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"jim foulest" Discussed on KQED Radio

"They're They're really different issues and really different from erosions of democracy. And when we play into that, when we sort of Push the bounds just because we don't know another way to seem objective. We're doing a disservice to the honest And Jim Foulest talk for just a moment about what are the values that that come into play here when there's no more equal time provisions for television for broadcast networks, too. Tio have to abide by. So what are the standards that journalists should be thinking about? So I think back in the earlier days of journalism, when when I was getting a start, there were certain norms that we could expect politicians to operate within. There were, as you say, the legal requirements of the fairness doctrine where broadcast networks had to put on things from from opposing parties, and most journalists could assume that most politicians Would try to avoid saying things that were provably untrue as we move into different terrain where there was Norm's don't apply in the same way. I think there's a new movement that is necessarily underway in journalism to say our Our two loyalty should be to the process of democracy, democracy, small democracy and two observable truth. And sometimes this puts us in a difficult position of saying. We think this side is saying something. It's true and this fight is not But our larger, longer term loyalty is should be to democracy and to the truth as weaken death best determine it. And Susie Bana. Karen that does take Tina's Jim is suggesting that does take journalists away from what many journalists were were taught and that is you try to give as equal as fair. Treatment on time to all candidates as you can. Yeah, but I think it's just time to evolve the thinking right? There's a certain sort of pattern that we'd established that Donald Trump just doesn't appear too right. He's unwilling to here to these norms, and he uses them to manipulate the media. So when you see that you're being played or manipulated, it's time to change the playbook and adjust to what's happening. And you know, to some degree. I think what Donald Trump really took advantage of in 2016 is that political journalism had become very akin to entertainment that had become very sports like, well, just constantly talked about was up and he was down and you know if we just continue in that same harm, we're going to just continue to have elections where people aren't getting good information, right? And I think this is the moment as we go into What's going to be a very difficult election week and where a lot of information is going to be coming in, and we're gonna have to be processing it and helping people understand it to really take a step back and ask what is the role we play in making sure we'll get the best information information they need to really assess things accurately. So Jim Fallows. What is it that viewers consumers of news who care about this election and want the best possible coverage? What should they be demanding right now from the news meeting, especially from television. So I think it'll be awkward for me to say this right at this moment. But I personally appreciate the effort that your program makes to try to say no to represent different sides and arguments, but to say At this moment, we think certain side you're more grounded in reality. I think for readers, viewers listeners, there is a tremendous array of material available now. And I guess the main thing that the public can dio is similar to what we in the media, Khun dude, which is to try to avoid Just the distraction of the spectacle minute by minute by minute that if we find ourselves as citizens or as reporters being in the mode of a cat chasing a laser dot You know where it is exciting in that instant, but we're not God deciding about the things that matter in the long term, so there's a lot of material out there to listen to to watch and to read, so seek it out. We're gonna have to leave it there. And we thank you both so much. Jim Fallows, Susie Bana carom. We appreciate it. To duty. As the war over the ethnic Armenian en clave of Nagorno Karabakh continues between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The push for a cessation of hostilities accelerated this week..

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