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"jim hub" Discussed on Nightline

"Worsens and a very narrow band of people are are are for it because they profit from it can those opposed to wild horses continuing to be free say cost as much as a billion dollars over ten years does that number seem reasonable to you know it does their estimate that you have to remove all these horses and put them into holding in pay for them which is due simply not the case this is our door gun who's called the gsm standard advocates say the government also has invested enough in targeting alternate solutions to populationcontrol oh wow jim hubs darting mirrors with birth control will mean far fewer fools lease that's a serious hypodermic needle though yet more horses left to live free on the range for much less than it cost to keep them corralled are the to about three bucks nor the most noses wellpoised box for the forces that are rounded up a lucky few make it to places like this for people like ellie price are dedicated to turning these wild mustangs into companion animals once they've been channelled and trained please a cut of on a quiet fight actually she cares for over two hundred at her california ranch ellie do you think people have any idea a wild mustang could be ridden likeness probably not i mean these horses are are janelle now so i don't even think of them as wild mustangs anymore but the source was born in the wild.

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