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#483 Nasty Old Man

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#483 Nasty Old Man

"Augustine hosing this show with your host dog use. Gino's took take tim. Hello and welcome back here because he knows english show with me your host agassi nosing and this is episode number four eight free. That's four eight free of the casinos english. How you doing how you feel in gray amazing. Good to know if it's chevy you choose know to do smash his ascribed command. And if you're listening to the podcast. A five star review and a share will help short will help to get to show a long way and of course appropriate patriot. Who is more than welcome at patriot. Comfortable st no. You can find descriptions you can find linked to the indus showed descriptions actually just click here and here sunday on your dollar per month. He get us all my bonus episodes some. Make sure you tune in there and getting bought today. Do not delay get involved right now at patriots as agostino while hero back again. Hope you wherever this may find you on this nice muggy humid stiflingly boring wednesday. Have it is making gore was it is pretty much okay. From me on my end is on your end. I'm just about finding the words to describe how what you call it. mediocre and just middle of the road. Everything seems to be at the moment which you know makes no sense considering the state of the world at the moment were in this kind of low where we've kind of snow by all accounts special. Uk number seemed to be going down in terms of cases. All that stuff in depth saw at of you know okay. Amount than on alarmingly bad people are like thinking about it. Twenty four seven but okay for people signal which is effectively. What we're trying to do right. We get to a point where we want to not think about even though it's happening so that's obviously great but there's still a below because nobody wants to be shown from the rooftops is over because it clearly and no one wants to pretend like it. Was you know a few months ago because careers so we in it's weird saw like grim recovery. Perjury or something. I don't know what he is very. Whoever is is not fun. Subic boring but you know. I guess you just have to keep trucking on in hoping by. Let's say christmas. Hopefully fingers gilibert more blissful with more brighter and people of special what people have cut it back from their vacations at a summer. No or even you know late win. A senate relate winter vacations. People will be far better spirits and clearly. That will kind of improve everybody's moods you would hope so right. That's hope but hey what can you do. What can you do apart from debts. What else have been up to all been smashing. The new laws album has been a pretty decent. Listen obviously him in hit boy deliver once again on king's disease party or kings to Sorted from from tobacco obviously the standout track with them nausea Lauren hill on. It is just phenomenal. He learned hill wrapping which a lot of people have been missing looking for crying out for and she returned and kind of remind everybody why she so. Heidi regarding into why people seem to have just as much time for her as somebody other elite representation to have in a scene even show he kind of produced one critical body of work. Of course still miseducation album. That kind of doesn't it stand the test of time. Which is something. I've never really understood why people kind of hold the slide against you because you have one classic. They said that you can't be the grace of it because you've got one this like. What's the problem one visa albums and only doing one classic between niger. There's no it doesn't seem like there's any kind of Clay discerning criteria. That would make that person plus ten albums and it has one classic in the level of personal push push out one magnus opus and then kinda dips. I don't finesse a bad thing. If everything is kind of speaks to her level of perfectionism that she didn't want to try and follow up with a sequel or anything go anything or just try and build upon. I just kind of left it for. It wasn't at the fans enjoy which was quite good to see so the album most pre strong. Listen to It's just a joyous record. I think if that makes any kind of sense. Maybe it's the fact that you know. I i would imagine if you hit boy and you're working with somebody like knows right. There is pasi. Say this make sense to me with assume it seems like this probably less out. Say our the. There's probably less kind of it is on the screen but it's probably less Wow it pitch forgive kings. The six point one. That's how you give any credence. Reviews is i don't know people give a ship. Antique fantabulous people say which. I've never understood. Maybe it's karma different era. But the last thing i want is to get maybe. It's one think being recommended an album from somebody because they reviewed it look because what they say because they're reviewed. It might have not heard of a band or an artist all side and i'll go check them out but in terms of kind of you know Cultivating my entire musical library. Based upon what some people think is good or bad or what pitch folks seems to pick out one their picks. It's like now. I'm going to do. And this is a clear example. Because i four kings aziz to was of course not as good as king's disease and the d. original but still really up in terms of one of the better gnaws albums in recent years especially for people who've been saying he doesn't pay good beats all The production is usually crap. You know he sounds dated. This is a real refreshing sounding. Now's without him doing that. Crony i'm doing at coney thing that knows what i was doing a few years ago. Well show whenever. I was dropping why he seemed to be infatuated with trap. Sounding beats and keep kind of doing these weird these weird tunes where had been a sixty second bridge which was amazing but reservoirs just as trap sounding nonsense that he was trying to k. it to the younger generation. We just wasn't working because just wasn't doing what he has doing. Which is creating great pope. our embiid or records. He just wasn't willing to do that. I wanted to curve tap into what the kids are doing at that time. It just sounded terrible. at least it is knows record. He just sounds grown but they will so sounds more than without signing to cringe It doesn't come across too boomer. I don't know what it is. Just a pathak mix and again. Maybe it's the fact that if your hip when you work with. Somebody establishes a gnaws even at low pressure in terms of delivering siemian expectation that monarchy are imagined for the most part because he's so selfish self-assured the need knows who the person is obviously extremely wealthy. Would these investments that he's done. I think is one of the earlier investors in coin base and whatnot. It makes it puts less pressure on the album. Gabum then becomes a little bit more of an experiment. A little bit more of a creative or playgrounds just test out new ideas fuller out of a couple of things and try and see sticks to the war. And while i think for me it kind of already hit off manages sound so lush serve luxurious so refreshing so joyous layered The range in the beasts just crazy thinking of similar to what we saw with london amtrak end and some walker. I think when people are working in tandem this from the beginning they end up kind of bringing out of each other more than you would have expected so to hear hip way able to make some really classic hip hop boom bapti beats and also go into the kind of really atmospheric grandiose type of big room. Things that you'd magin a rick ross could really slide all and then go back to the kind of classics again morabito and stuff is just amazing to seize range for sure as an producer i would assume hip boys rates probably gone up to off. The back of this album by really really enjoyed i. Foil was incredible. Again is something. I listen to in the background. Wasa in a gym and i found it very very enjoyable. No skips for me. For the most part i full from the start to the finish even some of the skits and so i mean if albums good discussed on a no you sometimes remember tories. One of dublin's. I was terrible. And pressure said that he's mix tapes. But i think he learned his lesson didn't do again beta to do his skipping entire story and he just you know frosty album and media flipping charter. Listen to but if the if the album's good don't mind putting up with the skits. And that's why i kind of saw with them not king disease to so definitely recommend checkout definitely standard albumin again. Novotna nita listener read. What review sites say because pitchfork care of goodness is six point one. I'm like six point one like add anything. The six point one. maybe. I don't know how they score scoring yet based on what they think. The album is based on love. Albums are because if we look at above decio or six point one i would you know. I think now's per be insulted if he saw his name. Kind of listened alongside these last years an company but hey it is what a difference the right point of view when it comes to music kind of a matter of taste but again like i said if you're a fan of hip hop and you love that stuff every recommend the checkout and this is a banging banging banging album what else i've been doing. I've been listening. No so with this thing. I've checked out and watched the interview them yummy park the novo create effects. Alison juror recently. She'd been doing the podcast around. As of the last few months. Shouldn't on jordan pearson. She went on lex friedman I'm not sure dearborn. She went on something else but she's been around there which is kind of power in a power. 'cause she's got a book coming out or something just wants to increase the profile. Nobody too big of a deal but the concept of what she said. Jerry was superhero inc. Especially when you put it into contrast what. People are arguing about on social media for the most part and kobe when it comes to older cordial after doesn't in the grand scheme of things to get somebody speaking so honestly and upfront about the horrors of north korea however inflated or deflated think. Her account is because now there's articles coming up basically debunking somerset. She says and picking out inconsistencies in stories and we don't know this woman at is you might be late or early forties or maybe even in twenty still. She defected from north korea. When she was thirteen. how would imagine. A lot of memories aren't necessarily piece to give all to well as a language barrier loads of things going on. I'm going to hold to account too much. She said oh. I jumped my way over the border in you found that the loss interview says she walked out either. Give shit really. I still think the content of what she said is super interesting in terms of getting a peek inter country that we have no idea. What's going on do i believe is a complete escape as some people do say is probably not is it as some of the government tried to propose it to be when invite flipping. Youtube is an influence one. So i never understood. No one really cancels or has a seen people kickoff and get outraged. Youtube is and stuff you decide to go to north korea and during those kind of package tolls they put people on and put them in those coaches and take them around day clearly setup areas of the city nor to make it seem as very 'cause nicer no more take him to a fairly affluent only were taken to hotel only the rich and famous types north korea able to go to in order to make it seem as if they have all the trappings and luxuries of western life. Of course not but it's interesting that no release kickoff us about those influences. Do that really really bizarre but if you dare to say they don't believe in vaccines or that you think oh visit joke. People want you to essentially be hung from a bridge someway while but regardless i feel again the concept of what she said was really interesting stuff about catching cockroaches and you know whatever insects and eaten racks and that people being powder on the street and what is just insane and again just interesting to note that folder world. Police stopped america. Does they haven't tried to kinda poke the bear when it comes to create evan. Ever try to kind of you know pete behind the curtain and try to relieve their citizens of tyranny living under welcome and into the arms of democracy and capitalism has an saudi happened it just kind of left him alone kind of turned a blind eye. All the people were dying soldiers running across the flippin which border with flipping worms all over their bodies in and releasing to care too much which is interesting puzzle. That was soldier. He's not really talking too much in it. But if that might be real good illustration of just how similar just universal human experience is the water in north korea where you know people living on the tire. Tyrannical rule a woman escapes. And then she doesn't stop shine up about her experience right in this year. And you park and that guy who is a soldier. I think if. I'm not mistaken when you run across. The board have create show. Several times again cassette. He's body was full of ringworms. he was malnourished. She was like on death's door and he managed to sprint the best part of a hundred meters kind of get to safety and just about escaped and we ever really had a pit peop- from this guy because he doesn't speak english but it interesting that you know. There isn't much difference in terms of how people do things around the world especially mostly based on their agenda. The woman doesn't show up the guy somewhere. You know just minding his business Doing what but yeah. Hurricanes was super harrowing man. What a what a way to kind of send to you and kind of get you back to normality and kind of mccue thinkable the things that you complain about not really marrying that much especially when you think about the other people around the world who are suffering through tyrannical governments. You know pinker. People that are living in hungary You think of all the flooding. That's been happening in parts of europe and stuff. It's just this stuff that's been going on on a daily basis that we've probably been purposely and maybe for our mental health which is kind of advisable to do just being kind of pointed aside and be like you know. I don't wanna pay attention to i. Don't want to think too much about it. Because if i do is gonna freak me out but it is interesting is good perspective. Wise to kind of be reminded. Hey as bad as is over here there are. People are legitimately fight for their lives every single day and the things that we take for granted you know for damage a luxury so that was crazy to see again even some of the skepticism to baton. Bureau matter i think that one article If i'm not mistaken. The one article. That tim dillon shared about it was pretty fair in some of his criticisms about you park in terms of hers a person and oldest malaysia. Dinner thirty bad thing personally. See if i can get it up. Jim dillon on twitter twitter. I different different criticism of that on that feeney article was too shabby if everything was probably just a healthy skepticism about some of the as she performed and some of the stories in the details involve the day but again the substance of ace still. What isn't it like living in a country where you're essentially on being fed be looked after two well Your country there's no the sanctions against it. You don't really get much foreign aid and you're basically fending for yourself in a place. Where if you might listen to the wrong track. You might get hung all executed flippin stadium in front of your neighbors germy lick. I wonder if that's even a concern the fact that you're going to get the fact that you're going to get sesame sooner or later the fact that you're going to end up with your ass hanging out from your face in front of your neighbors and the massive stadium. I wonder if people even care by that kind of thing. Maybe at that point you just kind of fed up reciprocal. Finding he posted the article about her. There is yeah this is the one. The diplomat is a fairly lengthy article. But i'll just read the first couple of bits of basically you know froze some cold water on some of the pieces of information that you every puck retold is is in two thousand fourteen. Actually so there's people out there who have been skeptical about her account since then and again. Most of you might be politically motivated in some respects because there is a weird i guess because she what she's kind of been doing around north america for whatever reason has tended to be more welcomed of indus kind of right leading side of media more so than the left side the media and now people are using you as a thing. I don't really notice. America's fucking bizarre turn everything into like a democrat republican thing when she has nothing to do with him whatsoever. But hey so. This is the article. Here's diplomat says the strains tell of young parkway pronounce it you on me park. Says he wanted twenty one. Your north korean defector made her debut on the world stage in october this year. The harry tells of fund repairs the north korean regime and apparently escaped to freedom. She let audiences human rights heavyweights in in tears. Some literally sobbing rank pinkish new dress with a high waisted volume of skirt pasta before the lecture. In one of the young won't some in dublin and in two long pauses weeping wiping tears from her eyes and holding her hand to her mouth as she composer show. She told of being brainwashed of seeing executions of strivings called the sliver of light in darkness and when she watched a hollywood blockbuster titanic and had her mind opened to the outside world was where levels possible. Yeah this is a bit too much. She said titanic as we're open the rise of the western laws. Like come lady diehard. Is it here in her mind. Open the western world where love was possible and of having to watch. Her mother being raped her burying. Father onen fourteen friend into kill herself after rather than allow. Mongolia sodas center of korea claudio. She talked about dasa freedom and then ended her signature. Sign off when i was crossing the gobi desert and scared of dying. I fall. Nobody cared but you have to listen to my story. You're listening story. You have cared. She wore that traditional korean outfit as well to the speech she gave. You know goo- good way to kind of get your ticks right in their branding. And he continue. Said you'd have you'd have to be human not to be moved but for but you're going to hear a lot of butts was a story what destroyed. She told her life in korea. Accurate the more speeches interviews are read and watch and hear park. Give the more by become aware of serious inconsistencies. In the story there are That suggests it wasn't it wasn't right and whether this marriage is up to the reader to decide but my concern is if someone with such a high profile twisted story to fit narrative we have come to expect from north korean defectors a perspective on the country could become dangerously skewed. We need to have a full and truthful picture of life in north korea. If we're if we're to help those living under the abysmal cruel regime and those who tried to flee core which is fair in the whole article. She picks some cases and inconsistencies. There but then there is a pre level-headed response here from yummy park at the end of the article. Which says here response from young me. Park and i wanted to thank marianne jelly for carrying so much by the terrible situation of creator. She would point out inconsistencies in my quotes and how my story reported much of the time there was miscommunication because the language barrier. I've only learning english the last year. And i'm trying to find trying to improve every day to be a better advocate for my people. I apologize for my misunderstanding. For example i never said i saw executions in the sun in high sensory. My friend's mother was executed in the small city in central of career. Mother still has relatives. Which is why i don't want to name it and there was mountains that you can see even google of maybe you can call them big hills in english outside of heison. That'd be crossing the escape. There are many more examples like this but one very important thing to correct. I don't have any foundation. To website was a dummy. cyber friend also polluted. There has been times when my childhood memories. Well no perfect like how long by five. Oh was sentenced to prison now. I'm checking my mom to create everything. I'm also writing a book about my life in my escape through china and my work at to promote human rights. It is where i will be at this story in the meantime. Thank you for your patience and kindness to me. Which is a pre brilliant levelheaded adult response. Because most of the time whenever people are being called out for inconsistencies or their lack of information or lack of charity or just questioned the credibility they tend to kind of go into a little bit aggravated angry. Rafi sober i like the shows mature enough to reply in that way. But that regard as a recommend check out the interview discern jerry. Now at the moment. I think you might be one of the most recent interviews the spoi- play absolutely terrible. So you have to bear with it and let it play. I find out. I've thought about thirty minutes for imminence. It tends to stop doing the whole pausing. Buffering thing is still does anointing way. Even though you pay for premium you still can add or to that place. Which is legitimately one of the most insane things i've ever seen especially when you consider you're paying for the premium services for each to get ads on jergen spirit podcast again. I love the guy so is what it is. But what if you stick with it for the first i if we minutes is just buffering k. After that but yet definitely a row bring interview to check out if you are complaining and kind of getting upset about stuff. That doesn't really matter. The big grand. Walden it in the water. The moment i would say well some organ took about. Let's move on. Yes so nixon list. We have here a tweet cut to see all of journalists. Laurie white will confirming some details regarding reverand transferred to unite which bible extension pepsi's hasn't been completed yet right. We don't have a jersey number from yet we haven't seen in training. Medical supposedly has been done as pointed out here reverend his medical by an contract points to allies as signed the contract meaning announcement today looking like a bench at most of the lead game. Which is i think next week or maybe we have to place fairly soon and update here is announcer will be pushed back for tomorrow. He complete medical for impose for number is believed to be previously unoccupied player. I think those other suggestions that he was going to get number four which was jones's number and considering he hasn't played for us properly for like four years. It made complete sense but again. We can't seem to get rid of phil jones because he's on an inflated wage and he signed a new contract under social tenure which is again completely insane considering its engine record and in fact that when he does play lewis completely shit especially not for the level that we need to be. Maybe it's nice four. Maybe is who cares. She's in one. We call movie monster than our key. Marquee signing signed for image it. We can't cash in on the branding with these number. Four thing you have to give them a new number and he still hasn't been registered so it makes me think like is many night the run top six football club in england and i think it is it clearly is there are so many with things happening at the club. That just doesn't make sense especially for a top top club again. A messy thing. A weird one but it's kind of an indication of where we're at like you know one of the best players in the world the best play. Maybe some people say the issue of the game is on the market and one of the most successful clubs who will told us can do. Things are noble club could do was in the running to china and signed him. It just seems bizarre again in my no of happened. It probably wouldn't have happened considering sees connections with with name on know. Put your tino day being. Argentinian legend blahdy blah blah. No must like. It wouldn't have happened but just to the possibility may be deferring out of a bid discussions of times or whatever may be maybe be coming to the club and seeing the stadium whatever and he decided to go for. Pse go for sheep but the fact that we don't even interim shows that we're probably not an elite club at the top top level that we will probably think we are and then this offer right like you know there's still gets announced over. We get we supposedly completed a month ago. It feels like and he still hasn't signed a contract he's only just arrived in the uk. Medicals only just been done and he's probably going to be on the bench for the game against leeds so no chance to do. Preseason johnson trained with new teammates. Nothing just star enough where we were before. This is why. I'm saying. I will be very wary if you're united fan and you'll really getting giddy about center and veran completely turned changing our fourteen because the glaring mission that we desperately needed to address from last season was a lack of defensive phila- which would change the entire way play football having the ability to play one defensive-minded midfielder in that sent midfield. And then having to free up your positions for attacking bass players you can do other things who probably not skilled and the towards to play that defensive role would make a formal potent team would make our tax mukherhee. Sive would actually allow us to have a style of play quote unquote. We have two defensive midfielders. Who both aren't that. Great at playing that role in mcph fred. Which is montevideo fred. it just doesn't work ends up to the point of gain disintegrate because there's no into kind of progress the bull food through two phases and stages of the pitch which makes us have to play someone like a pug madeira. Because he's one of the best players on the ball but he doesn't necessarily thrive in that position because he's not very press resistant. He just doesn't work with that deep especially without somebody mobile next to him. It's just a completion. So you imagine a warm place that would maybe be a great dick's that wouldn't out goes five saying that we probably might not even needed to sign reverand if we were to get like a really tall. Close the to play for us right. We could probably go away with random. Dm and sancho without deciding. We've still got a pre stacked. I'm roster of centrebacks. Even though they probably all in the same level apart from mcguire you know won't be as none of them but we could go away with that by just having a really classy defensive midfielder and i think you see that with chelsea. I mean. they've paid. Most of the season with christianson would combination of criticism zuma and tucker silva german and none of those guys would say are kind of world-class cinemax Right he was at one point by getting pulled in age. He's been new league. We could have got away easily. Playing lindelof maguire's still but having already competent The in front of them by getting. That's not happening. That's been kind of put to one side of finke. Never proposed came recently saying united on the sign. Aford play which is not unexpected. I think most main fans were head. Who are sensible would've known that we weren't gonna ever sign a player. I think if we ever worked gonna sign on. It's probably going to be a defender in terms of the right back was does your knee real links and rumors you heard but the entire process of the transfer window maybe apart from your declan rice grima i never really heard us being seriously linked to signing defensive midfielder never never once stab not even like a declaration really good link to even ascribe to us because that's the easy option that everyone picks because he's the bay as name but i didn't even hear his shortlist of like an option of this guy at that team. No one knows about this guy that plays granada. This guy plays iran is a place. Lil- knows just declaration and that was the maybe a couple of times but that led me to believe that more likely. No i think the fans assign a dm more than the management does management. Doesn't believe that mc. Fred is that bad of a partnership if anything because i think you know. He kept playing a mortar time. He didn't really change that. System persisted with regardless of the results regardless of the quality of our football. And the fact that we haven't been linked one again shows that most likely you know the management or the coaching staff. Whoever reason don't think the m is important so that first signing was either going to be really lackluster and underwhelming in terms of back. Like a cure. Entropy who in my opinion is okay. But is he's going to move. The needle may night probably not is any better than what della can do on a good day probably know maybe comparable because he experienced by again told wise if a four season to really cement his place and be able to compete fairly warm soccer. Then fair enough. I don't know and his every any of is there. A real short of trippy being able to display some members of the fact that he most plays most games hardly gets injured. The sec smoked that gray on the boba. I dunno it would have been under one time regarded so i'm happy that we've kind of close the book because much of snow by anybody then just sign plate over site for the sake of it. They already annoy me by giving. Everybody has a year left on their contract extension. The last wants us to be cited place for sacred so. Hey it's concerning is upsetting but it is what it is. I still think people are going to be in for a shock. When it comes to quality of play our style of play and lack of change in the way we play the incentive. Sandy's gonna paper over the cracks. I'm hoping they're going to be wrong. Komo ping we start really quick. How the blocks we come out and just win a first five matches boom boom. But i doubt it's going to happen. So yeah that's the case. Then we have some really decent pitches of jason sancho. Finally arriving united training posing here with all social of course the united manager which pretty cool social gets clearly happy to find his man. I don't think any any critics of no any critics of people who are fans can say that he hasn't been back because he clearly has gotten to record transfers already right very cool yeah movies. Too high profile signings in terms of english talent. Mcguire jason century right to play. I'll know for fifty million and he's been given the backing necessary military success so now. The pressure's really really on. And this is how i would have. I don't have any aware that. I don't think it's fair for me to just be able to skate through row crates and gossiping that really. I understand some of the early inez. I get it. Pray it annoying to keep hearing people constantly talking. About how crappy manager isn't he's a pe coach when he keeps. Wouldn't you know being a bubble these coaches. Everyone seems to kinda wind cover. I get. I guess obsession with style of play can be a bit nauseating. Milwaukee firefighter but the fact of the matter remains. If you're a manager of you mentioned you're expected to finish until for that shouldn't be an achievement but then you are required to win trophies that's just one of the things you cry to compete for the league of the parcel of the history of the club. And if he doesn't want that kind of pressure can go manage awesome it weird. He's seen while on of it. But i don't think it's a bad thing for him to have the pressure things apparently for him to be put under the spotlight. If you think okay because you've got the signing that you've got the backing if you don't deliver and you have to. You know your job will have to be put into question and africanus perfectly find if anything if for somebody hasn't really as he is. Somebody who clearly is legend on the playing side. He should be able to perform and really be bring his best. Because the one thing that you have to give him credit for last season even every time he's backwards against the war and he was about to get sacked he always kinda string to give her a a. A run of good results always seem to be able to pull out of the bag in wave because the players love him any winter keep them in a job because he was able to just figure out by himself and his coaching staff and work planned out gas back to be successful regardless of what i have a situation. He'd always figure out a way to get back to winning ways. Hope because of the pressures on the because of the scrutiny because light is being shown on him especially with all the signings that now will finally be the time where he finally decided okay. Cool let's make the nsa changes as gopher it because if we do. Our students were anywhere. I don't think we should be in a position where we expect to win the league but we should be challenging should be positioned where we finished the season within a few points of detail. We might not win in the end because of the competitions were in because you know usually is seems like when the pressure's really on coaching staff and our team seem to crack and crumble. And don't believe writer. The occasion vittorio final in europe league. A good example. If that's the case cool but at least less have a possibility of dreaming. It could be possible maybe winning a domestic cup an fa cup. We wanted flipping. Ages may be able to do that. Maybe even a lead copper. I'm still a believer before. I think he needs a trophy. More than the club actually needs a trophy. If all things being equal because i think regardless if only leaves this kabul successful i think i've seen as too many good players. They're for it not to be successful. You're needed synchrony figuring out and lubango marine. Have a great manager able to win trophies with a fairly you know mismanage squad a former mismanaged gordon. This especially in terms of unbalanced. Then i'm sure the next manager coming along especially if they know what they're doing to win a trophy fairly easily so that's not really a big big big concern. I still think the most pressing thing is for all the to win a trophy soda. He can start to have a belief in himself and a place. Governor believe more in the system or historic. Now we're doing this whole cultural reset bullshit because so willing good firm ground jargons bar unless you have winning stuff and you're actually showing proof of concept is proof printed. That kind of approach is working by civil wedding. No one's really going to be going gonna say so. Fingers crossed happens but again it's good to see jaden. Sancho finally dawning united training kit. It's been a while we'll kind of wait. She united fans and holding our breath in terms of Finally getting a moment where we see him into united training care which looks really nice by the way they do they good in terms of making fanta by this stuff especially in the midst of all. This glades are out protesting but the training. Kim looks flipping sick on him so yeah. Let's hope we can hit the ground running in next season and be able to string a couple of early wins and hopefully hopefully a first trophy in the locker cabinet under you know in a in a cabinet in a trophy cabinet and if it doesn't happen and again like i said dan some changes will need to be made didn't look who we hire next and kind of go from there but so far so good so far so good is next. Okay yeah next here. We've got a story. 'cause you're mixed mike. This is oxycontin in. Berlin has been closed due to noise complaints which is really upsetting because i was actually planning to go and check this place out I think i kind of came to my attention. Gonna say during the beginning of coke because i forgot my been when they actually opened and one of the only way and obviously that was a time when it came about because berlin. Who are experimenting with kind of opener. Paul easer stuff and allowing people to gather outdoors you kind of during the first peak second peak whatever it may be anniversary of outdoor space is kind of places will pop all over the place. There's enough on code prenzlauer berg bar. Something there's a few popped up out of the blue overnight and they seem to be doing fairly well into being joined them. They were obviously kind of bill with the idea of being open air so they kind of really kind of you know worked really well in the current predicament. Everywhere and just a cool way to you. Know brave if you couldn't be raving indoors and of course place. I berlin made complete censor. I was really looking forward to going myself in. The programming was really good fairly extensive. Amer good range of people. Playing longshore sets may be. I think it ended a fairly normal time not super late after twelve so fairly fairly called place to go but it looks like in a really weird twist of events because it feels like there hasn't been a big. Maybe i'm speaking of if i'm not mistaken doesn't feel like there's been a big sweeping amount of kind closures recently berlin for the most part most of kinda survived or maybe grants and support from the community but it feels like within the last few bumster so weeks. There's been to a free places. I've closed back to back to back to back mostly due to neighbor noise complaints. And i wonder if there's a consequence of just people again having the break because this has been probably the longest. I'm that berlin for special city has had any kind of prolonged period. Where clubs have been closed outside of wartime away may be so with that neighbors of baby gotten used to and enjoyed the idea of going out in local neighborhoods especially the liver and clubs and not having condoms owner floor and drug paraphernalia in just people screaming and share noise. I mean if use of the luxury of that and now that they've opened if suddenly become annoyed at things that they want annoyed that prior. I wouldn't surprise within usually if feels like the laws or regulations wherever maybe they usually have a law in place where they permit places to stay. Which i think is less. There's probably students vacation of doubts himself. It's probably not as bad as it is in london because in london like it. There's a co happening place. Wherever is in london now with a coalition people go to They obviously make you. They build their in places. They put her in clubs and and students and whatnot and then suddenly this for money. Investment comes in and they build blocks of flats in it obviously capitalize on the corner of that postcode and then suddenly the same people that made it corps get kicked out with no option of kind of living living in there with these new occupants even though they're mediary corp but if it feels like they have these laws in place that kind of make sure that people who've been there prior have more say so in this in this constant dialogue going on between venues and local neighborhood groups and stuff so usually they seem to have some sort of way agreement. Because if you've been there you'd know that most of the clubs on derelict. Nowhere places right. They usually have in the main city centers citizens the limits sometimes around residential areas. So the fact that they are able to go on for low for early hours a day without people complaining that you've been to off the paiva people are playing loud music normally knocks on doors and ship. It just seems to be. There's understanding this is what people do. But i don't know maybe against the covert thing people have kind of just had enough of him but i kind of enjoy this peace and quiet. I have in my neighborhood. And i don't want to have these places back at the level. They were prior. I don't know but let's continue. The article says enclosed you tonight. Complaints says octa gardeners announced it was closed until further notice. Debonair victorious starts at starter. Venue confirmed the incident. They are not able to. Can't you to look at police. Confiscated license goes to the actual post on instagram. Mrs here the fairly leaves a pretty good poses. The graphic design is really cool that they use the art direction. Whatever they useful garden brilliant but again david face to get them complement of the back of this news. But hey announcement avenue stay closed until we hope to see you again soon says the post and the caption says regretfully the latter has forced us to close venue for august until further notice absolutely brutal says the big amounts of programming head. I'm sure there's a pen quality coming up amash orman. oh sure. i'm pretty sure. I'm sure but regardless full period i mean ahead. So that's a lot of people that they are going to disappoint in terms of kings. All dan of a cd ability to unmanned cited things. Just all that must be gutting. Says he is suddenly. We've been dealing with so it continues said sadly we be dealing repetitive. Noise complaints from a small vocal minority of neighbors. Despite taking out six figure loans and grants of for noise cancellation and technical report. Certifying our compliance with the law and despite always communicate with them and learning annoys noise even below the legal limit. Each event took place in the who an official permission of the council so far however the increasing complaints police entering the venue and confiscating permits under false pretense. We're currently fighting back. Benita prior to the safety of stopping guess until we have rock-solid nego solution otherwise bureaucrats in the lich burg and the police will continue to aid and abet these neighbors by finding new pretext. Arrest us up for a tease. You have loaded themselves as a savings of club. Culture have not helped us in any way and only pay lip-service. This is frightening. Everything out team worked for and achieved. Diplo twenty is the at disappointed heartbreaking. We are situation. We appreciate support and hope to see again soon so again like it must be super disappointing. Because i've done with the exception of a few places it does most of these clubs pop up. Don't just pop up the blue. They usually come through lows of communication dialogue with local neighborhood groups. That don't just you know pop up an illegal sport as they were pry in yesteryears. It's just not worth it to invest equipment the program into production to staff in the security just for you to do a an illegal benefit to be locked down because the neighbors like it. It's worth it if you're going to do a proper place you do it properly so to suddenly have this. You know small but vocal minority of stunningly kick up a fuss about. It must be of a kick in the balls but again on the neighborhood side of things. It just must be one of those things where fortunately corbett's giving you this. Weird like relaxation period. Where you've been able to enjoy your neighborhood. Relative peace without the clubs and other. They've reopened some people. Just have an even. They agree prior. they just changed my now. Which again is sucks. If you're a fan of clubs. But i can totally understand on. Both sides are really can think this way. Oh for a reason governments stuff. She'd come in and decide and just be able to call as hey. You can't complain anymore. We're not gonna respond to your pin cries noise complaints. These guys are doing what they need to be done. In order to make sure are by. You know limits more that milwaukee malicious agree to disagree. You don't let the noise they don't let you complaining and let's just work on a plan that super pies and go from there but this whole like coating of people's heads and calling people in a for instance tough must be really frustrating debilitate him and i would imagine to having people police arriving venue time to search and to make sure you're complying with ordinance can put people off as worse for club owners is probably annoying to have that constant horde of official police police uniform people storming your club is not the best thing for patriots might put them off from coming again that those are things that go into by again our ap to yorkshire gardiner for now temporarily hopefully reopen soon. Because again i went to check out selfishly myself. Hey this is kinda the nature of the beast. Nave feels like with these clubs. You've got just enjoyed waza day. Already think too far ahead which is why. I don't believe in the idea of buying tickets to fired. I think you should kind of leave your clubbing lifestyle day by day. And just take every day as it comes and enjoy the moment live for the moment on. Just think too far ahead because really unfortunately for the most most companies most countries feels like there is a conservative effort to take away any kind of enjoyment recreational. That in you've people you know. People in general seem to have one unwind it just bizarre to me but hey what can you do. What can you do next. We've got this really interesting. Weird post courtesy of geoghegan berlin. Which if i'm not mistaken is a collective based in berlin. Obviously they do quit kind of employees. I'm assuming from the mistake in an article. I did one club. And if you have a place. So they fairly one again in that circuit and they put up this interesting strange little caption here on instagram. Which i thought maybe peak may just because obviously the video of chad hanks in essentially going on a massive anti ex ante vaccine volley volley rally volley diatribe. Whatever it may be called web thing is and it made me think of this. When i saw this as all my god. This is similar in it. But it also made me aware because this is a further illustration of the same kind of problems. I had to some of the business. Techno discourse and the playground is causing all this malarkey. Was that for the most part. Most of these people deejays included and collectives. Whoever they are you really shouldn't be listening to anything they have to say right. These poor put together a pretty decent events. They program good line-ups they may be put together some cool artwork for the flight of. They're going to promote on instagram. And data by you attend parties. You do your cat and you keep moving but the idea that you would take any kind of you know. Social responsibility Cova talk mobilization rhetoric. Laura from these people and use it as a manifesto of to guide your life or informed decisions you make is just in my opinion attlee insane the fact that you would listen to anybody outside of a club who west because it myself included right. If i were up to a nightclub in techno techno nightclub the worst thing possible for you to be caught in the toilet somewhere Wearing this kind of god with people sniffing wherever up your shows taking whatever in your mouth and then suddenly get into some deep philosophical conversation about the terrorism flipping. I don't know about critical race. Theory about universal basic income. We got us. There's nothing more embarrassing than that. Groups of affluent. Or you know. Socially mobile young people in thinking can fix the wolves problems in the toilet somewhere listening to techno just horrendous so the fact that he's post even exists makes me laugh and again. I think it's just a consequence of covet because most people haven't had the opportunity to do what they actually do best with. They're actually pulling his pen for which is to and raves and allow people to bummy children. Doug rooms which is fine but the idea that these manifestos have any think to do with the real world and people already listened to in or you have strong reactions to evil just makes me off and this is the post offices. Here gagging air right. Which i'm guessing on their event series that they have coming up or a seminar way of thinking who knows just nonsense. Geoghegan air wants to question to concrete. Need for breath. The lack of air the fear of it dependent make us forces to hold up breath. The supremacy has prevented us from briefing was the supremacy white supremacy. Create co vid. Didn't come from china. Like i dunno the authorities disperse us by filling the air with tegas. How much do we need to struggle. In order to breathe. What air is being breed today. This sounds like somebody's kind of you. Know one of those like shitty in a performance art pieces that you'd see in an art gallery somewhere in some hips area right. Someone kind of reading from little phone you know again. Phoned apple who this malarkey. Whatever reading some poignant poem performance piece beat where everything about the environmental whatnot. I a in clicking at thing it continues. Evolution teaches us that life can also exist in anaerobic conditions some organisms proliferate in the absence of oxygen. All these big words nothing. The mechanisms of power can take over and take advantage of toxic and polluted environments climate crisis capitalism. White supremacy. debbie again with that word patriarch. He what does paycheck yesterday. We covered all of these. Things are legitimately some of the things i want me to. You just wanna just jump off a cliff somewhere that these people are legitimately somewhat of brain. Did people you've ever seen in your life. It makes sense again and doing tons of gsp can coke and molly and surf in places doesn't necessarily lend to you know nuanced ways thinkin haughtily or whatnot just doesn't lend to. It is what it is a fragile brain trust. Melinda toxic employed environments climate crisis capitalism wise pregnancy patriarchy and oppression for live and continued that today external surroundings just happens in a suffocate relationship. So now what am i blaming my dad. And my blaming mcgill fram or blaming the patriarch. Kema blaming apple. Like what's going on. Who's a boogeyman. Here it continues gagging air wants us to make its way fruits environments and bring you an aesthetic expectation by using air properties. Turns me the vibrations of sound waves. So basically referring apology without mosque. It feels like they're trying to make you into some sort of weird rallying call for people to go out there and preve- psych folk off the center of the sweaty bodies and dancing ecstatically too repetitive and obsessive musical rhythms sense of freedom. The lightness and mindfulness. The freshness of being surrounded by open green radio. Exegen that we all need. In order to brief we invite you to be free like molecules in the expand. Yourself and your horizons like paying clouds and be the proliferant. Sorry and be the proposed that the problem of word the prevalent prevalent of your own war being the pro. B b guy can take lincoln buyer drag queen hashtag dry-cleaned shake lgbt key. Oh my god not everyone in the coming clapping liking liking. It's like. I don't even know what that means. I don't even know. Why is it. just sounds like absolute gobbledygook to me and another clear indication that techno people down's music people. Dj collected whatever. She just focus on what they do. Best programming in and sick events Allowing a whole generation of youth like they contour and skin don't have to high do. They are providing a platform. People from all different walks of life can dance and celebrate and ingest amounts of drugs free from any kind of the social constraints that they live day to day and as always aurora talk is just so much horseshoe. It's like i dunno. You couldn't. I don't know i want that my five minutes because i don't know what that was gagging if you just want if you want people to go to your pie in march say in it. We've go we go. We reserve the right to run it. Harvey wanna run it. Take tests before you combo. We're not going to be required to wear moscow. And you come to court to repaint or the pseudoscience. Or this suda. For pseudo philosophic ship this is just like this is just i dunno. I really don't know. Just imagine summer reading this wherein and you sit in there and taken seriously leg like if you're wearing now i wanna hear recommendations on tunes recommendations on places go an e maybe physical holiday funny clubbing stories. You know whatever in such things in situ. I don't wanna hear you told me about the dangers of flipping boston. Arado boston irish presidency in brazil. I mean like are right now. We're not there right now. We have no idea what was going on the day by day. Nothing we say is going to change. It's just a waste of time. But hey maybe. I'm in the minority here so big up gigging air. I guess kagan berlin but in the place to be sounds absolute nightmare but some of those folks. But hey maybe i'm wrong. Maybe i'm wrong. God goes finger a fergal rat wherever it was. Continue here on news. Courtesy of skies news says fit and healthy man for two killed by of is refusing pricing sister issues misinformation warning. I've seen these these articles pop up over the place right. And i'm starting to think they're a little bit silopi. Thank you know they're the powers-that-be purposely place in these stories out In order to war scare people into again vaccine. And i feel like at this point. If you haven't got you've obviously not go there because of some reason right it's not because you haven't been encouraged because you have access is because you know educate on it you just choose not to get it and i think for whatever reason the government doesn't seem to accept the fact that they're never gonna get my opinion over sixty percent of people the population maybe even over seventy to say. There's over seventy percent of population to get access should going to happen. It's just is what it is sir. Especially as time goes on. There's more you know Cases and stories of people getting the vaccine still getting the virus like these conflicting bits of information and spin politicized and weaponized mood nonsense. It's just difficult at the moment together. to agree. and fundamentally feels like western society. Just doesn't necessarily lend this off to people. Maybe thinking of the grail good. It feels like when it comes to the greater good arguments which kinda vaccine is basically being should be pushed as because you know. There is no real. There is no real cohesion cohesive argument or no there is no convincing argument to somebody who says if i don't need to get one if you get one right but the whole premise around is that we should all try to get it so we can all kind of look out for each other. But you're you're just not gonna do that in the western society. Because we're very individualistic society. Right we don't really much but you know the the individuals more important that whole than some of the people. So you're not gonna ever get the individual to think about everybody else because they never to care about wherever noah's thinking they're gonna anything for themselves and this is obviously happening with the discourse around kobe tanaka anti vaccination and again i just think these stories are just not helpful in the slightest what they meant to do algebra to convince but from why seen the people who are pro vaccines never going to be convinced that they are one-stop shop in order to make sure that you'd never die from covert again and the people are anti. I never gonna convince that cell phone towers and we know whatever and tracking systems are being placed inside of the virus. Never not to be convinced that is true. It just is where they sit phil ideologically wherever maybe and just the nature of the beast and maybe let us improve things around it maybe more information and maybe more process maybe more education made more research goes into way came from. I dunno whatever but if feels like spending time putting these stories that does nothing for the discourse if anything it just drives to be more separated and to be more divisive and to be more in evil or kampot knock. It's just. I don't know i don't even know how this got politicized personally with boggles my mind. Because if you would've told me anybody. No i think most people would have fought a global pandemic would have made everybody a little bit more kind of you know maybe a little bit nicer to each other. Who people kinda wanna work together to figure out this issue affecting everybody around the globe it would have made people realize how interdependent we are to put aside differences in order to gin for the greater. Good if anything is just exhaust sprayed some of the split sissies osprey. Some of the kemp's is made things even worse than what they were prior. It's just never going to go back and forth. Just live a divided society. Maybe social media. What is i just feel like these stories. This fin healthy man for you to killed refusing. Vaccine assist. She's now in front of the pre. What does this do to. Everybody was family in a strike in his name in a mud. The system guests little five minutes shine but in the next week known. Remember what your name is. He dies in incomplete shame and embarrassment. Because you know fan huffy dude imagine you wiped out by. You could avoid dying from if you got. It's just i don't know and who knows why he didn't get it. You might have a reason for. We don't know book we don't know what the situation is by regardless it just was. These stories are silent in order to drive more division in terms and instead of actually bringing people together allowing people to maybe understand and accept. Everyone's different point of views. I dunno it just feels a little bit pointless in my opinion. Maybe i'm wrong. Limited in what you think next on the list. Well so we have here. With this hilarious we are cooling baby member of via text to his kid which is weird. But i guess you know if your future and your global superstar award maybe this is how you communicate your children. Had of course the mums access to the phone and ego screen. Shut here though the screen says tell your mom tell remember what i'm to buy some clothes status as your mom is a whole right here. The last text at the end of show. The capably went to the moment. Ocsar whether it's actually mean. And she had to describe able explain what that word means. He medicated probably didn't really believe her. Mum's mum's explanation was probably ended up googling himself in when he got to school or a ended up getting hold of its friends. Phone easy with but it's just hilarious in this is how some people communicate this other especially when you have a kid you just imagine. Some people would be a little bit more grown-up but again maybe it's just me and my Kind of laden misogynous mate meme mandate miladin toxic maxine unity or whatever it may be but this is part of the reason why i kind of love this man. Because he's so unapologetically like him right especially when it comes to his dealings with the females the female side of things he tends to. He tends to do say stuff that most people would want to be seen doing in public either necessarily seem to care and unfortunately negatively affecting his kids his family and of course the that woman ended up having kids with ends up getting embarrassing public just done. Some of these people are incapable. Yes until i finish capable capable of being embarrassing public. Because paul meals are things as bad as this is. I wouldn't wanna take a picture in upload on some social media. I won't want anyone to know that my baby father who happens to be one of the biggest in the world is calling me ho and texting my son leninada. He's mama's are hotel. Want it to be done. Because i don't want anyone to look at me and think less of me. Jeremy not just do that stuff in private. Beat him up at whatever fleece for more money. I don't care. But i wouldn't want to let the world know. Wanna let world see me down by these people. Online is just a different breed of people. That brain is a bit royden it while you of went upload pictures show people sees a bad guys like yeah we knew. He's a bad guy like everyone did. Like i think most of his baby mamas new. He's a bad guy but he's still showed up a guide for whatever reason. No one's judging but this isn't a surprise it just is what it is but again it's just a unfortunate circumstances because again you know. There's a family to kit involved in all that stuff. But i just donate his appalled me scumbag you know wanting to you. Know push an old lady audi q. Side of me. That just can't help. But kind of you know punchier. When i see this sort of toxic. Melania this gas lighting of females especially doesn't ever post where he's hoping she posts of text messages and statements she made about how crappy guy future is in terms of looking after the kid and whatnot and endangered just one line. Pray for jeremy. Like he's a king of gasline said in comments absolutely king of gasline is future that he would just say pray for and in response he's essentially tearing him a new one and saying how many bad things he does day today and he just response. Pray for god almighty. This just can't help. But respect that i don't know what it is is really bad. It's really side again. Kids involved blahdy blah blah blah. But poppy just thinks godmen and it also part me wonders. When will we ever get point especially now with future approaching. Was it ten movies. Go ahead for any kids. When will ever get a point because it feels like we still day is still feels like whenever future gets into a spat with but if he's in public there's always more love for the woman in the argument and areas for him but when we get to appoint society. Do you think where people will start to. Maybe hold women accountable that decided to lay down with this dude shack up with him. Fucking lavar condom in his kid. Because quite clearly doesn't see you know some guys you know when you have kids they change and they become more mature and decide to sell down and move at different each just doing. I just never going to be that guy. If he's not doing it now approaching four he's not going to suddenly do it now. It's not sunday gonna do in five years. I would imagine just doesn't seem next just doesn't seem likely but when we ever get to a point where we held the women accountability. Hey maybe don't hook up with him right even though he is a very high profile start. I'm sure behind the scenes as a strictly charismatic. Funny dude because when he does nephews doesn't do many more. He is incredibly engaging and interesting to listen to but maybe don't shut up with him and think he's going to be an actual hobby hobby or stay at home dad or that in any way shape or especially mr sense because from time he's texas. He wanted to be kids to tell his mom that she's a ho. You'd know is mad but maybe again with reading too much into. Maybe this phone a phone that he's contacted the moment before. I don't know it's just hilarious. Legitimately is one of the most hilarious. Takes rettig presume add. Don't be surprised if you see him. Used that in align he museum the lyric upcoming or something soon as one thing he does really well is kind of embraced a me. Nothing show recently where. He's performing an under screen. Lows of memes of him from to our people put together. You know him of using the phone him holding order basketball champion rings at lowe's of really funny so things kind of poke fun at the legend but he creativity for sure. He's kind of clued in how people view society. But you know he doesn't seem to really care then we have this pre interesting weird news. Been on the timeline for a bit. Which is again pretty much in a an irrelevant story. But you just might as well talk about because we took around the time line says the new post. It's why are and why are anti sharing stars trying to make a stink and said there's been a big stink of shower habits but experts say that there might be more to sopa misty. I get jackson who recently became the latest in a string of alastair's from og anti deodorant. You're murphy mcclanahan. Cameron diaz modern way to you see dir. Proponents ashton kutcher mida coolest. Who are freaking fans by meeting. Embrace the funk. Right for some reason tom. I don't know why. Assume it was a very cleverly put together a coordinated press attack by all these publicist. I work with these liberties to not to make sure that they keep their names out there. Because if there's one thing that ayla celebrities one is people to be talking about them because that would help them negotiate. Hi fee for the movies there in in. Jim mcveigh people. Watch two movies in pablo blah sofa. Sure i don't think this by chance. I've seen this a for sure. Some people coordinate attack. And now we've all been inundated us being the you know Regular everyday people. We've been inundated information. We clearly oxford every kid. He don't want and now with questioning our own washing high bits. Vis-a-vis dis rich unsuccessful. People who for whatever reason think that schering for a couple of days is okay. Because you don't look or seem smelly as just like i don't know maybe a white thing i don't know but we continue as a quote here says more and more i find to be less necessary. Said jake gin. And all four when he told vanity fair last week his aromatic. Admission came virtually unprompted. Which is again more sense that there was a coordinate attack as outlet had also by experiencing as a watertown or tiger appearances and produce ad for the lunar rosa ocean fragrance so imagine the juxtaposition and the insanity of a an a list movie star deciding to announce in an interview that ties in with him being the face of a fragrance for one of the story fashion houses in entirety fashion and prada and let it be known that he thinks behaving is not necessary. Like what i really do. I i don't know. I don't know the continues as imboden. Chevy's ahead advice on bothering rituals are like there for the annals of digital media point monday may nine to nineteen when a viral urgency policy coach critics so few weiner who doesn't think as grossest skip soap on most body parts. I dunno help of putin. And we know probation proved to be contentious with more than ten thousand five hundred retweets pap smokers than with very weren't revealed rebuilding ellen. Just a week later that she doesn't wash her legs in the shower. Imagine being told us hate us as we allegedly anywhere between five ten and six to being a woman who's about town and usually wears long long short dresses and shit right to show off the legs. You know you're bound hills and whatnot and just walking about and doing web. You're doing and not washing your legs. Wouldn't you think that the one of the longest series of your body would gather up some levels of the over the period of day or even a week like other knows how many people are legitimately insane and again. It's not saying you know. I understand why people get bit waited out when you talk about that person's house and they've gone a wash cloth or they'll call you know it's just a different thing that people tend to use when they bathing but once maybe scrub their skin with something so course and maybe there's some some kind of scientific thing behind it say necessary. I get the argument but the idea that you wouldn't wanna just put best shower jail. Orbis open your hand and just cover. Your body is just wild because forever reason. It's okay to pull soap in your hands when you're watching it but in some people think as wade not put on your body cycle why would you want to have some level of soap. That can take away some awebber or just even i just for your mind. I don't get it. He continues as one day one day off the confession professional. You don't care about what they actually guy safety did. Have it a dirty or not debate. Widowed trade dribbled out until twitter user. The navarra confession and much to twenty foot when she said i'm used my legs after the white people don't wash the latest course that took admission guarded more than four hundred thousand. Likes fifteen fifteen thousand six hundred. Since then stars xijin custom custom-built ship proudly come forward to shower praise of status and pioneered by baby wipes legend brad pitt. Cheeses does not go there. The movement has become unsure. If i pet some stars are being forced to come forward today. Their defense saying i'm not standi. Most i in trans i shower. Trust me so jason momoa amac roman and in opposite to stay as says he will. She's because he works out. But the one i think was the most concerning was probably the media kudos because everybody else they just nasty at our whites is what it is. But if you've got kids and you're doing stuff i dislike. You might deserve. Knock on your door from the child protection services. May it says here by the kudos pitcher right is on the ship at port call subjects per would call her monica pattern. That manley kunis seven came clean about how she wasn't that parent at my newborns. Considering kids shit vomiting every child has viral video. That's going around to it a moment of this girl talking about her neat. Her niece rioting anisa's logo and toddler. Basically basically speaking saw kissed sarcastically about the kid shitting all over the place and she's speaking about it in the kind of jokey manner. The kids vomiting profusely. I of his nostrils mouth right. And that's just standard thing that kids do ready piss and shit and just i guess it is. What it is you do. When you're a newborn so to have a newborn baby shit environmental oversaw and for you not to bathe them just seems insane. What are you doing. Just wiping away the vomit and hoping for the best in war washing his face. Either ma'am these people are nasi. It continues The the she wasn't a washing newborns of children why isabel and dimitri portwood portwood kind of names of these men for two kids from the same family wire is about report portwood. You'd think there were adopted this anyway. Husband ashton kutcher for free dental elaborate. If you can see on them clean them. Otherwise there's no point and this makes me so fresh air. Because i remember when i was in. That's probably one of the best things about growing up in the hood and into a shitty school in the ends. Is that you quickly. Get to realize if you're smelling it or not people tell. You doesn't mao go. Manuel and i was a kid. So this is why. Soco trig into me and i was told. Under no circumstances circumstances i shouldn't wear certain shares and i didn't put you know that people let me know and i stunk so when i go into the point when i was able to look off the myself and i was interested in gills and i went to impress on. I took it really seriously. My dad's the one thing. I knew i control. I didn't have much money. Couldn't buy the clothes. I can take him out to amazing dates. Shoot right but the one thing. I could was able to present myself in the best way possible wherever escape shape ups and making sure my two tracks. I had always washed I liked to wear. I never wore them during the week. Right i did whatever. I could to make sure whatever i had was of quality or presents his best way possible and i couldn't imagine ever especially at tires. What magic when you're young. Most of the time only running. I don't know why you're always running sprinting for buses sprinting from two to find your friends you just running so measure their age telling yourself that you're only going gonna wash when you have if you don't fall down and he just keeps swaying is that does that mean you don't push yourself like i don't know man it's just an insane place to be but it also make sense because who's ever going to tell ashton put your mind kuna they stink. Who's ever in life. No one jeremy legitimate legitimately paying for people's mortgages and putting people through school based on their talent of acting and being able to be entertained. No one's ever gonna tell them that they smell. They're gonna put up of wherever we should. they do. Just keep him moving basis side that the kids have to suffer off the back of this and they think it's normal for his normal growing up that it's okay to just wash when you see It's like meanwhile becoming spawned several viral response his. When could you walk into class okay. We're going to cost here. That's funny here but cheeses. Christ crime is sure. Sign of beta. I don't know. I don't really get it. A you know why celebrities are just do wieser beef stew what they say here. This is why people again. This is customer owned ship. They said i'm a big fan of waiting for the stink submit curse bell for you meant. He's a grown people with kids. I'm a big fan of waiting to hear. That's why sometimes you hard. I don't imagine looking as good as these people. Look right as in aesthetically and not go into a step above and just looking after yourself in having a barf using their fragrances and sharing us up every that why wouldn't you do. If you've already got such a good base like why just such a waste of good gene says just like people in insane again maybe the white thing out of reno maybe mistaken let me know in the comments. Dombi low on their nose leaking like a dog and then we got here. This news ceo of hype. Piece about the dunk nike lows the fifties which obviously as you know for the most part today in yesterday or a couple of days ago. People who've been lucky enough to be selected a chance to enter their efforts by pad should have been notified already. The distribution of these has been hilarious assi. It'll be so the conversation randy shoes when they drop always especially when it comes. Virgin of west stuff is wasted areas because for the most part most people always solve saying the designers shit right. That was what the first thing came out when their visual images leaked or divisional. Calicoes leaks and people were putting together the mock-ups of what the shoes might look like virgil at that post. Believes that god. I could never design something so she best as a world. Okay cool and you know that is caused people angry and he kind of have to set the record straight put immaterial and people tried to convince us that they didn't like them and then they release information comes out and they let you know here that you see random distribution the seo of hype terms gain your hair cuddle mighty fragment so familiar if you know aware of the nike dunk lows christian of fifty very different ways different bases. There's a whole educated nuanced Researched way of looking at the shoes. And how they got to this conclusion. It doesn't matter right now if you want more information about that. Going virtual profile showy poor up some support information regarding it but the release of missions to most interesting parvaiz here. The release information was released today. Sneakers live episode hosted by lucian. Dixon said the following the collection is made up of fifty renditions following a similar sell gray calloway's variety of colors use overlay laces loss law in particular. Take on an all black holloway with white lacy each pairs loop the signature of white tag amputated badge amid pertaining to a number the shoe our fifty call or one good. According to the episode alkaloids renan distribution on sneakers exclusive access wherein users will be able to snag a pair but won't be able to choose which paid they're getting right so number one you have to get exclusive access to sneakers which is not permit everybody right. Only some accounts have it. Maybe speak some people would argue is how much you buy on there. Which is gobbledegook because they do the same thing with like dervishi marquee and like well size and some of the sites is always how much you buy from the stories. Porsche is random. Who knows whatever it is. We don't have any idea because if people wanna tell us because that's where their main ip and kind of you know Holdover the scene kind of hangs complete understand but you have to. I get exclusive access and then once you get this access. You can't even choose which one you have to just get given him brand up in. Don't get me wrong. Is that not shouldn't be that much of a episode of that much of an issue because the likelihood of you get into the all white paper everybody wants. All black bears unlikely. Anyway and the rest of the calloway's i much of a muchness mostly got the same base with only route difference being the the tongue and kind of overlay lacing system on top obviously the number blah blah blah but most of cosmetic funk emerald and cosmetics is important sneakers by. It's like if you get this and that does no big difference. But i felt that you can't choose is one of the most innocent things that i've ever seen in my life and at the lucky winners only allowed to select their size right so they're preventing you from choosing your own. Calloway but then they let you by. If it's your size legitimately or under insane things i've ever seen and continues to. Dixon stated that hardcore fans of sneakers will have a higher chance of being selected avidan. Just many watching the sneakers live episodes was even mean. What does that mean. So if you're a hardcore fan of find sneak is what does that mean. 'cause he's only whoa. How many shoes as he put out via nike all of them were limited. Will them were put for some raffle system. So i'd imagine there's not law. People are able to get a lot of the pairs of shoes if you've got one. Does that mean your heart go rhino. So you have to watch this. Live snakes episodes. What does that do. Does that put you in a the running to get in a pair like the games and the food gazing nonsense. They pedal back africa talking about it to early on to like these brands nike. Especially right they have such a if feels like disdain for people who they clearly market issues too. They make it as hard as possible for you to buy them. They don't really respect the consumers it feels like for the most part that take the piss out of them. They spend the best part of what a year. Maybe less sending schuster influences them wet. And i and making you get excited and giddy over the shoes which is great marketing works. You see young lord wearing see esab nas. Shoot that you like. And you think are warned that shoe and then when it comes to having opportunity to buy them is limited because there's no law retailers out there because of the nature retail cool. It is what it is and the ones that are available juanita like oppose into leave a common need to share something tag friend all this nonsense to have the chance of enter a raffle in order to win the possibility of buying a pair with your money. They've even over this entire persists especially in the sneaker world. If somehow being able to change the meaning of our raffle means back in the day. When i was growing up reprimand you would buy a ticket for like nominal fee a dollar a pound and that ticket would permit you. The possibility of winning a prize at far exceeded the ticket. You bull so maybe you could win a washing machine a car. Whatever that's what usually inte- reva was above and now they've made raffle to mean the opportunity to buy issue that you obviously want to have the money to pay for an end to make even difficult. They don't really explain the process of being selected. There is no rhyme and reason how you get selected. It's just completely random. Said before like. I really like there to be somebody to make an experiment where they spent the entire year calendar year january to december trying to enter as many sneaker release especially some of the high profile leases frat year and try and see how many shoes they were legitimately able to get and i think you'll be frightening the amount of shoes you're actually able to get in the year. It's not that much especially the stuff that you actually want not things. They try and peddle unstick because they're very clever way. Monkey frozen stuff that you really don't want on the app just so you can notify yourself reserve and in case you don't get to pay you one. You're still gonna end up double dipping. Which took an end up trying to buy back up here in order to kind of save the day quote unquote and it's just funny to me to see sneak heads on social media complaining over these things because it doesn't change because no one cares because it feels like sneaky heads love the punishment they love to get pissed on by these brands. They love to get taken the piss out because he kind of makes them food. Apollo something it kinda make you feel alive. I'm at this point. Where i don't come up with a sneak. Eight in those labels flipping corny and lemus. Fuck and i'm a grown adult and i have disposable income. If i'm able and willing to buy something. I should have the popped up the opportunity of the possibility of doing so. I don't expect to be able to buy an off white shoe in fucking jd sports. Don't get me wrong. But i'm not going to do a call. We'll try and buy shoe gonna ryan essay. I'm going to take a picture of my foot in my bed. I'm going to do nothing stupid ass when the easy possible to get it. Which is why still to this. Day did doesn't seem to be a better option that just having the ability to buy shoe at the store and coup but again the whole system can get a little bit fugate see but they haven't been able to create system After all these years old the billion and no it feels like billions that have been spent the snake industry in around the world. They still haven't figured out a way to clearly and adequately supply shoes to sneak. As i do. And i just don't buy this idea about limitation lists of now. Go jump off a cliff. Sneaker industry now is a billion dollar industry. Everybody in mama's nick. Ed you just have to make more. He just is what it is. You can't keep purport in to make the shoes limited but then they flood the market no long ago pair but then everyone can get here and then he limit where in the seldom like. You can't have two things at once either. Things are both exact same time. You can't just keep pushing everything that limited and keep making thousand for this. This is fifty pairs of shoes. Whatever quantity of them defying over on collection hundred thousand. Maybe listened that more than that salon. Trainers right a lot of materialism of junk is it doesn't really ascribe to sustainability and everyone seems to be at the moment and it just seems to be so perplexing. How you just can't give people a by them because it still feels to me sneak ahead. Scene is still relatively small when it comes to and in comparison to the overall general consumer buy shoes out assume that there is still a great number of average joes which is going by classic new balances plastic air forces across a pair of your books year in year out. We don't care about sneaker ahead stuff right. So if that's the case in the store serving niche scene of people who are clearly still passionate about it. Why not just give them the shoes so they combined them. Donald solan dance or these histrionics this flipping games and is nonsense and again just satisfies negates cried about the same thing because nothing seems to change this page here. La free life posting a screen. Show of them be unsuccessful to get. You know the chance of by the pair. Hey sneakers at more everyday singled it but again they come back every year and more people here in the comments posting screen shows like what. What is this we we. If you've seen one screen show to see free. We know what i l. Screen looks like but they will come back again every single year every single day every single week though comeback to get their face pissed on by these brands because i think they enjoyed the punishment. Find these little guys legitimately. Enjoy the frill of catching an l. To frill will. I won't be able to win by issue. My hard earned money. It brings them. Life gives them joy and sneaker brand. I've not being held to account already. Colin amount for again these pin artificial no these kind of artificial scarcity things that they do these concrete limited edition shoes. It's just a nonsense. It really really is nonsense but that release again. I liked the shoes. One the only people that she said. When i started i make a couple of clips on much about the shoes. In general equalizer dunks fini look fairly good especially the black and silver pair. But i think most of the calloway's in the entire fifty collections are pre decent as dansko again my favorite modern world. But the cheek of these people were saying that you can't even you know first of all need exclusive access to get a pair to actually have a chance choose and then you can't even choose pay. They have to be given to a new new. Vitamin your size is just like the goal. The goal is people men which is why would you why it makes me laugh. We're not sneaky. Has also get on their high horse about people by rips and fakes and stuff. It's like what do you think what to do now. Everybody's is willing happy to put themselves under some level of embarrassment and kind of shame in order to go for this nonsense of asking friends to bring you in and get you a pale. No-one everybody's okay with that. Some people just wanna buy shoes and keep it moving to don't want to communicate with stores and send emails and fitting google forms and it's not for it so some people are willing to just do the floss stinging going by a pair from a shanzen factory somewhere let them be of course they not down is not the real thing. It is what it is but it's just funny that. Ucd sneaky has kind of policing shoes for the brands when the brands themselves aren't doing anything to help these guys get the shoes. I mean they're fighting for them indentifying for you. It's just like it's a nonsense absolute nonsense so he kind of indirectly these brands doing with this stuff. They've indirectly kind of you know bill and kind of spurned. This whole replica. Fake scene which is indirectly sponsoring philippine terrorism attacks around the world. And they've got these guys on the other side you know with their limited edition sweat factory shoes. They look everyone a chance of buy issues lake. I dunno i absolutely don't know about this stuff is legitimately saying this is this is coming from somebody on inside. My time working showed me that it's not even bear on the inside. It's just equally harder to get them when you're working for the slovina guaranteed can it. You still have to beg ox people for favors and sucker dick him in no checkup when people say well men just checking in to see if you do that cringe. Staff to get shoes have easy. Just fill in the former your desk and have someone bring you a shoe. The kind of sucks someone off on your lunch break us. What noise just all innoncence is. All indi- i hate the or the haiti. Or which is why. I'm just you know buying the stuff i buy your stuff. Whatever trying to rebuild by collection of stuff they actually like but when it comes to triangle this type of our conscious fill in a form that just like my size and and see what happens cool. But i'm looking into like subscribe to re tweet look into tag a friend in the thing. I'm looking at a cindy commemorative skate shops. Asking you to send them stories about your first dunk like going off like jump off a cliff on the a run honestly run into a war. Run into traffic. If i'm gonna tell you a story about the first timers with someone to kick flick you insane by these people are absolutely sick and ahead are guaranteed a second head anyway. Let's continue less. continuous continuous. Continue was it go here. Yeah okay so we see of mcdonald's we have. Here's the sweetie meal. Which took over the weekend. Which i don't I think obviously in branding terms is good. Because you don't get this but what it does show i think for most people i guess for any up and coming artists. This should be the reminder the realization that you'd need that is probably more important for you to get your brand inc right than it is for you to ensure the signature sound or that you have a hit record or whatnot just constrain on your branding of who. You are as an autism because in my opinion considering the lineup of previous people that got these mcdonald's meals right. Bts j belvin a travis scott. I see why sweetie got mcdonalds. Millville collaboration deal thing like it doesn't make any sense right. She's got what one contract that people might have. No maybe two they all kinda sound like. She's pretty much a mediocre rep goal intensive purposes and choice. She did the whole bootcam- finger is to try and get a buzz up. Should the extremely attractive but in tones of an artist. She's doodoo. i think anything of the landscape of fema autism. There like. There's far more people out there that you would imagine would be more lending to this day. Sweet tiba again. It's the brand in it because she's known for eating really crazy combinations things cheetos and dips and things in ketchup and sourcing that crazy american instagram way of eating where cheese aways dripping and stuff is always flowing. Kalolo all of your stuff. Whatever kind of horrible stuff that makes you want to gag in your mouth. And that's the reason why she goes this deal. But it doesn't really make any sense again with the previous people that they had on the lineup. But the branding. Of as i guess he got this and sources say a good plan on her name of course and it says here just shopped. This we email is an ics east. Some collaborative here. We've got a big mac. A four piece chicken nugget medium fries and the medium sprite with sweetie sound source and getting about this. Things is usually. It's a mill right that they do the cooperation with autism. That's like they just picked their favorite goto of donors and unusually. You just go by the same thing in your own place. But sometimes it's not branded of travis. Cost stuff was branded but he had merged hiding. But this on this stuff looks like it's branded but it doesn't seem like they go way create a pacific burger or anything. It's just you what your order is mean. I don't know what they always do in stores and they just want you to copy your favorite autism. They do which is a little bit dumb but hey is what it is remix t- fries in your big mango chicken nuggets. What dislike inspiration to east of. I had just done. There must be something unbecoming of a young lady to eat lettuce right to have like what nuggets topper chips ideas was the source on. Its hope to have your big mac top taken off and have fries on top of it with us. We in south source to cover. The big bond between south source upon top of the nuggets in between the bun does a way to illustrate differences between how people north america and europe eat. This would be like what is this is complete garbage. This is like this is like what someone would eat. If this is evidence of somebody who's been left at home alone you're in a single parent household or your parents wellcoll time and like a latchkey kid yet to fend for yourself and this is kind of what you kind of makeup in terms of keeping yourselves fed. But this just looks disgusting. Personally i i love the branding of of course us. Great in the pitches self bar like. This just looks nasty. Who's doing this. Who's ian i. This is just an interesting part about it as well as this cuba. Imagine the outrage. If we swapped sweet lissouba who again. I'm not really the biggest fan of when it comes to antics line. But that's why. Sometimes i kind of understand her pain. Because it's okay to be like this and horrendous you're eating Ways and whatnot when you're attractive fairly slim young lady but when you're a bit on the heavier side people look at you like you're disgusting pig but people don't look the same way in its opportunity really is but this just looks like a bath. Webby stuff i. I just don't understand any of it already. Don't and they had kind of serving people in the mcdonnell's had security there for some reason overseas her looking again precious really good. She looks great. And everything i've seen so far. The pressure is a super tacky of top. Extra they really kind of lent into her name and damon taste the freshness of all. But i just. I just don't understand i just don't get it. This is play this. i'm sorry in. This is my mcdonagh sports. I get a big mac chicken mcnuggets. Five and a sprite empower and barbecue sauce. But i like to mix it all. I'm going to put them on. My big mac or that. My friday with chicken make a totally new sandwich. Like this. as long as you're doing you you're doing a sweetie men. Donald is such a clever way to kind of get brand exposure ties celebrities to your brand and obviously get marketing. Are there in it. Because you're not anything about what they actually do. It's just people just them getting isn't telling people is just getting them subjects on board and letting them know what they order when they go. There and in the remixing stuff is like remix yesterday. Cringe because you know playing it. The puffing behavior. We let those guys do what they need to do. But i don't know man. I just understand for for all the people out there that could be having. Mcdonald's do this seems like one of the most bizarre ones but again another indication that if you're able to market yourself and brand new yourself is probably far better place to concentrate your efforts as opposed to quality of what you make. I think you see some of the stuff that virgils done downgraded branding the idea you know. He's a hard worker. The tundra predicts a day Rations that probably gets you fervor you're creating the actual quality of what you do in. The hope is the more you do that over time. The you're learning environment of the quality of your work within hopefully catch up with your level of marketing and branding expertise. And that's what he's been able to do so. I think that's way you l. of autism musicians. What kind of fool shore. they basically. Just lean into the branding shock. Jock may marketing approaches more. And just hope that that kind of continue on forever. it's interesting thought before and so sure pointing out that this orange jumpsuits she's wearing is fairly similar to like a very popular Well known legendary scene from the entertainment world but yeah man i dunno. I don a looks disgusting remix. It look like you know something that you'd see on instagram page. I don't get it. But i guess you know the people that want to be paused as well as this property makes sense. If you're gonna you know. Eat like a queen. But i know i don't know is east icy remix things for me not for me and then also got here. I think we should may be ended with this stuff right this this year so appears as so. It appears as if new governor andrew come has resigned sexual harassment claims. He says the best way. I can help. Now it's step aside haifa. One shocked Of course the claims against him are pre bleak to be honest. it's just hilarious to hear him say verbatim oversee kind of alluded to the idea. He said i'm a pervert. Just italian that's palmer co jiji hansie or not fish when you re for the extra accounts of the women but if like when the first accounts kind of surfaced he was kind of being very bombastic and driven and basically saying. Hey i'm not going to resign. This oversee a political attack. This there's no credence to these allegations blah blah blah blah and. It felt like you know with everything going on in the world. Maybe the best thing to do was just carry on and just kind of put your head down into your job in order to make sure your state was okay. And to ensure the economy was bouncing back blahdy blah blah blah overseas things of going back to some sense of normalcy. It did seem like if you were somebody that was trying to get out the best way to do. Be to ramp up these allegations again. Mobile women on board on record to kind of run through their stories or share their experiences. And then you'd hope in this kind of low period where people are back outside living everyday lives and they've kind of eiser kind of gone off from the kobe thing that suddenly these accusations would hold more weight and it kind of get back into the new cycle again and i'll put more pressure. Nominee adventure would have to design. And i for one full. Because he's such an arrogant pompous kind of you know blowhard clearly thinks he was going to be the next president which is and allow the media. Obviously he's gonna be the next president the to he he created for he was going to be able to weather the storm and he was whoa light enough in order to kind of get the benefit of the doubt but again the press in america the mediators terrible because he thinks yourself if. This was a republican. Did this a republican governors the involved. It's just imagine or the coverage would have been like just imagined the courtroom to resign. How they would have been it would have been wall-to-wall coverage of everything. I did every kind of communication had a would be dissected germans the fact that he was kind of given the first benefit of the doubt is something that would extend to anybody. He survived that he wasn't able to oversee survive the second and now he's out and just in terms of that is. It's just the lack of shame to that just operates in the world is just something that's always boggled. My mind regular people in everyday life are have to battle with having episodes of shame. Shameful things that you wish you'd never did never said body blah blah blah. He was like whenever you reach. A certain level in life socioeconomic level. You can just do away with shame. Shame doesn't exist. You can kind of just bluster your way through it. Normally hold you to any kind of standard especially. If you've got a job like the one that andrew cuomo had new governor right you'd imagine you'd have to kind of carry yourself in a certain way. Maybe not do some of the things that he's being alleged of doing and you know. I would be horrified if anybody said this about me right now as a person. Imagine having a job that he has and he didn't even feel the to like non. Let me just bow and let you guys concentrate on what needs to be. 'cause they're not gonna fix my life in credit to be created acknow. I'm going to stay in. His job is mine. I'm going anyways. I gotta mighty hubris. People man is just horrendous. Courtesy of cbs. New says the following new governor andrew cuomo not resignation tuesday after more than a decade in office as a state legislature swayed they pursue sawyer enemies. Pm inquiry amid sexual harassment allegations cuomo. Who gained national prominence during seventeen pandemic had been accused in a report by the state attorney general of sexually harassing eleven women. Eleven including stuff is as well as people who did not work administration. When i first heard the you know what is probably over the top. They're going to be extra. But yes you go through the accounts from specified moment. I don't know how he just didn't walk the first time. It's just perplexing bay. Is he having given the circumstances. The best way. I can have now step aside and let the government get by the government. Why i need the first time you absolutely relation is affecting before in days. Lieutenant governor kathy hotel is a hotel hotel. What take over komo's osmond came won't be the state attorney The tissue james announced that the findings are investigation to claim sexual harassment and it talks a work environment against him was top advisor. Melissa russa who has mentioned more than one hundred eight times report resigned on sunday nights. He's funny as all. These things happen. Always funny based interesting. Whatever these high profile sexual harassment cases happen. There's always a very permanent high profile woman. Also that's kind of maybe aiding and abetting this person's behavior and they always seem to get for the buses well which i understand because part of the reason why someone like him can assault people to that level for a certain period of time if he has the power and influence to kind of getaway of scattered him. So why don't people extend that grace centers victims of people are working alongside him. Jeremy that woman think you know was coordinating meetings to put people positions where they will get so it. You just trying to make sure she had a job jimmy. Everyone's working everyone's scared of getting fired. They wanna stand next to somebody who's ties overseas overseas so brian who had aspirations of going to the white house. It makes complete sense why they'd kind of turn a blind eye but she just focus on a munster on the jeremy. The people next to them that were quote unquote complicit to what they did. Obviously their time will combine. The main focus should be a what he did. So there's love. Discourse i saw online the sean social people being he didn't it wasn't too bad and it's just a cultural thing and detained snowflakes and stuff and then you go for dexter counts of weapon in their list. Is wikipedia right. No one wants this right. No one wants to be imagine having a wikipedia page. Looks like you can with sexual harassment allegations this man's nightmare so there's a whole list of allegations right of women and detailing what they basically said what he did to them. The first one lead lindsay boylan said the following in december twenty twenty pollyanna new governor andrew. Cuomo and then candidate for manhattan. Borough president accused him in a series of tweets of sexual harassment and creating toxic environment. The new time publish linked to lengthy essay medium where she accused commerce sexual harassment and described several years of uncomfortable interactions. She said she resigned. In two thousand eighteen off the he forcibly kissed her during a meeting. Say imagined doing to one of your staff members as as the boss as somebody working in politics knowing the power and influence have and positions that you can put some of your employees in because they have aspirations of working for your administration. Whatever maybe and you do that and you don't even walk up the back of that. Imagine not having the embarrassment. Shame just to be like you know what i'm going to hand my codner. Keeping moving continue shows alleged that he had compared her to a former girlfriend and ocsta- to play strip poker with a sick individual. It continues here. It's a number one. Charlotte bennett said in late february. Twenty twenty charlotte benon decorative assistant in health pose advisor. Tacoma accused him of sexual harassment. Which could questions about sex life in much. Five years of cbs. Evening news anchor neuro donal. No sorry the woman said that. A one on one meeting with the governor in his office on june the fifth twenty twenty complied. I was old enough for him and she he was lonely. Bennett went on to claim that komo's office director took the states of mandatory sexual harassment training for him. I was there. I heard that. Say i can't believe i'm doing this for you. And making a joke about the fact that he was completing a training for him. And then i heard her end into ask then. I heard her at the end. Ask him to sign is typical. Oh my god so yeah clearly a bit of a piece of shit and then of course. This is one of the most. Horrendous ones britney britney composer commissary cammisa much knife twenty twenty. One is had a time to union of albany report anonymous. A member of the government governor's executive branch had accused. Come of inappropriate touching on march eleventh. The same reported. She said komo's called her to his mansion reach under her blouse and fondled. Her coma denied the allegation. Jesus christ on april seventh. Two thousand twenty one. They've decorative assistant to cover as she had been summoned to the government of the twin tow- come at the problem of these phone after reaching him karma literally rose from his desk and began groping her off to the told him his behavior would get him in trouble. Criminal shuttered. Said i don't care. He retired and grow breath under a broader. Reach the blouse. She didn't left following the grouping and monthly she came come together to cover up and that would cover up. What wildcard identity was revealed on june on august eighth. Twenty one and imagine this guy's with doors to i think he is was excused later on these press conference but lerman the shame of his is most likely he's probably gonna sliver back into politics again is probably going to go on some sort redemption tall. He's probably gonna do some therapy thing and pictures of him. Arriving some center sexual addicts do some nonsense right. Some people believe he's not creepy old anymore. It's a shame that you know these public officials on how to any kind of standard where you just leave off the strength of being embarrassed and having more cases being and your family being put through this emotional term would you were so it willing to just sit and stay in position because of what because he wanted to power he wants to be able to be the cova. President guide was sticking to trump analyst nonsense and now looking like funding women as working. Or you're just an absolute oga beast and that makes it. It makes sense that he was so visceral loud these disdain for trump and now us acting when in reality he's just as much as the monsters that guy's himself in it like monsters and recognize months's so probably just seeing him perfection of himself in the white house and he was disgusted and instead of maybe facing his own demons he wanted to call it. Our and make people take put attention away from what he doesn't. Luckily these brave women able to kind of come up in sadie experience. They will speak openly about it. And now it's costing me job anything. Eighteen to really care about you. Hope you'll be a lesson learn. These people don't learn lessons. They just continue keeping on so. Don't be surprised if you see him very soon on a tv near you crying talking about redemption changing again you these doors. Excuse escape goal or a reason why he wanted to step away. He's doors existed. When the first isis came around. I don't know i don't know it's just embarrassing around. But what do i know anyway. That's censorship four eight free. I've been rambling too much as it is if you i. I'm taking the show thanks again. It's been a pleasure benefit a pleasure to have you here with me once again. Thank you. I appreciate it. Make sure you click on the link stand below you know and all that malaysian subscribed to the first time and of course the podcast app. A five star review and share to show go a long way until then ray soon take care piece.

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