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"jim hamlin" Discussed on WMAL 630AM

"Single day here for three to six coming up in the five o'clock hour we'll be handing it off to the president added states recently kind of buyers task force briefing that you've been hearing here every day in its entirety on W. M. A. L. also mark within will be following him up earlier in the program we had secretary of state Mike Pompeii join us very honored to have him and I think we might be if you missed it we might be planning that interview a little later in the program as well also will speak with a California state excuse me Virginia state senator Amanda chase coming up at the bottom of this hour I'm also wanted to hear from you eight eight eight six three zero nine six two five triple eight six thirty W. M. A. L. I wanna hear from you about the trouble you're having right now about why you need to get back to work your stories are not being told enough you're being sneered at your being overlooked you're being talked down to or yelled at because you dared to wanna say let me get on with my life right now so people need to hear exactly how bad it is for you and we'll hear from you at triple eight six thirty W. M. A. L. right now you've seen the stories about the fears of a global food shortage due to the economic shut down over the covered nineteen corona virus pandemic but could that be a problem here in America after all we feed the world in our farmers are still working well it's a little more complicated than that joining us right now is Jim Helen out of Columbus Nebraska is a big pork producer there and and and Mr Cohen first of all thank you for joining us thank you for having me on it's important we can tell the story well I think that people believe that you know this is just about farmers and people were raising animals but there's a lot more to this than that it really goes into what your concern right now is with regard to the food processing operation right well yeah I think I think the greatest the greatest concern that you you brought up the issue of global food shortage will that means most Americans don't think that happens at home yeah and it is it is just around the corner because of what has taken place in the last two weeks in regard to the what takes place with animals when it's processing time we we have a we have a crisis and yeah it's it's not a it's not a logistics to get further to get to the grocery store it means that there are because of the work force in the processing in the Packers it concerns first for their welfare and security the people are not showing up to work processing plants have been closed which means that animals don't become ham or bacon or sausage which means that cattle don't become states and which means that the grocery store shelves will go empty nobody can believe it and it's hard to comprehend the touch that so what is real close to take what is taking place now is this help me out here did be it this is a little bit outside of my realm of expertise these these meat processing plants they're located I'm guessing mostly in the Midwest Nebraska South Dakota Wisconsin they would be I think of the corn belt Quintel between rivers so that's where livestock is raised in process for the most part so think of Nebraska think of I would think of Minnesota think of Indiana Illinois and and there's some wonderful injuries but and you know the meat packing plant is made up of five hundred and fifty thousand people not to mention all the farmers that supply that end up most is the most critical is everybody's safety and security to work and do our job we are east central the central to the work force we're we're central critical infrastructure development of our country right right next to the hospitals because of if we don't if we don't have food it it becomes a real problem into again in any of our lifetimes you know some of the greatest generation might have understood a few times of being are going without food and having shelves empty but there's not many of us laugh it's just nobody can comprehend Jim Hamlin is the SCO Pitman family farms Columbus Nebraska and just X. a little bit of quick research on you you turn about two million is the term pigs or hogs in your industry well we called both of y'all remember Sir and and that's a good number here in and just so people understand when your your operation is still going in terms of of raising the hogs in and making sure that the animals are ready for processing the problem is you've got nowhere to send them right now yeah I know and the problem is even more unique within the pig industry in the Pegasus simple stomach just exact anatomy as humans worse in the cattle industry is a room in a room and so cattle industry has a lot of problems with the calendar street can change diets return in the past year the pig industry what one one just to make using maps not to make this too complicated but but we need to we need to process every day four hundred and seventy five to five hundred thousand each from from the ready for market because every day that's how many babies are born and we have barns that the page to raise them and there's no obstruction one that's so right and if and if you have to keep feeding those pigs until they're ready for processing that's a huge amount of money if you're you've got a time all this out properly right it's a very very tight system down as the consumer can efficient system so when we can't process this week we should be processing five hundred thousand troops and by Friday night we might be close in this country a little over three hundred to maybe three twenty five so we're going to be thirty percent short thirty percent short which means that doesn't come back that's the whole right their solution this is if we don't get help if we don't all get together and solve this this problem is going to go on and having a shortage of food there's no former alive that connects up to him so it is their right what's the role for the federal government here's this is merely the USDA stepping in superseding your state governors there and saying you got open these processing plants or or or is that just not a nonstarter because there's no way to do the processing in a safe way to protect from the corona virus no there there's there's ways we're proud of the brass we're proud of our state we're proud of the people of Nebraska we're proud of our universe in a rousing Medical Center has led the way with Ebola fight we have bio containment we do a lot of departments and schools up to doing allergies of what a lot of ways of the corona we have the first cruise ship people up in Omaha Nebraska that's changing the people has been out across the state assessing the safety of our workforce within the packing plants so we can get that done and we're working on it but this is not just a number this is a national issue and and we're Hey governor Richards rockstar Nebraska he's leading the way of helping everybody work together we could make more progress but but governor Ricketts can't manager every other governor this this is the the solution is the federal government and you know if I was president trump would be call and I'd be calling the troops that we have to have these open I'll be home the troops and if that's what it takes to get our food process can have a food shortage on president trump's watch not accepted them into that will listen Mr Cohn you've got you've got the ears of the federal government in this town listening to this program as we speak so hopefully your message has reached the right ears and hang in there keep us updated please as this story develops you know how to reach us I appreciate that and you know what again the the the the reality of the is it real and I'm not sure many people still can believe it took care of the whole of food that is not going to be coming to the grocery store so together we found on thinkable absolutely unthinkable hi Jim Cohen telling family farms thank you for joining us hang in there and our best to to your fellow farmers you're very much appreciate your help on this on you bet it is for fifteen now that email 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