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"jim jam brewer" Discussed on FiveThirtyEight Politics

"This is a state where former governor jim jam brewer offered a lot of policy positions that were very similar to donald trump and more than that more than that it's not just about the policy positions it's also the way that these policy protect positions articulated right jor pyo we mentioned him it's kinda rabble rouser saying things off the cough saying things that are offensive to a lot of people and that sounds are off a bit like donald trump and very stylistically a post where jeff flake was so it's you know it's not just about the policy it's also about the emotion that goes into yeah by the way at one thing just to to add is suit so bannon has endorsed kelly ward as like his dog in the fight of you know the anti establishment war but there are kinda summing clings that not everyone in trump bannon world loves her you know when when trump came to phoenix she was very notably left out of the vip room trump did meet with her he met with do it and graham there are two former breitbart staffers who were kelly words campaign managers who left and then released this sort of bashing statement last week saying she's no good dna this thanks so you're kind of wondering what's happening behind the scenes of could bannon transfer his defections to someone else i don't know maybe sort might not be kelly ward but the expectation is that it will still be more of an anti establishment strongly conservative not somebody like arthur exactly okay well at least in met in message yet the one thing i will say about say like a robert ward who i've met i haven't met jeff to whip but he's like a he's an affable guy with trump trump's politics definitely but more of a a warm presence i would say i will add that it's going to be a very interesting battleground will will talk about this more pieces coming up over the next week but the senate leadership fund which of course.

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