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"jim hartz" Discussed on WGN Radio

"Nice? Sweet? What's your headline today? My headline. I don't know what it's called. Joe Biden's middle name is Robinette. I was left when he said that I went Robinette. Yeah, I use that a lot in Scrabble. Yeah, He's a junior to so there's another right. There was another Robinette before that right. Think of the vanity plate. Could be a lot of words. Too many letters. Kevin. Uh, well, we get ready for Northwestern basketball. They've never tough one tonight. But the Affleck reporting and I did not see this one coming as the Bears search for a new defense quarter. Mike Singletary really reportedly interviewed for the job earlier this week. They've interviewed a couple other candidates as well, souls. We'll see what happens there. Well, What do you think of that? Hey, hasn't had a ton of success coaching. Yeah, that's more like it was. My first thought, too, is the head coach. Last time he was head coach was in the Alliance American Football League that folded after one season He was head of Memphis expressed last coached in the NFL in 2016. So was that San Francisco that he was assisting with the Rams. He called San Francisco doesn't 8 to 2010. And didn't really do happen because he's too nice is too quiet night. Not nice. He's not nice. He's very intense. No. Can I tell you a story? Oh, yeah. I don't know if this is public about it, So when I was traveling with the Bears they were playing in Washington at the Redskins. And the Bears at the time, had no indoor playing facility. So days like this, they'd be outside playing at Lake Forest College or Halas Hall. There was no big dome, where anything, and the bears lost to the Washington Redskins. That may have been the day that Dick you said they might not win another game all year that season. But so I was standing outside the office. Me and Jim Heart ready to do the postgame Ditka interview And just on the other side of the door is that his office and Singletary's in there? And Singletary is just screaming about how the team needed an indoor practice facility and that they could never compete until they did too cute and I'm like I'm trying to get away from it. And Jim Hartz like no, Listen, let's let's let's let's listen in. I just was so afraid of getting in trouble with Dickens, Singletary, but they build one. That's when they built the bubble up there. So that was the beginning of the Walter Payton time up there. I wouldn't You know the big tough football players I wouldn't expect that would be the thing that they would be arguing for would be a dome. It was a huge fight. You have something to listen to. Not that I did. Kim Big day and news. Big day and news, Steven, You know, I don't care what side of the aisle you're on. When you watch the pomp and circumstance of the inauguration. Everybody just comes together for a minute, and you can't help to get goose bumps. It's really an amazing sight to see. You know, it's interesting. You say that because I was driving in just listening to the natural audio of the president's all at the Tomb of the Unknowns, and it all made me want to go to Washington again. And you know, it was interesting. I was walking to work today and As president. Biden was speaking and this is something I never seen before. I had my phone and I was listening to the speech, and I could see other people and hear it. You know, as I was walking down the street, other people looking down at their phones, watching the speech on their phone versus, you know, sitting at home or sitting in a restaurant or bar where you could be, you know, watching it on TV. Can't do that. So everybody's just walking around watching. Everything going on on the phone? Well, what's even better is that they're actually watching it. You know that people have enough interest that they really were watching and follow. They just wanted to see Kaga. Yes, She was good, you know, and you get to also look at the fashion Come on, like my favorite was Garth Brooks. First of all, he should not have worn jeans. He wore jeans at the inauguration. Somebody else was tweeting to who is the person in Nike. Like I think Jordan's or something, and it turned out it was like Kamila Harris is nephew or something Well, but then when, when Garth Brooks is leaving, you know he does a fist bump or whatever with the president, vice president he gets back to. I don't know what the first one was. Maybe Obama. He gives Obama big hug and Michelle this time and I'm like, what is he doing? And then he went to Clinton. And then the Bushes wanted to hug from Garth Brooks. And you went hugged them. I mean, it was just We saw that too more like boys. Don't let this be a super spreader. Haven't they all been vaccinated? I think that's an immunity issue because that was just so sweet. Okay, well, lots of inauguration talk. We'll hear from the president and his inaugural speech, which most say hit the mark pretty well. We'll go to Washington soon, too. But first, Here's Mary Sonny and 29. Tonight partly cloudy low of 29 tomorrow, mostly sunny, windy with a high of 38 inbound.

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