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"jim hanifin" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"Jammed together in all three may make the playoffs And then there's the Cardinals and I think the Cardinals they don't make the playoffs. Think there'll be one of the teams looking for a new coach, Come January. Why do you say that? Well, when you look at the history of the Cardinals They've They've been around for over 100 years. They've never had a coach last longer than six years. Two guys made it six years. Jim Hanifin and Ken wasn't hunt Bruce Arians was there five years. And this is the year when the column very experiment needs to come to fruition, and if it doesn't happen, it's not gonna be anyone's fault. But the coach who's responsible for getting the most Out of Murray and just some of the things that were said throughout the offseason by guys like GM Steve Khan by Murray, who is clearly getting frustrated by not getting to the postseason. I think if it doesn't happen, that's when job number one in Arizona becomes finding the right coach. To build the perfect offense around column er, give me some more hot seat. Well, I think I think in Minnesota, where Mike Zimmer Is setting the stage to be on the hot seat by saying, I think we have a pretty good team. Now we just have to go out and prove it. Rick Spielman, the guy who built the team is probably very appreciative of that, because maybe that means he doesn't get fired if they fail to make it to the playoffs, But they have a weird vibe around them. Because of the offense. Offense feels like it's fallen off a bit now we didn't see any Dalvin cook in the preseason, but if that offence doesn't doesn't produce at a high level, it's going to be very difficult for them to get to the postseason, And if they fail to make the playoffs for two straight years, I think Zimmer could be In significant trouble. Beyond that, it's just going to go. I mean, other than Kingsbury and Zimmer. You know who out there has. I mean, would Mike McCarthy be gone in Dallas? I don't know They'd fire him after two years. Sack Taylor in Cincinnati Easy pick for the hot seat. If he's got guaranteed money in his contract for 2022 Bengals, don't fire people and pay them. They want their coaches to work, and Jerry Jones is the same way. Probably only thing he has in common with Mike Brown. He doesn't like to pay coaches to not work either. And that guaranteed money for either McCarthy or Taylor beyond this year could help save them. But you know, we see it every year. I mean, there's gonna be bad teams. Everybody's optimistic. Now. Glass is half full everywhere, Everybody zero and zero. Everybody's got a chance. The end of the day. Every team that's good. That means it's gonna be a team that's bad, and you know, we we see it. We we saw what seven last year. It's amazing the turnover, but Either when you're done and you don't have many chances, and Jon Gruden should be on the hot seat in Las Vegas, But he's not because Mark Davis ain't gonna fire. You know, Mike Mayock will be gone. I think if they don't make the playoffs That Mark Davis is going to keep Jon Gruden indefinitely into the future. Mike Florio here on the rich Eisen show Pro football talk. Um, starts our day here on NBC Sports on Peacock every single day at Pro football Talk on Twitter. What's going on with T. J Watt? In Pittsburgh. What's happening with Mike Tom on the coach of the team said today. He's optimistic they're going to get something done. Excuse me, Um They have some weird rules. One is I'm in a coughing fit here. One is stories here. Go ahead. Go ahead. No, Go ahead. Get a simple water. We're professionals here. One is That they have to get contracts done by the start of the season or that's it. Okay, fine. Well, what's going to happen with what if they don't get his contract? By the start of the season, they're going to have to break their rule. Because they've allowed him to show up, not practice. Not play and you know, just in this weird holding pattern, the other rule that hurts the Steelers here. The fact that they don't give fully guaranteed money beyond the first year of a contract. That's a real problem with what he wants. Full guarantees beyond this year. Other elite defensive players have gotten full guarantees beyond the first year, but but it feels like they're going to get something worked out right up against the deadline deadline driven business. Look for what? To make a little bit more than 27 year in new money on probably a five year extension. The question is going to be how much of it is fully guaranteed its signing. I mean, I really again we're not there. I'm not there. Okay, so I'm not there. But sitting out it just seems like another situation where teams are like we don't do it this way. And it's like, well, you you you do it that way. Sure, But why don't you make an exception for this guy? Because you can always mentioned two other people. Well, we did it for T. J Watt. You're not in that echelon. What? You know what I mean, like it's so simple for players to get what they want and for franchises to bend the rules if they just had The ability to not break on the front of looking another player in the face and saying You're not that person and you know who's doing that right now. Tampa Tampa is totally reconfiguring the way that they go about their business for Brady, and they're not worried at all that the next part like they're not worried at all that Kyle Trask is going to be coming to ask for something or anybody else on the team is asking for something. You're not Brady. You don't. You didn't come here with six rings and give us 1/7. It's that simple and it Green Bay put themselves between a rock and a hard place with Rogers. It seems Because they only do it a certain way. I I kind of just Oh, it's it's I don't understand it. You're right. Look, you have to acknowledge that certain players merit certain treatment, and the dealers will bend their rules they did with Antonio Brown. They don't renegotiate contracts with more than one year remaining unless it's quarterback, so he had three years left. He wasn't happy with his deal, so they took some money. From the next year and moved it into the current year. And then the next year they took money from the last year moved into that year. And then the last year they gave him a new contract. Now we know it all went to hell after that, but they've got ways. To work around it if they really want to, But, yeah, for a great player, you just do it. It's TJ Want and having these rules that are separate, apart from the rules are set forth in the labor deal. It sets you up to not be as competitive as you could be, because other teams are going to do it. And it's going to make it harder for you to keep the players you really want to keep. If you're stubborn about when you're going to do contracts and what the terms are going to be, and well, we don't want to put money in escrow for next year. Well, everybody else does it except for the Packers. So you better do it too. Yeah, I just don't. I don't get it. I You know, it just it's mystifying to me. So, um, But before I I, I let you go. Are you on the bills? Um, for this year? What's your A F? C, uh, thought on that front. I think there are nine teams in the A F. C. The bills the Patriots, Ravens Steelers, Brown's Colts, Titans Chargers chiefs that are all good enough. Two. By the time we get to January being the playoffs and make some noise in the playoffs, so it's a very difficult top heavy division. Did go bills bucks. As my Super Bowl teams this year, and you know what the hell let's throw the folks in western New York a bone. Let's say the bills are going to beat the bucks because we have seen Tom Brady lose three Super Bowl, so it's not like it would be unprecedented. He can get there..

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