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443: Reviewing Sens Opening Weekend; Tim Sttzle's Incredible First Goal; NFL Playoffs and more

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443: Reviewing Sens Opening Weekend; Tim Sttzle's Incredible First Goal; NFL Playoffs and more

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It's their new year new. You event amazing deals like six pounds of way protein. Early forty four ninety nine popeye's value size of veggie greens and fight. Oh berry are fifty four. Nine popeye's remains open with strict in-store guidelines plus curbside and online shopping. As well check out your nearest location at popeye's candida dot com. Well there everybody is. Cs w episode four forty-three issue sports. Whatever podcast erupting from the nettie singer weekday jim drum ottawa. Jimmy's in edmonton. It's busy weekend. We just had filled with nfl. Layoffs and the first ottawa senators games in what ten months. Wow great time for sports fans james. How're things Things are stevie. Yeah things are okay you know. I started with a tried to watch some hockey which i did started. I guess it started last wednesday the hockey and there's so many freaking game on raw love it but i kind of like i use the flip on the score up. That's the one. I used to check out what games are coming up right and and i'm just getting my head around because here's here's what i've done go. Oh yeah so. Evans playing vancouver. This must be. This must be yesterday's because they played already. So may i'm just getting used to all these teams playing back to back games. You know with the obviously the same teams so happen here as well. Ottawa taking on toronto for two games. And i was thinking about. That's again at it. Further galvanized my feel of yes. More divisional play you know. They've expanded this year. Normally they play divisional teams four times. Maybe five this year. It's nine in ten games. You play divisional. And that's your season. That's gonna be it but moving forward as i was sort of between games yesterday between Sends lease games as thinking to myself normally after a very good game friday night we'd be getting ready for a visit by t max and all the all the momentum would be lost and the rivalry between toronto and ottawa into hibernation for weeks if not months so i'm pretty jacked about the way it lays out. Yeah absolutely. I think. I think i'm gonna like it anyway so i'm well entrenched good well entrenched in the In the nhl and then of course the nfl watch. I watch both those games yesterday buses. That's my that's my sentimental favorite. And i pick them in our betting. I think you you had the rams in the first game you in that. And i think i win the buffalo game. I can't remember the second game to be honest. yeah. I had buffalo their mind street. So whenever i picked the sentimental thing that means. You're picking an underdog sentimental is just another way of saying they're going to lose. Okay that's that's half. And i never get it right when i picked the old sentimental thing until i got the i got the bills while it was an interesting game. I mean the ravens. Were still in it. I've never seen the sky fall in on a guy and a team so quickly lamar jackson. Mvp of the league potentially all of a sudden they're down by seven and jackson throws a pick six the other way like it was into the end zone and the steady you know getting back in the game. It's pick six the other direction. Next time he gets the ball in the very next play suffers a concussion because the snapper he's in the shotgun snap or puts it over his head runs back toward the end zone throws the ball away but just gets hammered as he does so and slams his head on the ground for the rest of the game with a concussion. I've never seen a teams fayed in players. Fate go sideways so quickly and the bills at an easy time of it for the most part after that even though the backup was pretty decent right anyway you know what stevie i saw that hit you know. He got flattened completely straight back hit in the chest downey goals and the head snaps onto onto the surface. And you're going for sure. That's a concussion. I'm i'm surprised tv. They don't have the helmets that they're trying all sorts of different things right these helmets. I'm surprised that you don't have this sort of you know a bigger bulky padding in the back of the helmet you know what i mean. It's like the you know you got this uniform helmet right. That sort of fits around your skull rain i get. I know what a helmet is but but maybe they should have the thing that like like out another four or five inches of padding in the back. Yeah yeah that sounds. That sounds good by the. We're going to talk ottawa. Senators and hockey here in just a second year. But since the nfl jag On the helmet thing. I really don't think there's a helmet that will prevent concussions certainly can mitigate them but the way that lamar jackson hit his head on the turf out of the any helmet is preventing concussion. There your brain floats in the cerebral fluid in your head and basically when it's When it's hitting the ground like that is just crashing against the inside of your skull not much that a helmet would do helping that And you think about. Patrick mahomes as well. I mean he looked really glassy. Eyed and kansas city's whenever cleveland. Today kinda hit around the neck area didn't look so much like the standard concussive blow but And as we record this we don't know anything definitive but certainly concussion has to be top of mind there. But i'm sure there are always looking at various things to make this the helmet safer and prevent concussions airbags going stevie a little airbag in the back of the helmet. You such a visionary something and just saying. I'm john i'm just saying that you know more padding steve for sure we'd get rid of the not rid of it but it would lessen i'm sure the incidence of concussion for just just for a seinfeld says in one of his Standups maybe a better idea would be to stop with our head crack. Lifestyles right right Anyway we're we're we're game right. It was right down to the like you like. You said all star quarterback right throwing the throwing that interception yup anywhere mowlam. Oh see you later game. Look like they're going into score. Great drive that that had just finished up and then yeah just a calamity strikes but feel i feel good because most of the people are listening right now probably care a lot more but the buffalo bills than the baltimore ravens and it has been a long old hall since the bills won a playoff game. Let alone made the afc championship game. I'm sure we're going back to marv. Levy jim kelly thurman thomas that oh for four team that went to four straight super bowls and everybody focuses on. The loss is not the accomplishment. You got to you won the afc title four straight years. That's unbelievable but because you didn't get the ring any of those cases everybody thinks of us a loser. But i feel good for bills fans probably a lot of broken tables across buffalo after that win. You've probably seen some of the fans over the years where it's become a bills thing bills fan thing where you're jumping off the roof of somebody's house to tailgate party through some folding table and crack in your head but yeah anyway feel good for bills fans. You know. it's funny you bring that up. I've been buffalo for. I went for the outdoor game hockey game the first first ones and then the next year or the year after. I think they've always done every year. You work that right. Yeah i got hard to host between. Stop down in the game in the in the stadium. There's seventy thousand people. Steve at this thing is really cool. Nice so all of us in canada. I've heard about the big tailgating parties in the states. Right we've been hearing that for years and so that was my first tailgating party and it was kinda it was kinda cool the way they do it so. It's a huge parking lot across the street from the stadium. And what what they do do steve which is pretty smart. Okay to keep things at bay to keep things not getting too aggressive so this tailgate parties kind of broken up into three different sections of the parking lot and on the one side is the family area. Okay and they got highly organized so it's a family area and that's exactly what it is parents with kids. Okay and it's nice and calm steve. You can walk up and down these roles of bunch their van barbecue and all that stuff and so the next the the middle area. Steve is a little rowdier. Okay it's a little rowdier little more drinking. No kids And it's but it's but it's kind of controlled controlled rowdiness right. The third area steve. Not so much okay. Not so much steve. It's just a crazy. Ask marty okay. Drunk screaming jumping on the roof of cars marching. I did. I was into a mosh pit. Steve when i was there. So it's really cool so that's happening in january and buffalo. Well it was that that was the that was the hockey game right that i was there for right so yeah yeah whenever it was whenever we did it but what it is really good steve. That they do is so we got this party. And then you're going to just walk across the street into the stadium so they allow you to carry your beer into the stadium nice or drinks right and it makes it very controlled. No-one's freaking out. There's not a bunch of security issues. they just what. Why fight it right. You're gonna have thousand people or whatever crossing the street in all at the same time anyway. It was right. Absolute right really. Cool lots of so where to go buffalo by the way. Yeah bill's going to be taken on kansas city in the afc championship game. Green bay is off to the nfc game after pretty convincing win over the rams Casey got there. Like i mentioned the win over. Cleveland and as we record this Yet it's going to be right down to the wire with new orleans and tampa going at it Drew brees tom. Brady the too old dudes Last checked it was like twenty twenty so that was going right down to the wire so we don't know at recording time here who's going to meet green bay in the nfc title game. We do know as we switch over to the nhl. The ottawa senators opened up with a split of their two games against the toronto. Maple leafs on the weekend and there was rust for sure. The sends you get expected that played a game in over ten months half their roster had been turned over they didn't play any exhibition games. Ram oh rating to two games against the team. That everybody thinks is going to be the best team in the north and they did all in all pretty well. He sends head coach d. j. smith. I think we'll have to look at the chances of it. I don't believe the chances were as bad as as the shots. I think tonight. They came in with an idea. They were going to put a lot of shots on net. I thought we kept on the outside. For the most part in the We just couldn't create much ourselves Give them credit they. They came to play. they checked. They worked really hard. You know their penalty killed job for them And their goal tending was good. And you know what i thought. We battled rate to the end but give them credit. They came to win today and they deserve to win. And and my mom would be coming to evaluate you cowardly. I didn't think power was very good tonight. I think you know we were young team. That makes young states on the power play kind of went on her own. A little bit. a little rowboat there But in saying that you know we had a couple of key nets on the five on three Dad how to clean. Look on the back door you know in some nights those are going to go in Take i've liked our power play tonight. I think we made some mistakes. But don't take any credit away from their penalty. Kill they did rachel. Ruth gary apple's media. Ejei just wonder where you thought of. That's getting his first than a juggle while i was active a goal and they carry the play for the majority of the game and all of a sudden draws us within one and then You know unfortunately. I didn't really see whether it was a penalty or not but in saying that we still had a chance right down to the very end and you can see how excited he was to get out there and He's going to be a special player in time. It's great that he gets out of the way from your not just as i goal. What a a have you haven't seen it. It's basically the sends are in the toronto zone. Thomas shoebox trying to keep the puck in at the blue line of wax at it. It deflects off a leafs. Defender goes about thirty forty feet in the air and then he got studes la kind of camp it under the way a center fielder would-be out there. For a fly ball. The puck hits the ice and the split. Second it does he one times a slapshot short side on jack campbell. An absolute beauty is of jack. Campbell had to say even. He was impressed. The only advantage. I think of other than they should have had. That was shaken the end. I was a so i mean what a young talent you know. It's for the league and In the mean being better hundred and finally. Here's the kid himself. Tim had to say about. The goal was definitely a great feeling by the deandre. Wants to come out with win. I thought also you had an ax. Oppostion everybody really wants to get the gold. And i think play really well in the last couple minutes. Yeah penalty of mine and Yeah whilst like Which is pretty high in the end. I just want to talk to get the puck to the net. And i think i had a pretty good and i'll see hit pretty good an absolute beauty and it's always nice when you're first goal is a special one like that special player as well. And that's tim stood slip in. I guess. Some of his teammates are calling him jimmy stew. For some reason. I could get some background on that He he's right now. You can tell the first two games. He's a kid out there. I mean he hasn't had any camp time exhibition games. So he's going right. Basically from world juniors into the nhl. What a leap. that is. And he didn't look at a place even thrive but he didn't look at place he's right now he's measuring out what works and what doesn't and Junior and pro hockey in germany. Absolutely every everything worked so not worried about him the stage and some some good things. No there's some negatives But you don't dwell on though. Is this early in the season. Particularly in the sense circumstances. Matt murray look very very good. he already like i. It's been a while. let's say this. It's been a while. Since i was as comfortable with the sends goalie as i was watching matt. Murray over the weekend. So that's a great start for him. It's early but Toronto dominated in puck possession and shot attempts all weekend and matt murray was square. The pocket seemed all the time. Look really comfortable out there nick. Paul meanwhile love that story. Missa god's been in the organization for a long time. He's been sent to the minors by auto a fourteen different times and placed on waivers of bunches. Well and then finally something. Click for paul last season and he started looking like hey i believe i belong here so he got a goal in the saturday game and he was all over the ice goodspeed. None of d. j. smith is buying into him yet. He gave them just over twelve minutes of ice time in the saturday night loss. So i'd like to see that. I mean just as an observer. I'd like to see nick. Paul get rewarded because the whole concept seems to be best players play and he was in the discussion for best ford period and so some good things to take away from the opening weekend. Got to be patient. It's going to be inconsistent so a nice opening weekend sends. We'll be back at it as the winnipeg jets visits this week on tuesday and thursday. Okay so you're already falling into the trap. Stevie okay of not enough games under their belt before we make the assessment on t. Okay great opener for the sends. Okay not a bad game right. Second game pretty good stood slow there with the big goal so lots of good things happening but general regular season stevie okay. Eighty plus games eighty two or four game. Steve what is i always get it wrong. It was eighty two is very briefly. Eighty four but it's it's generally eighty two okay so some fairness to me. That's why i get it wrong. So so eighty. Two game skid. We've always agreed seat when we did. The radio show for years no assessment here until their past fifteen games. Okay until they get the twenty all right before we start to either pump a team up or bury them. 'cause they're shitty. So what's the number here. Steve in fifty six games. Okay before we before we look at whether teams in trouble or not right. Well i would say again this time. Even though there's only fifty six games largely because i think we've had so little time normally i reduced the number because we have fewer games in the regular season but I'm gonna keep it at twenty because we've had no preseason so the sands played a couple of games on the weekend and it was preseason not the games count granted but it's basically preseason so i'm gonna leave it at twenty eighth while twenty. I mean twenty for sure you will you better have not yet. They'd better hit their stride at twenty. I mean that's just what the heck that's only what is this is only eight games under five hundred okay. It's late i know but you won't really know what you are until about the twenty game marks still and May be too late to react at the twenty game market a fifty six game season. Well i you know watching the orders right The first game they played against the vancouver They're they're they're wanted to now. They lost montreal. Five one to Anyway it was just. It was terrible. Hockey was terrible hockey. And that's come from guy doesn't know much about hockey. But i know that the sense same thing against toronto. They had long periods. Where you're going. Okay what's going on with defensive zone coverage here like five five on five. They looked they were killing a penalty. They were that passive. They're bringing other their special teams. The breakout on the powerplay. Oh my god just not very good at all so but this is to be expected especially with a team like the sands but for all teams the one or the game that i watched for. Were they lose one. I forget which game it was. Either much all vancouver. They're they're they're playing defensively. Them were kind of the entire game. Like they're down three goals with a minute left in regulation and what i mean by. That is if you've ever seen a game like that right or they're down saved down two goals with a minute or two left right. All the defense goes out the window. Right you has to it has to all we gotta do is go for the puck and whip this. You know everyone keeps trying to get the puck. Don't worry about taking the man anymore right because we're down too much right. So but that's that's what the order game looked like in like when it was only a goal behind with period and a half to go. You know there's a bunch of guys you're supposed to go check the man off the puck and a bunch of trying to do that like i hate that. Let junior play stick blade of their stick out and get the puck off the guy instead of going into them so anyway they all need to be tuned up a little bit. Certainly the others do well. I mean it's it's a problem across the league of if it hasn't hit a team yet teams off to a good start. The rust factor will kick in at some point. It's an issue for everybody with lack of preparation time for this season when we come back on the show On the left side of things jayson spitzer went on waivers. So we'll talk about that coming up. After these words everyone knows that to get the best price on home and auto insurance you have to shop around but who really wants to do that with access to all kinds of insurance markets. Not only can i get you the best price but also make sure that you get full value for your money call me. I'm joe girardi. All insurance ontario. Your modern boutique broker. Well it's twenty twenty one and that means jim kaye. Ford is now beginning. Its fortieth year helping people with their automotive needs. 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He set aside a budget to help us with painting cleaning decluttering updating our ceiling lights for us we got multiple offers and the home sold for well over asking price you should call the glenn walton real estate team today at glen walton dot com. Right welcome back to the program. Jason spencer in the news the leafs placed spat circa and backup goalie. Arundel on waivers. And obviously jason special is hoping to clear said waivers and stay in. Toronto wants to finish his career in his hometown. If he does get claimed off waivers and somebody says okay. You're coming to us. He will retire rather than do that. James yeah i love that decision if he sticks to it i really do you know because so often you see guys who are in their into their mid thirties. Maybe they've been playing fifteen years in the league or something like that right there there. The shoes going to drop any minute here on them on their career for for all the obvious reasons when you've been around for fifteen plus years and a lot of guys stevie obviously well okay some find me a gig somewhere you know. I want whether it's the dull or they're you know they just can't see themselves not playing I've always been a big advocate of guys who do step up. They signed big contracts with teams. And you know they'll say this is great. I wanna play my career here. I can't see myself going anywhere else. Don't want to be traded. And i love hearing that i love hearing that you know Because i think. I think the owners are are always under this stress. Go well we. We just signed him to seven million a year over for five years or whatever. I hope he wants to keep playing for us right because often they don't often them the guy they go for a better deal to other million or something like that or they get a little. They get a little bit snotty about when they're not used much else. I'm gonna ask for a trait. That always drove me. Bananas manafort's so i love hearing spetsnaz. Say that that's cool. That's really cool sticking or i'm not going after a little. I'm not going after the cash. I'm not going to be pathetic about telhami agent. Just find me anywhere to play. i want keep doing. I like that good for him. But it's leverage to write it may be strategy in it and he's using the leverage. He has to threaten to retire so any team. That might have been thinking about grabbing. Him is probably going today. Yeah not much point in that. We're not gonna look very good either now that he said that if we go ahead and grab him we're gonna look like jerks for taking. He and his family are trying to take in his family away from where he wants to Finish his career and that's his hometown in toronto. So the optics aren't real good and it's not really a lot of upside to jason spots at this stage good face off guy in on the power play but five on five not really a guy in need. That's going to be a difference maker for you. So i think most of the nhl will say may will give that amiss although that you brought up the face off thing. Did you see in that piece talking about all this stuff. You're talking about where he won. He won like all every every face off. Now i'd say it's great like that. The most underrated thing maybe hockey having someone that you can rely on to win draws particularly in the defensive zone started a power play for example. Get a good good great faceoff guy out there. It's so huge. When you're in your own end and you wanna kill the penalty. You want to get the puck out of the zone. It's just a disused huge to have that and very very underrated for sure and jason spitz even his age and his state of his game. Still a guy that is fantastic in the draws so an interesting bit of player versus media with the philadelphia flyers jake vora check and former ottawa. Sixty seven travis connect ni. Were up at the podium. Doing the zoom call with the media and a philadelphia reporter by the name of mike. Silky asked a simple question. And this is what voracek had to say. After the question from the reporter to nj. How different does the season feel. At all given the circumstances the off season and condensed schedule and everything doesn't matter what i say mike going to fucking shit every knows. It doesn't matter what you say. Yeah it feels different. I mean we got four points over. I two games. I wasn't even gonna answer questions because you're such a weasel not even funny. I think the funniest thing about that. James was connect knees response. He just sorta they move on with the next question and then at that. Stage connect needs trying to stifle laughter. Vortex sees the stifling of laughter. And he's got to stifle laughter but they managed to carry on without Fully breaking down. But what did you think of Avoid check calling it a reporter in that kind of setting. Well i thought it was funny. I was hearing. This is fantastic. You know i'm a frustration of players man living town. You know hockey hockey big hockey town right philly like toronto montreal You know the players go drive you bananas man the the in your face media all day long and so i expect i. I'm really impressed that you don't hear that more often. Could you imagine steve you you wake up and you got this. You know you're reading this negative shit about all the time. And then you're told by the team and by the league by the way okay you must do. Postgame press conferences. Okay you gotta do interviews right away. I'm okay what happened here. Where where's the. Where's the article that i wrote. Okay it it's obviously one hundred percent clear that there's some history here here absolutely. This is the quote in the article and it comes from october of twenty nineteen so vortex got long memory here holding a grudge and yeah. Yeah so this is what Apparently led to vortex saying what he said. This is what the reporter wrote ally. Venue has been a coach for sixteen years. The most welcome development of his brief stint with the flyers has been his willingness to use that credibility to call it. The team's top two players in a way they've never been before. There was jake vora check sitting at his locker. After the flyers practiced thursday untying escapes and venuto stood in the center of the room with his back to him and demanded that vora check enclosure. Jerus- start delivering a higher caliber of play back to back lopsided losses to the islanders and penguins at compelled the coach to send his stars a message and one of them was on hand to hear. Vortex sat there and laughed. Was it something. The teammate seated to his right. James van reams day had said or was it something else. So that's it. That's what was written and four check. Obviously objected strongly to the idea that well it. It seems pretty clearly implied there that Voice check is laughing at alain vigneault and for check obviously didn't feel like either. That was actually what happened. Or that's something that should have been put out there but That's apparently where it all stemmed from now after that i guess at the time the reporter apologized for the confusion because the flyers did contact him to say. Hey hey hey what are you doing. There are guys not laughing at his coach and so he basically the reporter said i can see why thought that he apologized at the time for. The confusion edited the column and offered to try and smooth things over. So there's the background anyway. what. I was saying I went to twitter. Okay look at it and people are making comments. You know good for him. You know who doesn't want to do that once in a while. Goddamn press and all that stuff. The dumbest comments. I heard were from people. Say is there a backstory to this and you no back story he just met the guy five seconds before exchange pleasantries and then told me it was a piece of shit. Of course there's that that'd be good. If they randomly blew up reporters that would be made with every news conference. I want at least one reporter blown up all right. That's nhl policy now. A steve warren here in the scrum for first time question ever okay. Shut off your my gone. It's it's a tough gig for both right for the player and the press right. 'cause the press guys steve covering hockey okay Is you know. There's hundreds of guys who are covering games every night. Hundreds hundreds of guys and they're always looking for the scoop a little bit a little story a little thing away from the game a little a little something a little nugget somewhere though. It's not just you know these lame answers. Yeah we tried our best while we lose we got we got our blah blah blah blah blah. So i get this reporter. When he's in the locker room and he over hears this stuff going here we go here. We go right stevie. You're going now now. We got a little something there. Sure but the other thing is the fraternity here. Boys you know when in doubt. Okay if you're if you're about to write this piece going. How about the player laughing at the coach when he told me up to improve his game. Boy there's gonna be some doubt there and probably should have not done anything right first of all. It's not going to bode very well. For steve to get back in the locker after awhile if you keep doing that there in lies the problem between the media and nhl teams. There's always that worry that you know. Sometimes you might work for an organization that has a direct partnership or for you just simply worried about access and if you don't do these guys right and yet you come up with some sensational headline. Even if it's true great you had a good day right. Yeah yes told a lot of papers that day or the ratings were great. You know what you're hoping to make a career this and now you're going to be shut out because that guy's not only going to burn you from moving forward or shut you out. These tell all his teammates. Same thing so it's a. It's a really difficult job for sure to balance all that try and provide interesting information for the readers the listeners the viewers but not shut yourself out so you can't continue to do all those things. There's good for sure there. Some unwritten rule steve. Forget a lot of these guys. I know in the edmonton days right there. There's a lot of guys who who literally grew up in media with that team. You know with the one team with the asean edmonton here with the oil. Is you know jim. Matheson or the guys who think of jerry jones. These guys started when the team came to town. You know in in the eighties or nineteen seventy nine or something right. And they're still doing. It is still with gordon dean. Bruce guys like that. Yeah so you develop this. Almost family like relationship with them. But you're going to hear a lot of shit. Stevie as i have actually in my life you know and someone told you should write a book jimmy about all these things you know what. I'm like no no. There's there's some unwritten rules here about what you're allowed to say and what you're not allowed to save your media guy and the guy. The guy's probably overstepped his bounds. Best thing they ever did. Terry jones wrote a bad article. One time about the oilers right. And and the and listen stevie. The players expect that right. They respect that all year. If you're going back to eight your ten there's gonna be some shit written about the team but they really didn't like what jones wrote and when he came into the locker room the next day right no one complained. They didn't kick him out. Say they're you know we can't do that know. They were really pissed at him so when he walked into the locker room the next night the they throw them into the hot tub. It was great. It was great. How do you react to that. I think he was cool. Think he left his head off about no one said he thinks. Tv is just oh sorry about that. We slipped sorry. Sorry fellas well. That's one way to get even. I'm not sure you can get away with that today but Pretty cool story before we wrap up as we speak the new england. The new england old habits. Die hard Tom brady and tampa bay buccaneers. I should say have knocked out the new orleans saints and they went at thirty to twenty. So they're off to the nfc title game against aaron rodgers in the green bay. Packers is going to be a great match battle of the bay and kansas city against buffalo in the afc title game so cool stuff in the nfl. We'll talk more about that over the course of the week in upcoming episodes james any final thoughts. Today i got the great final thought. I think steve. Thank you have a daughter. As i do and kids. Yep so normally steve. I'm my kids all live here in edmonton So kind of normal communication with your kids. Steve might be. Hey dad wanna have dinner. You know this week. Can we get together. Do want to watch a movie. what are you watching on. Net flicks You know stuff. How are you dad. Just want to check in. That was kinda nice. Normal child parent relations shrink relationship. So here's the one that i got for my daughter today stevie. Hey dad you gotta check out this foot. Peel thing okay You can get it at walmart. It's eleven dollars. You put your feet in these. Booties for an hour. And then apparently in seven days all the dead skin calluses are supposed to peel off. You should try it dad. She's not wrong. i'll say that. S heartwarming steep. I haven't heard from her in about a week. You know it's just it just uh warms the cockles stevie that that beautiful. That beautiful emotional. You should try it dad. It feels off the dead skin and the calluses. Well i got right now. James a single tier gently rolling down my she right now for you because that was a beautiful beautiful story. Kudos to your daughter kudos. Everyone's tear enough good. God we'll talk to you next time. Eight everybody including my daughter. Good night we'll see.

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