive that I am cursing, the producers, of course, another Engineers Ross is cursing me out, I'm cursing out somebody else because I don't want Rasta curse me out. So I got cursed him out already took. There's a lot of beets and and we're in close proximity all the time. So you know, you you tend to have your falling outs. So that was our first falling off. And it was another reminder kind of going back to where I told you about the Ghostface thing that was my first real like reality check of like hey you know, wish it was real fragile and you know God And you know as much as you think, you're the man, the shit can always crumble under, you know. So these are humbling moments but also, you know, you know, now I can look back on and say, hey, I learned so much at the time. It was. I mean, shit. It was rough. It was, I went hard hard times and it also cuz, you know, I had the biggest record in the country all this shit. Number one album, you know. And I was spending money like like this ship was going to be like this forever. You know, that was my first lesson in like a man, she the rugged get pulled out from under you. So even though I was making a lot of good money, I would still technically living check to check, you know, if that makes sense. Yeah. This for compensation purposes, I say I was making ten Grand a month and now all of a sudden I'm spending $9,500 of it off, 500 at the end of every month, you know, cuz I'm buying shoes and buying bottles I'm going out, I'm living that life. I, I am me to navigate home. Like the flash capital and then just come in from no money and just having money and then and then hanging out with a bunch of rich people. You you tend to kind of want to keep up with that's what I you know, how I felt at the time. Do they have blue Jordans? I need them to so I was like tapping into their plugs to you know, what I mean? When in the shoe guy came, I was like, yo man, bring my size two months, so I'm trying to pair. It was just a lot and a big learning experience. I had to fall all the way down and then kind of learn how to do. That's when, when I me and Ross ended up getting back together. But before that, I went on the road with Meek Meek Mill, his first tour and that's kind of what brought me back. I started getting that's when I decided. I'm going to start building a studio, bought a house cut down costs and incorporate myself, start a business. Hire an accountant start being you know responsible yeah responsible in in literate and and cuz up until that point I thought I was technically, I still am an artist. We all are artists. You know, this is an art we do. Even though it's it's a lot of equipment and technical stuff, it's still a heart to the craft of what we do. So I I was full-fledged artist though. I wasn't really minding my business, kind of like the the same sad story we heard from a lot of early artists back in the day. You know, guys that are legends, that they money, they just didn't handle their money. They they were all about the passion of the music. That's where I was at, at the time and when when that when we fell out me and Ross fell out even though, you know, I would never ask for it that situation. It was actually the lesson I needed because yeah cuz know even if you know a lot of times people tell you hey don't go down there but you'll still go down because you don't know why they're not telling you to go down there. You know, I needed that that dog. That that real real world experience to kind of really kick me in the ass and get my my shit together business wise. So, when I went on the road with me, I save money. I started buying equipment in my house, recording in the engineering out of my house and mixing. I run into Ross on the road with me, can Houston? And now we're in a way, you know. Cuz cuz at the end of day, we're buddies. So you know, it's like nothing ever changed is like oh, you know this is like a year and half later. Hey, what's up man? Put your number in my phone, which is kind of funny. It's like it's, it's also, you know, the, the term relationship always sounds like it's a male and female but, you know, you have relationship with your family, your parents, just your kids stuff like that, and your friends. So this is what relationships was like, is it's a little toxic where it's like, You know, you didn't want nothing to do with me, but now you see me doing big things with with another artist, which is under your label. I'm still technically, MMG, I'm still under the umbrella but now all of a sudden you need me over there with you again, recording on your project. Cuz now I'm working on, you know, Meeks project. So little by little, he started calling me up. Hey man. You know, I want you to come through. So I come through. And then that turns into Thursday, I believe the how my came back on was a mastermind. I did not, I did not work on God, forgives, which is one of my favorite albums. Also, honestly, I was very, I was very mad, very disappointed. That I wasn't a part of God, forgives that don't and I had barely any input on Rich Forever, which is a fucking classic mixtape, but I love Mastermind cuz it does. Yeah, he takes stuff out of what I was talking about of thinking rich and he's like taking like these little Like self-help things and and putting it in and just giving a positive spin whenever people like it's not positive rap. It's like oh you have really listen to Rick Ross thing cuz the most often is like it's pretty much on like getting your stuff together and being self-made. So hundred percent. Yeah, yeah. And again, that's how I, you know, I learned I learned that from him first-hand, you know, just being being around him and watching him or he's definitely a a lead. A lead-by-example kind of guy and that project yet we were, you know, we were definitely reading 48, Laws of Power. Yeah. Powers and it's the keys to success. And he's the gentleman that we sampled was. What's his name? But that's the the gentleman we sample. We were listening to a lot of his stuff and he was talking about the Mastermind. He was talking about, you know, that whole concept. So when what happened with rest of mine was the first thought. Well, God. I'm back now. You know. He he just did God forgives. I don't. And now I'm back on the scene. We I actually had did, there was a couple thousand. We did self-made three, which He had another engineer which was a great guy. And and I wanted him to stay, you know, it's funny because a lot of times in the in the engineering world. It's very almost, you know, a man named that would you but, you know, don't don't take none of my work and and I, I came into this already known the experience of being the only engineer on hand and knowing the work load. And I thought I would, we were doing this two-man system when I came back, where he was, he he was actually a really, really great engineer and I begged him to stay, but him and Ross were all kind of fallen out. And so Ross was already kind of sliding me back into The Fray and I was begging this guy. Let's do this to man thing and he left me, he left, I mean, he didn't leave me. I mean here, I remember he called me and I apologize. I'm in, Ross, call me right behind. It was like, I told them he was just warming the seafood his whole time. Yeah, I don't know. I don't want to hear that. You just because now I just took on the Brooklyn Bridge. Oh so you know, I successfully finished self-made self-made, three compilation and we're going into his album Mastermind. So this now this was my at this point, people knew who I was dead. My peers new with me, everybody knew of me. So I took this project very personally as much as I did Teflon Don. But this time I might creatively, I wanted to flex myself, a little more wage, and so a lot of those skits and the majority of the skits are are me and my ideas, you know, we would have like we'd have these kind of like production meetings, like me and Ross would just Target, just be me and not and we would talk about the concept. We talked about the concept of Mastermind. We went through a lot of footage and listened to can't believe. I can't remember his name right now. My name is somebody pray for us home. I did go out last night, it was um, from my artists that I work with him right now, currently Bobby fish-scale, he was performing last night but Man, before we before we go, I gotta find his name. So, I approached this. I was we approached this like a movie. We we, we would listen to you like The Chronic and with those skits and, and doggystyle and talk about how much those kids were iconic and stuff like that. And, and we didn't want to go too crazy life with wise and nothing like that. But we definitely wanted to have these segues between songs to really kind of really Stitch this whole thing together to make it a complete project. You know so long I remember at one point I forgot what the fuk happened but Something has I think I want, you know, Ross, Ross. You know, it's all about a man, we work. And we sleeping with children. I think I, I think I went to sleep early one day and he gave me some big pep talk. We went in the studio and I'm like, oh man, I need, I need you mad. I need you to be. I need you to be my Guru, like referring to Jay-Z and Guru how they work, you know, gurus, Jay-Z's guide, I need you to be my life. I need you to be that. So like he, he would leave out the room and and before he would walk out, it'd be like two 3 in the morning. He's going to sleep in here, man. And do your Doctor Dre. And so of course he would leave me a couple of mugs and and some laps. And I would just roll up and brainstorm. Yeah, off brainstorming, and I would come up with shit, I get in the booths start using my voice pitching, my voice up and down doing effects. Start playing with timings with with this song Faith. Out into this song doing interludes and then I would just pitch it to him in the morning when he'd wake up I'd say, hey I got like three things I worked on last night, you know, let me know and you know yay or nay or I like that. Don't use that. Just keep this and I started doing that. We got into the the intro of the project was funny cuz we were in LA and me and him got into a big argument. I forgot exactly what the hell it was about but I remember he had me in that chip on my shoulder mode again. So we got this argument and when we touched down in L A I went to a studio and they had to handle some shit, they were doing some promo and so I I just started working on this intro and that's when I came up with the concept of like, this album and these, these these messages you're getting from this guy that we were sampling, Where he signalized is talking about the Mastermind. It's like these, you're intercepting these kind of like, secret messages that aren't supposed to be. So you kind of hear a tune in and tune out off. And then like, it's like it's breaking through and you're getting this little bit of great information. Your bank account is registered office. I was like, okay, we get into existence. Maybe like yeah, life at LSU stuff like that. Yeah, off to my story. Also on the Maybach, Maybach, Music and the iconic. How did that come about to? Well, well maybe back the main the Maybach Music tag wage is actually a excerpt from the first Maybach Music with Jay-Z on Teflon Don where you hear the girls. And you know, what is this Maybach Music? I like this. Maybach Music. Sweet. And so that actually that came with JJ recorded that that was that came over with jazz vocals. Those were two models that were just talking on the record and Ross loved it so much that he was like, man take that take that Maybach Music part and we're going to start using all star placing it. So we usually just go May music made bad news and then I think around Teflon know after Teflon right around know. Yeah, yeah, well I think Mastermind wage first album. We really started doing it on but the DJ Sam sneak, he was the one who started doing the stutter in the club. You know he would go member you know he already have it programmed am showing on the yeah. Okay so he had it on pad already assigned so they buy music made that you know he would just dead. Fucking over here. Yeah, so me and that other engineer is a matter of fact, we started we, we did the starter, we chopped it up and then what ended up happening on Mastermind? See, my thing was. I never liked to do anything too much, so I didn't even want to do minimum Maybach Music. So I started doing a mastermind. You started hearing it, just do the study where you just hear about minimum wage like it's breaking through. My whole thing was like it's a transmission that's coming through its breaking through. Like what is that? And I would pan it and remember me. Oh nice. Hello. If you hear a lot of Records sometimes we wouldn't actually say Maybach Music but you're right before like Ross would go on and and so that became kind of like my unofficial that was like my I used that as my thing like he mixed this is he mixes on his signature signature you know with with the Maybach. I can't use it. Now you know is makes, you know what I mean? I don't know anybody that did really know if you knew of Rick Ross. You know, you were like oh maybe he like that's how I hurt. We took that so serious that month, you know, that's where I got blessed, you know, rush out of me out, on the record, the little Wayne record, you know, shout out to my engineer. He mix and that was a big record to that was a little Wayne record. This one of the bigger records on the song album, a lot of people's favorites and and I think that was just because we were going and so hard and I was taking this whole thing to another level, you know, on my part. You know, he was taking it down a level on his side but I was also equally as passionate as him. So I think that was him just recognizing that and give me that. Shout-out, I remember when he gave me the shout. I was like acted, like I didn't want to react cuz I didn't want him to say dead. Like, not take that out or something like that. Sounds good. I was hoping I think we could get it under the road. We will he'll forget about it and we're going to get it into mastering and then it's a wrap. We're done, it's on the album but but yeah. So it made it and then I took my career to another level. Cuz now now now my peers started like fuking with me and you know, I people started calling start. I got a I got an interview. I still have it up here, framed XXL magazine behind the boards they call Em, remember that that? Yeah. So what's crazy is is she all right? You just like crazy as and I have work with Leslie. Prior to this, I worked with him on on deep, in a rep, as a matter of fact, so me and had worked. I hadn't seen as Lionel we were. And when that, when that came out and I posted it dead, I remember, he, he texted me and he was like, yo, I don't know any Studio manager in the world that would let you let anybody get away with that, okay. Let's go back and forth. I get it when they didn't know and and it is psychotic, that's it. No Photoshop. Both signal Netflix, you need to they can be a logo. You should be no. Yeah, I would rather. My thing was man, is going to be my first, my, my first real interview and it's going to be in print, I need, like, I need this to be, like I said, it was too. I was again, it was already me being around Ross in my mind that was different in my home, my Brandy. And I had saw some other people's, you know, interviews. And, you know, they're always kind of like with their elbow. And it's like decide. Oh, yeah. Or the, I'm reaching for a random button and I was like, man, what do I do to stand out? What do I do? And I was like, I'm going to just sit on this fucking like it's like my Throne. I'm just actually and it came out man. It was big and for a long time, I couldn't tell anybody would Studio that was I still am? I don't I think you don't want to know that I tried on their fucking board but what's crazy about this now and I know I'm home. You super long winded. I know it was just yet but we're definitely getting on the latter half but but honestly it's like oh good man. We ain't talked in a long time so we get somebody has you know, that's when you kind of give an answer and then it gets quiet for a second cuz then I'm like I'm done. Oh no, I'm glad all the details, thank you. But I like to tell these stories and context because like with every there's there's certain parts in in in in people's choice of career in this career that people don't. It's like if I tell you it like again, theoretically oh yeah. That makes sense. But when you're going through it it's different. So like now I'm getting this recognition, you know. I I was enjoying being in the, in the background. I was enjoying just kind of doing my thing and seeing how people reacted to my work and without Fanfare dead. But now I'm getting interviews. Now people know who this is, so I started taking it personal. Honestly, that's why I did Mastermind the way I did cuz I already buy Teflon. Don people knew who I was dead and I knew even it may be a little selfish in my own mind as far as like I know they're listening to Rick Ross, but they're also listening to me. So they're listening to my work and home. Yeah. Without your mixes, I mean those songs would probably sound different. That is yeah, for sure. And that's why I love Rick Ross is set up and just slaps out of the speaker before I even knew you were part of his mixes and like there was other, there were other mix Engineers. Leslie mixed, you know, Leslie was Justice League's guys. So he did all, you know, those records and thought I was actually put a premium on it, sounding as good as it does. That mean there are some bigger artists that you know that you know wage Makes a lot of yeah particular, they'll give it to you guys. And, and in Rolf, like all of your shoes off very Immaculate, like, very crisp and clean and you hear the vocals and it makes sense. And yeah. So the thing about that situation, before I moved to the what I was saying is like with that situation, even if I didn't mix it, I was still very Hands-On with it. Cuz Ross didn't talk to any of the other Engineers. So it was like he would tell me and then, I would so kind of what else, before where I would bump heads with everybody. It was a weird for me, that started even backing deep in and wrap where I was his engineer. If but also, when I would, you know, deal with other people, I became his and are basically, we're now, you know, let's say blessings mixing a record. I would go to the session and I say, turn this up, turn this down, because if I brought them cuz this home, To me where I brought the song back, I didn't mix it in a rush. It's like a wiser sound like this, why don't? You know, I ain't going to send you no more because I need somebody, who's going to get this shit done, right? Not at all. And then so long and I took that with me. So the next time I'm like, a man turn this up to this. And then these guys are like, you know, these are my Two people I look up to. Oh yeah and they're out here. Consistently putting out big record. I'm just still young in the game is like you to tell me man song. Why doesn't show up? And I'm like yo Ross, I am, I am, you know what? I like go and tell it was my job to make sure they do. They mix it the way that he's going to want it. So AKA kind of even infusing my flavor. So even if I didn't actually mix the record, I still recorded it, edited it, and still executive kind of oversaw, the whole production before, you know, just to just to make his vision kind of happen. So but shout out to Leslie. Shout out to racy. Shout out to Fabian and not the, you know, as a couple other guys and then I'm probably missing, but those are the main guys that have been contributors up beside myself. And so anyway, yeah, so now I'm getting this kind of like shine people like checking for me. So now honestly, I'm feeling a different type of pressure, which again, I flexed it on eBay Mastermind. But now moving forward after Mastermind, I felt like I had to do it again. And and what am I going to do the top Mastermind? So, We ended up. We moved a little fast I believe and I forgot what the situation was but I remember the concept for the next project was kind of like that old real hood, latch Master P Vibe you know which this became It's on my wall right here. This is Hood billionaire. Yeah it's a little billionaires another one. Even though it really didn't do that great. I think about it debuted number no no the top five but for Ross that you know it's like a flop because because he's number one and nothing but it's actually a really good album. And honestly production-wise again we took it in pretty heavy on. I did skits and took the point where I had to go to mastering because I had already pre mastered it and I had to like just make sure that just to help Chris Rock. Get the timings correct between my, my skits and everything and cuz I had already had it all timed out and had already burned to the disk and Ross already under already fell in love with the timings and everything. So I was really get Hands-On creatively with that. So yeah, moving forward. This is like what I was saying is like okay so you get your success and all that stuff and you're happy for that but then it's a new kind of pressure when you know your peers are listening now and you know off the industry is listening and everybody's kind of you know, checking for you. It's it's it's a little it's it can get to you because you know, you're not behind the scenes anymore. You're, you're an artist for calling, you know, because some people are tuning in just to check out what he mixes doing. What's your latest? Yeah I like yo that I wanted man. He did such dopeshit on the last album down to hear what crazyshit he's going to do on this album, you know, and aside from even the artists just, you know, I fuck we eat. He's always does some new shitt every project. So like I literally would sit there with like one of the things I started doing was making new tags like even Mastermind. I made a mastermind tag Mastermind and I would just keep plugging that in the, in the project all over the place. So then this one was a big here. So I created a song Billionaire tag. And I would do that and I would just try and do stuff sonically. I would make it a point. Like, what am I going to do this time? To kind of just do something different. I didn't ever like, just recording it and cleaning it up and it's done. I would always wanted to add some kind of ear candy. Yeah. And and, you know, and that, you know, it did with that. And then you'll see. So after that blah, blah blah, I did a couple more albums. We ended up falling out again, this time. It was a little it was a lot. It was a cooler fall out. It was more or less just thought, you know I think we just round each other a lot and it was just time to kind of move forward. I think I started feeling myself feel, my head was kind of bumping against the ceiling. You know, I wanted to kind of odd Branch out a little more, had my company going and stuff like that and And I did that, which again, was a scary point because, you know, leaving from there. Everybody knew I was Ross's guys. So a lot of people that even even though they fucked with me, like they didn't necessarily look out for me anymore, because you're busy know, you're always with him, you know. So it was it was a transition Point going solo on my own where where people like everybody would say. Yeah, next project next project but you don't even know how long far out that next project, right? You know, and oh man, you talk about like finding inner strength and all that shipment and talking to yourself in the morning taking my kids to school and driving home thinking, okay? Like, what am I going to do? How am I going to do this? And, you know, I just beat myself up everyday life like if you if you know, my thing was, I've been around these guys that are winning for a long time. I've been around Diddy. I've been around J. I've been around Ross, I've been around Khalid. I've got to sit in rooms and listen to these guys speak and if I can't fucking make something work out of that, I'm an asshole, you know, with the top Chicago and what they do and you learn everything. And I get that from my dad, took a no excuses kind of thing. You know, like a man, I'm not going to fucking wallow in my own shit. You know. I gotta make this should happen because I've had I can't I can't even even if the situation were planned out, you know, perfectly which no situation is. I got a fucking make. This should happen again. All this stuff has been put in play and I've been in these these rooms and these exclusive rooms with these people that win. And if all, they talk about is winning in in, in in in took that out that energy out for me to kind of like drop the ball on that, you know. So it was it was a it was a personal thing to me too as a new chip on my shoulder. But now is a chip on the shoulder against my cell if that makes I'm like, you've had you've been awarded all the knowledge that you and that any of those guys would have took in in, in fucking made an Empire. How the fuck aren't you using that money? And so I ran with that and and, and, and it took a little time, but Slowly. But surely man, I started building up my company started getting recognition. I started working with a lot of I started kind of redoing. I know what I did in the in the in the early days was really kind of re-established myself in the money music scene. As a my son he was at this point like starting high school, you know, he was what like seven grade. What is it? No ninth grade and I thought you know he could take care of herself it wouldn't as yeah I mean I didn't even go as deep as on that should ice man. He was a baby, he's sleeping. He's met every artist that I've ever worked with them, you know, because he would be in the office with me cuz I mean house. It was that life? He would. Oh yeah, I'd have him set up sleeping in the in the lounge area and shit like that. It was crazy. But yeah. Now he's going to high school. I'm rooted in my life. So now, it's like a matter of dentists. They would mean I see you. I see you yawning. A no sleep in the studio off. Lady and so I'm rooted in Miami. I'm not really, I'm not trying to travel. I have some had some, my dad had kind of felt ill. He said let me take him to school so now I'm I'm taking on extra pressure so I'm doing sessions at night and literally parking cuz my son stayed with my parents. I parked at their place and just text my son, hey, I'm sleep in the parking lot, just knock on the window cuz I would leave a session, like, 6 in the morning and just park it, cuz I knew if I went home, I wouldn't wake up in time so I just passed out of the parking lot and take him to school. And so, I knew I was rooted there and I had to step up and, and really take on that that role to take him to school everyday, pick them up from school everyday. And also still maintain a, a job in the industry, you know, with whatever that were given to me. So I sweet established myself in Miami music scene where I didn't have to travel as much. So, I was working a lot with Zoey Dollaz and, and a lot of young artists coming, Out from Miami from slip and slide records and stuff. I re-establish a relationship with them like Smith and episode De Niro. These young cats that are bubbling now. But half the time, you know, they were all brand new and then I looked up on a a chance encounter with Gucci. I had work with Gucci back on MC Hammer and I worked on with him on a mixtape song, we did. And that was all Gucci. That was big grew up, you know, lean and the big gut and all that and I bumped into him now and he had just moved to Miami. And he was, you know, he just had got out of jail, maybe a year or so, and he was on a whole different path and he had lost the weight and he was a lot more focused. And okay, so we're talking about Judge, Judy a couple of years ago. Yeah, yeah, probably about three years ago, three and a half years ago now and me and him and I don't know. We just, it was a one-off. My boy was like, Hey, you need somebody tonight. You done to do it, you know, at the time I was like, hell yeah. I need any kind of clientele, especially someone with some kind of name recognition like that. I did the one off with him and then he had stopped calling me since, you know, it was kind of just like that where, you know, we went right into a different part. Like the first project I worked was I think the first song I recorded was I get the bag which is now like five times Platinum him in the office and Amigos drag. Okay. Yeah. I was a bag and then I did a weekend record with him and man Jeremiah record. We did like a bunch of big records fast and dead. That album did very well. I think it's a, I think the album is gold, but we got a couple of platinum singles on there. I get the bag. Like I said, as like four or five times Platinum, not. Yeah, so young man. We just, we just got into this working relationship. I think he he he you know, he he respected and admired my my professionalism and I think he needed somebody that's been in the game enough where this wasn't like a yeah that's enough time. This is not a lot of streaming time of selfie time you know I'm used to getting getting busy getting in getting it done and get the fuck out of there and that's what Eagles mean. So like worked out and stuff so he literally he does like six hour sessions and he's done. We do like five songs and six hours isn't play just want to hang out. Just want to shit like that. You know what? Trim it up a little bit in between songs like oh, did you hear about, blah? But it's like in a process of loading up the next song. Like let's not stop doing that. Cuz if not, I'll just chill at home. I don't need to be here. I don't need to be in the studio to do that. Yeah, he stopped smoking and stuff. So I mean, so when she yeah, he was like, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, he's pretty, you know, he sharpened up and and then you know he started his record label so like wage. Currently. Now, I'm doing a lot of I'm doing most of the work for 10:17 label. You know, and I say that just because you know again this is eighteen years in the breeze through it. But God, you know, there's a certain level I think it's almost like the eye of the tiger and you can kind of see it in in people that have survived this industry. And I think that's what Gucci song me. Whereas, like, you know, you've I've been through all of it and I've and I'm beyond the hype. Now, you know, I've been around the world, I've been in all the biggest clubs. I've, you know, I've dabbled in everything, you can do all the debauchery of that industry. I've done that. And now point now where I'm all about the business and how do we maximize business and how do we build and grow and grow old in this the right way. And and I and I learned that from Gucci to now, you know where I, I'm blessed man. You know it's it's crazy even saying that worse like I I I can be, uh, a close with a Rick Ross, but then also be close with a Gucci Mane, you know, been able to be vocal talents, very interesting, read off. What Gucci's book to oh it's very good read. Yeah, I mean it's all about. So yeah, it's like the same right off the Rick Ross books, he wrote both okay, makes sense. Yeah, shout out the meals, my guy, good girl, and yeah, you know, but same mentality different thoughts different takes on it but same thing. I live there's things that I've learned with Ross, that's instilled in me. But then I then it's kind of like after learning that I was kind of more open to understanding different hustle structures but she's way. Yeah. Cuz they all have their own damn noguchi. Works a different way. You know, he comes from that Atlanta Vibe and and he has a whole different job. Ally, but it's all rooted in in progress. Uh, moving forward, maximizing, every moment, every all your time. He's very big On Em. Don't waste my time. That's why I tell you. Like you literally will book a six-hour session. We have, we have client, we have producers come in and say, yo, is this right? We leaving at 6. Yeah. 12 to 6:12 p.m. to 6, p.m. we're not doing late night. We're not doing any I'm getting in. We're we're working and I'm getting out and that's how he works and directory. So it's like make big records and so in a record label now he he he puts the pressure on on the new artists that he has because they're not used to working like that. Yeah he'll get in there and knock out three records and these guys are still working on the first one came in. And what I'll tell you is even it's kind of like back up and just talk about that a little bit, you know. I come from where Ross, me and Ross. That procedure is a very meticulous very time. Assuming we'll sit on a song for so long and even like the the lyrics are probably Rewritten already but we'll still be molding. The record what? We're talking sound effects, we're talking about breakdowns, we're talking about this. Well, she's more like I'm I'm going to knock it out, do your thing and and let's work on the next one. He doesn't want to hear me do my thing. He wants to just get to the next one. We do that shit on down time. I'm I'm, I'm feeling it right now, I'm feeling productive. Let's get the next record out, and then, and we can take that extra time later for you to mix and make my voice sound amazing and, and, you know, do all that shit. But he's, he's Rogue. Let's, let's get, let's get, let's be productive constant and none of them are wrong. None of them are right off. It's just how you get to the end goal. And so that, that's a learning experience itself for me where I came from, you, you just seated, it can be, whatever works for your birth. And you know, exactly. Exactly. So, you know, and then that's what I only I do. Now, especially, now in my I just learned, man, you're constantly learning. If you don't think, if you think, you know it all, you're, you know, you're on down something because you're only destroying yourself slowly without yourself even knowing, you know, complacency is a killer when you just think you got it. And you know so I'm constantly still to this day man. I listen to everything. You know whenever there's a new song out or new album out, you know, I I jog I bike ride and I just pop in the song and I just pop in the album. I listened to the whole thing down and just to see what they're doing and there's tidbits and stuff there. And then there's not that, I listen to and there's a lot of my My peers that I listen to, I'm a big fan of, you know, mixed by Ali. My my my boss. He bought the death row Studio. Yes, yeah, yeah. Shut up on a cruise, which is a mix engineer. He's a lot of people, mistaking us, we call each other cousin cuz everybody thinks we look alike wage and he, you know, him when is it? There's only about there's a handful of Engineers that really got shot it out. And so he's, when he got shot it out, you know, me, turn me up Chrome. That's like a big became big, you know, way bigger than, that's an engineer. He makes, you know, that was on the end of the phone asked me because he's dead. Top of the record turned out. Like, you know, I definitely, I definitely lean on him. I listen to what he's doing James, Rose Road, do plz, Ty, Dolla, sign's, engineer. I listen to what he's doing and then there's the big boys, you know, like Mike Dean is, is a living legend, man, whenever he's doing anything with. Travis Scott, or or off, he just did, you know, he does all the Kanye stuff he made. I need did that run about two years ago where they like everybody released the project, Kanye Nas, Pusha T Teyana, Taylor age, you know, ya know when he just kind of did that back-to-back. Every month type of thing, you know, might be mixed and mastered all of that and he produced on it. So my game is somebody that like whenever whenever Mike's doing I'm listening I just definitely Savant man he's he's different yeah questions on the gear side job. I remember, we were talking about audio Escape. Remember in in March? What what's your gear at your home studio? Well, I got a bunch of I got a bunch of stuff. I'm I got like a hybrid set up here. So I'm running off a laptop right now. I think I'm going to move to a desktop though cuz I'll be pushing this thing pretty tough. But I got a, I got a liquid Aurora in as my interface. I really like, um, I I had moved up from a Pro Tools. Down was that HD Omni which was a Workhorse and I did some amazing stuff on that thing. But I mean, the jumping sound quality up to the links Aurora has been amazing. I got a run everything through this. What is that? That's 5059 Nev satellite line mixer off the master bus processor. Also by need the Portico Master Plus processor know. Okay, is it all like it's digital and on? All right. We'll all of that's actually all on edge a log, that's all Eminem. So I just got to kind of like really I got it now that I set it in for getting kind of thing. Well I just kind of I just want to send it through the Transformers and get that feel. I just want to kind of push the Transformers a little bit. Give me off some of the analog you know warmth. Yeah. Sometimes I mean a lot of people don't even hear it I don't even know sometimes if I hear it just get it. Now it's at this point it's just Susan. It just I love when I run my shit. Thoughts are just gives me this. Look it's still so I'm doing this you know. Well they feel it comes out the speaker I put that my drums through there. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Like the SS else. Type type G compressor. So I put my home worth it. I think so. I love it, man. Honestly, it sounds great. It sounds great dual motor. You can send the motor in serious ago. I believe. So I never really pushed it to do that. I know some of them do, I'm not sure if audio Escape does it, I know I think, I think the other dude doesn't he does the custom Choice? Forgot their names. But they're they take so long to build those. I forgot their name stamp Stampy Stampy, I think. Stam audio does a dual monitor or does it even if it does? I don't really need it for that. I really don't that's around. I mean, I want to get a patchbay but I don't have one right now. So I am just have a kind of like on an in-and-out kind of thing. I either have it in or I have it out. I don't you know it's going to go on my stereo it's going to go my drum bus or sometimes I don't use it at all and that's pretty much about it. After that I got, you know all the lug and I got a bunch of shit and plug in along like that. At the end of the day man, you know I really try not to base it too. Heavy on on the gear too much. You know I think my career I think wage I I kind of grew on my career because of again, with Ross it was kind of like, can you or can't you and if you can't, then I'll find somebody that can. So I was never going to say I can walk, you know what I mean? So, whatever the room looked like or sounded like, or whatever, plugins they had, that's what we're working with. And I kind of, I kind of I kind of go by that. Now, I mean obviously the bigger bigger clients that there's a budget, then I definitely want, you know, some sort of like Mike selection pre pre amps and stuff like that. But besides that man, this is hip hop man. It's supposed to be grimy. It's supposed to you know, especially the shit I do. I do trapshit I do shrimp shit as murderers and Drug deals. Going on any kind of do some food clean after you. Do you record those drum machines through analog or they're all like, maybe stuff? Well, you know, nowadays, you know, they do it in the computer and they just send me the files. Oh, they just send you away. Yeah, now I just get the files dumped out, you know? Haven't man, I haven't tracked out instruments and Pac-Man. I remember back in the day when we were still doing NPC's and and empty code and and I had to run each sound through, you know, we would do a 8, we would, you know, we had a breakout from the MPC were eight eight outputs. So we do 8:00 8:00 at a time and I will bring in and kind of bring them in and get their levels, right? And EQ them on the way in through the SSL. But now I do, I do after the fact anyway, I still treated like a, you know, I still treat them and I I'll add Distortion. I'll kind of try and give it a analog, feel some Lo-Fi, just to maybe they hate a wait, a little buzz to it, it gets a little more tangible. So it still has that. That handle log feel. You know, cuz I hate when it just to clean. It sounds weird to me log. No wow. Merry digital. Yeah. Well, thank you so much. So was that you're going nowhere? I got I just got to know what you'll find you and all that type of thing. I mean, currently, well I just put out, I mean I'm working on a bunch of stuff so anything 10:17 right now I'm doing we just did you know I did the last? I don't know, seven eight Gucci albums and then I did. I think the last I think we've done three compilation projects with his new, you know, label with which is made up of do from Atlanta named fujian own know, another two guys from Memphis big scar and push iced tea, which pushed size. These is really, man, I was just at the club and they just play out all the pool strikes and stuff and they play a lot of food to then. We got them girls which the the so I see girls which is love and chanting. In case today we also got a and they're if they're from Houston, I think one is from Houston. Both in Texas. I don't want to miss home from Dallas was from Houston. I don't, they take that shift serious on a website working with them and then, I just finished a couple of projects with a cat and a little loaded, which is signed to sneak a peek records, which he's got a major buzz, you know, it's different man. I I would be lying if I told you guys. I knew I understand that scene as much as you think I am. Good. As far as the young kids, go. Yeah, I literally was working on this kid man and then the A&R had to send me the numbers to say, hey man, look just the song you mix and it's like two million, you know, streams I thought. Wow, this kid is oh, this is real deal news like yeah, this is all his songs as long as there's two million and up another. Wow, so I found out this kid was like a big thing. Like, you know, any brand new his name is little loaded. Thank you. I forgot what he's from but him I just put out two projects on him. I'm working. I'm currently I just put out another project on Tavia a couple of months ago and I'm working on the next one. Well, I think I got some stuff coming out with Zoey Dollaz. And it just kind of does it stop by? And then I have a lot of one-offs by like just catch that don't have any representation, but find me on Instagram and stuff like that, that you know, I do a record form and then they'll come back and say, hey man, that robbed, you know, it's out of here, man. We're doing a whole project. So I got a lot of those in the works. Where and then now, I don't know if you guys. I'm sure you guys have heard of clubhouse. Oh yeah, course, I've been on clubhouse. And I will do like, you know, I'll talk on there and I've met a lot of upcoming artists that are potentially. I'll be working with this year coming up. I'm always, you know, like falling off miles. Yeah. Yeah. I've been kind of. I took a step back though. It sit there man is addicted. Man. You'll be on there like 8. I know, I know people, I see a bunch of time like well off the rumor. Yeah, no they don't leave a stay there. It's crazy twelve hours, man. I did it one night. I did literally, I did almost wage. Our hours on there cuz Doug E fresh was on there and eat right now. Doug E, fresh is the one of my hip hop superhero girls. Yeah, yeah. So that's what I got moving forward, you know, my company Spectrum Theory, I have a website. The Spectrum theory.com people can find me on Instagram Twitter and I think Snapchat is all the same. It's at 6305 South you know and then you definitely can get a flavor for what I'm doing. Cuz I I treat ideas like my business card. I just kind of put whatever I got going on on there. Okay. Yeah, it's pretty consistent current month on those links in the summer, I totally skipped over, you know, working with Megan. You know we're we're I think we got three Grammy nominations for Savage right now so I thought that was how old is that? Yeah I kind of told me the stallion to yes. Yep. Like the hottest song of 2020 and a pandemic. I am showing you that. Yeah, cuz I meant to be like, oh yeah. But hey you know we're listening on studio monitors. Oh hey kid, jumps out the freezer Productions, you know, comes from, you know, he did all the big parties, the voting like that. So yeah. That was the, I was at that in that and and you know, not to get too long-winded on it cuz we're already but I'm a j already. Like I told you, me and me and Gucci had this organic thing going on and we brought in Jay White because really the label brought him in because he this the hot guy. And so, we brought him in in men. I remember that day, Gucci didn't show up that day. I forgot what happened. He did. So it was just me Jason in the room and we just organically kind of just became buddies man. And then when Gucci came in the next day and we all worked together we knocked out like five, records, five, six records. And we we had some kind. That's a good. Just a different. Like I don't know, energy amongst and so I had recorded Megan on a Gucci feature and she was real hesitant, she didn't want to work with me per se. She, she had her own person so she did not know how the process was going to go with a new guy and, you know, we all assured her, you know, hey, I kind of know what I'm doing. It's okay, it'd be. All right, so we got through and she loved it, she had a great experience. Then the next time she came to Miami, they called me and requested me. Hey, we're going to be in Miami. Would you be available to record Megan? You know, she wants to work with young so I was like cool. Oh that's great. You know we hit it off and and and I think about Megan, Megan at that combination of Meghan me and Jay. It was. So that's some of the most fun I've had in a session but we had a lot of fun. We, we talked a lot, we we bonded on just a personal level, just being just, we would like similar things, you know, what's on t and just music and stuff like that. And we just laughed a lot, definitely drank a lot. She likes to, what do we we drive the boat off for the liquor in your mouth? And yeah man we we did Savage and I mean again that's kind of like That's my that's that's my second BMF. Yeah, that makes sense. Oh yeah, totally. That thing ripped off home. Well, no, well, they kind of politics, man. I mean, basically, it sounds the same, but I didn't technically mix it. I didn't wasn't the final hands on it. They gave Jason Joshua, but if you listen to my room in my, my rough mix in his mix, is similar to the point where J even called me and didn't know the difference. And told me that, you know, he thought everybody, I mixed it and then I had to call the label and say, hey was either final hands on this, and I'm like, oh no, we sent it to Jim Jason, but, you know, there's minor things, but it's, it is what it is. I wish Thursday, it's one of those. It's something as minor as that. That just takes it, even that much higher, but I'm still very proud of it because of being in the room and actually being there, when it was actually accepted, you know, basically dead. X is my, it's he pretty much ran off of my scratch had their, yeah, I had the outline for it and he, it's kind of like we we call I kind of say, like Iran, Iran, the football down ninety, nine yards, then the lateral? Yeah, he called in on the next play to stumble into the envelope. You know what I mean? Value package? You know, I'm taking that away from j, a monster heavy hitter, but I gave it, that was a layup. They but, but, and I actually had just talked to. I texted you make an offer for New Year's and we talked about it a little bit, just like she was, we talked about men and, you know, just get these Grammys and, you know, do it again and off and that's yeah, do. Hey, wake you so much Eddie I can definitely get you. A shitload of content off. Like a three-part. You want to do it? So I appreciate you for letting me ramble. I know the crime and all those stories. I gotta stories to match you with it. So we won't we were all out here grinding and I'm just so happy you know wash it and it worked out and you know, sticking with it. Yeah. We've all had those. She's mentioned those moments of like what, you know, an awful, but you just but, you know, it's so funny at those last moments. It's always that Sparkles spark. Yeah, I don't know. This is And then it happened were also you know, Gucci Mane, you know, just like right when you were like, I don't know man. That's when I tell you man, several several times man, it's it's all the brink of like and then it happened. So, you know. And that's and that's the kind of stuff that all you can do as an individual's, be prepared, prepare yourself, sometimes you don't what you're preparing yourself for home and sometimes it just be in keeping a positive mental attitude, staying healthy, and staying driven and and, and the, the opportunity to present themselves. And if you have a clear mind and, you know, I look forward and then, you know what to do with those opportunities when they come. It's it's not even about just being a great engineer or a great. It's just being over over all just mind body and soul trying to keep that together to be able to you know, receive your blessings, you know, and so situations. Cuz there's been so many times man, where like I like you we talked about what you just said, where it's like I'm really like on Thurs Last bit of anything, as nickel your lights off, your nerves wage, crazy. What are you and nothing less than biblical man. Like the guy opens up in the sun, the Sun Shines on you and last minute. Yeah, damn man. I'm ready. And that's all I'm saying. It's ready. And of course it right, at the end of the day, hundred percent. I mean, I like every album I would say, you know, you go crazy, you freaked out cuz you're trying to meet deadlines. And there's those moments even in there even though I love what I do. Like I'm still like all my or but when the album comes out and you get that reaction from the fans, it always reminds you of, this is why I do it Thursday. This is that's something that I don't get from anything else. Yeah, I was, I was always glad to be on the last part of it which is live when you de-seed a people enjoy it off. Is that? Yeah man. See, that's beautiful man. I hear people saying I've been waiting for this all to see what we do. You know, doesn't say here, what you've got, you know, a year ago, few years ago and then we get to bring it home live and a solution. You know, I respect you guys on a whole nother level cuz the month. And that's that's another type of chaos, man. Oh yeah. Oh yeah, that live game is its own little picture on your knees just like the, the studio game trying to get into it. But, you know, you just we just kept after it just like you. So I'm just glad that we can have these conversations eighteen years later, a beautiful thing man. I'll be twenty next year. Yeah. Twenty that we graduated yeah, it'll be twenty W birth. We made though. I know. Yeah, his knife goes on First Class. The day before my birthday August two thousand. One was our first. Like, so yeah. Twenty years. Can you believe it this yes. I'm just doing it cuz there's a lot of people claim that, you know, of other people that was in our class and then it's it's only a half filled the hand rule. Yeah. But I can still talk to about what we're doing and being an industry is a god. Everyday has been several times. I've been in, I've been in Dubai and I literally say music got me into music. I mean how do I say never I would have never, I've achieved things that I've I didn't even imagine for myself, you know. On that said, I gotta put that in in God's hands, man. Cuz Yeah, I would not even have, I would have never even wished this for myself, you know? So I just believed and just, you know, hey they just reward and that's what I try and all that money, that and that's the ultimate satisfaction. It's not even about being happy. It's a satisfaction that I mean just know that I get through when I know that ninety over ninety percent weight so that's like an ultimate satisfaction. I mean I would have been me and Ross would have conversations cuz you know again he was still coming up in the office so we kind of came up together at the wrong, the same time, you know? And so there was a lot of, you know, you know, other rappers other acts on the on that scene that you know, all faded out, you know, and we thought were do. I mean we would have conversations, you know, we'd sit around my man, whatever happened to so-and-so man, he was dope and it just, you know, that's why, you know, there's there's a lot of, okay, yep. Own your own grind and your own, you know, and you're going to make this work. But then there's a lot of other shit you can't explain because it's just some of us made it through and some of us didn't cuz there's you know, there's real life situations some place like, hey, oh, you know, so-and-so got into a car accident, you know, fell off or his mom died or there was something that just happened to them that they couldn't pursue this. So somehow someway, you know, how long I've sacrificed everything but always everything. Yeah. With with enough energy to still push through and still, you know, make it past and Thrive and to be able to say that I haven't had a job in eighteen years. You know what I mean? Like, I pay all my rent. Everything is paid for by the studio. You know what I mean? My my son goes to college cuz of music. Yeah, so there's things are man. Like I said, I got a beautiful balcony and a cool View and I was out there this morning. You know, I go out there every day and just cut off. Like meditate and and really, you know, it'd be thankful but also it's kind of like a refocusing cuz sometimes, you know, I remind myself, I've still let you know drill sergeant in my head that my dad was home a man. You like this shit. You want to keep this shit, you gotta work. So I work after I do that after every time I enjoy it and get all, you know, caught up in a moment then I really I really don't want to back in and hey rents doing in the next month motherfuking and go on mix these records so long as much as many times I have I have buddies at that you know they they'll ask me stuff about that like you know they'll I'm always happy to talk about the stuff I've worked on and I got buddies that are like die hard. Like my my aunt which she's like my little sister so it sounds weird. I say my aunt but her man is like a Teflon Dan, I don't look like dog. Like cult, like, like we were just at a, at a Christmas dinner or whatever. And, you know, he still every time he sees me wants another tidbit about 10 a.m. except for on dawn. Again, we're off says that she did. You know what he was. Meaning like that was the energy in the room when he was saying it. So and, you know, in in, he's so Gaston it off and it has, he's like, man, I can't believe you just so calm about that and like the thing about it with this industry, you know, it's always kind of like what's the next project, you know, like I told you with the ludicrous thing, when I learned how that business-to-business works, you can get an Accolade, but the Accolade is is fleeting man. Everybody's moving forward by the time that activated, by the time that album comes out. You're, you're already you you want to be at least three more projects suck. Yeah. You don't want to have just be put, put out a project and wait for it and then start a nah. We we were simultaneously by the time. I was finishing mixing this album. I was already missing another project. I don't want any down time, so I don't like to bask in it too long every once awhile, you know, I think now I appreciate these accolades a little more because he cuz, you know, I do look at the plaques and stuff and I got my grammy Noms on the, on the, on the wall and stuff. We didn't even talk about a purple Lamborghini either which that was nominated for. Oh yeah. I thought that was the Batman sound that was yeah, that was for the suicide squad which was yeah, and all that. Yeah and Skrillex. Skrillex Skrillex was pretty cool with it. Tastes. I remember a van. Oh yeah, right. Yeah. Yeah. He's funny, he's off and Megan b day but yet. So, you know, just basically what I was saying was like, you know you can't let you know you you enjoy, but you keep moving. That's just the game. That's just how the billing works. You know, birth. I can't I can't feed my kid from from about you know when an Accolade from ten years ago. I mean there's residuals but that's not enough. You gotta keep. Yeah, I'm going. You want to keep building. Well lost told me to was he's like, you know, you know, I think a lot of millionaires say when they said kind of, it's kind of on the same feeling of your first million as the the hardest jobs and the point because the point is, is once you figure out how to make it, oh this is the game. Oh this is it to do is keep on doing this and I can keep continue to to make this I can keep building a growing this and once you kind of learn that that work ethic then and and you can ingrain it in yourself and make it become habit where you know, you're always getting up. I have a saying that I thought to myself all the time which is not really the same basis. The question is basically what else can, what else can I be doing? And usually, this is the question, I ask myself when Let's say I finish a project and I'm done. That's when I say, what else can I be doing? What else is there? That isn't being done yet. You know, and I'll write a whole new list out of things that need to be done. And I'll start checking that list off cuz technically, especially at this age and it's in in this point in our careers we're technically never, we never don't have anything to do. There's something else we could be doing, there's always an, even if you check off all your work list, you could be doing more for yourself healthy, right? You could be working out, you could be eating, right? You could be reading more. There's, there's, there's so many things that you can continuously push yourself to progress further. That's not just work-related. It's also about, you know, like I said before, mind body and soul, you know, you know, the thing about this industry to between your family and work. There's always, I've always been fighting for balance, I'm a Libra. So it said my nature you know where I'm always looking for balance off. I I did find the time when I was kind of I don't know falling into a depression a little bit but I kind of really I was just working so much where I was, neglecting my health. Yeah I think family time and stuff like that. So I caught it and I started to work on it and I started jogging because of that and it was like a, it worked out in two ways. Well, it was like a meditation for me, but it was also something good for my health and so I still do that now where I'll be mixing all day, but then I'll take a jog break. I'll take a bike ride so I can get that. Get that physical. Get my, my my my, my actual fluids flowing oxygen through my body and and, and beautiful, Miami Heat off. But yeah, just getting that outside air to turn on yourself end up in front of computers. But yes hours on end and it's harder to write and then you just log. Your volume doing what you wanted to do or the mix isn't coming together. It's a good way to just break away from business and and I actually recommend this to people that aren't even in the industry, just people in general human beings. Like, remember to remember your health remember to go outside and kind of just connect with with the Earth basically, with with the natural kind of order through, you know, get that sun on your face, get that vitamin D and, you know, so I'm I'm big on that. I think that's helped me in my career getting this far is I've actually had one of my buddies off task because it's how he neglected his health so bad. He was a Futures engineer gentleman by the name of Seth Firkins. He's a Full Sail grad. Also, he passed, he was overweight and a phone number when he passed. It kind of really pushed me even that much deeper into trying to keep my maintain my health. Because it just was a reminder of You know, how easy, you know, we were just hanging out and, you know, he passed and stuff and I knew he was not in good health and, you know, he was smoking. It was, it was all this stuff. So even now even me, I try not, I've thought all that stuff down to a minimum, you know, because I like I think I've learned to like the feeling of waking up bright and and attacking the day and having earlier days not waking up too late song. Yeah. So all of that is is is stuff that people don't talk about as much, but it's so important to to what we need to a full career and not just like, you know, a couple a couple of years in and oh yeah, I used to. Yeah, I used to run live sound over there. Oh yeah. I got a gold record one time. Yeah. No I really making this a living and because that's what it is. It's a lifestyle. And I, I am so young cats. Now, I say cuz this is something I had to realize is the day. You realize that this is not a job and this is a lifestyle, is the beginning of what might be dead. A career for you cuz I mean it doesn't mean you're going to make it. But that's one of the first realizations you have to have is that this is a lifestyle. This is going to be this is going to consume you off every even when you're doing something else. I don't care if Jingle Bells plays, I'm listening to the mix. I'm like, wow, you know, you know just shit like that literally, while this during Christmas time I listening in the old mixes and Frank Sinatra and I can't help, but listen and study and and, and I can do this weird thing where like after like sometimes do a give like a precursor to to whoever's writing, especially if they ever wrote me. Like, sometimes I'll be on a date and I have to explain. Hey, man, sometimes cuz I'll do it. And I won't know I'm doing it and I say, hey, sometimes when the song comes on, I kind of like get quiet down zero in on this thing cuz it's something just happened. That it's got my attention, so I'm not, I'm not letting wrong with me to happen in mind that I'm always home. Trying to learn listening, it's a lifestyle, you know, you know, even when I first started, you know, I would remember telling my missus at the time like, you know, oh, I'll be home at 8 and you know, they're you know, and then it'll be all around or two more hours but we're wrapping up and then all of a sudden you know, 3 in the morning. They're they're pissed at me and then I got to a point where I remember, I have a session, I'm not planning anything on that day. Yeah, I can't keep stressing myself out. And again, that's when your bridging that, what I what I like I told you the the Civilized world and then the Matrix where I'm I'm in The Matrix but I'm telling them hey I'll be back out there, you know to do that with you? Okay, yeah the Matrix time doesn't doesn't, there is no time in The Matrix. There is no time. It's just you know you got you know, the the civilians go by a Time. In The Matrix menu. You know, you, you can, you, can you look up and it's another day and it's like, what the hell just happened, you know? So, you know, it's so much, so much stuff that you learn by truck in there. And there's only so much I could say where people won't understand, unless they really delve that deep, you know, and you keep learning more and more of the, the, the further you go in. And it's funny cuz it's so complicated that it getting a simple but then, it's so simple that it's complicated. Yeah, it's hard to clean it. So, it just is what it is. So like, even sometimes people tell me, hey man, you gotta get out, man. It's not all about work and I'm like, well, cuz I think I'm always stressed out. I'm like, I'm not I enjoy what I do. I do need to go out. I do tell myself a man like this year, I told myself, I'm going to go out. I'm going to go and hang out, but I'm so cool with especially cuz I have a studio in my home so like, you know, you know, I can be in my boxes in cereal, mix dog. Record and, you know, man, if you don't tell me that, you know, that that was my dream, 18 years ago. So I'm doing it. And now you're going to tell me that, hey, man, down to take it easy. Like we were mean, this is an easy I grind. I went, man, I was really stressed out. Ten years ago, ugly, and I don't want to go nowhere, man. I like it here. Exactly. You know, what your lights on and all that type of stuff. So water you don't have internet is and I actually am actually give praise for that. And it's so blessed, man. I remember them days, man. And I know it's another one when I get stressed out, I coined these little phrases from time to time and one of them is good problems, where I'll be stressed out, and I'll be freaking out and I'll be pissed and deadlines and all this is going on. And then I like woo style type shyt. And I say he's a good problem. Yeah, good job. It's a good problem with Rick Ross wants me to be at his, you know, multi-million-dollar mansion and he just he wants me with him all the time. So my multimillion-dollar friend wants me to hang out and record music with him that gets played all over the world. That's a good problem. Best possible. Quality is no one. Do we have to do this thing? It like he's like, oh no, that's better when they let me know, tell me what, what? We need to get out by, not having that nickel-and-dime clients, too. Is just like, that's a whole nother aspect to it. Just thought I'd like that. So, and then on just on a life serious, you know, bad problem is them lights, how am I going to pay these license much? How am I thought? You know you know I got an eviction note on my, on my my door, I'm hiding from the landlord like I've been through them. So you know, those are bad problems. So let's see it like dog. I get stressed about this. What is arguing with Atlantic Records? Because of a discrepancy on one of my invoices. Like I mean it's business and I'm going to be on top of them but I'm not going to live my life isn't I'm not you know this is the shit that you know every time I get a check from when these major labels and I see the universal like logo or I see you know Warner Brothers logo you know Atlantic wage and it's it is a dream and I can't believe it. I save them all just because I look at them sometimes look at that. Look at Warner Brothers means I got a check from Warner Brothers music. I've been seeing that logo since I was a kid, man. I remember the first time in the Def Jam man and my first album I ever bought that I bought with my own money was Beastie Boys, that Jim records man. The first time I ever Walking Dead and it was all business and I was stressed out but man, I did, I definitely took a true setlist like that logo and say, wow, I'm fucking here. I Def Jam records, man. So dead. Those are good problems to be stressed out because Def Jam is tripping like this. Sometimes you gotta hear yourself. Yeah. Yeah. You're you are, you, you're, you're complaining right now because of, you know, you're interacting with Def Jam. There was a time when you didn't even know how to get in contact with. So you know, you take all of that wage, you know. And you and you understand the blessings of the whole of on the whole. You know. And so it's getting to the good girl should be the name. I know this fine you so much and the Saints training so much of your Insight and Page her knee cuz woo, I know we all know that and it's pretty much the same Journeys, funny enough. But, you know, it's all about not giving up and that's all we we did. It was just just write knowing no matter what and Lord knows we've been like, why did he quit? He's a bomb ass engineer. It's been a lot of engineering, like, why aren't you ever been to like New York? I like go to a bigger city and, you know, to just push themselves today. Next Level, even though they work at the level. Yeah, so for us to just keep putting them out there and and you know putting ourselves out there and you know for the almost twenty years now, I cheers to you and I can't walk past with you. And yeah this is what it's all about man hundred percent. You know and we we all deserve a pat on our back you know just but just for that cuz like dead. A lot of this goes like, you know, I'm you know, I'm kind of on that tangent now where I'm, it's all on on that on that aspect of it doesn't matter what the industry you're in. You know, this is a more of a personal, you know, money driven thing within all of us that are in this industry you know. And and we all deserve a a pattern are back for not giving up for having that drive for having that Vision, you know, with with, with support or not support. Even I talk about that group of people where even when you have support you still gotta do it yourself. You know, when you got somebody on the phone and say, hey we believe in you, you know, you're talented this and that when you hang up the phone still by yourself. When you get in front of that console, you're by yourself. Your mom. Can't do it for you. You whoever, whoever loves you and said, baby, you the best and you're so smart. These people honestly kind of want to see you fail. They already know. They ain't happy with. You don't know you. I don't know you. I usually got my usual guy. And yeah. And and your name is all on you. And you gotta, you know, you gotta show out and you know, it's like we got Battle Scars, you know. Like we're all like, we've been to war. We've been in the trenches. Yeah. But, you know, you know, it's a mutual respect man. I use this analogy where it's like, we're all in the ocean, you know? And some people, you know, we're all like floating, and it's kind of, like, you look around every once awhile, you're still here, you know, and like, they're not there anymore. Yeah. Right. They're gone. And even if either, they gave up and they stopped, they stopped reading walk or maybe a shark got him. But whatever the scenario was there, not there no more in that in that and and that, that class of people is a small once you start getting up off Ten years, honestly. Yeah. That last that long exactly all of us, man. I I don't, I don't big my name for penny more than even when I see a young up-and-coming engineer. I give him a lot of respect because he's about to, you know, build his own. He's going to create a package. That is not going to be an easy one and I try and give them as much respect as I give any engineer. You know. Obviously, they don't know as much but just when I I can see when they got it, they got the money for it and they got the passion for it. And I got to give them equally as much respect as anybody else just because men, you know, this is a motherfuking year about to walk into, you're going to get beat up. You're going to be this guy's like the Rocky movies, ever seen, rocky rocky every round is somehow last minute, you know, you got the eye of the tiger and yep. Any Wind by like beating the guy by one count, he gets up right before the other guy does. And frankly natural-looking gig damn month, we do that beat up and somehow he, you know, limp out this motherfucker and then we'll tell you, hey, good job kid. We're going to you know we want to you up some more tomorrow. Like, all right. Cuz I mean it was what do you need me to get access that so you always remember those hard times too. So yeah, yeah. Again I know you guys keep trying to let me go. So I'm going to let you know more and I'm so glad if it again this happened wage and so many gems. Thank you so much. Wow. Now is this the first podcast of 20 21? Yes it is. Yes, yep. Well, I'm glad to start off the Year. Yes! Yes, thank you so much and I happy New Year to you, and I wish I wish the company, all the best. Thank you to everyone, listen. And and learning from just, you know, people that's down here right now not doing it right now, as we speak bangers, that we all here, whether you in New York, La Miami, you know, all over the world. Yes, Europe. Everywhere you out here. And I'm so so glad that I was in on this from the beginning that we saw each others paths. And that way, you know, this is what I hoped would happen when I went to Full Sail is, you know, getting to know my face and Colin in my brothers and sisters, which I feel like you are like home If we, we've seen each other in so many aspects of their. So, yeah you guys, you just got a really great show that you'll be able to dissect but engineer, cuz I'm definitely going to re-share this to like, hey, audio student and stuff like that, because I really need to hear the other side. Not just, the tape, that's great, but they handle people deal with people. That's a whole nother aspect to them, they know. Yeah, I'd say, know, all the stuff that we just went through. Yeah, definitely. Yeah. So long, you know, check us out on iTunes Spotify, iHeartRadio all the good stuff. Tell the friend that you get in the real shit here, on what happens on certain beginning wages, the art of Music takes, so from makes Dennis and myself, phele, let's go, there's no lights and yep. For more information of booking 23-day B Productions, visit our website at 23gb Productions, like and follow twenty-three doobie Productions and Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter for the latest world.

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Michael Pollan  This Is Your Mind on Plants (#520)

The Tim Ferriss Show

2:02:02 hr | 4 months ago

Michael Pollan This Is Your Mind on Plants (#520)

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It's easy it's fundamental and it always puts me in a better space so i'm going through the basics even though have meditated for years. I'm going through the basics once again. And i would suggest to anyone that they consider starting their head space. Makes it easy for you to build a life. Changing meditation practice with mindfulness. That works for you on your schedule. Anytime anywhere we all want to feel happier. We all want more peace and hit space. Is meditation made simple. Go ahead space dot com slash tim. That's head space. Dot com slash. Tim for a free one-month trial with access to head spaces full library of meditations for every conceivable possible situation. You can break glass in case of emergency and almost any situation and find something on head space. This is the best deal offered right now for head space so check it out. Good head space. Dot com slash. Tim today altitude. I can run flat out for a while before my hands. Start shaking question now. I'm a cybernetic organism. Living tissue over metal boys and girls ladies germs. This is tim ferriss. Welcome to another episode of the tim. Ferriss show and my guest. Today is one of my favorite guests. Michael palin you know him on twitter at michael pollen. Po l. l. a. n. He is the author of eight books including how to change your mind which has changed many minds. Indeed cooked food rules in defensive food. The omnivores dilemma. And the botany of desire all of which were new york times bestsellers a longtime contributor to the new york times magazine. Pollen teaches writing at harvard university and the university of california berkeley in two thousand ten time magazine named him. One of the one hundred most influential people in the world. His newest book is this. Is your mind on plants. He could find him. At michael pollen dot com on twitter and instagram at michael pollen at michael dot pollen respectively. Michael welcome back to the show. Thank you tim. Good to be back. I thought we would begin in the beginning. Go back to the archives. And i came across something titled my to gardens. And i'd like to ask you about your first garden or childhood garden since that will be. I think a great launching point for many many topics in our conversation. Yeah well gardening is really the germ of all my work. It's funny The the piece you're alluding to appeared in forbes but it was an adaptation from my first book a second nature a gardener's education and this came out ninety one and it was really the story of my learning how to garden which was also the story of my learning how to think about nature and my engagement with the natural world garden. As a little kid. I had a garden when i was eight years old. I called it a farm and it was right along the the edge of my parents suburban tract house on long island. And anytime i could. I had a kid across the street. Who would do the heavy labor for me. He was always happy to and i told them. And and i would do the planting and If i could grow two or three strawberries. At i put him in a dixie cup and sell them to my mother so as a business to but my love of gardening came from my grandfather. My maternal grandfather who is a russian immigrant who had come here to escape conscription. Basically in czarist. Russia came in nineteen seventeen. He started out selling potatoes from a horse-drawn cart on long island and gradually got into the produce business and became a wholesaler and then started buying farms the farms of the farmers. He knew who wanted to get out of the business on long island. Turn those into shopping centers. It was a classic story but he never lost his love of produce. You know he grew in his garden. It was huge. I mean there were just two of them and they grew enough to have a farm stand and i loved working in his garden and i loved harvesting more than anything and i didn't have much in common with him except this in fact we didn't get along that well through the teenage years. He thought i was too much of a hippy. And my hair was too long and he really was kind of a right wing guy but in the garden we really connected and that experience of growing something and then actually creating something of value that you could eat or sell in my case to my mother was was just so gratifying and there began my love of plants and so this first book was an attempt to look at what what i was learning in the garden and i was making a lot of mistakes i got into a a war with a woodchuck and in fact that was the first essay i wrote about this woodchuck. I planted my seedlings one spring we had bought. We bought a house in cornwall connecticut. When i was thirty. I guess and i started gardening on the weekends. There and every time i planted this woodchuck would emerge from his borough and wipe out everything on planet. So i went to war. I mean i. I found his his borough. I did a lot of research. I understood that i found that. They're actually even though they look like slobs. If you've ever seen a witch or groundhog same thing they're fat and they can barely see they kind of toodle around with their belly. You know scraping the ground But they're they're they're clean. They're obsessed about cleanliness. And so i. I poured molasses in creosote down their whole. And 'cause i found the the whole in thinking that they would be disgusted and move away but they just dug a new ho- right next to it and i- escalated this war. if he's lying caddyshack it was a lot like caddyshack. When that movie came out. I identified completely with bill murray but i got into this escalating series of steps. I got angrier and angrier. That you know here i was the more evolved creature with the bigger brain being thwarted by this idiotic. You know rodent. I don't know if the rodents. But i thought it was a road so it was my vietnam basically and i kept getting in deeper and deeper and deeper at one point. I was driving along the road nearby. And i found a flattened would chuck on the side of the street and i had an idea and i got a piece of cardboard and i scooped the the road kill onto the cardboard brought it home. Shoved it into the whole thinking. This would send a message. You know as kind of like don corleone you know with the horses in the godfather didn't work. I was finally reduced to pouring half a gallon of gasoline. Down the borough and lighting a match and throwing that in there. And i and i poured the gasoline down. I know people think of me as an environmentalist writer and And i and. I just gave some time for the gasoline to go through all the different rooms and i had an image in my head because they have all these different rooms. They have a latrine. Have food room. They have these elaborate burrows then. I threw a match. And i never took physics in college. I was in english major. And i didn't realize that fire would not go away from oxygen as i wanted to go so the flames shot the other way. And there was this fountain of flames. That comes out of this hole in my garden. And i was you know almost incinerator myself thrown back and shocked into a recognition that this is not the way to deal with the natural world and what was doing was very much in sync with what our species does when we feel thwarted by nature. Which is we feel. We have the right. And we're the smarter creature. And i realized at that moment and i wrote an essay about this originally in the new york times magazine that what's happening in the garden is a microcosm of our engagement with the natural world for better and worse and in this case worse and that i could use the garden in gardening as a place to explore our relationship to nature. In general american nature writers go to the wilderness. Right they go to they go to the desert. They go to the forest. They go to places where you just stand back and look but in the garden like the farm. we have no choice but to engage. We have to act if we're going to get what we want. So how do we act. What are the ethics. What's the morality and that began this path of you know examining our relationship to other species in the garden including plants. I am gonna come back to gardening quite selfishly to ask you for some advice. Because i am planning on over the next year doing my first gardening. Now we probably don't have the scope to explore that fully in this conversation but just to plant that seed pun intended. I'm going to bet you now have some land. I do you have some land. Do yes and excellent. We're going to return to the concept of garden as microcosm very shortly. But before we do you could write on anything that you choose and this is your mind on plants. How did you arrive at this particular book because you have carte blanche you could do whatever you want. I mean it's my first love you writing about plants and my interest in psychoactive and my interest in plants. Kinda come together in this book. In botany of desire there was a chapter which is a book that looks at our the symbiotic relationship of people. Implants how they change us and we change them. And i have always been fascinated by this one weird particular use to which we put plans and this is true for most cultures probably ninety five percent of cultures around the world have some plant or fungus. They use to change consciousness to achieve transcendent experience. That's a very peculiar thing. Because if you think about it why would that be adaptive. It could be the opposite you know when we take drugs when we changed. Consciousness were more vulnerable to accident to predation. We lose a lot of our defenses. So there's a danger in changing consciousness in a radical way. Anyway yet we do it and people have always done it. The only culture that's been documented. That doesn't have a plan to change. Consciousness are the enu it in greenland because nothing good grows where they live us. The only resent that human desire has been fascinating me. Since i i grew cannabis when i was quite young so i wanted to do a deep dive into it and i wanted to look at three plants that produce important psychoactive in upper a downer and an outer as i call it so i chose caffeine. Which is we. Don't even think of that as a drug as a psychoactive as an addictive substance. But of course it is and i have it right here. I'm consuming as we speak and two of us. I'm holding up a mug of coffee. And then the other two. I chose were opium which has particular relevance now because of the opiate crisis but that is actually a piece that i wrote many many years ago at the height of the drug war and that peace is kind of horrible of the absurdity of the drug. Were that we can talk about in in more detail and then the third one. I wanted to do a psychedelic and a psychedelic. I hadn't written about and that nobody's written much about since all this huxley and that his mask on and my interest in that one grew out of all the reporting i did in the psychedelic community and asking people. What's your favorite psychedelic. And to my surprise the answer. I heard more than any other was mescaline and nobody seems to have it. Nobody seems to use it anymore. And yet it was everybody's favorite. It was the master material. Somebody told me. And i remember. I don't think i should use his name but somebody. We both know who's younger than i am saying. Why have you been hiding this from us for all these years. They hippies were hiding the best drug keeping it all themselves. Yeah so anyway. So i chose those three as representing different dimensions of our relationship to psychoactive plants and to remind people that this is part of our engagement with the natural world as much as eating as much as clothing ourselves in fibers produced by nature. We use plants to alter our minds. And how incredible is it. That plants have evolved the precise molecular key to unlock your consciousness. That's really weird. That's i think it's one of the great mysteries of nature so anyway i thought it'd be fun to write about. This book is more of a romp than the last one you know. There's i mean yes there science in history. But it's these are really personal stories of my engagement with these plants and what these plants have to teach us. So i wanted to do something that was very close to my heart and that would be enjoyable and take me back to the garp. Were there any other plants or molecules that came close as candidates but ultimately didn't make the cut. Did you consider others. Yeah i did well for second aleksey. Now i thought about writing about five emmy owed. Emt i thought about it. Of course it's not a plant. It's towed. I coulda done salvi. Am vinorum you know. There were a whole lot. But i wanted to tell me that had a really rich history that has changed the course of history and mescaline has and not just for our culture but for native american culture. We can talk more about that. So actually wasn't like when i was writing botany desire which is a portrait of four plants. That i had like ten. I could've done. And i had a settle on corn and apples and tulips in canvas. There was something that loom large about these three to me caffeine because that is really the drug. I have the deepest involvement with and was actually rolling griffith who we both know who. The psychedelic researcher at hopkins. Who you know before he started working on suicide and he was the world's leading researcher on caffeine. And i remember the first time i interviewed him. I saw these books about coffee in his in his study and i was very curious about his interest. He gave me the idea for the experiment at the heart of that piece. Which is he said. You can never understand your relationship to a drug to a psychoactive substance unless you get off it and stand back and look at it because if you're an addict he doesn't use the word addict but if you're dependent you will never see it accurately and so that was the challenge to me which is at the heart of that piece is like. Could i abstain from coffee for three months without going crazy. Losing my my livelihood as writer which i nearly we're gonna dig into all of those it strikes me that those three as you noted the three options that you chose allow you to do in a sense what you do. Best which is take these layers of the scientific philosophical the political journalistic historical and layer them properly rights. Not all candidates are created equal in that tent. No and they don't all have the they don't all have quite enough layers right. I think that's exactly right. And that is key to my method which is not to privilege any one way of analyzing something. I don't think the scientists have all the answers. I don't think the poets have all the answers. But if you multiply lenses you suddenly get the full picture. And that's what i love doing. A writer see you have many types of stories in this book. You have the fascinating hilarious. You also have as you know from my my well caffeinated texts to you at one point stories that i consider quite terrifying and i wanted to read. This is from page sixteen and seventeen. I'm just going to read a snippet. And then i wanna talk about jim. Hogg or hog shire to tell that story so this is on page sixteen in april. Two thousand sixteen article in harper's magazine legalize it. All dan baum recounted interview that he conducted with. John is at early shman or early. C'mon erlich early mid nineteen ninety-four. Erlich men as you will recall was president nixon's domestic policy adviser. He served time in federal prison for his role in watergate. Bound came to talk to ehrlichman about the drug. Were of which he was a key architect. And this is. This is one paragraph. And then we're going to hop back to you. This is a quote from early quote. You want to know what this was really all about. Ehrlichman then explained the nixon white house quote had to enemies the antiwar left and black people. This is a direct quote. We knew we couldn't make it illegal to be either against the war or black but by getting the public to associate hippies with marijuana and blacks the heroin and then criminalising both heavily we could disrupt those communities we could arrest their leaders raid their homes. Break up their meetings and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs. Of course we did and quote. That is an insane just the fact that those are spoken words. Quoted is incredible. It's all you need to know about the drug war there. It is a colonel. The real reason for the fact that had nothing to do with public health did he mention public health. Did he mentioned people suffering with addiction now or overdosing no. It was simply political. And we've known long before. Nixon that the drugs that get criminalized. They're the ones that are used by troublesome populations. I mean the reason they went after cannabis was because of mexicans and blacks who were using it and the drug war has always been about politics and there is about as blunt a revelation of that fact as you can imagine. Yeah i remember reading that and that that quote got quite a bit of publicity when it came out unfortunately bound died. I wanted to interview him about that interview and he died last spring or less fallen. I wasn't able to. But it's i think they're two things where whatever you think of the drug war it collapses when you look at them one is that looking. Nixon really starts at nineteen seventy. There are his motives. He needs to criminalize these two troublesome populations the other is the fact that while we were fighting this drug war which reaches really its peak in the clinton administration. Whatever you think about clinton his crime bill lead to mandatory minimum sentences and led to mass incarceration and the drug wars being fought with particular vigour during the ninety s. And it was all part of clinton's triangulating to the right. And this is part of the story. I tell in the in the opium chapter is that while the da and other authorities were going after small time drug dealers in an individuals even trying to grow little opium for themselves. Purdue pharma was introducing in nineteen ninety-six oxycontin and leading to eventually the opiate crisis because they marketed. Opiates so aggressively and convinced the medical establishment. That pain was being under medicated. And that this was a safer. Non addictive opiate when they knew precisely the opposite. This is come out in court cases so the biggest public health crisis during the period of the drug war involved legal drugs not illegal drugs so you know the government was looking at the wrong problem and the fda had approved oxycontin and yes many people who began with legal. Opiates like most heroin users eventually transition because they can't get access to legal. Opiates and then they transitioned to a street drugs. And then bump into things like retinol and the likelihood or possibility of overdose. But i think nothing points up the absurdity the drug war than the two things that were happening in the year nineteen ninety-six that i wrote about one of which you haven't heard about. Which is jim hogg. Shire and the other is the opioid crisis. So this is a very personal. I mean the opiate. Or i mean it really isn't naggus opiate. Opioid discussion is very personal. One for me because my best friend growing up on long island died of offended overdose. So i have first hand experienced with how easily these and this is obviously simplified. But super strength opioids can do damage. I know another person who had an accidental overdose of fennel so the sort of the extent and growth of this problem is pretty staggering. I mean at some point in the book you compare the stats kind of then. And now. and it's it's really unbelievable. And i think to jump into the microcosm to explore the macrocosm. Jim hogg shire. Could you please tell me until the listeners about jim and how he came onto your radar. Yeah so this story about growing my own opium began with an editor friends. Sending me an underground press book called opium for the masses. I was writing columns about my garden. The pieces that became second nature and my editor a fellow. Austin i named paul tough said hey. This book is like up your alley. And he sends me opium for the masses. And i read it and like this is so cool i can grow my own opium you know and like most gardeners i just wanna see if i can do it you know. I wasn't interested in consuming. Opium it just just for clarity because opium's going to sound scary to a lot of people but when you say grow opium what do you mean. Okay it does sound scary. I guess it means growing poppies papa. Vera samna from which is an annual poppy. You can buy the seeds at a garden center. You can order them online. You can scrape them off a poppy seed bagel those poppy seeds and they grow this plant. This beautiful plant with with paper thin pedals in this beautiful seed pod after the pedals fall off and this gorgeous lettuce like leaves when the pedals drop and that seed pod forms and it looks like a piece of sculpture if you slit that green skin of that seed pod with your fingernail or with a blade and wait sixty seconds. You will see this white. Latex looking sap emerge leak out of it bleed from it that is opium buren simple and it dries brown. And you can roll it off and you have opium now you need a few thousand of those pods to get a usable amount of opium if you do it that way and it takes a lot of work. And that's one of the reasons that it's grown in places with very cheap child labor who can go through fields slitting repot but it grows just as well in your garden anyway. He was explaining all this which i didn't know and he was saying a better much better way to use. It is to make a tea from the poppy seed heads and just let them dry. Put him in a coffee mill or grinder somehow and soak them in hot water. And you'll have this tea and in fact. This tea is drunk in the arab world during funerals and as a mild painkiller. You know it's not a big experience. But it's a very mild narcotic for ten on for taking the set lifting the says as. Yeah so i thought. Well you know this. I get a column out of this. This could be kind of fun. So i order some seeds. And i start communicating with hawk. Shire i got a hold of his email and asking some questions into the seeds he could spare and we're going back and forth and then suddenly i get a call from my friend paul who. I don't know how he had this information that jim has been arrested and charged with manufacturing narcotics the only evidence the police have this happens in seattle. They bust into his apartment. They bring swat team. You know twenty guys with guns and you know ninja suits and this guy is sitting there with his wife and they bussed in and throw them up against the wall. What do they get him with. He's got a bunch of dried poppies from the florist shop. Can you you've seen these flower heads in every flora shop because they look beautiful in arrangement and his book. His book proves his intent to take those poppy seeds in make a narcotic with this is where things get super crazy. I've please continue to accelerate on this so it turns out that it's perfectly legal to grow opium poppies possessed the seeds in grow the poppies unless you have knowledge that you are growing a scheduled substance in which case the same act miraculously gets turned into a federal crime of manufacturing narcotics carries a five to twenty years since so all you're listening to the millions of people no plausible deniability. They've lost it because if they You know if there's any record that they heard this podcast and they're growing opium poppies. They are at some risk. The risk was a lot greater in the nineties. The height of the drug were. I might say so. So suddenly when i hear he's been arrested in. He is in jail and his wife is in jail. I'm like oh shit. I've got this paper trail or this digital trail between him and me 'cause we're exchanging email and they. I'm sure seized his computer. Now what do i do. Do i rip these things out. And thus began the summer of like fear and loathing As i he's going through the court process and i'm trying to determine how risky my little crop of poppies are. And so i start reporting. And i start calling dea agents and the local police. And i say you know and asking them questions about so. I wanna grow some pop of our is it. Is it okay and you know they will say well. Yeah if it's just for scenery looks as one. Put it to me. And i said well what if i slip the poppy heads and he said oh. Then we'll bus down your door. And i did learn that there was this quiet. Crackdown going on. All across america led by the. Da who probably alerted by. Jim's book wanted to make sure this didn't become fat. Because the myth had been spread that you couldn't grow opium poppies in america the had to be turkey or afghanistan and that simply wasn't true. It was a cash crop for many people in the south for many years and it turns out there was this crackdown going on that. The da agents were visiting flora shops to tell them to stop carrying dried poppy. Heads they were calling seed companies telling them to remove them even though they were perfectly legal. You know it was a tense summer for me. In the end. I wrote an article about my experience in about jim hawk shire. I submitted it to harper's magazine. Who had commissioned it. It was a long piece. I had worked on it for a year. It was like fifteen thousand words. And i said to my editor luck. We have to get this peace lawyer because you know. I'm confessing to a federal crime here because i did describe not just growing opium poppies but making poppy tea and something called loudon them. Which is how opium was used in the nineteenth century. Basically you dissolve the the poppy heads in alcohol so all you do is crush them in. Put him in Vodka and that makes them much stronger. I learned from a usda ethnobotanist that. Yeah if you really wanna get a strong opium hit. Dissolve it in alcohol. Not you not water. But jim didn't include that because he's a muslim and he doesn't drink so the lawyer so they they send it to a very prominent criminal defense lawyer in the state of connecticut. And who who is they at the time. Harper's magazine publisher. I say please. We have to get this peace lawyer before we publish it. He's got a friend. Who's you know a criminal defense lawyer and bridgeport where there's a lot of crime to be defended and this guy reads. The peace drives up to our house. In cornwall my son. Who's four at the time is often daycare and the lawyer and his young associate sits down and say well. You can't publish this piece. This is a confession on the basis of this piece and nothing more they could arrest you. On charges of manufacturing narcotics and possession of narcotics. They could also take your house away under the asset forfeiture laws which are still in effect. They've been diluted somewhat but they're still in effect if a piece of property or a car is involved in the commission of drug crime. The police may sees it and the standard of proof is not beyond a reasonable doubt. It's i forget what the one there's one standard below that but it's not a very high standard so there are many cases where even though if you had a son or daughter who's growing marijuana in your backyard. Even if you didn't know about it your backyard could be guilty of a drug crime and it could be forfeited and these laws. Stand there absolutely outrageous. And so they could take your house and basically wreck your life and my wife enter like turning white. I mean first of all that we have a criminal defense lawyer in our living room. You know because some gardening crime i committed was amazing and so i thought well. That's it a year's work down the drain. I was a freelance writer. I was counting on that paycheck. When the publisher of harper's who is a a man. I'm rick macarthur very wealthy man. Who kind of keeps the magazine afloat. He's descended from the macarthur's of macarthur foundation. He's a champion of the first amendment when he hears that this lawyer has advised against publication. He is immediate responses. We need a new lawyer. And so he hires a very prominent first amendment lawyer. New york named victor kovner who represented the nation and a bunch of magazines. You know one of the big voices in that world. And victor reads the article and says in effect. You must publish this article for the good of the republic. This is what the first amendment exists for. This is this is critical commentary on the drug war and i'm like really but what about what about the jailing and the loss of my house. Eventually he says well you could make it less antagonistic to the government by removing two pieces. Two sections one is your recipe. Where you describe how you make poverty and the other is your what we would call the trip report where you describe the effects. He said this is particularly antagonistic to the government given their interests. If you take those two sections out. I think you risk is not nil but it's negligible so i still wasn't ready to publish 'cause i still heard that other lawyer in my ear so i asked rick if he would protect me. A rick mccarthy the publisher and he had victor draw up a contract. The likes of which no writer has ever seen in when she says. If you get arrested we will not only defend you. We will pay your wife a salary for the whole amount of time it takes for you to defend yourself ends and if necessary serve your sentence and if they take your house will buy you a comparable new one so i was completely indemnified but still terrify. And that's what we did and we published it and it was a cover story and Ninety seven called opium made easy and nothing happened. The peace comes out. I mean victor calculated. They wouldn't want to go after a well-funded magazine and they would look really stupid doing it. And unlike jim hawks are they left me alone. And that's because i had the protection of of you know a reputable publication. So i've always wanted to publish the piece the way it was written. And this is another wrinkle. It's hard to recreate the paranoia of nineteen ninety six ninety seven around drugs. It was a very different moment. They were busting lots of people. There were one point. One million arrests in in ninety six for for drug crimes and they were filling the prisons with people who had done things like i had done so i got the offending pages off the property. I just said to have a brother-in-law who's a who's a lawyer and i said. Could you just take these to your officer in your safe or wherever you know. I just don't want them around. And i got him off my computer. I just kinda cleansed everything of these. You know. Seven thousand words or five thousand words. I forget how much it was. I realized i now had an opportunity to publish it. The way i wanted it and so i went looking for the missing pages in and my brother-in-law i think getting back to you a few years ago and i searched my house in connecticut which we still unknown and hidden away in this closet. I found this lawyers brief container with the rubber band around. It and in there was a Purple floppy drive. I don't know if you remember zip drives from the late nineties. There were hard they weren't actually floppy in on the outside had listed contents and one was hoppy draft and i said oh i've got it. It's here but i don't have anything to read a zip drive do you. I mean those are like obsolete media. So i found a computer wizard in a neighboring town. He said let me see what. I've gotten my basement and he found zip drive and he was able to get the file off it and sent it to me but it's an early microsoft word's file that current microsoft word can't re so then i had to find a piece of software and there is something called libra office which will read any microsoft file from any era as free software. And they're at west in popped up on my screen one day i was able to restore it so that was one reason to publish it to restore those pages and i was happy to be able to do that and share the recipe and the drip report with people but the other was learning later. What was going on at the same moment the same summer that the da was going around terrifying florists and nurseries purdue pharma was introducing oxycontin and the real opioid crisis was beginning and the government was looking the wrong way. I just thought that that irony was so telling that it was time to take another look so the peace now is republished in its entirety. But also there's a shell built around it about what life was like in that moment of what was going on with purdue pharma in reading that chapter section coming back to rick i kind of fell in love with rick macarthur. Honestly i know it's described a bit in the but why do you think he offered you all of those assurances. If you lose your house will by your house you get put in. Jail will pay your wife a salary. The extent to which he went was willing to go to get this published seems extraordinary was because he had complete confidence that nothing would happen was it. I know you said. He was a staunch supporter of first amendment. But i can't imagine that he did this all the time. Maybe he did. No he didn't. I mean he was. He's a crusading publisher like a crusading journalist. And i shouldn't speak for him but my guess is he was hoping something would happen. He was hoping i would get arrested. This would put harper's on the map this would be you know a giant case. He would take it to the supreme court and he would you know. He has bottomless pockets. I mean and publishing for him as kind of an avocation. He was always looking for the big story. That harper's would get involved with and we saw that just last year with harper's letter around free speech versus the efforts to curb free speech in the name of various woke values. He's not afraid of controversy. I mean you shouldn't think of him as publisher he's he's not a bean counter although i should say he's incredibly. Cheap is a publisher with his employees. But with issues like this. He's incredibly generous. So this is a guy. I was lucky to get a one percent raise every year. Because i was i worked there as an editor i and fighting in many ways my writing career began. Because i couldn't get a raise at harper's and one year. I asked louis lappam. Who was the editor instead of a raise this year. Will you assign me an article. I wanted to get published in harper's magazine and i've been an editor there for a couple years and he was delighted to do that instead of having to fight with rick about money. That assignment was my first garden essay. So i have rix cheapness to thank for my writing career just a quick thanks to one of our sponsors and we'll be right back to the show. This episode is brought to you by wealth front. Did you know if you missed ten of the best performing days after the two thousand eight crisis you would have missed out on fifty percent five zero percent of your returns. Don't miss out on the best days in the market stay. Invested in a long-term automated investment portfolio wealth front pioneered the automated investing movement sometimes referred to as robo advising and they currently oversee twenty billion dollars of assets for their clients while front can help you diversify your portfolio minimize fees and lower. 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Tim while front will automate your investments for the long term and you can get started today at wealth. Front dot com slash. Tim said the opium chapter really opened my eyes to so many different facets of these so-called drug war and the just the arbitrary nature in some respects. Although i guess i should take that back. It's not entirely arbitrary but the reasons for which certain compounds are vilified or not always obvious at first glance because we have for instance. I'm sitting here in austin texas. If you go to austin. While i shouldn't i don't want people going to hunt this down but throughout austin you can find something none as the torah or jim. Jason weed grows easily in many many places. It is an extremely potent on also dangerous psychoactive plant that has been used by many different civilizations. It's everywhere and people die. Every year from trying to ingest it or ingesting. I should say more accurately. So what were some of the points. You hoped to underscore in the closing portions of this section. Why because it's it's not toxicity. Clearly that is to determine if you go through it can find it. There's no rational reason i mean. If you're if you're worried about drugs as addictiveness than cigarettes should be illegal nicotine should be illegal and caffeine. Should be illegal. You highly addictive substances that you know people fairly quickly become dependent on if your concern is about toxicity. Yes you look at things. Like they tura. If your concern is just public health. In general you look at alcohol you know. Alcohol and tobacco are much more dangerous than any of the drugs. We've criminalized now. We realize it was a folly to criminalise. Alcohol doesn't work as it hasn't worked with drugs. I mean in general you know. The war on drugs is one by the drugs. They keep flourishing telling people you can't have them does not stop it just makes them more dangerous. I mean your friend who died of a fennel overdose. I don't know the details but that's probably a product of the drug war because there's no regulation of what's in st heroin and also a lot of people die from fennel overdoses because often after they've broken their addiction if people go through withdrawal and then slip and they don't realize that their tolerance has changed dramatically. they're back to baseline where the drug has a much bigger effect than it does. After you're addicted so many people have fennel overdoses for that reason. But point is it's about information in its about regulation and an illegal drug market is gonna lead to lots of accidental deaths. I mean this happened. During prohibition you know people died from bad hooch all the time and in fact the government would put methanol in various over the counter. I forget where they were putting up. They were using methanol to contaminate sources of alcohol. So people wouldn't drink them and they did drink them and so the idea that a drug war contributes to public health and then you have dirty needles in the spread of aids. It doesn't contribute to public health. It has the opposite effect but there are lots of examples of. Why is this legal. Why isn't that and in the end. It comes back to tell the story in the piece of the person that lived on my land before i bought. It was a farmer named joe matches and he was known they were old apple trees on the property. These wonderful cider apple trees and he made hard cider during prohibition and he was known for having the best applejack. Applejack is basically hard cider. That you freeze to get the alcohol fraction and remove it. He made the best applejack in town but this was a crime and he was committing it on his property not hurting anybody but potentially himself and in those years when he was making applejack opium was legal and it was in patent medicines all over america and in fact we have evidence that the women's christian temperance union and those women who were fighting alcohol were consuming opium because they would use these patent medicines and cannabis which was also in patent medicines so is a complete reversal of the current situation. Where alcohol is legal and opium and cannabis were illegal. So i i wanted to just highlight. It's not totally arbitrary. You're right to catch yourself there. In that we tend to criminalise the drugs used by populations that make the establishment uncomfortable immigrants and and the poor and african americans but in terms of the schedule to i mean. What's you know. I'm in cannabis is still on schedule. One and source psychedelics. This means that the drug has no accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. Neither is true. We've demonstrated the medical utility of psychedelics and to a lesser extent actually the medical utility of cannabis and neither addictive yet. They're they are so. The schedule is an artifact of politics. No public health authorities would agree with that schedule and opiates her two or three scheduled two or three because they do have a legitimate medical use and we should remember even in the midst of the opiate crisis. What a blessing opiates are. Morphine surgery would not be bearable without. Opiates and the passage from this life would be much more painful for people without morphine. So this is you know like a lot of drugs. Opiates or blessing in a curse. And we need to be able to hold both those ideas in our head at the same time as the greeks did you know they call drugs 'pharmacon and that meant literally you know it was. They were both a blessing and a curse depending on how the how they were used of poison and an ally. I definitely want to continue with. The discussion are city segue of sorts from opium to seems like our morning favorite for both of us right now. One three seven trimethyl zanthosyn otherwise known as haffey makes a little little less biochemical sounding. But before we get there. I just have to say how much i admire how to change your mind. Your previous book has contributed to the national and international conversations about psychedelics. And so. I know that you've probably heard that before but i want to say it here. Because things do change and conversations change and just as populations have been targeted for persecution. Synthetic populations can be targeted for treatment. Rights in the case of say md may assisted psychotherapy or suicide than you might have. Those suffering from complex ptsd like veterans or victims of sexual abuse in former or for the ladder suicide and you might have end of life to existential distress and cancer patients and so on and the conversation has dramatically changed in the last few years and just yesterday. I think there was a news piece that came out covering now want to give him. Credit recruited do francis collins director of the national institutes of health. That's nih expressed positive remarks about the therapeutic potential of psychedelics. And this was in a public discussion for that to have happened. This week would have been to my mind. I don't wanna say unimaginable but things are happening a lot faster than even i would have expected. So it's it's so. I think instructive to study the history to see how quickly things can change your how dramatically things can change because like you said the the women's christian temperance union would relax with their women's tonics with loudon these opium after to take the edge off after a hard day of fighting alcohol. So i just want to give you pat on the back for really contributing to a deeper more nuanced conversation of psychedelics specifically thank you you know it has been remarkable what we've seen in the last three years and you know i. I'm sure the book played a role but also the research you know. The research is panning out. When i wrote that book. A lot of it hasn't been published yet. I i knew from talking to the researchers what was coming and the publications have done a lot to move the conversation along because we have some very good evidence that these work for the various indications. You're talking about and we'll have evidence of other indications it's valued other indications too but culture does change and it can change really quickly. I used to write a lot about food and agriculture and that conversation you know changed and you know they're a lot of people give me credit in both cases which is very nice but as journalists. You know i think we are. We kind of have a if we have any talent. It's that we have a sense of where the cultures moving and that the culture might be ready to hear this and i had a A mentor in publishing many years ago. Who said that as journalists you you know the goal is to be short term visionary if you're a long-term visionary illinois will know what the fuck you talking about and you will not sell any books or articles but you want to see around one corner. And i've always kept that in mind but i have to say that with regards to psychedelics. It's happened much faster than i imagined. I just see any opposition kind of melting away. And that i didn't expect i expected a lot of pushback when when how to change your mind came out from the psychiatric establishment and from mainstream media because there was so much baggage surrounding psychedelics in our culture going back to you know the nineteen sixties. But there wasn't an. And that's that i think is really interesting. And the reason there wasn't i didn't understand this till later. I think we talked about this. Last time is that mental health care is in crisis. The people who practice it the psychiatrist and the therapist psychologists know that they don't have very good tools. They have no tools that cure anything at the best they can alleviate symptoms but the drugs they have to alleviate symptoms are pretty lousy and people don't like taking them and they They're addictive in effect. You can't get off as our is very easily and people put on weight and they lose their sex drive in and it's you know. The tools are lousy and so the prospect of acquiring new tools to deal with the growing mental. Health crisis is attractive. To just about everyone there is at least curiosity and openness and in many other cases support so i think it's a measure of desperation as much as anything and then the media to has been so friendly. I mean there was a cover story in the times two weeks ago three weeks ago that how second dogs are gonna revolutionize psychiatry and that's probably what francis collins is responding to and that has to do and that piece was inspired by the face three. Md ama trial. That maps brought out. Well as robin car. Harris's depression trial psychedelic research. Used to end up in journals. you've never heard about. I mean that. I study that that hopkins. Nyu did about existential distress was in the journal of neuropharmacology or something or psychopharmacology. Pretty small journal based in england. Now they're in. You know. New england journal of medicine a robbins. Last depression study and the map study was in. What was it. Nature medicine our nature. Psychiatry i forget one of the one of the nature. Yeah umbrella journals so now this research is in the top tier journals and so the the respectability the other measure of of acceptance that has really struck me as all. These universities. Starting psychedelic research centers. That harvard is starting one at at mass general. I took his particularly surprising. I remember few years ago having lunch with young psychiatrist at m. g. h. who was fascinated by psychedelics. And and we had lunch and and he was very eager to start something in harvard. And i said well. I'm afraid harvard. It's going to be the last place to do this because of the timothy leary You know embarrassment is the is the harvard people think of it but i was wrong. They're doing it to and they've got a very interesting center getting started. So so and yale has a center now. Berkeley has center that. I'm involved with and the stigma is washing off. It's wonderful to see it is. It's really exciting. And i think the the curve of change the angle of that inflection is just going to continue to point skyward all indications certainly with the for profit and it's it's for people to keep that in mind when we get discouraged about politics and change all the time and the model that has always struck me as gay marriage. I mean how that went from. In the course of just the obama administration from something that of a national politician couldn't touch to one that he had to touch and the culture changed around gay marriage so quickly so we should you know take heart in the fact that when you tell the story in the right way when you have good research because the gay marriage story was like oh these people want what we have not they want be different they want this basic human institution called marriage and that tells a very different story about homosexuality than was in a lot of people's heads it was it was a brilliant thing to focus on. It seem crazy at the time. I know a lot of activists thought that was a risky move and asking for the sky but it wasn't exactly the right move as was the move of starting with cancer patients a roland griffiths and the team at nyu. We're gonna use psychedelics to help people who are dying. How can you be against that. And the fact that it worked opened up this research into depression and anxiety and obsession. 'cause they were telling a really good story and all i did was amplify that story and find a way to talk about it. That made it much more sympathetic than it was. I mean most of the people writing about psychedelics. Before i did it were you know in the tank already right. They were sold on psychedelics. They were users of psychedelics. They were believers and those are not the people you want to tell your story ever and i was skeptical and i had one foot out and one foot in. I was terrified of using psychedelics. Before i started. I hadn't used them at the age appropriate time. So in some ways i was the right messenger because i was more like the the average reader than most people who would write about psychedelics. And that you know finding as a writer finding where you stand who you are in the story you're telling. Is everything in terms of getting people to to come with you on the journey yell the those steeped in the kool aid can always be a liability. I remember yeah. They're kind of off. No one likes. No one likes evangelists except the people. Who do i remember. After my first book came out. And i was just becoming to engage more publicly and someone said to me. I wish i could remember who it was. But they said it's not the detractors. You need to worry about. It's the die hard fans who get the message. The message wrong. And i was like oh i don't know what that means but it didn't take long to realize how true true that is so. Let's let's talk about mess. And i think that's probably the most natural segue from what we're talking about right now. You suppose gave some preview this already but what makes masculine interesting. What makes it different from say seoul. Sivan lsd yeah from any context. Well it has a different phenomenology as philosopher. Say the experience has a very different quality and i was very surprised to discover that i had read. Aldous huxley's doors perception. When i was working on how to change your mind and before i had used a psychedelic. It's a wonderful sa. I encourage everybody to look at it. It's the first trip report really. And it's influenced everybody's trips since then. You may not have read this book but what you saw and happened to you on psychedelics. He wrote in part because that's the way culture works. 'cause we're looking for vocabulary names for what's happening to us and we take them from literature even indirectly anyway. When i read that. I thought it was an account of the earth psychedelic experience. You know that this stood for lsd experience. It stood for so cyber experience. And that's how. I took it and a lot of people. Take it that way but then i read it again. After i had used you know gone through the menu of psychedelics in my research and i realized oh this is very specific. This is not like lsd or sola sivan in this quality the mescaline experience as described by him. And and i can confirm this based on my own experience although my own experience was probably influenced by him. It doesn't take you out of this world to another world as people say talk about. Gmt you know taking it to another dimension of existence or it takes you deeper into this world. Huxley describes being able to stare at the folds of his trousers for an hour and it made him think about folds of cloth botticelli's paintings and it just makes the present richer deeper and you know. He uses this metaphor of the reducing valve that he argues it most of consciousness. Is editing reality keeping things from us because we would be overwhelmed if we took in all the sensory information available to us any one time we just couldn't process well on mescaline those valves open really wide and the sensory information is so intense. The colors are you just see nuances of green or blue mountain in in nature or blue in the water that you've never seen before and you can stare at the most common object and find it absolutely fascinating and understand it in a deeper way. There was no ego dissolution. There were no hallucinations really. It's this here now. Drug in a way i wasn't prepared for so it has different quality. Also you can hold a conversation much more easily. You're not chemically mescaline is closer to md a than it is to lsd. It's fennel leth- amine so it has that kind of warmth. And sometimes chatty nece and heart opening quality that md ama has compared to as i think of suicide and lsd is is a very solitary endeavor. You know somewhere you're going deep into your head so it had a very different quality. Interesting question is so. Why isn't it used in research and this points to another difference. It is a very long trip. It can be like fourteen hours longer than lsd. And if you're really enjoying it it is the most generous of psychedelics. If you're getting a little tired and you'd like to go to bed or have dinner. It's like can we stop this now. Is this enough. And i think that makes it very hard in a research context where you need a therapist present and fourteen hours two shifts right for the for the therapists so it hasn't been used although there are plans to use it in therapy and i think it has potential. I think it has particular potential in group therapy since there is this ability to talk and that you might be able to administer an a group which would help but i also think the reason i was interested in meskel into is its long history of use in the native american community. First of all it is. The oldest known psychedelic in use. I mean there is evidence. Six thousand years ago in texas. They found evidence of of meskel news. In the form. Of peyote peyote cactus. And peyote has been used by. An natives involve mexico and the united states for very long time and they've had great success treating trauma with treating alcoholism with it. And so i think there's a great deal to learn. I was fascinated by the native american. Use of mescaline. In the form of peyote here we have essentially a conservative model of drug use and that kind of blows our minds because we think of you know especially psychedelics. We think of disruption of society certainly in the sixties so the native american church which is developed in the eighteen eighties and kind of made official in nineteen. Seventeen is the container. The cultural container that native americans develop for the use of peyote and it's a highly regulated ritual. That is used in. What are called peyote meetings to help people in trouble especially with alcoholism which has been a huge problem. For native american cultures since it was introduced but also for spousal abuse as a rite of passage to help people deal with trauma and to help. Native americans deal with their trauma. I mean this is a very. This is traumatized population and it was particularly traumatized in the eighteen eighties. This is when plains indians were being forced onto reservations. People who had lived itinerant lives in many cases following the buffalo or the bison and suddenly. They were forced onto reservations in given rations of corn. They didn't know about corn. These weren't agriculturists. So they fed it to their horses. I mean imagine how traumatize such a population would be and in the eighteen eighties. Native americans from texas wrought peyote into oklahoma. Where where the that was. The indian territory where a lot of the reservations were and they began using it in a ritual setting and it was they found it enormously helpful and they still find it enormously helpful so there's a very interesting immoral conservative use of a drug to hold the society together to create cultural cohesion and healing and it has a lot to teach us and why mescaline was the right substance for. That is an interesting question. So i wanted to explore that and it raised a very hard question for me though. Which is whether. I should use peyote whether any non native person should use peyote because it's in very short supply the habitat which is runs along the rio grande on the texas side. There's a lot more of it on the mexican side. But you know between cattle ranching and development and poaching by you know psycho noughts and it's a very slow growing plant takes fifteen years to get from seed to usable button. It's a low growing very pretty bluish. Green cactus looks like a stone or a pin cushion. And you actually eat it. You eat the whole thing but there is a a real question about you know. I mean we have taken so much from these people that if we now take their peyote which has been such an important aid to them adjusting to the situation. We've put them in. I think there's a real moral ethical question about that. I mean it'd be wanting to grow your own peyote. I wouldn't have a problem with that but see me in fifteen years in. It'll be ready and this is of course been become a controversy because there's a decriminalized nature movement that's very vibrant in america. Right now and the idea of leaving out peyote is is offensive to some people in that movement. It kind of complicates their message. Which is that. All these psychoactive plants should be legal in available to be. So there's a there's now a fight between the native american church and degrom nature going on which is really unfortunate. My basic thinking is. We should leave this one alone. And the way the way pay respects. Both to peyote and to native americans is not to use their sacramento and there are other ways to get masculine. You don't have to use their sacramento. There san pedro for example which is another cactus that comes from from south america and is very easy to grow and once i had my eyes on to notice it a new look like i see it all over berkeley where i live and i bet it's all over austin to It's all over the place everywhere. I remember i become familiar with. Its look and i noticed in san francisco sort of empty space between two apartments across the street from where i lived. Bunch of san pedro cactus. And it's it's it thrives like you said and i'll just second your position. Which is i think. There's a lot of good being done by the decriminalize nature movements in various places. And i think that that good can exist while reserving peyote for indigenous use and having looked at this quite closely and spent time as you have with the indigenous purity conservation initiative to encourage people to check out i really important initiative and having spoken with members of the nfc as you have and others leaders in the dna or navajo communities. Like steve bonelli. The availability of peyote is such that if we continue at current rates of consumption also recognizing that four indigenous northern american indigenous people greenhouse grown or hydroponic. Grown peyote is not viewed in the same way as a sacrament necessarily as something grown on the ground which takes fifteen years and there are other means by which one can get masculine. A san pedro cactus being one one good option so and it is legal by the way it's legal to grow san pedro cactus and it's not legal to grow peyote so it's that's another advantage to say a lot of benefits a lot of benefits. So what did you do well. I had hoped so. This chapter is very much all three sections of this book. Have there's a writing problem. Republishing problem you know with opium i. It looks like i not going to be able to publish. I have to self-censor with caffeine. I abstained from caffeine. To the point. Where i can't right. And and the very the very chapter is endangered. By the lack of the of the drug and in masculine there was the pandemic and i was looking forward to going to texas and participating in a peyote ceremony before i understood these issues and meeting all these native americans in person an interview native americans on zoom is not always easy because they don't have good internet connections on the reservation and sometimes they have to drive for hours to get to a good internet connection so they can talk to you so it was a piece that was inflicted by that. But i did talk to quite a few native americans. And i was really struck by i their reluctance to tell me what happens in the tent. How has this helped you. It was a real wakeup call to me. I mean these are normal journalistic questions you would ask anybody and i remember st bonelli. Who you just mentioned saying you know. Why should i tell you. And white man the unspoken next thing and he said you know we have a long history of discoverers like you coming to our world. Taking things i was. Just you know kind of shock but of course. Yeah why why should he. And ultimately i found people who would describe what happened in the tent and the value to their people. I learned a lot in the course of doing that. And it was very humbling in a way. So i grew san pedro and i was lucky to get some really good specimens from the shogun farm and sasha shogun they have a wonderful. Sasha shogo was fascinated by a peyote cactus and san pedro and he was always tweaking. The mescaline molecule. That was his his favorite one to mess with. And then i've some other friends in berkeley gave me some and i very easy to to take cuttings and the plant is wants to grow. You can just take a length of it if one falls you know. And they fall over in storms and and leave it anywhere and it'll send up new columns It's remarkable but it's important for your listeners. To know that at a certain moment it does become a very serious crime. When you cook your san pedro. So growing it's fine. It's not scheduled as a plant. But if you prepare it and it's prepared essentially like a vegetable stock. You are breaking federal law. You've crossed has any been line. Trust the line. Has anyone been arrested for this. I i don't think the authorities really know about san pedro otherwise they would have scheduled it. I think it just kind of got lost in the wash. And i think it would be hard to get in trouble using san pedro. It's it's fairly mild psychedelic. Well i don't want to give bad if i said you could get in lots of. I don't wanna be responsible far from the fear and loathing in connecticut. Michael well we are in a different moment and and masses. The drug war is subsiding. it's fading. I mean you know what happened in the the last election i think was really significant. You had oregon decriminalizing all drugs specifically legalizing solicitation therapy. You had several states including red states legalizing cannabis and you had decriminalize ballot initiative pass in washington. Dc and several other places so something is changing and the right doesn't even want to fight the drug war. But i would argue and this book in a way. One of the subtext of this book is when the drug war ends are confusion and problems around drugs are not gonna end in fact. They're are going to intensify. Because you know it's one thing to have the government take charge of you can use this. You can't use this law abiding people follow that or not but each of these drugs we have to figure out our relationship to them. Drug abuses is is a dysfunctional relationship with drugs in my view. So what's the proper container for masculine. What's the proper container for caffeine. What's the proper container for alcohol. You know we've kinda worked out this truce with alcohol and cigarettes. It's not perfect. But we know prohibition doesn't work so we have all these social rules that govern the use of alcohol and we sort of de socialize the use of tobacco in only in the last twenty years. Right you you can't use it in all these places where you once could. There's a stigma now attached to smoking. Lots of places which i think is a healthy thing but the point is it's going to be culture rather than the law that is i think going in shape. This and that conversation is going to take place over the next couple of decades and it's gonna be fascinating so the question is after the drug war. What is the drug piece. look like. that's where we are now. We have to figure that out and we're kind of working on it with psychedelics. We know there's going to be this. Fda approval you know this medicine path but there's also this religious path. There are already some psychedelic churches. And they're going to be a lot more and they're going to be tested in the courts. Bob jesse's idea the better mental. Well people i mean how do we make it available. What's the container for people who are neither religious or sick. That conversation is happening right. Now is very exciting and it will happen. I think around opiates. Also there's a real difference between making some opium tea because you've got a bad back or you're sad and you know using fenton all or shooting up. There's a whole spectrum of ways to use drugs going back to the idea that fundamental paradox of blessing and curse ally and poison. We always have to keep that in mind navigate at path. 'cause all drugs can get you in trouble. He oh yeah. it's parasol. Says the dose makes. The poison applies in many cases. And i was. I was talking to an acquaintance of a new friend. Recently at a dinner and the topic of the the topic of drug regulation and drug development came up and he mentioned that he he grew up somewhat religious and had never used any drugs except for alcohol. And i said oh you mean the civilization destroyer that just that one and of course i was joking and we had a laugh but it's tremendous how and i don't expect legislation to change. I'll call anytime soon. But but but how how much the cultural context can shift the lens through which we look at these things and mescaline is very interesting for a bunch of reasons and it's also at least at a basic level of self limiting in the sense that not only does it last as it stands right now. Let's just say up to twelve fourteen hours but a very common side effect is feeling extremely nauseous. So so if one might imagine the most intense seasickness they've ever felt you may feel that for six to twelve hours. And of course i think in therapeut- and this is on synthetic synthetic mescaline or this or on plant derived and it's sometimes referred to in the communities. That use peyote is getting well if you vomit. That's well not getting not getting sick. And while i think in that container that is accepted from psychotherapeutic perspective poses some challenges. I do think he could probably take zo. Fran or some anti nausea medication to attenuated. But do you think at least based on your reading and research that there are potential applications outside of say alcoholism and addiction. And as you mentioned. I think it's worth underscoring part of what is i think. Attractive about masculine is that it does not easily fall. It does not obviously fall into the class of hallucinogen. I know there are people who disagree with this because at high enough doses. Certainly you can. You can experience visuals. but it doesn't produce the type of experience that you mentioned. These tripton means often involve where you're sent to a parallel dimension where you're writing mechanical elves in that is less the experience than a heightening of reality and your sensory inputs so i think it could end up being viewed very much the way. That md is is viewed. Yeah do you think there are any particular targets or indications for which mess glenn or maybe some designer version of mescaline would be interesting. Alcoholism is the obvious one. Because that's been where it's had a lot of success in the native american community although they use it you know they use it for physical healing to. I mean they really think it's helpful with various physical and their stories of you know that. I did hear from native americans about children being cured of cancer and physical elements. I think we know a lot less about it. And i think that we need some really basic research into mescaline. That hasn't been done yet. And that goes for other substances to i mean the the focus has been so narrowly on suicide in md ama and they're good reasons for that but substances like mescaline have been neglected and You know journey gulab a new start up that is hoax to work with masculine. And has a very elaborate system of reciprocity with native americans that a certain amount of their revenue is going to go to native american communities and there is a researcher university of alabama who wants to use masculine. But in his case. It's going to be alcoholism i think that'll be the first indication. I'm not sure. What else would be good. But i would guess trauma would be worth looking at. I mean md. Ama has already proven. Its value there so i don't know whether they'll be a lot of people willing to invest the resources necessary but trauma is what it's the md ama qualities of it suggests that and the fact that it's been used by native americans so successfully and in effect. They are dealing with trauma in one form or another one symptom or another but this raises a very interesting question whether jump ahead. Fifty years and psychedelic. Therapy is a thing. It's just part of mental health treatment. Will it be the familiar molecules. You know that have been around for awhile. Masculine suicide sivan. Emt or will there be drugs. We haven't we can't imagine right now. Tweaked versions and now. There's a whole lot of that. Drug development going on driven in part by desire to control patents right intellectual property but all these companies even the ones that are you know working with so assignment. They're tweaking suicide in to trying to come up with something shorter acting perhaps or without certain side effects. And then you have the development of all these non psychoactive psychedelics which to me just seems kind of nuts but for a lot of people that may be the way to go in there. you know. there's a whole effort to prove and there's some evidence it might work on certain indications that a a psychedelic that didn't produce phenomenal logical effects could nevertheless be healing substance. And that is very attractive to the pharmaceutical industry to large portions of the population. It flies in the face of the general belief that it is the nature of the experience. You have that's curing you not anything pharmacological and that question will be resolved in the next few years and i understand that rolling griffith made a bet with somebody who wanted to test this concept by giving a big dose of psychedelics to someone anesthetized like really deeply anaesthetized to see if this would actually affect him in was willing to bet that it would not that you have to have the experience but we are learning that there is a pharmacological effect in terms of neurogenesis and and brain plasticity. So who knows so we may look back on words like mescaline and sivan is like ancient history in fifty years when we have all these new substances or not you know. Sasha shogun develop lots of new substances. And we're still very interested in the originals. Yeah what do you think about that. Well i think that just as a side note for for anyone. Who's has some passing familiarity with anything in the to see x. class to cb if you've ever heard of something like two cb or e which is a much trickier substance to use the can produce some very dramatic unraveling. So i don't necessarily recommend to. Cb would be one of sasha's in a sense one of his mollica creation absolutely. I think that if i look at the market forces and incentives of for profit companies much like we have ketamine regularly available and at very low cost nonetheless. We now have s ketamine. Insp- rivaldo through. I think i want to say. Johnson and johnson may be getting the pharma company wrong for ongoing administration. So i think that we will see pressure. A lot of pressure by shareholders by founders by incentives alone which then shape behavior and decisions towards non psychedelic versions of psychedelics are close cousins that require constant administration rather than rather than conferring potential curative effects. In a handful of sessions using it more to mask symptoms or suppress symptoms for better business models. I don't want to sound cynical. But i do think that if we study our history this is what we see over and over and over and over again and i think the play books that have been used by big pharma. Big tobacco are going to be used in this world as well. We already see that. In fact we see a lot of the same tactics and strategies being used which are not necessarily the best for the scientific therapeutic innovation within the ecosystem but that is for better and for worse often for worse but not always how. The free market game is played and end. I do think that the the comments made by francis collins are very big deal and hopefully a harbinger of things to come. Because right now. And i'd i'd love to hear your opinion on this but researchers find themselves in sometimes in between a rock and a hard place with respect to funding because they can either pursue individual philanthropists coup take time to wrangle often. Don't have a lot of budget and the fundraising then becomes a parttime slash fulltime job for these researchers or they can take money from for profit players. Which as you would expect have something to gain. In the forms of strings attached and that could be ip ownership could be exclusive access to safety data could be non compete clauses or nondisclosure clauses. That act in some way as non competes. I i've seen some really really bad behavior. So my hope would be that if that happens which i think is more of an eventuality. So it's a matter of trying to put safeguards in place or allowing people in different positions to act as countervailing forces whether that's from a law advocacy perspective or from a journalistic perspective. Let's say my hope would be that through the efforts of groups and movements like dicriminatory that at the very least the other better known versions that we'd been referring to to. Let's just say san pedro cactus salafi mushrooms etc remain available for use or legal on some level to us. That would be my hope. How does any of that land for you that jobs. I mean i think we're at an inflection. Point and a huge amount of capital has moved into the space and a very quickly and that the desire to figure out ways to take psychedelics. Enforce them into this model of the pill you have to take every day. The pill isn't disruptive the pill the doesn't take any talking therapy is going to be fierce. And as will the desire to make original intellectual property nature will save us though. This lhasa mushrooms will continue to grow the mescaline producing cactuses will continue to grow. And that as the drug war ends people's access their ability to do it themselves. That's not gonna go away however compass pathways thinks it can control suicide even through. ip suicide. ben will defeat that. I think maybe not in the business context or the pharmaceutical context but in reality. So i think that you know. Nature is irrepressible. And i don't think these substances will go. You mentioned for your harper's piece way back in the day. That rick macarthur so strongly supported that you worked on it for a year. That's a long time so as you know and that you were counting on that paycheck right. You've i don't know if you had mortgage payments at the time. But it was. I did it was important to your your livelihood and also therefore a determinate of your ability to continue writing that you had that kind of support do you want to. Maybe this is as good a time as any to mention the fellowship. Do you want to introduce this. Yeah yeah so. As i've continued to stay involved in this area i'm doing in different ways and as our you and i was involved with the founding of psychedelic research center at berkeley that just got established last year. And we're doing a couple of things that we thought would be different than other centers but that would also help the entire field so rather than doing clinical research which isn't done at berkeley because we don't have a medical school. We're going to do basic science. We're really going to try to understand. The brain mechanisms involved in psychedelic experience and explore with psychedelics. Have to teach us about things like consciousness and predictive. Coding and perception were also going to do training guides which is understood to be the great bottle neck going forward i think maps or the funders collaborative estimates gonna need a hundred thousand guys in the next ten years and then the third thing that i'm most excited about because i'm going to be directly involved in. I have signed to contribute. Is we're going do a a major public education initiative. There's a huge amount of curiosity about psychedelics. And sources of information are somewhat limited and not always that rigorous so i see psychedelics as becoming a very important journalistic beat in the next ten or twenty years in the same way food and agriculture became an important beat beginning in the early two thousands before then just to use that as a model journalism about food was essentially the recipe pige. You know the pages on wednesday in the newspaper and journalists about agriculture was trade magazines. You know like beef today or progressive grocer. That's where you had to go to learn what was happening. In agriculture beginning with eric saucers. You know important book fast. Food nation in two thousand two and couple of other books including my dilemma. In two thousand six suddenly writing about food and agriculture as a unified whole as a system took off and now you have a generation of journalists who are good at it and cover the subject well and you can learn a lot about where your food comes from and its carbon footprint and all. This kind of information is out there so we need to do the same for psychedelics. It's a rich beat. It involves many layers. there is science there is policy. There is business and there is culture and we don't have a lot of people writing about it yet. So how do we attract really talented young journalists to work on it and that will serve everybody and so we came up with a series of ideas one of which you and i discussed which was what if we created a journalism fellowship where we would have a sum of money each year to give grants to young journalists who have cool ideas to report on psychedelics. Whether it's business or science or culture or whatever and you very generously funded. It will be called the ferris uc berkeley journalism fellowship. I think it is. We're going to assemble a a small panel of judges with expertise in science policy and business and every year will give out grants to people and help fund their journalism whether they need five thousand or ten thousand or fifteen thousand dollars and i know for young journalists this can make all the difference and that they then can take these pieces and pitch them to magazines mainstream magazine. So i'm hoping it'll bring more psychedelic. Journalism intimates dream magazines some of which don't have resources to fund expensive reporting. There's been a change in journalism where journalism that's been supported by nonprofit organizations can appear in places like the new york times magazine or Or the atlantic or harper's that they're willing to take funded journalism as long as they believed that the sources credible and the fact that the uc berkeley journalism school graduate school of journalism will be the container for this for the ferris Fellowship i think will give our journalists a real leg-up in terms of getting published. So that's probably gonna launch in the fall We'll start taking applications and on a rolling basis so anyway if you're if you're a journalist with a really good idea i hope you'll get in touch with us and we'll we'll publicize it. You know how to do it if you follow my twitter feed. We'll definitely have it there. And perhaps in tim's newsletter as well so anyway i. I'm very grateful for tim too. Tim for recognizing you know the value of this. We're also hoping to do some other things. We're going to do a newsletter. Starting this summer that will be free and we'll have a digestive news About psychedelics about the field. I've just hired a young science writer to to do that. I think she's gonna be terrific and it will report on new research as well as other developments eventually. We hope to do a podcast and we're going to do massive online course to psychedelic science. Wanna one that. I'm working with my colleagues to develop. So i'm hoping that berkeley will become a center for you. Know really high quality journalism related to psychedelics. We all at the center of very grateful to to you tim for for supporting this effort. I i couldn't be more excited. I have watched this field so so closely over the years most recent years and couldn't think of a better person to headed up and also not sure if you touched on this or if we touched on it perhaps earlier but you have sort of experimental data so to speak. This is not the first time that you've offered these types of grants so would love to. Yeah maybe hear about how your experiments in other subject areas have turned out because it will be. This isn't the first radio in other words. No actually about eight years ago. I started a a similar fellowship. Which is the eleventh hour. Wendy schmitz foundation eleventh hour berkeley journalism fellowships and this was to cover food and agriculture. And it's organized somewhat differently. We take ten people a year. They we get several hundred applications. People who have an idea. Young journalists thirties early thirties or twenties. And we pick ten and we give them a ten thousand dollar grant to report their stories and we also give them help in shaping those stories pitching them and helping them with the editing and introducing them to editors some of which will do with this grant. It's not going to be quite as hands on. Because i think these people are going to be in a slightly different stage in their career but we found that this was incredibly helpful to people's careers. I'll give you one example. There was a young journalist. Name nicola twilly who had a really cool idea about the refrigeration revolution. Coming to china. A country without good refrigeration is only going to develop to a certain level and refrigeration has all sorts of implications for the food system and climate change also kinds of things and she had this cool idea about going to china as they're at the embarking on this revolution and she wrote a really good pitch and she sent to the new york times magazine and they said well is a great story. But you know you don't have any experience reporting from china or we can't afford to send you fewer of name writer. Whatever we would so she came to us and we gave her grant and she went back to the times and she said well what if i can cover all my expenses. And they said great. We'll take your piece. They took her piece. They published it. It was very successful and it led to a book which is coming out. I think next year she also met someone else in that fellowship and they started a very good podcast his name. I'm forgetting we put it in the show notes. Also okay. i'll send it to you anyway. So it's you know. And now she's a new yorker staff writer and while so you know and she still writes a lot about food the right boost at the right moment in someone's career can make such a difference so we're hoping this is we're going to build a cordray of of really good journalists. Who have the necessary skills and skepticism and investigative abilities to hold this space accountable because we're moving from time where the scientists have held the microphone about psychedelic research to a moment where the entrepreneurs are going to hold the microphone and as you pointed out they've got a very different agenda and there's some cool ideas coming and there's some really bad ideas coming and one of the ways you hold. An industry accountable is with good journalism and we saw that with food that led to real changes in the food system. So we're going to need the same insect alex. It's going to get much more contentious and much more complicated in the years to come. So we're hoping that we'll have a group of journalists up to the task of holding everybody's feet to the fire couldn't becoming a better time i am. I'm so excited about this. Michael there two more things i'd love to touch on one is related to the book and one is going to bring us full circle in a way of holding up my marg all right coffee so as we all know it has always been the case that the brits drink tea and americans just loved their coffee. What is that a true statement. The yeah it is. i mean. They're definitely a tea culture and we're more of a coffee culture and there's a specific historical reason for. I do see coffee now getting when you're in london now you're very aware of coffee and there's a lot of great coffee houses but initially when coffee and tea were first introduced to europe which happens in the same decade in the sixteen fifties. It was coffee. The took off and coffee became this tremendous fad in england and they were coffee houses. There was one coffeehouse for every hundred fifty londoners. I mean there were everywhere and people were spending hours and hours in the coffee house which became much more than a place to drink. Coffee became really a social media. You would go to the coffee house to get the news. It was about information more than it was about the drug. Although the drug definitely played its role and there were different coffeehouses for whatever your interest was so if you were an artist you would go to this one in cova garden and if you were a scientist there was one associated with the royal institution the great scientific institution in london. And if you were in business you might go to. Lloyd's which became lloyd's of london. Because you could actually write a policy on your ship and your cargo there and then people would go from one to the other conveying news so it was initially a coffee culture but the english colonies weren't good places to grow coffee. They didn't have any coffee growing colonies. They had t- growing colonies like india and they had a foothold in china so beginning about one hundred years later t- became so much cheaper and t took over from coffee by and large and it was just about colonial politics and the nature of imperialism countries with good coffee growing colonies like amsterdam like the netherlands. In like france. They were much more coffee and when america was started. We were a t. culture because we were getting all this t- that the british east india company was was bringing in but of course with the revolution. We revolted against all things english. You'll recall the tea party from your high school. History textbooks and the tax on tea was so offensive to the colonists that they threw a whole shipment of tea into boston harbor and switched to coffee and we have been the coffee country ever since caffeine in general has been very important to capitalism in that it makes us better workers makes us more efficient so one of the stories i tell in in the chapter on caffeine is just how important caffeine was to the rise of capitalism. It's important to know just how drunk everybody was before. Caffeine came to europe. People were drinking all day long. They drink for breakfast. They drank for lunch. They drank for dinner. There were alcohol breaks instead of coffee. Breaks on farms And this was all fine when you're doing physical labor but once you start operating machines and you have to deal with double entry bookkeeping. A drunk workforce is a serious problem so enter coffee and caffeine which was it didn't completely displace alcohol but it became a diminished. The need for alcohol. One of the reasons people were drinking so much was not just to change consciousness but because alcohol was safer than the water. Then when you you disinfect. But coffee and tea were even safer than that because you had to boil. Water was the first time there was any reason to boil water and so the countries that adopted hot drinks were much healthier and had much better public health. So caffeine's is huge boon to the industrial revolution. People who can safely handle machines and also. You can't have a nightshift without caffeine right. We were stuck with the circadian rhythms of the of the rhythms of the sun. And only when caffeine comes along could you extend the work day and you know the best proof of this idea is if you think about it. The institution of the coffee break is like a wild idea. Your employer gives you time off to take a drug and provides the drug. Why do they do that. Well it was discovered in only in the nineteen hundreds that employees who got coffee breaks at mid morning and mid afternoon did more work perform better. And i tell the story of the company where the first coffee break was instituted. So caffeine has changed the course of in many many ways it really contributed to the rise of rationalism in europe to a certain way of thinking. It's very linear very rational. Very logical and i understood this impart when i got off coffee. You know the reason. I got off. Coffee was i. I mentioned that challenge from roland. But i also wanted to see if i could learn reacquaint myself with its power because we use it every day. Basically what it gives us a little lift and it stops withdrawal symptoms of withdrawal which are really nasty and every morning you know you're starting to go through withdrawal till you have that first cup and then it's like everything's okay and you get back to baseline but if you've been off it for a few months. That first cup is psychedelic. It is it is as powerful as any drug of ad and it was wonderful and the the only sad thing is you can't hold onto that power by the by the third day i know so anyway. I had quite a journey with caffeine. As did our our civilization. But it's a wonderful substance. There are no good reasons not to consume it. Well with one exception. I mean i looked at the whole all the health issues tied to it. Now you can abuse caffeine. You can have too much till you're you know. An anxious people will get more jittery sometimes. But it's good for your heart. It's good for your blood pressure. Prevent certain kinds of cancer or its associated with lower rates at certain kinds of cancer dementia. It improves your memory. Improves people performance in athletics. It's kind of amazing. The only negative is it messes with your sleep. Even if you stop drinking coffee at noon it has a quarter life of twelve hours so a quarter of the caffeine you ingest it will still be in your bloodstream at midnight and what it robs you of. Ken is deep sleep. Which is very important for our health so there are some sleep most of the sleep researchers i interviewed. Don't consume caffeine. I was like but on balance. We should count ourselves fortunate. And why did this plant produced this chemical. That has this effect on us well. It began as a pesticide. It is a pesticide not in human brains and and one way it strikes me that caffeine has changed. Civilization is by fooling us into thinking. Or what percentage of us ninety percent percent use it worldwide. use it regularly and by the way it's the only drug we give our children if you think about it in the form of soda to wild. It's convinced ninety percent of people on the planet that their baseline their so called normal waking consciousness is at kellyanne sober. but it's not. it's infused with caffeine. We are we are creatures of caffeine. Now it's so transparent in its effects. It doesn't feel like you're high. Certainly but this way we operate our ability to focus when i was writing how to change your mind. I learned that there. Are these two different kinds of consciousness. There's lantern consciousness and spotlight consciousness lantern consciousness. You're taking information from all sides. It's kind of a little. Add ish kids have lantern consciousness the ability to narrow your focus and block out everything else is really critical to adult life to work to scientific discovery to writing books to so many things that we do fixing cars that spotlight is nurtured by caffeine. And that's a huge gift. It's interesting i asked roland griffith. So is this a boon or bane to our species and he said well it's definitely a boon to our civilization because now we have to get up at a certain time and be somewhere at a certain time and perform certain functions. But that's not the same as saying it's a boon to our species. We may have been better off in healthier when we were on the cycles of the sun. When we did have a broader expansive of information. So i thought that was good cautionary note that he sounded. He's a very wise man as you well know is a very wise man. Have you ever. This might seem like a non-sequitur but have you ever explored coffee culture in japan. Have you looked at all. They're causing butter. It's really fascinating. Which is which is a lazy adjective. But you see a lot of the meticulous attention to detail that you might associate with a tea. Ceremony brought into these elaborate rituals in some places around coffey. Now of course you can get your like dime store shitty coffee first thing in the morning to go to your job but there are also these these can be spoke hole in the wall places where he can get a forty five minute poor over and they have lots of rules around. What what you can do or can't do their coffee. They might give you a piece of toast. There's place called kashira park. 'cause go in where i remember going to this this coffee shop which it was fancy but it wasn't expensive. If that makes any sense they took it very very seriously and they sell to things. They sold coffee and they sold. They sold toast. That had the face of a panda bear burned into the side. And those are the two things that you could purchase so how coffee was great. The coffee was fantastic. And for those people interested there's a term keesa thing or keesa sometimes key. Kiss a a number of videos that you can find on youtube looking at this sort of kisa culture. Kiss and actually. I've i've been meaning to ask you. Have you done anything in video or television related to how to change your mind. Funny you should ask. Yesterday i was shooting for documentary series. That we're doing on how to change your mind. I've been working on it for the last several months and it's going to be a four-part netflix series. Looking at four different substances. We're gonna look at lsd suicide. Sivan md may end mescaline and do an hour on each so. I'm i'm very excited by it. You know i've done this with previous books. Cooked was a four-part netflix series. In botany of desire was on public television. And i i'm very interested in how you translate one medium into an into another but also you know you just reach people. You don't reach. Not everybody reads books. Books are the germ but it's really important to reach people where they are so. I'm hoping by the end of the year or early next year. It'll be it'll drop. That's super exciting. The visual medium also is a great gateway drug pun intended for the longer form writing. Also i would imagine a lot of people will discover your writing and have discovered you writing through without question. Yeah they start. They watched it on television. And then realize there's a book. Yeah that's definitely part of our challenge. Though in doing this is how do you recreate the psychedelic experience. Not using paisley tight visuals and the instructions to the special effects people that we interviewed and we found a fantastic firm. That's doing some amazing. Sequences is no sixties references. No paisley no kaleidoscopes. 'cause that was never right anyway. That's that was the technology they had to make things weird so they're coming up with some very new ways to imagine the psychedelic experience for the screen. And that's what i'm most excited about. Can't wait to see it might last question. I guess in a way also related to gateway drugs. Metaphorically speaking gardening. If i'm going to step into the world of gardening and recognizing that i'm prone to starting many things. But i don't continue many things so i wanna start off on the right foot and not read any textbooks or anything to begin with. Are there any resources and even suggested starting points things to do. maybe i projects. How do i even begin to approach this because gardening is so brought a term. I it just includes so much. And i will have some property on the east coast. I kind of do whatever i want. I could also do something in texas. So i have options available. Where would you suggest that i start. Well are you interested in in growing food or growing orna males or growing are growing psychoactive. Yeah i i would be open to all of them. I think i'm interested in food. Kind of depends on the turnaround. Time on the food. Since i am not in one place all year round and i know nothing about harvesting schedules and so on i'm very interested in growing culinary herbs For instance i could see growing tobacco possibly knife. If that is kosher yearbook scared the lowest anatomy when it came to growing lately i grow tobacco to and it's a beautiful plant and unjustly maligned plant. I would argue beautiful plant. That i've seen in travels through mexico and elsewhere takes a lot of space too big. Yeah i think what would be interesting to me is having a few plants or few projects that teach me a lot about different principles of gardening. If that makes any sense without biting off than i can chew well one way to start. I mean not having senior property or know that much. I know it gets very hot in austin in this summer is to build a raised bed. Start with one. Raised bed which you buy some would. That doesn't decays li like cedar redwood. And you make a box. Essentially that's about a foot high and it can be any length you want but it shouldn't be so y that you can't reach every point In and fill it with soil. You know which you can either get at the garden center or have a dump truck come over. The advantage of a raised bed is it's kind of idyllic circumstances for the plants. Whatever the local issues are with your soil are not you know. And if you're living if you have an old house there may be leading your soil. So it's you wanna test your soil if you're gonna use local soil for food or or herbs and it gives you this ideal growing medium because the land is never stepped on so it doesn't get compressed The roots can really travel and you can plant more densely in a raised bed because the is can go down rather than sideways. There's a book called square foot gardening. Let's really good john. Gibbons who's an englishman who really was one of the pioneers of organic gardening and he was a great believer in raised beds. And in that you can experiment and you could take one end and do all herbs and herbs are wonderful in that. They don't need a lot of attention. Most of them are pretty tough. Some are annuals in all diary year. Like basil you have to replant every year but many of them were receipt or just come up on their own again and you know i have a house that i don't visit that often and all i plant now there. I used to this house. Where the opium story took place still own. It and i only plant herbs and garlic now because they can do very well without me. Garlic is the best crop because you planted in the fall and ignore it and whether it's dry or wet it will come up and it has no pests bother it. It's absolutely foolproof in a very easy to plant you just by big cloves of garlic in the market in the fall and divide them up into single clubs and stick them in the ground and though do their thing. You need a housecall. I have to come. I have to come visit and look at the situation to come visit. You need to come visit. I endorse that suggestion. Yes start with john evans though. He's a big influence on me when i started gardening. And we're full gardening for those woodchucks. There i there are no woodchucks. That i'm aware of here in austin but we do have armadillos. I imagine they're pretty enthusiastic about eating anything. And everything. They can get their prehistoric pause on but deer. There are deer here not nearly as many as you would find. Certainly in a rural part of the east coast. So you'll you'll learn pretty quickly. What your pests are. Because when when the news gets around the neighborhood that there's some good vittles everybody shows and then you then you have to start thinking terms of fences and things like that just a quick interruption and we'll be right back to the show the book suggested and referenced by michael from john. Jevons jevans is j. e. a. n. s. is actually titled how to grow more vegetables. The subtitle is then you ever thought possible unless land with less water than you can imagine and there is a ford by. Alice waters so once again is john jevons. J. view and s and the title is how to grow. More vegetables will link to it. In the show. Notes on tim's blog slash podcast. Now back to the show michael. It's always so much fun. People can find you online at michael pollen dot com at michael pollen on twitter at michael dot paula instagram. The new book is this. Is your mind on plants. It's just a fascinating romp through history. Your own personal adventures and fear and loathing in connecticut. Of course one portion and i always enjoy your writing and also our time in conversation. Is there anything else that you would like to say. Any closing comments and requests of people listening anything at all that you'd like to add before we wind down this conversation. I don't think so. I think we've covered a lot of ground as as usual. It's always a pleasure talking to you. We have so many interests in common. This is always a labor of love so anyway thank you. Thank you michael to be continued. I'm gonna take you up on that house call offer and for everybody listening. As mentioned earlier we will have show notes copious show notes for everything that we discussed. You can find links to everything. Descriptions and so on at teamed up log forward slash. Podcast just search michael pollen and look for the most recent episode and until next time. Thank you for tuning. If hey guys this is tim again. Just a few more things before you take off number one. This is five bullet friday. Do you want to get a short email from me. Would you enjoy getting short email from me. Every friday that provides a little morsel of fun before the weekend and five of friday's very short email. I share the coolest things. I've found that had been pondering over the week that could include favorite new albums that have discovered it could include gizmos and gadgets and all sorts of weird shit that somehow dug up in the world of the esoteric as i do. It could include favorite articles that i've read and that i've shared with my close friends for instance and it's very short. It's just a little tiny bite of goodness before you head off for the weekend so if you want to receive that check it out. Just go to four hour. Workweek dot com. That's four hour. Workweek dot com all spelled out. And just drop in your email and you'll get the very next one and if you sign up i hope you enjoyed. This episode is brought to you by head space head. Space is your daily dose of mindfulness in the form of guided meditations in easy to use app. Now you might ask yourself very reasonably. There are two thousand plus abs- for meditation. Why would i use head. Space space is one of the only meditation apps advancing the field of mindfulness and meditation through clinically validated research. It's basis backed by twenty five published studies on its benefits. Six hundred thousand five star reviews more than sixty million downloads. So if people keep telling you to try meditation one. Would i do that. When would i possibly have time. Check out head space. If you have ten minutes head space can change your life. Hit space offers a really light lift in the lot of features to keep going which is part of the reason that i've used head space for years. Now so whatever situation has based can really help you feel better overwhelmed. Head spaces a three minute. Sos meditation view. Need some help falling asleep. It's base has winedown sessions. Their members swear by parents head space even has morning meditations. You knew your kids. Head spaces approached mindfulness. Can you stressed improve. Sleep lose focus and increase your overall sense of wellbeing and it really starts with very very simple practices. And if you look at my case for instance i just went through one of basics today with the co founder. Andy puddicombe could be put comb. I'm not sure but former monk turned into co founder of head space has the most soothing hypnotic voice imaginable and. I did three minute meditation. Something like that. It's easy it's fundamental and always puts me in a better space so unwilling to the basics. Meditating for years. I'm going through the basics once again and i would suggest to anyone that they consider starting their head space. Makes it easy for you to build a life. Changing adaptation practice with mindfulness. That works for you on your schedule anytime anywhere. We all want to feel happier all want more. Peace and hit space is meditation made simple head space dot com slash. Tim that's head space dot com slash. Tim for a free one-month trial with access to space full library meditations for every conceivable possible situation. You can break glass in case of emergency in almost any situation and find something head space. This is the best deal offered right now for head space so check it out good head. Space dot com slash tim. Today this episode is brought to you by eight sleep. My god am i in love with good. Sleep is the ultimate game changer. More than thirty percent of americans struggle asleep. And i'm a member of that. Sad roof. Temperature is one of the main causes of poor sleep in heat has always been my nemesis. I've suffered decades tossing and turning throwing blankets off putting it back on feeding at nausea. But i am falling asleep in record time faster than ever. Why because i'm using a simple device called the pod bro. Covered by isi it's easiest fastest way to sleep at the perfect temperature appears dynamic cooling and heating with biometric tracking to offer the most advanced but most user friendly solution on the market. I pulled all of you guys on social media about the best tools for sleep. enhancing sleep and eat. Sleep was by far and away. The crowd favorite and the people were just raving fans. So i used it here. We are at the pod pro. Cover your current mattress and start sleeping as cool as fifty five degrees fahrenheit or as hot as one hundred ten degrees fahrenheit also splits your bed and half so your partner can choose a totally different temperature. Girlfriends runs hot all the time. She doesn't need cooling. She loves the heat and we can have our own bespoke temperatures on either side. Which is exactly what we're doing now for me. For many people result eight sleep users fall asleep up to thirty two percent faster reduce sleep interruptions by up to forty percents and get more restful sleep over. All i can personally attest to this sidetrack. And all sorts of ways. It's the total solution for enhanced recovery. So can take on the next day feeling refreshed and now my dear listeners. You guys you can get two hundred fifty dollars off of the pod crow cover. That's a lot simply go to eighth. Sleep dot com slash. Tim or use code. Tim that's eight all spelled out h. Sleep dot com slash. Tim or use coupon code. Tim t. im eight. Sleep dot com slash. Tim for two hundred dollars off your pod per cover.

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Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

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Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"I'm John Pro. I'm the US editor the economist and host. A podcast called checks and balance. I'm Charlotte Howard. The New York Bureau. Chief I'm John Fatman. The Washington correspondent each week. We take a theme shaping American Politics Right now. Tap into America's rich history to answer some big questions. How do we hold an election and a pandemic? Why is the president trying to raise oil prices? How powerful is the Democratic Party? Machine is America seating global leadership with help from economist correspondence round the world. We dig into the data. The ideas history shaping the race for the White House and take a view without taking sides. That's checks and balances. The Global View. Democracy in America. Subscribe on Apple podcasts cost. We'll pause keep from his face and I couldn't see his face and he went down real hard but I've always been taught to give a champion champion out. Give account a champion every changing yet and I didn't quite know what I had. At the time I was the way he went down. I thought you might be out. I signalled down. Pointed the day to go to a neutral corner have quickly picked up a council the keeper and Spun Back and instinctually. I noticed that his right leg was up. He was resting on his right foot so he couldn't have been unconscious because if he was unconscious outlay would have been flop down. I also noticed the slightest movement and his hands so before waving it off. I said let's see what we got and as I started getting closer I was counting in my head to three and when I got to three I can see his eyes and he started tracking me with his is is is. We're actually open. He wasn't out so I got down in my first audible countless four and five you pop those Eyes Wide Open rolled-over and as I was saying the word nine. He raised his fist off the ground. No part of his body in the soles of his feet. We're touching the canvas. So in essence he was up so I gave them what we call the referee sobriety test. Because that was a funder is knocked down. I wanted to make sure he was able to intelligently defend themselves. 'cause I knew the day wilder was coming in for the kill especially with the bomb squad type punches so I wanted to make sure that fury can defend themselves and he demonstrated to me and everybody else. He was in full control of his body. I said box and he got up. Not only did he box. He actually came back to rock the anti wilder later in around. We're talking to referee. Jack Reese who Jack and we we've only got about two minutes here and I really WanNa get into something. So many young guys WANNA become referees. Learn how to referee. And even the Veterans WanNa learn how to do it better. So you in veteran referee. Judge Pat. Russell are going to be doing something. It's September referees seminar. Tell us about it. Yeah there's no thank you for mentioning it. There's nothing ever been done like this in the past and Acorss Type Situation Pat Ni- put together was by demand. We're always getting requests for you. Know How do I become a referee? Or you know guys that live in slow states. That are already referees. And don't get is not on a fights as we do here. They're always calling and asking scenarios and situations so we put together a three day training course very intense twenty six hours of boxing referee in two days in classroom watching videos taken everything from. A TO Z thirty days. But it'd be in a professional boxing gym. Where we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA find a finish and Really narrowed down. What the mechanics. All of the rules and regulations are anybody. Who's interested whether you're not a referee or you are you can go to Seoul. Arbiter DOT COM S. L. E. A. R. B. I. T. E. R. Dot Com boxing leap boxing referees training. We welcome everybody. We've already given out a few homework assignments to get everybody engaged to try to get them all on the same page when they walk through that door. And what are the dates of this? It's September fourth fifth and sixth did Lower Labor Day weekend so people wouldn't have to take an extra day off and it's GonNa be out in Beautiful Ventura California. You could bring your wife. She can go shopping. Go to wine country. Go to Santa Barbara or you're in class. Jack Reese thank you for joining us here on. Boxing illustrated on radio. We'll be sure to tell everybody. Keep telling them about it throughout the remainder of the summer. Sol- orbited DOT COM. You WANNA be arrested. This is the way to do Jack. Thanks so much new. Thank you for having me really appreciate and I'm honored to be on the show at your hosting look forward to having you back again. You guys be safe out there on your home in California and you as well bye. Thank you very much Jack. I want to tell you guys that. Tv has sports TVs classics porch TVs boxing. Tv's turbo TVs women's sports and TV s tavern sports networks are all on the watch your DOT TV service and on Roku on the other side. We've got a man who's done at all. He's been a fight manager a TV executive and he's now a singer songwriter producer. Arne Tokyo Rosenthal. We'll be back with the talk after this the TVs television network for decades your home for Great Sports TV is bad you can watch sixteen sports channels now streaming on watch your dot TV. It's free and it's on the Internet as well as on row to android an iphone and IPAD APPs watch. Tv sports network PBS CLASSIC Sports Network. He has triple sports network. Tv s women's sports network TVS taverns sports network and tedious boxing network. That's DDS television network. Six three channels at watch your DOT TV airlines have just reduced their prices. Even more broke thirty days in advance and save big. Want the absolute lowest prices on your airline tickets then call the low cost airlines travel hotline right now for prices so low. We can't publish them anywhere. The only way to access our low rates and save up to seventy percent is to call save hundreds on your vacation tickets by calling right now. You can fly anywhere in the world and paid discount prices on your airline tickets. Boca flight today to London. Paris Madrid or anywhere else. You WanNa go and Pale Lot. Less guaranteed call the International Travel Department Reich now at low cost airlines eight hundred seven five four four five three one eight hundred seven five four four five three one eight hundred seven five four four five three one. That's eight hundred seven. Five four forty five thirty one okay. I just need you to listen to me. I know that a lot of times mom. It might not seem like I'm listening to you but I am. I hear you and what you save really doesn't matter to me. I mean let's be honest. No Kid likes rules but I get why we happen. I hear you and I know it's because you care all the talks we've had over the years including what you've told me about not using alcohol and other drugs they stick with me and believe it or not. They really do make a difference. Especially at times that matter pumps drink nothing some good so thank you for talking and preparing me for what's ahead. Thanks mom never giving up and always being my biggest fear. Thank you for letting me know what you expect so I can try to meet your expectations for more information about talking with your kids about the use of alcohol and other drugs isn't underage. Drinking Dot samsa Dot Gov from roof to foundation the damage to your home can be devastating from clogged gutters leaking roofs rotting wood and FATIALOFA and flooded basement. Protect your entire home with Li filter. The nation's number one rated gutter protection system one of the things that I like the most is that I don't have to get back. On the lettering Lee filter starts by cleaning sealing realigning your gutters we then install micro. Mesh screen over your existing gutters which is guaranteed to filter out everything except for water trying other products made us finally go to leave filter and Lee filters lifetime. Transferable warranty makes him an extraordinary value. Lee Filters GonNa make my home more valuable especially when I go to sell it. Call eight three three two eight seven three four three five or go to get Lee filtered dot com for your free gutter inspection and estimate. Call eight three three two eight seven three four three five or visit GETLDI FILTER DOT com. We are back with a man who has any incredible resume. He's a former television executive. He's a boxing manager. Of Former boxy manager of a world champion and among other things he became a top tier boxing announcer and now he's an accomplished singer songwriter performer. Who I like to say just built his music. In the way a lot of fighters do it knock out style. We're talking about Arnie Rosenthal man. They call Tokyo. Tokyo's so glad to be back with you again buddy commissions great to hear your voice to. I don't know if I can live up to any of that stuff but I'll count so you know when back in the day and I mean we're talking we're talking in the early two. Thousands even just found something on Youtube that I put up on my facebook page. So anybody who wants to jump onto my facebook page at randy. Commissioner Gordon just hit me up. I'll click it. You'll be friends in the end you'll see right on. There is a fight that you and I took coal back in two thousand one with a young baby faced Paulie Mahlon Najji. I couldn't believe it when I saw. Did you get a look at it? I watched the entire thing and and the post fight interview. You did with the winner and the loser and I gotTa tell you we were a lot better than I remember it. We're good walking much. I thought I talk too much. Though you know. I thought you were perfect. I talked too much. Oh that's funny that that you would no you? Didn't I thought you were always a super setup guy and you were just filled with information and I must tell you back in those days I just truly I loved working with you and I'm GonNa get to the next portion of the but at that basically at that same time. Well you were also a manager of a Guy Paul Vaden right right well boxing. You know as you know. It's a very incestuous business you can. You can commentate. You can manage fighters you can do some promotion Whatever whatever they need you for you. You're doing but I think both of us were very multipurpose. Kind of guys exactly. I mean you know. We've bouncing around from years as commissioner New York to ring announcer to color commentator to blow by blow which I learned so much sitting next to you guys don't realize you wouldn't Sam Rosen's and the Al Alberts and the Steve. Albert's don't realize how much I stole from you guys. You're not angry. No no as well as long as there was one time though were you always remember what my sign off was. Yeah you always can. It to your wife. What you do that do that again. I for Randy Gordon. I'm Tokyo Rosenthal. Goodnight Kerry. I'm coming home here. It is there it is and it was every single and if I had people coming up to me and just looking at me and going ready we love when Tokyo goes for Randy Gordon. I'm Arnie Rosenthal I carry. I'm coming home. It what what got you to do that. I thought you know the first time you did it. And that's cool and then it became almost your signature. Well why not? Almost it was my signature. I think I think in those days. I was getting a lot of guilt at home because we had. We are two young daughters and and carry would be left at home. And you know when we'd be on the road someplace calling a fight in Pascagoula Mississippi or something and and I felt like all the only way I can. I can get out of the doghouse would be to say something like that at the end of the show and recognize that. I'm coming home. I'll be there to help you. Just hang in there and next thing I knew you know I started using that. I started using that sign off. Believe it or not as far back as one thousand nine hundred eighty five. I remember hearing it and it just doesn't seem like it was that long ago you know and when we were watching that fight that. I put up the one that you and I called with Paul and Ozzy I think that was two thousand one and I was hoping that at the end of it because they cut it off right at the very end when I was throwing back to you pulling out. He just kept going on and on. I said so from one coney on hot dog to another coney island hot dog lips back to you already Roselle. Whatever and he kept talking and I wanted to hear you say well. That's the fight tonight and Blah Blah four any Gordon. I'm only Roseville. Can I carry him coming home? They they cut it off right before that. Yeah that must be. It's an archive site for the for. The Guardia is Star boxing so. I didn't even know it. Was there till you posted it and I guess I got such a kick out of it though just watching the way it was it was cool. You who actually showed me some. I didn't even you know I'm I'm a dinosaur with this stuff and I'm learning as fast as I can. My grandsons or who who were like in their young early teens are showy grip we got. We saw this on you. We saw that on you. Grandpa do you know how to do this? And that we're going to zoom. We're GONNA do this and they teach me everything now on the Internet. These kids today know everything. At least they care when you and I were on every week at sometimes I. We were commentating different series. I we'd be on two or three different shows and I would tell my daughters. Hey let's go you know. Don't you WANNA WATCH DADDY ON TV? They they could care less they were a at least. You got your grandchildren that are that are that are tuning in but But my kids were like Nah. We want to see what's on. Nickelodeon we're talking. Arnie Tokyo Rosenthal. Who has done it all in boxing before you jumped in as a manager and boxing announcer you were a television executive and I believe it was. It was with F. N. Score you you were there putting on some fights. As a matter of fact you put on one flight where I was the announcement with Gil clancy and it was in the mid eighties and it was in Atlantic City. And I don't know if you remember this or not but right after one of the fights and I know it was reverted Iran. You guys had me sit down. I'm sitting down and yet you brought over one of the promoters of the fight this casino owner by the name of Donald Trump and I did an interview with him and now I can't even find the video of it. I'm sure it's going to turn up. I heard rumors that he was going to show it. You know Just before election election eve he was going to use it to see if you could get some votes. He was looking for the Long Island. Vote so you figured that If he had you on there were a lot of votes long island but that was that was of course. The furious fright what they call furious. Friday it was a very early pay per view show in the infancy of pay per view. And it was durant. Brilliant and starling. All against other people three big-name fighters and And Marlin well actually. What what happened was the ram was in the process of a comeback and he went his fight against Ricky Stackhouse Mark Berlin was also trying to come back from having been knocked out by Marlon starling and losing his title and he was on the card and of course and starling was making his first defence of the title hadn't had the rematch yet with with Brooklyn and and the funny thing was there was all you know pretty much opponents for these guys except no. Somebody forgot to tell that the starling and starling was getting beat. Pretty good and I remember said Kushner. Who was the promoter? Running up to the corner yelling and get him started here because he didn't have options on the Japanese fighter. I think his name was Fujio sake yet that he was fighting and it was it was just a great time though you know it was It was in the infancy of pay per view of a little known. Little other trivia fact was the next day was positive on. I think they were on. Nbc Also in the Convention Center in Atlantic City. And it was just a lot of great it was. It was a golden era for sure. It really was well. It was a number of years later it was in the early two thousands and you and I were doing these fight side by side. I'm having the time of my life and all of a sudden we're in the car together one day and you hand me this CD. And I looked at it and it looks like you in a hat and you put it into the your CD player. And you're playing it. And I I didn't even understand it. Now what is this and you said ready. That's me I'm going into the business. Well you did go into the business and you have become a star in the musical basically Americana Yeah The style of music that I play that I write and record and tour playing is called. Americana these days it's When we were younger they called it. Folk Rock then. They called it rockabilly and then they call the country rock and then finally it all came under this one big umbrella of of Americana Music The grateful dead. These days is considered Americana Willie. Nelson's considered Americana Emmylou Harris is considered Americana and Tokyo Rosenthal is considered America I guess what a lot of people didn't realize music was was my first passion and it was my first career dating way back into my college days and then even after college and I never stopped playing but you know I had fallen in love with the with TV and and and and sports on TV at score and everything else and that that was what I was doing. And then That's the short version is I was doing women's boxing up in Edmonton Canada. And I was feeling really lonesome up there. And I'd come up with this line Edmund your alone tonight and I started just stuck with me and and I hadn't written the song and maybe twenty years and then I just started writing this song and finishing it and the funny part is nobody ever written a song with Edmonton and the tidal or in in the lyrics and I had recorded it. I gave it to a friend of mine and he called up and said Hey I got good news for you. I said what's that he said he's just nobody's ever written a song with Edmonton in there. Before I said so. What does that have to do with me says well? We're going to send your song that you just record it. All the radio stations in Alberta. He says then you're on your own. Whatever it'll happen happen next thing. I knew I was getting the key to the city from the mayor for writing the song and and I dropped everything else and I went on tour and toward all the Canada and then that led to a UK tour led to recording my first album. And now I'm seven albums. Later and still touring and having a good time. I'm not playing stadiums. I don't WanNa give any miss misinformation out there. I'm still you know I graduated from dumpster. Dives this year but It's it's it's been a lot of fun and it's been fifteen years now full-time playing playing music. I cannot believe it has been that long. Okay for the fans who really who love the rockabilly and everything else. Where can they find some of your albums? I certainly want to push this. Because I'm dying. I've got a few of them here. I think when you first put him map of where can people find your albums? Well they can call me and I'll bring them over to their house. You know like at your favorite flea market But seriously if you go to just Tokyo Rosenthal Dot Com has all the information all the reviews pictures all kinds of fun stuff that again may mentioning Kerry my my wife. Carrie made me this. She made the website. I wouldn't know how to do it or updated or anything So we got a nice little website and so that we look somewhat contemporary and just go to Tokyo Rosenthal Dot com is a calendar. Might be coming through a neighborhood near you soon to take us out and To set me up from my closing tonight. I want you do what you used to do tonight. And everything else. So here it is all night at ringside and you're wrapping it up here all right. It's been a great night a boxing for Randy Gordon. I'm already Tokyo. Rosenthal goodnight carry. I'm coming home on. Thank you. So much tell Kerry we send our love. Thank you so much for joining us on. Boxing illustrated on radio. I pleasure Arnie Rosenthal here on the radio. We'll come back with our closing thought after this tedious television network for decades your home for great sports. Tv is back you can watch six sports channels now streaming on watch your DOT TV. It's free and it's on the Internet as well as on Roku android an iphone and IPAD APP watch. Tv Sports Network CDs Classic Sports Network. He has triple sports network. Tv As women's sports network TBS Tavern Sports Network and tedious boxing network that's TVs television six three channels at. What's your DOT TV now? You can fly anywhere in the world and paid discount prices on your airline tickets book a flight today to London Paris Madrid or anywhere else. 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Make this free call right now to learn more eight hundred four zero three five nine one to eight hundred four zero three five nine one to eight hundred four zero three five nine one two. That's eight hundred four zero three fifty nine twelve well. That wraps up. Another boxing illustrated WANNA give few shoutouts to a few of our sister stations. Joining US along the way we've got ww tx twelve ninety am in Wilmington Philadelphia. And of course one of our favorites out there in the desert K. HP fourteen hundred. It's been a fun show because we let it off with James Buddy mcgirt the former one hundred forty pound champion hundred forty seven pound champion as well and it was so it made me proud to see buddy mcgirt whom I have known. Since his amateur days get inducted into the international boxing hall of fame last year. Of course this year because of the corona virus the International Boxing Hall of fame had to put off this year's inductions until next year so the twenty twenty class will be going in with the twenty twenty one class. Then there's referee Jack Reese and what he's doing has never been done before. Top referees led by him are going to be having a seminar September third fourth and fifth out in California and you can find out more about it on sole arbiter dot com and last but not least Arnie Rosenthal you can just go to Tokyo Rosenthal Dot Com and hear from my buddy who has done it all. I sat side by side within twenty years ago and more announcing fights he was a fight promoter on FM and score and now he's a singer he does Americana and you should hear him. Tokyo Rosenthal Dot Com. I want to thank everybody for joining us here on. Boxing illustrated on radio for our entire crew. I'm Randy g have yourself a great weekend. Everybody will see next weekend. You're listening to the heartland newsfeed radio network broadcasting live twenty percents and our. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook twitter and INSTAGRAM's service newscasts for May the nineteenth twenty twenty. I'm Mike Clifford. Despite calls for more transparency over Cova nineteen outbreaks and long Term Care Facilities Arizona. Officials are refusing to release the locations of those establishments. Aarp Arizona and others have repeatedly called on the state to name facilities with significant corona virus outbreaks in deaths the Arizona Department of Health Services Sites Privacy Laws but several news media outlets are suing. The state claiming information is public. Aarp Arizona's Dana Kennedy says the response to outbreaks has been much too slow causing unnecessary deaths. Button but testing dollars needs to go to our long term care facilities immediately that means long-term care guild nursing facilities assisted living facilities group home anywhere that there is congregation housing as of Monday. There were over. Fourteen thousand corona virus cases in Arizona with six hundred eighty six deaths and in Metro Phoenix. One hundred eighty eight of two hundred thirty three virus related deaths were residents of care facilities. Mark Richardson Reporting State. Health officials declared their what they're calling a Kovac nineteen testing blitz across Arizona during may the emphasis on testing staff and residents at the state's one hundred forty-seven nursing care facilities. However national survey out Monday shows Amazon is forty ninth among the fifty states for the number of tests performed. President trump declared Monday. He is taking daily dose. Who's of hydroxy chloroquine? Cnn report is a drug. He has long touted. As a potential corona virus cure even as medical in the US Food and Drug Administration question its efficacy and worn of potentially harmful side effects speaking at a meeting of restaurant executives. Trump said he began taking the anti malarial drug after consulting with the White House doctor though he stopped short of saying his physician had actually recommended the drug farm and fruit. Packing workers considered essential in Washington state and their world and struggles for better working conditions. Yakima County is the biggest hotspot for corona virus cases on the west coast and fruit packing. Warehouses in the area have been a vector for the disease last week. Workers at seven companies. Went ON STRIKE AGAINST UNSAFE CONDITIONS? Marciano Sanchez with the Washington state. Farm Workers Union familiar need Portland. Who has been at protests alongside workers? They end up being really afraid because they're out there working with protection only stay end up carrying the colonel virus. It's pretty dangerous. And on top of that. They have to go back home where they have family and they don't want those infected either. The company say they have been working to implement safety standards as new guidelines emerge for public news service. I'm Eric Taylor. Off Africa's note that workers are being called greedy for asking for has her pay even though other industries already are doing this. This is pianist. Wisconsin farmers are not immune to changing weather patterns affecting Midwest Mike Cohen reports. That's why those who are adopting conservation practices hope other farmers follow suit. National Climate Assessment says heavy downpours and flooding are among the biggest climate change threats facing the upper mid west. The report says the frequency of days with heavy precipitation is projected to increase for the region. Larry Clemens with the Nature Conservancy points to wet conditions in states such as Wisconsin last year. That caused major headaches for farmers. In many areas we had a wet spring so crops planted late which meant they harvested lake. Lemon says that's why his group is working with the agricultural community. Promoting conservation practices such as cover crops in Wisconsin other groups and agencies involved include the dairy strong Sustainability Alliance and the Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection and LGBTQ. Plus people can now get help during the pandemic from a new cove in nineteen help center website and helpline was launched on Monday covered. Nineteen dot e QC A. Dot Org will include full lists of service providers in all fifty three counties and will feature free Webinars for people out of Work Samuel Garrett paint with Equality California which created the site says. It's designed to connect people to the right resources. They can look up a testing site near them if they need help. Filing for unemployment applying for a small business loan if they just need someone they can talk to because they're dealing with mental health challenges as a result of the crisis. All of that information is on the website. I am Suzanne Potter. Finally are Eric Levels tells us a coalition of one hundred thirty five Colorado organizations urging the state lawmakers there to use all tools in their toolbox to block the most serious economic impacts of the pandemic lost revenues are projected to create a three point. Three billion dollar budget shortfall the largest in state history. Adam Fox with Colorado Consumer Health Initiative says the anticipated cuts would be far greater than any made during the great recession. What that means is that there will be huge cuts to education to healthcare services to services for older adults to everything that our state government because then for the coalition which includes groups. Serving the state's most vulnerable communities is calling for federal relief tapping the state's emergency fund and temporarily raising taxes on Colorado's earning more than two hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year Fox notes that ninety five percent of workers would see their tax bill. Go down under the proposal ever since cove nineteen at the economy. Into what many are now calling. A medically induced coma. Four hundred twenty thousand Colorado's of filed for unemployment sales taxes and other revenue sources. Have all the tried. This is by Clifford for public news. Service we are member listener supported Enron line at public news service DOT. Org and hi everyone welcome to the clubhouse fourteen ninety am one. Oh five five. Fm and WGN H. DOT COM. I'm Rob Adams. Wg H. dot com. Let's say that again. I'm Rob Adams. Welcome aboard as we hit may thirteenth. The middle of May big big show tonight the producers once again outworking themselves Mark Jeffers. We are just often running with another zoom edition of the clubhouse overworked underpaid. And we always say that this week in particular we we have a really special special guests by premier gas. Ed Nanos Reno introducing a few minutes but he kind of mine and he needs Griffith Day but he's really big. I'm excited have him on the shelf and And that's a great author and your close friend that I'm enjoyed some of this stuff he's written Russian quarantine about movies and TV shows that we should be watching. So we'll talk about that as well. Damon our my friend. Auriemma could see you a wish version but is what it is. We're GONNA get the four boxers or they thank you. Oh tomorrow night. Gave Irani's little taste of what Manhattan is going to be tomorrow evening? Tomorrow is supposed to be a lot of kids this master's program so a lot of them are older still they they. They've earned the right to to graduate. Commencement ceremony to be recognized. And so we're going to do is learn an online not a ceremony. We just kind of against together. What we we congratulate them. Thanks to you. We have a very special guests. Condensate loaded them because it's been forty years since the since the USA won the Gold Medal Micalizzi Yoni chapter. That team is GonNa join us with quite nice him in. Nice of you to get him to do that and so I think it'd be a lot of fun I'm unexcited GonNa to be great and you know the only actually he's looking forward to it. We were corresponding with him. And he's like I want to do this. I just want to make sure you did the right thing. Shave Lobi the Nice thing to go. I think and and the thing is a lot of these. People are young to remember the nine hundred ninety game. They'll remember the movie so I think appreciate now they'll enjoy it all. We'll take a break and come back with with more off. The clubhouse will get an randall involved as well as Peter. 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OF AARP AS CORONA virus continues to affect us all especially older people in those with underlying health conditions. Aarp is here actively supporting you and your community. Every were providing updated information and tips from trusted sources were hosting weekly Tele townhalls with the nation's top health experts advocating on your behalf of national and local lawmakers to help secure sufficient resources to meet people's needs sharing tools to protect you and your family from fraud and creating resources for family caregivers everywhere to help keep them in their loved. One safe and healthy for more than sixty years. We've been here to educate serve and five for older Americans. Today you can count on A. R. P. More than ever join us. We may be apart but we don't have to be alone. Stay connected at AARP DOT ORG SLASH CORONA BARS. Busy night here on the clubhouse. Welcome back rob Adams Dave to Romeo Mark Jeffers. Of course sports byline as well as nine. Forty the apple or nine twenty the apple nine forty the liberty and just were. Everybody loves being a part of the clubhouse mark getting larger larger four listeners. Now number we've got we've got some feedback byline during the show and and I think you know a great one. I had mentioned this before we landed. I am just so happy features. I have been married to the greatest girl you all. I like Sarah Tomorrow. We celebrate the actor second anniversary. Toss that out. I think the other half before we bring it on is Our friend at the medicine and Rather Westchester having really really coming through during this warranty serve over one thousand six hundred sixty nine families a food. They welcomed twenty new families every day. It received thirty five thousand pounds of food. Donations make purchase Sixty thousand pounds of food and provide food for five thousand ninety individuals of Anqing hundred children entering two fifty an hour seeing yourself. You know what we do that wonderful advantage number. They are really coming through for the Alps in northern action around. Very nice newly. Can I just have to say? We'll forget it placement of the Emmy Award over your right shoulder is wonderful is just I find it. I didn't know you could see we can say I'll bring a culture next week. Go why not I? And it's my great pleasure. Introduce Mr Ed Randall. His name is nationally recognized and known throughout the world as synonymous with facebook highest team as one of the game foremost authorities by Winning National Broadcasting Career on the Apron Saints Baseball. A really great guy and we're talking about is chairing workers while the club back. Mr Edwin Edwards. Guys I once worked good yes. I was interned there my senior year at Fordham and made the mistake of having me. Dj on Saturday nights and Thank God those tapes don't exist and But very fine memories of working there W W H that. Sounds like the BOB macgonagall years. I know I if I if I mention names. You'll probably think that they are from prehistoric times. Our News Era. We were Our Our sports director was a guy named Jim. Senate Wonderful Guy and by actually did Greenwich I football Colored Guy in nineteen seventy four. And they're big stud guy was a guy that I remember named. Vince Orlando went onto a plate. Usc and then we. They had a a traditional game on Thanksgiving morning. I think no more Catholic Aby and lie. God I it was never so I was never so cold in my life Thanksgiving morning. Doing color up at Up there in Norwalk. Oh my God I very fond memories of ordering at the W. H. At who was the play by play guy then? Was it the sports director. I think it was no I think. It was st steer steer of course. Yeah I know it was birth. Yeah Yeah Now. The wgn newsroom of three times a week and After school I was also interning at the same time. One of the great radio stations in the country at that time were the testing news departments. W ANY W radio but I worked at. Wchs three days a week and it was It was wonderful it was Jim Senate who was very influential in my getting my first professional job at Fordham up to your eye in Westerly Rhode Island my God. Yeah and I was. I was there for two weeks. It's the only job in forty year career that I ever quit that. That's a whole nother. That's a whole `nother show. Where are you from originally at Fordham? University wrongs up in the Bronx. Yeah I went to And I went to All Boys Catholic school three blocks make you save in which Lee still open called all hallows. It was grammar school back then and an from Iran to Fordham. You appreciate this. I moved to Westerly Rhode Island from Long Island when I was in tenth grade and W I used to broadcast football games. It W we are was was amazing. Dave they had We were a mets affiliate of a red SOx affiliate roads affiliates Celtics affiliate and the amateur sports as well. It was just wall to wall sports. I was winning news anchorman. Hundred thirty dollars a week and I worked for a madman as it turned out. That's I I left and came back to New York to the Bronx. And then there's an amazing story about how. I ended up getting my baseball career with the in the Boston. Red Sox organization now Meyer New York but anyway it's because he quit the job in westerly got the jaw. The media stay day was right across from the train station right by a furniture store there as I recall directly crossing the northbound side of. What's now Amtrak right in fact? I've told ROB this before my join year. Chris Chris Berman called the game. All Wesley. Stone didn't Thanksgiving Day game. Well it's great. It's wonderful even even anchored Netherlands at as I recall the graduation ceremonies. No sports involved At the Coastguard Academy down the road in London. At how are you feeling how everything is fine? Thanks for asking. Okay so we have. You have so many things. We can discuss logging power. The out of the shows Goin- on your your radio. John and Emma B remember Wenn show and of course the world famous fan show on Sunday Mornings. Edwina doing on with this whole situation right. Well I've not done my wfan about two months They have put The part timers in drydock for the moment and So unfortunately I'm missing. That and I've been told that I'll be back when there is baseball if there is baseball and As far as Sirius is concerned of we brought remember went back. Which is the baseball nostalgia show on? Xm Eighty nine hundred years to report that back last week And it aired in its time slot. Saturday morning really did a one hour version and on that. Show we hundred. Willie Mesa's a knife birthday and I had. Hal Linear who played shortstop for the giants for seven years That willy was in San Francisco and then We also honored the memory of the great alkaline and that Denny maclaine on and I just looked up for. We're GONNA tape this on Friday for broadcast on Saturday. We're going to attribute to my dear friend Who I knew from back in my days in the Pacific Coast League. Ed Farmer who was the longtime voice of the Chicago White Sox recently died in his broadcast partner. Darren Jackson will join US and I work in some other stuff for the other the other half hour. I wanted to talk a lot about fans for the tour but before we do that. I WANNA touch base a little bit about about this whole situation with baseball because Love Guru baseball If you've seen they The owners opposition and that the Union is looking INADA. What do you think you can say this you thoughts on the proposal? Well the the proposal was the technicalities. It was not any of the financials. And the financials is the is the one item significant as it is. They could trip everything up They talked about installing universal d. h the size of the rosters Where in in the play of baseball the playing of baseball He did not get to what has been leaking out which is that. They want the players to do a revenue share and they were the players. I think we'll do a revenue share approximately fifteen minutes after the first pig flies at Laguardia Airport. I don't think that that's going to happen and in. That could be a major problem. Robert Great we are indeed. We're GONNA take a break here on the clubhouse. We'll continue with the great ed Randall. Dave Romeo here Mark Jeffers Myself Bob. Small as well as we continue on the clubhouse for a Wednesday fourteen thousand nine. Am One five FM WG. C. H. dot com. We'll be right back. Have you written a book? You can become a published author with a publishing. The Nation's oldest publishing services company countless authors have trusted dorrance for nearly a hundred years to bring their book to the market are professional team will editor text design your book pages and create an appealing eye-catching custom cover plus authors benefit from Custom Book Promotion Marketing Campaign. 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I really don't know I I've been asked that question many times and I'm ver- I'm very you know. There's there's a couple of things. Nobody nobody discusses here. Oh which is with regard to the return of the game number one is wants to rush into a stadium with forty thousand strangers. This number one number two were looking at a perhaps of fifteen to twenty five percent unemployment rate. Who's going to pay those prices? Go Watch a regular season baseball game if we're in such dire financial straits as a nation. And that's something nobody else. He's talking about a year Youngest WANNA get back because they want their television money and the players and owners as we know have already negotiated wanting deal but it was predicated on that. There would be fan's stance. It doesn't look like there's going to be fans in the stands. Now we have governor newsom in California. Basically shut down the state for another three months We've got The governor of Ohio a Republican who has said basically. We'RE NOT GONNA have Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati reds For the foreseeable future and at what point in time do you say you know what we're going to have a credible season an eighty two games? I think is R- eighty-one games or eighty. Two Games is really cut. Knit as close as we can. Cause we've never had a season a less than one hundred games now. It's going to be tough. Nothing is and if you do come back you've been covering games. From you know Zillion years our lineup will be able to work with fans in the stands. I Dunno well. It's going to have to and debt whether or not they've talked about. They made pipe in. They may pipe in sound. Certainly not GonNa go as far as we see in Korea with Gobi Mannequins in the stands. Philly I'm sorry you had if it means we've heard some people say for the morale of the country. Be Great to have baseball. There's no argument about that but We are history and to To have a season which is only eighty still eighty or so games. It and I don't understand why that's so so why that's such a small number. I agree with Scott. Boris the famous agent. I think we could play one hundred one hundred twenty games and I really think that we planned a double headers every Sunday To increase the number of the increased number of gains than you have an injury factor. Here you had pitchers that was seventy to eighty percent on their way to being season ready when we shut down now. They've got to start again. There's the real issue Dr Chris Amodu as the Yankees Team. Physician was quoted the other day saying he's very concerned about an explosion of Tommy John Surgeries and these guys have to ramp up again and on top of that is near. It's not gonNA be a minor league season so if there are injuries Yeah you can have your taxi squad but a certain number of players. Where are they gonNA play? The stay ready is an incredible number of problems year. That's the exact question I've been wondering. Where will the where will the taxi squad players be where you guys know about how you guys know how cashman used the the roster the last two three years guys practically passing each other on route eighty after pitching a game in the Bronx and then and then driving back to Scranton after the game? And then another guy comes up. They've been doing that for three years. So true for second we always come back to base buck. That's what we're you know. This is a big baseball. Show your ED ECHINACEA year up two thousand and three founded spans for the cure. And you know I've been associated up a little bit and Major Minor League Parks. You've been doing you survived. Prostate cancer and this charity is such an important one okay to the population mine awareness of a disease in the likes of value early detection. Tell our audience. How is your organization doing during this time annual work making about well As far as right now We had a gala scheduled for September. Seventeenth Manhattan you were going to honor Marianna Rivera. We expected to the proceeds to exceed those of our last gala which was last June in two thousand nineteen when we honored Phil Simms and Joseph Abboud noted fashion designer as well as we always honor. Dr James McKiernan the chair of the Urology Department Columbia Presbyterian in Manhattan. Who has been a great friend of the charity so the gala goes away until twenty twenty one and We are just using this time as tragic as it is that we all find ourselves where we find ourselves to be able to catch up on a lot of major initiatives that Charity needs to do and we had a schedule. Full a calendar full of prostate free prostate cancer screenings prostate cancer seminars scheduled for March and April May and We Are. We are taking this time to reschedule. Those gang have a date yet. Because nobody knows when this is going to happen. But we're hoping that when when this is finally when it's finally abates and we can come out of our home safely that we will be able to hit the ground running with a number of very important life saving events as is great tolerance before we forget know. How where can they learn more about your well when you have a terrific website at fans for the cure dot org and We like to tell people that we help. Men recognize the risks of prostate cancer. That's what we're in business for the amidst value of early detection in both extending in saving their lives. There's an almost ninety. Nine percent curate of prostate cancer is detected early. You can find that on our website at fans with your dot org. As I mentioned we coordinate. Psa screenings we sponsor medical seven seminars We offer physician and hospital referrals. If anybody in the audience is having a prostate tissue and please God don't let it be can't but even if it is and you need a doctor in UNITA or need a hospital or happy to help you out where the place to come to a strip. Oh also under mentioned a moment ago that there's going to be minor league baseball this year. I'm fairly certain. And that's a big loss for the charity. Because I spent seven years of Minor League Baseball and I have hundreds of friends throughout the game and we are And fjords and official charity of Minor League Baseball designated as such by the By Pat O'connor the Chief Executive of Minor League Baseball back in two thousand and nine at the baseball winter meetings in Indianapolis that the December and there's only three other There only three other official Charities Ale Ale Foundation Special Olympics boys and girls clubs in our cells and last year we were one hundred twenty one minor league ballparks in thirty nine states ending out our life saving materials and over the last That was thirteen years now. We've done that and been in more than twelve hundred ballparks and it saddens me that we will not have the opportunity to be able to do that. The Shield parallel and added the work. That you're doing. I mean I'm sorry. Sorry around that's is is Is there any other grants or anything of that nature that you guys go for a yeah? We're up we're in the midst of applying for Rowena the PPP's and would word that we're hearing is that it looks like we're GonNa get one of those and that will be very helpful for us going forward. I was just GonNa add that minor league. Baseball means so much. These communities to some of these towns that it's such a big part of what they are. Oh my God I mean I just I having spent seven years in the minor leagues My heart and soul is is in the minor leagues and You take a guy That I know up in the Salem Kaiser volcanoes in Salem Oregon and This Guy Jerry Walker has been there twenty or years prior to which he spent seven years in Bellingham he was in Bellingham Washington which just north of Seattle when Griffey started when after we signed they send Bellingham thirty one years for a guy like this. These guys are lifers and ripping these teams out of their. You know what's crazy is that you're the commissioner as you all know Makes a statement at the baseball winter meetings. He wants to reduce the minor leagues by forty two teams Which of course was met with a lot of anger and a on the on the part of Minor League owners and operators and people the thousands of people. I mean I wanted to be a major league. Baseball play by play broadcaster. In on a few occasions I get an opportunity to do so and I went to the minor leagues I started for free and L. Myron and then eventually made three dollars a game and I worked at the Pacific Coast League if those kids that are or who want to be The next Ed Randall. And I don't mean that they even know who I am. But I'm just saying that going down there to ply their job make their mistakes to improve themselves so that they could process possibly get an opportunity to go to the major leagues. Now is not going to happen so here. You have a situation. Where the Commissioner stipulates I WANNA cut the minor leagues by Forty Two teams. Or you know what along comes the corona virus? And they're GONNA do it for him because there's going to be a ton of teams that are going to go out of business. The there are no. There is no television revenue for the minor leagues. It's all about ticket sales. It's all about advertising and they've spent thousands of dollars bobbleheads heads and stuff like that to give away this year and now they're stuck right on the money can't say it any better myself. Mark I think we get another break coming up here. So we'll do that. We Love You. Hang out with us for the next. You wouldn't mind netted all double the pay. I'll be there Ed staying with us. Peter Body to join US stole here. So is Bob. And what the heck. I'll stick around for another half hour. We'll continue on the clubhouse fourteen hundred five FM and WWL DOT COM. We'll be right back the TVS television network for decades your home for great sports. Tv IS BACK. You can watch six. Tbs Sports Channels now streaming on. Watch your DOT TV. 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Private Autobiography Services can help. We will interview by video or phone to get your memories in your words using your pictures. Are Staff of talented. Writers will then recreate your story into a beautiful handcrafted book. You'll receive ten individual copies for friends and family to enjoy for generations to come visit. Private AUTOBIOGRAPHY DOT COM. Just a free consultation mentioned this ad for a bonus audio recording from your personal interviews to get started visit private autobiography dot Com or call. Eight four four nine two one twenty eight. Oh two. That's eight four four nine two one. Twenty eight Oh to remember and be remembered with this gift of a Lifetime Matthew. Okay I need you to listen to me. I know a lot of times mom. It might not seem what I'm listening to you but I am. I hear you really doesn't matter to me. I mean let's be honest. No Kid likes rules but I get why we have them. I hear you and I know it's because you care all the talks over the years including what you've told me about not using alcohol and other drugs they stick with me and believe it or not they really do make a difference especially at times that matter mouths drink nothing some good so thank you for talking and preparing me for what's ahead. Thanks mom never giving and always being my biggest fan. Thank you for letting me know what you expect so I can try to meet your expectations. I talking for more information about talking with your kids about underage use of alcohol and other drugs. Visit Underage Drinking Dodd samsa Dot Gov welcome back to the clubhouse glad. You're along with us for this Wednesday edition. Rob Gave Mark Ed Bob and Peter about the join us and mark. We're just we're flying along here. We are indeed it. I just saw I. It wasn't be zoom zoom part. Yes it's my pleasure introduce anybody who has been writing for New York sports scene for over thirty years and early writing for the near Post and came up with her Mendes Book? Which I'm lucky enough. Take a look at Harrison kindness. Full on the rectal. Because there's a big fifty the New York Yankees the men and moments that made the New York Yankees in a the guys. How are you timing? Couldn't be manner in a sense of something that you know. Baseball fans need descendants. Your book coming out. Why didn't you sign? I mean you decide to write for this integrating. Why did you really want to write this book when I got offered the opportunity to write this book on the two series by triumph books? They've done this Big Fifty series for other teams in other sports and some in baseball And they told me that they had been wanting to to do a Yankee version of it. for a long time obviously the narrow down the history of the Yankees to fifty men in moments was probably the most daunting challenge of of writing this book. You know they sent me Versions of some other teams and not to denigrate any other teams but like say the MINNESOTA TWINS MINNESOTA twins. The person who is number thirty on their top fifty probably cracked the top. Five hundred when it comes to the Yankees. But that was the that was the toughest part of it Like you said I definitely hope that it. It can fill some voids for Anti Fans Baseball Fan sports fans while while they're waiting for the the games to come back at some point But I feel like I feel like I feel like the book can do that I I. It's really a full hundred years of Yankee. History from the after one is is the trade for Babe Ruth You know purchasing his contract from the Red Sox of that the natural as as number one and number chapter number fifty Is the baby bombers and kind of looking ahead and what this what this young group. Now do Aaron Judge Etcetera You know to cement their place in Yankee history. So I feel like I. I covered a lot of ground. I certainly had to pare down of some of significant moment out But you know what I what I decided to do. Was put all of Babe Ruth Moments into one chapter all the JEETER's chapter Moments into one chapter combined some of the World Series Championships for instance making forty nine nineteen fifty five in a row I made that all one chapter because there's no way I could do a separate chapter on all seven championships. All the hall of famers. And then they'll get into the moments like the perfect games and Reggie Spree homer gave and Larsen's perfect game and Roger Marris. Sixty one. Home runs those. Those moments got their own chapters but I kind of had down and it was. It was tough when I started. I had a list of we almost remedial even over a hundred on many moments. That felt deserved after I of had to pare down from there but I feel like I feel like the history of the last punt. The last century of Yankee history is all there in the book for anybody. Who's looking to go? There's obviously some younger fans baby who don't know all the specific stories and anecdotes in. They're from different people You know even the older players like I'm not gonNA break a whole lot of new ground on Bruce and Garrick and you know Dimaggio and the older guys but Tried to put a fresh spin Talk to some current people looking back on those players specifically and And I feel like there's some fun anecdotes in a fans will really enjoy here. How much did you know of Yankee history coming into this? And what did you learn coming out of this? Well I grew up in New York. I'm fifty two years old. I mean I grew up in the National League House. I'll say that but I was a Yankee D. writer for for two years in the nineties like a world series was around You know got to talk Spend some time and talk with with the older players such as Barrow and You know even got to meet Dimaggio which I put in. The book was a big thrill for for me. Because my Dad Dad italian-american American grew up in Brooklyn dodger fan but revere Dimaggio and as a lot of people like a lot of a lot of older fans Chazz Palminteri of the actor actually wrote one of the forwards for the cost with Bernie Williams and chest. It was the same thing as his father was first generation Italian American. That's how we gave a diehard Yankee Fan. His father with Dimaggio guys and commentary was a huge Mickey Mantle. Fan in the fifties and sixties And I got that from a lot of different people that I spoke to Try TO SPEAK TO PEOPLE. Who are fans of those those fifties people like pastas? Larry gave it from Seinfeld. Jasim actually have a doctor in the book about Gandhi's involvement in the Seinfeld show. Speak Larry David about that And that was a lot of fun to go through with him. He was Very insightful and as you know him very very funny and His interactions with fine Brenner. He did the voice on the show and you know and but his interactions with George Steinbrenner to get approval for certain things was a really interesting conversation that we went through a Stanza Council. Any I wanted to funny you just. You rolled into my next question. Here was an honor of the great comic actor. Jerry Stiller passing this week Also you know retire audience. A little bit more about the art for that was it was hilarious. And ranking was a great part of the show and I think as a very highly of the yeah one of my favorites Seinfeld seasonable of all time is when George Steinbrenner goes to Bush stanzas houses Parents House or them religiously that he had died and frank. Costanza is immediate reaction. What the Hell did you trade Jay for at any and the and the answer? The Answer Machine Scifo answering machine at the end of that scene Jerry it's Frank Costanza Steinbrenner's here Georgia's dead. Call me back. Great you one of the great scenes in in seinfeld related to the Yankees Jerry Stiller that was a says that To to to see that his passing earlier this week Got Relive because of it though. I feel like we got a lot of those seems videos and fifty dive into Youtube yesterday. Trying to find some of those old clips Yet the final chapter for me. It was a real of some people that know may have said to me you really. You just wrote this book so you could write that one down right. That's and that's one hundred percent true. I mean look I you know I I love it. I love the history of baseball Yankee history but I when I when I sound to book I I told myself that I want to somehow include George Costanza Anna Seinfeld show because I felt like it was in the ninety. Especially if such a big part of of that generation of Yankee fans I mean very Bernie Williams O.`Neil of show all here on the show And I David as you know is a huge New York sports fan and gigantic Yankee Fan huge Mickey Mantle Fan in the show he purchased dancers based not faceless. Larry David I need at one point. One is named his firstborn child theft after the hassle. So yeah it was. I did not expect. I didn't wasn't planning to get Larry David. I was when I when I was able to get him on the phone. I spoke to him for about an hour. He couldn't have been it couldn't have been nicer and couldn't have been more helpful. Just kind of going through the machinations of of getting the Yankee approval to use George Steinbrenner's than the Yankee brand But but they really. They really took it to extremes. Steinbrenner caricature that base that they made and I and I found it interesting. I found an article your eyes and in the late nineties for George Holes Ira Times. He didn't know much about the show but his grandchildren were a huge fans of the show and they kind of created them to do it And and they ended up really ended up loving and enjoying found the humor in it George at one point they had him come out to California film DREYFUSS and it ended up getting cut from the show. Jerry Larry Just didn't think it worked They like they like the idea of building from behind. And having Larry David Voice And Larry Larry Jerry had to call George and tell him that it didn't work from the from the episodes film You know to be a fly on the wall conversation. Larry said he accepted it. Pretty well Just I just couldn't imagine like having debate on Italian out here to do the show but we're not going to use the scene based bill because this is not good and Yeah cycle show was such a big part of a of that era of Yankee A better of the Yankee history. You know Paul O'Neil in in different peoples me how much fun they had if is just as many people come up to him and tell him that they spent on. Seinfeld and tell us that they love them playing for the Yankees. So I find that really interesting. Forget sometimes if there's there's millions of people that aren't watching baseball day may be hard pressed to believe but you know that would know him more from a Sitcom than him from being the worry on those links these Yankees Games. So you know you mentioned Chaz earlier and then Bernie also Williams also wrote a forward for the book also about that because you know younger audience will love. That Bernie was involved as well. I feel like Bernie and I've always said that I felt that when they talk about the core four Bernie should be right there with him whether you call it a fat five. I know he arrived earlier than those guys and I know he wasn't there for. He didn't stick around for two thousand nine. But you see it now you see how is whenever he comes back to the stadium. He gets his big ovation. Billions Marianna were jeeter. Maybe more so he got the big. I think I feel like. Sometimes he gets biggest ovation of that era of those teams which is hard to believe but he's so beloved by the fan so I when I I had asked him you know. I interviewed him for the book I asked him. I was talking to him and his his andrew does whole handles all US appearances I if we would love to have running in of just because he's such a cerebral guy. Experience is he's had such a second life since retiring from baseball so when he agreed to do to forward on the pair that with with. Terry I feel like it really adds so much to the is because Bernie takes us through those early ninety s and he first showed up at you. Don't find a precursor to the championship teams and You know people forget to burning almost almost left in ninety eight after the ninety eight season is a free agent on the site and really close to signing with Boston until we appeal to Georgetown Rarin Standard. Working out contract with Bernie was kind of test case for the Yankees holding onto their young players You know we we think been now with the court four guys all through the system it was really the first one When George was on suspension mistake was kind of running the show so they gave burning a chance to grow into that role. I mean he might not have been ready for it in nineteen ninety one nineteen ninety two Because you know ninety ninety six he was big part of those teams as anyone and he weighed. Bernie kind of blocks out with a testament to Michael and bucks'll during their patients with him. Because let's face it and we talk about this in the cycle. Chapter you know. The museum has Yankees and George didn't have greatest of developing their own young players in in eighty certainly Does the laundry list of guys? We mentioned Jay Theater as one of the guys that way. Jose real straight back in and Willie McGee AGRIPPA also indicates die young rears. They'll never got a chance to to make it to the that we're always traded away before that bring bring the first one that got held onto and I think that's a big reason why they stuck with Karyono and then when they'll take a break we'll be right back remember in the beginning when you first started to build a life for you and your family you never imagined it would come to this instead of living your dreams. You'RE LIVING WITH DEBT. In fact it's you now there's a way you can take back control with one simple call if you owe ten thousand dollars or more in credit card debt you qualify to receive a free no obligation consultation on how to get rid of that debt for good. Call the debt helpline now. 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Blue consists of a proprietary formula developed specifically for the treatment of inflammation and general muscle aches and strains I recommend blue goo for my patients coping with hip and knee pain before surgery especially bursitis and tendinitis give Lugo. Try Call one eight eight eight three three zero zero one two three. And you'll receive a one week supply of blue goo absolutely free. The makers of Blue Goo are even paying shipping. The number again is one eight. Eight eight three three zero zero one two three if you want more information on Blue Goo visit online at. Www DOT DU dot com now available at select the big five stores near you for hanging out with us on the clubhouse for a Wednesday rob Adams Dave Romeo Mark Jeffers. Ev Randall. Still with us. Peter Body here Bob. Small in the studio and of course we're with you on W. H. and all of our affiliates. I can say that mark. That's that's so cool to say we have to kind of pick us up and armed forces network has a sign. It's are into the growing. I think it's because of guests like you're using to help us dry across Ed Jeff. We're we're excited about that. I think all that we're going back to the book of ask. You can chime in wealth when you you rank for the post and it was. I thought so valuable to people. Sports Fan were quarantine. We're at home. Lock down a little bit and your column was basically some great sports movies that you can watch and I took notes in actually lemon. I'll tell them Susan's arrive. Look from your thoughts on that when the when the shutdown I started I in kind of getting a march. We're looking just like everybody else. And we're looking for content and you know there's no games in the cover so One of the ideas that editors and I had to get like a daily recommendation of sports book or movie or TV show. You know that that meant a lot to me. Maybe was before before the time of stomach readers or or maybe just. Kinda slip through the cracks pupils. Just throw out all the the home run the biggest movies and stuff I tried to use some or obscure ones on blunted. I really like movies like the cycling who'd be breaking away from the Nineteen Seventies. The great one You know the Hustler with with Paul Newman. And Jackie gleason from the sixties and obviously twenty five years later the color of money which Oscar for So there's a lot of I'm there's so there's so much content that people could be doing. I know people are forcing themselves to watch old over. Every place of games and things like that Hopefully it won't be too much longer before you can get a live action and and be able to see stuff. But in the meantime there's there's literally hundreds and hundreds of books and movies and TV shows that you could dance While you're while you're waiting for sports come back. Well we're grateful to Peter Body. Ed Randall will see next week for another edition of the clubhouse remark. Jeffers Dave's Romeo Bob. 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Because of the complicated application process adding the numbers to the millions of underemployed Americans makes the likely total of unemployed top. Forty million people all of that from a forty year low in February ever wonder where we find all the news to report right here on the Liberty beat visit S. dot choose to get the world's most censored media published all in one place. Save yourself from me. Endless time spent searching for reliable alternative media S. News makes a quick and easy. No Ass. No Click Bait just roll headlines four hours a day visit. Snl last off you and get informed today without the corporate media. Span your news now. The New York State Education Department has blocked schools from using a state funding mechanism to purchase tasteful recognition systems according to the New York civil liberties. Union the Lock City School district purchased a facial recognition system using state funds allocated through the smart schools bond. Act The program set aside two billion dollars to improve learning and opportunity for students throughout New York activists post reports in an unannounced move. The Education Department changed. Sba application requirements specifically barring funds for the purchase a facial recognition technology. The New York Education Department website now stipulates quote. The Review Board is not currently approving plans that include facial recognition technology or other similar self learning analytics software and in an email deputy director Education Policy Center. New York Civil Liberties Union Stephanie. Coil called the change huge breaking defense a digital magazine that covers military issues reports that Israel may ask for its. Us aid early. Possibly a lump sum that could be as high as seven point six billion dollars mint press news reports. That would work out almost twenty one million dollars per day from American taxpayers even though the US approaching a four trillion dollar deficit the largest in the world and Israel typically has a lower unemployment rate then the United States. The report is by breaking. Defense Israel correspondent airy cozy an Israeli citizen who served in the Israeli military and as close to the Israeli security. It goes these article states that because of the corona virus pandemic quote. Israel's Ministry of Defense and High Command have hammered out an emergency plan for an appeal to Washington and won't US aid. Israel is normally dispersed in October in a lump sum that is deposited to an interest bearing Israeli account in a New York that Reserve Bank support for the liberty is brought to you by the homestead through. The homestead guru is an educational website offering tips. Tools news stories and commentary on everything home standing to green homes gardening. And we'll husband drink. 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That's eight five five four five zero three seven three three with you in the studio tonight. It's it's in and nobody and of course I am your host. The Reverend Captain Kick Ass This Monday evening. I had some other stories prepped. But I read today. That sort of caught me by the heartstrings. There's apparently over one hundred thousand crew members. If you trim those they won't get snagged on I'll have to grab my heart string trimmers. It's a good plan. Apparently there's over one hundred thousand crew members that are for all intents and purposes hostages or prisoners on cruise ships crew members of passenger passengers. The passengers have all been otherwise. You know disembarked from their respective ships There was some folks who were just getting on the ships. You go to work for early March or whatever you know. Mid-march while you know sort of rotating while others are coming out that kind of thing others were told that Oh yeah you know. It'll pass two weeks because that's what the government was telling everybody. Well you'll need to quarantine for two weeks and the expectation of course was that this would go away like a month kind of like the SARS did back in the day and that life would return to normal which it of course hasn't there's been a couple of suicides as a result of folks who are losing their mind because they're literally stuck on these ships in at first crew quarters and then after some time they kind of let them out into the regular rooms the rooms but you know one per room. Of course I kind of a thing you know there was some some of them. Had communal meals without social distancing. Some of them were just like no. We're just going to deliver you your three hots to your room and you're gonNA stay inside your room They threatened all of our day out. That's what they did when we were in solitary so this article goes in depth into all of that and we can talk about this of course I have some other stuff to bring up as well. I know there was Some talk about the South Jersey. Jim Reopens in defiance of Governors Order. This is An instance where this Jim was closed because of corona virus. The Guy said he was gonNA Open. The cops showed up and said No. You're closed. They posted a sign on his business. That says this business is closed due to a cove in nineteen and the guy promptly removed the sign and replaced it with the bill of rights. Nice yes so we could talk more about that as well and then we also have nobody you drop us in. I thought the headline was enticing. Federal government buys riot gear and increases security funding citing the corona virus pandemic here. They bought more apparently they. They've got a lot but you know you can't have too much gear. The funny thing is I think the thing that I intend to do to put in hopper was the one before about New Jersey. Jim Oh and the cop saying have a nice day but it's a good idea to To cover the right gear too because you know the right gear will definitely cover you well and we all know what happens when the police show up at a riot. They 'cause it that's right nightsticks and other assorted atrocities. That was a common thing at the at the University of Michigan. I I grew up in Ann Arbor Michigan. The students after a big win would all go and mill about in the streets and was generally pretty peaceful until the police show up and tear gas. Which point there'd be a riot and I was driving cabin these days and actually saw one of my. My my bros get his cab. Turn flipped over by the IRATE STUDENTS. But the reason they were irate. Was they'd been tear gassed. I lived in Seattle when the WHO riots ensued. My girlfriend at the time had gone downtown with a group of friends to go and check out the riots. In hindsight she claimed it was a terrible idea but of course the story is just from on the ground about what the police did and how they function and how they operated without a care for anybody. No no concern about anybody's safety. Well it happened here in Keene Six years ago there was a Pumpkin fest riots. That went down here partially read something about that. Tell me more about that because I find that interesting because Pumpkin fest sound so not riot S. Well it actually didn't happen at Pumpkin Fest and happened in the College neighborhood which is about three streets away But it's just what nobody said the cops had in the afternoon they'd broken up what they call a A day party or Darty or whatever they call them around here Got To get up pretty early in the morning. If you're going to drink all day. Yeah apparently it was like one thirty in the afternoon. The cops broke up a day party And they forced you know everybody that was at that party to leave and so then you got angry. Drunken students and young people in the streets not with nowhere to really go and the cops basically caused this This issue from this is from what some of the students were were telling us And of course they proceeded to continue to drink and and roam around and that led to more police response and it led to more and anger among the students and they set a couch on fire in the middle of the road. At one point there was a huge bottle war on one st where there were probably two hundred or more people in the streets just throwing throwing bottles and fourth and beer cans. I caught a probably about ten minutes of that On video oh up on one of the showed up just to you know like your girlfriend was saying check out the riots and see how things were going down there right and I witnessed this bottle war one of the kids in the on the street. Let me go up on his second floor and pop out the window so I could get like an upper shirts. I've yeah yeah and And so the police showed up In Large numbers stay brought out you know vehicles and paintball guns and they were shooting pepper ball. Paint balls at people apparently Too so they didn't actually shoot anybody with real bullets. So there is that But you know they were definitely coming in with serious use of force and they had the helicopter with the loudspeaker telling people that they had to leave. Certain area bearcat. The bearcat was rolled out however it was not utilized they had it parked down the street. And it ready. Yeah so it was pretty crazy. Pretty Amazing for a town of Twenty five thousand people whatever day but once you have a bearcat you have to use it. That's the rule. I mean I guess that's how they feel about it anyway but a we'll of course talk more about all of this stuff and take your calls and your thoughts at eight five five four fifty free. You can also get us on our discord at discord dot L. R. N. DOT FM just to kick things off. There's two parts to this story and I'll of course posted the link. I don't think we're going to get to the second part. But the second part was really the. It's the story of this guy and his girlfriend and they are at first quarantine together in the same room and then of course the cruise line separates them because they have to transfer one. He's from Argentina or something and she's from Illinois and they met each other at work yeah and so they separate them and it just it really. Kinda hit me you know. I was like Oh. It's a sad story. So of course posted a link but to kick things off They show a picture of a Janice Bernstein. Not Barren Stein. This isn't the Mandel effect She lost her job and then lost her mind in the eight weeks since her workplace was shut down by Rovira. Stay at home orders. She almost two million Floridians have struggled to claim unemployment checks from the state. So these folks who work on it turns out that a lot of these cruise ships are obviously they don't base their businesses in the US site and so if you're an employee and your furloughed laid off or whatever whatever. The terminology is free. It's more difficult apparently to collect unemployment but it's hard to get it anyway because the state websites keep going down from what I understand. Yes yes so. In the avenue of Ocean that stretches from Miami to Cuba and northeast to the Bahamas. Dozens of cruise ship sail back and forth every so often they come to Florida to refuel and restock. The crew members on board many no longer receiving paychecks. Wait for news about when they will return home and see their families again. Two months later later. So eight fifty. Five four fifty free if you are a cruise ship employees We'd love to hear from you. Eight fifty five or fifty free like freedom more coming up. This is free. Talk Live Live edition. I've got this pack of four. 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Hundred thousand folks who many are no longer even receiving paychecks. They've been stuck at sea literally for months. Now how many people work on an average cruise ship? I mean it's got to be a few hundred right. I would guess three hundred. I believe they mentioned in here. And I believe it's in the hundreds know a larger cruise ship. Obviously sure and a have. I mean they have everything from janitors to staff right. You know a concierge's kitchen the bartenders waiters waitresses. You know the maids attendant. You know what entertainment the all the entertainers of course. So yeah. It's definitely in the hundreds and because of the government crackdown due to covert nineteen. Many of these countries have their borders closed. And so was that man. Come back at can't come back even if you're from there correct really yes. Now there's a few exceptions to this and we'll get into that As the article goes on but essentially These folks you know. Many of them are not even receiving paychecks and they don't have access to news about when they will return home and see their families again. Now some people would would figure two months on a cruise trip is basically like a really nice vacation. But not if you're held against your will write and probably changes how it feels. That's exactly what happens so a cruise ship you know. I don't care how comfortable the prison is if you're held there against your will. It's still prison less right. And that's precisely what has happened here. Is These cruise ships have turned into prisons for these folks? Even though you know they have a bar they have swimming pools. You know that kind of thing they ever. Can you use the swimming pool under social distance and so there within lies the rub so more than one hundred thousand crew members remain trapped at sea with little reliable information about? What will happen to him? Most passengers were able to get off the cruise ships by early April but crew members have largely remained stuck during the prolonged isolation. The virus continues to spread through the ships. At least five hundred and seventy eight crew contracted covert nineteen at sea and seven have died according to Miami Herald Analysis. This article from the Miami Herald by the way at least two crew members have leaped overboard and apparent suicide. Wow I mean if you're stuck inside of a tiny room on a cruise ship for eight weeks I guess it's been at least here on the land anyway. Since everything passes at the same rate at sea it's not like space having been a commercial fisherman for all call it a season. I can tell you that the difference between being encapsulated on a boat voluntarily and not being able to get off at the next stop is quite stark at least two members leaped overboard. An apparent suicide on May tenth thirty nine year old crew member from Ukraine on the Regal Princess. Ship died after jumping overboard. While the ship was anchored off Rotterdam Netherlands and late last month a crewmember jumped off Royal Caribbeans jewel of the seas ship. While it was near Greece his body was never found. I'm an Luther Maniac. We've talked what he luth. Romania is that this is a person who has an insatiable desire for freedom. Okay yeah that's the definition. That's probably why you're here Lou through that is exactly. Here's a matter of fact and I would maintain that well you folks here probably most are remain next to one extent or another and when it comes to you know when I'm without my car my car's in the shop an extended period of time and I don't have wheels I start feeling like I won't say claustrophobic. But that's probably the closest analogy. I can come to so I can imagine somebody who might be Luther Maniac and aren't really aware that's what they are. I mean these a lot of these folks who joined these ships do it. Because they're like oh adventure. I'M GONNA see the world that it'd be fun. And so there's an element of Luthermania behind their motivation to get these jobs. And so when they're told they can't leave. What does that do a person's psyche? They probably also. I'm going to guess. Take these jobs because they pay better than wherever it is crappy country they come from. Because there's a lot of people Very International cruise right like I haven't been on a cruise ship. Since I was a kid I went on a couple with my parents when I was younger. But one of the things that was particularly no worthy was this. You know the fact that these waiters and such the folks that were on the crew were from all over the world yes and so I mean this is a good opportunity for them. Meaning the cruise ship can probably pay them a lot less than what they would pay. Americans Yup to do those roles but they're paying more than what they would get paid to work as a waiter at some restaurant and you know wherever you know country. They're from before my first attempt to move to New Hampshire. Maybe it was after I think it was after it was after my first attempt failed horribly and I crawled back to Seattle to recoup and figure out how I was. GonNa make tip number two. I get lost. No I got into an accident. I allow Lord. I left in April first week. April maybe it was the first week of March. I think like you know. It's almost six years now. I packed up all my stuff into a trailer a towed it behind my Toyota forerunner and made it over. I made it almost to spokane Washington and I hit black. Ice Rolled the thing several times. The trailer came loose and get. I broke the AXLE All of my earthly belongings were Out along the side of the freeway. Yeah I and I rose from the ashes and now I'm here but I looked into working on a cruise ship as light to like not have to pay rent and save money to make the move so I looked into that so I kind of have an idea of what it takes. Eight fifty five four fifty free like freedom. 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That's eight fifty five four hundred fifty free like freedom. You can call and take control the airwaves with you today to myself. The captain it's An and nobody and we've been talking about over a hundred thousand crew members who are stranded literally almost hostage like if not prison like on the cruise ships in which they work many of them not even getting paid This article is from the Miami Herald DOT COM likely. Love both. Yeah I was thinking of King The run but now. It's the prison boat right jail. Bom essentially what it's become when these companies I shutdown operations on March thirteenth. There's my favorite date again. It's not my favorite. They expected to cancel cruises for up to thirty days. Believing the crisis would quickly pass much like the two thousand two SARS pandemic that killed fewer than eight hundred worldwide. And they would be up and running again soon. Some crew were sent home in March including many entertainment employees. While some new crew members were brought on. But on April ninth. Which almost a month later the US CDC band cruising in US waters through at least July so these cruise ships can't even come into US waters much less citing ongoing outbreaks among crew who remained on ships the put new rules in place limiting repatriation to private transportation and requiring cruise line executives. To sign legal agreements assuring. The agency's health rules will be followed. Some countries including Haiti in the Philippines are requiring crew members to be tested before they can return and we know all about the availability of the cove in nineteen tests. And you gotTA BE TESTED. But we don't have any tests so you're just gonNA have to wait. Schrodinger patient others Grenada cruise companies to pay for a land-based quarantine. Once crew members arrive. You can imagine the cruise companies reaction in this is totally new situation for. Everybody said Tayo NEOM editor of cruise business magazine. There is no guidebook for this. Some crew members have spent days in small windowless rooms with no information about when they will be going home as their ships float in and out of port areas. Some are on long journeys. They sorry somewhere on long journeys crossing the Atlantic Ocean without any assurance of their home countries. Or when they'll be allowed to dock some were told for weeks that their ships were virus. Free only to see colleagues quietly evacuated to Miami hospitals days later many feel like an afterthought after watching cruise companies US diplomatic and logistical channels to promptly repatriate passengers but not crew members. The delayed repatriation process could jeopardize the industry going forward said Rockford whites director of the Maritime Studies at Tufts University Adelaide. It's going to be harder to get people to fill these roles because I imagine a lot of these folks are not gonna WanNa come back after. They've been treated like that I mean. Would you write a job on a cruise ship and then all of a sudden you were for all intents and purposes a hostage of the boat? You can't go home. You can't get a helicopter off. You can't get a boat onto land. You're not allowed to dock in any port because all the governments have closed their borders to these people. What does that duty? Oh what's that photo of with the people standing around? The this is a crew members on Royal Caribbeans Majesty of The Seas Cruise ship demand answers from the captain. Not me about when they will be going home on May Fifteenth. And there's what like dozens and dozens of people standing on the deck. Nobody's doing social distancing wearing masks. Are there like yeah? I get happy when I see people. Not Social distancing. There was a bar that opened up back in town here today. With an outdoor seating area and plenty of people were not seeded. They were just standing around talking to one another and I was like yes. I honked when I went by Nice. I heard reports of that myself. I drove by a place that I know has a rather large outdoor seating area. I heard voices that are obviously people outside enjoying themselves having a beer or whatever but I couldn't tell how busy you know from just driving by but I kind of went on my way before pop into the studio here just to see I would call the place. I drove by unusually busy for it's outdoors but then again you couldn't be inside so right. I know we're getting off the article here a little bit but did you say or did somebody say one of the chance that there was a maybe they were requiring you to wear masks to come inside like us the John or any of the vending machines that okay. Let's cool. I like that yet as right now from what? I understand it New Hampshire. There is not a requirement For customers to wear masks. There's a recommendation I believe by the state government but not a requirement. Let's go ahead and go to some of your calls and your thoughts. We're going to go to farmer Garrick. Who's calling from Central Illinois Pharma? Garrick can you hear me yes again? You're on free talk live. What's on your mind. Hey thanks Just some thought I spend eight and a half years working crew shift. I worked in the entertainment department working my way up and eventually because we're mentioning kind of worked my way I've worked with the cruise director and I had somewhat of a similar experience. Obviously not with the situation with the covert going on right now but I did have in the middle of my contracts where the The cruise line bankrupt in the middle of the you know in the middle of the cruise. The middle of you know in the cruise line had seven ships at the time and Just looking at these situations right now with the Tobin. It's it's Once again it's it's the governments that are involved that are not allowing the ship to dock in the port. It's not the the it's not that the crew members don't want to get off and couldn't get off. I haven't heard your whole discussion. Joined in about twenty minutes ago listening and it. It's the fact that the governments aren't letting off the shift To make their way home and we had those issues when when the cruise line that I was on with bankrupt We're able to get the passengers off the ship. Relatively quick within I would say within a week but then and The majority of the crew with stuck around for well on a few of the shift for maybe a week or two and then Where I met my wife on the cruise ships that she was on the same cruise line but on a different cruise ship. She was stuck in Spain for a and a half or they ever worked anything out and so when she was struggling she stuck on the ship or was she giving back on the ship. Yes dot the only difference was obviously they? They weren't they were. They weren't being quarantined at the time so they could leave the ship at night but the circumstances were not necessarily great because You know the ships are run very very much I. I never was involved in military. But they've been told it was very much like a naval situation. You know we basically kind of you know. Follow those kind of structures. You know where you have you know you. Basically the captain and everything down underneath that so it was not what the same structure and a little bit carrying certain circumstances because you know The company had abandoned the ship in At that time the bank over the ship because the you know the company went bankrupt so it was a little bit different but the crew members have to be going crazy. Especially if they're just They're out floating around. Did you get stiffed on on getting paid for those weeks? No because Because of the bankruptcy the banks settle as soon as you flew out the day. They signed you off the ship. You got paid so a bankruptcy situation. Do you still know folks in the industry you keep contact with anybody dino. That was a while ago that was. I got off the ship about fifteen years ago. So we know a few people The US WE DO KNOW. My wife eats more contact with their there. They were able to get off in the ships and get home to their home country But I have heard about this. This not incur council around all right. Well thank you for the call tonight farmer let us know if you have any other updates and give us a call if you know anything more about that. Our toll free number is eight hundred fifty five four hundred fifty free. I I can't tell you. I mean as an elite through maniac. I would go nuts if I were stuck on a ship like this I. I don't know what I would do. We got more coming up. This is free talk live. Are you afraid to go to the mailbox because a letter after letter from the IRS? Are they stacking on more and more penalties and interest by now? You know. The problem won't go away on its own. Don't let the IRS JC grave with penalties and interest in Liens and levies. You need real help now. I'm Dan pill. 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And you will get a piece of every dash or Bitcoin cash transaction and. I can't think of a cooler incentive to spread decentralized payment methods like bitcoin cash and dash then that and the guys any pay have done a bang-up job kudos in did Let's go to more of your calls and your thoughts. We have johnny calling in from Oregon. North Carolina is am pronouncing that right Johnny. Our what's on your mind tonight. You guys thank Michael. Jackson actually took name key. It's an excellent question. I don't know what's the joke about. What is Michael Jackson Lake about? Twenty six year olds twenty of. That's right I personally don't over airway among. I know you're on the phone. He's nine on the phone. Thanks for the call tonight. Arjun well he was on the phone and he was not afraid to let that be known on the phone again. I only get on the phone right so Ian. You had something that you mentioned all kinds of things during the break. What things you do. It was the update on the. Was it the salon which lawn? Oh there have been married of salons in the news. I have Salon news about the Texas regulators dropping cases lawns in barbershops. I got a story about a Michigan Barber. Stripped of his license because he operated during the shutdown. I got a salon owner in New Hampshire. Suing the governor over the state of emergency order nine. You want to hear the Texas store. Yeah I just want to point out though that I'm really heartened as opposed to disheartened by things like seeing. Wisconsin opened up the bars And then just going. Hey you know we're just GONNA DO. We're going to do and if you want to come and participate and go to a bar or restaurant you are free to do so if you wish to remain quarantined. You're also free to do that. You've always been Freitas's quarantine yourself anytime you want. You can just go right ahead and quarantine yourself. You don't need a control other people's lives. I don't do think I have seen a government. Give up that kind of control at least in recent memory once they take something away from you you rarely get back and so I'm slightly heartened by these things. Well I don't know how much heartened you should be. Because from what? I understand that Wisconsin lightly. Yeah from what I understand. The Wisconsin situation is very political. Now you've got like apparently Democrat governor and there's been a lot of push back against that particular individuals might have just been that the The Republicans on the Supreme Court wanted to show the teach the Democrats a lesson or something like that could have been something as simple as that. But don't look a gift horse in the Mouth. I suppose Right Update here from Austin. Texas is that barbershops and by the way from Dallas News Dot Com barbershops salons that defied a statewide order to close will not be penalized by state. Regulators after Governor Greg. Abbott changed the shutdown rules in response to the jailing of the Dallas Salon owner. So as you may recall we spoke of the Dallas Salon owner who made a number of headlines because she had the courage to open her business she as she put it her employees need to feed their families and if they're willing to come to work under these conditions conditions which some people thought were then. They should be free to do that if the customers want to. Come in under those conditions than they should be free to do that so she opened up her doors the state goons Cain they take it at her Judge actually ordered her clothes. Since she didn't she was in violation of the judge's order which That put her in jail for some number of days. I think it was like two days before she was released from the jail. By an order of the Supreme Court interestingly in Texas the Texas Supreme Court yeah and I don't know where that case Stands at the moment because the court didn't invalidate the case. They just basically said well. We're going to have hearings until then we'll give you bail so she's technically out on bail. The last I heard but according to this story the Texas Department of licensing and regulation has now dropped two hundred enforcement cases. So that's the good news. There were at least two hundred barbers and salon owners in Texas otherwise completely innocent business people just attempting to make money put food in their families. Mouths pay their rent etcetera. And so on that. We're about to be criminals. That's right and possibly lose their businesses as well because this is the Department of licensing and regulation which would result in their licensed being pulled. And while we don't agree. I don't think I can speak for you guys. We don't agree with government licensure. I don't although I'm told you have to get a license to go out of business too. There's this there's a commercial about that. That's probably where I got it from. The Texas Department said they dropped the two hundred cases against cosmetologists and barbers. So also people who like do nails or whatever cosmetologists do who allegedly kept working in April and early May. Despite the governor's order to close amid the KARENNA virus outbreak. They also dismissed about one hundred and eighty complaints that had been filed but not yet investigated according to their spokes bureaucrat. The move came after the governor amended his order amid the GOP outcry over the jailing of Shelley Luther who is the Dallas Salon owner that we talked about. She's the one who made all the headlines Avid eliminated confinement as a punishment and made the change retroactive meaning the licensing agency said quote it allows for the opening of cosmetology and Barbara establishments retroactively to April second of twenty twenty. So that's kind of an interesting little sleazy way out of this is to say. Oh well I'm just going to amend my order so that in the past when it was previously illegal for you to do the things that you did it now no longer is illegal after the fact three to do this we have altered the deal. Pray we do not alter the any other. They altered it in the right direction toward more freedom rather than less they would is more than you can say for Darth vader. And that's not that's not untrue. Nobody but at the same time the the order had its desired effect right at the time for the most part. Most businesses closed down. They obediently did what they were told. Now here we are later on turns out you could've opened and the governor was going to let it go but you didn't know that at the time it's the equivalent of the mafia making an example out of the one guy in the neighborhood that won't pay his protection fee. It's the same exact thing mafias all the listeners out there. I'm sure if you've never seen a movie about the mafia well go see one and then understand what we're talking about. But it's the exact same thing they take somebody who pipes up and says hey this. Is You know unconstitutional. Or I have the right or whatever it is. They stand up for themselves. And then they squash him and then that makes an example out of them for the rest of the population. The rest of the population goes. Oh I guess I better not open my business or I'll get squashed to whereas all they have to do. Is Everybody work in concert? Open their businesses. And there's nothing that they can do. That's all they would have to do. But although in this case captain They didn't successfully squash this lady right like it looked like they were going to but then the Supreme Court let out of jail and the governor than at the same time was acting like well. I never thought I never thought someone would be put in jail over this you know. He writes this order and the the backing up of these government. governor's orders. Almost every state are potential misdemeanor charges which carry with it up to six months in some states and up to a year in jail in some states so for the governor to act like why why they put this woman in jail over violating my order. I'm just shocked. I can't believe this I'm doing this right now. This shot happened here in Texas. I JUST WANNA say British for a desk and isn't it to all of our listeners. We live in a time. Where regular folk trying to make a living trying to earn a wage trying to establish a business can be made criminals like that with the swipe of the pen or the typing of the keyboard by a useless bureaucrat. But the took this lady to make this stand right and at the very least to get the publicity who knows about the other two hundred cases. How many of those were going all the way willing to go to the mat with with this. But she did it. She called him out and he crumbled. So that's what people need to have some courage. Where where are the in these situations I like seeing a hundred brain is good too well? That's true I like seeing people working together. I think that enough commotion was caused and Enough Publicity was generated to have them make this decision. More COMING UP. This is free talk. Live remember when you first heard about bitcoin. How long did it take you to realize this little project with soon changed the world? Do you kind of wish gotten involved sooner. Well now is your chance to be a part of the next revolution in answer. Coin is working to finally make crypto. Go mainstream it's designed to be scalable enough to support every payments in even elections without the state. Bitcoin was originally supposed to appear to pair cash system. The way would pay one another without happy to trust any party but instead over time in mostly became a store of value. That's because every ten minutes. The bitcoin network must cut off. 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The unemployment figures are actually a significant underestimate of the problem. According to a new study by the nonpartisan. Dc Tank the Economic Policy Institute. Their survey of over twenty four thousand Americans found that for every ten people who successfully filed for unemployment benefits last four weeks. Three to four additional people attempted to apply but were unable to navigate the system to make a claim to additional people. Do not even try. Because of the complicated application process adding the numbers to the millions of unemployed Americans makes the likely total of unemployed top. Forty million people all of that from a forty year low in February wonder where we find all the news. The report right here on the Liberty Meet Visit S. Dot choose to get the world's most censored media published stolen one way. Save yourself from me. Endless time spent searching for reliable tournament media. Snl S. News makes a quick and easy. No ads no click bait just roll headlines. What four hours a day visit? Snl DOT EU and get informed today without the corporate media span. Your news now continues. The New York State Education Department has blocked schools from using a state funding mechanism to purchase facial recognition systems according to the New York Civil Liberties Union. The lockport city school district purchased a facial recognition system using state funds allocated the smart schools bond. Act The program set aside two billion dollars to improve learning opportunity for students throughout New York activist post reports in an unannounced. Move the education department changed. Sba application requirements specifically barring funds for the purchase of facial recognition technology. The New York Education Department website now stipulates quote. The Review Board is not currently approving plans that include facial recognition technology or other similar self learning analytics software and quote in an email. Deputy Director Education Policy Center New York Civil Liberties Union Stephanie. Oil called the change huge breaking defense a digital magazine that covers military issues reports that Israel may ask for its. Us aid early. Possibly a lump sum that could be as high as seven point six billion dollars mid press news reports that would work out almost twenty one million dollars per day from American taxpayers even though the US is approaching eight four trillion dollar deficit the largest in the world and Israel typically have a lower unemployment rate then the United States. The report is by breaking defense. Israel correspondent area Ghozi an Israeli citizen. Who served in the Israeli military and as close to the Israeli security establishment? It goes these articles states that because of Corona virus pandemic quote. Israel's Ministry of Defense and High Command hammered out an emergency plan for an appeal to Washington and quote US aid. 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Reminding you spread liberty with a smile to say that the killing of the healthy full grown lion by a typical specimen has lent credibility to recent reports of deer seen grazing on a nest of squirrels in Wisconsin as well as a claim made by a group of Japanese fishermen who say they witnessed three hundred million krill devouring forty ton humpback way in other news. Nasa acquires the moon for an upcoming Kennedy Space Center exhibit a radio. Dj Invites the whole town to some most and assuming the many universes theory of quantum mechanics is accurate. The review you've just seen will remain relevant in another reality for all eternity for more visit. The onion dot com slash Newsweek. You ask you are in the right way. We live Monday night edition. Free Talk. Live our toll. Free number here is eight five five four five zero three seven three three. That's eight fifty five four fifty free as in freedom you can also get us at discord eller on DOT FM and join our discord which includes chatting about well all sorts of fun things but you can also dial in there and some does if you are in the studio with us and in the studio tonight. It's myself the Captain Ian and nobody formerly known as rich Paul. Let's just continue on as we do with your calls and your thoughts. Let's go to mark in Tampa mark. You're on free talk live. Yeah I just WANNA do Give my story of my for unemployment. But I'm sure load since the beginning April here in Florida unemployment. Yeah the was furloughed in the unemployment system here is so broken. It's beyond anything. I'm just frustrated and your experience. What's happening to you? That is you frustrated applied and then I was deemed ineligible and then everything on the news or whatever Bay News Nine. Which is a local station here said to you? Know if you were deemed ineligible to reapply star reapplied and then I was now I'm eligible. Haven't received a penny since the first cheese. And Yeah it's supposed to be two seventy five a week plus an additional six hundred a week from the federal that Three TRILLION DOLLAR BILL. Or whatever they pass and My you know they so broken like I've tried to apply. I've tried to get answers on the website. I've tried to call. You can't even call. It can't even wait on hold. It just hangs up on you nice and it's and it's not just me. I mean literally hundreds of thousands of people. Oh Yeah I've heard the stories I mean. People are Livid about the unemployment system. I guess folks thought that they could count on the government. The biggest thing I wanted to bring up in regards to that as April thirteenth. I listened to a lot of your podcast over and Nobody went on a rant on one of the PODCASTS and I couldn't agree more and if anybody has a bunch of them it's now one of my rabbits but it was. It was beautiful. It was the Best Radio I've heard twenty years. What was it about just about his. You know stick the government and been eating a lot of times talks about peaceful solutions. And nobody said you know. It's it's beyond that anymore. I couldn't agree more like you know you. You look at like Timothy McVeigh bombed Oklahoma City. And I know that's terrible innocent kids and all that and I don't agree with that but it's time to just take arms against this covering because it's so broken like Whoa. Why do people stand for? And that's like the business I worked for. Why did they close? Why don't they just stand up and say no? We're not close. They're afraid afraid of what government goons coming in and shutting their business down and taking them to jail and shoot them well and I think they're more afraid that nobody else will stand with them. I think that's the bigger problem by by the look of it. There aren't that many people who will at least not other business owners. You might be able to get some average folks to come back you up like we've seen with like a restaurant tour in Maine. When he opened up. The place was packed with so we've seen the salon owner in Dallas. She had just unending amounts of people who were the ranchers supporting on Bundy. The right so the average folks I think would come out and support business owner like that But yeah they're not going to get much support from other business owners. Sadly yeah mark. I know it's it's disheartening. Because it would really only take a small percentage of the total population right and it's a large number of people but it would only take a small very loud and vocal percentage possibly armed right percentage of the population to stand up to to make these types of things. Go Away. Why it doesn't happen. I can't tell you I don't know how to get from here to there. I think partially it's a lack of organization. I mean do business owners know that if they if they open up in New Hampshire that they'll have people at their door preventing the cops from showing up. You know we let them know that that we're willing to go out there and stand with them. If they're willing to stand up. I told one business owner that I knew of an attorney who was interested in meeting business. Owners who are willing to take this stuff on and he just basically said he's not interested in going up against the government period And you know when it comes to. I'm just GONNA speculate here right so you've got the. There's a certain kind of person who believes that in order to go into business they have to do it. The right way which means go out and get their license cutting it their health permit going and get whatever you know. Pay Whatever government bureaucrats pay the fee? The fees defines the licensing. All these are bribes paid bribes. Yeah and then the government goons will leave you alone for the most part and let you open your doors in running business. Well once you've asked for their protection and most people will because they're afraid of what they'll do if they don't then they get to pull your license if you do something naughty from their perspective like they did with the seventy seven year old barber out in Michigan who opened up despite the shutdown and they and he's seventy seven years old had plenty of customers. People were supporting him but yet the government came in and pulled his license from him. Is he still operating without a license? I don't believe that he is what what what happens. Is when they have these violations of these government orders or licenses or whatever then they start racking up fines If they keep doing their business and unfortunately most of these business owners are of the mindset that they should pay the fines. Which I don't agree with. I don't think you should pay these monsters because it just encourages them to keep doing what they're ju- Monster Three fifty. Yeah don't give them anything but then again you know they're going to send a SWAT team in at some point to To do something very evil to you so I can't blame the business owner for cowering In this situation where literally all the guns of government of appear to be pointed at them you know Swat stands for. Tell me status with armed thugs. Yes in June mark. Any final thoughts. Well Yeah just like what's the what's the tipping point like literally like it's so ridiculous anymore with these people like they did a like a what they call the soft opening. I don't know what they call the soft opening on some restaurants so we went out to eat with my family the other night and like literally seventy five percent of the tables are roped off and have signs on them. You can't sit here. You can't sit there and people in the waitresses and the bartenders have masks on and there have paper menus that you throw away in and they have wrapped up You know silverware like what is the cost of this like how. How is this business even open the prices go? Did you notice that you've been there before we go there all the time now? The prices were the same but at some point I mean what? What's the tipping point for these restaurant owners. Like you gotta be kidding me. So you're opening up. You've got the air conditioning. The grill you got the employees but you can have twenty five percent of the people there that means it at one. Eighty five percent of the revenue twenty five percent of the tips for the bar. Going go out of business. Look the tipping point. I think for some people as we've seen has been total desperation. So what you've seen as some of these business owners have said. My business was going to go under. I had nothing to lose at that point because most mostly the fear is that they will lose their business student. Government enforcement of you know whatever the fines and such but they've come to the conclusion that well if I'm going to go out of business because I can't be there I might as well just show up open up and take the risk of whatever happens happens But again as you've seen only a small number of business owners are willing to even go that far. Yeah so yeah. What will it take? I don't know I think it's going to have to be some sort of a shift in how people think about this government concept and we're not there yet you know. We're not to the point where people can really look at these these government goons as what they are which is an occupying criminal force and until they can see that you know it's never going to change they still think there's some sort of value and to some business owners there is value right so like one reason why some business owners won't reopen is probably because they're hoping their competition goes out of business they don't want to stand in solidarity with their competition because they would love to have their competition stand up get their head cut off and then never come back friends thanks for the call tonight mark we do appreciate it It is an ugly situation and I think that it's GonNa take more people being backed into a corner right like like you're saying the desperate situation. Eight five five four fifty free like freedom. This is the live Monday night edition of Free Talk Live. We've got more coming up this pack before Sharpei rescue dogs for on my goodness probably five six years they get a regular diet dynamite with every meal people remark on Dutiful Coats. They've got I tell you. Don't meet to wait until the problem presents itself. It's far better to keep the dog. Happy and healthy it all on. You WON'T BE NEAT. How happy your dog will get my from D. I N. O. V. I T. E. DOT COM this cove nineteen thing has turned the world upside down regardless of what you believe about it. It has changed our lives. But what's not change? Is that if you own a business? You need to advertise to reach new customers or clients. Our audience is not the kind of stick their heads in the sand. During a crisis they are fully engaged and more active than ever special. Advertising packages are available to you to help you not just recover. 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You can learn more at divvy project DOT org. That's D. I V. I. Project Dot Org is an interesting update. You mentioned the barber's and salon owners Texas dropping charges against two hundred roughly Selena owners and cosmetologists and such that. I talked about the Michigan Guy. Seventy seven years old right Who He may actually be continuing to To cut people's hair in fact according to a report at the Detroit news or Detroit News Dot Com. He's located in. I don't know if I'm pronouncing this right. A Wa so of Michigan House. He spelled O W s s. o o also Michigan. Maverick Barbara on Monday. Called for workers across the state to reopen in. Defiance of Governor Gretchen Whitmer Order seventy-seven-year-old Carl Monkey said quote Michigan. All you business owners. You beauticians barbers you massage therapists all of you open up your shops. Stand up and show up. He said the remarks came as he was joined under a tent. Outside of his Awasa shot by other Michigan Business Owners Defying Whitmore's order and by Shelley Luther The Dallas Salon owner apparently flew up or traveled up to Michigan to make a special appearance at this. Just to be clear I also call upon all you businesses. Small medium tiny huge. Whatever it is yes. Just go ahead and defy all of this crap and start making your money again right and by the way. There's there's photos of this conference. You know the tent. And the the folks showing. Nobody has masks on which is awesome Livingston. Twenty had two masks Livingston County Gym owner Jason Gray also urged others to reopen on Monday. He reopened his JIM in. Genoa township may fourth in legs. And I think I read something about that. Yeah Where apparently the sheriff said he won't enforce widmer's order and closed down the gym so again. Some of these business owners aren't exactly being particularly courageous. He waited until the sheriff said that he wasn't going to enforce or then went ahead. Is it that one? Or is that the one where the sheriff showed up and nobody knew what he was. GonNa do and then was just like yeah. Well just so you know this is illegal. Have a nice day and wasn't that New Jersey. Okay Yeah I think that was New Jersey. I think you're okay. This is A. This is a Michigan a Michigan Guy. You're talking about yeah okay but you know I will take it. Takes something like a small start right to to get the movement going and if if folks continue to see and hear about and sadly were probably one of the only radio programs broadcasting this type of content but if we can continue to encourage this not only in the businesses that have already defied but if we can get them to act within their community to get other businesses to also defy only takes minutes for something to go viral these days. We have the power of the Internet and if something like this goes viral and everybody starts opening their businesses that would be a stupendous act of independence. The likes of which we have never seen it really would. I will definitely be out spending some money if anybody in keene. New Hampshire opens up. I would love to go spend some money on some on. Some products and businesses are apparently allowed to reopen. At least from what I understand retail has been allowed to do some reopening here in New Hampshire which I didn't see in the governor's order but apparently it. It was covered at some point on us to missed it right. And that's again part of the problem So there are some places that are open. But it's not like you know they're at some make making some sort of outstanding stand for freedom or anything right well. I definitely liked to spend some money with people who are making an outstanding stand for freedom right. So if you're if you're open illegally be sure to be sure to publish that so we know where to go. Yeah certainly and you know to sort of piggyback upon that's with the cove lockdowns continuing in some places Many and we've already seen restaurants permanently. Go Out of business right. We saw the chain another one just went under here in town not a chain but a local place here in keene place. Another Indian food place. went out of business or one. Indian food place. There's been a couple of other restaurants that have already gone under as well in this area. Was the buffet chain. We talked about previously the tomatoes run or tomato fried sweet tomatoes tomatoes ninety five locations permanently out of business. I think there was some other brands that they own so they probably weren't all sweet tomatoes but both of their brands are gone. Wow I've got an article here from CNN that talks about restaurant and bar owners say social distancing could wipe out their industry. So even though I'm gonNA use the word even though businesses like this are being allowed to open like our previous caller said they're soft openings. They have to obey all these rules about. Oh you can only seat people outdoors or can only have twenty five percent of your capacity or you have to you know keep people ten feet away from each other whatever. It is even the businesses that reopen as in the soft capacity. They're not going to be able to make enough money and from this article the US state of Georgia allowed restaurants to open on April twenty-seventh of the three owned by Ryan per niece p. r. e. are still shuttered. The entrepreneur hasn't opened his restaurants table in Maine Australia. Motto Gonen Coalition Food and Beverage since March sixteenth per nieces worried about the health of his employees and customers. But there's another reason. The restaurants are still shut down. They can't make a profit with social distancing rules in place. Yep if you talk to restaurant restaurants designed to have twenty-five percent capacity at all times I mean maybe there are some times during the day slow hours where they're at twenty five percent but during the hot hours they're supposed to be at eighty ninety one hundred percent. You know even more than that if they have you know outdoor areas and that kind of thing and he says if you talk to restaurants across the globe because remember this isn't just in the US to all of our listeners. Out there this is happening. Governments are doing this to businesses around the globe. If you talk to restaurants around the globe the language might change but the math is exactly the same prince told. Cnn business restaurants and bars need volume and traffic to make them work. So you know it just goes to show that even the businesses that have managed to hobble along pay their ranch pay their bills. Maybe they've laid people off or whatever once they open back up. They're not going to be able to turn a profit. It's just not going to work until they're allowed until they can fill their restaurants and bars to capacity again on the busy night. It's true. Eight five five four five zero three seven three three. Do you own a restaurant or a bar. Do you think you're going to be able to open with twenty five percents of your capacity. Give us a call. Let us now. This free talk live more coming up. Bitcoin DOT COM has launched a trading platform at local DOT BITCOIN DOT com allowing you to buy or sell bitcoin cash via dozens of payment methods. Like pay pal Vince. Bank deposit remittances or meeting in person with cash. There are no. Id requirements to sign up for the site and all communications between buyers and sellers are encrypted global trading platform that respects your privacy visit local dot. Bitcoin DOT COM to get started trading. Bitcoin cash local DOT. Bitcoin DOT COM. The next generation. Wallet is coming from Divvy. 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Our telephone number here is eight. Five five four five zero three seven three three. That's eight fifty five four fifty free like freedom and you can call in and talk about well. Whatever you'd like to talk about with you in the studio tonight it's it's Ian and nobody and I'm your host this evening. The Reverend Captain Kick Ass. We've been talking about well. The food industry really restaurants and bars. And that kind of thing. And how the reaction to these soft openings then are highly micromanaged might be going We've seen some of that here in New Hampshire. Where they've allowed only outdoor seating at a couple of places are places that have out all right any restaurants that don't have outdoor seating your Sol. In fact there is a business. That even has outdoor seating they. It's too little too late because they are gone now after twenty four years of being in business. So it's not like this is just killing off. The new restaurants right like just got started. They don't have any real like you know reputation yet. No this is a twenty four year old breakfast and lunch place. They weren't open for dinners. justed breakfast and lunch and It's over there was a sign up apparently on their location which did say that they are now. Permanently closed Their phone's been disconnected their facebook tape. Facebook page has been taken down the owner thanks. His customers who said became friends and family and the three landlords he said the business had over all the twenty four years in business quote over twenty four years each and every one of them has been dedicated. Loved creative reliable and hardworking. We already miss them so much. A quarter while of of essential century. Bye-bye over thanks government government. Here have some but hey if it just saved one life. If I don't have any reason to believe that it did any evidence to show was that it would save lives by preventing hospitals from becoming overwhelmed. If you believe the videos of the nurses dancing and carrying on the hallways the the Hospitals Environment underwhelmed early under well. They have been weighing. They've been laying doctors and nurses off a sign that they are under well. We had an article last week for show. Prep that was thousands of medical folks. People who work in hospitals have been laid thousands. Now you imagine if people were dying in the hallways of these hospitals that they would need people staffing these hospitals to take care of the dead and dying even if they weren't perfectly equipped for that because it wasn't their specialty but that apparently is not going on because they have no need for these people who don't specialize in imaginarium discredited diseases and we also saw people who went to work from the rural areas. They went into the city areas. Where New York City? For example. Where the instances of the virus seemed to be catching on more than in other places they've been sent home. We need good the although yells half of course field hospitals mostly side. No patients from what? I'm understanding several of them. At least I've seen shutdown without ever seeing a patient. So what what would happen? If they gave an epidemic. Nobody came. Yeah well now we know. Do you have anything else from that. Okay just another sad story. This is just our area. It's gotta be happening. All across the country all across the world where people are finding out that longtime businesses are never going to reopen again. Yes it's a sad state of affairs. let's go to Scott calling from Florida. Scott Free Talk Live. What's on your mind. Good Evening Gentleman workable saying I want to shift gifts from before I do This economy has had it and the world economy I don't know what the world's GonNa without restaurants but It's a sad state of fear. Santhal we'd be there will be restaurants that survive. I'm all restaurants will be Taco bell faces the demolition demolition man. I heard I saw speaking of demolition man. There was a news headline recently. That stallone is talking about a demolition man. To Wow wow. The government doesn't murder death. Kill him right. Maybe that doesn't need a sequel. But I sure hope they don't screw it up because it would be fun to see it. Yeah IT'S A. I always loved that movie. It was campy Scott. I'm sorry we enter. What were you saying? No it's all right what I'd like to discuss. The Mar- stock market gentleman went up to the nine hundred points. Not that mainstream mainstream. Give a damn policy. When few foresaw the small businesses out of business? He only thing left is the big publicly listed. Ones that trade on the Stock Exchange. You know who's not suffering Domino's pizza right okay. suffering. Go AHEAD SCOTT. One nine hundred points that it went up today it's rigged it's Phony Wall Street does not is the totally detached from main street. And I'll explain. Why Wall when Wall Street gets Trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars to be propped up by the Federal Reserve. That is why it went up. Nine hundred points truth of the matter is it should have gone down nine thousand points considering how sick and rotten. This economy is in. That main street is dead. Let's be honest. We're in a second great depression. It's dead status a doornail. And what's going to happen? Is that the one percent who were raking in all of this month this money. They're stealing money from Wall Street. Let them choke on it. Because what's going to happen is when this whole country goes down the tubes. It's not going to do them much good when the economy even they have kind of suffer when the economy is is comatose. When it's dead and I want to also say that The Federal Reserve It's it's it's it's so rick and putting such amounts of money And the archetype of this really is Alan Greenspan deserve the Federal Reserve has definitely injected trillions upon trillions upon trillions of dollars. Just in the last eight weeks inflating the money supply in an unprecedented. You know I mean that that amount of money in eight weeks I think is unprecedented in all of history I to be just injected into the system by the Federal Reserve therefore making the lay persons dollars worth even less so even if you have some savings I don't. I've certainly noticed that in the grocery store the price of meat has gone up considerably. Prices of other particular goods have gone up. And so just seeing the beginning of the result of this inflation I've heard that At least I don't know if it's on all foods but on a lot of them that they saw record increases in prices one month increases. Were I believe like the the highest record? They've been five decades or something like that. Yeah it's completely insane and the the thing is you got a year dollars okay because other things are not going are going to be affected in the opposite direction by this if you hold bitcoin if you hold gold if you hold silver and the dollar is going to hell than bide then the dollar price of assets is going to be increasing degree. Final thoughts. Scott I WANNA ask you a question and I'll end and you know you audience and the question is this. Do you believe that hyperinflation really like Venezuela Zimbabwe could could have come to the United States? Where totally collapses the? Us dollar without question? Question would be. Do you think that this could lead to a massive revolution in the United States and riots? If people have no food no nope can't afford a medical care can't can't even dignity respect car and and on the second one the most important thing is dollars or the way they control us so if we don't want their dollars if we won't trade their dollars for things value than they can't thanks for the call tonight. Scott Eight fifty four fifty free. This is free talk live. We've got more coming up on the Monday night. Live addition freetalklive dot com. Sanitizer is not an option. It's now a must have but beware not all hand. Sanitizers are created equal. That is why you WANNA use twenty twenty safe hand sanitizer. You can trust the hand sanitizer on twenty twenty safe dot net to be made with the highest quality ingredients. American made with American ingredients employing Americans log on now at twenty twenty safe dot net and order your liter bottle and receive a bonus. 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Of course eight five five four five zero three seven three three. That's eight fifty five four fifty free like freedom. Which is the perspective. We generally take and with you tonight in the studio. It's myself the captain it's Ian and nobody and I wanted to tell you about a new kind of payment network brought to you by Inter coin. Today Large Corporations Act as middlemen for our everyday online communications and transactions often. They work hand in hand with governments in the last few years. Decentralized social networks have all launched payment networks. Bitcoin therion have not been scalable enough to compete. The team behind enter coin spent the last decade creating an open based decentralized social platform to rival facebook and Google. Now they can use it to roll out a revolutionary payment platform on top. If decentralize crypto doesn't soon gain mainstream adoption to power everyday payments. It'll be facebook and chance world will just live in it. Enter coin is attempting to regain some of our freedoms that are threatened on the Internet and in Meat Space. We think that it's important here on free. Talk Live so important. The Free Talk Live accepted. Forty Thousand Dollars Worth of Inter Coin Tokens from Inter Coin Inc. in exchange for advertising. If you think freedom is important to checkout enter coin at Inter coin dot org you can invest in this project and potentially make big gains or just be involved and perhaps shape its future that's Inter- coin Dot Org. I I gotta say I've I've looked at the inner coin project. It definitely looks looks interesting. Yeah I only briefly scanned The beginning of whatever they have the equivalent of their white papers And their websites and it certainly is interesting I am glad that they are with us as an advertiser in that we're able to help promote what they're doing. I feel like their hearts in the right place. We've had a couple of conference calls here and there with those guys you know and I. I enjoy their perspective on things. We've been talking about a whole bunch of stuff but In the previous segment we were talking about restaurants that even if they are able to open their own gonna be able to open it. Some of the capacity twenty five percent fifty percent of their previous capacity. And that's just not going to do it for small businesses and I don't see how it can Could you have a follow up to that We were talking about other businesses that have closed yet another business related thing Mean I've got some general staff about salons and such but there is a salon in New Hampshire. That is challenging. The governor's extension of the state of emergency order. Oh where are they because I need a haircut new London? That's like an hour and a half north. I think it's a long way to go for a haircut. It is There was given out haircuts in the park yesterday. You MISSED OUT. Wow Central Square. If had been in social Sunday free haircuts. Wow up next time on. I'll come and I'll bring my hair. I didn't get his name but he let me take a picture. Nice Yep But in this case if you know about this hair salon hair salon. Owner in new. London is suing the governor of New Hampshire Sununu over the extension of New Hampshire state of emergency order. So they're not suing over the fact that the emergency order existed at all well. But that's kind of a point by now. Yeah but that's what Wisconsin did. They didn't sue over the orders themselves. They sued or the extension and got it over extended. Yeah Mary regard is the owner of Color Cafe. She filed the lawsuit Monday the same day. She was allowed to reopen with the restrictions. She says quote. I feel like my hands are so tied and I'm trapped not being able to run my business the way it should be run. She says the guidelines make it virtually impossible for these businesses to operate. Sorry this is her attorney saying this for these businesses to operate realistically at a profit unquote regard said ninety percent of her businesses. Hair coloring a service. She can't perform under current restrictions. Just not allowed to do it so she can't make enough money to stay open. She says quote. The business has never been about money for me. It's always about the experience with my clients and I love what I do. She said the lawsuit claims. The governor lacks the authority under the state's emergency statute to continue to declare renew the state of emergency originally declared back in March. The suit includes an emergency request for a restraining order against the emergency declaration and the order that extended the shutdown of the non essential businesses while also seeking damages quote under the Constitution for violation of my clients equal protection rights. Were also alleging this illegal taking. It has deprived her of economic use of her business. Now wouldn't that be nice if she got a settlement. Oh yeah in this. And when they say an illegal taking they're talking about is it the eighth amendment where they say that private property will not be taken for public use without just compensation to the owner. Right if you if if your business has been shut down. It's been taken from you. Even if the state hasn't taken possession of it revolved said. She laid off her employees in March so they could collect unemployment. She also said she received three thousand dollars from the Small Business Disaster Relief Fund. But she quote. I don't want to hand out. I WanNa go to work. I want to do my job that I've trained for for thirty five years. It's heartbreaking for me. She's expecting to get a hearing date within the next two weeks. Spokes Bureaucrat. From the governor's office responded in a statement. Wer that said in part quote. The Attorney General's office is reviewing the suit. It would be inappropriate to comment any further on active litigation by the way the spokesman The spokesman for the governor's office never returned an email that I sent to them a few weeks ago or like two weeks ago. Asking them a couple of questions surprise is. Isn't it interesting? How these people expect you to just jump when they say jump but they can't be troubled the troubled to answer your questions be troubled to give you a response if you're affected by their decisions. You're just supposed to make your best guess and go with you know. Needless to say when a big corporation wants an answer they get it. Yes so this very same name. The name looks familiar to me. Benjamin this start is the governor spokespeople and I emailed him. 'cause I you know. I figured I'm writing an article for free. Keene and I'd like to get a comment here on these governors order. So I said I want to. I wanted these two questions answered. One are the quote guidance documents regarding covert Nineteen from your office a mandate or a suggestion and number two our business owners facing a threat of prosecution from the executive branches agents if they ignore the governor's orders and they didn't want they didn't want to answer those questions. I didn't even get a response at all and I definitely had the right email address because I had originally written. There's like an a general generic email address right geno open or something like that for business owners to write to to ask questions about like well. Can I reopen this way? Like little questions like that right and I said well. I'm writing an article for For a news report. I've got some questions. Could you know you answer these questions? I didn't ask the questions I said. Who can you point me to? That can answer these questions and she gave me. This guy's email then. I emailed him with questions. And no response Surprise this is more than a week ago. Yeah and I suspect. The answers are answers. They don't want to give right right. Because at the end there's no Good answer to them for these questions. Either they're going to say yes. We are going to arrest business owners or no. It was all bluff right like they don't want to admit either one of those things and they also don't know if they're going to be able to make these things stick because the executive branch doesn't know what the Judicial Branch is GonNa do until they do it in theory so good luck to this lady with her lawsuit. Well Yeah and what was the bit? That was attempted but they said No. We're not going to hear it the case early on Now there was a there was a case early on a New Hampshire. Where three people with an attorney. The attorney filed a suit trying to overturn one of the orders. I forget what it was but ended they soon. It sounds like she's suing Sununu the individual. She's probably suing. The governor's office not the individual individual government. People do not have responsibility for their actions. They have sovereign immunity or qualified immunity or whatever that they've come they've cooked up they've got some name for this they have where in club in. You're not immunity necklace and the judge ruled against the the files finally trying to case determined the difference between the two. I'm not clear okay right because what is she doing different. That wasn't done in the suit that was rejected. Hers is over the extension and the first suit was about the initial lockdown or the initial orders. Or whatever it's also possible that she could get a different judge initially or that. The judge could rule differently due to minor details. Well I would love to see an end to all of this crap. Would you like to C. N. N.'s to all of this government shutdown? Us your calls and your thoughts. Eight fifty five fifty free. We've got more coming up. This is free talk. Live remember when you first heard about bitcoin. How long did it take you to realize this little project would soon change the world that you kind of wish you had gotten involved sooner? Well now's your chance to be part of the next revolution money. Enter coin is working to finally make crypto go mainstream it's designed to be scalable enough to support payments and even elections without the state. Bitcoin was originally supposed to be a peer to peer cash system. The way we would all pay one another without having to trust any third party but instead over time it mostly became a store of value. That's because every ten minutes. The bitcoin network must put all transactions into a block and that block can only hold so much. If crypto is to become mainstream for everyone to use it in everyday payments. We need a new architecture. One that's as secure as bitcoin while being far more scalable checkout enter coin dot org to find out more and maybe pick up some of those coins for yourself. 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Four one seven nine three zero one nine one. You're listening to the heartland newsfeed radio network lie at Hartland. Newspeak DOT COM. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by you follow us on facebook twitter and Instagram's this is the liberty your daily source for B news and activists updates produced in partnership with the S. and ls network and listeners like you online at snl s network DOT com. I'm Mike Murrow with your latest edition of the Liberty Beats Golden starting at one thousand seven hundred twenty dollars silver at fifteen dollars and forty cents and Bitcoin is trading around three thousand eight hundred eighty dollars. Today's gold silver in Bitcoin. Prices are brought to you by brave botanical high-quality crate and CBD at reasonable prices with excellent. Customer Service Ray. Botanical is activists known and mission driven the liberty and brave botanical believed so strongly in the power of them. Were giving it away for free. Just go to liberty beat DOT news slash recreate on this is the liberty beat at SNL at work dot com in the news. Ask over nineteen rips through the United States. A record twenty six point. Five million Americans have filed for jobless benefits since mid-march alone numbers not seen since the height of the Great Depression mid Press news reports at tens of millions have been laid off furloughed or seeing business dry up in a matter of weeks. The unemployment figures are actually a significant underestimate of the problem according to a new study by the nonpartisan DC think-tank the Economic Policy Institute. Their survey of over twenty four thousand Americans found that for every ten people who successfully filed for unemployment benefits any last four weeks three to four additional people attempted to apply but were unable to navigate the system to make a claim to additional people. Do not even try. Because of the complicated application process adding the numbers to the millions of unemployed Americans makes the likely total unemployed top forty million people of that from a forty year low in February. The wonder where we find all the news the report right here on the liberty meet visit. Snl S. DOT news to get the world's most censored media published all in one place. Save yourself from endless. Time spent searching for reliable alternative media. Snl LS news makes a quick and easy. No ask Click Bait just roll headlines. Twenty four hours a day visit asset DOT news and get informed today without the corporate media. Spend your news now continues. The New York State Education Department has block schools from using a state funding mechanism to purchase facial recognition systems according to the New York Civil Liberties Union. The lockport city school district purchased a facial recognition system using state funds allocated through the smart schools bond. Act The program set aside two billion dollars to improve learning an opportunity for students throughout New York activists post reports in an unannounced ounce. Move the education department changed. Sba application requirements specifically barring funds for the purchase of facial recognition technology. The New York Education Department website now stipulates quote. The Review Board is not currently approving plans that include facial recognition technology or other similar self learning analytics software and quote in an email. Deputy Director Education Policy Center New York Civil Liberties Union Stephanie. Coil called the change huge breaking defense a digital magazine that covers military issues reports that Israel may ask for its. Us aid early possibly in a lump sum that could be as high as seven point. Six Billion Dollars Mint Press news reports. That would work out almost twenty one million dollars per day from American taxpayers even though the US is approaching four trillion dollar deficit the largest in the world and Israel typically have a lower unemployment rate then the United States. The report is by breaking defense. Israel correspondent airy Ghozi an Israeli citizen. Who served in the Israeli military and as close to the Israeli security establishment? It goes these article states. Because of the corona virus pandemic quote. Israel's Ministry of Defense and High Command hammered out an emergency plan for an appeal to Washington and won't US aid. Israel is normally dispersed in October in a lump sum that is deposited to an interest bearing Israeli account in New York. That or`Sir Bank Support Liberty. Beat is brought to you by the homestead you room. The homestead guru is an educational website offering tips tools. News stories and commentary on everything. Home Standing Topic Glued Green homes gardening. 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Evidence the most of the Victims Tucker during the crop for many years before they all I can say al Qaeda is refusing to carry out any further terrorist attacks until the US mass transportation infrastructure is drastically improved calling the country's roads and bridges quotes travesty on becoming a developed nation. We want to turn your bridges into rubble. Took credit for making them collapse. No one would ever believe. Is the onion news network. Free Talk Yes. This is free talk if alive Sunday. It's Monday the Monday edition is fairly. I've got a case of the Mondays. It's Today's version. Today's freetalklive eight fifty five four fifty free. If you'd like to call in and well take control of the Airwaves. Talk about whatever you'd like. That's eight five five four five zero three seven three three with you in the studio tonight. It's IAN and nobody and I of course and the Reverend captain against attempting to be your host. Wow I just WANNA take a minute and say thank you. 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It depends on you and so we want to thank those who give like wild bill from Seville for their amplification. Thanks bill so We were going to talk a little bit about well money and I know during the break. We were talking about the potential for financial collapse. One of our callers. This evening brought it up says it this financial collapse like I don't know if it's a potential it seems like it's in the midst of a collapse collapsed. I Afar. Will it collapse like we're not to the level of inflation? No that you would not yet Venezuela where you get paid today and if you don't buy your bread and milk than your money's worthless tomorrow if you're getting paid it is not that bad yet. But we're not they're not getting paid but I mean we're getting closer every day every time they print more trillions of dollars every time the government says Hey Federal Reserve we need trillions. More alliens more. What they're doing is diluting. The money supply making your dollars worth even less a trillion here and a trillion there. Sooner or later you're talking about real money all of this. All of this government bonus for collecting unemployment. Your extra six hundred bucks or whatever even the unemployment itself anything. That's part of these stimulus packages that these politicians a claim that they they're just pulling this to you as far as the layperson is concerned. They're just pulling this money out of there but yeah they're pulling it out of your future wallet so remember that when they when they print up three trillion. Okay they give you twelve hundred. They give big business millions and those millions though the the cost for that is. GonNa Fall on you. You've got the debt. They've got the money at the printer. Let's go to your calls in your thoughts. We have Dave from Jackson listening to W. K. H. M. Nine seventy. Am is that Jackson. Mississippi Jackson at is Michigan. Hey Dave you're on free talk live what's on. Your Mind Gentlemen Pleasure talking to you. Thanks for taking my call of course alot. Streets governor here in Michigan. Gosh I almost forgot her name. Oh yes right Gretchen. Whitmer in her Attorney General Dana Nessel and their cronies up inland saying which is about thirty eight miles to so check that dude north of me in southern Michigan about an hour and a half from Detroit. What are they doing well? They've opened up. I guess she's executive orders something else she's GonNa executive over nine hundred. I think it's the executive order. Nine hundred seventy three thousand that she signed now open up northern Michigan. Oh okay well. That's that's fine you know. Don't don't worry too much about where the money is or as you men were just saying a minute ago. The lack of money from you know basic commerce tax revenue. Where your coffers Gretchen are? Running very low as most of us are and what makes me probably to be played about it is it is no wonder being a United States Marine honorably discharged while it back in the eighties. Guys are old enough to remember that but I was around. We care about our country so much in the beautiful state of Michigan that we cannot continue. And I know it's prevalent everywhere in the nation. In in maybe you guys in which all your all due respect in your resources. Maybe you can comment on this dictatorial. We're three I. I raised my hand a couple of times a year. Right Dave you bring up a good point about the tax coffers so if the government wants to stay in business so to speak at some point they're going to have to figure out where they're going to generate the revenue from and hopefully they'll figure out that they need to provide a useful product or a useful service that market price to generate the revenue. Because but the only way they get revenue now is through the point of a barrel of a gun. Well the difference. Though twin a government in business is the government is the business that can sell you what you don't want because then price they money by force. Hey Look I like what you said. There was a dave like we said about where three but the reality is people. Don't act like that. So if people don't act like they're free than they won't be if you don't stand up the Whitmer or whoever these other goons are in all the other states that are ordering people around. If people don't stop in you know say no. I'm not GonNa do what you say. I'M GONNA KEEP MY DOORS OPEN. I'M GONNA keep servicing my customers in the way that I wanna do it because it's my business and it's not yours but they're not doing that for the most part. There are some exceptions and those people deserve to be lauded and they deserve a business be appreciated but for the most part Americans are not free and they don't WanNa be free. I wish it were true that they were not. You're the exception. Dave thank you very much gentlemen at Love Yourself. Thanks and thanks for calling. I wish it were different. And it's not to the colors points. I mean sure. We're on the radio so we have. This is a resource and we broadcast what we do for the reasons that we say we do. We are about this. I am GonNa Luthra Maniac Right. I haven't say sociable desire to be as free as possible and I know that it's not happening here right and Dave seems like he cares about freedom as well and the only thing that we can do right now keep talking about it keep talking about it and keep talking about it and keep talking about because eventually the idea will catch on. You know every time there's a social revolution. Everybody considers the people. Oh you're crazy when they start talking about crazy things like not having an organization of violence known as the government. Hold my God but every idea that has changed the world. I started out as that idea. Yeah they looked at the guy who invented the cook. Oh you're cleaning sly. What's we have horse and Buggy? We'll get along just fine. We don't need roads right. You know every idea television. You're crazy we have the radio headline said about about the consumer. His said if I'd asked him what they wanted they would have said faster horses exactly and so today. We're doing what we can. We need everybody else all of our listeners to also do whatever they can and hopefully that will spark a fire. Yeah well we've been working on it for a long time and I'm not GonNa say negative or that. I think things are going to work out because I still am an optimist but man. It's hard to be optimistic in this environment. Tunnel just seemingly begging to be told what to do. Yes it's true. It's it's disheartening. It's a tough road a HO. That's for sure. Eight fifty five four fifty free like freedom. Give us your calls and your thoughts. We've got more coming up on the live Monday night. Edition of Free Talk. Live this Kobe. Nineteen thing has turned the world upside down. Regardless of what you believe about it it has changed our lives. But what's not changed? Is that if you own a business? You need to advertise to reach new customers or clients. Our audience is not the kind of stick their heads in the sand. During a crisis they are fully engaged and more active than ever special. Advertising packages are available to you to help you not just recover. But thrive email my sales manager. Matthew at FREETALKLIVE DOT COM. Gold has definitely been on the move recently and there is no more secure. Investment Historically mcilvanney. Ica's been helping. People take delivery of precious metals and find storage options for decades. 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The fact that the judge used these allegations to give her all say you're coney and sentence of Double Life Without Parole violated his sixth amendment right to a jury trial. Judges are required to issue sentences based on convictions. Decided by a jury not unproven. Allegations never even charged at trial. Although this positive development that dropped indictment will not set. Ross free now. A presidential pardon is Ross. His only hope of freedom sign the petition that free. Ross dot org free Ross Dot Org some of you asked and now we've delivered L. R. N. F. N.'s. Live keene New Hampshire. Studio shows are now streamed in hd on twitch visit our channel at twitch dot L. R. N. DOT FM and give it a follow if you have Amazon prime you get one free subscription on twitch if you use it on our channel two which will give L. R. end on FM a monthly piece of your prime subscription cost. So please watch follow share and subscribe to twitch dot L. R. N. DOT FM that's twitch dot L. R. N. 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It's IAN and nobody and I'm this guy named the captain and we've been talking about a whole bunch of stuff including finance including the Federal Reserve and I just WanNa make sure that our listeners. Don't get too overwhelmed. Economics is not difficult. It really isn't the government and all of its goons and all of the the folks around surrounding Wall Street and the markets. They make far more complicated than it actually is. It's just supply and demand. That's all it and in fact the economy has nothing to do with the United States dollars. It has nothing to do with yen. It has nothing to do with any other government sponsored denominations of currency it has to do with exchange between people that is the economy. It doesn't matter you could use pedals as your representation value as long as a bunch of folks. The people right as long as a bunch of folks agreed that Oh this Brown pebble represents you know ten of these things and this Purple Pebble Represents. Fourteen th whatever it is right. That's that's currency and currency gets invented by even primates. So we're talking to Ranga tangs monkeys things like that they will use actual pedal are also primates and so all it is is. It's just a language. It's just a way for people who want to interact with each other and exchange things services and products to say. Oh Hey this is you know two chickens worth in exchange for you know that you know quarter of a cow or whatever it is that you're trying to Miss Jane. It's a way to level the value. But it's a language it's like music it's just a language of value so that is what I wanted to get out. I just wanted to mention that on top of our economics discussion so doing what we do here at free talk live. Let's continue with your calls. And your thoughts. We have the Christian anarchist on r amp only call in line gene. You're on the air. Hey guys at that. I'd call in and give an update on a corona virus. I mean I wish and you yes. I wish I was calling about anything else but it seems like corona viruses. The only thing that's making the news today on top of the world doesn't it? Yeah and so. I wanted to point out that in our office clinic. Now we've had about fifteen patients Everybody has recovered. One of them actually had to go to the hospital for a couple of days and they're back out of the hospital and so I'm just trying to put out the little bit of information that we personally have now. I can't speak for New York City Los Angeles or any of those places but I know in our little spot where we This isn't a big deal this Patients are doing just fine We didn't need to shut down all the businesses and Now with trump coming out saying that he's on caloric chloroquine which you know. He tried to promote that several months back and we use it on most of our patients. Well I'll say my wife did because my wife is the smart one she's the Dr Ryan But anyway Now the the FDA is trying to tell people not to use clerkenwell trump seems to be bucking that trend. And I'm certainly no trump fan. I don't I don't like the man much I don't like a lot of what he does but once when he does things that are good. You gotTa give them credit so I I got. I'm right there with you. I don't like trump. I feel terrible. Defending trump on the Times that. I have felt the need to do that. But many of his critics have been so dishonest. That just coming from a place of caring about the truth you can't just let them blabber on and you know you have to hold them hold their feet to the flame of reality he gene. How many people would come in and unlike a normal flu season with flu symptoms to your office your medical establishment there. Well I suppose if a lot of people come in thinking they have the flu and then we give them the flu tests and it comes up negative but sometimes it comes up positive but what I'm getting at. Is People believe they have the flu? But according to the flu tests they don't have it even though they have all symptoms. So I'M GONNA guess we probably get You know hundred or two patients one hundred or two that actually had the flu or one hundred or two that believe they do but then don't probably one hundred to two hundred positive tests per season so cove it that you've had way more your yeah. Oh Yeah we we see eighty normally we see eighty patients a day but Now dacoven nineteen are a number of patients down to like thirty thirty five to seem normal to you that if there's an epidemic going on that all of our medical facilities will be idle because that seems to be what's going on and it's not specked of course. None of this is normal. I mean it's just absurd. The the amount of stress would unmasks for instance. We all know that masks. Don't do everything that they say it's doing. You know that. And certainly the way. The average person uses a mask. It's not sterile. They don't you know they're constantly touching it and moving it and I mean there's no reason to use a mask out in public but The other thing is about this clerk when I wanted to get back to that because Clark when is in use by many patients right now for For Rheumatoid Arthritis. It's a very common methods medication for Rheumatoid Arthritis and there's a lot of people out there who are using it every day now. I don't know the numbers but I would like to see a study. That shows how many people that are currently taking chloroquine for their rheumatoid arthritis. Actually come down with Kovic one thousand nine. I'll bet you any money that that segment of the population is not getting covert nineteen at the same rate as general very interesting perspective. I was GONNA ask Jeanne if at your clinic or what have you. Are you free ish to treat things how you see fit or are you sort of guided by medical bureaucracy? Well ANY MEDICAL OFFICE. You have to make decisions that are that are basically being used by the rest of the medical community and if you go outside those guidelines you lay yourself open for a lawsuit. It doesn't mean you can't do it right but but you do run the risk of being sued especially if the patient has a poor outcome. Now the funny thing is the Food and Drug Administration can come after you even if you prescribe something for the patient. That's outside the norm the norms and they have an excellent result. Say they come and they're happy. You know the patient is super happy. They're they're satisfied with the results The outcome was good. There was no damage done. The FDA can still come after you and and sanction you for using that treatment. That's outside the norm okay. So that doesn't mean you can't do it though you can and sometimes we do gene. Do you WANNA hang out from it. I have one more question for you. You WanNa stay on short okay standby and we'll come back. I just had another question for him. That WANNA get out and I don't think he could sum it up in the last couple of seconds before the break here so we'll bring gene back up but we'll also take more of your calls your thoughts if you WanNa call it. Fifty five four fifty free like freedom. Eight five five four five zero three seven three three. Bitcoin DOT COM has launched a trading platform at local DOT BITCOIN DOT com allowing you to buy or sell bitcoin cash via dozens of payment methods. Like pay pal then. Mo Bank deposit remittances or meeting in person with cash. There are no I requirements to sign up for us the site and all communications between buyers and sellers are encrypted finally a global trading platform. 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Rogers campground in the beautiful white mountains of New Hampshire for fence happens the week after Porcupine Freedom Festival which reportedly has scaled back. And you can now camp at Roger Campground without a ticket to the park fest. Is that correct? That's what I was told by the owner of the campground. Yeah so it seems that if you want to start your fork faster early or even hang out with some of the folks at the Porcupine Freedom Festival you can do that as well but The fork fast is decentralized and it means no one is in charge that also means. There's no ticket costs all you need to do. Is Reserve your camping site your RV site or your motel room with Roger Campground for June twenty ninth until July fifth where better to celebrate Independence Day than around other freedom loving activists in the Shire. You can simply relax and go camping with other liberty lovers or you can create whatever experience or event. 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