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"jim hogg virginia" Discussed on NPR News Now

"NPR podcasts are now available on every major platform checkout all our shows at NPR dot org slash podcasts. That's NPR dot org slash podcasts. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jim Hogg Virginia. Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine are both calling for governor Ralph Northerns resignation in the wake of a racist photo controversy. Great Carper with member station. W C E says the scandal could complicate state elections in November things we're looking good for Virginia. Democrats before this week a recent federal court ruling redrew number of house districts in their favor and a retirement was boosting their chances of retaking the Senate Rachel bid coffers a political analyst at Christopher Newport university. She says Northerns refusal to resign could change all that this complicates their electoral prospects dramatically. So I would assume that he'll begin to realize that his presence v comes a drag on the entire democratic already. Been offer says Democrats would do much better in November if Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax, a young popular African American lawyer were. Take over the executive mansion for NPR news. I'm Craig corpora in Richmond. Russia is joining the US and withdrawing from the NF treaty that bans short and intermediate range weapons as NPR's. Lucian Kim reports from Moscow the Kremlin contends the US long ago decided to exit the agreement even before the announcement Kremlin spokesman Dmitry peskov express, certainty the US would withdraw from the IMF treaty. Seeing Trump administration was unwilling to listen to arguments that brushes actually incompliance. The Kremlin has said it won't respond to American ultimatums and at the end of the IMF treaty could cause a new arms race in Europe. And peers Lucian Kim reporting voters, go to the polls, and they'll Salvador on Sunday as Marie Martin reports. They'll be electing a new president in a country where poverty corruption gangs and migration our top voter concerns. Cindy selection marks the fifth presidential contests since the NFL Salvador's, bloody civil war twenty five years ago since then. Have come from either the right wing party or the left wing FM Molin an outgrowth of the guerrilla movement. But this time the front runner is thirty seven year old naive. We'll kill a former mayor of San Salvador who's nut running with either of those parties bouquets been talking a lot about getting rid of corruption in a country were both major parties have been tainted by graft. However, analysts note that none of the major candidates have said much about some other issues important to voters, including migration, and gangs, which have become an important political force in a Salvador for NPR news, I'm Martin despite this week's extreme cold members of Punxsutawney Phil's inner circle contend that spring is coming early and Lurs for Pennsylvania's most famous groundhog claim he didn't see his shadow when the sun rose Saturday, but national weather service records over the past decade indicate that fills predictions are only right about forty percent of the time. This is NPR news. On sunday. Pope Francis will become the first leader of the Catholic church to set foot on the Arabian peninsula. The cradle of Islam as NPR's, Sylvia. Poggioli reports he will visit the United Arab Emirates a country striving to be a model of religious tolerance in a video message. Pope Francis, hailed the Emirates as a model for coexistence and human fraternity a meeting point of different civilizations cultures. We won't throw a place where people find a safe place to work live freely. Edward differences are expected in what will be a landmark in the Arabian peninsula. The pope has been allowed to celebrate an outdoor mass that's expected to draw one hundred thirty five thousand Catholics mostly migrant workers from Asia Francis will also attend an interreligious event as part of what the UAE has branded its year of tolerance while there's more religious freedom in the UAE than in neighboring Saudi Arabia, where only Islam is allowed non Muslims. Are still advised to keep a low profile so via Jolie NPR news, Rome. Another powerful storm battered California on Saturday shutting he highways after water and mud rushed in the lanes from wildfire. Burn areas. Thousands of residents are under a vacuum. Orders amid flash flood warnings in southern California in Malibu officials temporarily closed Pacific Coast Highway and many other roadways after mud flowed into the travel ends the storm system brought more than four inches of rain at lower elevations and several feet of snow in the mountains where white out conditions closed roads. I'm Jim hawk NPR news in Washington.

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